October 24, 1999

Subject: The Mystical Files #2: Course in Miracles + James Twyman/ONE BILLION PERSON PEACE MEDITATION + SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION IN COMMUNIST CHINA + Banned China Sect Members Arrested + The Starman Teachings + Australian woman, Jasmuheen challenges the skeptics of the world - relying only on the Divine One Within, she won't eat nor drink for 7 days!

Hello everyone

As usual, there is a smorgasborg of various information to pass on to you and if it is sometimes hard to decide what must go first, in this case it was relatively easy. I've assembled *some* of the material I had that is both extremely timely AND challenging -- if one has a narrow perspective.

But first, I heartily recommend to you Maggie Erotokritou's offer below

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999
From: Maggie Erotokritou <surya@spidernet.com.cy>
Subject: Course in Miracles

Dear Jean,

I am starting a study group on-line on the Course in Miracles at the same time as running a group at the centre in Cyprus. The idea is to help people who are new to the course, to give help and feedback etc. and also to share notes with those who would like to get back to it or to share their experiences. Here is the letter I sent out to the network which has had a very positive reply.

Love and light,

Maggie Erotokritou,

The Women's Spiritual Network


Dear Friends,

I am sure that most of you have heard of the Course in Miracles and that
many of you have worked with the material. The course is very deep and
is a lifetimes work which can be combined with other material that we
are working with once the basic principles are established. It requires
a commitment on a daily basis. Theory is not enough, in order to achieve
results the principles have to be put into practise in your daily life.

One of the main aims of the course is the correction of perception. As
our perception changes and our consciousness consequently expands, so
our interaction with people shifts and changes in a major way, this
effects everything in our lives. This of course does not happen overnight
and requires ongoing work.

I have worked with this material for about twelve years and still feel I
have so much to learn from it and come back to it again and again.
Groupwork enhances our experience as we all learn from each other. I
decided to create a group working with the lessons here at our centre
and am aware that many such groups exist elsewhere. When a large group
of people work on the same material at the same time, amazing things
can happen, it is similar to all meditating together.

I want to start with a simplified version of the course, working with
the main principles and then those who want to do more work can then
proceed with the text or read it alongside with what we are doing. For
those of you who are interested, I would like to invite you to join us
and I can send out the weekly lessons that we are working with and also
give some feedback.

The course has been called controversial because it challenges your
belief systems, and there may be some difficulty in accepting some of
the material that is presented, this can be seen as a challenge. It
teaches us to be open and become more objective. We can then accept or
reject what feels right for us at that time and work with what we are
ready for.

The course states "A universal theology is impossible but a universal
experience is not only possible but necessary."

The course sets a direction, towards God, many words are symbolic and
much is hidden behind the words.

It is said that it is only the ego which questions and doubts and that
the ego will demand many answers which the course does not give.

The course teaches you to train your mind and says that an untrained
mind cannot accomplish anything.

There are two major parts to the course which move hand in hand. The
first is to undo what you think you see now and the second is the
acquisition of true perception. The purpose is to train your mind to see
everything and everyone differently.

The ideas presented cannot be applied to some people or some situations
in the world or your life but must be applied to everything and everyone
without exception. This is a major point emphasised by the course.

True perception has no limits and is the opposite of what we see now.
The course will help you increase your ability to extend the ideas to
include everything, to gain a more universal perspective.

Please forward this to friends you think might be interested and if you
decide to join us in working with this material, you might like to form
a small group with friends or find even one other person to work with or
you can work with it alone whichever feels right for you.

If you are interested please let me know and send me an email entitled
C in M.

In peace and love, Maggie


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Sunday, October 17, 1999

Lesson No. 1

(The lessons are not numbered in accordance with the lessons in the
book, this is purely for reference purposes and also for revision, for
constant revision is a very necessary part of the course.)

I am never upset for the reason I think

This is one of the very first steps in shifting our perception. We are
often upset because we are influenced by the past and our past
experiences. Our true reality today is different, if we were able to see
it in its totality.

This idea, "I am never upset for the reason I think", can be used with
any person or situation that you think is causing you pain.

Whenever you notice that you are not okay, apply the following exercise.
You will become more aware of your feelings and be able to identify them.

Identify the feeling. Is it anger, fear, sadness, jealousy etc. Name it.

Identify the form of your discomfort.

Remember there are no small upsets, they are all equally disturbing to
your peace of mind.

Once you have identified the feeling and the situation or person you
think is causing it, then you need to step back, to disidentify, to
release yourself.

You can do this by using the following exercise:

I am not angry at . For the reason I think.
I am not afraid of . For the reason I think.
I am not depressed about .
I am not sad about ..
I am not feeling pain about .. etc.

Use this exercise throughout the day whenever a situation occurs that
causes you discomfort. Keep allowing this phrase "I am never upset for
the reason I think" to come into your mind. This is part of the release
programme. Before sleep, flash through your day and see if there was or
is anywhere you can apply this again.

Practice this exercise at least several times a day.

Remember there are no exceptions, the course does not allow you to
differentiate, it says to apply the exercises to all situations and

THE PRINCIPLES OF MIRACLES - Food for thought, please think about or
meditate upon these principles.

The course aims to develop miracle minded consciousness. In order to do
this we must understand the principles, take them inside ourselves and
reflect on them.

1. There is no order of difficulty in miracles. One is not harder or
bigger than another. They are all the same. All expressions of love are

2. Miracles as such do not matter. The only thing that matters is their
Source. Which is far beyond evaluation.


Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999
From: Honolulu Church of Light <theshift@hula.net>

Please distribute this message to EVERYONE.

"Hands Around the World"

Shifting into High Gear, One Billion for Peace starts with One,
Let it be YOU!

Sunday, October 24, 1999
6:00 PM Hawaii Time
9:00 PM Pacific Time
10:00 PM Mountain Time
11:00 PM Central Time
12:00 AM Eastern Time (Monday)
4:00 AM GMT (Monday)
Global Times: www.inward.com/globe3.html

LIVE GLOBAL BROADCAST at www.inward.com

On Sunday, October 24, 1999 at 6:00 PM Hawaii Time, people around the planet
will gather to create a collective consciousness of peace.

Participants will gather at the Honolulu Church of Light at 6:00 PM, in
private homes worldwide and other public gatherings globally to OM (tone)
simultaneously at 6:10 PM. The event will be BROADCAST LIVE on the Liberty
Works Radio Network during "The Great Shift with Fred Sterling" and through
the Internet at http://www.inward.com and http://www.broadcast.com (click on
Liberty Works Radio Network-LWRN).

Roll Call of Cities: Thank you for letting us know where you will be.
The list is expanding daily, please email: theshift@hula.net to add your

PARTICIPANTS are urged to call toll free (US & Canada) 1-888-999-1787 after
the meditation to share their comments and experiences.

The meditation tones that will be used during the guided prayer/meditation
are: Middle C (2 min.), Lower G (2 min), E (2 min.), Lower E (2 min.), A (2

Guests included on the program with host Fred Sterling are:

James Twyman - Peace troubadour and author of "Emissary of Light" His
mission of peace has included invitations to Baghdad and Northern Ireland
and other parts of the world. His most recent mission brought him to East
Timor where he facilitated a global prayer vigil for the citizens of East

Jonathan Goldman - Pioneer and innovator of sound healing. He will anchor
each of the meditation tones through sonic harmonics. Kirael has asked him
to "put the thrill of light into the beautiful essence that the angels are
going to wrap Mother Earth in during the meditation."

Da Vid MD - Founder, THE LIGHT PARTY, Director of The San Francisco Medical
Research Foundation, The Global Peace Foundation

Jane Starn DrPH, RN - Professor and Director of Health and Healing Center -
University of Hawai'i, Brennan Healing Science Practioner, Coordinator of
"Bridging East & West: Expanding Boundaries in Health Care" - conference on
complementary and alternative health care in Hawai'i

Karma Lekshe Tsomo - Lekshe is a bhikshuni (fully ordained nun) in the
Tibetan Buddhist tradition and is Secretary of Sakyadhita International.
Founder of Jamyang Chöling Institute for Buddhist Women in India,
Coordinator of Dalai Lama's 1994 Hawai'i visit

Honolulu Church of Light
575A Cooke Street
Honolulu, Hawaii USA 96813
Telephone: 808-591-1113
Facsimile: 808-593-1398

Website: http://www.inward.com
Electronic Mail: theshift@hula.net

Date: Sun, 03 Oct 1999
From: Richard Dannelley <vortex@sedona.net>

Sedona Vortex Society electronic newsletter http://www.sedonavortex.org




The main focus of my work as a writer has been to encourage people to
explore the possibilities that the power of Group Consciousness offer us in
regard to healing our planet.

After being involved in this work for several years I came to the
conclusion that some of the concepts I have been promoting have been just
slightly ahead of their time, but that as our social structures begin to
deteriorate masses of people will find nowhere else to look for answers but
within, and Group Consciousness and alignment with higher spiritual forces
would take place. At this point I see one of the most important
glimmerings of the emergence of this new awakening in China.

For more information about my books

I think that one of the most important events on the news horizon is the
recent emergence of the Falun Gong "cult" in Communist China. Founded by
master Li Hongzhi in 1992 Falun Gong may have as many as 100 million
members worldwide, outnumbering members of the communist party in China by
15-20 million!

Since their bold series of demonstrations in 30 major Chinese cities
demanding an end to harassment of their leaders Falun Gong members have
been forced to quit practicing the Qi Gong style of Taoist yoga practices
that have been popularized by their leader Li Hongzhi. Hundreds, if not
thousands of Falun Gong members have also been jailed and many of their
prominent leaders are now facing criminal prosecution and difficult
sentences to the work camps or worse.

Master Li was granted the right to leave China in 1998, after publishing a
book on Falun Gong, Zhuan Falun, that out-sold the biography of former
premier Deng Xiaoping, he now resides in New York City. China has issued
an arrest warrant for Master Li, and is demanding the his arrest and
deportation to China where the government wants to put him on trial for
defrauding the Chinese people.

This book can be downloaded for free at

Master Li claims to have practiced Taoist-style "cultivation of energy"
since he was four years old. Beginning in 1992 he began teaching advanced
style of Qi Gong that he claims leads to rapid states of enlightenment.
Master Li also claims to have paranormal powers such as multiple bodies on
different dimensions and the ability to "travel" to other planets.

I first learned of Falun Gong and Master Li Hongzhi from an April 26, 1999
NEW YORK TIMES cover story. I find the emergence of the Falun Gong cult to
be particularly noteworthy as it appears to be a sign of the emergence of
an anticipated consciousness expansion movement that has the ability to
transform human suffering, through the application of group consciousness.

It is not surprising that a powerful new social movement based on spiritual
values would emerge in China, as many of the people there are at the ends
of their ropes and drowning in social limitation, overwork, poverty and
pollution. This is where people are suffering and desperately looking for
relief, finding that the only place that they can take refuge is within
themselves, and in doing so have found that something profound and
inspiring can blossom: HOPE, not only for themselves but for society as
well. Chinese culture is also in a stage of rapid evolution and growth
that might promote conditions that could lead to the emergence a new paradigm.

Master Li's claims of paranormal god-like powers may, or may not prove to
be authentic, but the power of the millions of people who have been brought
together by Falun Gong should be respected and seen as a significant
glimmer of hope for all humans that feel a planetary awakening of Group
Consciousness is essential for planetary survival.

Various Native American prophesies have predicted that the humanity will be
guided into the New Age by a great leader from the East, Could Master Li
Hongzhi be this man? The Hopi prophesies claim that a great leader will
emerge from the East, and that the symbol of his teachings will be the
swastika! The symbol of the Falung Gong is based on the swastika.

Alice Bailey, originator of the phrase, "New Age," claimed that the symbol
of the new era of enlightenment would be the swastika. In fact, we are
told that this prediction is one the reasons that Adolph Hitler chose
swastika. The Nazis also knew that the swastika is a powerful pictographic
symbol that has the ability to transmit energy in a manner similar to
Sanskrit and Hebrew characters, Ruins and Reiki symbols etc.

It took me a number of years before I was able to admit to myself that the
swastika represents one of the most basic and powerful forces of the
Universe, and that this Universal Power is essentially positive and has a
direct relation to the creation and maintenance of life and order in the
Universe. For want of a better work we can call this energy "Spirit" as it
continuously spirals through time creating space and birthing life.
Kundalini is one aspect of this energy.


Many people choose to be unaware of the United States relation to China.
People who do follow this story are often outraged by the way our
government has handed over a huge amount of America's manufacturing
strength to the Chinese, who often use blatant slave labor to produce
"goods" for United States consumers. I suggest you boycott all as many
"MADE IN CHINA" products as possible and vote for people who support
re-thinking our relation with China.


"The world is watching in disbelief as the Chinese government is putting on
a show trial to sentence innocent Falun Gong practitioners. Lawyers in
China have already been told to not defend these innocent civilians."

"Falun Dafa gives top priority to the cultivation of Xinxing (mind nature)
and its assimilation to ZhenShanRen (Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance), the supreme nature of the Universe."

"It is proven that cultivation of Falun Dafa not only can make one
physically fit and healthy, but also can purify one's mind and elevate one's moral standard. Falun Dafa provides a person with high aspiration, a way to attain enlightenment, and to ascend to higher realms of mind through cultivation."

"Through learning and practicing Falun Dafa, a practitioner acquires a
Falun (the Law Wheel). Falun, an intelligent entity, is a miniature of the cosmos. Falun will revolve automatically and incessantly. Though the practitioner does not practice constantly, Falun never stop refining him, thus achieves the effect of practicing 24 hours a day. This is what is meant "the Law refining the practitioner"

From: Michael Lightweaver <Lightweave@aol.com>
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999
Subject: PAN Additions #417-420


Here is your latest set of new additions to the PAN association. Since
there aren't many additions, changes or bulletin board postings, I have added
a brief article at the very end regarding the Falun Gong meditation group in
China. It is self-explanatory. If you wish to register your thoughts or
feelings about this with the political leaders of China, I have included the
name and e-mail address at the bottom of the article. My guidance is that we
are seeing something extremely important taking place there at this time and
we should really hold this situation in the Light of our prayers, meditations
and ceremonies - and e-mail activism:) If you wish a copy of the letter that
I sent to President Jiang, just let me know.


Michael Lightweaver


Banned China Sect Members Arrested

The Associated Press
October 10, 1999

BEIJING (AP) - Six key members of the banned meditation group Falun Gong have
been arrested in northeastern China and charged with disturbing the social
order and conducting illegal business, an official newspaper reported today.

The China Women's News reported that Xu Yingquan, a provincial Falun Gong
leader in Jilin province, was among those arrested. The report said Xu and
other Falun Gong leaders had gathered more than 10,000 people for a protest
at the Communist Party provincial office in Liaoning. It gave no date for the

The arrests are the latest incident in a crackdown against the popular group.

China's central government conducted a massive propaganda campaign against
Falun Gong after it banned the group in July, condemning it as a threat to
social stability and the Communist Party's control. The campaign - aimed at
making the millions of adherents in China break ties with the group -
promised leniency for those who renounced it and punishment for those who did

Reports of arrests and punishment of leading members have been sketchy. But
the China Women's News report named five other leaders in addition to Xu.
They included three people accused of illegally publishing 210,000 issues of
Falun Gong books, one who took part in several protests and one who set up an
Internet page the day after Falun Gong was banned and appealed to members to
protest at government offices.

The report said the six, all arrested in Jilin, were ``backbone members'' of
the group who refused to recant.

Falun Gong was founded by Li Hongzhi, a native of northeastern China living
in New York. It is a blend of Li's theories and concepts from Buddhism and

It is not known how many members of the group have been detained. Police have
continued to take some of them into custody at Tiananmen Square, where
Chinese traditionally go to appeal to the government for the redress of

On Monday, the Hong Kong-based Information Center for Human Rights and
Democratic Movement in China reported that a Falun Gong member held in
Shandong province was beaten to death in police custody.

To Register Your Opinion Contact:
Jiang Zemin, President
Peoples Republic Of China


From: Guardian@SecretIsland <RonVoreis@mpinet.net>
Subject: "Star-wisdom from Secret Island"

"The Starman Teachings"

For those wandering souls who have always felt different, having
searched for a higher, simpler truth ... it is found in the ancient
teachings of an alien race from a star in our own system, but
beyond our knowing...

Somewhere in the dim past, about a thousand years ago, an alien
starship landed in the desert southwest. Aboard were a beautiful
people, blonde and blue-eyed, very human looking yet different.

A small nomadic tribe of gentle Indians, later called the Anasazi,
were there to greet these alien visitors. Their arrival had been
long expected. The visitors had come to fulfill the prayers of these
meek but rational people, who for years had wandered the deserts
in search of a true religion.

In their searching, the tribe had encountered other tribes like
themselves -- some nomadic, some long settled -- but all holding
different beliefs. To the Anasazi, whose thoughts were so rational,
these beliefs seemed based on the foolish superstitions and empty
rituals of generations past. Other tribes seemed hypnotized and
unthinking; their ancestors had warned that too much thinking
invited terrible demons, that faith in the tribal teachings was their
only salvation.

The Anasazi would have none of this, for their greatest pride was
in thinking for themselves. They instinctively understood that clear
thought led to clear perception, and in the desert, awareness was
crucial. But they were always gracious to their hosts for sharing
cherished beliefs. They left without criticism or judgment. They
allowed all.

For years they wandered, seeking the truth. Each night they prayed
to the stars in the heavens, knowing that surely there was a God to
hear their plea. And finally the answer arrived: on a starship from

The star visitors left one of their own behind, to teach the chosen
tribe of the wonders of a vast and friendly universe...and the secret
of man's hidden powers. They called him "Starman."

He gave them the simple, rational answers they had long sought
and a philosophy so simple they could not believe at first. But
gradually, at his insistence to test and prove the concepts, they
learned to trust all that he had given. In only four seasons they had
transformed themselves into a wondrous, powerful culture that
knew no limitations; they gave up their wandering and settled in a
peaceful canyon, sheltered by high sandstone cliffs. Soon after,
Starman left again for his home in the stars, promising to return
one day when he would take them away to a more perfect world...

The Anasazi were renown as the greatest, most powerful shamans
in the known world. Trade routes from the farthest territories
passed through this legendary place.

The Ancient Ones, as they were called, lived a charmed existence.
They had the power to create or attract anything that suited their
needs, or moved their curiosity. Traders that visited here related
strange stories of miraculous feats and wondrous powers. But the
power never corrupted their gentle, allowing nature.

Starman had taught them about the "circle of life," how all things
shared the same life-force and thus All was One. That man alone
had been given free-choice and the power to create, because he
alone possessed the gift of rational thought. It was little used
though -- in those days, or these!

Then after many generations, the day they had anticipated finally
arrived. The Starman prophecy would at long last be fulfilled ...

It was a peaceful day, much like any other. The sun was directly
above and the wind blew like a lazy ribbon through the canyon.
Suddenly the sky turned from blue to violet, the sun turned blood
red, casting gorgeous flaming shadows over the canyon floor. The
wind blew with the fury of a thousand angel voices. And the
people stopped to look up at the sky--

In a split second their consciousness was changed forever -- they
disappeared from earth and were never seen or heard from again.

Copyright (c) 1999 Ron Voreis

If you would care to learn more about the simple philosophy and
universal truths taught by Starman, you are invited to visit The
Treasure Chest at the URL below:

Secret Island ...
home of the
The Treasure Chest,
website of amazing ~
"Transformation Technology"


From: "Kerry" <successmachine@home.com>
Subject: Watch 60 minutes Oct 24th in Australia
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999

Subject: Press Release from Jasmuheen to International Media

International Press Release

9th October 1999 from Jasmuheen at the Self Empowerment Academy
Australian woman, Jasmuheen challenges the skeptics of the world and embarks
on a massive fund raising drive for Charity!!

About to begin a seven day period under lock and key, where she will neither
eat nor drink; as part of a film profile on her work with the investigative
journalists from Australian 60 Minutes T.V. Show; Jasmuheen challenged the
skeptics societies from around the world to get their cheque books ready!
The 60 Minutes profile is expected to go to air on the 24th October.
She said "There has been so much misinformation spread by some factions of
the global media about my own, and thousands of others, ability to live
purely by the power of the Divine One Within - our DOW - that not only do I
accept the challenge of the New Zealand Rationalists with their offer to
give me NZ$100,000 for going one month under surveillance, without eating
and doing some exercise, that I now invite the skeptics in Switzerland,
Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom and anywhere else in the world, who
would like to participate. Two million would be a good start!"

As she said in a previous press release, "I can think of no better way to
enter the new millennium than by focusing on proving the power of the
Divine". She also stated "All money offered for myself to prove that I do
not need food to survive, will go to a Children's Charity in the country
where the money is being offered."

"My terms are: That myself - and a group of Qi practitioners from around the
world - will go for 33 days on water, we will take no nourishment from any
source except our DOW and we will maintain health during this time as we
engage in our regular exercise activities. Depending on the individual, this
may range from qigong, yoga, dance, weight lifting, tai chi and walking. We
agree to be under scrutiny that will be arranged to the satisfaction of the
challenging parties."

She also called on any members of the public who wish to support this, to
agree to donate US$1 per day to charity, which will be paid at the end of
the 33 days, to contact her in writing at PO Box 737 Kenmore 4069 Australia.
All donations will be held and distributed by an international accounting
firm and the exact date will be advised when sufficient money has been

A long time promoter of self mastery, self responsibility and listening to
the Divine voice within, Jasmuheen said that it was time for people to step
forward and support the development and education about human potential as
all the scientific studies had been done now to prove the power of prana,
the DOW or what the Qigong Masters call Qi emissions. This proof can be
found in the book, "Scientific Qigong Exploration - the Wonders and
Mysteries of Qi" by Nuclear Physicist Professor LU ZUYIN; ISBN 0-9657135-7-1
published in 1997 by Amber Leaf Press Pennsylvania USA -e-mail: alp@op.net
"The correct use of DOW power, and the lifestyle each person can practise to
boost this internal power, will eliminate all health and hunger related
challenges that face our world today" she stated. "I have just completed a 7
year research project, including interviews with over 100 people who have
chosen to live free from the need of food. This research project also looked
at how their lifestyles can be applied to address issues like fund raising
for social welfare problems and world hunger issues. I have also added
research on the work of Austrian Dr Karl Graninger, who studied 23 people
and their ability to be free from the need of food for over 20 years, plus
the research of the bigu phenomena among the qi practitioners as well. My
work encourages respect and honor among humanity, plus promotes decent food,
shelter and holistic education for all."

Upon being accused of being the leader of a cult, the author of 10 books,
stated that "Self mastery is the best answer to all the problems created by
cults. My books encourage people to use personal discernment and learn to
listen to their DOW. It is the DOW that feeds us and allows us to have the
freedom of choice as to if we wish to eat or not."

Bruder Klaus a well known Swiss Saint lived for 18 years without food.
Giri Bala lived in India for over 58 years without taking any food or water.
Therese Nuemann lived for 17 years taking only a sacred wafer each morning.
Maria Furtner of Frasdorf Bavaria lived for 52 years drinking only water.
English Dr Barbara Ann Moore lived for many years without taking food. Ding
Jing of China has lived since age 10 - she's now 17 - without taking any

About to tour Europe and England, Jasmuheen will be holding press
conferences in
Stockholm Sweden the 12th November at 1pm - contact Curt Jonnson at
Basel on the 17th November at 1pm - contact Sphinx Workshops at
Munich - the 25th November at 3pm - contact Konrad Halbig at
London - the 29th November at 2pm - contact Gerd Lange at
Jasmuheen is available for live television and radio interviews outside
Australia between the 21st and 31st of October.

For serious journalists wishing to obtain Jasmuheen's previous press
statements relating to the deaths of 3 people who have been associated with
the 21 day process, they will find these in the media section of the C.I.A.
site (the Cosmic Internet Academy) at http://www.selfempowermentacademy.com.au