October 18, 2001

More from Matthew Ward about events since September 11

Hello everyone

As I mentioned in my last compilation, I'm sending you separately below the channeled material I received this Wednesday, October 17, from Suzy Ward. As you will see while reading it, this is important enough to deserve such a special "treatment". For those of you who took advantage of the free book offer that ended on October 15 at www.matthewbooks.com and thus could read the detailed descriptions given by Matthew and the other entities channeled by Suzy in Revelations For A New Era, you will probably have a deeper perspective on some elements of the following communication from Matthew, now living in heaven. Those of you who are not familiar yet with these 2 wonderful books channeled by Suzy and which I recommended 2 months ago, you may find out more through reading The Veil is Opening - Introduction to the book "Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven" at http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/VeilOpening.htm

Feel free to share this inspiring and hope-filled material to all who may resonate with it.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. If you have not read yet Matthew's first message mentioned below, it is part of the compilation posted at http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/CrisisAmerica7.htm

From: "Suzanne Ward" <suzy@pacifier.com>
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001

Some of you have asked if Matthew has said anything about events since September 11. Things have been a little hairy around here and I just plain forgot that I'd had that first sitting (hadn't corrected typos, so it was pretty much unassimilated raw material) until yesterday, when I saw it as I accessed the file.


(FILE: MORE to Sep 11)

September 22, 2001

S: Hi, dear. Am I right in thinking that you want to add something to the collective voice message about the Sep 11 events? We left off abruptly the other day after I received that -- I wanted to get it on its way quickly -– and you know how busy I’ve been since then with our guest.

MATTHEW: Yes, I do know that, Mother, and I thank you for getting their message out. I know you are uneasy about what has been transpiring and are speculating whether your caring feelings, but lack of deep anxiety, is reasonable or you’re hiding your head in the sand. Your abhorrence at the merciless maneuvers and sorrow for the grieving families are natural reactions, but fear not only is the opposite of the emotions that will help heal the personal and national wounds, it also would be fuel for an outcome you don’t want.

The events as they have been unfolded for the public view are not the ideas of those men the media are proclaiming as “terrorists” -- well, government officials are proclaiming that and the media are echoing it. There are hidden causes and goals, hidden strategies yet to be revealed, and the perpetrators are not those who were so quickly accused.

We understand why many souls there believed without questioning whether reports were complete and accurate or even sounded believable. We understand that acceptance instead of analysis was due to the enormity of the planes deliberately hitting their intended targets and the thousands of innocent lives being in transition almost simultaneously from Earth lifetimes. The emotions of accepting those kinds of actualities are too overwhelming to permit the mental or emotional margin for wide questioning of the obvious weaknesses in the official findings.

S: I have read quite a few reports that blast the official conclusions, so some people definitely are not accepting all of this as it’s being publicly presented. Can you tell me without any wavering at all that the towers would NOT have collapsed if there hadn’t been explosives set off at the bottom?

MATTHEW: Without an iota of wavering, Mother!

S: WHY???

MATTHEW: The destruction had to be in such unthinkable measure that its horror could be filmed –- and there’s a questionable area, why television cameras were present even in early moments —and aired relentlessly in these days ever since. There had to be such shocking loss of life that it overshadowed speculating about the improbability of the towers collapsing due to the stated reasons, or think too closely about how the half-full planes were taken over and flown unmolested into their targets in supposedly safeguarded air space. Has any irrefutable evidence been presented to prove the official conclusions? No, because there isn’t any. Quite the contrary!

The immediate declaration of “This is war!” rather swiftly swerved into the spirit of “patriotism,” and that has caught on fire. This will do just as well to serve the real perpetrators’ interests because it, too, precludes a public outcry for proof of the official conclusions. Those they need to accuse as the monstrous evildoers have to be natural suspects, ones who have been built from ground up through covert and overt means for decades. The dark minds behind this don’t deal with spontaneity. They deal with calculations and strategies developed over decades. If not Plan A, then Plan B. If not the persons originally in charge, then those two or three or four generations later who share the same dark dreams continue to manifest them. This steady march with only the names changing, never the aims, has been proceeding throughout millennia, which in the estimation of the darkness is acceptable and the timetables need not be rigid.

However, the call for war was the purpose from the beginning. The “terrorism” is the fuel needed to rally public support for war. Those thousands of deaths September 11 that were needed to achieve this support are inconsequential to the dark forces, whose nature does not encompass conscience, honor, compassion, love or empathy. The unconscionably brutal attacks that the darkness manipulated through their willing puppets had to be tied into something that could be presented as so pervasive and so fearsome that the whole world wants to eliminate it: global terrorism. So, that is exactly what the dark forces had to create so that next could come the world’s FEAR of it. Not only can fear generate national and perhaps global unity in a rare instance of agreement, but it creates the negativity that is the foundation and armament of the masterminds of darkness. And that is the real prize. Light cannot coexist with negativity, and fear is one of the most powerful of negative emotions – an opposite of light in vibratory composition -- so you can understand why increasing the amount of fear throughout the populace is essential to the plans of the dark forces.

But fear is only their penultimate goal. Total planetary conquest is their ultimate goal. What happened September 11 is really only another strategic move by the dark forces in their ages-old conflict with the light forces as to which force will rule the planet. It sounds like a science fiction plot, like a sorcerer’s tale of diabolical conjuring and treachery, but it is much more real than are any of those steel and concrete structures on Earth.

The peak of the dark forces is not resident upon your planet, and although it can and does manifest in human bodies that look no different from any others there, the civilization’s origin is not human. This force is more accurately considered a force field, or energy mass, that has the ability to embody in whatever form it wishes. So long ago as to be lost to all memory except Creator’s, this force left the light and love in which and OF which it was created, and ever since it has been wounded by the absence of light and love. The only way the wound of that void can be healed is by refilling it with its original ingredients. But if this force accepted the healing love and light, it would have to forfeit its dark power, and it has not been willing to do that. And so in its tormented and demented journey throughout All Time, it sustains its power by seeking and creating fertile grounds for birthing negative emotions.

Now you can see that it is the influence of the dark forces behind the call for vengeance, revenge, retribution, the sense of “justice” that means more violence and killing. Never will that approach eliminate fear. Never will it eliminate feelings of bitterness, unfairness, deprivation, betrayal. Never will it stop infants from growing up to become martyrs. No, far from eliminating the causes of “terrorism,” those acts refuel the cycle of negativity and insure the survival of the darkness through bloodshed, hatred, terror, anxiety, tyranny, prejudice, insecurity, grief, death, imbalance, deception, corruption.

The dark forces beyond Earth have many minions on the planet willing to do their bidding there, and their weapons are everything that creates negativity. The powers opposing them are the light forces, whose arms and armor are love, compassion and truth.

S: Do you know how this is going to play out?

MATTHEW: We know that God is not going to let your planet be destroyed, Mother. It is not within our province to change the course of events now in motion, but it is within the province of those extraterrestrial civilizations who have been called into action by God to preserve Earth with their technology that can dilute or negate certain types of destruction or pollution. So there is no need to think in terms of mass annihilation by nuclear or biological weaponry. Any talk in those terms is specifically designed to instill fear in the populace, and you know why fear is of utmost importance to the dark forces. The fact is, from our vantage point, all of the evidence of military might and tough rhetoric shows it is desperation time for the darkness. It is their own fear, recognizing that they are losing their strongholds on the planet, that is behind these brutal assaults on Earth’s people and her very spirit.

S: Matthew, thank you for today. I really have to leave right now. Anyway, I’m holding onto the peace and love feelings you and the groups of souls from New York City have asked to prevail on Earth.

MATTHEW: That’s the best thing anyone can do, is to feel love and compassion for ALL souls in this disquieting time.


MONDAY, October 15, 2001

Good morning, Matthew. Please tell me what you can about what is happening behind the scenes of this “war on terrorism” and the anthrax scare.

MATTHEW: Good morning, Mother! You use the most appropriate word short of “fear” when you say anthrax “scare.” That is the total purpose -– to scare you into believing that these isolated and staged incidences of anthrax “terrorism” in your country are the beginning of global biological terrorism. This is a tactic, a ruse, and the world’s media raving about the fright is designed to start the fear chain reaction that the masterminds of the dark forces desire.

Mother, think about this. The media start talking about the political fears that next the terrorists will wage biological warfare. And next so quickly as to be amateurishly staged, anthrax does turn up and an innocent soul dies. Subsequently powder turns up on a floor or on a typewriter or in an envelope and through preconditioning, you instantly suspect it of being anthrax spore-laden. On rare occasion it is, but in people’s minds now, any powdery substance anywhere in any miniscule amount instantly is associated with a possible global assault. If “death to the infidels” is the aim of the terrorists and since death as martyrs is part of their fanaticism, then mass annihilation methods probably would be just fine with them.

But to the perpetrators of this fear tactic, that is not acceptable. Anthrax cannot distinguish between the non-human perpetrators disguised in human form and the human DNA strains, nor between the dark forces’ willing human workers and the light beings, so they cannot endanger themselves and their cohorts, and thus only carefully planned isolated plants can be allowed.

This is a multi-thrust effort that needs little staging other than what you have heard about. More incidents may come, but very strategically selected and only enough to keep the fear alive. Fear is the intent of this, not mass death. Once the fear level has reached saturation, vaccines will be made available so that a plague will not befall those who are thus protected, or so it will be announced. Without antitoxins for everyone, there could be frenzy to get what small supply there is and so fear can be sustained within the majority of the people because they will not qualify for inoculations. But it is the lucky ones who will not make it to the front of the vaccination line.

Mother, it is a diabolical plan, indeed, but in truth, the intent and the results are much less harmful long-term than the virtually unquestioned regular ongoing pollution of your air, ground and water from the “chem-trails,” as you have termed this practice of seeding the atmosphere with toxins. All of these vicious acts are desperate measures to extinguish the increasing light or at least diminish the souls who are awakening. Fear and frenzy can throw those awakening souls right back into their cocoon of spiritual slumbering, and THAT is the plan, the purpose behind these acts, seen and unseen.

The war is another matter. That, too, is sinister, of course, but it is with the vehemently declared intent to destroy a country, a whole population if necessary, for the good of all others. Both the country and its people are expendable as it is simply the land, not even required to be habitable, that is the goal. Oil is the further goal, and the land is the pathway to it.

So you have the two opposites in this: the few expendable lives to initiate and perpetuate as long as possible the fear of potentially global biological terrorism, and an entire nation of people who are expendable because their country’s annihilation is to “eliminate terrorism” for the good of the world. The similarities are that both situations are perpetrated by forces that you have no idea publicly are in this at all, and the purpose is the same, the creation of dense negativity. Negativity is swirling from the violence, the killing, the terror of the war’s victims, the grief of their survivors, the fear of the innocents all over your world, the intensifying hatred of those who are accused and hunted.

S: Matthew, how damaging have the events of the past weeks been to the light forces?

MATTHEW: I cannot say that there has been no damage at all, because the shock, grief, horror and fear that started with the collapsing of the towers has not abated very greatly in this time. However, the additional light that has been pouring in from throughout the galaxy and beyond to shore up the ever-increasing light generated and held fast by light beings of Earth is in greater abundance than before those events.

That is why it is mystifying about the dark forces. Those living among you are superior intellectually and technologically to Earth’s third density humankind, but they are devoid of spiritual comprehension. They are close to having not even a spark of light in their souls, and this is by their choice as they consistently refuse to accept the light that is continually offered. They do not seem to learn that a godly nature can manifest infinite possibilities simply by being godly, or light-filled. Beings ranging from third to seventh density in intellectual, technological and spiritual evolvement also are inhabiting your planet in places beneath, on and above the surface. Many are members of your universal family whom you can thank for generating light and also anchoring vast shafts of light beamed from advanced civilizations off-planet.

There has been confusing talk of a critical mass that needs to be reached before Earth can “ascend. ” It is not the number of souls, not a percentage of souls residing on the planet, that constitutes critical mass but rather the degree of light that can be sustained there. That mass has been reached and surpassed, and ascension, however misunderstood, is happening. Earth is in her ascension process, and all souls who have been receptive to the light and been changed from cellular structure on out, or up, are increasing in spiritual clarity by the moment and are ascending with her in spirit.

S: But the complete ascension process is physical too, right?

MATTHEW: Absolutely, and Mother, it is not a journey like any other you can consciously relate to! The physical ascension phase, which will follow the planetary riddance of negativity and the individual souls’ final choices, is not yet on the near horizon, but even in linear time, it is definitely sooner than later. The more souls who awaken soon, the more gentle will be the cleansing to achieve the release of negativity required prior to the physical ascension. The beginning of that phase will be unmistakable -- it is planned that it will be preceded by your extraterrestrial friends who eventually will reveal themselves instead of remaining disguised among you as they now must for safety.

The souls who have declined to accept the light will simply not go along. Their physical bodies will die and their soul energy registration automatically will take them to other destinations compatible with their free will choices in the darkness. Also, many millions of other souls whose lives were made unbearably wretched by the few dark souls’ treatment, will leave Earth voluntarily before those days of joyous journeying begin and will embark upon their own self-selected growth experiencing, perhaps returning for lifetimes in the restored Eden. Many more millions already have left for those reasons.

S: Matthew, can you state unequivocally that if people hold fast to love, compassion, and nonjudgmental attitudes, there is no reason to fear what is ahead?

MATTHEW: Proof far more than my stating so is your serenity and assurance even in the face of the headlines and the TV newscasts. Mother, the answers coming from your soul, which is in touch with the universal mind, the God-mind, are your clearest and purest guidance. Always those are the answers to seek.

Will there be moments when you cannot see the light in its abundance, perhaps when catastrophes are ending many lives? Of course, because the “human condition” sometimes lets stress and doubt and anxiety to temporarily dim the awareness of the divinity of each self. It is especially in those moments that you need to quietly look within for understanding, because on the surface only the mundane event is apparent and on the soul level, the primary cause and effect are known.

If you asked me to give you one thought so profound and inclusive, so uplifting and inspirational that nothing else would be necessary for you to remember, it is this: Know thy Godself.