December 13, 2001

The Rising Phoenix Files #3: Agents of Change at Work

Hello everyone

This compilation which took shape very quickly tonight has lots of very moving as well as very uplifting material and forms a beautiful whole, a wondrous patchwork of some of the best that human heart and creativity can offer.

Savor and share!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


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"I ask the Universe to make you happy, make you smile, guide you safely through every mile, grant you wealth, give you health. And most of all, give you care and love you well."

- Sent by Nita Noor <>

"War is over if you want it" (John Lennon), in my humble opinion, is the most profound quote of the 20th century.

- Liz Daly <>


1. Israeli Bereaved Mother's Universal Plea
2. More on Miracles in the Storm
3. That's The Deal
4. Balance Rangers new TV series project

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Everything about "The Lord of the Rings"
A compendium of writing on the new $300 million movie version of the beloved fantasy trilogy. First movie coming out this December 19 in over 10,000 movie theaters around the world!


NOTE FROM JEAN: I just received this most poignant plea. It is MOST timely in light of the fast-degrading situation in the Middle East... I wish we also had the story from the Palestinian woman, but her cry from the heart is very, very moving as you'll see, and so truthful!

Sent by "Herb Hoche" <>

Date: Tuesday, December 11, 2001
Subject: Israeli Bereaved Mother's Universal Plea

This was sent by the minister of St. Andrew's, Jerusalem. It was told by a Jewish woman, one whose daughter had been killed in a suicide bombing, at a meeting in which a Palestinian also shared her story.

By Dr. Nurit Peled-Elhanan

Thank you for inviting me to share with you the struggle for peace in my country. I say My country but I don't even know if this term is correct anymore. What exactly is mine in this country depends very much on what I identify with, and today it is a very difficult for me to answer that, for it is very hard to identify with anything in a place that has let Death have dominion over it. And in the place that I come from Death has dominion. And it is Death that has created a new identity for me and has given me a new voice, a new voice that is as ancient as the world itself the voice of our biblical mother Rachel, weeping for her children, refusing to be comforted for they are not. This new identity and this new voice transcend nationalities and religions and even time and overshadows all other identities and is deafening all the other voices I have been given by life.

My little girl was killed just because she was born Israeli, by a young man who felt hopeless to the point of murder and suicide just because he was born a Palestinian.

After her death a reporter asked me how I can accept condolences from the other side. I said to her very spontaneously, that I do not accept condolences from the other side. And when the mayor of Jerusalem came to offer his condolences, I went to my room because I didn't want to speak to him or shake his hand. Because for me, the other side is not the Palestinians, and I believe that dividing the population into two enemy sides, Palestinians and Israelis, is a wrong and a murderous division. For me the whole population of the area, and of the world has always been divided into two other distinct groups: peace lovers and war lovers.

But today I know that there is yet another division in Israel: On the face of the earth there rules the kingdom of evil, where for the last 34 years, people who call themselves leaders have earned, through democratic means, the right to kill and destroy and be as vile and corrupt as they please, to have young boys become expert killers, whether in the name of God, of the good of the nation, or in the name of honour and of courage. But these evil people have created yet another kingdom, a glorious kingdom that flourishes and grows larger and larger every day -a kingdom that lives and breathes under our feet, under the earth we walk on. There is where my little daughter dwells, side by side with Palestinian children, and where I dwell side by side with Palestinian parents who, for the most part, have never held a gun and have never obeyed orders to kill anyone. There she dwells, alongside her murderer, whose blood is mingled with hers on the stones of Jerusalem that have long grown indifferent to human blood. There they lie, both of them, deceived.

He is deceived, because his act of murder and suicide did not change anything, did not end the Israeli cruel occupation, did not bring him to heaven, and the people who promised him that his act would be meaningful carry on as if he had never existed. My little girl is deceived because she believed that her life was safe, that her parents and her country were protecting her from evil and that no harm can come to little girls who are good and gentle, and go through the streets of their own cities, to a dance class.

And they are both deceived because the world is going on living as if their blood has never been shed. Both of them are the victims of their so-called leaders. And those so-called leaders keep on enjoying playing their murderous games, using our children as their puppets, and our grief as an incentive to go on with their vindictive tricks. For them children are abstract entities, numbers and grief is a political tool. They know that all they have to do in order to draw more and more young and enthusiastic little soldiers into their units is to find a God that would ordain this killing. And each of them finds Him in their own bible, in their own mythologies. They commit their crimes in the name of the Jewish God and in the name of the Muslim God, while in Ireland and in Eastern Europe people kill each other for different versions of their Christian God. And now the enlightened leaders of the west kill in the name of the God of Freedom. But in fact they all recruit man-made gods to their sides -the God of racism and the God of greed and megalomania.

This is not new in the history of man. People have always used God as an excuse for their crimes. Our children, from a very tender age learn about Joshua, the glorified leader who murdered the whole population of Jericho in the name of God. Then they learn about the prophet Eliyahu who killed the 450 priests of the Baal because they practised a different religion and then they learn about Eliyahu's disciple, Elisha, who brought death, with the help of God, upon 42 children who mocked him by calling him bald. Not to mention the adored king David and his terrible deeds. In our culture that allows killing as a means of solving social and religious problems, and where people identify themselves with biblical heroes and see themselves as their descendants all these stories are glorified and overshadow the story about the God who said "Lay not thy hand upon the child".

But children can also learn about the God who said "I will have mercy upon her who have not obtained mercy and I will say to them who were not my people 'Thou art my people'". I believe very strongly that only by educating our children that killing the innocent, starving the innocent, humiliating the innocent are unforgivable crimes, can we save them from joining the evil forces that are luring them into their lines. The evil forces of Israel and the evil forces of the Palestinians. The only difference is that Israel through long and cruel occupation, is making it very easy for young Palestinians to turn to the way of terrorism. But terrorism dominates both forces. An organised army, which terrorises a whole population, is no less and even more criminal than any guerrilla group. An enlightened first world government which ordains the killing of the innocent is just as evil as any third world guerrilla leader who is hardly known and never seen.

There is no enlightened killing and barbaric killing, there is only criminal killing. For me Sadam Hussein and Ariel Sharon and George Bush, father and son, are all the same, for they have all inflicted pain and death upon innocent populations. If we don't tell our children these are unscrupulous murderers, we shall never have people who rule out killing from the outset as a solution to social and political problems.

Today, when there is no opposition in Israel, there is no more meaning to left or right for they all give their consent to the atrocities that go on in this country. Therefore I believe that the European condemnation of those deeds and of their doers is highly important. It is time to tell the world that words like heroism, courage, and manhood can kill and that the death of one child, any child, be it a Serbian or an Albanian an Iraqi or a Jewish child is the death of the whole world, its past and its future. That there is no vengeance for the death of a child because after the death of a child there is no other death - for there is no more life. And where there is no more life there are no more words left to love or hate with, and the only sound that reverberates in this arena of death is the helpless cry of dying children and of bereaved mothers.

This is the cry that has never, never been heard by politicians and generals, especially not in Jerusalem that everybody thinks is made of gold but that is really made of stones and iron and lead. It is time this cry is heard above all others, for this is the only voice that remains after the violence, and that really understands the meaning of the end of all things, including wars. This is the voice that understands what today is understood only in the underground kingdom of our murdered children, namely that all bloods are equal and that it takes so little to kill a child and so much to keep her alive. It understands that ending the war means to adopt a dialogic approach to negotiation and not a smart dealer approach, to understand that people should talk not in order to bring the others to their knees and win the argument but in order to come to terms. Ending the war means that I don't care what flag is put on which mountain, it means that I don't care who looks where when they pray, it means that nothing is more important than to secure a little girl's way to her dance class.

I would like to call all the parents who have not yet lost their children, and all those who are about to, if we don't stand up to the politicians by teaching our children not to follow their murderous ways, if we don't listen to the voice of peace coming from underneath, very soon there will be nothing left to say, nothing left to write or read or listen to except for the perpetual cry of mourning. Please, save the children.

LATEST DISQUIETING DEVELOPMENTS: Mideast Truce Efforts Overwhelmed
Israel severed all contact with Yasser Arafat early Thursday, launching retaliatory air strikes on his West Bank headquarters and sending troops to surround Palestinian towns after militants killed 10 Israelis in a bus ambush.


From: "Mark Macy" <>
Subject: Re: Miracles in the Storm in The Light Series #9
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001

Dear Jean,

Thanks for including in your current issue, Boudewijn Wegerif's review of my new book. His review touches the soul of my work and captures its essence beautifully.

Again, warm wishes for your continuing good service,

Mark Macy

NOTE FROM JEAN: Here are more details on his book taken from

A miracle of profound possibilities was brought to Earth in the closing years of the Twentieth Century, as people in various countries began to receive information through their televisions, telephones, radios and computers from spirit colleagues. With the support of ethereal beings, or angels, an international team of scientists and researchers came together in 1995 to establish the International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication (INIT), which would explore and foster the growth of spirit communication through technology under an umbrella of love and morality. Properly nurtured, the miracle could bring reassurance and understanding to our troubled world as we stepped into a new millennium.

But alas, as years passed, negative human tendencies began to leak into the work, threatening to destroy the miracle and to trap humanity in its present state of uncertainty. Today, the researchers must find a way to remove the threat.

Miracles in the Storm, by Mark H. Macy, is a factual account of the author’s role in helping to establish and sustain the international, interdimensional research and documenting the amazing results over a nine-year period. During that time, he and his colleagues worked alongside some of the most powerful forces of Light involved with our world, and they confronted various influences of negativity and darkness on both sides of the veil which nearly destroyed their valuable work.

Miracles in the Storm is the first book that takes a close, compelling look at the fragile, young field of ITC research from the eye of the storm that nearly tore it apart. Since 1991 the author has been a key figure in world ITC—documenting the results of the most prolific receivers of ITC contacts, organizing annual research seminars on both sides of the Atlantic, and opening the first enhanced ITC bridge in the States.

The book is available now at fine bookstores throughout the United States and through many online booksellers.

Currently, in the year 2001, the author is experiencing miracles in his lab, including color images of spirit beings on a reliable basis and steady improvement of radio contacts toward loud, clear dialog. The book, Miracles in the Storm, could play an important part in the resurrection of world ITC by putting things into clearer perspective. That is the author’s hope.

Much more details at

And from I found this:

Talking to the Other Side with the New Technology of Spiritual Contact
By Mark H. Macy

New American Library, 2001
Spiritualism, 224 pages
ISBN: 0451204719
Trade Paperback, $16.00

ABOUT THE BOOK Over the centuries many psychics and seers have communicated with the other side, but until the revolutionary, new technique of Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) was developed, no one could approach the purity of contact now underway with the beyond, and with divine beings who convey their messages of infinite wisdom and peace.

Mark H. Macy was an agnostic until a brush with death by colon cancer set him on a spiritual search in the 1980s. Then he learned about the miracles of ITC—personal letters planted mysteriously in computers by invisible hands, images from other realms flashing across TV screens, and actual phone calls from angels. And when a voice from Beyond came through a radio with a long, personal greeting, Macy’s skeptical mind had the proof it required to believe.

Joining with a small group of researchers, Macy dedicated his life to fostering the ITC connection. Macy has learned that the key to spirit communication through technology is not the technology, but rather a resonance achieved among beings of like mind on both sides of the veil. He was told in 1994, via radio: “It can only work when the vibrations of those present are in complete harmony and when their aims and intentions are pure."

But what Macy and his colleagues discovered were not just paranormal contacts with departed loved ones. These revolutionaries in electronic spiritual channeling made contact with angels and even higher entities that brought them one step closer to comprehending the very meaning of life and death—and helped them find peace in the "storms" of negative thoughts, words, and actions on Earth.

An enlightening story of personal spiritual rebirth, and a revealing and truly incredible tour into the mysteries of the Beyond, Miracles in the Storm holds a message of hope, endurance, and inspiration that we can all embrace.

This book is available for $12.80 US through Amazon.xom at

MARK MACY is a writer and researcher involved full-time in spirit communication through technology. In 1995, with colleagues from eight countries, Macy founded a network of scientists and researchers devoted to building a reliable bridge with Beyond. Results of their research include images of spirit beings appearing on televisions, computers, and photographic film; transdimensional dialogs via radio and telephone; and actual text files planted on computer hard drives by invisible hands, all providing a view of the next world unprecedented in its clarity and depth.

Macy has a lab in his home near Boulder, Colorado, where he conducts experiments almost daily and hosts regular meetings of his local research team. He has configured his equipment to a large degree on the advice of spirit colleagues, as specified during phone dialogs and radio contacts. Currently he is receiving color images of departed loved ones and colleagues through the use of advanced subtle energy technologies.

In 2001 Macy was awarded the prestigious Swiss Prize in Epipsychology for founding the International Network for Instrumental Transcommunication and for developing a process for capturing spirit images on film. Macy was educated in journalism and electronics in the 1970s, gave four years to the US Navy, and spent 13 years as a technical writer by profession. In his spare time he contacted leading thinkers from various countries to gather ideas for solving world problems, and he put those ideas into a series of books in the 1980s, including Solutions for a Troubled World ( and Healing the World and Me (


A Message of Hope - ITC-Profoundly Moving, November 10, 2001

Reviewer: Kay Nelsen from Northglenn, Colorado USA

"(...) This book is highly recommended for anyone who is interested in an alternative view of the afterlife. It offers a hope of survival and contact with a loved one which is so often missed in present day religions. I believe that in his journey Mark realized that what's important in life is not so much the things that we do, but why we do them. His book states that it is the motivation and the heart of man that determines the outcome of all things, and this is very apparent in the work by this truthful author. Read this book. It might possible change your life."

See the book cover at


From: "Healer of Hetaris" <>
Subject: Some Thoughts - That's The Deal
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001

Jean: This seemed to want to get written so I followed it and here it is. If you think it is worthy please share with your list.

Thank you

Don Ferrari

As any who have read my writings, you will know that I truly believe that the only real, and the best way to change the consciousness of this nation/world is on the vibrational level and starts with and within each individual. We truly create and interpret our own reality based on our beliefs and intents.

It is hard to accept that personally when I look and see the state of being presently existing. It is beyond my comprehension how such a low level of consciousness could have become dominant, (my viewpoint), but when you look at the fact that this country’s first act was to annihilate the native inhabitants already here, and then adopt the mandates of a country that was responsible for the inquisition, you can see that we did not have a very “nice” start. Were it not for the work of a few, those lightworkers who drew up the constitution, we would not have made it to this point.

I look and listen to the speeches made by the “leaders” and see where they are coming from, and shake my head, for it is like being back in grade school and listening to the adolescent bickering. But, I guess, I have also contributed to this in many ways. So be it, - no more.

I am reminded of what my friend/teacher Almine told us at a workshop: That before we came here this time, we were standing together and made a deal. Some agreed to come back and be the good guys and some agreed to come back and get lost in the darkness. The ones going to the darkness made us promise that we come and find them and bring them back to the light. We agreed, and now is the time.

The brothers and sisters of the many nations are all now up against their individual cultural karma and there are many fronts to fight upon, all specific to the region and past energies. As a citizen of the U.S. I find my duty here, though that in no way lessens the fact that we are all connected and ultimately one, and that the light from each of us, travels to all. No one of us is alone, whether we be in Africa, the Middle East, or here.

The details may be different, the conditions, the reality, but we all search for the love that has been taken from us, the seed of the Christ consciousness within each of us in whatever name you apply.

In the Toltec teachings, one of the “four agreements” says, “Don’t take it personally.”

This is a vast statement and invites great contemplation. We forget our heritage, who we really are, and that life is just a small, and yes, most precious and unique, part of it all. Those who are making the transition at this time, from whatever source, still are, just on a different level with no more pain or worry.

All is changing, we ARE in the transition times mentioned in all the great books. The energies have changed, the planets are changing, our earth is in the process of ascending, our sun is changing, all is in a great movement to bring forth that which was promised, and man seems to be the only aspect that is holding so dearly to an illusionary reality. Makes you smile and shake your head. Especially when you hear statements from the leaders saying, “Go, take your families, fly away and have fun. We will take care of this.”

I send my love, our love, to all, and remember my pledge to find my brothers and sisters that went to the darkness and bring them home. You see, they are waiting for us to make good on that pledge, even though they have forgotten.

Back in the U.S. of A.

There is time left from our work in the higher realms to take a look at what may be done on a tangible level. You must realize that to change this, there will, with no doubt, be a major depression as all the corporate monsters fall. I would love to see the people stand forth and state: “Okay, enough is enough. You are to cease spraying the chem-trails over us. You are to immediately disable all HAARP facilities. All foreign troops within our borders are to be sent home within 30 days. All victimless crimes will be removed from law and all persons imprisoned for such released. Individual states will be given back their sovereignty. All major decisions involving this country will be put directly to the people by their elected representatives via e-mail and sites will be set up for this. We will withdraw from the Federal Reserve. The Internal Revenue Service will be eliminated. We will make public all inventions that serve the public and have been withheld.”

The list is endless and you probably have many more. What is important is that we stay in the LOVE while we do these things and not get trapped in the movie and give it energy. It is obvious that the Light is winning for those who hold dearly to their game of control and power are “coming out of the closet” for all to see. There is much to do, for it has been created that most are too busy “surviving” to have any time for this and just go along with whatever, giving away their power.

As all things exist now, simultaneously, multi-dimensionally, and it is just a matter of what reality or vibrational level you are tuned into, I do believe that we can and are creating our future, heaven on earth, on an entirely new dimension and those that hold tightly to power and greed and all, will be given their own reality to play out their dream on their own planet. Back in the sixties we heard of concentration camps being prepared, just as now, and we knew we would be there if it happened, and wanted to, for that was where all our friends and the “real people” would be. I can see it now, - the guards watch as everyone they are guarding disappears and ascends right before their eyes. I still love the old saying-bumper sticker, ‘What if they gave a war and no-one came.” Seems time to live that statement. Also I propose that we follow Nica’s advice from my book and make “Imagine” by John Lennon our national anthem.

Don Ferrari


From: "Wayne Umbertis" <>
Subject: Balance Rangers new TV series
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2001

Hi Jean,

We are now in pre-production of a new TV series. The intro is available for video viewing. It's a show that features people who are doing things to help achieve socio/eco balance for earth. We are a small team determined to expand global consciousness of problems and of human efforts to address them. We need help. If any of your readers have an interest in helping to bring the Balance Rangers to life, please have them contact me. See series treatment below:

Balance Rangers
© by Wayne Umbertis
copyright 2001, all rights reserved.

It is estimated that Earth has been in existence for 4.5 billion years. Homo Erectus reputedly evolved somewhere around 1.5 million years ago and humans, as we know them, first appeared about 50 thousand years ago.

We are only a microscopic blip on the evolutionary trail of this planet. Our impact, however, has been powerful and dominant. Our population is recreating at a blistering pace and our science, as it unravels the puzzle of life, is extending our life spans. The combination is beginning to strain the planet's inelastic resources.

While our sheer numbers and enormous capacity for consumption pose a serious threat to sustainability, we are the first species capable of understanding the concept of systemic balance. It is this awareness that has spawned a bold new epoch.

For the first time in its history, the residents control the evolutionary destiny of Earth. As a result of this monumental responsibility, a new international organization, run for the people and by the people - not controlled by any government, political group, religious interest or commercial enterprise - has ridden into orbit:


The Balance Rangers

The Balance Rangers is a family show with network ambitions for a time slot in family viewing hours. They are real people who work in a fictional space vehicle. Their magnetically powered ship travels to trouble spots around the globe where imbalance exists. The problems are often complex and will stir the minds and imaginations of viewers.

The Balance Rangers bring us new heroes and a new kind of show. Their job is to explore, monitor and support efforts to keep our planet in spiritual, mental and physical balance. If it's a question of balance, whether it's extinction of species, human options for health, education /aspirations, loss of wildlands, pollution/destruction of our oceans, lakes and rivers, genetic engineering, preservation of species DNA, or virtually anything that might affect our planetary health, the Balance Rangers are there.

The show is a unique combination of yesterday, today and tomorrow. From their futuristic Earth Scanner, the Rangers visit socio imbalance, natural locations and laboratories of the future: viewers encounter adventures of human spirit to recreate ancient species, protect, preserve and nurture existing life forms and look closely at attempts to engineer variations of existing species and anything else that affects the balance of life on Earth.

The Balance Rangers check on groups that are working on specific problems. The groups supply video footage of their problem solving efforts. The Rangers question the group spokespeople about the effort's effectiveness, value and contribution to global balance. Cutting edge questions that probe cutting edge efforts to maintain socio/eco balance give the show a 'now' vitality.

Each 30 minute episode will feature two segments and invites viewers to apply to have Balance Rangers visit their projects. There are literally thousands of relatively anonymous efforts so there is an endless supply of 'story segments' for the show.

The Rangers' Mission is to monitor efforts to build a stronger, sustainable planet with equal opportunity for health, education and participation parity for people everywhere. Their job is to entertain, educate, help and diminish isolation. It's a show for the whole world, about the whole world and one that will showcase new ideas and positive human efforts.

However, it's more than just a show. Viewers using web TV or their computers can go to a "SaveSite" for the featured effort and contribute to the cause with a free click. A permanent savesite will be created for every segment that airs on the show. Viewers can 'free click' during the show and/or on a regular basis thereafter.

The effect of the SaveSites is to provide a permanent virtual location that will consistently expand awareness of the problem, raise funds for the effort(s), provide information on the problems/solution, serve as a community builder for people with similar interests, increase networking and help keep the problem/solution fresh with media around the world.

Much love and wondrous things,

Wayne Umbertis
(702) 254 9087


Very good project. Hope it will reach LOTS of people! What kind of help do you specifically need? Money I suppose?... But what else?


Hi Jean,

Thanks so much for your support. It really is a tremendous program. We just formed a partnership with a group that is putting in community centers with computers and internet access for the disconnected in villages off the grid. It's a first step for access to information and connectivity and a stimulus for the schools and education so desperately needed. They use alternative energy, teach the people broadcasting skills (Internet) and help the community market its cottage industry goods to help them create jobs and reach economic self reliance.

Yes, money is important but help with distributor contacts, network/syndication help, animation, projects that need exposure and funding (as segments) are all important. Energy is the fuel for all endeavors and we're never sure how or where it will come from... just grateful for it presence.

Appreciatively and with best wishes for a wonder full holiday season and a healthy, fulfilling and joyous new year,

Wayne Umbertis