December 30, 1999

Subject: Palden Jenkins comments on the Y2K effects and many more feedbacks

Hello everyone

Less than 30 hours to go... I'm first sharing with you a letter most of you have not seen because you were not yet on this list when my good friend Palden Jenkins wrote his detailed opinion about the potential effects of the Y2K bug -- 18 months ago! In retrospect, his take on this is still very much appropriate on many aspects as you'll see. I also include many feedbacks received yesterday from other people on the list and, as you'll discover, there is a wide spectrum of opinions covered here.

This is my last post to all of you for 1999.

May the Spirit of Love, Unity and Peace pervades our hearts, minds and souls
as we enter a new century on Earth

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. Check this also: the BBC along with 60 Broadcasters around the World are bringing you a Millennium Live 28 hr Broadcast: "2000 Today" at:

This historic broadcast is being produced by the BBC in Television Centre, and will begin its journey in the southern hemisphere. TV crews will follow the sun westward across 24 time zones. The BBC will have its finest presenters and reporters broadcasting live from around the world, including John Simpson in Kiribati, Jeremy Spake in Moscow, and Dame Edna in New York's Times Square. 2000 Today will have a truly international flavour as traditional New Years Eve Celebrations from across the globe are captured during this unique broadcast.

This broadcast will be seen around the world and includes commentaries from Professor Stephen Hawking, Nelson Mandela, Arthur C Clarke and Kofi Anan. They will explore the history of the planet, assess its state of health, visit endangered species and habitats, and reflect on scientific achievements in specially recorded messages throughout the programme.

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Posted by Palden Jenkins from Glastonbury, UK, on June 02, 1998


Hello my friends

I just received this most refreshing, thorough and clear assessment of the
Year 2000 computer bug coming crisis from my UK friend Palden Jenkins.
Thanks a LOT!!

In short. Get ready for the big rafting experience of your life. Crass
materialism and overt dependency on technology is gonna be OUT.
Spiritually-oriented reappraisal of our lifestyles and values will
definitely be IN.

Read on and enjoy


Date: Tue, 2 Jun 1998
From: Palden Jenkins <>
Subject: Re: Y2K

On 02/06/98, you wrote:

I would very much appreciate your (as usual) educated comment Palden on
this Y2K situation...

Hello Jean

My estimate is that the Millennium Bug will not cause an absolutely enormous
overall crash and crisis. I think it will generally lead to a subsidence in
the world economy, levelling out at 10-20% lower than today, with perhaps
some serious short-term troughs which revive. I think many of the key
technology breakdowns will get fixed within days and months - or up to 2-3
years in some cases. But we've seen worse. The world does have some
experience with states of emergency, and I don't think this will equal the
disruption level of, say, World War Two. I don't think it will equal the
Depression either - though there might be some similarities. It probably
resembles more closely the kinds of crises brought on by earthquakes or
major climatic extremes such as snowy white-outs, or the kind of crisis
which has recently hit SE Asia. Serious, but not the end of the world. Did
the Kobe earthquake cause Japan's economy to collapse? No, it hit it, but
the capacity to adjust and handle it prevailed.

However, this said, there are major risks for specific and localised crises.
Most worrying are military/nuclear installations, nuclear power plants and
specialist bodies such as medical research labs with dangerous viruses in
stock. I'm also concerned about the older, second-hand computers which are
in use in many less-developed countries, and various aspects of scientific
research (such as HAARP). Though crises with these can produce localised
crises, the effects from them can be widespread - such as nuclear fallout.
However, I think that in many cases emergency services will generally handle
such techno problems, with a few dangerous exceptions and with some effort.

We have to factor in a classic 1990s psychological factor, which is that
commentators tend either to believe in the system and therefore overlook its
weaknesses, or to take an extreme view and almost-pathologically want a
total breakdown. Reality lies somewhere in-between. This is partly a
symptom of the youth of many vociferous commentators, and the relative
security of the post-war period. I would use the word 'subsidence' more
than 'collapse', or 'setback' rather than 'disaster'. However, I do think
there will be localised disasters, and that for some people this will be
dead serious.

The international financial system is psychologically reasonably well geared
up for this, and the chances of rash, panic responses to technology
breakdowns are, in my estimation, less than 50% and possibly declining as
time moves on. Everyone is expecting a 'levelling out' of the American
markets and the Dollar anyway, regardless of Y2K - which is why the Euro is
being created (to take its place). There have been market crashes before,
and while they do impact on everyone (in some cases seriously), I don't
sense that we're in for an almighty crisis - more a wobble and a deflation
of future-expectations and bull markets. However, this in itself is a major

One extra factor is this: the intensity of the Y2K problem rises if people
are unwilling to adjust, and sinks if they accept their lot. The 1990s have
a rather sick addiction to compensation, lawsuits and insurances - all
totally unproductive activities. We'll have to accept some things we're not
used to accepting, though a lot of the difficulty in this acceptance will
arise not from the problem itself but from people's own arthritic, allergic
hyper-reactivity to any threat of discomfort. However, once initial shocks
pass, we'll adapt - mostly. Do not underestimate ordinary people's capacity
to maintain and restore normality! It's what has been keeping world
transformation in check for the last thirty years, despite everything!

One must reckon in a modern prejudice/predilection too: the expectation of
The Big One - a rapid crisis which suddenly changes everything in one fell
swoop. Future history is unlikely to be like this - the 'Big One' idea is
more a spiritual/conceptual manifestation of the short attention-span and of
decades of apocalyptic Jehovah's Witness propaganda than a likely reality.
It arises from the unwillingness of many people to think their way through
the issues of history, the future and world change, and a preference for
'magic wand' apocalyptic scenarios over a more considered and realistic
assessment of the nature of intense world change and the way it actually
happens. If you're interested in this, I've written a 600-page book about
it, which is currently being serialised for free on the Internet.

I have also written a story recently which outlines my prognoses for the
next 70-100 years. However, it's pre-publication, and so I'm not publicly
releasing it! Sorry about that! However, it paints a rather stirring
picture of a series of waves of change over the coming decades, and it takes
into account the various levels of reality-change we need to go through in
order to utterly transform the world. (It's written in the form of a story
told by my currently 4 year-old son just before his death in the 2080s). A
clue to its contents can be found from my article "The Next Seventy Years",
which is in the archive of articles on my website at:

See also the articles on the Millennium, Apocalype and Disaster, if interested.

I think the main issue is social-psychological. It depends on how much
people panic, or how much they use adversity as a means of banding together.
I assess that, with exceptions, people will treat this relatively sanely and
wisely. However, I don't expect a major spiritual transformation a the
Millennium itself - except inasmuch as *anything* thought-provoking and
upsetting our routines can bring awakening. Don't bother getting wound up
about eclipses and astrological configurations - these have their
significance, yet they happen with a similar magnitude to the 1999 and 2000
'blips' about every 3-4 years.

Where I think the most serious effects will come will be longer-term
confidence and belief in the system. I think the Y2K phenomenon could lead
society into quite an altered state, rather like Princess Diana's death,
times a factor of four to ten. It could cause people to question what
they're doing and why, and to lose faith in many of the icons, illusions and
artificial certainties which have characterised the late 20th century. It
might be literally dis-illusioning! This might not lead to immediate
drastic action, though it could take the wind out of the system's and
society's sails, in rather a similar fashion to the way that social faith
and cohesion in the former Soviet Union has subsided seriously since 1990.

In other words, I think society will function okay, with hiccups, but the
energy and motivation driving it could subside quite seriously, debilitating
the system's future health. People will 'keep the show on the road', but
grudgingly and foot-draggingly, without the sense of promise and profit
which was whipped up in the 80s, upon which the system depends. This would
be a first stage in a longer-term process of realignment of the system
through a series of crises which, I estimate, will reach a peak in 2012-15,
by which time the final chance for starting a constructive turn-around on
Planet Earth is likely to occur. I believe, however, that humanity will
largely respond positively.

Also, in terms of historic world change, I would estimate that the *really
big* crucial time of *fundamental turn-around* will occur in the 2040s - I
think it will only be then that we can discover whether we've saved the
world and rendered it safe. So, between 2000 and 2040, I think we'll go
through a long, drawn-out and very testing period of global uncertainty.
This might be strangely exacerbated by upward shifts of consciousness -
inasmuch as awakening also leads us to a greater awareness of our shadows
and failings as well as our light and divinity!

I believe it's necessary to get things into proportion, and to get out of
the paranoiac mode of hollywood-style futurology. This will be a big crisis
in one sense, though it will be generally manageable. There will be pockets
of disaster, and pockets of relative stability - and ever it was thus on
Planet Earth. A million people could (hypothetically) die - but there are
nearly 6,000 million of us! Certain things could go very wrong - but this
is generally expected anyway, sometime (we've been expecting such things
since the late-60s), and it's amazing it hasn't happened yet in a big way.
Certain key crises (such as nuclear ones) could be very serious. However,
most of the banging hearts aren't about *real dangers* - they're about the
*fear of making changes*. Can't you remember the fear you went through
before you let your wife/husband, or before you took the plunge? Did the
outcome match the expectation? So what, if people have to do without
things? This doesn't mean starvation or dire straits - it can mean
weight-loss and stress-relaxation. So what, if people can't go to work,
watch TV, have frozen dinners or use the elevator? So what, if petrol pumps
don't work - get walking!

In other words, here's a psychological observation: before a change and
crisis, things look horrendous and frightening. Check back to your last
personal crisis to see what I mean. However, once a change and crisis hits
us, and we accept the facts of our situation, another reality dawns - and it
often works much easier than the previous reality we lived in. It can
actually be a relief, when once we expected the worst. So there'll be fewer
traffic jams to get stuck in! Fewer consumption products to buy and to
spend our lives supporting. So we might find ourselves with more time for
our neighbours and kids. We might have to do dirty manual tasks to fix
things! We might have to learn to grow more potatoes! C'mon guys, get
things into proportion!

*And* there will be *some* things which will demand a lot of praying,
crisis-management and hard work to overcome - such as hospital crises
(yippee! - fewer ceaserians and silly operations!), control systems
problems, heating problems, supply problems. Junkies forcibly
cold-turkeying from heroin - or middle class depressives cold-turkeying from

By all means stockpile things - you'll add to the problem by driving up
prices - thanks! Stockpiles attract thieves! Good luck. A basic sense of
trust, adaptability and innovation is much safer.

By all means move to the wilderness - however, if you're a townie, you'll be
lost out there, because it takes more than a year to get your feet on the
ground and learn to survive - and live with yourself in the quietness! And
will you be willing to live out in the boondocks if your 4WD doesn't have
any gas? So there'll be a load of innocent, ragged townies out there who
don't know how to darn their socks, hassling each other for commodities they
lack! Show me a gardener who learned their craft in one year!

The problem is not Y2K: it's people's dependencies and addictions to
conveniences, neurotic false security, insurances and security alarms,
packaged foods, artificial life-extension, misemployment, apparent comfort
and security and 'labour-saving' devices! This potential crisis presents an
opportunity! Start thinking positively and progressively, guys - we're
heading for the future!

That's my assessment of the Y2K problem. I work over the Internet: if it
breaks down, all it means is *yet another* crashing change in my life, and
the opportunity to do something else, such as help my fellow humans! Is the
purpose of our lives to avoid change at all costs?

Here's the final rub. *We just do not know!*. Which means that all
future-speculators, including myself, are out of a job! We just have to
face the Unknown and get friendly with it! It's just like getting born and
dying - it happens! It's time for a change! Whoever said the 21st century
was going to be like the 20th?

2000 will be a bad year for ostriches.

Palden Jenkins
Glastonbury, England

Ilyes is another dear friend who has some very definite opinions about Y2K and a number of things...

Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999
Subject: Re: Two more days to go before the Y2Krisis

Greetings, Jean -

Just saw on CNN/HN that Texas and a couple of other States are demanding of the Feds that the Waco debacle/tragedy be reopened for public scrutiny ... the voices of the people have been heard! We still need to urge the reopening of the 'cases closed' on JFK, MLK, HA_RP, free and alternative energies, TWA800, CropCircles, UFOs, GM foods, chemical/biological experimenting on the American public by our own gov't, KYC, WTO, IMF, the running-rampant by the megacorps over Earth and us 'faceless billions' in the name of stockholder profits, and dozens of other Matters of Great Urgency. We, each of us individually, MUST encourage and support the press and mass media to shake off their gov't-imposed-if-self-accepted fetters and to go forward aggressively with TRUE investigative journalism, flushing out and allowing the Light to bathe the current dark-and-dirty underpinnings now in process of being foisted onto our collective global future. Such investigative research begs to be undertaken, its findings presented to an unsuspecting and lulled-to-complacency public. WE can work to ensure that the coming MillenniuM becomes a true Age of the Collective Voice, one in wch globally consensually made decisions BY THE PEOPLE, those wch benefit 'even the least of us', will be the guidelines adopted by ALL businesses and socially-focused institutions, from the Mom Pop endeavors (those wch still remain) to the trans- and multinationals themselves, to the currently poorly functioning 'safety nets' ostensibly in place to assist those unable currently to serve themselves (let alone others) because of prior unconscious choices.

In all the Universe there is only ONE. We are INDEED our brothers' and sisters' 'keepers'. There is GREAT Potential this Millennial Eve, huge Energy generated by this turnover/rollover, ours to ride wherever we Will ...

To join our own energy to that of the greater gestalt, hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of us, will set aside at least 45 minutes (from 15-minutes-before-midnite to twelve-thirty am on Dec 31/Jan 1) during wch we'll temporarily suspend our participation in our usual activities to consciously refocus our hearts and minds. We'll withdraw for a few minutes from our 'normal' reality, relax ourselves, then allow a picture of a healthy, whole, vibrant planet Earth to form in our minds ... an Earth whose inhabitants' living needs are adequately met so each would be enabled to develop and express to its highest Potentials its OWN creativity, in service to all. (THIS is what I believe our Plan originally was, when we first conceived of 'densifying' ourselves as a means by wch to further explore Consciousness and augment the Potentials of AllThatIs.) We'll then surround the Whole SheBang (our concept of a well-nourished and in-balance planet with all Her lifeforms expressing Joyfully, cooperatively, and co-creatively out of Love) in a ball/torus of white Light. If this Sounds like a way in wch YOU'D like to serve All in the name of humanity's future, please join us just before midnite ...

----- ----- ---

While *we're* focusing on Transformation, most of the world continues as it always has (unaware that Magic Happens by organizing one's energies coherently and refocusing that energy toward a specific Intent):

fr CNN, 4p Wed 12/29: A Jacksonville, FL power company mailed out bills to their customers ... who saw that they owed 100 YEARS worth of bills (due to Y2K glitch). The Power Company said sorry, old software was used (do they really have new, updated software? if so, why was the old still online?). Per CNN, the Company said that the bill can be ignored, no one will be held responsible for paying it.

CNN also just reported a run on bottled water somewhere -- I was typing this and missed where it occurred ...

Chicago, NYC, and other cities are determined to carry thru with their planned MillenniuM Celebrations -- Some people-on-the-street interviewed point to Seattle Mayor Paul Schell's decision to curtail Seattle Tower's as cowardly and inappropriate, suggesting that such a decision plays right into the hands of terrorists: Advising people to remain in their own little cubicles, separated and 'safe', the divide-and-conquer strategy plays to and upon one's fears. (THIS assimilator-of-information, for one, agrees. Now is a most important time for FUSION, for coming together, for standing up and being counted -- not for enconsing self and family in perceived 'safe' places out of fear. In Unity there is Strength! With great excitement and hope we can think back a few weeks to realize the achievements of but a few tens of thousands in Seattle against a dumb-struck WTO and their financial string-pullers. Workers and activists from MANY economic walks of life CAME TOGETHER, literally standing shoulder-to-shoulder to take the reins from the arrogant and self-appointed financial 'leaders' of our day to say, "HEY! Wait a minute! It's WE who are the workers, WE who don't want the planet's environment torn up to put profits into YOUR pockets at the expense of me and our kids and grandkids, WE who move your product in and out of the United States and if we STOP doing that for even a short while, YOUR PROFITS WILL SUFFER! If you want to continue earning REASONABLE profits, we WILL sit at the table with you and HELP with determining OUR OWN future! Enough already with this unsustainable, life-and-creativity-stifling 'Profits Uber Alles*' BS!") (ie, *profits above all-else)

The most power We, The People will ever have had to date has the Potential of manifesting on New Year's Eve, some 53 hours hence. Through our collective, intentionally focused Consciousness during the wee hours of Jan 1, World Peace Day/One Day of Peace, as we join with potentially millions of others, I believe with my whole heart that we CAN alter our future, that we CAN birth the kind of alternate-reality 'string' within our Earth-torus' Potential that we so urgently and passionately desire to manifest. THE TIME IS NOW! This is truly THE opportunity of our lifetime: Either we create the Alternate Parallel Reality for ourselves right now, thru our collective Joy-filled and synchronized Will, expressed via the harmonics of Love, one in-synch with our planet and our Greater Reality ... or our physical-reality experiment on this planet will miss a most brilliant opportunity ... to instead continue its slow, tortuous, and painful lurching deeper into density, toward its inevitable extinguishment. The Time is NOW ...

(PS: one need not work with alternate realities, 'strings', or toruses to participate! The ONLY prerequisite is a heartfelt urgency to be whole, to help set the optimal conditions into place that will nuture you, your kids, and each co-dweller upon this planet in attaining the highest frequencies each is capable of realizing. Such a birth will INSTANLY release infinite planet-wide Creative Potential, and bring to all unimagined Gifts ...)

with Love and Thanks to ALL of you for your work on behalf of all Humanity, with 2000 hugs,

- ilyes

"One who knows the secret of Sound knows the Mystery of the Universe." -- Hazrat Inayat Khan

Date: Mon, 20 Dec 1999
From: Sabine Fiedler-Hemke <>
Subject: Uniting all our efforts for the Earth

Hi Jean,

Some days ago, I received your email of Dec. 9, 1999 with the following
subject: "Millennium Meditations Compilation and other related

Since then, I've been struggling with myself on the subject, whether or
not I should write and tell you about my thoughts concerning this...
(You know, it's always a little bit hard for me to create a clear
statement in English, for I'm German... So I'd like to ask you to be
lenient towards me, for I never (!) intend to offend you or anyone else
who's involved in this...).

Well, while reading just the subject of that email, a certain thought
'rushed' through my mind, which was " many different events...why
can't we unite all those different efforts and events to just one big
and really global one...?" I've been thinking about this point for
several months now, and sometimes, while watching the "scene", my
impression was, that even we people who call ourselves 'spiritual' and
want to create a 'new' age, aren't really able to work together - at
least not to the degree which might be necessary in order to establish a
'new age', and not just another variation of the 'old' one... It seems
like our 'spiritual ego' is very often too strong to allow a closer -
and maybe more "anonymous" - cooperation. It seems to me that so many
groups must have their "own" 'global meditation', their own project with
their own name under it... (My deepest wish and prayer is to get real
evidence that I'm wrong here...!!!).

Then I imagine how much time and energy (not to mention paper and
money!) could be saved if we'd have maybe simply one or a maximum of two
fixed dates a year for "global meditations" - worldwide! Dates, that are
the same every year, and also completely independent from cultural or
religious 'restrictions', like the summer- and winter solstice, for
example, which many people have been celebrating yet, even nowadays. But
that's simply a suggestion, a thought, as I've mentioned above....

I guess, the best thing would be a state of continuous 'meditation'
(which means a kind of 'active receptivity' for our Higher Selves), 24
hours a day, 7 days a week. But until we all - I mean the whole mankind
- will be able to achieve that state, it may be good to reduce the
number of calls and, at the same time, increase the efficiency by
uniting and focussing our power. This will also be a good method to
avoid a "surfeit" (which possibly may reverse the desired result...).

So, what is your opinion on this matter? Would you like to tell me?

Thank you for your time and your attention.

Love & Blessings



Hello Sabine

Thanks for your comments and thoughts and sorry for the delay in responding - I'm overwhelmed with emails!

I understand your concern but in a metaphysical sense time does not exist - and the more often we meditate, the better! Every bit of positive thinking emitted in a non-selfish, non-attached way is added to the pool of positive energy encompassing the Earth plane and beyond, no matter when it is emitted.

If we think we need to be all together at once to have a better effect, we thus self-limit the effect of your spiritual service.

As instruments of God's will and power, we can become One with this Universal Field of Conscious Awareness and Omnipotent Presence and from this eternal and yet too often forgotten awareness, really work wonders beyond our wildest imaginings.

The point is to identify with this Infinite Presence within and thus stop sensing/viewing ourselves as separate from God. Not only are we Beings of Light experiencing life in a physical body, but we also are God experiencing Itself through an infinite number of Beings of Light.

All for One - One for All


Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999
From: "Dr. Richard Jelusich" <>
Subject: Re: Harry Oldfield and his invisible universe

Thank you; I liked this article so much that I am publishing it on the January 2000 online issue of Light News.

Bless you for your work.


Dr. Richard Jelusich
Publisher of Light News
Producer of Metaphysics 101 TV Show

From: "Suzanne Parker" <>
Subject: Antiperspirants
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999

Hi Jean,

To add my little bit to this discussion: the first time I heard about the
potential problems on armpit lymph glands of using anti-perspirants (some
months ago) was from my gynaecologist, in discussing a persistent (two
years), painful, but benign lump in my one armpit. He recommended that I
avoid antiperspirants altogether, for the same reasons initially indicated
in your earlier emails. However, he did not suggest that they were a direct,
proved cause of breast cancer, but a possible contributory factor. In
addition, a letter appeared in a local magazine a few weeks ago written by a
woman who has suffered from such lumps for years. She has switched to using
baby powder only, and says she has had a marked improvement.

I also avoid using deodorant or antiperspirant now unless absolutely
necessary, and the lump in my armpit is much reduced and no longer painful.
The other slight change I made is to dowse my razor in disinfectant each
time before I use it for shaving (he suggested that shaving the armpits be
done away with altogether, because of the increased potential for infection,
and an alternative used, but I found nothing that worked effectively). I
made no other lifestyle changes in the interim.

So perhaps this particular debate should not be shut down too soon, until
enough information is forthcoming.

Suzanne Parker
South Africa

Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999
From: rainbow7 <>
Subject: SOME TIPS RE: y2k as it is fast approaching!

dearest rainbow spirits

yesterday i spent LITERALLY, HOURS checking my computer ... i downloaded the BIOS 'free' Y2K Test transferred to a floppy ... then ran it which it said i am compliant !! LOL whatever THAT means ... and that i did Not need to run any further tests ...

Free Y2K BIOS Test

Test your PC BIOS (basic input/output system) and real-time clock for Y2K compatibility. It takes just 10 minutes.

I ALWAYS Wondered what BIOS meant LOL ... BASIC

And there is apparently a Free Y2K fix available from

Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999
From: Tom Christoffel <>
Subject: Re: Two more days to go before the Y2Krisis ...


Y2K is design flaw that could have been corrected early on with proper
investment. Budgeting processes, controlled by managers - whether public,
private, on non-profit - tend to avoid these corrective expenses, not seeing
them as investments. If taxes must be raised, or prices, or requests for
contributions, then the cost is deferred - risks are taken.

We do this in our own lives. The stakes are small in dollars, but
proportional for home budgets. We ride longer on worn tires, not change oil,
not paint our home or put off other maintenance on our home, etc. It is like
early tobacco farming - wear out the fields and move west. Suburban areas
build new - while central city facilities need to be rebuilt after years of
avoided manitenance. In London the Tube is in need of rebuilding - public
infrastructure maintenance neglect. We choose to spend the money on the new,
not maintaining or correcting the old.

Thanks for your work.

Peace Dynamic.

Tom Christoffel,
Futurist, Facilitator & Regional Planner

Date: Thu, 30 Dec 1999
From: Moon Calhoun <>
Subject: Hello

I have enjoyed your new's worthy messages for sometime now, and look forward to many more in the future.....But i'm curious, having heard all the same information going around about the "POSSIBLE" calamities as the turn of the century rolls around.

You say in your wed, Dec 1999 18, in your first paragraph, that we are about to feel the bitter effects of y2k..Why bitter? there may be some glitches and problems around the globe, but why are some people so sure there will be dire dramatic and disasterous happinings? I just believe people love to over dramatize and create more disturbance than would be otherwise... People are the problem, people create the problems, and if there are any real problems to come from this it will be people, that are causing it...Just my opinion, but let's don't predict bitter effects let's predict positive and solveable solutions to potential problems on our globe...Just a

Peace in the new day's ahead, and pure love enveloping the world. Amen
Keep up the good work, i do appreciate what you are doing

Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999
From: Ky Cassanell <>
Subject: Y2K

This Y2K Crisis thing has been blown totally out of proportion. It is
nothing more than hype produced by those money hungry retailers who are
attaching the Y2K slogan to everything they sell so that its price can
be jacked up.

To think our government is not ready for Y2K is the biggest joke going.
The powers that be have been ready for this for a long time and any
country that they have a vested interest in will also be ready.
So for all the doomsayers who are getting ready for the world to shut
down....I have a bomb shelter in a swamp in florida that is Y2K
compliant and for sale.

See some of u on the other side of 2000.

:) ky

Date: Wed, 29 Dec 1999
From: Richard Dannelley <>

Just watch, not much is going to happen in regard to the date rollover