March 26, 2001

Mysteries and Miracles: Awesome zen flash site + An Invitation to create an energy field of Love + A Feedback + Giant crystal cave discovered + Request for Assistance re New miracle - mysterious circles of light + Book review: CROP CIRCLE YEAR BOOK 2000 - A pictorial tour of crop circles and their landscapes + Amazing "glass worm" photo taken recently by the Mars Global Surveyor + The Dalai Lama on your Desktop! from the Enigma Channel + Some words about TRUTH from the Pathwork Guide + Prayer of St. Francis (updated)

Hello everyone

This one contains a wallopingly a-m-a-z-i-n-g load of information and URL resources to explore. Anyone taking the time to read all this mind-blowing stuff and explore all the webpages suggested will experience quite a heart-changing wonder-full time, believe me! Some of it may be quite disturbing to some though. See the explanations on the attached picture in "Amazing "glass worm" photo taken recently by the Mars Global Surveyor" below.

Enjoy and share!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator
and Focus Group Facilitator

"Knowledge is proud that he has learned so much, wisdom is humble that he knows no more".

- Thomas Cowper

P.S. For your information, I've sent the following yesterday to my media list:

Subject: Special Media Compilation #2: PBS TV Broadcast this coming Monday evening: "Trade Secrets": The Latest in a Long Line of Conspiracies charges + NRDC Blasts Proposal Allowing Deployment of Controversial Navy Sonar Program + Another Approach to Foot & Mouth Disease + The Case for and against vaccination of FMD - BBC London: The pointless slaughter? + Why are animals in Britain not being vaccinated against foot-and-mouth disease? + Medicines Intended for Humans May Contain Mad Cow + GE Alert -- Apr. 3 Deadline for sending critical comments to the FDA about their new set of pro-industry rules on genetically engineered (GE) foods + Doctor Joke

To review it go at
(FYI: Some parts of this Media Compilation will be included in coming ERN compilations)

IMPORTANT: If you live in North America, don't miss the special 2-hour broadcast "Trade Secrets" on PBS this Monday evening both at 9pm (East Coast time) and repeated at 1am!



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From: "steve diamond" <>
Subject: Fwd: Contemplate This .... Simple yet awesome zen flash site
Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2001=

dear friends,

here's something awesome. check it out, love and peace, steve diamond

"one day in peace, january 1"
approved by u.s. congress

Note from Jean: It is *indeed* awesome. Give it a look and be patient enough to go to the end of it.

THE FOLLOWING SEEMS TO BE IN SYNCH WITH SEVERAL OTHER EMAILS RECEIVED THESE PAST FEW DAYS - SEVERAL TO HELP BALANCE THE EARTH'S LIFE FIELD AND ANIMAL KINGDOM ETHERIC REALM AFFECTED BY THE MASS SLAUGHTER OF ANIMALS IN ENGLAND -- (see A MESSAGE OF LOVE AND COMPASSION FOR GAIA at - this material is hot, dizzingly astounding stuff! - includes comments about the Final Grand Shift in 2012 and MUCH MUCH more in the links at the bottom to other articles); ANOTHER ONE IS ABOUT HEALING A "WOUND" INFLICTED A FEW DAYS AGO TO THE PLANET BY A GLOBE-CIRCLING NETWORK OF HAARP MILITARY ARRAYS (HAARP = High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program, a $30 million experiment involving the world's largest "ionospheric heater," a prototype device designed to zap the skies hundreds of miles above the earth with high-frequency radio waves, comprising 180 towers, 72 feet in height, forming a "high-power, high frequency phased array radio transmitter" capable of beaming in the 2.5-10 megahertz frequency range, at more than 3 gigawatts of power - 3 billion watts). According to some researchers HAARP also involves piercing through the ionosphere to create portals for inter-dimensional travel (?!!). ALL THOSE EMAILS REQUIRED AN URGENT TRANSFUSION OF LOVE AND HEALING ENERGIES INTO TERRA/GAIA (More details on this exotic and dangerous technology (akin to the LFAS technology) at -- HAARP: VANDALISM IN THE SKY? -- see also: (HAARP homepage; includes pictures) - - (Not related to HAARP - it's about alleged military mind-altering technology) - (More pics and good explanations) AND with the latest Updates on what *may* have happened -- "the HAARP array caused a "rift in space-time" on March 4" according to some rumors. More HAARP info at

From: "Maggie Erotokritou" <>
Subject: Re: An Invitation to create an energy field of Love - Maggie
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001

Dear Jean, If you would like to pass this on to your network I would appreciate it. Many blessings, Maggie


Dear Friends and Lightworkers,

We have all been feeling a great shift taking place, those who are sensitive can feel it inside them. It is like a massive cleansing, trying to push to the surface what needs to be released and cleansed. For many this process has been very uncomfortable but through meditation and other spiritual practices we can receive the help to stay centered, focused and clear. For the last year or so I have been working on myself, with different groups and individuals trying to help with this release and cleansing process. It has been a very intense time.

The last few days I have felt a subtle shift, a new energy coming in and that the tide is turning. This doesn't mean the self work will be less but rather than the focus is changing. During meditation I was asked to set up an energy field of love. I have been hearing this very subtly for the last few weeks, wrote it down and put it aside. On Sunday, it came through very clearly that now is the time to start really working with the love energy. It also reminds me that when I was first asked to set up the Women's Spiritual Network that I was told that we would work with love energy when the time was right but that many seeds would need to be planted first.

We stand on the brink of new possibilities, it is an exciting time in consciousness. If you would like to explore this with me please contact me and I will probably send out a new list.

In love and light,

Maggie Erotokritou
The Women's Spiritual Network
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From: "Irene Alomar" <>
Subject: RE: Miscellaneous Subjects #66
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001


I get so confused; on the one hand I react to all these injustices and even comment on them and on the other hand I read articles explaining that the world is just HOW we see it and it is an illusion and through focusing on the negative sides we increase it. Maybe this forum is meant to be showing this to us and to make a decision how to look at the world and ourselves and then stay with this view I wish I could but maybe part of growing up is to be in this place/position for the time being but have as a goal SEEING as an ILLUSION. How do I know ? If had known I would not be asking these questions - of course learning learning and expanding in the awareness - but it is important to read also.

Lots of blessings to all of you who are creating a forum.



Thanks for your comment Irene. I can appreciate how difficult it is to be faced with so much information and remembering that all this is merely a grand karmic drama meant to teach our souls vital lessons as a way to foster our own spiritual growth.

We knew all along that it would be difficult when we chose once again to come down here. But then, without such extreme challenges, the learning would not occur as quickly.

It might all seem confusing now but rest assured, some day - or the very next second - we shall understand all this very clearly through the Light of Love...




Monday, 12 June, 2000,
Giant crystal cave discovered

So clear, you can read text through the crystals A gigantic cave of crystals has been discovered in an old silver mine in Spain. The geode, which is eight metres (26ft) long and crammed full of gypsum prisms, has been put under police guard to prevent souvenir hunters from raiding the extraordinary natural phenomenon.

The geologist who announced the find, Javier Garcia-Guinea, wants to turn the site into a tourist attraction. He told BBC News Online that up to 10 people could sit inside the geode - an object normally small enough to hold in your hands.

"Bending your body between the huge crystals is an incredible sensation," he said. "When I was young I dreamt of flying, but never to go into a geode internally covered with transparent crystals."

Rumours of the existence of a giant gypsum geode had been circulating among mineral collectors since December. But it was only on 28 May that Javier Garcia-Guinea, from the Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) in Madrid, finally managed to track down the cave.

"The crystals are absolutely transparent and perfect," he said. The geologist has searched the international literature and can find no other object to compare in size.

The geode - essentially a rock cavity which has become lined with crystalline deposits - is eight meters in length, 1.8 metres wide and 1.7 metres high (26 feet by six by six). The crystals of gypsum - hydrous calcium sulphate - are about half a metre in length.

Javier Garcia-Guinea is concerned about theft

The giant geode may have formed at the same time as a geological event called the Messinian salinity crisis. At this time, about six million years ago, the Mediterranean Ocean evaporated, depositing thick layers of salts. The same, salt-saturated fluids could have filled up the Spanish geode, which lies near the coast.

The drying out of the Mediterranean was probably caused by a restriction in the straits of Gibraltar, the sea's only connection with rest of the Earth's oceans. Javier Garcia-Guinea has blocked the entrance to the geode with five tonnes of rock and called in the police to guard the location. After a period of scientific study, he hopes the cave can be turned into a major local tourist attraction.

"The next possibility is to drill a hole to fix a window in the geode to show the tourists. Almeria is little town with nice beaches just four kilometres from the mine and is well known to English holidaymakers." The crystal are made from hydrous calcium sulphate

All photos courtesy of Javier Garcia-Guinea

Terry Beyers <> sent the following to me

Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001
Subject: Request for Assistance

HI everyone. Most of you know i'm working for the Spirit of Ma'at E-zine ( as managing editor for Drunvalo. I'm doing some research for an upcoming issue and I need your help.

I've recently had a woman in Vermont report seeing "circles of light" or "light geometries" that show up on the side of buildings in her area. This has been going on for about 2 years or more and this phenomonon has been now happening in other countries and states here in the U.S. as well. It has been photographed so its not just a figment of someone's imagination. Something is happening we just don't know what.

If you, or anyone you know has any information on this, has seen something like this or if you know of any websites, photographs on this, please would you email me as soon as possible? I'm going to Vermont soon to take some digital photos of this and would love to know first-hand if this is occuring other places as well.

Please feel free to pass this request on to your network. Thanks
Peace and Love
Diane Cooper
Managing Editor
Spirit of Ma'at

Dear Diane Cooper

I've read about similar phenomenons for years in the Share International magazine, and I have even seen a video (made about 8 years ago) about crosses of light appearing in windows of various houses. What you describe is I believe the same thing and I recommend you check the pictures and related articles in this magazine to find out more on this.

Here are the URLs to check - especially the first ones - articles quoted entirely below:

<> New miracle - mysterious circles of light Share International, Commentary No. 5; February 2001  Circles of light with even-armed crosses within each are the latest miraculous phenomena created by Maitreya to signal the presence of the Masters in the everyday world.

Here is the article from

Share International
P.O. Box 971, N. Hollywood, CA 91603 USA Commentary No. 5 • February 2001

New miracle – mysterious circles of light

Mysterious and beautiful patterns of light have been observed in towns and cities throughout the northeastern United States. From Long Island, New York, Burlington, Vermont and numerous locations in the state of Rhode Island, residents have observed unexplainable geometric light patterns. Most of the shapes are formed from light reflected from the windows of adjacent homes. They move as the angle of the sun changes, and may also appear on the ground.

JD Rabbit, a Vermont resident, has been investigating this phenomenon since she first learned of it in 1999. Light patterns in five northeastern states have been discovered by her or reported to her, with about 150 patterns seen in Burlington, Vermont alone and over 400 noted in Rhode Island. Sightings are no longer confined to New England, however, as new reports and photos have come from Denver, Philadelphia and Edinburgh, Scotland. "Typically there is a sense of awe when one observes these beautiful manifestations," JD states in a recent article in Share International magazine. "Persons familiar with sacred geometry have identified such forms as the vesica pisces, or Flower of Life, within some of the designs."

For nearly 20 years, Share International has been reporting on miraculous phenomena manifesting throughout the world. Weeping and bleeding statues, healing crosses of light, the births of white buffalo calves and a red heifer, Hindu icons which appear to drink milk, and non-religious happenings such as the discovery of healing springs of water, and the numerous and intricate crop circles, are all signs that have touched millions.

According to Benjamin Creme, editor of Share International magazine, these signs signal the presence in the world today of a great teacher. At critical times throughout history great teachers such as Gautama Buddha, Krishna, Jesus Christ and Mohammed have emerged to show humanity the way forward. Creme states that another such teacher has come now to guide us through our present difficult times. "The Teacher's name is Maitreya," he says, "and together with his group, known as the Masters of Wisdom, he will inspire humanity to re-create its political, economic and social structures so that all people can have the basic necessities of life: food, housing, health care and education. "This is simpler than you might imagine if humanity will begin to see itself as one family and adopt the principle of sharing."

Creme says "these light images are created by Maitreya ..." In May 1988, an associate of Maitreya was quoted in Share International magazine as stating: "The signs of Maitreya's presence in the world will continue to increase. He is going to flood the world with such happenings that the mind can never comprehend it." The circles of light are the most recently discovered of these miraculous phenomena.

To view two photos of Circles of light in Denver, Colorado (make sure to view these 2 amazing pictures of this most beautiful Light effect), go at:

Other articles:

Cross of light in Australia

See also this fascinating phenomenon:

<> Energy vortex
Photos showing unusual phenomena created by an energy vortex at "The House of Mystery" in Montana, USA. (407 words)

From the January/February 2001 issue of Share International

See also the beautiful and mesmerizing (black and white) pictures of some of the hundreds of crop circles create in 2000 in the UK and around the world at this URL where the following book review is to be found -- or better, visit the Crop Circle Connector website at to see them in color:

Also from the January/February 2001 issue of Share International

A pictorial tour of crop circles and their landscapes

A book review by Gill Fry

The beauty and mystery of England's crop circles continue to inspire a sense of the sacred.

Every year for the last 20 years the formation of crop circles has gradually evolved from simple circles to the spectacular formations seen more recently. Fortunately there are people sufficiently enthused to spend a great deal of time and energy recording this most extraordinary phenomenon. In the Crop Circle Year Book 2000 Steve Alexander and Karen Douglas have, for a second consecutive year, made a collection of stunningly beautiful photographs taken in 2000 of some of the best crop circles seen in the UK.

Thousands of people from around the world visit crop circles in the summer months, particularly in western England between Stonehenge, Winchester and Malborough. The experience of walking into a freshly-made crop circle is unforgettable: the exquisite, perfectly-flattened crop stalks; the imaginative, intricate designs; the palpably-strong energies and the massive dimensions. Add to this the surrounding landscapes of rolling hills and countryside — and one can begin to understand the unique pleasure derived from this significant activity which continues to be neglected by the media and government agencies.

Co-author Karen Douglas writes: “Crop circles inspire their visitors, they beguile, intrigue and enchant them. Many feel compelled to stand inside the spaces they create in the landscape, to experience first-hand any emotions or sensations these patterns may evoke.... The overriding experience is often a sense of the sacred or ‘otherness’. Of those who follow the crop circles some believe that a form of intelligence is responsible for their formation.... Importantly, these impressions are very similar in nature to those experienced within temples, cathedrals or even ancient sacred sites. This has often been misinterpreted by the cynical as a wish on the part of crop circle researchers to turn the phenomenon into some kind of religious or New Age cult. However, cynicism aside, the fact that a sense of the sacred is engendered by the circles does give a clue to their nature.”

If you are not fortunate enough to visit any crop circles — this book is the next best thing!

Q. What percentage of crop circles are made by ordinary people in (1) England, (2) worldwide? (3) Who makes the ‘authentic’ crop circles? Benjamin Creme replies: (1) 15 per cent. (2) 20 per cent. (3) The ‘authentic’ crop circles are made by spacecrafts mainly from Mars and Venus and a small number from other planets in our solar system. This information is deliberately suppressed by governments worldwide.

Information: Crop Circle Year Book 2000 (UK £12), by Steve Alexander and Karen Douglas. ISBN 0-9537446-1-2. Published by Temporary Temple Press, 27 St Francis Road, Gosport, Hants, UK. Tel/Fax: + 44 (0) 23 9235 2867.



including: Wave of miracles sweeps across USA
Summary of some of the miracles recently reported in the US tabloid "Weekly World News".
(1111 words)

“Miracles are occurring daily all across America,” according to an article in the US tabloid Weekly World News. “Never before have so many miracles been witnessed by so many people of so many faiths,” states the theologian Dr Grigor Orudjev. Although the article says some church leaders believe these phenomena are signs of the ‘End Times’ or a coming Judgment Day for humanity, the article describes numerous miracles, including healings and weeping statues, taking place throughout the USA. The following are among the miracles cited. CLIP

NOTE FROM JEAN: Reading reports of those fascinating miracles, all of them accuretaly reported IMHO, makes for a most mind-and-heart-opening experience and I can personally confirm hearing from 2 persons I met recently similar reports of miraculous manifestations created by the Master Who was the Madonna near a small town in Ontario and similar to what happened in Medjugorje, Yugoslavia where thousands of onlookers reported seeing a vision of the Virgin Mary and smelling a strong scent of roses as they chanted “Hail Mary”. In addition the sun was seen dancing in the sky in Ontario by dozens of people, just as what was reported in Fatima.

From: Beyond child survival
UNICEF's "State of World's Children 2001" report emphasizes the importance of early childhood care.

From: Right Livelihoods awards
Four activists whose work highlights four key issues critical to human survival. (326 words)

From: Women take their places at the peace table, by Miriam H. Zoll More and more, women are becoming involved in peace talks and post-war reconstruction in their countries, helping to ensure that fledgling governments are more democratic and responsive to all their citizens. (1405 words)

NOTE: I've been informed that Wayne Peterson will give 2 conferences in Montreal next April 12 and 14 about Maitreya. More details at and

Sent by "Lilliana Corredor" <> - THANKS Lilliana ;-)

Originally from: "John Curtis" <>
Subject: Amazing "glass worm" photo taken recently by the Mars Global Surveyor
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2001

Hello all

Some of you have seen the attached "glass worm" photo taken recently by the Mars Global Surveyor, currently orbiting Mars.

Since we last saw the photo, Arthur C. Clarke has taken interest in it and has decided that the photo indicates the presence of past life on Mars. This is significant because Sir Arthur is an influential man. And, although known by the general public for his science fiction stories, he is actually a conservative stick-in-the-mud type scientist. So the postion taken by a gentleman like him is significant.

Do any of you know a geologist? If so, could you please forward the attached photo to him or her and ask if they can come up with a geological (i.e. a non-biological) explanation for the tunnels. The geologist should keep the following in mind:

1. These "worms" have been found in several hundred Mars photos and are widely distributed over the surface of the planet.

2. The "worm" in the attached photo is in the best condition. Many of the others are not in crevices, but are up on the surface and have therefore been eroded to various degrees by the sand-laden Martian wind. I can provide other photos to interested geolists. Or I can teach them how to download their own photos from the appropriate NASA website.

3. The "worms" are not casts of lava tubes and they are not associated with the few remaining (non-active) Martian volcanoes.

4. The "worm" in the upper right portion of the attached photograph is about 5,000 to 6.000 feet long.

If you get a response from your geologist, would you forward it to me? Thanks.


Comment from:

Might not the arched membranes of these worms have been the structural supports for ancient constructed underground tunnels to protect the then civilization from drastic atmospheric changes. The soil coverings have possibly been erroded with time.

Several Remote Viewers have journeyed to Mars and KNOW of the joint efforts of what is going on there now in the many remaining underground facilities.

(Or, so they say! And I have no reason to doubt their personal and honestly projected credibility.)


Note from Jean: To better understand the "joint effort" going on now on Mars, review The X-Files #2: Imminent disclosure of definitive evidence on ETs, UFOs and covert government projects + Ground Penetrating Radar Finds Hidden Cities + The Mars Records, etc. (06/22/2000) at and review especialy "The Mars Records" at


Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001
Subject: The Dalai Lama on your Desktop!
From: enigmatv <>

The Enigma Channel

We proudly present the DALAI LAMA on The Enigma Channel:

His Holiness, Head of State for the occupied country of Tibet, The Dalai Lama, is featured on several documentaries this month - trailers of which can be viewed for free on The Enigma Channel.

Please take a look at the video trailers for SPIRIT OF TIBET (an inspiring documentary about Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche who is the living teacher of the Dalai Lama, narrated by Richard Gere) and the TIBETAN BOOK OF THE DEAD (a two volume VHS documentary, narrated by Leonard Cohen which features an interview with the Dalai Lama).

The Enigma Channel is an on-line TV station broadcasting documentaries about subjects which the mainstream media refuse to cover in a serious manner. You can watch trailers for a wide variety of documentaries about UFOs, Crop Circles, the Paranormal, Earth Mysteries, Cosmology, Free Energy, Astrology, Religion & Politics.

Right now, you can watch trailers for documentaries featuring the Dalai Lama, Linda Moulton-Howe, John Lear, Jordan Maxwell, Stanley Messenger, Viktor Schauberger and many other fascinating people.

If it's banned, censored, out-of-print, deleted, pulped, self-published or just plain rare - we probably have it in stock!




It's a big old internet - and some people want it censored - let's be careful out there people.

Found at

Some words about TRUTH from the Pathwork Guide:

"Nothing can ever stop the Plan of Salvation from coming to its fulfillment. It is only a question of time -- and from our view the difference of time, called forth by the free will of man, is rather unsubstantial. It is calculated into the overall Plan of Salvation that man is bound to create negative circumstances by his limited view. But the very result of this limited view -- the negative circumstances -- are most instrumental in waking man to the truth. Sometimes he cannot wake up and even wish for truth, unless he has gone through the hardship he himself created by his ignorance or distortion of truth. In order to be happy, you have first to be in truth. But you cannot be in truth unless you know you are not, and then desire to search for it. This knowledge that you are not in truth, and the consequent desire to search for it, cannot come to man unless he is left to taste the result of his ignorance. The same applies to the individual. All this is taken into consideration in the Plan of Salvation.

The fear that damage can come to you by the wrongdoing of others is a basic misunderstanding of life. Yes, passing disadvantages can come to you. That is true, but even these must have a corresponding element within yourself. Otherwise, you could not even be affected superficially. As far as your spiritual nature is concerned (and this includes the overall Plan of Salvation), nothing can ever happen to you. The personal knowledge and experience of this truth is bound to come to you as you enter upon this path. We shall deal with this question more conclusively in the near future."

The Guide by Eva Pierrakos from Pathwork Lecture


Favorite Pathwork Guide Lecture Quotes


No human being, no individual, no entity can ever find peace and inner fulfillment, joy, wholeness, security and his intrinsic genius with which he uniquely contributes to creation unless he can be dedicated to a cause outside himself. something you ought to clearly understand and use as yet another signpost to where you are... Only when you can truly give to creation of your unique contribution in a selfless spirit can you also feel entitled to receive, to be fulfilled, to have abundance in all ways.

--from Lecture 212, "Claiming the Total Capacity for Greatness"

The individual who finds his soul's richness will have everything he needs and wants in order to enjoy life to the fullest, and thus to give to life to the fullest. It must be a constant flow of exchange: giving and receiving and giving and receiving. As you give, so shall you receive and only as you receive richly from life can you fully give. It is a benign circle...

- from Additional Materials 9 "The Message"

From: "Brenda Heggie" <>
Subject: Prayer of St. Francis (updated)
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001

This can be found at

Prayer of St. Francis (Updated by St. Francis on 11/12/00)

I AM an instrument of peace

Where there is hatred ... I sow love
Where there is injury ... I offer pardon
Where there is doubt ... I give the gift of faith
Where there is despair ... I shine the light of hope
Where there is darkness ... I AM the light to light the dark
Where there is sadness ... I fill all hearts with joy

I no longer seek to be consoled for I AM here to console
I no longer seek to be understood for I AM here to understand
I no longer worry about being loved for I AM love
I no longer seek forgiveness for I AM forgiven

In giving, we receive ... In receiving, we give
In pardoning ... we are pardoned

We are One in the love and light of ALL that is

Let there be peace, joy, love, healing, forgiveness, hope, understanding and light for ALL

So be it ... and so it is.