August 21, 1999

Subject: The Pentagon Papers on Y2K about the coming World Crisis

Hello again everyone

Yesterday I read this astounding US Navy report below about how bad many US cities will fare during the coming Y2K Crisis -- not to mention most of the rest of the world -- and I thought to myself that this wouldn't find its way into the news like so many other Internet-circulated reports about this unreported reality in the mainstream media -- which have been eerily silent on this issue this summer as you may have noticed. Well I was wrong. At least one major TV network -- on CTV evening news - in Canada reported it.

Now it remains to be seen if the other newsmedia will wake up and just do their job...

I don't want to sound like a prophet of doom, but I firmly believe this is going to be a major test of people's resilience and ability to cooperate in the face of utter adversity - and in the midst of winter here in the Northern hemisphere. This planetary technological crash down will burst open the gates of massive changes and it can turn out real bad of real good depending on how we each react and adapt to it all - and depending on how well-prepared we are or not. For sure, the Zeus-like elite who decreed that this problem would occur -- most likely the Y2K bug has been deliberately planned back in the mid 80's when a computer expert warned the US authorities about the consequences of this computer mis-conceived programming shortfall and then the FBI decided that nothing would be done about it (according to the Time Magazine) and that was it -- and they would very much like massive chaos and rioting and looting to ensue to enable them to come forward like "saviours" with the martial law and a cunning plan to implant a micro-chip into the hand of everyone on Earth to track and monitor each of us and impose their complete domination and enslaving of the world population - more on this issue real soon.

But!... if it turns out that people remain calm and generously help each others instead (as occured everywhere in Quebec during the month-long electricity failure following the major Ice storm a couple years ago that tore down thousands of utility poles and electric transmission lines) and don't fall into the trap of the elite-trained agents provocateurs who will certainly attempt to stir troubles, like rioting and looting, to "justify" the military take-over of all US urban centers and the suspension of all normal rules of law through the declaration of the martial law, then their plans will fail and we will all remain free.

And since it is time to bring this Y2K issue back to the forefront, I'll soon send you the material I had prepared months ago on this.

But first let's begin with this breaking news...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. And if you still have any move to do to prepare for this coming World Crisis, it is now or never.

Date: Thu, 19 Aug 1999
Subject: URGENT - The Pentagon Papers of Y2K
From: Art Rosenblum <>

Dear Folks,

This is an URGENT message regarding Y2K such as we have not seen before.
Do read the text in full before opening the attachment, and if you are
unable to open that, you have the essence of the message anyhow.

Viet Nam. It is the Navy's own report to it's officers indicating what is
really expected from the effects of Y2K and it contradicts much that
media and government have been telling us until now. Read it, and pass it
on. It is authoritative and contains information to prove that. - Art
Rosenblum, Aquarian Research,


It doesn't get any bigger (and more sobering) than this!

Happy preparing!

(I'd complete my basic preparing - storing up extra food, water, warm
cloting, etc. - ASAP if I were you. Once this report becomes public
knowledge, you can expect the price of preparedness and survivalist
stuff to go WAY up and its availability to go WAY down.)

(In light of this report, I'd order all three TODAY if I were you!)

Building Your Ark
by Lia Marie Danks
(The most complete guide available, with phone numbers, addresses, and
emails/web sites of MANY suppliers. INVALUABLE!)

The Y2K Personal Survival Guide
(Also has contact numbers and web sites of many suppliers)
by Michael Hyatt
at most major bookstores or

All Together Now:
A Y2K Program for Personal and Neighborhood Self-Reliance
(914) 679-4830

- Michael

PS. If you are a radio, TV or newspaper or TV reporter, PLEASE contact
Jim before reporting on this. Thanks!

(To see which utilities - electrical, water, gas or sewer - in which
cities are expected to have problems, youíll need to open the attached


"Indeed, Y2K could cause another energy crisis... I am truly amazed by
the complacency about Y2K given the lack of good data... Even more
worrisome is the lack of any good information on preparations around the
world... Like everyone else, I am hoping for the best. But I think it is
a big mistake to plan for the best, rather than for plausible worst-case
Y2K scenarios."

--- Ed Yardeni, as quoted by reporter Jim Wolf in "Y2K Still Likely to
Spark Recession: Forecaster"

The Pentagon Papers of Y2K

Cities At Risk From The Year 2000 Computer Crisis

By Jim Lord

Jim Lord can be contacted at:
Expanded information is available at:

Secret Government Study Reveals Massive Y2K Problems in American Cities

How many days could New York City survive without water and sewer
services? How long would it take to evacuate eight million people in
the dead of winter? Would thousands die in the process? Tens of
thousands? More? When would the rioting and looting begin? How many
National Guard troops would it take to control the largest city in the
nation? What unthinkable devastation would be wrought on the global
financial system? How might our enemies seize on the ensuing panic and

Are these the crazed speculations of a Y2K alarmist? Not if you know
what the US Navy and Marine Corps know. According to a June 1999 report
titled, "Master Utility List", they believe "total failure is likely"
for New York City's water and sewer systems because of Y2K problems.

And they are holding this information back.

The Navy Department assessment is not limited to New York City; it
covers all their shore facilities in the world - nearly 500 locations.
The results are horrifying. They expect more than 26 million American
citizens in 125 cities to be without electricity, water, gas or sewer
services next January. Many more would be affected in foreign
countries. London, England for example is expected to experience
failures of all four types of utilities. Many of the people impacted by
these failures would be military personnel and their families.

And the Navy Department isn't telling anyone.

Forty-five of the cities named in the survey have population greater
than 100,000. Eight of the nation's dozen largest metropolitan areas
are affected. Here's what the Navy expects:

Dallas - no water.
Washington DC and Philadelphia - no gas
Baltimore, Houston, New York and Miami - no water or sewer.
Atlanta - no water or gas
San Antonio - no water or electricity.
Fort Worth and New Orleans - no water, gas or sewer services.

And the Navy Department is saying nothing.

Cities at Risk

The information presented below is based on a US Navy/Marine Corps
survey dated June 1999. The survey was conducted to determine the risk
of utility failures at military facilities worldwide. Only United
States information is shown.

Each of the three tables below shows a list of cities and the Y2K
exposure of the major utilities in each city. The columns labeled E, W,
G and S refer to the Electrical, Water, Gas and Sewer utilities. An "x"
in the column indicates that utility is expected to fail. To view
expanded information on each city including the names of specific
utilities, visit on the web.

Three levels of possible failure are indicated in the Navy document.
Each table in this summary lists one of these levels.
1) Partial failure is probable.
2) Partial failure is likely.
3) Total failure is likely.

The terms "probable", "likely", "partial" and "total" are Navy
terminology and were not clearly defined in the documentation. The
terms "likely" and "total" however, represent the worst condition.

Cities in bold have populations greater than 100,000. Many of the
utilities listed service many more customers than shown here.

43 cities where "partial failure is probable."

Amarillo TX158,000xxxx
Annapolis MD33,000x
Arlington VA171,000x
Avoca PA3,000x
Baton Rouge LA220,000x
Bethesda MD63,000x
Broussard LA3,000x
Carderock MDx
Charlotte NC396,000xx
Columbus OH633,000x
Corpus Christi TX257,000x
Crane INxDallas TX1,007,000x
Dayton OH182,000xx
Duluth MN85,000xx
El Paso TX515,000xx
Forest Park IL15,000xx
Greensboro NC184,000x
Highland Park IL31,000x
Houston TX1,631,000xx
Ingleside TX6,000x
Key West FL25,000xxx
Knoxville TN165,000xxx
Lewisville AR1,000x
Lexington Park MD10,000x
Millington TN18,000xx
Mobile AL196,000xx
Montgomery AL187,000xx
Newport News VA170,000x
Norfolk VA261,000xx
Pascagoula MS26,000xxx
Peoria IL114,000x
Philadelphia PA1,586,000x
Portsmouth VA104,000x
San Antonio TX936,000xx
Sheboygan WI50,000xx
Sugar Grove WVx
Truth or Conseq. NM6,000x
Tulsa OK367,000xx
Washington DC610,000x
Waukegan IL69,000x
West Palm Beach FL68,000xx
Yorktown VAx

38 cities where "partial failure is likely."

Albany GA78,000x
Atlanta GA394,000xx
Atlantic Beach FL12,000xxx
Augusta GA234,000x
Beaufort SC10,000xx
Bessemer AL33,000xxxx
Bossier City LA53,000x
Cape Canaveral FL8,000x
Charleston SC80,000xxx
Chattanooga TN152,000xx
Clearwater FL99,000xxx
Columbia SC98,000xxx
Columbus GA179,000x
Fort Lauderdale FL149,000xxx
Fort Worth TX448,000xxx
Greenville NC45,000x
Gulfport MS41,000xxx
Harlingen TX49,000x
Hawkinsville GA4,000x
Hollandale MS4,000x
Jacksonville FL635,000xxx
Kingsville TX25,000x
Meridian MS41,000xx
Miami FL359,000xx
Milton FL7,000xxxx
Nashville TN488,000xxx
New Orleans LA497,000xxx
Orange City FLxxxOrlando FL165,000xxxx
Panama City FL35,000xxx
Pensacola FL58,000xxx
Raleigh NC208,000xx
Slidell LA24,000xxx
Smyrna GA31,000xx
St Marys GA8,000x
Sullivans Island SC2,000xx
Waco TX104,000x
Wetumpka AL5,000x

44 cities where "total failure is likely."

Baltimore MD736,000xx
Bethlehem PA71,000xx
Bremerton WA38,000xx
Brunswick ME15,000x
Buffalo NY328,000xx
Coronado CA27,000x
Dahlgren VA1,000xx
Earl NJxx
Erie PA109,000xx
Fallbrook CA22,000x
Glen Falls NY15,000xx
Great Falls MT55,000xxx
Hartford CT140,000xx
Huntington WV58,000x
Imperial Beach CA27,000x
Kearney NJ35,000xxx
Lakehurst NJ3,000xx
Mechanicsburg PA9,000xx
Morehead City NC6,000xx
National City CA54,000x
New London CT29,000xxxx
New York City NY7,323,000xx
Newport RI29,000xx
Oak Grove NCx
Oak Harbor WA17,000xx
Ogden UT64,000x
Pacific Beach WA1,000x
Plaineville CT16,000xx
Pomona CA132,000xx
Port Hadlock WA3,000x
Port of Seattle WAxxx
Portsmouth NH26,000xx
Providence RI161,000xx
Quantico VA1,000xxx
Reading PA78,000xx
Reno NV134,000x
Rochester NY232,000xx
San Jose CA782,000x
Seal Beach CA25,000xx
Trenton NJ89,000xx
Warminster PA36,000xx
Watertown NY29,000xxx
Weymouth MAxxx
Williamsport PA32,000xx

Taking it Public

There's a great scene in the movie, "A Few Good Men" where Navy lawyer
Tom Cruise verbally battles Marine Colonel Jack Nicholson. Trapped and
finally broken by the relentless interrogation, Nicholson snarls (as
only he can snarl),

"You can't handle the truth."

The disgraced Colonel, of course, doesn't mean Tom Cruise -- he means us.
We the People. We're the ones who can't take it. We, the unwashed
masses, are too lazy, too stupid, too irrational. In his twisted world,
only the anointed few, the chosen leaders, deserve access to the truth.

The Federal Government is withholding the truth about Y2K for the same
reason - they don't think we can take it. They think we'll panic and:

Take all our money out of the banks.
Cash in all our mutual funds and burst the stock market balloon.
Break the economic system by hoarding everything in sight.
Incite turmoil, chaos and riots.

There are many reasons why their strategy is wrong but only two need to
be mentioned. 1) This country belongs to us. 2) These people work for
us. If something is wrong, we have a right to know and they have a
responsibility to tell us. Will the truth result in riots, shortages and
disruptions to the financial system? Possibly so but if our fractional
reserve banking system and our Just-in-Time manufacturing and retail
processes are so dangerously fragile, don't we need to know now rather
than in the middle of the Y2K Crisis?

I'm fed up with being told that institutions must be protected even if
it means we have to be sacrificed. We are more important than the
banks. We have a higher priority than the stock market. We're
grown-ups and we have a right to the truth. We the People of this great
nation have faced every challenge thrown at us in the past. It's time
to take this one on. We can handle it.

Where It Came From

This information came from the US Navy and Marine Corps (Department of
the Navy). They were apparently tasked to conduct a study of the Y2K
exposure of their worldwide shore facilities. A copy of this study made
its way into my hands.

Military bases in the United States are rarely self-sufficient when it
comes to utilities such as electricity, water, gas and sewer. These
services are almost always provided by the local economy. From a Y2K
standpoint, this leaves the bases at the mercy of the local utility
providers. Nearly five hundred bases were assessed; approximately one
third are expected to experience utility failures.

These figures are completely out of whack with the federal government's
August 1999 Y2K assessment which says,

"It is highly unlikely that there will be national disruptions in
electric power service on January 1, 2000. It is expected that any
gas disruptions that do occur will have minimal impact upon consumers.
It is increasingly unlikely that the date change will create
disruptions in water service."

Mr. Koskinen, you need to check with the folks over at the Pentagon.
They seem to have a different opinion. Or is it possible you already
know about this information?

The information was obtained from a confidential source of the highest
reliability and integrity. The identity of this source will be
staunchly protected. I don't have a copy of the detailed assessments of
the individual bases nor do I possess the information on Army or Air
Force bases. I am submitting a request for these documents through the
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), however. (In fact, I encourage you
to help out by submitting your own FOIA request for these documents.)

The information from the bases and other facilities was compiled into an
eight-page spreadsheet that is titled "Utility Master List" and dated
June 1999. No other markings appear on the papers. In particular, (and
this is of crucial importance) the document is not stamped or labeled
with any national security classification markings.

What You Should Do

This information is vital to the well being of tens of millions of
American citizens. The federal government is withholding it from the
public. If you're concerned about Y2K and frustrated at the way the
government is dealing with the crisis, there are several things you can

Help get the word out about this study. Make copies of this document
and send them to the media (radio, television and newspaper) in the 125
communities listed in the report. In particular, contact the radio talk
shows (national and local) and request that they have me on their
shows. I can best be contacted by email at

Also send copies to elected officials (mayors; city council; county
commissioners; governors and state and national level senators and
representatives). Ask them if they are aware of these Navy Department
assessments. Send copies to the individual utilities identified in the
listing of cities on the website.

Send FOIA requests to the Navy, Army and Air Force requesting their
studies on the anticipated effects of Y2K-related utility failures on US
military facilities. Sample letters can be found at the end of this
special report.

Ask everyone in your community group, family, email list etc. to visit
the website. Then ask them to do the same thing you're
doing. If we work together, we can break this thing open.

In short, let's raise hell.


1. One need not be even a mild "doom and gloomer" to realize that
failures of the magnitude indicated in this Navy Department study are
potentially catastrophic. The lives and health of millions of people
are at stake. The national economy is threatened. Our way of life is
jeopardized. The national security is at risk.

2. That the government is withholding this information from the American
people seems to me a monstrous abandonment of principle. Each of these
military bases has a commanding officer. For large bases this is
typically a Navy Captain or a Marine Colonel. These military leaders
have raised their hands in the air and sworn an oath to support and
defend the Constitution. (I recall this oath clearly having taken it
several times during my own naval career and having administered it
numerous times during reenlistment ceremonies.)

How can these commissioned officers remotely imagine that keeping this
information from the citizens of this nation is in any way upholding
their duty? I have no doubt they have been instructed by higher
authority to maintain silence about these Y2K risks. How can they look
themselves in the mirror each morning and conceive that what they are
doing is right?

These commanders report to a chain of command of Admirals and Generals
culminating in the Joint Chiefs of Staff. How can these so-called
"public servants" know that 26 million citizens are in such jeopardy and
remain silent?

In the simplest terms - I stand bitterly ashamed of my former comrades.
I cannot conceive of a blacker mark on the military leadership of the

3. The government is holding out on its own people. The Navy uses a
special message called an "ALNAV" (meaning all Navy) to communicate
information to all naval personnel at once. On February 10, 1999, the
Secretary of the Navy released such a message telling all officers and
enlisted personnel they had nothing to worry about from Y2K. The
message identifier is SECNAV 101715Z FEB 99. Here's a quote,

"Speculation that power distribution systems will experience widespread
failures are not based on facts or rational analysis. Most experts
believe water treatment and distribution should not be greatly affected
by the Y2K problem. Because of extensive preparation, the effects of
the Y2K bug will be minimal on the lives of you and your family."

Perhaps the Navy Department had not yet completed their facility Y2K
assessment last February when the ALNAV was promulgated. Now that they
understand their Y2K exposure, I wonder when they will let all those
sailors and their families know about the anticipated utility failures?
After all, the first line in the above mentioned ALNAV states,

"It is important that we provide our sailors with sound, useful
information on the potential impact of Y2K on their personal and
professional lives, as well as the lives of their families."

I retired from the Naval Service in 1983 but I still hold a commission
as a regular officer. I am still under oath. In "my" Navy, the highest
unwritten duty of a Naval Officer was to take care of his people. This
bit of traditional wisdom is apparently little practiced today. To each
of the Naval and Marine Corps Officers who has had access to the
information described herein, I lay down a simple challenge. Live up to
this duty. Come forth. Tell us the truth.

4. If we're being lied to about this, how can we believe anything the
government tells us about Y2K? How bad is this thing really going to be?

Impact on Military Readiness

These revelations imply a severe effect on military readiness in the
United States and at several important locations overseas. In this
country, for example the major Marine Corps bases at Quantico, Virginia
and Camp LeJeune, North Carolina are expected to experience utility
failures. The latter is of special personal concern - my son and his
family are stationed there.

Another essential but not widely appreciated Marine Corps facility is at
special risk. The base at Albany, Georgia is the hub of all USMC
logistics activities. The inability of this base to provide services
would pose a devastating threat to the entire US Marine Corps. Albany
is one of three unfortunate cities expected to have utility failures in
all four areas: electricity, water, gas and sewer.

The US Navy expects serious problems as well. The extensive complex of
facilities at their primary east-coast port at Norfolk/Portsmouth,
Virginia is projected to be without water or natural gas. The Navy
Space Command at Dahlgren, Virginia; is in jeopardy. The Naval Air
Stations at North Island, California; Whidby Island, Washington, Cecil
Field, Florida; and Pensacola, Florida are at risk. The key submarine
bases at Kings Bay, Georgia and New London, Connecticut are on the
list. The latter is another of the three stateside locations expected
to have failures of all four types of utilities.

The facility at Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania is also of special concern.
Much of the US Navy's logistics support is conducted at this base which
is expected to see both gas and sewer failures.

Overseas, critical bases at Rota, Spain; Sigonella and Naples, Italy;
(headquarters of the Mediterranean (6th) Fleet); Bahrain; Guam; Puerto
Rico; and Okinawa are impacted. Of the ten facilities listed in the
United Kingdom, all (mostly in London) were expected to experience
failures of all four utilities.

Potential Repercussions

I don't imagine the government (the Navy Department in particular) is
going to be very pleased that this information has made its way into the
sunlight. If we all do our job, they are going to come under some
pretty intense scrutiny. Several people who have seen this report
opined that I could be in financial, legal or even physical jeopardy.
Quite frankly, that kind of stuff is of little concern to me. I could
not withhold this information and live with myself. No person of honor
and integrity could

As a precaution, I have registered my Internet domain name -
- in Tonga, an island nation in the South Pacific. I have also hidden
away several copies of the Navy Department documentation and my Internet
files in safe keeping in several states. Friends are standing by to
keep this information in the public eye. Just in case.

This stuff needs to see the light of day. I intend to do everything in
my power to make that happen. Besides, you the reader are the best
protection I could have. The more of you there are, the safer I
become. Do your part and get this critical information into the hands
of as many people as you can. Help keep Jim Lord out of jail (grin).

Electric Utility Failures

Somebody needs to let the North American Electric Reliability Council
(NERC) know about the Navy study. For their benefit and yours, here is
a list of 29 electrical utilities the Navy expects to fail. Read over
this list carefully. Some of the Navy facilities are quite small but
the electric company that provides their service has a very large
customer base. If your electrical company is included, you need to raise
hell with them and find out if they know how the Navy feels about them.

Electrical Utilities Expected to Fail

Baldwin EMC, Milton FL
Bessemer Utilities, Bessemer AL
Central Louisiana Electric, Slidell LA
City of Albany GA
City of Key West FL
City Public Service Board, San Antonio TX
Clay Electric Cooperative, Jacksonville FL
Coastal Electric Members, Jacksonville FL
Daviess Martin County Rural Elect, Crane IN
Dayton Power & Light, Dayton OH
El Paso Electric Co., El Paso TX
Escambia River Elec Co., Milton FL, Pensacola FL
Florida Power and Light, Canaveral FL, Ft Lauderdale FL
Florida Power Corp, Clearwater FL
Gulf States Utilities, Orange City FL
JEA, Atlantic Beach FL, Jacksonville FL
Knoxville Utilities Board, Knoxville TN
Middle Georgia Elec, Hawkinsville GA
Mississippi Power and Light, Gulfport MS
Northeast Utilities, New London CT
Orlando Utilities Commission, Orlando FLPort of Seattle WA
Riviera Utilities, Milton FL
Sierra Electric Cooperative, Truth or Conseq. NM
South Central Power, Columbus OH
Southern Pine Elec Coop, Milton FL
Southwest Arkansas Electric, Lewisville AR
Southwest Louisiana Electric, Broussard LA
Southwestern Public Services, Amarillo TX
Twin County Electric, Hollandale MS

Gas Company Failures

This is a list of forty gas companies the Navy Department expects to
fail. Some of the cities mentioned are quite small but the service area
for the utility mentioned has a very large customer base. Check this
list carefully to see if your gas company is included.

Gas Utilities Expected to Fail

Alabama Gas Corp, Bessemer AL
Atlanta Gas Light Co., Atlanta GA
Baltimore Gas & Electric, Annapolis MD
Boston Gas, Weymouth MA
City of Albany GA
City of Bethlehem PA
City of Bossier City LA
City of Buffalo, NY
City of Great Falls MT
City of Pascagoula MS
City of Pensacola FL
City Public Service Board, San Antonio TX
Columbia Gas of Virginia, Portsmouth VA, Quantico VA
Dayton Power & Light, Dayton OH
Energas Co, Amarillo TX
Interenergy Corp, Charleston SC
Knoxville Utilities Board, Knoxville TN
Louisiana Gas Service, New Orleans LA
Mobile Gas Service Corp, Mobile AL
Mountaineer Gas, Sugar Grove WV
Nashville Gas Service, Nashville TN
New Jersey Natural Gas, Earl NJ
New York State El, New London CT
Niagra Mohawk, Watertown NY
NorAm Energy Management, Pensacola FL
North Carolina Gas, Morehead City
NCNorthern Utilities, Portsmouth NH
Okaloosa Gas District, Milton FL
Orlando Utilities Commission, Orlando FL
PECO Energy, Warminster PA
Penn Gas & Water, Avoca PA, Williamsport PA
Philadelphia Gas, Philadelphia PA
Providence Energy, Newport RI
PSE&G, Kearney NJ
Rochester Gas & Electric, Rochester NY
UGI Corp, Mechanicsburg PA
United Cities Gas Co, Columbia SC
Virginia Natural Gas, Newport News VA, Norfolk VA, Yorktown VA
Washington Gas Co., Arlington VA, Bethesda MD, Carderock MD, Lexington
Park MD, Washington DC
West Florida Natural Gas, Panama City FL

A Y2K Protest

Thirty years ago, the Pentagon Papers revealed widespread government
deceit in the prosecution of the Vietnam War. The papers and the
resultant protests eventually rooted out the truth and changed United
States policy. Today, this Navy Department study could accomplish the
same objectives. We can perhaps use it to force the government to come
clean on Y2K. Our opportunity comes just in the nick of time. If we
act fast.

I recently gave an hour-long speech titled "Y2K Surprises - Why It Won't
Turn Out Like You Think." It was the first time the Navy Department
survey information was revealed in public. In the speech, I discussed
why I don't think the national electrical grids will fail and why I
believe water is a much greater utility risk than electricity.
(Incidentally, this supposition is clearly supported by the Navy
Department survey.)

I also showed why an electronic run on the banking system is a greater
danger than a cash panic. I went on to explain why January 2000 will
not be the peak of the Year 2000 Crisis and why the real peak is 9-18
months down the road.

I think it was my most effective speech. To encourage the widest
possible dissemination of this information and to make it as affordable
as possible, the price of this hour-long tape is as low as possible.
Along with the tape you'll receive a printed copy of this entire report
and sample letters you can send to public officials and local media
contacts. You can also download this printed material at no cost at my
website at:

These "Y2K Protest Packs" are just $5.00 each (shipping and handling are
included). Ten or more are $4.50 each and 100 or more are $4.00 each.
Let's turn the heat up on these guys. Order your "Y2K Protest Packs" by
calling toll-free: 888-925-2555

About the Author

Jim Lord is the author of, "A Survival Guide for the Year 2000 Problem:
Consumer Solutions for the Worst Technical Blunder in History" a
practical, 270 page guide to preparation for the Year 2000 Computer
Crisis. He has written nearly ninety articles on Y2K. He is also the
co-editor with James Talmage Stevens of the "Journal of Personal
Freedom", a newsletter which provides practical guidance in the
restoration of Liberty through preparedness and self-reliance.

Mr. Lord has advised Congressional staffers, The Congressional Research
Service, the Department of Defense, the Center for Security Policy, and
the US Taxpayer's Alliance, and is a Y2K Research Associate at George
Washington University. He has appeared on more than 200 radio talk
shows as well as Fox News, ABC NightLine, the Discovery Channel, C-Span
and PAX TV.

He appeared on the same speaking agenda with Nobel prizewinner Milton
Friedman and Lady Margaret Thatcher at the Blanchard Investor Conference
in New Orleans. He has debated Y2K with Harry Browne, recent
Libertarian Party presidential candidate and Gary North, a prominent Y2K
expert and writer. He has been a featured speaker at the World Future
Society, the Conservative Caucus, many investor conferences, numerous
Y2K community preparedness seminars, and at the Eris Society in Aspen,

Mr. Lord is a retired Naval Officer with 24 years active service who
came up through the enlisted ranks. His career was spent in the
electronics field, including a tour as the Electronics Maintenance
Officer on an aircraft carrier. At age 33, he earned a degree in
Business, graduating with honors from the Naval Postgraduate School in
Monterey, California. Following his military career, Mr. Lord was
involved in shipbuilding, communication systems design, satellite
systems, software engineering, training and marketing. This experience
included nine years in the software industry. He also taught business
courses at the college level for several years.

Your Name
Your Address
(Sample FOIA Request)

Name of Agency
Address of Agency
(See Below)

Re: Freedom of Information Act Request

Dear Sir:

This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act.

I request that a copy of the following document be provided to me.

"Assessment of the Year 2000 (Y2K) Risk to Utilities at American
Military Bases and Facilities," (or a similar title). This document
lists military bases and facilities in the United States and foreign
countries, the cities in which they are located, and scores the Y2K risk
of failures to electrical, water, gas and sewer services at each base.
The names of the utility companies providing these services may be
included. The document may also be called a ìMaster Utility List.î The
document should be available from the Y2K Program Office for your

In order to determine my status to assess fees you should know that I am
an individual seeking information for my personal use and not for any
commercial purposes.

Thank you for your consideration of this request.



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