July 22, 1999

Subject: Other news you may have missed: DAN RATHER INTERVIEW ABOUT THE HAZARDS OF GENETICALLY ENGINEERED FOODS + Are We Killing the Dolphins and Whales? + Will the "Big Bang" Machine Destroy the Earth? + A lethal legacy of NATO's bombing + World's Coral Reefs Are Dying + Woodstock 30th & Culture of Peace, Global Peace Walk 2000 + RUSSIA AFLAME: Most Forest Fires Ever!

Hello again

Here are some other miscellaneous articles of interest. I admit it's a bit of a depressing mixture compared to what I usually send out, but only an informed citizenry can hopefully change things around and make this world a better place for all living sentient beings - which according to futurist Alvin Toffler is exactly what will take place as people awaken to their common responsibility to safeguard the earth for future generations and take over the decision-making powers from the hands of the crooked politicians and the mega-multinational corporations paying their way towards world domination through political gimmickry and behind-the-doors lobbying - unless We The People decide to stop them.

As the world has now reached the historic mark of 6 billion people yesterday according to the UN Bureau of Census (with an estimated 1.5 billion more people to be born and alive and dependent on the natural resources of this fragile and finite planet in the next 20 years), it is high time we get the straight facts and unreported news and wake up from our collective apathy to empower ourselves as Earth citizens to bring about real participatory democracy and a government *for* the people and *by* the people of this world.

May I first recommend to you all to check Bobbie Sandoz's article posted at http://manyrooms.com/stopatoc.html as mentioned in Cheryl's email below. I went there and read it and found it most disturbing. It pertains to the infamous LFAS sonar experiments by the US Navy which threaten to destroy all marine life and most certainly drive crazy and kill countless cetacean mammals because of their extreme auditive sensitivity.

Feel free to forward this email and the other accompanying one to anyone who might benefit from learning about these unreported news.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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You may also check the Earth Rainbow Network website at http//www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000 and read some of the material posted to this list and linked at the bottom of the first webpage of this site.

LAST MINUTE ADDITION - AT LONG LAST THE LID ON THE NEWSMEDIA BLACKOUT ON GM FOODS IS COMING OFF IN THE US - CHECK ALSO THIS L.A. TIMES ARTICLE: "Public Distrust May Halt Next Phase of Genetically Altered Food Production" AT http://www.latimes.com/HOME/BUSINESS/t000063436.html

Date: 7/20/99 6:38:46 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: NLPNews@natural-law.org (NLP News Flashes)



CBS-TV has just informed us that Dan Rather of CBS Evening News
will interview John Fagan, Ph.D., a molecular biologist who is
an eloquent international spokesperson concerning the hazards of
genetically engineered foods, on Wednesday, July 21, and
Thursday, July 22, during the 5:30 p.m. (Central time) national
broadcast of CBS Evening News. Please tune in according to your
time zone.

Date: Sat, 10 Jul 1999
From: "Cheryl A. Magill" <102111.1407@compuserve.com>

Dear Jean,

Thank you for forwarding the information about our meeting on the 20th on
to others. Your efforts to contact people & media are appreciated.

Also, we have a new article posted as of today. The author, Bobbie Sandoz,
has submitted it to the local Hawaiian press and has also given me
authorization to distribute it.

I have printed it at my newest web site at this URL:


I introduced it to the Stop LFAS Worldwide E-mail list as follows and
welcome you to distribute it as well.

Best regards,
Cheryl A. Magill


Are We Killing the Dolphins and Whales?


- Also in contrast to the results of the Navy-funded scientists, private scientists noted marked changes in the whales' singing behavior, use of their own sonar, normal patterns of movement, and migration patterns, including abruptly leaving Hawaiian waters a month early in the middle of sonar activity in the spring of 1998.

- Private scientists further noted that the whales not only returned to Hawaii in much smaller numbers about two months late the following winter of 1999, but settled in different areas and behaved in a notably less friendly manner toward tour boats and people. It is logical to assume that the highly intelligent whales were not happy with their 1998 wintering conditions in Hawaii or being flooded with distressing decibels of sound. Tour boat operators are very concerned about this alteration in the whales' return to Hawaii and their less friendly behavior toward people while here. If we look at the facts honestly, allowing outsiders to sonify the whales enough to chase them away from our islands has failed to protect either the whales or their value as a heart-stirring and economic resource to Hawaii. It's ironic that the whales received greater respect and more genuine protection before we declared their calving and mating grounds a federally protected "sanctuary".

- Similar to the problems and strandings seen in Hawaii during this increase in sonar activity, strandings throughout the world have been regularly linked to sonar exposure, ranging anywhere from 1-2 beached dolphins and whales to a full pod. In fact, once sonar activity became more publically known, other governments have become aware and concerned about a connection between sonar exposure and strandings. And, who knows how many sonar-exposed cetacean sink to the ocean's bottom before making it to a beach.

- Deafness, tissue shearing, and lung explosion have been detected in the corpses of sonar-exposed cetaceans as a result of private necropsies done on their ear canals and tissue. Yet, even though damage to ears and lungs are the primary symptoms of sonar exposure and are easy to check, these are not analyzed in sonar-exposed corpses. This seems to be done in an effort to avoid any chance of providing proof that sonar is a problem. In this regard, it is interesting to note that when Mary Frampton, Director of Save our Coast offered to pay for an autopsy on a dolphin that had washed up on Escondido Beach in Malibu, the National Marine Fisheries (the organization that issued the permits for using sonar in our oceans) refused her offer, claiming that the body, although still intact, was too decomposed to autopsy. Whenever a branch of government is the one monitoring its own actions or those of another branch of government, it begins to look like the proverbial fox guarding the hen-house.

- In addition to the many problems of sonar exposure for cetaceans, human swimmers and divers exposed to low levels of sonar experienced a vibration of their lungs and bodies, intense dizziness, extreme disorientation, and enough nausea to require hospitalization, followed by such things as post traumatic stress, immune system problems, depression, and even seizures. At higher levels, human swimmers and divers would be at even greater risk for serious problems or possible death. In this regard, it's interesting to note that Navy divers are not allowed in the water when the sonar is on.

- Perhaps it is no coincidence that Hawaii newspapers were filled with concern this year about the dramatically reduced fish resources and turtle populations in Hawaiian waters as well as concerns about coral beds following the sonar tests conducted in the winter of 1998. Since sonar is capable of tissue shearing and lung explosion of the larger mammals, it is certainly logical to assume it would cause the death of smaller marine life and fish or even plankton and coral which are not even being considered or studied during this controversy.

- In view of the potential seriousness of these problems, one wonders if the ATOC scientists, the ones currently applying for permits to use more sonar in Hawaii, are really so determined to conduct such an erudite study as that of the ocean temperatures or if they are paving the way for military interests. In this regard, even they admit that the ocean temperature study won't give them enough information in five years to have any impact on rising temperatures or global warming. Moreover, the Navy also admits that their need for sweeping the ocean with sonar is not essential in post cold war times. However, it would give the Navy a project and a reason for additional funding. It also allows them to pursue sonar, not just as a method of detection but as a deadly weapon much like a ray gun capable of disabling submarines and killing the people within. Many believe this is the real reason behind the intensity of the Navy's interest in being able to use sonar freely in our oceans.


The National Marine Fisheries Service Phone: 808-973-2937
(Attn. Gene Nitta); Fax: 808-973-2941;
Email: eugene.nitta@noaa.gov
Address: 2570 Dole Street, Honolulu, Hi, 96813 USA

- The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources Phone: 808-587-0400;
fax: 808-587-0390; email: dlnr@pixie.com
1151 Punchbowl Street, Room 130, Honolulu, HI 96813 USA

- The National Marine Sanctuaries Phone: 301-713-3125;
Fax: 301-713-1414 email: nmscomments@noaa.gov
Address: 1305 East-West Hwy., 11th Floor, Silver Spring, MD 20910 USA

- Be sure to ask Hawaii Senators and Congressional Representatives to support the Hawaiian House Resolution No. 84 and the Concurrent Senate Resolution No.
187 (Twentieth Legislature, 1999) urging that LFAS be banned in Hawaii. Also, ask them to support the US Senate Bill S128 to ban all sonar on land and sea in its most comprehensive form, including business and Navy interests

Apocalypse Now

Will the "Big Bang" Machine Destroy the Earth?

Creation of a black hole on Long Island?

A NUCLEAR accelerator designed to replicate the Big Bang is under investigation by international physicists because of fears that it might cause "perturbations of the universe" that could destroy the Earth. One theory even suggests that it could create a black hole.

Brookhaven National Laboratories (BNL), one of the American government's foremost research bodies, has spent eight years building its Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) on Long Island in New York state. A successful test-firing was held on Friday and the first nuclear collisions will take place in the autumn, building up to full power around the time of the millennium.

Last week, however, John Marburger, Brookhaven's director, set up a committee of physicists to investigate whether the project could go disastrously wrong.

It followed warnings by other physicists that there was a tiny but real risk that the machine, the most powerful of its kind in the world, had the power to create "strangelets" - a new type of matter made up of sub-atomic particles called "strange quarks".

The committee is to examine the possibility that, once formed, strangelets might start an uncontrollable chain reaction that could convert anything they touched into more strange matter. The committee will also consider an alternative, although less likely, possibility that the colliding particles could achieve such a high density that they would form a mini black hole. In space, black holes are believed to generate intense gravitational fields that suck in all surrounding matter. The creation of one on Earth could be disastrous.

Professor Bob Jaffe, director of the Centre for Theoretical Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who is on the committee, said he believed the risk was tiny but could not be ruled out. "There have been fears that strange matter could alter the structure of anything nearby. The risk is exceedingly small but the probability of something unusual happening is not zero."

Construction of the 350m RHIC machine started eight years ago and is almost complete. On Friday scientists sent the first beam of particles around the machine - but without attempting any collisions.

Inside the collider, atoms of gold will be stripped of their outer electrons and pumped into one of two 2.4-mile circular tubes where powerful magnets will accelerate them to 99.9% of the speed of light.

The ions in the two tubes will travel in opposite directions to increase the power of the collisions. When they smash into each other, at one of several intersections between the tubes, they will generate minuscule fireballs of superdense matter with temperatures of about a trillion degrees - 10,000 times hotter than the sun. Such conditions are thought not to have existed - except possibly in the heart of some dense stars - since the Big Bang that formed the universe between 12 billion and 15 billion years ago.

Under such conditions atomic nuclei "evaporate" into a plasma of even smaller particles called quarks and gluons. Theoretical and experimental evidence predicts that such a plasma would then emit a shower of other, different particles as it cooled down.

Among the particles predicted to appear during this cooling are strange quarks. These have been detected in other accelerators but always attached to other particles. RHIC, the most powerful such machine yet built, has the ability to create solitary strange quarks for the first time since the universe began.

BNL confirmed that there had been discussion over the possibility of "perturbations in the universe". Thomas Ludlam, associate project director of RHIC, said that the committee would hold its first meeting shortly.

John Nelson, professor of nuclear physics at Birmingham University who is leading the British scientific team at RHIC, said the chances of an accident were infinitesimally small - but Brookhaven had a duty to assess them. "The big question is whether the planet will disappear in the twinkling of an eye.

It is astonishingly unlikely that there is any risk - but I could not prove it," he said.

The London Times, July 18, 1999

A lethal legacy of NATO's bombing

Night of the Witches stirs up a ghastly brew of carcinogens and other chemicals

Mark Fineman
Los Angeles Times

They call it "The Night of the Witches," those horrible hours that began at
precisely 1 a.m. April 18, when NATO bombs rained on Pancevo.

Within seconds, they demolished a refinery, a fertilizer plant and an
American-built petrochemical complex that released a toxic cloud so dense
and potentially lethal its effects can be felt here even today -- and will
be, perhaps, for decades to come.

The sun never shone the next morning. It was obscured by a thick,
greyish-white fog containing concentrations of carcinogenic vinyl chloride
monomer that were 10,600 times above human-safety limits. The cloud finally
cleared at nightfall.

On Monday, nearly three months after the airstrike, here's a glimpse of the
enduring environmental nightmare in and around the targets the alliance left

- Physicians in this city just 15 kilometres northeast Belgrade privately
recommend that all women who were in town that night avoid pregnancy for at
least the next two years. Women who were less than nine weeks' pregnant in
mid-April are advised to obtain abortions, and doctors say most have

- The canal leading from Pancevo's South Zone Industrial Complex is still
awash with vinyl chloride, even though much of the 100 tons that were
released from the Petro Hemija factory that night already have mixed into
the waters, the riverbed and most likely the food chain of the mighty Danube
River just downstream.

- The ground in and around Pancevo is saturated with ammonia, mercury,
naphtha, acids, dioxins and other toxins that leaked out of the factories
that night, raising unanswered questions about their long-term impact on a
city now struggling with day-to-day survival.

"Only in the next two years or 20 can I tell you what the full consequences
of that night will be," Pancevo's pro-democracy Mayor Srdjan Mikovic said

"I'm afraid you will find a lot of our people in the oncology ward fighting
cancer, or perhaps in the hematology department or centres for respiratory
diseases, or perhaps in the morgue. But for today, it's enough to worry just
how to get through the summer and the cold winter that lies ahead," Mikovic

Although perhaps the most dramatic, Pancevo is hardly alone among the many
environmental disasters that are legacies of NATO's war on Yugoslavia and
its dominant republic, Serbia -- 78 days of aerial assaults on power plants,
factories, fuel refineries and storage tanks. The alliance said these
attacks were intended to "degrade" Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic's
nation and war machine.

Amid the enduring degradation Monday, the phones still were ringing wildly
in Dr. Slobodan Tosovic's office at Belgrade's Public Institute of Health,
where the chief ecotoxicologist was fielding questions and complaints from
across the nation.

Municipal officials in the town of Kragujevac in the south were begging for
permission to flush out a lagoon poisoned by PCBs, which were released from
a power plant that NATO bombed.

Officials from Novi Sad, to the north, appealed for the government to speed
up its study of whether the city's drinking water had been polluted by PCBs
or other poisons.

"It's enough to make me believe the Americans and NATO were making a
biochemical experiment with us," said Tosovic, who wrote a paper during the
war titled Aggression on Yugoslavia: Indirect Chemical Warfare.

But Monday, Tosovic downplayed the short-term toxic impact of the war.

"The fact is, we were quite lucky," he said. "We have the capacity to clean
up the channel in Pancevo, and already we've cleaned up the worst-hit areas
of the Danube and other rivers. There are no lasting air-pollution problems.
And last week, we lifted the fishing ban on the Danube."

The Serbian Health Ministry, which include Tosovic's department, also has
issued an urgent advisory to physicians, urging them to stop recommending
abortions and birth control -- an issue with broad political and
sociological implications in a nation where 10 years of war-induced poverty
among delicately balanced ethnic groups already have sent Serbian birthrates

"We begged these women not to stop their pregnancies, because we didn't want
a biological war on top of a chemical one," Tosovic said.

Initial tests of crops and farm animals, he said, have shown only marginal
levels of toxicity, although he cautioned that ongoing DNA testing of
embryos and seeds to determine the longer-term genetic impact of dioxins and
other pollutants on the food chain will not be completed until this fall.

But Tosovic and other Yugoslav scientists concede that some of the greatest
environmental effects may have yet to be felt.

Facing a winter in which heat and electricity will be in short supply in a
nation where most power plants and oil refineries were crippled, many
Yugoslavians are scraping together what little money they have to buy stoves
that burn wood.

And the demand for that fuel, the scientists say, will threaten Serbia's
forests and national parks, which have already been emptied of several
endangered species during the war.


World's Coral Reefs Are Dying - 7/9/99

Sci/Tech: Grim future for reefs

Coral reefs are threatened by even a small rise in water temperature. Climate change will destroy the world's great coral reefs within a century, according to a report by German and Australian marine scientists.

The researchers say governments must take action now to reduce the emissions of gases such as carbon dioxide, which are thought to be behind a rise in average global temperatures.

The scientists combined their coral expertise with the latest climate models to project what is likely to happen to the world's greatest reefs if global arming remains unchecked. Their study suggests the unique marine environments will increasingly become victim to a process known as coral bleaching.

A slight rise in maximum water temperatures - only one to two degrees - can stress the corals. This causes them to expel the microscopic organisms, known as zooxanthellae, which colour their tissues and provide them with essential nutrients.

If the zooxanthellae do not return, the corals will die. In 1998, the warmest year on record, every reef system in the world's tropical oceans was affected by some degree of bleaching. The report says the frequency and intensity of bleaching is set to rise.

The report's lead author is Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, an expert on coral bleaching at Sydney University. "Coral reefs could be eliminated from most areas of the world by 2100," Even the world's largest reef - the Great Barrier Reef off Australia - could be dead within 30 years unless measures are taken now to slow climate change. The professor says this would also devastate tourism and fishing industries which generate billions of dollars for their local economies each year.

Even if governments act to bring down greenhouse gas emissions, he says, it could still take up to 500 years for the reefs to recover.

Professor Hoegh-Guldberg's report has been released through the environmental group Greenpeace. It says the study underlines the need to phase out the burning of fossil fuels, the prime suspect for global warming. "Government and industry must begin to switch to renewable energy now while there's still time to stop major climate change," says the organization's climate campaigner Stephanie Tunmore.


From: "David Crockett Williams" <gear2000@lightspeed.net>
To: "GeneralAgencyServices" <gear2000@lightspeed.net>
Subject: Woodstock30th & Culture of Peace, Global Peace Walk 2000
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 1999

On pay-per-view TV and internet webcast this Friday, July 23rd, at 12Noon
EST, the Woodstock 30th Anniversary 3 day Concert will begin with opening
prayer ceremonies conducted by the local Oneida indigenous people, Tibetan
Buddhist Monks and Rev. Yusen Yamato, initiator of the Global Peace Walk
project who will be conducting Global Peace Walk 2000 next year from San
Francisco War Memorial Building on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s, birthday
January 15th, to Washington, DC, for Columbus Day activities October 9-12th
including a ceremony of perhaps more than a million people to rededicate the
Washington Monument as a symbol of the message of peace, and ending in New
York City for the United Nations 55th anniversary, October 24, 2000.
Details on Woodstock event and netcast info is at http://www.woodstock.com
Rev. Yamato will be reachable on the Woodstock30th site July 22-26 at the
"Sacred Space" facility where the Tibetan Sand Mandala is being made during
the event.

Fifty to one hundred walkers are expected to walk all the way across country
next year to be joined by hundreds or thousands more after rendezvous with
other routes in St. Louis next summer. The Global Peace Walk 2000 will be
carrying the message of Woodstock30th for the development of a culture of
peace and love, in addition to many survival issue messages and letters and
proclamations of support such as those received in Costa Rica June 20-28 at
the World Peace and Prayer Day Ceremony conducted by Chief Arvol Looking
Horse, 19th generation keeper of the original sacred pipe of peace (the
White Buffalo Calf Pipe) http://www.worldpeaceday.com/1999 and the World
Summit on Peace and Time in support of the 13Moon Global Peace Calendar
Change Movement whose representatives presented the Summit results to the
United Nations and to the Vatican this month http://www.earthascending.com .
At this Woodstock30th, Rev. Yamato will be offering 1000 of the 13moon
Pocket Calendars whose "New Year's Day" is July 26th, in the wee hours of
which the Woodstock30th Concert will end.

The mayor of Rome, New York, has issued his proclamation in support of the
Global Peace Walk project and its prayer for "Global Peace Now!" as a
universal human resolve, proclaiming the City of Rome as New York's first
Global Peace Zone in respect of this city being host to Woodstock 30th.
Rome, NY, has thus joined a growing list of municipal Global Peace Zones
including San Francisco City and County, Marin County, and Berkeley,
California; Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico; et al, to foster a worldwide
Global Peace Zone 2000 and the development of the Culture of Peace.

The text of the Rome mayor's proclamation is as follows:

[Text of Mayoral Proclamation received by fax July 16, 1999]

[seal of the city of Rome, New York]

The City of Rome, New York


WHEREAS: The Global Peace Walk project was initiated in 1995, with its walk
from New York City to San Francisco, to commemorate the United Nations 50th
anniversary by offering the prayer for "Global Peace Now!" as a universal
human resolve; and

WHEREAS: The anniversary message by the United Nations Secretary General
called for the "Development of a Culture of Peace" and 1995 began the United
Nations International Decade of the World's Indigenous Peoples; and

WHEREAS: The Woodstock Concert's 30th anniversary celebration will be
taking place in Rome, New York, July 23-25, 1999, to foster the development
of a Culture of Peace and Love through popular music. The initiator of the
Global Peace Walk project will participate at the opening ceremony with
local spiritual practitioners; and

WHEREAS: The Global Peace Project has honored Rome by inviting this city to
be New York's first GLOBAL PEACE ZONE. We hope to deliver a message of
peace all over the world, by uniting people regardless of race, religions,
ideologies, and countries.

NOW THEREFORE; I, Joseph A. Griffo, by virtue of the authority vested in me
as Mayor of the City of Rome, do hereby proclaim Rome, New York, as a:


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have set my hand and cause the official seal of the
City of Rome, to be affixed this day.


Joseph A. Griffo
Mayor, City of Rome

[official city seal affixed]

For more information on the Global Peace Walk project see the GEAR2000 site
Global Peace Walk http://www.globalpeacenow.org

David Crockett Williams
Phone 661-822-3309 - Fax 561-658-2735
20411 Steeple Court, Tehachapi CA 93561 USA

Global Emergency Alert Response (G.E.A.R.)

For the direct cause of true peace, harmony
among all life and free natural abundance as
paradise on Earth, respect True One Law.

Torahk: Paradise Systems Psibernetics Program

For One Human Family: Love All, Serve All

From: Andy's Earth First! Media Network <efmedia@redwoodtree.net>
Subject: RUSSIA AFLAME: Most Forest Fires Ever!
Date: Tuesday, July 20, 1999

Activist Mailing List - http://get.to/activist

Date: Tue, 20 Jul 1999 14:19:38 -0700
From: Dave Martin <dmartin@igc.org>

RUSSIA AFLAME. On 16 July, Russia broke the record for the
number of forest fires occurring on a single day,
"Kommersant-Daily" reported on 17 July. On that day, 763 new
fires were registered --typically about 100-130 occur within
24 hours. According to the daily, from the beginning of the
so-called fire season to the middle of July 20,000 fires were
recorded, causing an estimated 2 billion rubles ($82 million)
worth of damage. During the same period last year, which was
considered a particularly bad year for forest fires, 14,500
fires had occurred. The regions hardest hit are in the Far
East and Northwest. So far, the fires have barely affected
residential dwellings, but some neighborhoods in cities such
as St. Petersburg and Moscow have been wrapped in a thick
smog caused by smoke from nearby fires. On 13 July,
Krasnoyarsk Krai Governor Aleksandr Lebed declared a state of
emergency because of the rapid spread of fires in his region.

Pacific Environment and Resources Center
1440 Broadway, Suite 306
Oakland, CA 94612
Tel: 510/251-8800
Fax: 510/251-8838

Andy Caffrey, founder
Andy's Earth First! Media Network [aka EF! Media Center]