Mutation... What Mutation?

When we hear about a coming mutation, a deep change, a global transformation of consciousness, we have the impression of an overturning whose consequences may get out of our control and we remain wary of this unknown. This reaction is quite natural and understandable. But is it really wise in that crossroad of human history to ignore the troubled world around us?

When we allow our consciousness to consider the cruel facts so brutally projected through the distorting glass of the media, a sense of urgency and crisis rises up in us. Can we afford being indifferent, cold and insensitive in front of the daily starvation, wars and violence of our tormented civilization?

If we are lucky enough to live in one of the last havens of Peace and tranquillity, we can still put forward the excuse that we are not concerned by this, that it's not our problem and that earning a living and seeking happiness is enough for us. Yet, this sense of security and of "business as usual" is an illusion, a tragic Illusion... Deep within us, we know very well that there is something wrong. Our minds are uneasy... For sure, we try our best to look away, to tell ourselves that we have no responsibility for the situation, that others, the police, the government, the United Nations, the humanitarian, peace or environmental organizations will take care of it and that things will turn out all right. And then we forget! We put it out of mind and have good time, freely enjoying life, laughing, working hard and making love.

For sure, sometimes we may also be sad. We may have worries and personal difficulties leading even to nervous breakdown and complete confusion within us. And then we discover how solitude and anxiety are insidiously creeping behind the smiling and carefree mask we usually flaunt. But why do we have such a perverted and warped nature? Why is the Earth in such a mess? Why is there so much violence, hate and war? Why is life such an endless fight where only the most selfish, uncaring and greedy seem to get the best of everything?


And since we are not sufficiently strong and courageous to seek and uncover the real answers, to get to the bottom and touch the Source of the problem, to grasp the fundamental Truth behind everything, we drop the whole thing, cling to any hope, religion or ideology, and come up to surface. We put our "mask" back on, adjust our "disguise" and resume the role that society expects from us. We mechanically adopt the same everyday gestures, the same routines. We talk about the weather and do our best to abide by the rules of the game. Programmed like docile automatons, we consume what the ads tell us to consume, we all watch the same television programs, we shout with the crowd when our favourite team scores, we wear fashionable clothes. In short, we allow ourselves to be poured into the social mould that has been prepared and sold to us! For sure, sometimes we protest; we go on strike, we break the rules. But that is also part of the game! The questions that really matter, we prefer not to ask them to ourselves, and even less to express them aloud...

What is the purpose of Life in this body?...
What happens after death?...
Does our material wealth have any value on the "other side"?...
Why do we have a conscience?...

For it is easier to go with the human tide, to join the prevailing ideology, to be on the "good side" and avoid troubles. We convince ourselves that it is useless to question everything since we cannot change the system, or so we believe. It is too big, too complex and too powerful for us; it is too far away, somewhere else, beyond our reach and our control. So we keep quiet, silence our conscience and follow...

Is it really wise to behave like this?
Where will it lead us?

Occasionally, some are fed up with shaming, with abdicating their fundamental freedom in front of the mechanics of the "might is right", or doing the performing dog trained to give its paw when requested...

Sometimes, some persons even long for being authentic, true and sincere up to their smallest deeds, words and thoughts. A powerful and irresistible desire prompts them to search beyond empty answers. They want to know! At any cost!! Others who observe them cannot understand what flame animates them, nor why they worry so much. They shrug and go on their way laughing at their vain efforts. "It will pass!..."

But they don't give up these Truth-hungry, these Knowledge-thirsty ones. They want to understand the "why" of things, and they try hard! They begin to pay more attention to what comes from the heart, from the still small voice within... They read, listen, observe and fill themselves with all these small bits of wisdom opportunely put across their paths by hundreds of fortunate small "coincidences". They feel the Light that progressively asserts Itself and grows within them. They discover the Way, their Way and fully commit themselves to it. They meditate, seek calmness and Peace, contemplate the Universe from an inner vision which is increasingly clearer and able to discern truth from falsehood. Inspirations flashes into their awareness, enlightening their perception of the world and their understanding of Life. Currents of a subtle energy stream in each of their cells to clean and purify their whole being from the scoria left by the society and the culture in which they were born. Like a flower with thousands of iridescent petals, their soul blossoms and their consciousness arises until it's able to discern infinity and understand eternity.

Fulfilment of the Mutation...

And suddenly, one morning, they are unable, utterly incapable to repeat the same small unconscious acts, and continue to do the same little routines they have always done. It blows up right in their face. They feel that this time they won't be able to draw back. They have to CHOOSE!

They are in the same situation as the fledgling which must for the first time jump from the maternal nest and begin to fend for itself. For the first Time? Not really...

Actually, there have already been a countless number of first times... When, for the first time, we have felt Life animating the first cell as we dwelt in the primeval oceans of the Universe. When, for the first time, cells have amalgamated to shape a more complex living being who, one day, for the first time, had to stop breathing through branchiae to directly inhale the sea breeze. Then later, as we wandered through all the great antediluvian forests with the large mammals, when we soared in the azure for a first clumsy flight, when we stood up for the first time on our two hind legs, when we articulated the first word, thus manifesting the first hints of intelligence, as we became sedentary and built up the first civilizations... Each time, we thought it was impossible to go further. Our evolution had come to an end, and nothing could change that... so it seemed. And yet... And yet, YES! It was possible! It IS possible!!...

Everything can change

Wars can be banished forever from the face of the Earth. Humans can learn to Love, the consciousness of Humanity CAN change, take the Great "impossible" leap and open wide the doors of a New Age of Light, Love and Joy! YES!!! And all we have to do is open our eyes, free our heart and have our own little personal revolution. And the more of us who do so, the easier it will become for others who follow on the Road of inner Awakening. And suddenly, one of these fine days, Humanity will discover that the Mutation has occurred, that a new Breath, a powerful Wind of Change is blowing across all strata of society and all governmental, economic and human spheres on the planet. The great blind Mechanics shall at last be stopped. Never again shall we let a child die of starvation when the granaries are overflowing. Never again shall we tolerate the torture and violence inflicted on whole populations by some mad psychopath. We shall destroy the hellish weapons that, at the slightest technical glitch, risked unleashing a planetary holocaust. We shall stop polluting the air and the water essential for our common survival.

And we shall cast guns into ploughshares...

But what a long road to walk before the dawning of this day! How much pride and stupidity to transcend. How much pettiness to endure and how many inner struggles to fight. How much wisdom to gain! We are so often entangled in the complex intricacies of our childish egocentrism that it is sometimes despairing to see our mulishness to constantly repeat the same mistakes with such carelessness.

The inertia of acquired habits, firmly rooted through thousands of years of chaos, stick to our "psychic skin" like so many nasty black leeches. Something in us struggles, tears us apart and desperately clings to the status quo, immersed in total denial, so as to obstruct the slightest change; and when we think it's gone and that we have succeeded in getting rid of it, it suddenly reappears in a moment of inattention and it brings you an upsurge of pride or a burst of raging egoism strong enough to turn you ghastly pale when you realize afterwards what you have just done.

But then, just how can we manage to get out of this? How can we hope that millions of human beings will awake from this collective nightmare and set themselves free from the illusory limitations imprisoning us? From a strictly rational standpoint, it seems to be totally impossible. But as we have seen before, the incommensurable forces driving Evolution ignore impossibility!

As for the seasons imperturbably continuing their rounds, and as for the planets and the stars dancing their immutable galactic ballet, Life must evolve toward a greater perfection, otherwise the disorganizing entropy may dislocate and reduce to nought its eternal works. The human race as we know it here on this planet Earth is far from being the last say, the ultimate jewel of Evolution.

Our nearly infinite potential for creating and manifesting beauty and Harmony is barely in its prime infancy. And soon enough, all those little changes occurring within each individual will trigger, through their cumulative effect, THE great liberating Mutation. It's only a matter of time!...

Therefore, it is essential to firstly devote our energies to our own inner evolution, keeping in mind that it is surely the best contribution we can make to world transformation. The fate of the world really depends on our perseverance and determination with self-improvement! For it is in each one of us that war, violence and other evil are grounded. Yet, it is also most important that we translate our great ideals into some positive action! The finest words and the highest thoughts are vain and futile if we don't act upon them. So many people lack this commitment to action! What the world most needs right now is devoted, unselfish people who willing to dedicate their time and skills to support some good causes and increase the Light on Earth.

In short, there is no miracle solution to what has been raised in this text. The whole issue is simply about personal choices and no force, nobody, in heaven or on Earth, can make these choices for us. And this is perhaps the most wonderful part of the human adventure...


Despite all the social, economic and political constraints, despite what may be an apparent restriction to our freedom, we are always free to adhere or not to the artificial system, to the uniform mould proposed by the society. If we eagerly wish to throw off this yoke of ideas and illusions, WE CAN DO IT. It's up to us. This is not utopian. Asking the whole world to be better and still being stuck in our own little egocentrism, that is utopian!

But taking charge of ourselves, developing the finest human qualities dormant as seeds within each of us and applying them as best as we can around us, that is absolutely possible and realistic! The idea is not to become saints. No. We just have to try getting a little bit better everyday, just a little bit. We just have to learn to trust our still small voice within, which always knows how best to guide us towards the greatest Good no matter the tribulations we may encounter. Finally, it is for us to take advantage of the numerous opportunities to learn, love and serve which are constantly provided to us... as by "chance".

And sure enough, you will progress full speed ahead on the Path of inner evolution. The choices that seemed so difficult yesterday will become natural as the months and years pass by. What you thought to be impossible will come true as if by magic. All the circumstances of life will "conspire" to make things easier for you. A sense of Unity with all Life, permanent Communion with the Universe and Love towards all living beings will pervade your consciousness and the deep sadness stemming from the illusion of separation and solitude in a violent and cruel world will forever disappear.

This is not a vain promise, but a positive reality that hundreds of thousand of persons do experience every day. What has been discussed here was surely already obvious to you, a confirmation of what you have felt for a long time. Similarly, this Mutation of the consciousness is a very subtle and smooth process, evidencing itself more and more around us for those who have eyes to see and ears to listen.

As the sun slowly and majestically rises each morning to illuminate the world with its beneficent emanations, or as the plants slowly grow with an infinite patience, like all natural processes, our consciousness imperceptibly unfolds until it shines with an ineffable clarity and an eternally growing intensity. And what is in store for us on the Road of Evolution, even if it is shrouded within a thick veil of mystery, prefigures a grand destiny, a sublime fulfilment and a life full of experiences beyond our wildest imaginings.

The whole Universe, through purifying energy currents, Messengers of Light and its infinite Love, is on the verge of giving Life to a New Humanity, a new race of men and women freed from their matrix of Illusions, the next link of human evolution, the "homo deus", living instrument, hyphen and sacred connection between the immortal Consciousness of the Universe and the physical manifestation of this Being of whom all atoms, all energies and all vibrations are an integral part.

We have this unique opportunity to assist and, above all, to participate in this absolutely exceptional event in the whole history of Mankind! Never a Mutation of such an amplitude has occurred on Earth amidst such dramatic circumstances! Never have we been simultaneously so close to nuclear annihilation and so close to such a vast planetary-wide awakening of consciousness! Never shall such a situation happen again!

On the cosmic time scale, we are living at the end of a world and at the beginning of a New Earth that will spell the end of the reign of Darkness and the victory of the Children of Light.

May we all deserve by our choices the right to be part of it...

Know Thyself...

Many modern authors have already amply marked the Way leading to the awakening of consciousness and to the Mutation of one's own being. For a better understanding of this question, one may explore the numerous books available on that vast subject.

However, we must not forget that it is only through self-exploring our vast inner universe that we may gain access to the true Knowledge stemming from such actual inner experiences. Indeed, our intellect often tends to be over-developed, particularly in highly educated Western societies, and it is essential to seek a finer balance between intellectual processes and our intuition, between pure reason and what comes from the heart. We should therefore allow ourselves a few minutes of inner reflection, introspection and meditation each day, in solitude and silence. Such moments are an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the depths of our consciousness, to find answers to our questions and the inspiration and strength necessary to undertake or continue our personal transformation.

There are numerous ways to relax or meditate. Here are some of the main principles common to all techniques:

1) Progressively relax all the body muscles and appease all tensions.

2) Without any obstinate effort of will, let the activity of objective thought die out. For the beginner, concentration may be exercised by keeping the attention "busy" by repetition of a word (a mantra), the observation of an object (the flame of a candle or a mandala) or by listening to a soothing sound or gentle music, until the appeasement of the inner monologue occurs.

3) Forget everything about any space and time references, and trustfully give way to the wave of impressions, images and inspirations that will spring out from the depths of your consciousness.

4) Passively observe and contemplate all phenomena, visions and new ideas arising, without any mental reaction, or inner comments, but with a vigilant mind to prevent dozing.

5) Finally, on returning to normal consciousness, attempt to discover the deeper meaning of what has been felt through inner reflection, and write down what seems most important or talk about it with someone.

Another essential Key is to try, as much as we can, to remain alert and aware, attentive to everything around us and to any intuitive feeling and impression. This "anchoring" of consciousness in the present moment, within each passing second, will greatly contribute to lessen the hold of illusions which obstruct our direct and undistorted perception of the world and of any unfolding event. This will allow a better contact with the Universal Consciousness, always ready to guide our words and deeds through our still small voice within.

Here are finally some other suggestions for practical exercises. They should all be done in a quite place, with your eyes closed and body comfortably laid down.

Breath deeply and very slowly 3 times. Each time, keep the air in the lungs as long as possible (30 to 60 seconds) while concentrating your attention on the pineal gland located in the center of the head, and linked with the seventh chakra. A sensation of inner pressure or pulsation will often be felt there, indicating the awakening of this important psychic center.

Attentively observe your respiration, without controlling its rhythm, and be aware at the same time of your whole respiratory system. To avoid thinking, break the inner monologue by constantly bringing your attention back to observing the slow and natural breathing rate. This exercise is excellent to improve your vitality and foster a profound state of meditation.

To reach total relaxation, "visit" each part of your body, beginning with your feet, slowly going up through your legs, your pelvis, your thorax and arms, finishing with your head. When exploring each part with your consciousness, be sure to release all tensions by visualizing a white and radiant light spreading through your whole being and thus bringing calmness, appeasement and serenity.

Let the still small voice guide you to uplift your thoughts and your whole being into a Communion with the Universal Life, with omnipresent Divine Consciousness. Let yourself go deep into this Fusion... Become One... with everything. If you feel growing within you a wave of energy, scintillating as thousands of radiant crystals and entering your body from the head or nape, greet with joy this purification and regeneration of your being, for the Mutation has then begun...

We have only One Earth and we are all members of the great Human Family... Awakening to this holistic consciousness is part of our common Destiny, and so is this subtle feeling of complicity called Love... uniting all beings in the marvelous adventure of Life on Gaia, our Mother-Earth.