April 9, 1999

Subject: On tomorrow's global meditation, Palden Jenkins' elaborate reflections on Kosovo and on saving the great whales of the forests... and much much more

Hello everyone

Just a quick note to say that I've received many beautiful feedbacks to the last "We are winning" post confirming that many others indeed are sensing something similar and vowing to continue the battle to save this world -- working from the spiritual side of things - with ever more prayers and meditations and a renewed commitment to manifest within and around them the qualities of Love, selfless service, compassion and Peace-filled deeds, words and thoughts. The next update will include all these feedbacks - there is still some room left for a couple more though...

Now a reminder regarding tomorrow worldwide meditation in support of and participation with James Twyman in Kosovo - get the word out and make sure you'll be available to be on it...

James Twyman, author of 'Emissary of Light' will perform 'The Peace Concert' for refugees on the border of Kosovo and Macedonia on Saturday April 10,1999. At 16.00 GMT (12pm New York, 5pm UK,) millions of people worldwide will join him in prayer, sending this important message to the world -- Prayer is more powerful than any weapon, any airstrike and any ethnic assault. We have the ability to end this crisis, but only if we do it together. http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~pbc/twyman.htm

So in the meantime, I offer you this compilation of thought-provoking and heart-inspiring emails received from Palden Jenkins regarding our meditative work about Kosovo.

Jean Hudon Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000


From: Bazillions@aol.com
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 1999

Please go to the following URL and sign the Petition for the Recall of ASPARTAME.

It's easy and quick - and don't forget comments if you have some.


THANKS and Blessings!



From: "jennyhabib" <jennyhabib@breathe.co.uk>
Subject: This is so true
Date: Sun, 4 Apr 1999

This helped me to unwind the stress I have been feeling for the last two weeks, I did not realise why until I read this, and we are all feeling it. Kosovo is not the only problem area, Indonesia, Afghanistan and Kashmir are also in grave trouble. Let the light shine.!!!!!!!!!!!

Peace, calm and glorious light to us all



Sometimes we may wonder if our efforts can really achieve anything, on the higher levels we are assured that yes what we are doing is always helpful even though it may not be apparent on a physical level. Together we are consciously trying to shift and raise consciousness and it is therefor essential to remain peaceful and conscious within ourselves no matter what is going on.

With the increasing intensity, chaos and panic now taking place in Yugoslavia (much of which is not shown on the news) many lightworkers who are very sensitive may feel anxiety or stretched in some way. The more sensitive you are, the more likely that you may be feeling the turbulence and uncertainty that is occurring. Hence there is a great need to try to maintain balance and a sense of equilibrium. This can be helped with lots of early sleep, good diet, making time for meditation and prayer etc.. Also organising group meditations wherever possible to increase support and grounding because we are going to have to carry and support others during the coming times, so we need to be ready ourselves.

May Peace Prevail on Earth,

Maggie Erotokritou


From: Palden Jenkins [SMTP:palden@globalnet.co.uk]
Sent: 31 March, 1999
Subject: Kosovo

Dear Jean and Polona

I want to comment on Polona's contribution, if I may. I respect where Polona is coming from on this, but....

1. it's dead easy to stand there in one's own life and criticise the doings of remote-seeming governments, military men and leaders, and there's a lot of this going on at present. However, if the people making such judgements were actually in the position of making the decisions and carrying the responsibilities themselves, they would see things very differently, and they would be forced to balance up *all* of the considerations involved as best they could. They too would make a mess of it, because, in truth, *there are no simple answers here*. It's easy to be 'in opposition', and much less easy to be 'in government' - parents of kids will know what I'm talking about. And there's a lot of resorting to simple answers and partisan opinions going on - which is part of the problem, not part of the solution.

2. if Polona were to follow the spiritually-oriented aphorisms she herself quotes lower down in her contribution (please read it again, objectively), I don't think she would really stand by what she says in the first few paragraphs. This is no personal criticism of you, Polona, and your experience and viewpoint is valid as a part of the whole, yet there's a contradiction betwen your stated philosophical beliefs here, and your judgements on the actual situation in Yugoslavia. I'd suggest you're not alone in this, and I might be guilty of it too. However, we must sort this out - high ideas are of no use unless fruitfully applied in specific situations. I would recommend that people review the emails of former weeks and months, to see how even well-meaning new age people can be (largely unintentional) hypocrites, and perhaps to acknowledge the sheer complexity of this situation for all of us. It confronts our 'stuff', and railing against others doesn't heal our own contradictions.

3. It isn't true that the bombings caused the most recent Serb atrocities in Kosovo - they were heading that way anyway. Leaving Serbia and Kosovo to sort out their own problems would most likely have caused much more regrettable things. It's too easy to join in with these oft-repeated ideas, as if sufficient repetition of them creates reality, when all it creates is a consensus of opinion which might or might not actually be related to reality on the ground. The recent murdering in Kosovo began days before the bombing, and it had been building up for ages - since 1989, at least. It's naive to believe that NATO caused it - or can stop it.

4. The challenge in front of people on a spiritual path is to understand the deeper aspects of this whole tragedy from *all* viewpoints, without judgement or falling into the trap of simple fundamentalist 'rights' and 'wrongs'. Then we need to act on that understanding, in concrete terms, and not just on Internet. There's a much deeper reality to it all than this, and I encourage people to get out of the narrow confines of personal/partisan standpoints and to use our experience of the human condition, our own remote-viewing abilities and our capacity for wider understanding to challenge ourselves to revise our understanding and make changes in our own domain. This is a challenge to step beyond the them-and-us, right-wrong, and the 'Big Brother is controlling you' mentality - which is a product of our conditioning more than of clear, light-bringing vision. Rail against Bill Clinton, NATO or Slobodan Milosevic as much as you want, but remember that these are reality-projections of our own selves, and that the tensions and tragedy embodied in this situation are a direct manifestation of our own personal and collective tensions and tragedies within! To a great extent, *what we see in this situation is a direct reflection of our own predisposition and karmic patterning*.

5. There's a lot of subtle censorship going on - not just in the media and government statements. A few years ago, people moaned and complained because Western powers always went against Muslims, minorities and victims, yet now that NATO is supporting them, they conveniently move on to other complaints! There's the idea that NATO and governments are automatically bad, controlling and exploiting, and setting themselves against 'we, the people'. This is a serious misunderstanding. There will be no resolution of world conflict with ideas such as this. There's the idea that 'we, the people' are somehow good, correct and right, and somehow poor victims of a terrible oppressive Megamachine, when in fact, the root-causes of this conflict lie with people ourselves. It is people who gave Misosevic, Clinton and all other power-holders power, and until the bleating over our supposed bosses ends, this pattern will continue indefinitely. It is people like us who are wielding the guns, burning the villages and 'obeying orders'. We all have an Arkan inside us, and we need to own it. So, people, watch your thoughts! Is this tendency to blame others and use spiritual reasoning an escape? Are we victims of the modern Internet habit of forgetting what we have just said, and of censoring viewpoints which are ideologically inconvenient, and of riding waves of popular opinion without really thinking or talking to the trees or our deeper souls about it?

6. If peace-making involves subscribing to partial, partisan views, I suggest we need to seriously re-examine ourselves. Judgement of others is not love - it is a pious and medieval shadow aspect of unintegrated light, imho. Peace-making and peace-building require moving into an understanding that 'it takes all types to make a world' and that we all have a valid place in this kaleidoscopic world. Spirituality requires an understanding that Spirit moves in remarkable ways, not just in the ways we want. Spirit teaches us through things we judge both to be 'right' and to be 'wrong'. And, wait for it, *the soul does not hold opinions, it simply sees things as they are and acts to optimise human learning*.

7. To some extent, conflicts such as Kosovo are embodiments of our projected, unresolved issues within ourselves, collectively. In this context, Kosovans and Serbs are suffering because we have not resolved such conflicts in our own lives, realities and neighbourhoods. This has allowed the accumulation of a mass of unresolved shit, which has fallen like a viral fever on the people most vulnerable to it (such as Yugoslavs in the 1990s - but it could be Americans and Brits in the 2000s), so that they can fight and sweat out our own inner conflicts on our behalf. It's time to take back our shit, and relieve these people of the need to carry it and burn it up in pain. Peace rests with us, and rampantly-stated, partisan opinions are the cruise missiles and stealth bombers of our own personal psychic wars. In my humble opinion.

Yet what I have written above is an opinion too, and in the end, we must all form our own conclusions and learn our lessons from what we have created with our lives! And we'll all get there together, and no one is excluded - even Bill Clinton, Serb generals and atrocity-makers.

And, Polona, I'm not criticising your contribution in isolation or aiming stuff specifically at you - it's just that your contribution sparked me to write these words, and I thank you for helping me dredge them up! Please, everyone, continue working for peace and truth, and may we also continue reviewing our work and getting closer to bullseye!

Wishing well



From: Polona Sepe <igor.godina@guest.arnes.si>
Subject: RE: Kosovo
Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999

Hi Palden!

I just shared some of the question marks jumping around my head. I am quite curious what will turn out to be true when all this will be over. I think that you are projecting a bit too much judgement of NATO and governments on me. But otherwise I completely agree with you. I am trying to be all you are writing about as much as you are trying too. We are just not perfect yet...........and what I suggest is to support each other in this struggle to overcome this social, historic, karmic and other conditioning instead of trying to find faults in each other. Is this a deal?

It si true that NATO bombs haven't started ethnical cleaning and having a lot of friends who were activists in this area I am well aware when it has started historically. What I want to stress is that by this move it has very seriously escalated. It's my opinion that NATO has misjudged the Serbian temperament. I think that it will take much longer for Milosevic to " kneel " than Clinton has imagined before starting the military operation. And by that time it might happen that all the refugees from Kosovo will have no home to return to. I personally think that violence won't solve the coflict in Kosovo and that there are some other motives behind this military operation that we are not aware of. This is my opinion but here are many people in Slovenia who totally support what NATO is doing, believing that this is the only way out of the crisis - including our government that gave permission to NATO planes to fly over Slovenia to Serbia - and I personally am ashamed of that.

Let's keep listening to each other, putting the pieces of the puzzle together, healing mirror reflections......and so on.

Much, much love...........Polona


Date: Thu, 01 Apr 1999
From: Palden Jenkins <palden@globalnet.co.uk>
Subject: Kosovo, again

Jean, it's me, yet again!

My fingers are busy at present. What I've sent below I'm sending 'for the record'. I'm aware I can take up a lot of space because I write at length, so I don't expect you to publish it - do what you want with it. It's something I wrote to Poloma in Slovenia, which turned out to be valuable generally, so I turned it into an 'article'.

Wishing well. I'm going to slow down soon, with all the outpourings and 'arguments' I'm having at present! Mars is in Scorpio, and retrograde! Or perhaps Jupiter is trine my computer!


A Yugoslavia and peace-meditation assessment Palden Jenkins 1 April 1999

I believe (in a psychic sense) that we have all actually plunged into a very deep pool here, and *no one knows what's going to happen next*. The big problem with this whole conflict is that it arises from festering, longterm, unexpressed hurts, feelings and resentments, which have come into the open both as a cause and a result of the violence. In other words, it's like a fever which threatens to be deadly. However, in naturopathy and homeopathy, they take the opinion that, once an illness breaks out (moves from 'chronic' to 'acute'), the healing process is already starting. That is, the fever is an indication of a war going on between viruses or ill-health (death-force) and the immune system (life-force). In other words, it's a 'fightback' by restoring, healthy energies. Put in another way, there's a saying: "The darkest hour is just before dawn".

Illness (or war) is not *necessary*. It is a result of excess and self-abuse. However, illness becomes necessary and can be an agency of healing, when things have reached a certain stage. (In this sense, cancer is a great gift to modern humanity, as an awakener.) Illness is a furious explosion of energy where all the normal rules break down, and it's a fight to the death. Yet it is during our illnesses that the greatest life-opportunities can emerge.

However, this requires *choice*. And here, this is why I ask people to stop *opposing war*, and to remain neutral on this. This means we need to be careful about our thoughts of peace. Generally, peace is right and good, and we can pray for peace in our world. But specifically, for Kosovo and Serbia, we ourselves cannot really know what is right for them - but nevertheless, if we're moved to do something for them, we must make our choices and act as best we can! In this sense, in my prayers and meditations on this issue, I have been praying not specifically for peace, but for deep-level healing, resolution and fundamental progress - a healing which means that these issues will *never come up again* in this way. If it involves three years of horror to create 500 years of peace, the investment might be worth it. *If* suffering leads to a fundamental learning, for the whole world, then it might be justified.

This is primarily for God and people to decide. However, once they have decided, it's our work, as meditators with spiritual intent, to help move things forward - *whichever way they truly need to go*. We need to work *with Nature* (or events), whichever way they go, to move them forward to fundamental resolution. Also we must watch not to override free-will, only to encourage positive choices.

As a healer, one sometimes has to help a person die well, and in peace. Sometimes, to apply life-saving medicines can cause suffering. There are many people alive today who wanted to 'die' earlier, and have been stopped by doctors from doing so! The following statement I'm saying to myself too!: *as meditators, we need to be very careful not to 'play God', and not to specify too closely what we think is right for other people, unless we responsibly and awarely choose to bear the karmic consequences leading from that*. So, to return to the beginning, I ask people to be very clear about the way they pray for peace, in relation to specific cases such as Serbia-Kosovo. Why? Because they're possibly acting a bit like NATO. Though perhaps without meaning to.

Both NATO bombings and peace meditations might be okay or not-okay and they might or might not lead to good outcomes - most realistically, they might lead to mixed outcomes. What's good about the meditation work everyone is doing is that we're progressing on this, and we're learning and growing up. We're getting beyond the 1990s 'Wow!' stage. But our prayers and innerwork need to be well thought through, and framed in a way which allows positive, healing forces to be innovative and miraculous. The universe is great and wide, and many are its designs.

So, I question that 'peace' is the best thing to pray for, because there are occasions when a cathartic war might be necessary, tragic and stupid that it is.

War is like marital breakdown, bigtime, with all the violence and tragedy - and the courts, police and social services weighing in too! Aaaargh! Total complexity! Everyone trying their best and making a mess of it! Yet marital breakdown is one of the greatest forces of positive change in our world today. With a lot of pain thrown in.

In Bosnia, the major issues were diplomatically covered over. The fever has abated, but the 'miasm' and the causes and symptoms of illness are only sedated and given antibiotics - not 'constitutional' remedies. The international community did not really want to face the big questions, and Yugoslavs did not really want to resolve their differences fundamentally - and Milosevic and his gang were not dealt with. So Kosovo came up. However, I feel that, this time, we're getting closer to a big truth-point, a real showdown, and a possible miracle. A miracle is something which is agreed to be impossible.

What I'm praying for is a therapeutic breakthrough which might cause Yugoslavs, Europeans and the whole world to make a Big Leap Forward, catalysed by what is now happening in Kosovo and Serbia. A mutual leap forward into genuine, long-lasting peace and resolution of age-old tribal problems. But, *in this case*, I don't instinctively oppose this war. What I am unhappy about is that it came to this. But now it has happened, the best use must be made of it. Since people have been unwilling to resolve their shit earlier, heavy shit has broken out, we've all gone out of control, we all have stumbled into the Great Unknown, and we'll have to drive this one forward by the seat of our pants! We're in a foggy domain where, for warmakers and peacemakers alike. We're treading a minefield, yet we're unwittingly close to a lump of gold.

And if all this hadn't happened in Yugoslavia, it would probably happen somewhere else. Because viruses will do anything to find a host body to replicate in. This Kosovan war is the symptom of a mass-psychological virus. A world issue.

I don't want war, and I believe that the next century will bring planetary peace - after a few showdowns which force humanity to *decide to stop war*, and the arms trade, and insecurity and oppression. And to step back from nationalism of an 'anti-them' kind - national feeling or pride does not have to harm others. As a white, male Brit, living in a warlike nation which is using its military skills in an abstruse exercise to make peace, I'm committed to working for peace, and correcting many of the wrongs my country has done. I do this by spiritual work, conflict-resolution groupwork, writing and speaking. And I'm aware we're in for the long haul in this meditation work. We can't just flash'em a few big meditations and walk away - post-crisis situations can be a nightmare too. And the crises across the world keep on escalating!

This NATO intervention will cost us billions - it's not a profit-seeking venture, as some imply. The weapons trade is dying, and smart weapons are too expensive for most warmakers from now on. Losing a stealth bomber is no financial joke - who would buy those things? Cruise missiles cost millions for every shot. The Twentieth Century is over, and things are changing - faster than governments and even background governments can really cope with. I sense that this Balkans conflict will cause us to cross some necessary and overdue moral and spiritual thresholds. And my prayer is that the cruel sacrifices being made at this time may be made worthwhile by fundamental positive changes.

All this has a remarkable undercurrent, unconscious effect for Europe, unfolding daily. I would suggest that the NATO offensive, whether or not it is mistaken, is actually surprisingly sincere and without hidden agendas (compared with Iraq, etc). At least, for Europe - I'm not so sure about USA. But the Europeans will follow through on this, whether or not Americans do, and it will cost us greatly, and we know we must do it. European integrity is at stake. It means a lot to us. And many refugees will come to our own countries. There will be collections of clothes and gifts in the streets. And, I believe, in future, this war might spark a lot more personal citizen interaction between Yugoslavia and the rest of Europe. There's a lot of discussion and arguing, but Europeans are behind this in their hearts - though they're only just discovering this as the days roll on. We're thinking more as Europeans, which is a breakthrough - and a healing. With or without the Yanquis, we have to follow this through - and I think there is the willingness to do it. Because Balkans people - even Balkans Muslims - are 'us', not 'them', to us! And this is our problem too.

We all have heaps of stuff to learn from this, and I encourage meditators to review the process whenever it ends, and to ask ourselves (I'm doing this to me too!): in what ways can we improve our chosen work? Y'know, we need to get really *real* about this, committing to following up our own love-bombs longterm! It's dead serious, and we're talking about stuff with the power of nuclear bombs - and, potentially, the power to completely unmanifest them! With zero mistakes, please!

I pray that I haven't caused any tragedies in my own meditation work - or in the thoughts I sometimes have when 'out of meditation' too - and I have to be honest with myself and admit that I might have done so (who knows?), even though I've been careful and well-meaning. And at times naive. I mean not to cause difficulty and further complicate things, and I'm committed to learning all that is necessary in order not to do so. In the end, that's the best I can do, and I believe it's better to do something, to try something, than not to. In these things, time and conscience will be our judge!

I try to remind myself too that it's better to do small things well than big things badly!

Here's wishing well to everyone, and keep up the good work!

Palden palden@globalnet.co.uk



Date: Tue, 06 Apr 1999
From: Loriel <loriel@gateway.net>
Subject: The Relationship Between War and Destruction of Mother Nature

Music of Vision

Music is a Sound Way of Being!

Dear Jean,

Thank you for having the deep courage to publicize the truth about the current events in East Europe so we may be empowered with this knowledge. And for your deseminating the radical philosophy of Roan Carratu, which I agree with, having determined these things to be true long before my introduction to Roan. He states things in the most extreme language because we do have a tendency to fall asleep and radical language is sometimes necessary to provide a powerful wake-up call. Since we all have allowed the current world situation to devolve into the catastrophic state we are in, it is obvious that we need precision through magnification, which the words of Roan provide...

We can observe that all current accepted truths originally were perceived as blasphemy.

One thing I am doing to counteract the illusion of separation that monetary exchange brings is this: I had a "LOVE MOTHER EARTH" stamp made in lime green, and I use it mainly to imprint this message on every dollar that passes through my hands. As an environmental activist, I hope that this message evokes the image of living with respect for Mother Nature, who provided the trees which we use to make paper to print our ideas on. And, Love, of course is the only idea that essentially matters! When I hand money to people in business transactions, I say, "Look!" (I point to the saying on the bill) "This is how I am invoking the revolution! You can, too! Stamp this on all your money!" Of course, I do a bit more...

I recently wrote to you about my ultimate dream of producing CONCERTS FOR THE TREES, the all-day or week-end long concerts with the "stars" to raise awareness of impending destruction of the last of our oxygen-makers in the form of Headwaters virgin redwood forest in Northern California.

I see our rampant and non-chalant logging for greedy corporate profit as reflective of our ignorance and disrespect for the sacred nature of our own inner Light and the Light of all the other humans around us. Unless and until we follow the laws of Infinite Love, (God-energy.) and live in the ways that the prophets have instructed us to live, that is in harmony and peace with our family, we will continue to wreak havoc on our precious home planet. For, we all are the world.

Indeed, a human being activist named David Chain was actually killed by a tree felled by Pacific Lumber last fall, demonstrating that life, whether human or any other form is made dispensible for the idea of following orders to kill trees for corporate gain.

There are two other brave and truly loving souls living high amongst the Sequoia branches in Humboldt County, CA in an effort to protect the lives of the trees, and so preserve life on Earth. Julia Butterfly Hill and Nathan Madsen. Their courage and faith inspire me to write new songs and put all my faith and effort into producing CONCERTS FOR THE TREES.

I am brought to tears by the continuation of fascism in East Europe, and by our being on the very brink of World War III. The way I do my part to bring peace to the planet is with the use of mystical Music. Sound is the first sense to develop and the last to dissolve at death. Sound forms the foundational essence of life on Earth. In the face of being on the Eve of Destruction, I am projecting my dream of uniting humanity with sounds and songs that honor all forms of life on Earth. Many musicians are aware of the power of Love through Music, and I am seeking to gain their participation in the CONCERTS FOR THE TREES. This is my way of transmitting peace and joy to the people of Kosovo and to all the warring people of the Earth.

Once again, I am calling out to you and your participants to sing songs of love and peace in their own homes and communities, and to get involved with the manifestation of CONCERTS FOR THE TREES contacting me with their ideas for direction and financial support.

While I do not ultimately support our current monetary system, I can only see that it is monied forces that are destroying our forests, and the only language available for us to communicate is with large amounts of money for the purchase and protection of the forest.

I like what Barbara Wolf said, "There are no problems; only solutions!" We all can be inspired by a mother with such a critically necessary optimism in the face of epidemic disaster...

And, you, too, Jean...

Thank you for giving us the sweet antidote to our well-informed despair with the lightness of Swami Beyondananda's humor. You are truly courageous, a word that derives from the French word for "heart." You show us how to keep opening our hearts to include love for everyone on the planet...




Date: 4/8/99
From: ran20@emarc.com

Home Depot promotes the destruction of the world's rainforests by selling products made from old growth trees.

Home Depot could sell second growth and plantation wood instead of: * cedar and hemlock from ancient temperate rainforests in British Columbia * mahogany from Central and South America, * lauan and ramin from tropical rainforests in Southeast Asia.

The Rainforests are: * Home to 50% of the world's species and 200 million indigenous people. * Our last hope of controlling global warming and producing oxygen * Nearly Gone - only 20% remain

Home Depot pledged to stop this destruction but has not kept their promise.

Visit http://www.emarc.com/redir.cgi?www.ran.org/petition/jan15homedepot.html to sign a petition. This petition will be delivered to Home Depot Executive Management to insist that they change their policy.

Thank You

P.S Please forward this to a friend!


From: lykan@clubmet.metrobbs.com
Subject: A Handful Of Inspirational Quotes

-- If Anyone Is Interested In Receiving An Email Full Of Inspirational Quotes, Please Email Me At Lykan@clubmet.metrobbs.com :) --

"Great souls are they who see that spiritual is stronger than material force, that thoughts rule the world." - Emerson

"We have to have a deep, patient compassion for the fears of men and irrational mania of those who hate or condemn us... We have to consider the fact that in its provocative aspect, non-violence may tend to harden the opposition and to confirm people in their righteous blindness." - Thomas Merton

"If you who are seeking love and truth cannot rise above the illusion of turmoil, how can those who are locked in it be helped? It is you who are empowered through the strength of your love, your commitment to truth, who will bring about the elevation of consciousness of those who are wracked in such fear that they would destroy the world rather than acknowledge their own terror." - Emmanuel

"When we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others." - Marianne Williamson