September 19, 1999

Subject: The Mystical Files - James Twyman's experience with the Madonna in Serbia and Kosovo + Excerpts from his forthcoming book + a few words from the Next Teacher

Hello everyone

Now as a counterpoint to the last BIOWARFARE email's gloomy nature, I'd like to briefly introduce you all to a powerful beacon of hope that is now shining on the horizon of our near future. Many of you are now familiar with the numerous peace missions of James Twyman. Tomorrow, we will have another opportunity to join our minds and hearts to assist in the spiritual transformation now sweeping the world and reaching out to the desolated land of East Timor with a message of love and compassion. I feel it is an auspicious moment to introduce you all to a more profound aspect of James Twyman's vital work and mission.

Going through this material below, you will discover the real story behind his many peace missions. The first part comes from a most excellent magazine I've been subscribing to for the last 15 years - Share International. The second part is taken from a portion of James' forthcoming new book. This will definitely blow your mind and heart open. Finally, I took another segment from the Emergence Online newsletter, hoping you'll find an inner resonance with this and feel the living truth shining within you.

Love is... and will always be

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


Peace Troubadour James Twyman will travel to the Indonesian Islands on September, 20 to focus a world-wide prayer vigil for the citizens of East Timor. On September 21, at 6pm New York time, millions of people will join James for a ten minute meditation, intiating an enormous wave of peace more powerful than any military intervention.

There will be a live broadcast of this event at:

From: Share International <>

The Emergence Online
September 1999 issue

This newsletter is produced and distributed free to subscribers
in over 43 countries by volunteers from the world-wide Emergence
Network who support Benjamin Creme's work of informing the
public about Maitreya, the World Teacher, His teachings, and the
events surrounding His gradual, public emergence.


(The following is excerpted from the current hard-copy issue of Share International magazine.)


In His Message of November 1977, Maitreya said: "Those who
search for signs will find them". Ever since, an increasing
number of miraculous phenomena have flooded the world:
appearances, crosses of light, healing wells, weeping icons and

In May 1988, an associate of Maitreya stated in Share
International: "The signs of Maitreya's presence in the world
will continue to increase. He is going to flood the world with
such happenings that the mind can never comprehend it."

"Know that the Light is in the world"

Almost 17 years after the Madonna first appeared in Medjugorje,
Yugoslavia, American wandering peace minstrel James Twyman was
participating in students' protests against Slobodan Milosevic
in the city-centre of Belgrade. There he met "the most beautiful
woman" he had ever seen, a Serbian student who seemed to know
everything about him. During the march across the city she told
him: "Don't trust whatever appears before your eyes, for the
truth lies behind this sight. Look beyond appearances and you
will receive something which is closer to the truth." She said
he would see her again soon and suddenly disappeared in the

A few days later Twyman was on the Hill of Appearances in
Medjugorje to plant a peace pole when he heard footsteps behind
him. As he turned around he saw the same blond-haired young
woman whom he had met in Belgrade. Says Twyman: "I felt the same
overwhelming sensation as during our first encounter. Then I
realized what was really going on." The woman asked him why he
should be so surprised. She reminded Twyman of something he had
said at the age of 12: "You were outside the church waiting for
your mother. You said you gave yourself to me and you wanted to
be used to bring people to God. You forgot your promise, but I
didn't." When Twyman considered the fact that the Madonna looked
totally different from Her Medjugorje appearances in 1981, She
promptly replied: "God always works in ways we can understand.
To Croatian children who only know their catechism I appear as
the Queen of Peace with a rosary. But the message is always the
same. The form is not important, the energy is."

When he met Her again the next day, the Madonna told him about
the imminent genocide in Kosovo and the deportation of tens of
thousands of people which would not take place until months
later. "Do not tell these things to others just yet. Only know
that the Light has come into the world and that the night is
almost over." When She turned to him once more before leaving,
She said: "Trust Me and know how much I rely on you."

In April 1999 Twyman was miraculously granted permission to
visit the Brazde refugee camp in Skopje, where some 35,000
people were staying. Shortly before his performance he was
walking around the camp with a friend, handing out chocolate
bars in a desperate attempt to bring some relief and solace,
when an old lady in one of the tents beckoned him. "Are you
looking for me?" She asked him in English. "I don't think so,"
replied Twyman. "Are you looking for me?" She asked him again.
The twinkling in her eyes seemed familiar to him. "When I looked
beyond the outer mask, I saw an unfathomable depth. It was She.
It wasn't an old lady at all. 'You are not an old lady...' "
Then he remembered that the essence of all She had taught him
was to discover the divine in everything, in ordinary things.
"That's right," She said with a toothless smile. "Look beyond
the phenomenon and see My face in everything, every time."

In the book Twyman has written about his experiences, he also
describes his first visit to war-torn Sarajevo and how he came
in contact with an age-old mystic community called the
Emissaries of Light. "They said that the time had come for
humanity to accept a new view of peace which would transform the
world. They said that Someone is coming, for me and for the
whole world, and that this person will help us with this
transformation of the world," writes Twyman. (Source: *Limburgs
Dagblad*, the Netherlands)

And from James Twyman's forthcoming book, we find this:

The Secret of the Beloved Disciple

(pre-publication, unedited copy)

By James F. Twyman

A letter from James Twyman:

Thank you for accessing this series of excerpts from this new unpublished book. The trade paper version will be released sometime in early 2000, but the timeliness of the issues covered in this story has led me to attempt something unprecedented. I believe it is extremely important that people get this information now, not ten months or a year from now. Therefore, I want to make this edited version available to as many people as possible. It is one way we can begin to understand what is really happening, and give us answers on how we can move forward into a new world.

We have the power to shift the terrible events that are taking place in Kosovo, and the whole world, only if we understand the energetic foundation that has caused them. Over the last three years I have had the privilege of performing "The Peace Concert" in many of the places where these tragedies are now taking place. There is a common thread that binds them together, and once that thread is cut the entire fabric will unravel. My goal is to help you understand what is "really" happening, the long energetic history that is just now being revealed. Then we will have the power to change things from the source, and the world itself will change.

This book has not been fully edited and I ask you to forgive the many mistakes and possible inaccuracies. Please pass this version to anyone and everyone you can. The internet is a powerful tool and should be used appropriately. Let everyone know that we are not helpless, but that we have the ability to create the world of our dreams.

May Peace Prevail on Earth!


From the Introduction:

This is a true story that I believe supports the changing rhythm of our time. Over the last four years I have had experiences I never thought were possible. And all these experiences have led me here, to writing this short book, to sharing what I believe is one of the most important messages of our time. It is the story of how three people responded to an inner call, the call of the Mother, and how it brought them together and inspired them to strive toward what is perhaps the highest ideal we can imagine: to be instruments of peace. I am one of those people, the second is Fr. John, a priest from Los Angeles, and the third is Jacqueline Ripstein, a talented and renowned artist from Mexico.

It is easy now, in retrospect, to see how we were led along different paths, only to merge in the end, like three great rivers that wind along for countless miles before flowing effortlessly into the ocean. That, in fact, is the real message of this book. We all find ourselves walking the solitary path of our own desires and dreams, but in the end we discover that we are One, walking together toward One God. This is what the ancient cultures foresaw, and this is what we see happening all around us, in every country and in every religion.

We are not so far apart after all, and the more we focus on the ways we are the same rather than the ways we are different, the closer we come to reality itself. This has always been Her message, the woman who has come to assist us in our transformation. This story has been told in many ways, by many different people, and yet the essence has always remained the same. We are ready to create the world of our dreams, but only if we are willing to lay aside the separating beliefs that have kept us in darkness.

This book is divided into three sections:

The first section covers my own journey and how I was led to discover the amazing secret of the Order of the Beloved Disciple. It begins in 1994 when I accepted a commission to become the "Peace Troubadour," traveling the world singing peace prayers from the twelve major religions which I had arranged to music. A year later, while performing throughout former Yugoslavia, I was led to an ancient community of mystics who called themselves the "Emissaries of Light." They said that the time had come for humanity to accept a new vision of peace that would transform the world. They said that someone was coming, for me and for all the world, and that that person would assist in this global transformation.

Over the next several years I traveled the world performing, teaching and sharing this message, waiting for that "someone" to arrive. I met Fr. John, the eclectic priest who had also dedicated his life to traveling the world promoting peace, and together we left for Serbia armed with nothing but a six-foot pole baring the phrase, "May Peace Prevail on Earth." Many extraordinary events began to unfold, all culminating in November of 1998 when I saw the painting that changed my life forever.

The second section is the story of Jacqueline Ripstein, the visionary artist who would transfer the message and energy of Our Lady onto a simple painter's canvas. As a Jewish artist from Mexico she wondered why she was commissioned by the Church to paint "Our Lady of the Universe." She wanted a sign, a Divine signal that would show her God's will. The many signs she received were undeniable, and they inspired her to put her talent to the ultimate test. When the painting was first displayed, hundreds of people were overwhelmed by its transformational power. Priests fell down in prayer in front of the painting, unable to move. Dozens of people began crying uncontrollably, and others reported being able to feel "Our Lady's pulse" when they touched her wrist. It became clear that this was no ordinary painting, and Jacqueline herself would undergo may trials as she accepted her own role as an "instrument of peace."

The third section marks the point these three rivers finally meet. I was asked to write a song that would be used to promote Jacqueline's painting. No one knew that my decision would be the final link the Mother needed to fulfill her mission. While meditating with the picture on a flight from Denver to San Francisco, I was shown her whole plan--the way she intended to use art and music to bring people into direct communication with the Divine feminine nature of God. A succession of three miraculous phone calls showed me the reality of my "vision," and two days later I performed a concert that changed everything.

Finally, the fourth section was written when I thought the book was already finished. The same thing had occurred when I wrote the book "Emissary of Light." As soon as I thought it was over, as soon as the dust had settled and it seemed I had everything I needed to tell an amazing story with an important, life-changing message, something would happen and I would be off to the races again. In this case I found myself drawn to the border of Kosovo and Mesadonia at the same time that hundreds of thousands of refugees were trying to escape the ethnic warfare unleashed on them by the Serbian military machine. Everything came together during that trip; all the lessons I learned and insights I gained were both put to he test and fulfilled in one journey. I realized that the Emissaries were right --- we really are ready to create a New World. That is the real message of this book.

It is my goal to express these experiences as accurately as I can. Though this is a true story, certain elements were altered to protect the privacy of some of the characters, as well as add to the general rhythm of the story. Everything I have written, then, is either totally true, or is at least based on true events. I encourage you to look within and decide for yourself what you believe is real. I ask only that you "feel" the message of Our Lady, rather than try to intellectually determine its validity. God's voice is heard in the soul, is then experienced by our feelings, and is finally judged by the mind. Therefore, the mind is twice removed from the actual truth.

I admit that much of what you are about to read does not make sense from a physical/perceptual point of view. That's why it's miraculous, for miracles transcend the physical world and bring us a step closer to the Divine. Therefore, just for a little while, let your judgments go and enter into this story with an open mind. Let the Mother reveal herself to you in whatever way she sees fit. Then you will know the truth directly, not because I have said it is so, but because you believe.

The Emissary Message and 'The Next Teacher':

[The beginning of the book covers many of the events that led me to the summer of 1995 when I was invited to former Yugoslavia to meet the Emissaries of Light. All of this information is covered in the book, "Emissary of Light, A Vision of Peace" published by Warner Books. During the twelve days I was with these masters I had the privilege of conversing daily with the one called "Teacher," the leader of the community.]

"So what is the message you want the world to hear?" I asked Teacher.

"There are two simple truths people need to accept if they are to move effortlessly into the New World, the world which is based on the laws of love. You will tell people these truths in whatever way you choose. There are many that have chosen to take the important step of becoming the 'New Emissaries,' and these people will understand. They are the ones you are being sent to help, and they will not misinterpret the simplicity of the message, but will be enlivened by it."

And then Teacher told me the Emissary message, the two simple truths that changed my life. In the last three years I have traveled around the world expressing these truths in any way I can. They have changed the lives of many, simply because we're finally ready to hear them.

"The first message can be said in two words -- You're Ready. You are ready to release the fearful beliefs that have kept you bound to the concept of separation. You are ready to accept the reality of love that is the foundation of your existence. And you are ready to give love to everyone in every way, for that is the only way you will fully experience it for yourself. These two words, so easily overlooked, are the catalyst that triggers your experience of a New World, a world where hatred and war are forgotten, and peace is the only law.

"The second message can be said in only three words -- You Are Holy. Who you really are, the essence that God perceives, is beyond the scope of your imagination. If you are one with the Divine Pulse of creation, then you are also one with the holiness of God. That cannot change, simply because God cannot change. When you realize this, when you begin to perceive this truth within everyone you meet, including yourself, then the world will change by itself. You will watch the miracle of love unfold before your eyes, simply because you have affirmed what is true, that you are one with God, and therefore with everyone. You are holy, and that cannot change. Rejoice in that knowledge, for it is the foundation of the New World, the world you are about to enter."

Then he said something I will never forget, words that haunted my memory for the next three years.

"And when you accept these messages, that you are ready, and that the truth in you is the very essence of holiness, then you will recognize the next teacher--the Messenger of Love. It is this teacher who will take you through the Door of Eternity, to the very seat of the soul. When you and others have opened your heart to this experience, then humanity will enter a new era, one that is ruled by compassion and grace. At that time you will understand everything, not with your mind but with your heart."

"What is the Door of Eternity?" I asked.

"It is a doorway to the real world, a bridge that connects this world with your true home, what you would call Heaven. It has always been right in front of you, waiting for you to enter. But you have been convinced that you must die to enter, as if your body is the barrier keeping you from the joy God would give you. The only barrier blocking your entry is fear. When you release the fearful patterns that have ruled your life and accept the love that binds you to the Divine, then Heaven will sweep you up like a mother does her child. You are like the child that stands crying because it believes it wants to be alone. It is your mother's arms you seek, not loneliness. In your arrogance you have denied the love that would set you free. And yet that love has never left you, waiting for the moment when you would open your eyes and accept it."

"How do I enter that door?"

"I cannot tell you. The next teacher will explain everything. You will have to go through many trials before that one comes to you, but when you are ready, when humanity itself is ready, the Door will open and Heaven will have it's way."

Many extraordinary things happened during my days with the Emissaries of Light, but the words I heard from Teacher that particular day changed everything. I knew that I would devote my life to sharing their message, but I couldn't have guessed what lay ahead, all the adventures and challenges. There I was, at the very heart of a war I didn't understand, an ethnic conflict that seemed to contradict everything the Emissaries said to me. There were still many questions, and yet something tremendous happened to me in the mountains of Bosnia, and all I wanted to do was share it.

Invitation to Serbia and the 'Zagreb Mandala':

The book Emissary of Light was published a year later. I began traveling around the world telling people the two simple truths the Emissaries shared with me. Before long I found myself being invited to more countries experiencing extreme violence, and the Peace Concert began to have an incredible impact on international politics. Saddam Hussein, the beleaguered president of Iraq, invited me to perform the Peace Concert in Baghdad the same week another war seemed inevitable. Days later I received an invitation from a government official in Northern Ireland to sing at Stormont Castle in Belfast during the peace talks there. Concerts in Jerusalem, Brazil, Mexico, and the United Nations also proved that there was something incredible happening to us all. Each time I performed, millions of people would gather around the world in small groups, in churches, in their homes, and even through the Internet, to pray for peace. And each time a powerful pulse echoed through the world calling humanity to awaken the spirit of compassion and forgiveness.

But there was one question I kept asking myself: Who is "the next teacher" Teacher spoke about. . .the "Messenger of Love?" He said that this teacher would symbolize the shift in consciousness from fear to compassion, and I began to sense that this teacher was not for me alone, but for the whole world. Impatience tugged at my heart. When would I meet the one who would take me through the "Door?"


"Maria, if you're here, please show yourself. I need you. I've always needed you. Show me what to do in this sad place. Show me how to be truly helpful. Use me to touch these people and bring them some comfort. I can feel you as if you're right beside me. If you are, if you're really here, then let me know somehow."

Just then I glanced toward one of the tents and saw an old woman crawling out on her hands and knees. Our eyes connected just as she sat up, positioning herself next to a small baby sleeping on a pile of blankets. She smiled and motioned for me to come over to her. Hesitantly I walked in her direction and stopped a few feet from her side.

"Are you looking for me?" she asked in English.

"I don't think so," I said to her. "I'm just walking "

"Are you looking for me?" she asked again.

There was a gleam in her eye that was familiar, and when I looked past the outer mask I could feel an unfathomable depth. It was her. It was not an old woman at all. It was Maria, the Beloved.

"Yes, I am looking for you. But how can you be "

"Remember what I said to you," she said. "When you first saw me in Belgrade, how did I appear?"

"As a student?"

"As an ordinary student, and you didn't recognize me. Then on the hill in Medjugorje I explained the essence of my whole teaching. Do you remember what it was?"

"Yes. You said to find the Divine in everyone, in the ordinary."

"That's right," she said with a toothless smile. "Look past the appearance and see my face in everyone, at all times."

Suddenly the woman's eyes changed and she looked at me strangely. She began to speak to me, but not in English. Maria was gone, and the old woman had returned. I held out a chocolate bar, then stood up to leave.

"Where are you going?" a middle aged man said as I passed him. "Walk with me for a moment."

I looked into his eyes and was utterly amazed. They were her eyes, the same glowing orbs of light I had seen many times before. She was actually bouncing from one person to another, and in doing so was teaching me the most essential lesson of all.

"There is only one real gift you can give them," he said. "The food you bring will feed only their bodies, but if you are willing to look deeper, past the masks and egos, then you will perceive the truth in them. That is when you will truly be of service, for that's what they want most of all. Look at this body in front of you now. It is tired and rugged, exhausted from days and weeks of trying to stay alive. You can give him one of your chocolate bars if you want, but it will not solve the real problem. But if you look to the truth in him, the essence where I am right now, then a spark will come alive that has the power to transform his life. You can do that simply by looking past all the ways he seems different and separate from you. Focus on the ways you are the same, and that sameness will take you to the soul where all reality is one."

Once again the look was gone and the man stared at me strangely, as if he had just woken up from a dream. I smiled at him then turned away, wondering where she went.

"Over here," I heard a voice say. I saw a small girl sitting alone next to a tent smiling at me. I walked over and sat down at her side.

"Maria, is that you?"

"I'm whoever you want me to be," she said. "Even your definition of Maria is a limitation. You need to let go of even that and embrace the formless reality that is just beyond all appearances. You think that Maria is different than Jimmy, or this little girl. There is no Maria, and there is no Jimmy. There is only the Divine. There is only Light. The world is a game, but you can't enjoy the game until you realize that. Even here, in this desperate place, you are challenged to look past everything and see the truth.

"Do you really want to be an Emissary of Light?" she continued. "Well this is how it happens: Let go of every idea of who you think I am, who you think God is, and who you think you are. Let it all go, and see the world through the eyes of God, the eyes that see everyone as the same, blanketed in holiness and grace. Then you will understand what it really means to be an Emissary. Then you'll assume your own role as a Teacher of God."

"Maria, I understand what you're saying, but I'm still so far away. I still need your help to do these things."

"You don't need my help," a young woman said who walked up to my side. I stood up from the child and looked at her. "Look into my eyes," she continued. "What do you see?"

"I see two eyes, brown "

"Look deeper, look past the physical eyes to the truth. Look at the Face behind the face, the Light behind all lights."

I felt my gaze soften and my focus deepen. Her eyes seemed to glow, and just for an instant I was no longer standing there next to the tent, or in front of a young woman. I could see the Door of Eternity. It was the same Door Teacher showed me the last time I ever saw him, the Door that leads to the real world. I was afraid of it then, but now it was calling me forward, pulling me in with such power that I could not resist. The Light seemed to envelope me, and I felt the most fantastic sense of freedom and joy. I can never describe what it was like, but in that moment everything made sense, and I understood everything.

"You're feeling Heaven," she said to me. "You don't need to die to feel the truth pulse through your veins. You just need to release your fear, then enter the Door of Eternity through the person right in front of you. I am always there God is always there. You just need to be willing to look, and then you will see the only face there is to see -- the face of the Divine."

"It's so simple, and so real," I was able to say. "How could I have missed this before?"

"Because you were afraid to look. Don't ever be afraid again, Jimmy. Everything is about to change, and you need to be ready for those changes. How else can you complete your mission?"

"What is my mission?" I asked her.

"You will see," she said. "It's not over yet, in fact it has only just begun. I can never leave you you only need to look into another's eyes and you will see me again. Keep moving forward, and tell everyone to keep moving toward the Light. Humanity stands at the brink of reality itself. This is the time you've been waiting for. This is the moment when you wake up to the truth. Thank God for this chance, for you have journeyed a great distance to be here."

The young girl's face suddenly changed and I knew Maria was gone. But was she really? I smiled at her and she smiled back at me. It was a real smile, not put on or condescending. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a chocolate bar, then held it out to her.


From James Twyman:

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read this edited version of "The Secret of the Beloved Disciple." I hope it has answered some questions, and provided some tools for transmuting the energies that seem to be blocking our entry into the New World. We have the ability, if we stand together, to finally achieve that world. My experiences with the Emissaries and Maria have taught me that. I hope you feel the same.

The book itself will be available towards the end of 1999 and can be pre-ordered directly from publisher Findhorn Press. Copies ordered prior to November 15 will be sold at a 40% discount"

You can download James Twyman book by going to:




Maitreya says: "May the Divine Light and Love and Power of the
One and Holy God be now manifest within you hearts and minds.
May this manifestation lead you to seek and to find that which
dwells ever within you. Know That as the Self and make It manifest."

From 1988 through 1992, Share International magazine published
a series of interviews containing a wealth of information from
Maitreya. The material was relayed to two London-based
journalists by a close associate of Maitreya, with the intent of
making this information more widely known. The following
material originally appeared in those interviews.

A Note of Explanation

The terms "I," "Me" or "My" are used when Maitreya is referring
to Himself and that which He represents and embodies. The
following text is a blend of direct quotes from Maitreya and
remarks from the "close associate" whose task it was to pass on
the information to the London-based journalists. Quotation
marks are omitted for the sake of continuity.

"Do Not Run After Me"

Maitreya says: I do not want you to believe in Me. First
experience Me within you. When you experience Me then you
become aware of My presence within you. It is not a matter of
belief first.

The Master is within you. If you follow the disciplines of life
the Teacher teaches you, the Master reveals Himself within you.
Do not be attached to the human form. The living truth is a
matter of experience.

In Maitreya's view, titles like "the Messiah" can lead to
illusion. Although some may find the qualities of Jesus in Him:
Those who look for Me as a Teacher are nearer the mark, for that
is what I am. I seek to express that which I am through you;
for this I come. Maitreya adds: I cannot be monopolized. I
belong to everyone. I have not come to found a new religion.
Each of you should continue to develop within your own religious
tradition. I have not come to create followers. Even when you
see Me, do not run after Me. If you run after Me, you will lose
Me. I have come to teach the art of Self-realization. This is
neither an ideology nor a religion, and benefits people of all
religions and none.

I belong to everyone. I do not want you to accept or reject me.
It is your inner experience which counts. Every individual will
find he can make his contribution to society.


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