October 26, 2000

Subject: More Feedbacks on the Campaign For A New Jerusalem + Crash Course on the Middle East + Book recommended "The Temple at Jerusalem: a Revelation"

Hello everyone

I've received so many others feedbacks that I cannot read them all nor follow up on all of them, nor do justice to all of them by including them all.

Here is nevertheless a fairly good sample of what I received. For the sake of diversity and in order to fit in as many as possible, I had to cut out some parts from a couple of the longer ones.

A big THANK YOU to all those who send in their comments and views.

I would like to focus my/our attention on other issues next week and so it is unlikely that I'll network more of these - unless they appear really exceptional to me.

Anyway I think it is good to let this crisis cool off a bit as it now seem to be doing - it was hardly in the news here today.

May Peace Prevail on Earth

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. If you want to read a thoroughly well researched news article on the complex web of Palestinian groups involved in fueling this new intifadah (I read it this morning) go check "The many minds of Arafat" at: http://www.canoe.ca/TimeCanada0010/23_time12.html. and review also the Special Reports on this crisis at http://www.canoe.ca/TimeCanada0010/magazine_caned1023.html

From: Lightweave@aol.com
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000
Subject: Re: Feedbacks on the Campaign For A New Jerusalem

Dear Jean,

Nornally I don't wade into the middle of such discussions, but since I
started it..... I do have a few comments. I'm am leaving in a few days and
will be off the internet until December 5th so if anyone writes and I don't
respond, they will know why.

I have also had some feedback from those who don't like the idea of the UN
handling the administration of the old city of Jerusalem. I can understand
their concern. Personally I see it as the lesser of several evils. To
those, my challenge is, "What is a better solution?" Below is a respose I
just sent to someone with this concern.



I agree that any governmental body, including the UN, is less than ideal.
From a very third dimensional and realistic view, however, what are the
alternatives? It's obvious that the current situation in the Mideast is not
working. It is a "no-win" situation for everyone and everyone stands to lose
a great deal.

I hear a lot of fear about the "new world order," but I'm more concerned
about facts than fantasy. The fact is, the "old world order" isn't working
too well; politically, environmentally, and a whole lot more. The so-called
"new world order" is a glamorous boogieman fantasy that has infiltrated the
new age movement. Much of that myth began with an arch conservative
anti-communist group here in the USA (the John Birch Society) which began in
the 50s. It is one of the prime supports of third party ultra nationalist
presidential candidate Pat Buchannan and promotes an extreme right wing
political agenda. This group was very active in the 60's & 70's in opposing
both the anti-war movement and opposing the civil rights movement. It has
opposed the United Nations for the past 40 years as a "tool of communism."
When communism collapsed, it needed a new boogieman and the NWO was nebulous
enough to serve the purpose.

Their political agenda was largely adopted by the militia and "patriot"
movements here in the USA and has infiltrated the new age movement via the
conspiracy buffs. I don't deny that there are power brokers at every level
of human society. There always have been and probably always will be. This
includes international military, financial and political power brokers. But
it is important to separate the "misuse of power" issue from the idea of
international cooperation. It isn't a question of international cooperation
or even the UN. It is a question of who will direct that process; the
financial and political power brokers, or the the people.

I'm personally pleased to see the way that people around the world have taken
to the streets in demonstrations against the manipulations of certain world
organizations such as the world bank, etc. This will help them move in a good
direction. At the same time I think international organizations can play a
vital postive role and there are many such organizations under the auspices
of the UN. Talk to the refugee mothers fed by the UN about the NWO or those
who are protected by the unarmed UN peacekeepers.

I am opposed to any kind of dictatorship or any form or level of government
which supresses individual human rights - and ALL governements do to one
extent or another.

In the case of the old city of Jerusalem, I'm seeing these alternatives:

1. Continue under the administration of Israel and continue the war with the
Palestinians and perhaps move into a regional war with the Arab nations which
could well lead to another world war.

2. Come under the administration of the Palestinians, which could only happen
by defeating Israel in war with all of the above possibilities.

3. Continue the stalemate with increasing numbers of deaths, mutilations,
suffering, lack of peace & security for all concerned: and metaphysically
speaking, feeding the "dark forces" a rich diet of increased hatred, revenge,
fear & anger, etc.

4. Bring the old city of Jerusalem under a bilateral administration of
Israelis and Palestinians. (This may have worked at one point. Personally I
feel that any possible trust or civility that could have once made that
possible, has been destroyed by the recent crisis).

5. Bring the old city of Jerusalem under the administration of a truly
international body, the UN being the most obvious. Are there others?

NOTE FROM JEAN: As I heard actor Peter Ustinov speaking a couple nights ago at a UN Goodwill Ambassador celebratory meeting in New York (there are 50 of them, artists and celebrities travelling around the world to speak in support of the many UN humanitarian and educational agencies), he said that he wouldn't dare imagine a world in which an organixation like the U.N. would not exist. It is indeed playing an indispensable multifaceted role and even if UN-bashing is trendy in some circles nowadays, there is simply no better alternative anywhere on Earth. Of course its Security Council-US dominated structure is far from ideal and heavily in favor of powerful political and stealth corporate interests (see from http://www.corpwatch.org/globalization/un/tangled.html - Tangled Up In Blue: Corporate Partnerships at the United Nations) and so not very representative of Us the People, but it may eventually evolve towards some form of democratic representativity and a better balance between the agenda of the nations which created it and the will of the citizens of this world. Kofi Annan, IMHO is doing an outstanding job and may indeed be instrumental in fostering a thorough democratic UN reform - see also Annan's speech in Davos at ttp://www.un.org/partners/business/davos.htm ("A COMPACT FOR THE NEW CENTURY") - if enough of us would see to support him and those like him who still believe in the ideal of a benign global governance system geared towards protecting our global environment, human rights around the world and much much more.

6. Your creative solution??? I would challenge all those who don't like the
idea to come up with some new and creative solutions and to act on them.
Perhaps that was the whole reason I was given this and urged to send it out -
to stir up some stuff so that folks would beging to Think Creatively toward
new solutions. I am in no way committed to the idea of the old city of
Jerusalem being under the UN if someone can come up with a better idea. The
only idea that I have heard so far is from a friend in the Ukraine who
suggests that, instead of bring it under UN administration, the UN
headquarters be moved to Jerusalem. Now that's an interesting idea!

We are multidimensional beings. We simultaneously operate in many different
dimensions. What I have written above comes very much from my third
dimensional self. I would conclude with something from another aspect of
Self which realizes that all of this drama is just a part of our collective

Each of us are prisoners of our beliefs and it is from those beliefs that we
individually and collectively create our experience.

But they are just beliefs and have little to do with Ultimate Reality. If
these beliefs bring us the love, joy and peace in life that we wish, they
serve us well.

If not, then the question is: "How much pain & suffering are we willing to
experience - individually & collectively - before we are willing to change?"

We live with the illusion of victimhood; that "they" are the source of our
pain. But we are the authors of our own experience: if not deliberately,
then by default. Our beliefs are the blueprints from which we create.

Divine Presence allows us all the experience necessary, including the pain,
to bring us Home to the ultimate & only reality - Love.

Michael Lightweaver

From: Lightweave@aol.com
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000

Dear Jean,

The following website gives a very brief description of the primary solutions
which have been proposed regarding the old city of Jerusalem, including
division between Palestinians and Israelis, internationalization, turning it
over to divine sovereignty. As far as I can tell, this site is objective and
not promoting a particular position.

The "UN solution" from the site is a follows:

If Jerusalem was put under the control of the UN or an international body,
neither side would get what it wants most - sovereignty and exclusive control over
at least part of the city.

So this idea hasn't gone down too well with either the Israelis or the
Palestinians. International control was first discussed as an option for
Jerusalem in 1947 when the UN was trying to carve up what was then Palestine
into a partitioned, part Arab, part Jewish state. The UN partition plan
proposed putting the city under temporary international control. After ten
years a referendum would have been held to consult the residents of Jerusalem
on their city's future.

The leaders and academics playing around with the peace negotiations have
discussed similar type models, although Israeli officials have denied they
have considered these seriously. Both sides want Jerusalem as their capital
and both would rather have part of Jerusalem under their exclusive control
than to share it and to internationalize it.

This is partly an issue of national pride, as sovereignty is so hugely
symbolic to both sides. But it's also about who runs the city on the ground.
There's a lot of animosity within the population of Jerusalem, with its
history of clashes, shootings and bombings. The Israelis have said they don't
trust anyone else to look after it from the security point of view, and the
Palestinians are likely to feel the same.

From: Lightweave@aol.com
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000

Dear Jean,

Nothing like being able to argue with your own ideas :) Today is Wednesday.
Here is my current thoughts on the old city of Jerusalem:

Jerusalem should be an independent city-state democratically administered by
its own residents, perhaps under the protection of the UN. This should be
done in such a way as to protect the rights of all religious and ethnic
groups. Pretty simple (duhhh!!!). Who will argue with democracy that
protects minority rights?


From: "Nahla Rifai" <n_rifai@hotmail.com>
Subject: Re: Feedbacks on the Campaign For A New Jerusalem
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000

Peace can only come from within, love can only shine a light that comes from
the heart and soul of every human being on earth...whether Jerusalem becomes
under UN control or Arab or Israeli is not the point...the point is that the
world is now unfortunately reaping the result of centuries of human hatred
and selfish power struggle.....there is a lesson to be learnt NOW for all
humans on earth...shame it had to be this way, but this is the path of
learning we chose in the last 10 000 years....time to start thinking, loving
and waking up to our divine nature of love and peaceful coexistence. I hope
the light will shine through relatively soon as it seems the darkness
foretold by many is about to begin....but maybe, just maybe if there are
enough of us (such as yourself and PAN members for instance) who meditate
and make an extra effort to see beyond the situation and spread the love and
light, then we might be saved and save the rest of humanity...cross your
fingers, spread your light and good luck to you my friend.

In love and light always,


From: GoldNwing@aol.com
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000
Subject: Re: Feedbacks on the Campaign For A New Jerusalem

May Jerusalem become the place of peace that it was named for. May all
that come into and walk out of this place do so with an open heart and
judgment of any set aside.

I ask not for the removal of anyone or the displacement of anyone merely and
understanding that no one will bear arms in this city or do no harm unto
another while in its borders.

Can there not be one place in this planet that all are willing to not
kill in?

We have non drug zones why not non killing zones? Too simple, right?

Just a little gold

From: "Dave Hartley" <dave@asheville-computer.com>
Subject: RE: Feedbacks on the Campaign For A New Jerusalem
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000

For what it's worth, as an American of more-or-less white anglo saxon
protestant cultural heritage, who was raised by non-racist parents...
I MUST SAY that I've known a number of persons of various flavors of Arab
background and many, many American Jews, one or two Israeli.. AND... it is
PERFECTLY OBVIOUS to me why these two often obnoxious, hostile,
"in-your-face" groups of people are at war with each other - in addition to
millenia of traditional conflicts.

Any observation, personal opinion, or comment one dares to venture - no
matter how inocuous or compassionate, seems to be likely to elicit enraged
response of jihad against the infidel on the one hand - or the playing of
the the "racist" card or "nazi" epithet or whatever on the other.

These two groups of people are busily engaged in killing and hatred and
race-war... all in the name of God?!! Looks like some kind of devilish
demon of a god to me!

Generations of people programmed to kill "in the name of god."
Now THAT is an impossible situation.

Here's MY prayer for middle-east peace:

Let everyone not directly involved keep their noses out of places where they
don't belong, and where they're very likely to get their noses bruised.
Ancient heritage of hatred may die hard. It is the responsibility of the
people directly involved and of no others. May they find peace in their
hearts, which will unerringly lead to peace in their lands - nothing else is
likely to.


U.S. based Jewish political power is a fundamental stumbling block to middle
east peace.

No dollars for blood.
No blood for oil.

Dave Hartley,
Senior VP

From: "JennyHabib" <JennyHabib@berko77.freeserve.co.uk>
Subject: Re: Feedbacks on the Campaign For A New Jerusalem
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000

I am in agreement with you. I have a great deal of sympathy for Israel and
most of my friends are Jewish. They do not deny that the early battle to
establish Israel was scarred by unnecessary violence, English young soldiers
were shot in the back (not just Arabs!) and the Moshe Dayan factor has not
gone away.

I do believe that Peace will come, but ONLY when the settlers on the West
Bank and the Gaza Strip acknowledge the Arab right to exist. To continually
use guns against stone throwing teenagers is a travesty of justice. If the
teachings of the prophets mean anything to Jews it is not that!
Peace will reign


Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000
From: pat kostakeva <patkosta@yahoo.com>
Subject: Reply to "Middle East Problems"

My Beloved Friend and Lightworkers:

I hear such passion and stridency in the words of these messages on the Middle East problems and such blaming! The whole cause of all conflict is BLAMING! "Each side in the Mid-East conflict blames the other for the escalation of violence". These are the exact words from a recent NPR newscast. Blaming is the very basis of evil and all strife and wars. Blaming says: "I didn't do it, I didn't start it, it wasn't my fault, those other people are the guilty ones." Well my friends, we are those "others" we are always talking about. Blaming is the first problem, but the second is the concept of "Chosen People". WE ARE ALL THE CREATOR'S CHOSEN PEOPLE!!!!! We are the Beloved Divine Children. The CREATOR DWELLS WITHIN EACH OF US. WE ARE EACH A HOLY SITE. Therefore, none of us is superior in any way to another! Until we realize these metaphysical truths, we are doomed to war.

The Jews have always named themselves "The Chosen People" and it has always led to strife no matter where they go. By setting yourself apart and calling yourself better than me (i.e., Chosen), how can that not lead to strife between us? Why do you think you are better than me if we are both divine creations and beloved of the same Creator?

The Moslem outlook is no better. Any people who condone "A Day of Rage", which is nothing but institutionalized revenge which always leads directly to hate and war, are just as guilty. People who condone martyrdom of the Holy Shrine of Divine Being, killing themselves in order to kill others as supposedly commanded by "God", -- how can this be religion? The solution is to break the stranglehold of these fanatic religions.

Any religion which encourages war in the name of "God" is quite unevolved, and there will never be peace as long as these patriarchal fanatics rule peoples' minds. Stop blaming Jews or Palestinians. Both are equally guilty for setting themselves apart and calling their religions "the only way" (along with the Catholics who recently put forth a Papal encyclical saying their religion is "the only way to salvation"). Such arrogance by all these fanatics! But there I am -- blaming!

What can we do? Universal religious education under the law is one good answer, teaching comparative religions in schools worldwide so people can decide which religion to follow without being coerced by their culture. Monoculture and mono-religion countries are always a set-up for disaster. While we may squabble about religion in the US and Europe, we tolerate one another. The Germans succumbed to racial and religious hatred years ago, calling themselves "The Master Race" in reponse to people living among them calling themselves "The Chosen People". We must rise above these labels which set us apart from each other.

Repeat to yourself: "I AM A DIVINE CHILD OF THE UNIVERSE" at least 10 times daily, and believe it! This concept will change your life, then you can help others. Only when we see each person as noble and worthy and filled with Divine Essence can we love and help one another. The Study of Metaphysics, which underlies all religions, is a wonderful way out of this morass. I am sure many of you already study Metaphysics -- it's the basis of "lighworking". The two groups I have studied with are "Builders of the Adytum" and "The University of Metaphysics", both in Los Angeles. There are many others -- Rosicrucians, Unity, Science of Mind, etc. This is not a commercial, I really want to help set people onto a learning path to avoid the fanatical hatred and violence of the major patriarchal religions ruling the majority of the world's population today. Become a Metaphysical minister. Do it! Commit yourself to visible change. Continue on the "Light Path".

And please stop blaming either "side". They need education, not inflammation. Be the light of Metaphysical education.

Love and Light on the Path

Rev. Pat Ormsby -- email: patkosta@yahoo.com

From: Mbblackforest@aol.com
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000
Subject: Re: Feedbacks on the Campaign For A New Jerusalem

I think it is disgusting that Israel gets weapons from the US to fight the
Palestinians. The Palestinians have been living in tents and the worst
conditions and now they have enough. So many people died in this battle and
the more we scream peace the more violent it will get. That is why I do not
like Religion it causes wars allotter the globe and also power that mankind
inflicts on innocent people. love and light


From: "Hilary Allen" <hilary@c031.aone.net.au>
Subject: RE: Feedback
Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2000

As long as we try to hold on to the erroneous idea of any one
place or stone or tree or land or river or animal as being
more sacred than any other.... we are perpetuating the myth
that God is "over there", or in this stone,
or this icon,
or this book.

I found this out flipping between levels of consciousness
whilst sitting on the side of the road after a car accident.

We are free to pray and express our spirituality anywhere
in the world with consideration of the life around us.

That includes all kingdoms of nature in this world.

All else is ego-centred ownership solar plexus stuff that
was useful before so that we had the reminders.
(remember to say your prayers and here is a badge that
says you are now of God....)

Once we KNOW our Divinity within, it can be felt and
expressed anywhere, anytime, in body or otherwise.

What else is there ?

Love into Freedom...

Hilary & Co


From: ADandJACK@aol.com
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000
Subject: Re: Feedbacks on the Campaign For A New Jerusalem


The following was sent to me today. I thought that you should see it.


Crash Course on the Middle East

Nationhood and Jerusalem: Israel became a nation in 1312 BCE, two
thousand years before the rise of Islam. Arab refugees in Israel began
identifying themselves as part of a Palestinian people in 1967, two decades
after the establishment of the modern State of Israel. Since the Jewish conquest
in 1272 BCE the Jews have had dominion over the land for one thousand years
with a continuous presence in the land for  the past 3,300 years. The only
Arab dominion since the conquest in 635 CE lasted no more than 22 years.

For over 3,300 years, Jerusalem has been the Jewish capital. Jerusalem
has never been the capital of any Arab or Muslim entity. Even when the
Jordanians occupied Jerusalem, they never sought to make it their
capital,and Arab leaders did not come to visit. Jerusalem is mentioned
over 700 times in Tanach, the Jewish  Holy Scriptures. Jerusalem is not
mentioned once in the Koran. King David founded the city of Jerusalem.
Mohammed never came to Jerusalem. Jews pray facing Jerusalem. Muslims pray
with their backs toward Jerusalem.

Arab and Jewish Refugees: In 1948 the Arab refugees were encouraged to
leave  Israel  by Arab Leaders promising to purge the land of  Jews. Sixty
eight percent   left without ever seeing an Israeli  soldier. The Jewish
refugees were forced to flee from Arab lands due to Arab brutality,
persecution and   pogroms.

The number of Arab refugees who left Israel in 1948 is estimated to be
around 630,000. The number of Jewish refugees from Arab lands is
estimated  to be the same. Arab refugees were intentionally not absorbed or
integrated into the Arab lands to which they fled, despite the vast Arab

Out of the 100,000,000 refugees since World War II, theirs is the only
refugee group in the world that has never been absorbed or integrated into
their own peoples' lands. Jewish refugees were completely absorbed into
Israel, a country no larger than the state of New Jersey.

The Arab-Israeli Conflict: The Arabs are represented by eight separate
nations, not including the Palestinians. There is only one Jewish nation.

The Arab nations initiated all five wars and lost. Israel defended itself
each time and won. The PLO's Charter still calls for the destruction of the  
State of Israel. Israel has given the Palestinians most of the West Bank
land, autonomy under the Palestinian Authority, and has supplied them with
weapons. Under Jordanian rule, Jewish holy sites were desecrated and the Jews
were denied access to places of worship. Under  Israeli rule, all Muslim and
Christian sites have been preserved and made accessible to people of all
faiths The U.N. Record on Israel and the Arabs
Of the 175 Security Council resolutions passed before 1990, 97 were directed
against Israel. Of the 690 General Assembly resolutions voted on before 1990,
429 were directed against Israel. The U.N. was silent; while 58 Jerusalem
Synagogues, were destroyed by the Jordanians. The U.N. was silent while the
Jordanians systematically desecrated the ancient Jewish cemetery on the Mount
of Olives. The U.N. was silent while the Jordanians enforced an
apartheid-like policy of preventing Jews from visiting the Temple Mount and
the Western Wall.

Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000
From: Neal Owen Kruse <nkruse@pacbell.net>
Subject: Declaration 2001: Jerusalem - CAUSE FOR CONCERN!!

To all parties considering Declaration 2001 - The New Jerusalem:

This declaration causes me concern on several fronts. I hope all
considering this declaration will give thought and do a little research
before endorsing it or passing it on. This email is intended to raise
questions and promote discussion.

Following are my considerations:

1. Do we have the right, as a collective body, to decide whose land should
be made International Territory or given over to the United Nations? If so,
will it be OK with the citizens of the United States if that collective body
should also decide some of OUR land should be made over to the UN? And if
so, what is the precedent? Is it possible that this declaration will anger
the Israelis and Palestinians even further, causing even more violence?

2. Who authored this document?

3. Do we know who controls the UN, and whether its principles are truly
democratic? Have we, the people of the United States come together, as
citizens, reviewed and endorsed the policies of the United Nations and all
agreed they have our permission to begin the administration of International
Territories? I know our leaders have, but what about the Citizens of the
United States? Do you recall being asked this? Do you recall being asked
to vote on the UN principles of government or being asked to discuss them?
Do you know the principles under which the UN operates? Are they in total
alignment with United States principles of Government?

4. Researchers speak of a plan to create a One World Religion with Jerusalem
and the Temple Mount as its focal point requiring its transfer to UN or
Vatican control. These groups have been predicting a fabrication of
violence in this area for the purpose of installing UN Peacekeepers for many
months if not years. Does this declaration play into their hands?

CLIP - this part of Neal's letter where he explains in greater details his 4 points above is too long for this compilation and so was another article he included at the end. So if you want to read it entirely, please request it from him at Neal Owen Kruse <nkruse@pacbell.net>

I'm however including here his explanation for point #4 as I know some of you will be interested to hear about this speculative aspect of this crisis...


Barry Chamish, Joel Bainerman, Rayelan (www.rumormillnews.com) and others
have suggested the true underlying motivation to the Mid East crisis and the
forces that are fuelling the hatred and violence are in fact forces that are
trying to get Jerusalem into the hands of the United Nations. Yes, exactly
what Declaration 2001 suggests. They have stated, that the primary
motivation behind the stirring up of conflict, is to get Jerusalem under UN
control by creating a violent conflict, thus requiring the introduction of
UN Peacekeepers in permanent residence at Jerusalem.

I know that many of you will automatically ìwrite this offî as ìconspiracy
theoryî and may even use this statement to invalidate this entire document,
but I encourage you to do your own research. You will find this theory
expressed in many places on the Internet and discussed by many important
reporters and researchers.

I include an article at the end of this email for you to read that will set
the context for this discussion. I do not agree with everything it says,
but it should suffice to put this argument into focus for further study.


Please consider these words and reconsider your complete endorsement of this

I am for the acceptance of all nations and religions and allowing them to
have their own religions, beliefs, sacred lands, etc, as long as they do not
cause harm. If they cause harm, I may feel justified in stepping in to stop
the harm, but certainly not in saying they must abandon their lands, beliefs
or religions to an international body.

The United States was not founded on the idea of uniting all people in
thought, but in allowing people to think differently, as long as they do not
cause harm to others. The allowance of diversity is what makes the world
safe and what keeps us learning and growing. In our work to create harmony
on earth, let us not fall into the misunderstanding that this requires we
begin to hold sacred land, religious beliefs or customs in common.

Neal Owen Kruse


The article Neal included is entitled "Israel's Prospects for the New Millennium: Conspiracy & Middle East Peace" and is available at http://www.mt.net/~watcher/nwoisraelmillennium.html

Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000
From: Palden Jenkins <palden@globalnet.co.uk>
Subject: Jerusalem

For those of you interested in the current heated attention on the Temple
Mount in Jerusalem, there's a new book which is worth taking a look at,
written by the respected geomancer John Michell. It's not my habit to
advertise things to my friends and contacts - yet I feel, in this case,
it's worth drawing your attention to this book at this time. Even if
you're not interested in the book, check out the gist of what's below,
since John Michell has, I believe, struck on something which can indeed
resolve key questions around the disputed Haram al Sharif or Temple Mount -
in a way no one might have thought of before. There's a glimmer of hope
here, and it's worth knowing this is going on.


Here's the book blurb:

The Temple at Jerusalem: a Revelation

A constant theme in Biblical prophecy is that one day the long-lost Temple
at Jerusalem, founded by King Solomon in the 10th century BC, will be seen
once more, greater and more splendid than before. This will inaugurate the
Millennial process, leading to the reunion at Jerusalem of all the twelve
tribes of Israel and finally to the reappearance of divine order upon earth.

With the recent discovery of the site of the Temple, this prophecy seems
ripe for fulfilment. Through studies of the dimensions and street pattern
of old Jerusalem, John Michell reveals the once and future Temple stamped
with a clear message which will change the lives and minds of all who care
to read it. This is a considered contribution to current peace negotiations
in Israel and Palestine, and a resolution of the conflict over control of

John Michell is recognised as a world authority on ancient science,
geometry and religion, and he is much quoted as an expert on ancient
civilisations and what they reveal to us. He was the author of the seminal
'View over Atlantis' over thirty years ago. His numerous books cover a
diverse range of subjects but they have a common theme: the re-emergence of
a golden age. His long association with and extensive visits to Jerusalem,
in pursuit of the Temple, have finally born fruit with this Revelation for
the Millennium.


And here's the URL for the
book: http://www.gothicimage.co.uk/publications/temple.html

And the details:
The Temple at Jerusalem
John Michell
Gothic Image Publications, UK
80 pages, diagrams and maps,
ISBN: 0 906362 51 2, GBP 8.95

Wishing well