June 10, 1999

Subject: The Phoenix is opening its wings

Hello everyone

At long last the people of Kosovo can see some light at the end of the tunnel as a peace agreement has finally been hammered out between the NATO and Serbian generals. The sheer magnitude of the sufferings and damages inflicted on both Kosovo and Serbia might never be accounted for properly, but one thing is sure: almost nothing of the initial problems that gave rise to this war has been resolved by this orgy of violence and war. Kosovars will eventually go back to their badly bombed out and burned homeland and will have to find a way to rebuild their lives and put behind them all the horrors and traumas inflicted on them by the barbaric expulsions and executions perpetrated by the Serbian army, police and paramilitary forces still headed by the throwback to old communist dictatorship that Milosevich and his apparatchicks represent, a regime that do no appear to be going out of business anytime soon.

On the other hand, the Serbian population who fiercely resisted the notion that NATO could break down their morale by launching a continuous barrage of Cruise missiles and so-called "smart" bombs all over their country now face a grim future with their basic infrastructures in tatters and a punishing international embargo that will last as long as the Milosevich regime will keep its hold on power. If NATO could not disloge his army from Kosovo other than through inflicting untold destruction within Serbia, how could the powerless people of Serbia disloge Milosevich from power? In many regards, they face the same situation as the people of Irak who can't get rid of their own dictator who has easily weathered all attempts to throw him down and out of power.

The only real winners in this war are, as in all other wars, the weapon and ammunition makers who will reap a bonanza with expenses totalling approximately $15 billions for this air campaign...

When will the people of the world finally wake up to the fact that violence can never be the way to resolve conflicts? When will "our" governments finally realize that rushing out to bomb and maim innocent populations to impose their will can only reap more bloodshed and terror? Probably only when the people of this world decide to lead us out of the barbaric age of wars into a new era of true peace and universal brotherhood based on the understanding and inner realization that we are all one people, living on one tiny planet with finite resources and a badly distressed environment, and that only through uniting and working all together shall we be able to co-create a world of plenty and fairness for all.

The coming millennial celebration can be the perfect moment to usher in just such a new understanding and new era of lasting and unarmed peace and this is what I and, undoubtedly, billions of people all over the world would like to see happening in less than six months from now... A moment of Grand Reckoning of our Oneness, a moment of sharing the inner sense of loving brother/sisterhood uniting us all, a moment of profound emotional grasping that *United We Live*, whereas separated and opposed to each other we perish.

Since June Mehwort suggested me to keep going, but in a different way, with the Millennium Gathering project, and after reading the wonderful comments and proposals received (see below and thanks a lot to everyone of those who sent those supportive letters), my resolve has been building back to focus again my attention and muster the will and energies necessary to forge ahead with this vision that dawned on me, on November 29, 1996, of a huge planetary family reunion, in front of the world TV cameras, of small groups of people representing every culture and tribe of this planet for a collective joining of minds and hearts as One, on the eve of the new millennium.

Somehow, the spirit of this vision is still very much alive and growing and it might just be possible that, despite all odds, something of that nature will occur. Whether it is shown on TV or not does not matter that much - although it would certainly make it easier for everyone to be aware of what is going on all over the world and tune into the resounding feeling-wave of blissful rejoicing as people everywhere realize what is occuring within them all at the same time. What matters is that people are made aware by that time that everywhere people will celebrate the new dawning era with a sense of "Yes we can put aside our differences and build this world anew, in harmony with Nature and with each other".

We can have lots of things made possible and done by that time if we all decide, right now, to cooperate and spread the word around us about this idea and also plan and organize local and global celebrations of our Oneness in the Spirit of Unconditional Love. Just like the famous Aquarian Conspiracy concept coined by Marilyn Ferguson, let us make this a real people-driven, leaderless multiformed movement. Each one of us can pitch in an idea to organize a local action or initiative that will reflect something of that Spirit. Each one can choose to take responsibility towards achieving this vision of Unity and Love.

For my part, I'm ready to post on this emailing list and then on the Earth Rainbow Network website, in a special "Local Millennium Gathering Initiatives" section each and every pledge and idea for a local activity that you - and anyone else joining in later - will want to contribute. And I'll also take other actions to reach out to major millenial projects and events organizers to similarly instill in them the desire and will to collaborate to this common endeavour and integrate something of that Spirit within their own activities.

But first, I need to hear from you, from *many* of you, to sense that what is proposed above has indeed triggered expanding ripples of sympathy and support, not in response to one person's idea but to a common vision and dream of Unity and Love.

Let me hear what you think about this and let us all *feel* our common resolve to make this happen!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

From: Cchasers@aol.com
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999
Subject: Re: June Mehwort's suggestion

Sounds like a wonderful idea - it seems so obvious now that she's suggested
it. That's the mark of a truely good idea. Let's do it. I'm available to help
in any way you need.

Many thanks for your continued informative emails.

Blessings, Claire

Date: Wed, 02 Jun 1999
Subject: Dec 31 99
From: "Don Orne" <don@yingcom.com>

To whom is may concern, my name is Don Orne and I am the Gongmaster for
Peace. I would like to donate my time to your cause and sound my Peace Gong
for you before and after the ceremonies either live or through World Puja
via the internet or phone line. Please check my website for my backround and
check with Masami Kondo of the World Peace Prayer Society for my live
experience. My url is http://www.yingcom.com Please let me know, if I may
be of service so I can make the necessary arrangements.

Love & Light,

Don Orne (Gongmaster for Peace)

Date: Fri, 4 Jun 1999
Subject: Re: Peace concert 2000
From: Lorie & Riki <soulhealer@juno.com>


What I was thinking was that if you held a peace 2000 rally,
it would probably be in NY, correct? We have been following
Braden and Twyman's efforts for over a year now. Last year
we sponsored a local event on August 22 that (coincidently)
corresponded to a peace rally that Twyman held. Our event
was planned months in advance, prior to knowledge of the
peace rally. It was attended by lightworkers/healers, and was
a meditational music concert.

We are available to assist in a similar way. We can be the Tucson
anchor if a peace concert occurs. Spirit needs physical bodies to
hold the energies! We are open to serving the Highest Good.
In Light,

Lorie & Riki

Subject: Re: Feedbacks on the X-files issue
From: Alisha A Henri <shunkasha@juno.com>
Date: Thu, 03 Jun 1999

Hi, Jean,

Thanks for your newsy letter. 8)

I definitely agree that, in this time transition into 2000, it is a good
idea to remain at home. If one is traveling, it's a good idea to have an
emergency kit in the car - extra socks, underwear, granola, water, first
aid, etc. - and to realize that, while lots of things have been built up
and disseminated to really scare people and feed all those marvelously
effective Shadow Forces, who are merely doing their jobs in this duality,
and that our prayers could make the transition Light and fairly
comfortable, good preparation prevents our having to scramble at the last
minute and we can continue our focus on Gentle, Harmonious, Positive
Transition with all our technological resources remaining in continuity.

I have been thrilled that so many people are organizing us to have times
of the day to join one another to pray. A dear friend, Jim Goure, who
has been working from the "other side" of the veil for a number of years
now, brought that to my understanding 25 years ago.

Calling for everyone to stop in their tracks mentally and connect with
the great Light Link web around the planet as the New Year begins would
bring a massive rolling wave of light surrounding the globe. I can see
it in my mind as an incredible and powerful event and feel it in my bones
as I imagine it.

My spiritual community and I will be dancing from the dawn of 12/31/1999,
till the dawn of 1/1/2000, to carry the positive energy of transition
from the "final" day of 1999 through that long night into the first day
of 2000. We are all excited about seeing the sun rise 1/1/2000.

*** As you sink into the Link wherever you are, you will come into connection with us and we will have one more voice of rejoicing that we are moving into
this Golden Age of Harmony, Serenity, Prosperity, and Well-being.***

Arvol Looking Horse is one of our elders, and we join him daily in prayer
- as we will be joining him on 6/21/99. We will be dancing through the
night on the 19th to connect with the energy of the Solstice, as we have
been dancing and praying for a number of years in preparation for this
next transition.

I found the excerpt from the book, The Immortal Child, lovely. I would
like to remind people that we all came here to experience being human -
we are all linked in Oneness with Creator, God, Goddess, the Supreme.....
- we can live in that bliss and highest vibration of light IN OUR
PHYSICAL BEINGS. We do not have to leave them behind and get away from
this life of pain and suffering.

In my search for the truth in so much of what has been said, my inner
knowing came forth to say to me ...

*Stop seeking outside of yourself for Bliss.

*Find all those shadows within you where you have tucked little snippets
of pain and unwellness - See the Light growing there - the pain and
unwellness then become pain-free well-being.

*Stop focusing on the negative --- Focus and be grateful for that
experience which you have used to teach yourself what you wish to avoid
in your life.

*As you ENLIGHTEN all your Shadowy places within, you become more Joyful
and Blissful in your daily life. You discover your ability to recognize
the communications of your opposite Self - your Shadow self - and you
take that sending of energy from the Negative Polarity (because energy
itself is Neutral) and use it to create in the Positive Polarity.

*Acknowledge pain, sorrow, anger, and be grateful that you've recognized
it. Then, know that your gratitude has charged you with energy to use
for positive creation.

We cannot separate from ourselves on any level and become whole.
Blissful meditation which takes us away from this Physical Reality in
which we chose to live and work together at this dynamic time of
transition and transmutation.

We must all INTEGRATE ourselves and bring the Bliss into the Physical
Reality or we have completely missed the objective we came to accomplish.

Many of us know this. Many are still of the opinion that the big THEY
(whether the Government, the Church, the Ashtar Command, the Pleiadeans)
have come to help us because we just can't get it right. That's simply
rubbish. While many of those who work in these groups are here to assist
us when we ask for help, THEY cannot do it. WE MUST DO IT OURSELVES.
That's why we came.

Well - I've rambled on and hope it is somewhat understandable. I am a
Gemini and while I love the Sun to be transiting my natal sun sign, I
somehow become a little airier and my communications can get a little too

Anyhow, thank you, Jean, for your good work and positive contributions to
all of us on the Planet.

May the Rainbows of Creation fill your Heart and Soul with Great Joy All



Once we have all recognized that
We are One with All our Relations,
Then, as One we can declare,
For once and for good, that
Only That which is for the Highest Good
May Happen in our Lives, and that
Peace Prevails on Earth.


Date: Thu, 03 Jun 1999
From: "Freed" <planetwork@tip.nl>
Subject: Re: Feedbacks on the X-files etc.

Dear Jean

Thank you wholeheartedly for sharing the excerpt of 'The Immortal
Child'. Especially the emphasis on 'We are all one' is raising my
feelings of connectedness once again, as this has become my main
message, too, without knowing of your experience.

My key-experience was in Spring 1975, as you may have read in my recent
e-mail 'Why postpone Paradise?'. Ever since, i attempt to translate the
insights then into symbols, designs, concepts and, most recent, stories.
And of course my website, which starts now with a new section: 'We are
all one - consequences of unity.' Enjoy http://www.planetwork.org

My twice-weekly source of consciousness-shift information is the Sheldon
Nidle updates at www.paoweb.com

Wishing you strength, clarity, abundance, joy,

In unity


PS: Hold on to the Earth Concert concept, maybe enlarge it with the
Millennium Meal plan, and similar. To work on unity-projects will prove
a highly valuable way to prepare for the new Millennium.

Date: Thu, 13 May 1999
From: steve diamond <ommm7@rain.org>
Subject: Minnneapolis millennium party - May 9, 1999

Dear friends:

Below is a report from today's cnn.com about a big millennium event in minneapolis being canceled, from lack of interest and/or y2k fears...submitted for your information....

Meanwhile, 5,000 people from all over the world, including u.n. secretary general kofi annan, and several nobel prize winners from different countries, meet at the Hague Appeal for Peace in The Netherlands, to talk about developing the idea of peace in the new millennium, and not a blip about it on any tv screen or news service, or printed page -- is this what you call a "news blackout?" or is it the same old story of media being controlled by the world's war machine??

Who's making all those munitions, all those computerized gizmos, i.e. $13 billion worth (used so far in leveling Yugoslavia)? GE? the same GE that owns NBC? or is it warner brothers/ted turner / cnn? "hand in glove," i guess is what it's called.

And who will get the many billion dollars "rebuild" contracts when the levelling of yugoslavia is finally over? probably the same forces that levelled it in the first place, will be given contracts to rebuild it.

I can't wait until the "war machine" of this world will be turned into the "peace machine." Imagine.

Here's the minneapolis y2k article:

Best wishes to all,

Steve Diamond

"one day in peace, january 1, 2000!"
http://www.oneday.net & http://www.oneday.org

May 9, 1999
Web posted at: 8:44 p.m. EDT (0044 GMT)

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- A celebration billed as the biggest end-of-the-century party in this city is over before it started.

Corporations have apparently balked at sponsoring Minnesota Millennium Celebration over fears that the Y2K computer glitch could lead to embarrassing publicity, organizers of the event said.

The Design Group confirmed Friday that it has canceled the six-day, $8 million bash that was supposed to welcome in 2000 with concerts featuring national headliners and family activities at the Metrodome and the Minneapolis Convention Center.

"We felt we had a salable and marketable product, and nobody from the city or corporate America came forward," said Fred Shepherd, national director of sales for the Minneapolis company, which produced extravaganzas for the 1992 Super Bowl and last year's World Figure Skating Championships. "I think they stayed away because of fear.

Because of an old programming technique, some computer software views dates in a two-digit format, such as "99" for 1999. There is widespread concern that without repairs, computers will malfunction on New Year's Eve as the clock strikes midnight and the year changes to "00," which some computers might perceive as 1900 instead of 2000.


Tue, 01 Jun 1999
From: Sandy <sandwwwaves@home.com>

Glad I could help clear up some of the confusion. (on the QT, there were
ego/political/$$? battles going on, and a huge rift occurred and split
the newsgroup apart, and then the announcement from John Carlo came...)

fyi, the "other side" has a web-site here:
(with some fabulous photos & info, regardless of "politics")

Blessed Be in your Life Journey ~ ~sandy~


Date: Fri, 04 Jun 1999
From: Global Initiative <globali@access.ch>
Subject: Switzerland presents Candle for Nuclear Abolition to UN

Switzerland presents World Peace Candle for Nuclear Abolition to the
Secretary General of the UN

Invitation to contribute a one-sentence-statement!

On July 10, 1999, the Swiss government is presenting the "World Peace
Candle" in co-operation with the "Global Initiative for Immediate
Disarmament in all Countries" to the United Nations in New York.

The World Peace Candle is dedicated to complete nuclear abolition and
will be lit as soon as there are no more nuclear weapons on this
planet. The project is also officially supported by the city of
Berkeley, USA.

We ask you to send us one sentence-statements for nuclear abolition as
soon as possible. These statements will be included in the presentation
of the candle and will be shown in the room at the UN where the candle
is going to be exposed.

Joint statement of Switzerland and the Global Initiative (draft of Swiss
foreign ministry and Global Initiative, has to be confirmed)

The threat of nuclear weapons concerns not only governments, but every
citizen world-wide.

Therefore, the Swiss government and the Global Initiative, representing
civil society, offer this World Peace Candle to the Secretary General of
the UN on July 10, 1999.

Our one sentence statement:
"We call upon all nuclear weapon powers to abolish their nuclear arsenal
as soon as possible so that the World Peace Candle can be lit."


Date, signatures

Send your sentences to: Global Initiative, <globali@access.ch>. Please
forward this message by snail mail to your friends, translate it into
your language, send it to your government, etc.

Global Initiative, Allmendstr. 75, 4500 Solothurn, Switzerland
Tel/Fax +41 32 622 4191, Email: <globali@access.ch>

Next projects:
- The People's Walk for Peace, July 4 - 10, 1999 - a walk in different
countries to the capital for disarmament
- The Peace Workshop, an international centre for peace
education in Switzerland, to be founded in 2000
- Presentation of the World Peace Candle to the UN


From: "EarthDay" <EarthDay_000331@earthday.customer-email.com>
Subject: For Worldwide Eyes Only
Date: Sat, 5 Jun 1999

In 1990, over 200 million people in 141 countries celebrated Earth Day. On Earth Day 2000, half a billion people around the world will demonstrate for the environment. Events already planned include a concert in the Philippines, events all over China, a march in South Africa, a protest in France and more.

Already, over 1500 groups in 146 countries have joined the Earth Day 2000 Worldwide Campaign. As the momentum builds, even more environmental organizations - all over the world - will come together to plan for the largest environmental event in human history. Earth Day's Worldwide Network of advocates is growing - check out our organizers at http://www.earthday.net/worldwide/aroundworld/worldwide_contacts.html


Over 30 leading world organizations, such as the World Conservation Union (IUCN), CARE and Friends of the Earth, have signed on as Earth Day International Strategic Partners. Read about their Earth Day 2000 campaigns and goals at http://www.earthday.net/worldwide/aroundworld/strategic_partners.html.

Strategic Partner Highlights:

* The Asian NGO Coalition is organizing an Earth Day 2000 concert in the Philippines that will be transmitted all over Asia.

* Environmental Defense Fund will run a campaign to break the link between export credit funding and projects with disastrous ecological and social consequences.

* Peace Child International will hold a global youth conference during Autumn 1999 and produce a book of youths' visions for the new millennium.

* Rainforest Action Network is mobilizing to end the logging of and trade in wood from old growth forests, and to demand an end to new oil exploration projects.

EVENTS PLANNED BY WORLDWIDE NETWORK MEMBERS: Earth Day 2000 events will involve millions and span the planet! Planning for worldwide Earth Day 2000 events and campaigns is well under way.

* As they do every year, Earth Day Canada will coordinate events all over Canada that 6 million people will participate in. Nearly every school child in Canada will be involved in an Earth Day event.

* The United Nations Development Programme in Gabon, Africa, is organizing a national youth environmental education network and environmental monitoring system for Earth Day 2000. This amazing network will connect African youth with their counterparts in France, Canada and Belgium. For more information, visit http://membres.tripod.fr/libreville2000

* In Switzerland, SUN21, a Swiss group active on solar energy issues, will convene a European Clean Energy Roundtable in August 1999, as part of the Earth Day Worldwide Clean Energy Campaign. This momentous event will bring together all European Earth Day organizers who focus on energy/climate change issues. For more information, email sramanathan@earthday.net

* As it did in 1990, Center for Science and Environment will coordinate Earth Day 2000 events all over India.


The Earth Day Worldwide Team is not just building the planet's biggest environmental network. Other exciting campaigns and programs include:

* A Worldwide Clean Energy Campaign, which will lead the world away from polluting fossil fuels toward clean, renewable energy sources. We have distinct goals, leading international energy partners and the international network to enable global change. Learn more by contacting sramanathan@earthday.net

* Global campaigns in collaboration with leading international groups on: - oceans, the world's last and threatened frontier, and - biodiversity, where we are fighting to halt the extinction epidemic, and preserve the world's last wild spaces.

* An Environmental Education Eco-Kit, which will be prepared in conjunction with the world's leading environmental education experts, and distributed across the developing and developed world. Children across the planet will be given the information to make sustainable choices for the future.

* Technology support project which, as a legacy of Earth Day, will provide internet access to selected groups in developing areas, connecting them with each other and the global environmental community.

* Many other innovative and exciting programs. Visit our website for details: http://www.earthday.net/worldwide


For a complete update on Earth Day Network's Worldwide campaign, including events around the world, campaigns, International Strategic Partners, and groups in the Worldwide Network, visit the Worldwide section of Earth Day Network's website at http://www.earthday.net/worldwide or contact us at worldwide@earthday.net

To sign up for the Worldwide Email Bulletin, and receive regular updates on events and campaigns outside the United States, send an email to worldwide@earthday.net with the word "subscribe" in the subject line.

All events and campaigns, big or small, are vital parts of Earth Day. Add your voice to the millions around the world working for change!

HELP US SPREAD THE EARTH DAY WORD... Encourage your friends to sign up for this list, which gives general updates on the Earth Day 2000 campaign, at http://www.earthday.net/involved/signup_email.htm. Those without web access can send a message to email-list@earthday.net with the word "subscribe" in the subject line.

Date: Tue, 08 Jun 1999
From: "Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D." <jackie@deepteaching.com>

Hello all,


On October 12, 1999, the population of the Earth will reach 6 billion
people. Although only 4.7% of those people live in the United States,
they consume nearly 25% of the world's resources and generate nearly 30%
of the world's waste. We must take the lead to reduce our impact on the
world. It's not about shear numbers anymore - it's about how resources
are consumed. Visit my website at www.deepteaching.com to see the
population clock and visit the "Y6B" website of the Zero Population
Growth organization at http://www.y6b.org/ for ideas.


To all those who have been touched by the Navajo's plight,

I sent a posting announcing this week's Healing Our World article
earlier today that continues the story of the forced relocation of the
Dineh people so that mineral resources may be pillaged

But I want to draw your attention specifically to a resource I used for
that article. Judith Nies, in the Summer 1998 issue of ORION, wrote an
outstanding article called "The Black Mesa Syndrome." You can read the
article online at http://www.orionsociety.org/nies.html

Anyone interested in this issue should read (or reread) this article.
Its historical perspectives will give you a thorough base for any
activism you plan around the issue.

Thanks as always. I wish you peace.



Date: Wed, 12 May 1999
From: Mitch Battros <earthcng@earthlink.net>
Subject: "Escalating Weather"

Enough Paton Place...Let's get back to what's real. We will need each
other more than ever. MB

An Undeniable Pattern Of Escalating Weather...05/12/99
by Mitch Battros (ECTV)

It would be a difficult task to deny the "record breaking" weather we
are now experiencing on a almost weekly basis. The largest tornado ever
recorded. 1998, the warmest year "ever". The Larson ice shelf melting
faster than expected. Seven volcanos currently active. Mudslides and
avalanches killing more people in the last year than ever before. Record
breaking snow fall in the northwest mountain range. More floods than
previously recorded. Meteorologist forecasters are expecting the largest
hurricane season we have ever experienced. This is not predictions or
prophecy. This is now! Are you surprised?

When I started Earth Changes TV over four years ago, I did so after
having a profound vision on January 3, 1995 (see "About Mitch Battros"
on main menu) that showed me of the exceptional weather phenomena and
earth changes that were to come. I had never had such an experience in
my life. I was so moved by this and filled with a sense of purpose, I
went to my local Red Cross and received training for the Disaster Team,
mental health unit within weeks. Then I was trained to become a trainer
for our local FEMA group, the King County Emergency Mgnt Office in

I remember when I would talk to folks about what I thought would happen
in the next few years to come, I would get that distant 1000 yard stare.
It was as if they didn't hear a word I said. At best, I would receive a
"that's nice". Or from family members "Well, we love you". haha Now, it
appears I have gone from some wacko person who is cute and could be
tolerated, to a visionary. Hasn't this happened to you? WE are all
visionaries. If you are reading this email, I know you are also paying
close attention to what's happening.

Folks, what you have read in the first paragraph, is not of the future,
it is now. I have been very careful to remain in the sciences (facts)
and gently bridge the gap to the "esoteric". Now more than ever, have
they come so close. This is not millennium madness, it is a factual
documentation of "Records" since the time they were maintained.

What is it all about? I believe it is about coming back to communities.
Relying on each other once again.

Having traveled the world, I noticed we had lost something, particularly
in the United States, a sense of union, togetherness, community. A
joining together of spirit, mind and soul. Most spiritual disciplines
reflect such statements. I most like the Hopi's description of what they
call "the great purification" It has also been called "The Transition".

I pledge to continue bringing the most current and breaking news
information, so you can best be aware and prepare, as you choose.

Best Wishes,

Mitch Battros
Producer - Earth Changes TV
Web Site:

From: bluestar2@webtv.net
Date: Thu, 13 May 1999
Subject: Re: Spirit Quest magazine

Please let your readers know about Spirit Quest -- Here is the url: http://members.tripod.com/~cayce2/spiritquest.html

Spirit Quest is a new on-line quarterly magazine. In each issue
we offer articles of spiritual and humanitarian essence. We are covering
everything from the healing power of herbs and crystals to individuals'
perceptions of who and what God is. Our goal is to provide free information on all topics relevant to a soul's evolution. This is a non-denominational
magazine. We stay away from politics and do not endorse any government
agencies. We believe that each one of us on planet terra is a light,
some burn brighter than others, but that does not diminish the God
essence within. If by providing different perspectives to people, we can
assist one light to glow more brightly, then we can enhance the Light of
All Lights throughout humanity. Sometimes, all a person needs is but a
little incentive to "Be." Spirit Quest is not just another ezine, it was
created for the purpose of uniting mind with spirit.



Here's a list of the countries that the U.S. has bombed since the end of World War II, compiled by historian William Blum:

China 1945-46
Korea 1950-53
China 1950-53
Guatemala 1954
Indonesia 1958
Cuba 1959-60
Guatemala 1960
Congo 1964
Peru 1965
Laos 1964-73
Vietnam 1961-73
Cambodia 1969-70
Guatemala 1967-69
Grenada 1983
Libya 1986
El Salvador 1980s Nicaragua 1980s
Panama 1989
Iraq 1991-99
Sudan 1998
Afghanistan 1998
Yugoslavia 1999

In how many of these instances did a democratic government, respectful of human rights, occur as a direct result? Choose one of the following:

(a) 0
(b) zero
(c) none
(d) not a one
(e) zip
(f) a whole number between -1 and +1
(g) zilch