July 8, 1999

Subject: It's all a matter of perspective: FWD Raging Brains and Burning Hearts from Roan Carratu and Afterthoughts from ilyes


I read a couple days ago the first issue of a newsletter published by Roan Carratu and decided to share it with you all. As you might remember, I sent to the entire ERN list last March another compelling document by Roan entitled "The Survivable Path" whose central drive was based on an inner urge that could be summarized by "you must personally take up the task to save this planet... it is what you are here to do", dixit Roan. It elicited such a voluminous response from many of you that Roan was kept busy for a good while and has since started what he called "the Forerunner E-List" to discuss this theme and has also published lots of new material on his website.

I was intending to forward you all some of those very passionate and articulated feedbacks received in response to "The Survivable Path", but never got around to actually send this email to you. So for the benefit of those interested, you may now find them and more material from Roan posted on my site at: http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/FeedbkSurvival.htm'
and the original document is posted at:

Now before you begin reading his newsletter, I'd like to briefly introduce it. In his very provocative style, Roan tries here to have us see from an entirely different perspective what most people construe as THE "reality" and he uses quite powerfully loaded metaphors to do so. In hammering so fiercely at the current dominant paradigm, Roan is performing a great service for those willing to follow him through his exposé. Shattering the illusion - yet another illusion! - of the consensual reality accepted by so much of the world is however just the first part of the renewal work needed to steer this world onto a saner, healthier future. One must also strive to put forward elements of what may constitue the essential new worldview that will drive everyone's life and be the new consensual reality. Of course, no one may be able yet to foresee clearly what the new shared paradigm will be because the current one is still so powerful that its towering presence in our collective mind dampens our perceptive abilities to see into the future what will come to be. We may have a foreboding sense of the immense changes that are to take place before our planet is onto a sustainable course, but to make any firm conclusion as what "final" form and shape our lives will take would be preposterous.

One thing sure, many of the sacred cows of today - money, the drive to compete, the rule of majority or "democracy" as some call it - will be things of the past as we will shift from the perspective of a materialistic-based value system to a more spiritually/innerly-based value system. What will matter won't be what we possess but what we can express from our God-given gifts and qualities: creativity, love, compassion and so on.

You will also find a complementary comment from ilyes who makes some essential points and concludes with the need for each of us to show the way by our very example.

As we all strive to do...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. Here is the header of another email I sent a couple days ago to my media list. If you want to read it, it's now posted at: >

Subject: FWD Biotech industry starting to panic + Monsanto to sell Nutrasweet + Terminator Technology On Agenda In Montreal UN Meeting last week + The burning tongue from Coke products + Earth Day 2000 a millennial celebration + An AMAZING 1021 FEET LONG CROP CIRCLE at


Monsanto, the giant, is crumbling under the weight of its own greed.

Either they go out of business - that is, they go bankrupt - or they stop messing the environment of the planet with their GM Frankencrops and messing up people's health people with their sweet poison Aspartame...
(NOTE: I also posted on my site a series of comments that I never sent you on a letter I already emailed you about the sweet poisonous aspartame last February. Check it at: http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/FeedbksAspartame.htm )

Check also the good news about Earth Day 2000 and the stupefying Crop Circle that appeared in Britain...


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Date: Fri, 02 Jul 1999
From: "Roan Carratu" <roan@bibbs.com>
Organization: The Forerunners Website http://www.bibbs.com/roan

The Raging Brains And Burning Hearts Newsletter
Copyright 1999, Roan Carratu

Vol One Issue One

"'Axioms'; concepts, base attitudes, which are not self-examined, are
not your own and rarely have any truth within them. Whatever is in your
subconscious mind, your ego, which you do not know about, nor control,
controls your mind and opinions." -Roan Carratu

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Some of the Principles of Large Scale Social Slavery.

Partial List of Rules for keeping a population enslaved:

Prime Strategy: To Conquer, Divide, To Keep Conquered, Keep Divided
(Call it 'government', 'corporations', 'special interests', 'religions',
'nations', 'ethnic groups', 'races', 'economics', and many more) If
applied with enough distracting interrelated synergistic control
systems, the enslaved population can be any size whatsoever. An
effective slave system will be taken for granted by the slaves, and
their slavery not even noticed.

(Desired Result of Prime Strategy) To cause slaves to conclude
everything is unchangeable and anything they hear is unbelievable...
Make slaves fear each other and fear cooperating in any way outside the
control systems... Make sure the slaves intrinsically blame each other
cynically for everything that happens. (Call it 'human nature' and make
sure all believe it of others)

Keep the slave population totally occupied attaining the right to live.
Make them base their self-worth on slaving, so they will hate anyone who
does not slave away their lives. Have the very definition of a good life
be slaving, and have any failure to prosper from slaving always be
considered the fault of the slave, not the system.

Also, no slave is as enthusiastically enslaved or works harder, even at
makework, than a slave who is convinced he or she is free. (Call it
'work' or 'employment' and for the smart ones, call it 'professions' and
let them have attitudes and specialties, so they will believe
nothing but approved information.)

Concentrate the slave's minds on a system of 'permission' symbols which
give access to life support and goods to make their lives fractionally
easier. Allow more freedom for more symbols, so slaves will seek it ever
harder and give up all human decency to attain it. Have the acquisition
of the symbols be the very definition of 'practical' so the system will
define all activity and prevent all actions not included in the system.

Let slaves who cannot acquire the symbols die in horrible conditions of
starvation, lack of sanitary conditions, diseases, lack of shelter, and
make sure they are considered unworthy of life by most slaves.
Sacrificing a few slaves to horrible torturous deaths has long proven to
scare the rest into non-thinking obedience to the system. (Call it
'money' and make them think what they get using it is 'theirs'.) Force
all slaves to use it whenever they cooperate in any way, as long as they
give back some of the symbols each time, to support the illusion that
the system is supported by the slaves. (Call it 'taxes') Be sure to make
them believe that the symbols are theirs by virtue of their work.
Control the worth of the symbols and the availability so as to force the
slaves into doing what you want without having to use direct force.
(Call it 'interest rates', 'government contracts', and 'pay') Keep the
symbols scarce, so they have to continuously work harder and harder to
get tiny quantities of technologically easily made goods, and they will
never notice that what they get is the tiniest of leftovers from what is
taken from them... (Call it all 'economics')

Bombard the slaves, and especially their children, with enticements to
keep them motivated to consume more, and include social messages within
each enticement, so they will think they are less than others in wealth.
(Call it 'advertising') Concentrate all acts of violence and aberrant
behavior as if they occur nearby, so as to keep them both fearful and
cynical, convinced that 'human nature' is evil and dysfunctional
everywhere, so they will never work together outside control systems.
(Call it 'news media')

Keep continuous mass shows, some silly, some sillier, and some extreme
competitions to provide relief from the pressure of attaining the right
to live, producing an effect worse than drugs. (Call them 'sitcoms' and

For every word of truth that escapes or is generated by malcontent
slaves, make sure a million slightly different versions are circulated,
some pro, some con. For convincing the slaves that a lie is true, place
the same story out to all slaves over and over again. This will also
make sure that anything that happens but is not in an 'official' story
is disregarded as a non-event. (Call it 'the media')

Divide the world up into turfs, with the enslaved populations
identifying with their turf symbols, and keep an organized subculture of
brainwashed fanatics for each turf, and fight them with each other as a
lesson to all the slaves, to keep them in fear. (Call the symbols
'flags' and the subculture the 'military') Use the subculture against
the turf population if control starts to slip.

Create a document each turf population will worship even if it is just
words on paper. (Call it a 'constitution') Let them believe the document
defines the rules of the 'turf', when actually it defines only their
social beliefs. Cause ideological conflict between those who hold
different interpretations of the document, following the Prime Strategy.

Provide an illusion of control, through a fake selection of rulers.
(Call them 'elections' and 'candidates') Make sure a few 'Turfs' have
the appearance of old style slavery, using mass murder and rule by whim
by figurehead leaders, to make the slaves in turfs with fake selection
of rulers appreciate the illusion of control.

Tell the Slaves that the rules make them free and that they choose them.
(Call them 'laws' and violently suppress anyone who breaks them. It's a
good way to keep those who see through this process down and keep order
for better control.) In the minds of the slaves, equate the
revolutionary, the violent criminal, the non-violent criminal, and the
poorest of the population, so the majority of the slaves will consider
them all the same threat.

Create a huge bureaucracy that proclaims to speak for God, and the
slaves will follow orders and work hard even if they kill themselves in
the process. (Call it 'religion'.)

Make those slaves who reject the various God bureaucracies believe that
what they think generate Universe, that their egos are the center of
Universe, for then the slaves can only blame themselves, will never
cooperate to change anything, and thereby never DO anything outside the
control systems. (Call it 'spirituality' or 'atheism'.)

Forerunners: : Humanity must find it's natural way of living and loving,
of organizing together for mutual support, in the expression of real
human values. The idolatry of symbols and power must end!

As one of the greatest teachers in history stated; "Ye shall know them
by their love."

Some Other Thoughts:

If anything can be believed in, why believe in anything? Why hold on to
conceptual fantasies when we walk around in a world so wondrous and
beautiful that no amount of words, thoughts, or images can fully
describe even a tiny portion of it.

The observation that 'I think, therefore I am' which is the most basic
axiom of Western Civilization, is only a minor subset of the real most
basic observation of life, that is 'All that is, IS'. The FORMER merely
inflates the ego, declaring it supreme, and makes for concepts which
destroy or despoil the world, while the LATTER, as the most basic of
axioms, makes for a mind of inquiry, holding the ego secondary, and
which makes for a 'benchmark' of what works and what doesn't that allows
actions without destruction, true awareness of the worth of compassion,
and adaptation without despoliation.

To consider ecological and cultural sanity impractical is the most
extreme and subtle of insanities, yet it is the very basis of all
existing subcultures on this planet. It is why conditions get worse
despite all the efforts of groups and individuals who see the
destruction of the environment and the tragic unnecessary sacrifice of
human life and potential to poverty and ignorance.

Global social and environmental problems result not purely from
individual actions... Nor will the problems be solved by any individual
alone... The problems result from large scale individual actions within
the axiomatic confines of social convention. To solve this problem,
more and more people have to think 'outside the lines' of these social
axioms and algorithms and work together to change those axioms and
algorithms through group example. Luckily, it does not take a high
percentage of humanity to make a great difference, only a tiny fraction.
But it is significant that there is no way to cause change through
existing social outlets... they are designed to give the illusion of
being a means of change, and yet not effect or alter the ongoing
irrational processes of decision making whatsoever. Most of them do not
realize these limitations, and would deny the existence of any

Evolution is continuing. To realize that evolution is not a process of
chance but rather the intelligent actions of a planetary ecoentity that
arose from biochemical and energetic processes inherent in Universe is
to suddenly see that all that is going on in this world comes from
ignorance of this fact. To know that conscious evolution proceeds from
a synergistic consciousness made up of all the conscious beings on this
planet, within a field generated by all Life on this planet, is to know
that change will proceed apace and towards Global human sanity. Knowing
this give great wisdom, and the loss of all fear, even of death, for
suddenly we know we are part of something greater, which values us and
which moves in our hearts and minds and in the hearts and minds of
Humanity. One with all life on the planet, that life being an
intelligent being, we are Evolution.

Egocentric 'spirituality' is just words. Saying 'God is love' or 'We
are One.' from an ego belief is bogus unless it is preceded by the
transformation of the mind through the understanding of the relationship
of the ego to Universe, the realization of the Real Mind, and most of
all, the compassionate actions such transformation generates. This
takes great effort, for to transcend the ego is a door into sanity, and
it is not done through exterior artifacts or exercises, nor through
thoughts and beliefs. Beliefs are irrelevant to the knowledge gained by
the experience of dropping the ego completely and accepting the
resulting perceptions. This is not a subtle phenomena, nor is it
reached through any gradual 'path', but is an overwhelming, yet
perfectly natural experience that lasts only moments and yet changes
everything. With that experience, all doubts are lost, all fear
disappears, especially of death, and all of Universe is valued to it's
true measure. It causes permanent change, and that change is reflected
in actions which benefit others profoundly.

This is not to say that compassion and love cannot be expressed by
anyone anywhere, for the basis of our lives are our Real Mind, not our
egos, and while beliefs are irrelevant to most actions taken by most
people, with the ego rationalizing each action and claiming it as it's
own, most of what goes on in the world is not sourced in the ego but in
the Real Mind. Without this larger interaction, insane control systems
would have killed off all life long ago. But despite their seeming total
ubiquitous nature, the control systems are still superficial, a thin
veneer over the actual dynamics of life, even human life. We but need
to realize that, and get rid of the destructive corrosion.

"Work" is not what we do when we go somewhere and spend our lives
following someone else's instructions doing activities that are far
below our potential and which either does no good or does damage to the
Planet. The Human Control system we are forced by violence to accept
and which limits our existence and actions has no relationship to what
is required to survive on this planet. There is something called 'right
livelihood' in Buddhism which really defines what true work is, and with
an understanding of environment thrown in, Right Livelihood should guide
all young people into work which will allow them to do real work in the
world, work worth doing. To do work worth doing is more fulfilling in
life, and better for all, than to do work which pays a lot of money, but
which traps your soul into an illusionary hell that winds down to
eventual planetary death.

To live in an intentional participatory community is to live a full
experience far exceeding most people's lives. The friendships, the
entertainment, even the work is not much like living in the divided
society most of us have experienced most of our lives. The feeling of
belonging causes a security not found outside such communities, and even
the problems are more interesting. I have lived in both dysfunctional
and extremely functional communities, and find that even a dysfunctional
communities are more interesting than living as a 'nuclear family' or
alone. Dysfunctional communities don't last long, but functional
communities tend to create lifelong friends. No individuality is lost,
although some bad habits may fade in importance, and so much is gained,
that, in my opinion, it is natural to join with others in community, and
forge a future together.


"Note that the overall message is hopeful and positive, although it may not at
first seem so. In my initial comments back to Roan with whom I've exchanged ideas for well over a year, but never met in person, I wrote, in part,

"I'm glad that you end on a positive note..... and see a light at the end of
the tunnel.

My perception is that the "tunnel" isn't quite as black and full of demons
as you portray it and that it's even possible to enjoy the journey through.
Admittedly, billions of us on the planet suffer a living hell, but there are
enough of us awakening to begin the transformation process toward the light. Thanks for the stimulation of sharing your truth. For me, it is far more useful to make 'energetic progress in the good' than to rail against that which I oppose.... which only feeds its destructive energy by adding to the amount of negativity on the planet."

(end of quote from Ed Elkin)


Ed, my friend,

I used to just think and talk purely positive viewpoints. Then one day I noticed that a large number of people I knew, who also just thought and talked positive stuff DID only negative stuff and either didn't realize it or always rationalized their actions through twisting their viewpoint to make it positive... Usually they would not think about what they actually did, and blinder their perceptions to see only what their egos wanted them to see, which allowed them to do negative or apathetic actions, for some reason they did not think about either, seeing it as 'normal' or 'practical'.

I realized that positive thinking was not enough. To understand the problem is
to overcome it. To understand the problem and communicate that understanding to
others is a very positive thing to do, because it helps them perceive it and then overcome it. And the solutions are never just in what we think, nor what we say, but in what we do also. Positive thoughts can be literally any thoughts, about anything, and actions can be negative even if the thoughts are positive. If ego belief is the only criteria, then anything goes and the world does not change for the better.

I am not putting negativity out into the world. I am putting positive stuff into
the world, because what I am putting out is a very large set of questions each
has to face when reading my posts. Even if they file away my posts in their
'crazy' or 'negative' folder, they will continue on in their lives, and Life
itself will keep giving them experiences which will make my filed words jump out
of the folder.

Then one day it will jump up in their laps and they will have to face the
transformation of their own minds. The world will then be different to them, and they will act upon that difference, and the planet will be that much closer to survivability and the love we know is it's rightful harmony. That transformation is not conceivable to the ego, but it is as real as anything that exists.

Egocentric spirituality is pretty much bogus because it will not accept
responsibility for what it does, only for what it thinks. It mistakes the Real
Mind with the ego, which is like mistaking a world for a tiny stone, in scale at
least. This is the essence of negativity, and is worse than cynical thought
because the actions resulting will be from apathy and rationalization. The cynic
at least does evil because he cannot see any alternative through his cynical
thought... the egocentric spiritualist can do evil while thinking it's good.
Wishful thinking is not necessarily 'positive'. To see Universe as it is, is to
know what to do, to act upon the knowledge, in physical as well as mental
action. It rarely has negative results, short term, and never in the long term.

Frankly, imho, egocentric spirituality is often pure fear and results in denial
no better than the German people's denial and fear as they saw Jews being carted
away in boxcars. More people are being killed right now than during those days,
if spread across the planet instead of concentrated, and apathy, rationalized in
a million conceptual ways, is still allowing that evil.

There is a difference between judgment and perception. To perceive evil is not
to condone it. Evil actions and words can be perceived, acted upon, and overcome.

Judgment is only of people, of them personally, and to judge a person can be to
amplify that evil they have done, or diminish it, according to what actions
(words are one kind of action) are taken after the judgment. THAT is when
non-judgement can have a real changing energy to it.

To perceive evil and not do something about it, magnifies that evil, and the
world's negativity is made greater. The newsletter was specifically positive,
even if it pointed out negative stuff, because that stuff will not change unless
folks know it exists, (can think of it in a new way so they look for the
possibility that it exists,) and effects them... if they do not know it exists
and effects them, they have no choice about it, because they do not know it
exists. As members of it, they will instead promote it, and not know they are
doing that either.

This is why saving the world is not easy -- grin

Thanks for passing the newsletter on. I respect your opinion, but felt it
necessary to clarify why my messages seem negative. The world is acting in
negative ways, and to change that requires more than just a positive attitude. I
have a positive attitude, actually an incredibly positive attitude, or I would
not have continued these efforts. I know we are far more than we think we are,
and know also that we are One in ways few have perceived. That most will
perceive this also is a given to me, although it takes my and others efforts to
do that change, and when it is a common perception, the world will change slowly
into Grace.


Or as Roan wrote in a separate email to me: "Calling attention to a crack in a dam is not negative, and calling attention to existing conditions is not negative if they lead to people choosing to change them. Seeing through an illusion is the only way to dissolve it, but first it is required to know it is an illusion."

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Date: Thu, 01 Jul 1999
From: ilyes@earthlink.net
Organization: CropCircle Research International
Subject: Afterthoughts ...

[I wrote this in response to Teri's post. She's a 72-yr-old living in
the Northeast US in a chemically toxic area, and wrote to awaken folks
to chemtrail and other chemical pollution challenges we're facing.]

Hi again, Teri -

You ask, "What are our human rights?". I offer that they are whatever
WE EACH accept and ensure them to be for ourselves ...

The Old System is disintegrating. *Modifying* what's going on, with
current US policy based upon the almighty 'Dollars=Power' creed, would
take more Energy than we've got. The old paradigm is rotten to its
core, and is of need collapsing of its own weight. WE MUST LET IT
COLLAPSE -- that's the most energy-efficient and effective way of
dealing with it.

What we need to be focusing upon today is how we want things to be AFTER
it collapses. Let these money-and power-mad moguls and magnates do
their worst, for now. It'll only usher in the new system that much more
quickly ...

Rather than feed our energies into confronting our out-of-control
governments, I believe it's best to totally ignore them, to let them
continue as they're going -- they will self-destruct, are
self-destructing. Meanwhile, the 'unwashed masses' are creating
alternatives for themselves at the grassroots level, figuring out and
initiating the kind of world we WANT to live in -- a sustainable one as
far as ecology, the biosphere, and alternative EVERYTHINGs go (medical,
education, child-rearing, transportation, law-making, law enforcement,
food-growing, and perhaps especially the 'new energy' which will be
based upon FUSION -- not fission and internal combustion -- ALL of it,
the Whole She-Bang. We are in the process of redesigning it all ...

Folks are saving seeds and/or 'buying organic' to bypass Monsanto and
Dow's determination to control the food supply of the world with their
genetic manipulation plans. Chemical companies, some of the most
egregious foulers of the planet, are currently attempting to take over
the world's food supply by strong-arming (ie, bribing and pressuring)
third-world countries. They've tried to start here in the US and in
Europe to 'set an example', but Europe is putting up MAJOR resistance
and will NOT accept 'our' Genetically Modified (GM) or Genetically
Engineered (GE) food, any more than they do our steroid- and rGBH- and
antibiotic-laden meats. The people of the US are so drugged-out by
television and fear-based local newscasts that they'll eat ANYthing that
fits in a microwave. Because of Europe's strong resistance, however,
Monsanto and Dow are (so-far) having trouble convincing the financially
poor countries.

When chemical transnational giants move to take over the world's food
supply, we know we can't be too far from 'the end' ...

I, too, am an activist. I'm working to help draw together those of us
who want to 'change the world'. My work is with the CropCircles. They
are inputting HUGE amounts of Energies into the planetary grid, and into
those of us who choose to work with their Energies; these Energies are
available to and support the efforts of each individual on the planet.

There are MILLIONS of us, we who desire to manifest the future we
envision in our hearts and dreams! Change is inevitable. The monetary
system WILL collapse, and this will be the trigger, will initiate a
domino effect, around the world. When money becomes useless, only those
who've been applying themselves to the work-arounds, who know how to
healthfully and co-operatively support THEMSELVES and their families
with consideration for the needs of our desperately-struggling planet
and ALL her lifeforms, will be ready to go forward while everyone and
everything else is in chaos.

It's coming. THIS is The Transition we've been quietly (and sometimes
not so quietly) applying ourselves to over the last couple of decades.
While we (we who've been aligning ourselves with the Native Americans'
'Seventh Generation' principle of evaluating our current actions in
terms of their future impact on OUR families and our planet) are still
coalescing our own energies, learning to claim our own power, today,
tomorrow WE will be the ones 'in power'. Today, 'cutting-edge' --
tomorrow, mainstream. It's coming. It's inevitable. There are too
many of us now who've Awakened. And more are Awakening each day. Our
collective tsunami-like energies are unstoppable. Neither missiles,
stealth bombers, nor 'non-lethal' technologies can change the future WE
decide to implement FOR OURSELVES.

All we can do is change OUR OWN ways of living. When a sufficient
number, a critical mass, of us have done so, the planet, de facto, will
have changed. And not a shot will have been fired -- for this is not a
confrontation but an *alternative* that we're working on. Right now, it
doesn't matter who gets elected. Is the choice of Gore or Bush for the
next 8 years a stimulating, or even pleasant, one? Does either bode a
hopeful and encouraging future for us? Western society is sick from the
top, down, AND from the bottom, up. If the status-quo-shape-of-things-to-come
is not currently a happy one for us, the structure must change -- and WE must change it -- FROM THE BOTTOM, up. The status quo is sapping both our own and our planet's energies to the point of depletion. Something needs to change, if we're to survive as a species.

When the shape of a structure's foundation changes, everything above it
must, of need, also change. We 'on the bottom' must change the shape of
this crumbling, decaying pyramid we've allowed to enclose us. We have
the option of stepping outside it, and building Something Else. Many of
us have accepted this option.

The chemical and nuclear pollution that has poisoned and acceleratedly
continues to poison our air, soil, and waters has killed and will
continue to kill some of us, and many of Earth's other lifeforms, as
well. These 'sacrificed' ones are in service to all, by literally using
their incarnations to point out to us the hugeness, the depth and
depravity, of the problems facing us across ALL harmonic levels.

If we don't change our OWN way of living by making appropriate,
life-sustaining choices when presented with such options, we will drag
our civilization into extinction. We're on the brink. Other
civilizations have risen and fallen before ours -- and for similar
reasons -- and have disappeared without a trace. When WE make
CONSCIOUS, life-sustaining choices for ourselves, and teach our children
and Loved ones to do the same BY EXAMPLE, we add our 'stone' to our new
pyramid's base. EVERYTHING ELSE will change. It MUST. That's what
we're collectively working on to manifest the Joy-filled and creative
future that can be ours. NOTHING ELSE matters. It's up to each of us.

- ilyes