March 11, 2000

Subject: More interesting feedbacks to recent posts

Hello everyone

I received again a number of very interesting feedbacks that I'm sure most of you will enjoy reading, including a comment I made - see below.

All my best to all of you

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. There was an interesting article entitled "McCain Must Seize the Moment" and posted at that gives a very interesting perspective as to why McCain's crusade to challenge the political status quo should go forward.

There is also a very interesting article on "Sunspots and Human Behavior" posted at:

If you have young children, check also this: "Autistic children...caused by vaccine...? A report by Dr. Harold Buttram, a practicing physician in Quakertown, Pa., suggests the recent increase in the number of autistic children could be caused by the combination measles, mumps an rubella, or MMR, vaccine routinely given to children at age 18 months." This World Daily Net article by Julie Foster is posted at

From: "Sharie Ramsey" <>
Subject: Re: Mystical Files #4: Ancient Prophesy Fulfilled ~ Giant Rock Cracks etc.
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000

Dearest Jean,

I thank you for providing this service for all the world. You provide news
that matters. Only a week's worth of e-mails from you allowed me to cancel
my e-mail "news" subscriptions from establishment/corporate media...

Imagine the message of our devotion to healing the world if we all cancelled
subscriptions to all established media, and purchased only goods from those
committed to our spirit of holiness...

Establishment would respond ... we have seen samples of their work ... not

Add this one to your list of prophesies and signs:

From Chief Shotonqua...
(forgive any errors in spelling his name... I heard this long ago)

Just remembering the beauty, the love, and passion of his voice makes one
feel all the world is whole...

The Chief spoke of the time when his people were enduring the slaughter by
the white man, they asked for a sign that would tell them they would be
freed ...

The prophecy came that the time of change would be revealed when the eagle
lands on the moon. It sounded disheartening... the native people took the
prophecy to mean "never"... and so it was, until the time of Chief
Shotonqua, when front page news declared:

"The Eagle has Landed" ... on the moon...

And this was "the dawning of the age of Aquarius"...

It is bitter-sweet now... for thousands of square miles of ice bergs are
drifting toward the equator from both the arctic and antarctic...
as was televised on the discovery channel...

Cheryl Bertoia, of the U.S. National Ice Center in Suitland, MD confirms
that an ice berg about the size of Rhode Island, 40-some miles long and
nearly 20 miles wide, 100-200 feet high is floating through the Drake
Passage between South America and the Antarctica... 1,000's of smaller
bergs... piano- and house-sized are trailing behind for 100 miles...

In Nature (Sept. 4, 1997, pp 57-60, see also pp 20-21) 200 miles of ice is
reported to have melted off one coast in the two decades between the 50's
and 70's ...heat from nuclear bomb explosions and industrial emissions...

"greenhouse warming could cause quick ... lurches [rather] than the gradual
shifts." David Tenenbaum, Discovery Channel reporter

As ice bergs from Greenland, the Arctic, and Antarctica thaw... low-lying
coastal lands will flood... along with the Mississippi Delta and other
valleys... worldwide... that seems common sense, but scientists balk at this
scenario... some claiming it will take 200 years...

This winter is five degrees higher than any on record!

Climatologists have no historical data to base their theories upon!

Cleopatra's Ancient Alexandria is underwater in the Mediterranean Sea.
It does happen.

In the U.S., this will mean 18 of America's largest cities will be under
water. Hoover Dam and the others are expected to collapse, flooding those
cities and towns in the wake...

In the U.S., most "dry" land will be between the Gulf of Mexico northward to
Canada... this is tornado alley...

I believe Edgar Cayce prophesied that Northern Europe would be submerged, as
well as California... which we've been hearing for years... it sounds
preposterous... but to Earth, these land masses are size equivalent to a
pimple on a human... and given such tremendous flooding it is completely
conceivable that the San Andreas Fault would be deluged with water... the
weight of which could easily trigger the toppling of everything westward
into the Pacific...

Thinking of the Whole of the World... thank you for news of Atlanta's
350,000 acres of destroyed trees... necessary for building hotels, stadiums,
and parking lots for the Olympic "Peace" Games! That's like ripping out one
of your lungs! The Earth needs trees to breathe... carbon dioxide in,
oxygen out... Those in fear turn the Olympic Peace Games into a show of
using money as status symbols of power and superiority over others... it's
their fear of being equal and united.

Thinking of Taiwan ... and of Tibet...

Imagine your hometown invaded by armies... your neighbors slaughtered in
front of you, your street signs replaced with foreign symbols, your house,
and that of your entire neighborhood inhabited by entirely different
"foreign" people... this is what happened in Tibet!

The invader has now publicly announced the intention to invade Taiwan.
They will not stop there... they will continue throughout all of Asia until
reaching the "Middle East"...

remember the Prophesy of "the purple turban"...?

And the astronomical line-up of our planets is scheduled for this May, on
5-5-2000... we're told the moon's gravitational force is said to effect the
ocean's tides... but the gravitational force of all our planets lined up one
behind the other... scientists say won't have any effect.

As for our "President"... Thank you for bringing up the subject, Jean, I
wholeheartedly agree with the e-mail from

Look at Al Gore... is he dying?
Imagine then who will be elected President...

Thank you for news of Senator McCain/Peabody Coal genocide on our native

This is important news that gets washed out in establishment media ... by
our brothers who shiver in fear.


NOTE FROM JEAN: Thanks a lot Sharie for you lucid review of the plight of our fragile and beleaguered planet and of our species' seemingly never-ending brutality towards its own kind -- and thanks for your other comments as well. According to an analysis of the small bubbles of air trapped in ice core samples drilled from very deep into the Antartica ice mass by scientists and showing an accurate record of the percentage of atmospheric CO2 (carbon dioxide, the so-called greenhouse gas released by the combustion of oil, coal and wood) reaching back to nearly half a million of years in the past, there has *never* been so much CO2 in the air as today -- in fact the concentration of CO2 is currently 3 times higher - and quickly climbing! - than the highest level ever attained in the last 400,000 years (if I recall correctly). And we don't even mention here the percentage of methane another greehouse gaz quickly increasing in the atmosphere that has a more powerful heat-trapping effect than the CO2.

So it is easy to conclude that we are in for some very rough weather in this 21st century and beyond and cataclysmic global weather changes so drastic and rapid that nature and ecosystems simply won't be able to adapt without a considerable further erosion of biodiversity. Of course, aside from some programs on Discovery Channel and some extremely rare news reports in magazines and newspapers, you won't see this kind of sobering information in the media controlled by the same people who own the oil conglomerates that have been so ruthlessly efficient at corrupting "our" politicians and preventing any serious threats to "their" way of life and their bottom line.

This is not to say that the situation is hoplessly desperate and that there is nothing we can do to help mitigate the terrible consequences we are bound to reap more and more often -- go ask to the people in Mozambique and Madagascar how they feel about the biblical flood they have just endured, or to the people of Honduras and Nicaragua still reeling from last years hurricane, or to the people in France hit by 2 freak storms that uprooted 200 millions trees last December (same thing to a lesser extent in Switzerland), and so on and so on; the list is endless and this is merely the first act of a very long drama. There is a faint but real glimmer of hope that in perhaps 10 years -- it could be 5 years if the governments were passing more proactive regulations, as in the Los Angeles area, to curtail exhaust emissions from cars and trucks -- most of the new cars sold will be either very low emission hybrids or 100% CO2-free cell fuel driven cars.

And there are astoundingly marvelous and clean proven new energy sources and devices that already exist that could be brought to the market much more swiftly if private investors and governments were not so skeptical and brainwashed by the oil cartels. In my next email to all of you (entitled "New Energy Compilation"), you'll find a compelling list of such new clean energy technologies and if you dare to be among the first to invest in them -- as the option will be provided to all of you -- you could help make a *huge* difference in bringing them much more quickly to the mass of consumers who will be more than happy to switch to those New World technologies when they'll become readily available.

As for the increasingly dire environmental situation we will have to face, willy nilly, in the coming decades, my feeling is that we will adapt and find new ways to provide for the needs of the people and finally launch a massive planetary crash program to assist Mother Earth's incredible resilience into "quickly" rejuvenating Itself back to Its original pristine beauty, as a growing number of areas will become off-limit to almost all human presence. In the meantime, the main order of the day for us is establishing permanent peace on Earth, providing for all the basic needs of *everyone*, greatly curtailing the excesses of the consumer society that has to gradually become based on values inspired from the voluntary simplicity movement, and fostering and nurturing the spiritual awakening of the entire human population on Earth.

As French writer Andre Malraux said: "The 21st century will be spiritual or won't be."


From: William Wereley <>
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000
Subject: Day of Pardon


I'm sure you've heard the message from the Pope and this seems to be an unprecedented time. The old ones that I work with have seen fit to use me as hands to set in motion a healing. The following prayer is to be used on Sunday March 12, The Day of Pardon for a healing between the races. We will be doing ceremony at 10am 12noon and 2pm using this prayer and ask that anyone feeling they can support this join us in this healing work. Thank you for your time! Please distribute this message to as many people as possible if you feel right with it. Love and respect

William Wereley

Great Mystery

Religous leaders of many peoples have called for this day as a day of Pardon, I would like to add my prayers, my voice, my heartfelt determination, to this chourus of humans asking for pardon for the actions of those who went before us.

I know that through you all is possible, please pardon our white race for the brutal and heartless destruction and damage that we have done to the other races of this planet. Help us to find peace with ourselves and those races and peoples that have suffered at our hands. With your help and our efforts a new era of peace and honesty between the races can begin. We stand before you, your children not proud but determained that with you blessings and help this new honesty, this new caring and consideration, can bring the changes that will offer our children and their children an opportunity to see Peace come to this beautiful planet, to see humankind as partners with the other life forms, sharing the bounty and accepting our responsibility for Mother Earth. Help us with this healing, to forgive and help others to forgive. I will pledge myself to working toward this future which I owe to the generations yet unborn. Help me to do this work, guide my hands, my feet, my heart and mind to work for this healing, for this redemption. Thank you for your patience with us! Thank you for this opportunity!

Thank You for this Life! Thank You for your Love! Thank You!

From: "Sarah" <>
Subject: Re: Mystical Files #4: Ancient Prophesy Fulfilled etc.
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000


I read your messages all of the time, and enjoy them immensely. FINALLY,
one hit home so much that I felt the need to respond. I have a home near
Giant Rock. Have had it for 11 years now. The past 2 years I have been
living in the So. San Francisco Bay area, and have recently been feeling a
kind of 'tug' to go back home. My tenant has a lease through mid-June, so
haven't felt that I had to make the decision yet. NOW, I am feeling 'called
home'. Do you know any of the history (or herstory, depending upon your
preference!!) of Giant Rock? I would be most happy to convey to you what I
know. (SURE GO AHEAD!)
I have passed your e-mail on to friends in that area. Hope you don't mind.

Best regards,


From: "John Cox" <>
Subject: RE: Feedbacks to "A very special and *urgent* request" + Dolphin Story Verification
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2000

Dear Jean and members of Jean's list

Although I try hard not to dabble in politics and as a Brit certainly not foreign or even alien politics I thought that I should re-tell a great truth that I was told only a few short
years ago by an American in the heady days of Billary's first Presidential
campaign - it was simply that from a spiritual perspective the society
always get the politicians and president they deserve - our joint actions
and collective patterns attract and reflect our wishes.

I don't understand when we are then surprised that the politician turns out
to be something we didn't expect - Nixon for one and now your current
President who only plays happy families when it suits him - what wonderful
role models for both our children and us - our countries bosses only reflect
our collective society - trouble is that the silent majority thinks that all
the rest (i.e. the minorities) must be bad but desperately colludes with the
baddies by their silence to keep the status quo, to maintain or even improve
their share of the available cake and the minorities understand
discrimination from the silent and not so silent herd - so no one owns up to
being the negative part - no one wanted to admit voting for Billary
immediately after the election.

It's only when our society wants passionately to have a leader spiritual
substance will it happen as even a relative few dedicated meditators prayers
and lobbyists cannot change the mass society's vote.

With a real leader we will perhaps have true democracy and meaningful
REFERENDUMS for the first time - until that date we will have to put up with
politicians and big business and the real power people running the USA AND

That's not to say that the work we do has no effect though as little by
little LOVE will win as nothing can eventually stand in its way.
The other American Presidential Candidate campaign quote that I appreciated
said something like "If you need a Chauffeur to drive your car then you
aren't capable of running this great country" which to me encapsulated the
tip of the iceberg perks and corruptions in Government and Politics and
elsewhere - that which we are quick to condemn third world cultures of and
is equally endemic in our western world at all levels ( both locally in our
Corporations, our local old boys network and local Government as well as
regionally and centrally) - only we hide it better???

On a grander scale their terrorists and regimes use bullets and bombs we
resort to trade and financial warfare and only send our troops in when that
fails and their is a payback in controlling that country and regime.
Don't let your foray into politics slow you down though as spirits such as
yours are needed to keep leading us down the path to LOVE and who said it
wouldn't get bumpy occasionally.

Still think positively you are at least governed by Americans - spare a
thought for us being governed by we don't even know who from Brussels as
part of the European Union - still maybe it's just as well as we don't have
a clue who's corrupt and they have long since lost track of how many
billions goes missing - somebody rumoured that they fired a few (sorry
wrong - they resigned en masse) and now they have promised to get better
(not sure if they intend just getting even better at hiding it)
Isn't life wonderful when you can't even remember who fought against
Billary - perhaps you could tempt Tony Blair with the CEO job of a larger

One last tempting spiritual thought is that we only realy change for the
better when we find ourselves deep in a crisis that we are not able to
handle - when we have no option left but to ask for help and direction as we
cannot trust our own system anymore - Society is just the same only on a
larger scale - so let's vote for the biggset set of bandits around and get
to both our crisis and solution much faster - I wonder who then we might
turn to for our help and salvation!!!

God Bless

Phone: 01276-685283

Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2000
From: Jim Fournier <>
Subject: Re: A very special and *urgent* request


I appreciate your sincerity. I suppose I shouldn't complain when people
get as guidance what I have been actively imagining manifesting, even if
with different conscious understandings i.e. I had been meditating on
people voting for McCain in the primary myself, but from a different
vantage point. As it is many including myself did, but not enough to
have much effect, or maybe just enough to have some of the effect I had
envisioned. Anyway, go ahead and leave me on the list.


Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2000
From: Aklea <>
Subject: Re: PAN ALERT: A very special and *urgent* request

I find that the candidates for US President 2000 are rather disgusting in their speech and
outbursts and consciousness that "this is a battle".I have heard it from all of thecandidates except Dr. Heather Harder (who doesn't have a flying chance of making a showing or so it appears).

I feel it is incumbent upon each of us Lightworkers to flood each candidates mailbox with
our observations of their behaviors and that there needs to be a dramatic change in how they campaign and present themselves. No wonder kids kill themselves or other children when your role models --men who are campaigning for President continaully refer to the race as a battle. Yes we
all know who controls the and special interests. We all must speak up, frequently, in peaceful terms, with clarity and with a firm stand. No more shall we tolerate
"war politics". Adults running for President who act with the behaviors of immature adults or
children who have not learned mediation...etc, etc. IT is time for us to speak with courage and
widely. North Carolina

From: "David Crockett Williams" <>
Subject: Bush sons
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2000

Jean, your post to your large global internet list about Sen. McCain indeed
did stir up some interesting responses. This one is noteworthy because of
the HUGE issue(s) it connects to, so I thought I would offer some comments
and references for more info.

<> wrote and you forwarded:

<<Although other Bush sons have been linked
to the savings and loan debacle, and possibly drug trafficking if you
believe in the internet news network, and possibly with the CIA asset, ZAPATA
PETROLEUM, if you believe in the internet news network; and George Dubya
has never been linked nor involved in scandal He is a shrewd and cunning
businessman. He believes in Law and order, swift justice, and most
importantly, Liberty for the common man. >>

For discussion and documentation of claims of the Bush family's long history
of involvement in CIA drug trade, including discussion of suppressed DEA
video of their cocaine sting of buyers Jeb and GW Bush and discussion of CIA
IG report vol.2 now being buried in Congress because of fear it would bring
down both Clinton and the Bushes, destroy faith in both Democratic and
Republican Parties, etc., see for research over 20yrs
by former LAPD narcotics investigator Michael Ruppert (cc above)

Because of evidence that the CIA is still complicit in the illicit drug
trade now, at such a scale of money that laundered drug profits in offshore
banks provide sufficient low cost loans so as to fuel the merger mania and
artificial stock market levels, this information may yet become the big
media issue it should be and could propel even one of the candidates like
Harder, Haeglin, or Nader, etc., into the White House if they handle this
info correctly and survive releasing it to the public in context of the
election arena, unless of course Al Gore turns up squeeky clean on all this
but even then he would have to deal with this issue and correcting the

According to Ruppert and his network of knowledgeable research associates,
this drug trade seems a calculated cynical part of the drug war that
intentionally uses the drug and forfeiture laws to keep what might otherwise
be a bankrupt US economy going, as well as to gentrify inner cities by
arresting and imprisoning minority family members on drug charges and then
confiscating the family's housing and property to clear the cities of low
income folks to enable higher profits and land values by this
"gentrification" process.

Former Bush administration HUD asst secty Fitts (cc above) also has direct
knowledge of info on some of these themes that should become public

David Crockett Williams">
20411 Steeple Court, Tehachapi, CA 93561

Global Peace Walk 2000
Updates 415-267-1877 -- Voicemail 415-863-2084
ttp:// SCHEDULE & contacts

Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2000
From: Pat Kostakeva <>
Subject: Re: PAN ALERT: A very special and *urgent* request

What I am doing for this election is writing each one of the candidates and US
Senators asking them to focus on the Environment as the Number One campaign
issue. The environment includes all the water and air, the animals of the land
and the sea, the trees and flowers and vegetables we eat. These are of concern
to all us, as the Universal Light flows through the environment surrounding
us. I believe that by focusing on the environment, then no matter who wins
(and I fear it will be Bush) they will know that all people have spoken on this
most important issue. Just a short E-mail, followedby a fax or written letter
of a paragraph or two. It is a lot of effort, but if we all do it, then the
environment will become the number one issue rather than this silly religious
in-fighting which only divides people. By the way, as an addition to your
statement about Bush and the status quo, you will be interested to know that
one of his father's next door neighbors is Charles Hurwitz, the owner of
Maxxam, the corporation that owns Pacific Lumber here in California -- PL is
the largest landowner and destroyer of Redwoods in the world. So, you can be
sure Bush will be on the side of Big Lumber at the expense of the environment.
Please let everyone on the list know about this association of the former
president's son with the biggest destroyer of redwoods. This is what we can
expect if he is elected. Thanks, and Blessings for all your work.

Rev. Pat Ormsby - Sunwillow Foundation

Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2000
From: "Larry and Elvire Smith" <>
Subject: Re Dolphins

Hi Jean,

Keep up the good work. I like reading all the stuff you put together.
Re the Dolphins, there is an apt phrase for those who cast disbelief which goes:
"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds" - Albert Einstein

Many regards,

Larry and Elvire

Webmaster/Website design/ Html Programming
Tel/Fax: (480) 704-0999

Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000
Subject: letter from Israel

Dear Jean

Thank you for your letter. Actually I am on your mailing list since November 99 and I think what you
are doing is great. I am in charge of the Geographical Library at Tel-Aviv University and have
contact with many people. Thanks to your material many people in Israel know about
aspartame, Canola oil, the problem with the experiment in the Ocean, etc. As you know, Israel, as a young country was busy for many years building itself, busy defending itself from the surrounding countries, that had a hard time accepting its existance, so the Israelis were not free to think further than mere survival.

In the last few years there is an awakening towards spiritual and environmental matters.
For the past decade there is like a ritual among the young people in Israel, after finishing military service, they take some time off (between few month to 1-2 years)
and travel extensively around the world.

From the East they bring back spiritual ideas and from the West awarness to the environment.
Environmental organizations are getting stronger every year. The first achievements were made regarding regulations for the flow of sewerage into the Mediterranean sea, restrictions on the emission of dangerous pollutants from factories, and regulations to stop polluting the few rivers
that Israel has.

Today one of the main issue for the environmentalists is the big Israel Highway (road no. 6) a huge monster that is suppose to cross the country from North to South and eat away a huge chunk from Israels scarce landscape. The environmentalists claim that it wil not solve the transportation
problems, that would be better solved by developing the train system. They built a big protest tent on the site where the work has started and people from all around the country are coming to support them. They know that the building of the road cannot be stoped completely but still hope that thanks to the protest it might be smaller in size and length. Any ideas how to help in this matter would be appreciated.

In spiritual matters there is a big awakening. In every city, every small tawn, there are organizations and groups of people meditating, going to workshops, exchanging experiences and knowledge. "Gurus", spiritual teachers from all over the world are coming and giving workshops in Israel, so more and more people are exposed to the new ideas.

Those are exciting times we are living in ...

Love and Light


P.S. I would be happy to help you in your effort in forming this global spiritual community.

Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2000
From: Ricardo Ocampo <>
Subject: New Info Selection Services / LuxWeb

Please forward to your list if possible...

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This free public service is part of the global web of light, the support
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us to a new world, as well as to a most welcomed new reality.

The Anahuak Radiant Center is a non-profit, non-sectarian,
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FINAL NOTE FROM JEAN: A couple days ago I posted on the ERN site a "Guide to the Seattle Meltdown: A Compendium of Activists at the WTO Ministerial" that has been prepared by a Washington DC large p.r. firm for the "benefit" of their corporate clients and obtained, I don't know how, by someone sympathetic to the WTO protesters who leaking it to us all through the Net. It is a rather interesting review from "their perspective" of the wonderful "hurdles" the corporate world is faced with in its bid to dominate the planet.