October 9. 1999

Subject: More Y2K material for your perusal - the bug that just won't go away

Hello everyone

I received some interesting comments on my 2 last emails and I will included them in a coming series of feedbacks. Keep them coming! One thing though: I wrongly wrote that Nightline was hosted by Dan Rather. Actually it is Ted Koppel. Sorry for the confusion. Now as a complement to all that you already have on the Y2K crisis, I have this material from various sources, some of which was sent to me some time ago. If you really want to further explore all the ramifications of this, you have tons of Web resources to chose from below.

Take heart and stay positive

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. As usual, I've posted all the latest emails I sent you on my website above where you may download them.

From: Angeltoad@aol.com
Date: Wed, 6 Oct 1999
Subject: Strip for Peace - the latest !

Patch Adams protests against nukes

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Patch Adams didn't wear a patch or anything else
during an anti-nuclear protest in which about 50 people marched naked down
a busy downtown street. The ponytailed Adams, who inspired the Robin
Williams movie based on his use of humor in treating patients, paraded in
chilly weather Sunday as his fellow protesters whooped and chanted
"Disrobe for disarmament" and "Nudes, not nukes." Nonviolent people
"really have so few tools to face a capitalist system," Adams told the
crowd as they disrobed. "All we really have are ourselves and our ideas.
Our ideas have not done the job." The protesters included Carol Brouillet,
42, of Palo Alto. "I'm glad my husband's not here," she said. "He wouldn't
do this, but we have different world views."

Dear CyberFriends:

As one of those who joined Patch and Helen Caldicott in disrobing and walking
down Van Ness St. in front of City Hall, I can say that it was one of the
highlights of the State of the World Forum that I've been attending here in
SF since Oct. 1! Unfortunately, although we called the media, there was only limited "coverage".

Helen and Patch, both Medical Doctors had presented forceful and eloquent
testimony for the dangers of both Nuclear Meltdown and of Nuclear Bombing due
to failed systems as a result of Y2K, with a real possibility of human
extinction by Feb. 2000.

None seems to be listening. The call is for the US to take the lead in
elminating the hair-trigger alert system that endangers us all, and to
provide non-nuclear back-ups for the nuclear power plants, at least during
the Y2K time. Very little time remains to act.

Patch & Helen will step up their activities. I encourage each of you to do
the same.

Ed Elkin


The following is an excerpt from Paula Gordon, PhD's summary of the George
Washington University Y2K Conference July 26-30, 1999.


Summary of the Panel Discussion
"Y2K, Nuclear Power Plant Safety and the Electric Power Grid"

Sponsored by the GW Y2K Group and Hosted by The Washington Post Company at
The Washington Post July 28, 1999.


Paul Gunter, Director of the NIRS Reactor Watchdog Project, began by discussing the gravest problem Y2K poses to nuclear plants, the potential loss of electrical power. As a December 1998 report prepared by NIRS explains, "A little-known reality of nuclear power is that atomic reactors need a steady source of electricity to cool their cores and irradiated fuel pools even when they are shut down. Without this cooling ability, even closed reactors would melt down; fuel pools would boil dry and release their highly-radioactive inventories."


"In the event of a grid failure and loss of offsite power, nuclear power stations attached to disrupted grid systems will automatically scram with
the rapid insertion of control rods. The reactors cease producing of
electricity. Nuclear power stations are neither designed nor capable of 'black start' or the ability to operate independent of available offsite Alternating
Current (AC) electricity.

"Once scrammed, a nuclear power station must address the tremendous amount
of heat generated by the atomic reaction within the fuel core. With the loss
of offsite power a substantial number of systems normally used to cool the reactor are also lost and unavailable."


Emergency Diesel Generators are designed to provide back-up electrical power and charge onsite auxiliary batteries necessary for the duration of any grid instability or failure. (clip) Mr. Gunter reported that ongoing evaluations of Emergency Diesel Generator reliability at our nation's nuclear power plants reveal cause for great concern; at best, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) says that they are 95% reliable. (clip) "The NRC is preparing to allow nuclear plants with broken emergency equipment to continue operating." (clip)

As Mr. Lochbaum told the audience, Technical Specifications, or Tech
Specs, define minimum standards that must be met for plants to operate. For
example, when a piece of emergency equipment is found to be broken, the Tech Specs might require it to be fixed within 72 hours. If it is not fixed in time,
the plant must be immediately shut down.

He said, "For Y2K, the NRC wants to set aside the Tech Specs and allow
plants with broken emergency equipment to continue operating... the NRC will be gambling with the lives of millions of Americans. The catastrophic accident at Chernobyl was caused when plant workers deliberately disabled emergency equipment before a test. The test went badly and the plant literally exploded --twice-- because its emergency equipment was disabled. The core meltdown at Three Mile Island was caused when plant workers intentionally turned off emergency equipment. The NRC now appears willing to allow plants to operate with emergency equipment disabled by Y2K. The NRS apparently assumes that the emergency equipment will not be needed. If it is..."

Mr. Lochbaum's final analysis is that the NRC is acting "irresponsibly."
It's hard to come to any other conclusion but this, given the above
information. Many Y2K analysts and observers are deeply concerned about the possibility of potentially catastrophic Y2K-induced nuclear events. Dr. Paula Gordon, the organizer of the above mentioned Y2K conference, has written a widely read White Paper covering these concerns -- A Call to Action: National and Global Implications of the Year 2000 and Embedded Systems Crisis at: http://www.gwu.edu/~y2k/keypeople/gordon.htm (much more information there)


Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999
From: FoE Sydney - Nuclear Campaign <nonukes@foesyd.org.au>

I am sending material on taking nuke weapons off hairtrigger alert to the
largest longest list I have ever sent to because i believe it is quite
simply the single most important short-term issue faced by the whole

I am continuing to circulate the letter to Yeltsin and Clinton for
signature. Many organisations have already signed it. Thanks for that. if you have not, please do so and email it to other organisations.

The letter itself is now also on our website at:

I recommend to you also the centre-page liftout on this issue in New

And there are a few other initiatives aslo happening. The Australian Senate passed a UNANIMOUS resolution, albeit much watered down from the one I originally wrote them, calling on the nuke weapons powers to take steps to ensure that accidental launches of nuclear weapons did not take place over the y2k rollover period.

Another resolution is scheduled for the Canadian parliament, one for the
European parliament, and one for the US Congress.

John Hallam
Friends of the Earth Sydney,
17 Lord street, Newtown, NSW, Australia, Fax(61)(2)9517-3902 ph (61)(2)9517-3903

View each day's Y2K headlines at the site:
(Updated at various times throughout each day.)

Interesting article on Y2K below...if statistics here are real... more than a hint of what is coming on a Global level...

The minimum number of Y2K bugs will be over 98 million...!
(See web page for graphs)

June 19, 1999

International Monitoring, a specialist consultancy in London, estimates
at least 98 million computer bugs will be either undetected or
unresolved by Jan 1,2000. They expect the bugs to come from 3

International Monitoring provides data regarding the anticipated scale
of damages in 140 countries. International Monitoring has developed a
methodology for estimating the number of Y2K bugs in each country.

Their figures estimate that the minimum number of bugs, assuming that
everything is "fixed" on time will be 98 million. The group goes on to
state they anticipate only 10% of these bugs to occur on the actual
millennium rollover, the rest will occur before and after the
millennium rollover period. They anticipate the global damages to be
$1.15 trillion.

International Monitoring is one of the first groups to develop a
methodology for assessing the scope and impact on most countries.

The 98 million bug figure is the most conservative scenario with
everything corrected properly. International Monitoring anticipates the
actual situation to involve 280 million bugs based on lagging,
incomplete and late Y2K projects globally.

The results are useful for those conducting business internationally or
those concerned with foreign business partners. For more information
visit International Monitoring's web site at http://www.intl-monitoring.com.
and download a product brochure.

Y2K Glitch Likely To Disrupt Trade: U.S. Official

By Jim Wolf

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The 2000 computer glitch is likely to disrupt the
worldwide flow of goods and services, perhaps sparking havoc and unrest
in some countries, a top State Department official said in remarks prepared
for Congress and obtained Wednesday.

With less than six months left before the technology-challenging date
change, the global picture that is slowly emerging is cause for concern,'' said Jacquelyn Williams-Bridgers, the State Department's inspector general.

Our assessments suggest that the global community is likely to experience
varying degrees of Y2K-related failures in every sector, in every region
and at every economic level,'' she said.

Y2K is short for the glitch that may cause computers to mistake 2000 for
1900, the result of an old programming shortcut that used only a
two-digit date field. Simulations have shown that some systems may crash or cause errors starting on Jan. 1.

In some unnamed countries there is a clear risk that electricity,
telecommunications and other key systems will fail, perhaps creating
economic havoc and social unrest,'' Williams-Bridgers said.

She made her comments in written testimony prepared for a hearing on
global corporate readiness Thursday before a special Senate panel looking
into the problem. An advance copy was obtained by Reuters.

Y2K-related disruptions in the international flow of goods and services
are likely,'' she said, adding that a breakdown in any part of the supply
chain would have a serious impact on the U.S. and world economies.''

The international economy is vulnerable'' because Y2K-related failures in
the supply chains of one country or region could disrupt others' ability
to keep factories working, transportation systems running, food supplied
and people employed, the State Department's inspector general added.

Calling for contingency planning on a global scale, Williams-Bridgers
said authorities should apply lessons learned from recent disasters'' such as
the 1996 earthquake in Kobe, Japan, to cope with potential disruptions.


Overall about half of the 161 countries assessed by U.S. officials were
reported to be at medium to high risk of Y2K-related failures in their
telecommunications, energy and/or transportation sectors.

(To read the rest, please go at: http://azwest.net/user/slin )

From: "Dave" <dave@asheville-computer.com>
Subject: y2k
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999

THE WORST scenario and one for which there has been MUCH "preparation" or
more precisely, much groundwork laid - is rioting in cities, especially
"inner cities" which could be instigated by UNNECESSARY and ARTIFICIAL but
easily blame-able on y2k bank closings, food/water/fuel shortages, etc. It
is interesting that Henry Kissinger, an NWO and CIA elite-man of great
reknown surprised an audience by publically stating his intention to
withdraw all of his money from banks prior to y2k... such a public
announcement by such a person can ONLY have been purposeful
"scare-mongering" (imho, this is a GOOD sign, which indicates he felt it
necessary to heap coals onto a dying fire).

This worst case scenario would lead to a possible martial law situation,
which could remain contained within the areas of original outbreak, or could
be purposefully taken advantage of to place the entire country under the
dictatorial state of martial law (them with the guns RULE).
Political mechanisms and infrastructure for this are in-place. (Executive
orders since the '40's; FEMA implementations, MJTF (multi jurisdictional
task force), more.

Massive amounts of military training exercises with U.S. and foreign and
U.N. troops and vehicles have taken place on U.S. soil to place all in
readiness for just such an occasion. These trainings have been taking place
for AT LEAST 6-7 years, and it is thought by many that the UFO phenomenon
(some of which are surely genuine) has been inflated and used to cover up
black-ops (secret) military buildup.

The type of trainings have focussed on "urban warfare" and also some
"anti-terrorist" include BIOLOGICAL warfare training- it will be noted that
in spite of heavy opposition and known contraindication, massive effort has
been expended to innoculate ALL U.S. troops with Anthrax vaccine- the
possibility seems undeniable that the NWO elements within our own government
and military may be planning to wage war, including biological war- on the
citizens (or some of them) of these United States.
Concentration camps which originated in the World War era when Japanese
Americans were imprisoned under martial law stand READY and recently
expanded & refurbished.

Funding to these concentration camps was officially terminated and has been
increased under "black ops" secret funding- that verifiable fact that these
facilities exist in modernized form WELL AFTER official de-funding is an
interestingly shaped and colored puzzle piece.

I firmly believe this is PLANNED, but I am beginning to believe it will
fail, due to "loyal" factions within the U.S. Military who will act to
prevent, for the time being at least... this NWO mandate.

Nevertheless, if you have the chance to NOT be in a major population center
on or about 1/1/2000, it seems like a prudent idea to visit your country

Another prudent idea would be to learn a bit of homeopathy for first aid

Here's a site that includes some first aid treatment information, as well
as some stuff on Gulf War Syndrome, which seems to be related to Anthrax,
and so useful to consider in the case of Anthrax or other biologicals used
against U.S. citizens.

First aid:
homoepathy & politics

Please redistribute at will.

Dave Hartley

From: "superman" <superman@qx.net>
Subject: YK - 100,000 In London Powerless As Y2K Upgrade Goes 'Horribly Wrong'
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 1999

For those of you who think Y2K will be fine, okay, nothing to worry about,
la, la, la...

Think again...

YK - 100,000 In London Powerless As Y2K Upgrade Goes 'Horribly Wrong'

Thousands of London Electricity's pre-paying customers have been left
without hot water, light, or cooked food for days, as a plan to save them
from the millennium bug goes "horribly wrong".

Around 400,000 customers have been told to change their Powerkeys in order
to keep their meters working when the new year begins. Unfortunately, a
problem with the new keys corrupts the meters in 25 per cent of cases and
the customer is left without power.


Date: Wed, 18 Aug 1999
From: Michael Morris <msmy2k@aol.com>
Subject: Y2K News Update

Y2K News Updates

In the face of a near complete black-out on Y2K glitch reporting
in the mainstream media, Y2K Newswire appeals to the Y2K-aware public
to become investigative reporters to help inform and better prepare the
general public for the true potential of disruptions.
Get on board at: http://www.y2knewswire.com/19990805rt.htm

Y2K Concerns boost Texas gun sales:

One, fairly rosy picture is presented here:
Although South Korea sees potential problems

What are those white SUVís (nearly a thousand) doing in Texas on U.S.
Prison property?!?! Are they really INS vehicles as prison officials claim?
If so then why are they still being amassed with no apparent deployment to
the agency ? Decide for your self at:

Here is a list of what the company you work for must have done by December
31, 1999 in order to stay in business in the Year 2000. Have they done it?
Are they working on it? Published by the Public Utilities Commission:

The Information Technology Association of America publishes a web-based Y2K
Success Stories Page. It's still blank!!! See for yourself at:

This Y2K News Update is published by Millennium Seeds, the nations largest supplier of long-term storage prepared non-hybrid seeds.

Constructive things to do about Y2K the Year 2000 global computer crash

"Prepare yourself and three of your friends for what threatens to be the scourge of our achievements ... the millennium bug" -- Nelson Mandela

"I have found in the two years plus that I've been immersed in this issue, the more informed people become the more frightened they become."
-- Senator Robert Bennett, Chair, US Senate Committee
on the Year 2000 Technology Problem, March 5, 1999 hearing on "International Computer Problems in the Year 2000"

"It is not possible to awaken someone who is pretending to be asleep."
Navajo proverb -- http://www.gwu.edu/~y2k/keypeople/gordon/1999conference.html

http://www.globalactionplan.org -- sustainability plan adopted by
city of Portland, Oregon for helping communities survive and thrive

http://www.co-intelligence.org -- Awakening: the upside of Y2K
http://www.utne.com/y2k -- Utne Reader's Y2K Citizen's Action Guide
http://www.sunship.com -- Y2K Wake Up (excellent wall poster of
problems and transformative potentials)
http://www.y2kconnections.com http://www.resilience2000.com

http://www.cassandraproject.org -- individual & community preparedness,
public health concerns, links to Y2K citizen action groups
http://www.justpeace.org/y2kcivil.htm -- prep resources, impact on the poor

store food, water, cash (but only for a week of disruptions)

http://www.tmn.com/y2k -- scenarios, psychology (very progressive & visionary)
Naval War College contemplates Y2K scenarios

http://www.fema.gov/nwz99/99001.htm -- feds want everyone to prepare
http://www.ciao.gov -- Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office
(feds have a sense of humor -- CIAO "goodbye")
http://www.ncs.gov -- U.S. National Communications System
learn about power grid & military emergency communications
Army is concerned about possible several week power failure

http://www.fas.org/2000/y2k/analysis.htm -- Federation of American Scientists
The Year 2000 Problem and the Danger of Accidental Nuclear War
http://www.basicint.org The Bug in the Bomb:
The Impact of the Year 2000 Problem on Nuclear Weapons
http://www.afa.org/magazine/0799midnight.html "Midnight Crossing"

http://www.kiyoinc.com/current.html -- Cory Hamasaki's Y2K weather reports
(technical expertise, sarcastic, not for the faint-hearted)

http://www.yardeni.com -- strategic analysis from Wall Street
See "Year 2000 Energy Crisis" (oil company problems)
http://www.csis.org/html/y2kw6.html (middle east oil & Y2K)
http://www.iea.org/ieay2k/y2khome.htm (get ready for rationing)

chemical accidents and Y2K? -- http://www.chemsafety.gov
Y2K and environmentalism http://www.y2ktimebomb.com/Tip/Lord/lord9836.htm
(much of the chemical industry is planning to shut down before midnight,
s l o w l y restart facilities if the power is still on afterwards
and test their computerized production facilities component-by-component
-- a "slow reboot of the global economy" in Ed Yardeni's phrase)

http://www.carlaemery.com/Y2K.htm -- cities need to store extra food
http://y2k.ecovillage.org The Y2K Survival Guide and Cookbook

http://www.euy2k.com -- learn about electric utility problems
(the duration of power failures is probably the single most
important factor in the severity of Y2K, apart from terrorist
attacks, martial law and accidental nuclear war)

utilities, banks, and more -- an excellent resource

http://www.tmia.com/Y2K.htm Three Mile Island Alert -- Y2K nuke dangers
http://www.nirs.org -- petitions to nuclear regulatory commission
(reactors need backup power to cool nuclear fuel if the grid goes down)
http://www.senate.gov/~y2k/hearings/990305/gershwin.htm -- CIA is worried about Russian nuclear power reactors

http://www.tmia.com/EDGs.html -- Emergency Diesel Generator Defects at US Nuclear Plants

biological warfare terrorism http://cryptome.org/smallpox-wmd.htm

http://www.dieoff.org -- "brain food" about the end of the petroleum age
http://www.hubbertpeak.com" (make sure your bicycle has spare parts!)

http://www.igc.org/icc370/y2k.htm -- "Y2KO" -- environmental impacts,
practical suggestions for mitigating "01-01-00" and
envisioning a sustainable society during the recovery
on the other side of the century roll-over

"The Titanic sank in an ocean that was 99% free of icebergs."
-- Y2K embedded systems expert Mark Frautschi http://www.tmn.com/y2k

Weird things are happening to the planetary communications network grid.
Check this URL for a sample of messages being exchanged by the IT community!


http://www.year2000.com/y2karticles.html -- The Year 2000 Information Center - Year 2000 Press Clippings

Special report "Preparing for Y2K" at http://www.gsreport.com - Global Situation Report