December 7, 2001

The Rising Phoenix Series #2: Dreaming Up A New Future Together

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Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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I am silent that I may hear,
I am still that I may see,
I am serene that I may be.

Sent by "Millie Sisneros" <>

"As we move more deeply into this time of initiation, we will watch many dramas played out around us. It is important to realize that as the light increases in our healing process, it not only brings up the darkness of the shadow in our personal lives, but also the reflection of that shadow in the world. (...) What can we do? The most powerful place of healing starts with the self. Our suggestions include deepening your commitment to yourself and your healing process. Seek the tools that work for you. The next step of building the resonance of healing and personal empowerment comes from responding and standing in your truth, resisting the temptation to be pulled into the fear being so constantly presented around us. Our choices need to include creating deeper relationships, sharing, nurturing and encouraging one another into choices of love, compassion and personal empowerment. The world is in our hands, but it is important that we become a clear part of the solution (soul-u-tion)!"

- Ron Baker <>
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1. The Crossroads
2. Doing The Dream: Bright Futures
3. New Tribe
4. Gaian Ecovillages Foundation: Code of Ethics
5. First Annual Visionary Art Music and Video Festival
6. Signs of Change

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From: "Leonard Zack" <>
Subject: The Crossroads
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2001

Hi Jean,

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"When you get caught up in ideas that there is an enemy -- and there is certainly enough evidence to work with for that idea -- you perpetuate the experience of being a victim. You choose the downward spiral. Are there people working in concert -- a conspiracy toward certain aims? Absolutely. But are you working in concert with others to create a new world, to assist the planet in her ascension? We hope so! Is that a conspiracy, too? Are you "conspiring" to bring about "Heaven on Earth"? We hope so!..."

- Hosts of Heaven -- Operation Terra at

Love and Laughter,

Leonard Zack
Portland, Oregon

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Doing The Dream: Bright Futures

Update from Aya <> 10-16-01

New Moon - New focus:

Having done my share to balance out the war frenzy, I now feel inspired to focus all my Being into preparing and manifesting whatever Bright Futures we can birth...

If kept too long, the "resisting" starts feeding energy to what we counter. That means being stuck on that same old game loop. Isn't it enough ?

So, the new focus is like that: "No matter what the perceptions of war might be out there, YOU keep your awareness on how to Do the Dream and how to pass it on to the new generations. No matter how the world situation develops, YOU hold on to the spirit-perception of creating the reality you really want."

What is the Dream ? The keyword I see is: COMMUNITY.

We owe to Who we Are and to the "children-of-all-colors-to-indigo" to manifest many new "oasis of life" where we all can blossom in peace, in the wise ways of the sacred arts and the love of Mother Earth & Father Sky... within the context of a larger kin family where little ones & elders are lovingly honored, kids are learning the best wisdom from many teachers, grown-ups can share joys & sorrows in a sacred circle of mutual support... and all can celebrate the Glory of Life...

Yes, the collective Garden of Gaia can and will blossom! We carry it within and we are its trusted guardians... We are the EarthKeepers...

New global times have been entered through the gate of the Twin Pillars. The entire "last millenium culture" has just imploded, along with its shrines... The old patterns & strategies based on "individual survival of the weathiest" - those deeply grooved behaviors - are now suddenly obsolete. Every institution we see upon this world scene is dead or dying. The standard "western way of life" has revealed itself deadening and yet it is still trying to bomb its way to world domination... What a bad movie! Are we still paying to watch it?

The only hopeful solution appears to look larger & larger. Larger than individual survival & selfish greed. Larger than skin color or bank-account depth. Larger than the national or international past...

We need to attain to a vision of the Global Heart. The global brain was not enough.

We need to feel the loving pulse of the Global Heart of humankind.

And we need to include in this new experience all forms and all levels of Who we Are.

Then, we will re-invent new ways of sharing this beautiful human Life, our resplendent Spirit and our many resources...

At this time, I believe we have no more role-models or pre-set tracks to follow. We are on OUR OWN, ready to pass the test, as a collective rite of passage for humankind... So, we might as well be Spirit-bold, hear and trust the resounding call for consciousness evolution and forge ahead joyfully, with the full freedom of Being...

A New Sense of Home :

Why worship decaying corpses when we can GIVE glorious BIRTH to incredibly exciting new ways of life where all colors & all ages can hold hands across the world, in the loving embrace of Mother Nature & Father Spirit ?

"Home" is not continuing, against all common sense, the old ego obedience-and-power games... Some of us tried: it leads us all to doom... Just quit once and it will be easier and easier...

Home is not acquiring the "paper ownership" of a tiny piece of Mother Gaia to build upon Her our individual castle of pride and live in it an utterly unhappy life because we insist on remaining selfish & exclusive. We will only be surrounded by thousands of misled neighbors who did just the same and are just as miserable. In the "past", we had the lame excuse of "not knowing better": this does not work anymore, folks! This world has developed a global telepathy we all partake of...

Home is not about a roof and walls and foundations built with the sweat of other people...

The new Home is where the Self dwells.
In our heart of hearts...
This is the real "homeland" and the real security...

Are you so blind and dumb as to sweat your life-force away to purchase your own private million-$ house? And then parade with the privileged elite, while 35,000 children die of hunger every day on this very same planet?

I know it IS possible to build these new community homes.
The time has come.

Many people are shocked enough by current (and potentially coming) events and they slowly realize that we NEED to stay away from the media, from the cities and all locations of financial, military, nuclear and business "significance and power": they all are subjected to heavy electronic grids and/or can be potential targets... Old world formulas to protect oneself and our loved ones may become killer traps... Water and air may become more precious than gold & diamonds...

We need to think and feel clearly BY OURSELVES and not in reaction to the dictums of the bankers, politicians and mega-corporations still pushing their private agenda of might to the utter detriment of humanity and nature...

What used to be "utopic and crazy" might just be "wise and safe" at this point.

And we all are unique & beautiful "home-builders" waiting for a chance to tap the Infinite and bring it on Earth...


A New Global Culture of Communities:

How about, for a happy change, decide to put our resources, skills, ideas and extraordinary love abilities into co-creating interactive models of life that can uplift the world and welcome others to an oasis of peace & creativity?

If and when you have resources to invest, my friends, why not be bold and pool them together with others to have access to a large land where nature is still alive with open spaces, grassy meadows, all manners of tree-friends, laughing waters, dancing hills and many representants of live creatures...?

Where the elements are the teachers,
the Earth is the loving bosom
and the starry sky beckons to the soul...

Yes, kin family friends, why not put ourselves to play and pool whatever we have into creating a life-style that satisfies us in our deeper self and will speak to the world of:

sharing Life,
learning the sacred ways of Spirit,
celebrating the bubbling joy we all carry within,
and inviting others - young & old - to contribute their own unique beauty...

How about starting to do what we are dreaming of?

Many formulas for many types of communities will appear, each best suited to a particular situation or region and group of people. New technologies for simple yet beautiful housing are in existence. New modalities of easy and non-polluting transportation are ready. New power systems based on the quantum energy of space are available. New economies of sustainable and just sharing will follow. And we still have some organic seeds around to feed ourselves beautiful diets...

A new culture honoring Life and Spirit in all forms is close at hand...
Lift the veil and step in!


The StarDome Community Vision:

The vision is to pool resources, investment sponsorships and donations to the StarWheel Foundation in order to secure a large (around 1,000 acres) and friendly land with running waters, trees, meadows and hills... backed up by a wide open wilderness... and in a climate zone offering mild winters... The location may be Arizona or a close by Four Corners location...

Each individual or family participant receives at least 5 acres to build their own personal type of dwelling and live, play, work, create, laugh & jump without disturbing anyone else... When the time & mood come for more social interactions, then there are common facilities centered around a visionary educational project called the StarDome, as described in the StarWheel website:

In this vision, the StarDome is the interface between the "community" and the outside world: a place where visitors come to view the StarWheel collection (a family of 100 large-size mandala paintings) and other exhibits or programs of Sacred Arts. Within and around the StarDome, the StarWheel Foundation team plans to develop an innovative learning center for kids and others students wanting to unfold their spirit wings and nurture their sacred seeds of creativity, in tune with the cycles of nature and a community of creative humans...

• The Mandala Research & Conference Center is envisioned as a facility dedicated to the "technology of mandalas", both as a traditional world-wide spiritual knowledge and as a promising format/model to image & support the collective shift to a new culture of Oneness. A Mandala Archive Center and a multi-cultural network of ceremonial practitioners will be created for data and teaching access.

• Interactive and multi-media, the "Mandala School of Sacred Arts" will provide a pioneering environment to directly experience the traditional and new wisdom of the Sacred Arts. Three colleges are envisioned: Mandala Creativity and Color, Sound Healing and Music, Sacred Dance and Celebration... A variety of apprenticeship and residency formulas will offer flexible curricula...

• A synergistic team of performers (musicians, ceremonialists, sacred dancers ...) will be gathered to form a StarDome Troupe and develop a series of Sacred Arts Celebration Events that can be taken around the nation or the world...

The StarDome Community at large will develop appropriate self-sustaining functions: power generation, greenhouses for the production of fresh organic foods, cottage industries, common services and activities as the need appears etc...


So, dear friends, this is where I AM...
and sharing That with all the kin I know & love
and all those I don't know yet...

Could we possibly all be One Mandala?

Note from Jean: Visit to see Aya's wonderful mandalas

From: Leo Genereux <>
Subject: New Tribe
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001

Where is the future taking us? Here is a bright wonderful probability to explore.

My Intent Is With You,

Leo Genereux


New Tribe

We use the term Tribe because it suggests the type of new society now emerging within the industrial nations. In America of course the word has associations with the American Indians, which we like. This new subculture is in fact more similar to that ancient and successful tribe, the European Gypsies - a group without nation or territory which maintains its own values, its language and religion, no matter what country it may be in.

The Tribe proposes a totally different style: based on community house, villages and ashrams; tribe-run pilgrimages and wanderings from center to center. A synthesis of Gandhian "village anarchism" and I.W.W. syndicalism. Interesting visionary pamphlets along these lives were written several years ago by Gandhian Richard Gregg and Appa Patwardhan. The Tribe proposes personal responsibilities rather than abstract centralized government, taxes and advertising-agency-plus-mafia type international brainwashing corporations.

In the United States and Europe the Tribe has evolved gradually over the years - since the end of World War 1 - in response to the increasing insanity of the modern nations. As the number of alienated intellectuals, creative types and general social misfits grew, they came to recognize each other by various minute signals. Much of this energy was channeled into Communism in the thirties and early forties. All the anarchists and left-deviationist - and many Trotskyites - were tribesmen at heart. After World War II, another generation looked at communist rhetoric with a fresh eye and saw that within the Communist governments (and states of mind) there are too many of the same things as are wrong with "capitalism" - too much anger and murder. The suspicion grew that perhaps the whole Western Tradition, of which Marxism is but a part, is off the track. This led many people to study other major civilizations - India and China - to see what they could learn

It's an easy step from the dialectic of Marx and Hegel to an interest in the dialectic of early Taoism, the I ching, and the yin-yang theories. From Taoism it is another easy step to the philosophies and mythologies of India - vast, touching the deepest areas of the mind, and with a view of the untimate nature of the universe which is almost identical with the most sophisticate thought in modern physics - that truth, whatever it is, which is called 'The Dharma'.

Next comes a concern with deepening one's understanding in an experiential way: abstract philosophical understanding is simply not enough. At this point many, myself included, found in the Buddha-Dharma a practical method for clearing one's mind of the trivia, prejudices and false values that our conditioning had laid on us - and more important, an approach to the basic problem of how to penetrate to the deepest non-self Self. Today we have many who are exploring the Ways of Zen, Vajrayana, Yoga, Shamanism, etc.. The Buddha-Dharma is a long gentle human dialog - 2,500 years of quiet conversation - on the nature of human nature and the eternal truth (Dharma) - and practical methods of realization.

In the course of these studies it became evident that the 'truth' in Buddhism and Hinduism is not dependent in any sense on Indian or Chinese culture; and that "India" and "China" - as societies - are as burdensome to human beings as any others; perhaps more so. It became clear that "Hinduism" and "Buddhism" as social institutions had long been accomplices of the State in burdening and binding people, rather that serving to liberate them. Just like the other 'great' religions.

At this point, looking once more quite closely at history both East and West, some of us noticed the similarities in certain small but influential heretical and esoteric movements. These schools of thought and practice were usually suppressed, or diluted and made harmless, in whatever society they appeared. Peasant witchcraft in Europe, Tantrism in Bengal, Quakers in England, Tachikawa-ryu in Japan, Ch'an in China, are all outcroppings of the Great Subculture which runs underground all through history. This is the tradition that runs without break from Paleo-Siberians Shamanism and Magdalenian cave-painting; through megaliths and Mysteries, astronomers, ritualists, alchemists and Albigensians; gnostics and vagantes right down to Golden Gate Park.

The Great Subculture has been attached in part to the official religions but is different in that it transmits a community style of life, with an ecstatically positive vision of spiritual and physical love; and is opposed for very fundamental reasons to Civilization Establishment.

It has taught that man's natural being is to be trusted and followed; and that we need not look to a model or rule imposed from outside in searching for the center; and that in following the grain, one is being truly "moral". It has recognized that for one to "follow the grain" it is necessary to look into the negative and demonic potentials of the unconscious, and by recognizing these powers - symbolically acting them out - one releases him/herself from these forces. By this profound exorcism and ritual drama, the Great Subculture destroys the one credible claim of Church and State to a necessary function.

All this is subversive to civilization: for civilization is built on hierarchy and specialization. A ruling class, to survive, must propose a Law: a law to work must have a hook into the social psyche - and the most effective way to achieve this is to make people doubt their natural worth and instincts. To make "human nature" suspect is also to make Nature - the wilderness - the adversary. Hence the ecological crisis of today.

We came, therefore, to suspect that civilization may be overvalued. Before anyone says "This is ridiculous, we all know civilization is a necessary thing." let him read some cultural anthropology. Take a look at the lives of South African Bushmen, Micronesian navigators, the Indians of California; the researches of Claude Levi-Strauss. Everything we have thought about man's welfare needs to be rethought. The tribe, it seems, is the newest development in the Great Subculture. We have almost unintentionally linked ourselves to a transmissions of gnosis, a potential social order, and techniques of enlightenment, surviving from prehistoric times.

The modern Tribesman, rather than being old-fashioned in his criticism of civilization, is the most relevant type in contemporary society. Nationalism, warfare, heavy industry and consumerism, are already outdated and useless. The next great step of mankind is to step into the nature of his own mind - the real question is "just what is consciousness?" - and we must make the most intelligent and creative use of our resources these questions. The man of wide international experience, much learning and leisure, may with good reason wish to live simply, with few tools and minimal clothes, close to nature.

How will those ready for this tribal experience recognize each other? Not always by beards, long hair, bare feet and beads. The signal is a bright and tender look; calmness and gentleness, freshness and ease of manner. Men, women, children - all of whom together hope to follow a timeless path of love and wisdom, in affectionate company with the sky, winds, clouds, trees, waters, animals and grasses - this is the tribe.

From "Earth House Hold" by Gary Snyder

NOTE FROM JEAN: About 10 years ago, I took part in the design of an Ecovillage project that for various reasons never materialized. On September 7, 2001 I was interviewed on the CBC French radio here in Quebec on the subject of intentional communities and ecovillages because I live in such a place here. Someone requested more info from me afterwards and digging in my old files I found this Code of Ethics I had submitted to the founding members of this Ecovillage project. Some of you may find it useful:

Gaian Ecovillages Foundation

Code of Ethics

1) The Purpose of the Ecovillages is to recreate a new balanced world of relationship between humans, and with the environment. So our utmost effort and attention must go into checking our acts, words and thoughts so as to meet the challenge presented by this goal.

a) We will never overemphasize our importance and therefore our ego and strive to act, talk and think humbly at all times.

b) We will do our best to express sincere Love and Care for all people, plants and animals, beginning with our own God within.

c) We will never, ever talk stupidly against each others, always showing a supreme respect for the beauty, uniqueness and preciousness of each others beings, feelings, ideas and deeds.

2) The long term goal of the Ecovillages is to achieve an Alliance with the Forces of Life present on Earth and throughout the Universe, to preserve, heal, and enhance the beauty of Mother Nature through all its manifestations.

a) We will never act unconsciously when it comes to dealing with Nature, whether it is cutting a tree to build a house or buying a product to satisfy our needs.

b) We will always strive to avoid damaging the environment in any significant way and do our best to contribute to the healing of Mother Earth.

c) We will never, ever place the role and importance of our human species above the welfare and existence of other living species.

3) The ultimate achievement the Ecovillages are conceived for is the spiritual, social and economic unfoldment of all the abilities, aspirations and potential of its inhabitants, and by way of example and motivation, of the world in general.

a) We will never say or think something is impossible unless we have tried all existing means of achieving a dream or a goal we conceived.

b) We will always do our best to implement and successfully realize all the endeavours and projects we collectively or individually design, whether it is in the sphere of personal evolution, social harmony or economic sustainability.

c) We will never, ever prevent others by any deed, word or thought from achieving what they strive to accomplish when it is for the Good of all, directly or indirectly.


Pledge of Personal Responsibility Towards the
Implementation of the Code of Ethics of the Ecovillages

I will strive, at the best of my abilities, to implement in a diligent manner and with my strongest commitment, the ideals and concepts outlined in this Code of Ethics.

Should any major breaking of this Code of Ethics occur, I accept to give to or receive from my partners and friends the compassionate plea and recommendations that the situation elicits.

I will not neglect my duty and responsibilities regarding this matter as I realize it is of the utmost importance if we are to succeed for many, many years to come in our common endeavour.


Note from Jean: I received recently an interesting document entitled "Tamera Manifesto for a global peace culture" by Dieter Duhm (dated March 1999). Here is the introduction of this manifesto...

TAMERA is a 350 acre (140 hectares) property in southern Portugal (Alentejo), where work has been going on for several years for the healing of humans and the earth, using unconventional methods. The most important institutions are the "healing biotope", the "youth school for global learning" and the upcoming "Institute for Global Peace-work" (IGP). The work follows the guidelines and goals presented in this manifesto. About 100 volunteer workers are raising the buildings and the infrastructure needed for this project. The aim of Tamera is the development of a healing biotope, where several hundred people can live together with all fellow beings using the principle of non-violent cooperation to create a base for global peace work.

To find out more visit

Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001

First Annual Visionary Art Music and Video Festival
The Palace of Fine Arts
San Francisco, California
Saturday, February 9th, 2002. 11:00 am - 11:00 pm.
Visionary Art Video and Music Festival


We are creating a remarkable, celebratory community art and networking event which is bringing together some of the finest visionary artists together in a sacred space to share their remarkable talents, gifts, and insights. An event for artists by artists and all others who want to be inspired by Love, Truth, Beauty and Creativity. This event promises to "Inspire Delight Heal and Enlighten" all who attend.

The central focus for this unique event concerns itself with a prophetic and magnificent vision, The conversion of Alcatraz Island into The Global Peace Center.

Majestic In Its Simplicity, Revolutionary As a Political Metaphor, The Global Peace Center Proclaims Global Renaissance! A New Epoch! A Tme Of Enduring Peace For Humanity!

This Visionary Art Event is being held as a Benefit for The Global Peace Foundation and
The Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance

20 Sunnyside Avenue A-156
Mill Valley, Ca. 94941

Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001
Subject: Signs of Change
From: "Peggy Zetler" <>

November 29, 2001

Signs of Change

Nature is shifting: Southwestern Montana Perspectives

Each human has and is undergoing mind, body and spirit changes that often feel confusing and produce a myriad of behaviors in reaction to the unknown. Being primarily analytical by inculcation, humans have tended to ask what is wrong rather than what is right. Nature flows with universal law and does not question what it needs to do to adapt and improve itself. Natural happenings of late are astounding, to the point of being a common point of local conversation. Occasionally conversationalists will ponder the why to these shifts, but more so the simple wonderment is what is expressed.


Throughout the summer we noticed many anomalies. We make our own compost and build the soil up as our ground is devoid of organic matter and goes 60 feet deep with consistent sand and rock. I am not adept at recognizing plants in their youth so always leave whatever until I can properly identify the species. This season the flowers, herbs and small garden had to attend to themselves as I was consumed with other tasks. To my astonishment, cantaloupe, a new form of squash, raspberry bushes, apple, cherry and apricot trees and flowers I had never seen before quickly showed themselves. Most, I presumed, were from the compost or distributed by the few birds who grace our treeless parcel. The rhubarb, onions, range wildflowers and mint that normally thrive in abundance were hardly noticeable. Chatting with others around the area, it was apparent that this had little to do with luck or pollution climate effects and much to do with the earth adapting to galactic necessities.

Living in Big Sky Country most locals are avid sky watchers. Our unobstructed panoramic views of three mountain ranges on the west of the Continental Divide at the 49th parallel is an ever changing art gallery. No need for paintings hanging in the home when all one need do is glance out the window in any direction. The stars were and are much more dense...closer in appearance and the sunrise and sunsets more expansive and colorful. The sun is rising more in the northeast and setting more in the southwest now. Orb rainbows, Orion and ship clouds are prevalent. These do not produce any noticeable weather change and are fixed in the sky. You can actually stand in the end of a rainbow or in the heart of a sunset and be a part of it. Instead of chasing these hopes and never finding their beginning or end you can now do so with precision. Thankfully, the dense chemtrails have eased the last two months but at the end of September all of Idaho, beyond the boarder some 40 miles south, was blanketed with an artificial haze.


Critters have free range dominance in or sagebrush infested tundra. Generally, antelope, whitetail deer, bunnies, and coyotes are everywhere. Not so this season. Antelope are loners now and often talk. They sound like an old crow and seem unafraid of humans. Intimate with the antelope my whole life, I have never once herd them talk. Very few deer anywhere, even at the tree line where they are most prevalent. No bunnies at all. Rattle snakes, on the rise again, are possibly eating them. It is sure not the coyotes as there have been no signs or howling at all. The near extinct badgers are back as are the wolves, and not by reintroduction. I also played with frogs again. A childhood delight brought back just for me? Birds of pray, the eagle, osprey and hawks are everywhere but the songbirds and bug eaters are few. The Canadian geese and other migratory birds just flew southeast a week ago. Not sure where they think they are going so late and in a misdirection. CLIP

It is possible that these evolutionary changes had been occurring over time, but to those of us who live here in the breath of Natures beauty and live by her time clock, it seems that all of this occurred in just one season. All who listen to the thought forms of nature have been told the same thing. That mother earth is healing herself, adapting and will survive and flourish. That it is for us to learn from and flow with her if we are to exist. Many understand that the earth has been aided by unseen forces and she is responding with gratitude and abundance. This is a heartfelt occurrence that most of us are humbled by. Man has solutions to all the environmental detriments man has plagued the earth with but as yet we have been unable to foster a critical mass so that monies and intentions allow these solutions to manifest so.... mother earth is fixing herself. In tandem with this are more and more scientific discoveries, like thought form photography of water, the changing layers of DNA, entangled photon twins, 100 glaciers found in Colorado... These are showing us clearly of the intelligence of nature. Life as we know it is changing. It is for us to tune to its flow if humans are to continue as inhabitants upon this exquisite jewel of a planet.

Being human and pondering what this means for each of us personally, it all is so vast and complex that the only option is to view it one on one with ones self in a more simplistic fashion. The shifts of perspective, of body, of mind, of spirit, when left alone and not derailed by symptomatic cover ups, reveals that we too, by our seedling nature of adaptation here on earth, are also moving into a new framework of existence. There is much being discussed about higher frequencies, superstring theories, cosmic forces, divine presence and the like as it relates to the human condition. Intuition tells us to transform water to pure with thought and drink lots of the elixir of life, breath deeply with gratitude and cleansing intent and to be an observer or witness to your own amazing transformation and that of others. This is what nature is teaching us. We are inextricably connected to all of our environment both here on earth and throughout the universe. Nature is rejoicing and changing with the transition toward total beneficial transformation. It does this so much better than humans because it does not analyze or become ridged with fear of change. It accepts divine forces without question and thus is blessed. If an unseen force is making itself so visible it seems imperative that we heed its directive. Many humans are expanding, changing... adapting, even in the face of negative illusions. Critical mass is about pure quality, not volume. Dinosaurs had volume.