August 13, 1999

Subject: Miscellaneous Files: ONE MILLION VOICES FOR PEACE + Background on the Humana Project + The Armageddon By-Pass: Final Phase! + Feedback on The Green Files + About the over-population issue + Two mindsets, two visions of sustainable agriculture + Financial help suggestions for the Navajo

Hello everyone

This August 11 meditation (twice on the same day in fact) was quite a powerful pivotal moment for the world, especially for those who were able to tune in. I and many friends noted the intensity of the mind link, especially the first one in the morning. There were *lots* of people "on the line"! as one of them said. Absolutely! So we can reasonably assume that it was a resounding success from what we could grasp and feel - the vibrational/energetic level was really powerful - and most participants certainly each have their own unique story to tell about what they experienced during those ecstatic moments of Oneness with their brothers and sisters from around the world, all joined in one common sense of belonging and "being from" to the same Source of Light and Love.

So far, I've not received personal comments from anyone and I still hope some will be inspired to share with us all the insights and new awareness springing from this exceptionally powerful time of global Light Work. I've started preparing another email on that subject with some material received prior to it and will include any feedback that comes in...

In the meantime, I have this compilation of miscellaneous subjects that I consider worth reading.

Enjoy and take "action" if you are so inspired

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

Date: Mon, 02 Aug 1999
From: Deborah Moldow <>
Organization: The World Peace Prayer Society

Dear Jean,

Warm greetings in this summer of great energy shifts and opportunity for human
transformation! Thank you for the wonderful work you do, teaching all of us to
use the Internet as a spiritual networking tool.

It is almost time for the Annual Amenia World Peace Festival, to be held this
year on August 21st. Our theme is ONE MILLION VOICES FOR PEACE. I hope you
will share the information below with your network, so that all lovers of
peace can join us in prayer that day - especially live on the Internet at!

Sending my deepest gratitude and love. May Peace Prevail on Earth!

Deborah Moldow


You are invited to be among the One Million Voices for Peace on Saturday,
August 21, 1999 as a powerful prayer for world peace is webcast live on the
Internet from the World Peace Festival in Amenia, New York. In a spectacular
World Peace Prayer Ceremony from 2-4 pm, New York time, the flag of every
nation will be raised as everyone joins in the multinational call "May Peace
Prevail on Earth." This event will be a profound experience of unity at an
unprecedented level of global participation. Each one of the 10,000 people
attending the Festival, plus hundreds of thousands participating on line or in
spirit, will add an important voice in building a worldwide vision of peace
and harmony for all humankind. Let us know we can count on you!

Date: August 21, 1999
Time: 2:00-4:00 pm, New York time
Place: The World Peace Festival, in Amenia, NY
or wherever you are!

MUSICAL NOTE: To set the stage for the World Peace Prayer Ceremony, we will be
treated to a glorious solo performance by composer/musician Paul Winter. The
Ceremony will close with an impassioned drum circle led by master drummer
Babatunde Olatunji. You are welcome to join in this global heartbeat for peace.

For further information, please visit

May Peace Prevail on Earth!

From: "Andrew Barton" <>
Subject: Background Humana
Date: Fri, 06 Aug 1999

Dear All,
I think that I will have to give a little background information on
the "Hu-mana" philosophy.

I have been travelling around the world for seven years and returned to my
home town Gisborne in February last year, to discover that the sleepy small
city of thirty thousand people in an isolated part of New Zealand was to be
the focus of one of the most powerful collective moment of humanity, i.e.
the Millennium celebrations of 2000 and 2001. The opportunity that this
focus gives Gisborne to create an expression that could have a profound
healing on the rest of the world is enormous. The idea is that if one was to
get on a world stage with about 2 billion people watching and express
something so absolutely human then the effect that this energy could have on
humanity is immense. The idea is to create a three day festival that will
explore the notion of humanity and then use this explorative process to find
the essence of ourselves using the sun as the point of focus. The sun being
the physical symbol that connects all life together on Planet Earth.

Therefore I am requiring a core of people under a business arrangement to
help create this concept. Get together a group of people who are wanting to
see some financial outcome but are also equally as committed to an
environment that is wanting to draw in all walks of life and promote the
integration thereof.

I believe that humanity has hit a threshold of evolution whereby we now have
a collective energy here on the physical plane that can transform this
reality into a very powerful loving creation. It is also my understanding
that before this can happen we must find our own centre and the gifts that
we have to express. However this state of being is not able to occur at
present due to the fallacy that humanity has created about ourselves.
Unfortunately or fortunately humanity is going to go through a crisis that
will help us to find this centre and understand the stuff that has stopped
us from being our true selves.

With this idea I feel that the next 5 to 9 months are going to be an
incredibly intense and transforming time for the whole planet, and therefore
feel that with only five months to go before the Millennium, anything and
everything will happen, and give an opportunity for an organisation that is
based on truth and integration to succeed. As i have said, it requires
people who are willing to be sole proprietors and give their own ideas and
energy into the project to create a very profound festival in a short space
of time.

I then have a little difficulty as to what I do next but I feel that I just
need to get the idea out...again and see what comes back.





Date: Mon, 26 Jul 1999
From: Antares <>
Subject: The Armageddon By-Pass: Final Phase!

Rainbow Greetings on the first day of the Magnetic Moon,
White Resonant Wizard Year!

This is multidimensional story incorporating elves, phantasmal
hierarchies, and secret stargates. It is happening right now in our
hologram-fractal universe on the micro- as well as the macro-cosmic
levels. My mission is to report the situation I as perceive it within
the collective Merkaba of the Temuan - an indigenous rainforest tribe of
the Malay Peninsula now facing extinction if a dam is allowed to be
built near their ancestral home, inundating their sacred sites and two
thriving villages.

In 1992 I was summoned to the area to take up residence and plant the
seed of a future rainbow community to be called Magick River. Later I
understood that the Temuan tribe were the traditional guardians of the
ancient stargates in this scenic river valley, but they had been
culturally and spiritually disoriented since the Second World War and
were no longer able to perform their sacred ceremonies. Only since the
vernal equinox of 1997 have they begun, tentatively, to once again
perform their traditional 'sawai' or sacred song ceremony.

Last year in July I was in email contact with two earth-healers and
lightworkers who carried out a remote scan of the area. They reported
that the magnetic grid of the rainforest was in critical condition and
needed to be repaired and reinforced. The local elves (Orang Halus) were
dispirited and confused and needed a blast of healing light. For more
details please go to:

In October 1998 we learned that an Environmental Impact Assessment was
in progress involving a 400-foot-high reservoir dam project which would
drown 1,500 acres of lush river valley and cause the Temuan to be
relocated to oil-palm plantations, losing their beloved home in the
rainforest. Once the dam was built, the consortium would acquire
management rights to another 50,000 acres of the forest reserve
(ostensibly to protect the water catchment zone from pollution and
further logging, but it was clear that they saw enormous eco-tourist
potential in the area and wanted control of all future developments).
For full details of the proposed Selangor Dam please visit

Not long after that, Mary B, one of the lightworkers was visited by a
70-foot tall guardian spirit and persuaded by a series of vivid dreams
to physically present herself at a particular sacred site in the area.
She arrived in Malaysia after the March 21 Equinox and stayed for a full
month, reading the energies of the area. On April 12 we made a
pilgrimage to the Mother Fall, which she immediately recognized from her
dreams of the previous year. This was the culmination of her mission in
Malaysia - to download a 5th dimensional Arcturian encoding she had
acquired astrally from Mount Shasta in November 1998.

Mary B was astounded at the sheer number of guardians present at the
Mother Fall - not just hundreds, but thousands were based at that spot
to protect an interdimensional portal which had existed for millions of
years. She told me the guardians were now fully awake and ready to
defend the area against further disruptions to the magnetic grid. "There
will be no dam," she said with quiet conviction. However, on the human
level, I knew that before the dam project could be halted, great damage
might be inflicted not just on the Temuan, but any degree of
environmental degradation could result in calamitous repercussions in
the form of massive landslides and flash floods. In effect, we had to
work on the political level to get the project aborted before too much
damage was done!

On 24 July 1999 a press conference was called, announcing the Selangor
River Coalition and a renewed commitment to stopping the dam. We were
ready to stage street demos, camp-ins, whatever it might take to halt
the madness (

However, as Ceremonial Guardian, I still feel it is essential for us to
maintain focus on the spiritual dimensions, working with thoughtforms
and protective filters so that no harm will come to any lifeform, and so
that the crisis can be resolved without causing further polarization.
And yet I admit it's difficult to envisage any kind of win-win scenario
for the dam proponents - short of their experiencing a dramatic
conversion to deep ecology and appreciating, for the first time in their
money-grubbing lives, the true beauty and majesty of the Goddess Gaia...

As we approach the Lunar Eclipse of July 28, the Solar Eclipse of August
11, and the Double Grand Cross of the Fixed Signs in the week following
the eclipse, I know that millions of earth-healers and lightworkers will
be focused on World Healing and Transmutation of the Hellish Apocalypse
into a Glorious New Heavenly Epiphany. I wish to bring the ominous
threat of the Selangor Dam project to your attention, and humbly request
that you extend your focused intentions to include a miraculous healing
for the Temuan tribe, the would-be dam-builders, and the
vision-challenged government of Malaysia.

We are dealing with very negative entities - the so-called Powers and
Principalities - who have long had dominion over the human imagination
on this planet. Indeed, upon returning to the U.S. after successfully
completing her sacred mission, Mary B was attacked by the 'negs' via the
agency of her nuclear family, specifically the husband and son, and is
now under house arrest, much like Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma! She is not
allowed the use of the Internet and is closely watched in case she tries
to contact her circle of 'New Age' friends. But she's determined to
transmute the negativity her own way, in her own time, as she feels
there is karmic residue to be worked through... Anyway, the 'negs' know
that if the secret stargates in the Temuan ancestral land are left
undisturbed, they will draw thousands of pilgrims to the area, and for
every three who come, two will be awakened and activated beyond
manipulation by the phantasmal hierarchy's totalitarian thoughtforms.

Armageddon, the Final Battle for Control of the Earth's Destiny, is
being fought everywhere - from the Balkans to Macchu Picchu to the
rainforests of Malaysia! Each of us is a hologram of the Whole
Universe, and if we succeed in anchoring the fractal image of a 'New
Heaven on a New Earth' within our immediate environment, the Ascension
of Mother Earth will be accomplished with minimal hardship and pain. The
crucial phase is NOW!

From August 6-8, 1999, the World Spiritual Foundation will be holding a
retreat in the Magick River area. I shall be attending this retreat and
hope to enlist the group's help in installing protective filters around
the proposed dam site. Your assistance is most welcome - whether in the
form of prayers, group meditations, publicity support, or cash donations
(to a special fund being set up to stop the Selangor Dam; for full
details, please email <> or <>)

Thank you so much for listening. Please circulate this message within
your own network.

Circumpolar Rainbow Blessings and Full-Spectrum Light,

Antares Numi*On
Ceremonial Guardian

(First day of the Magnetic Moon, White Resonant
Wizard Year, old calendar, July 26, 1999)

Tel 603-8041977

Welcome to the hologram of Heaven on Earth...

Date: Sun, 08 Aug 1999
From: Pat Kostakeva <>
Subject: Re: The Green Files: EARTHACTION Alert: 1998 - Hottest Year of the Millennium

Dear Jean: One answer to global warming is as simple as planting trees in your own yard, front yard, and curbside between sidewalk and street. IF everyone in the US planted a couple of trees, it would help immensely. Also, hedges in the front yard and curbside cut down on dust and dirt coming in through the windows. Why do all the rich people in Beverly Hills have huge hedges surrounding their homes? For privacy, of course, but also because it blocks street dirt and noise from their homes. Also, I believe that in the future, when the planet becomes increasingly stripped of rainforests, trees will have a value unknown to us today. Each tree's oxygen value will be calculated and used to offset the amount of pollution being released into the air. I am sure homeowners and landowners will be PAID for the oxygen-producing value of their trees. So, start planting them NOW. I myself am looking for a donation of a piece of land on which to begin planting fast growing Poplars, willows, ashes and Paulownias. My foundation, Sunwillow Foundation, is a proponent of planting trees for their oxygen value as well as for their connection with Mystical Ecology and Earth Spirituality. Until we revere the Earth as SACRED once again, all the talk about environmentalism will be useless. Unless something is HOLY and HALLOWED to a person, they will continue to abuse it! Cutting down a tree or damming a river means nothing to people with no spirituality.

Pat Kostakeva


Date: Sat, 31 Jul 1999
From: "Laboratorio Eudemonia" <>
Subject: I would like to know your opinion ...

Kind Jean Hudon,

I hope all is going very well!

I always find in your messages many useful information: many thanks, really!

I'm here as I would like to know your thoughts on the over-population issue. I think that this is the greatest problen and challenge that is waiting for our analysys, reflection and immediate intervention. Many great personalities, like Donella Meadows for example, have this opinion. Nothwithstanding this, I see a great indifference in the people working for a New Era, in the New Agers, overall in my Country. Also in your very rich networking updates I do not find people who is involved in this universal issue. I find many and many people working and asking for Peace, but it seems to me that nobody is conscious or plainly recognize that world peace is costantly under the menace of overpopulation.

I know that you are very busy, but, if possible, can you tell me something enlightening on this?

I know that the new-agers think & work in a different manner respect to other progressive people. But my little opinion is that we should use also an analytical, critic method, a the side of our positive thinking, otherwise we will remain incomplete people.

I hope to read soon your answer, all my best my friend,

Danilo D'Antonio

LABORATORIO EUDEMONIA oO Oo Cosa seminerai oggi?
Via Fonte Regina, 23 - 64100 Teramo - Italy
tel: 0861 415655 - e.mail:


Do you think that "New Ager" is a correct manner (linguistically) to define a person working for a New Age?


Dear Danilo

As much as I would love to give you an elaborate response to your query, I simply cannot find the "material" time to do so. So many emails coming in and so many others things to do aside from this Internet work prevent me from doing so.
Still I searched a good web reference I had on the overpopulation issue and could not find it as it is buried in my old files on a ZIP disk somewhere. Sorry. An Internet-wide search on this subject will certainly bring you many interesting sites.

One thing sure there is more than enough food to feed the world population. Transfering to humans only 30% of the grain fed to animals would considerably help alleviating the food problem -- see the accompanying article below on this subject in relation to genetically modified food.

I know also that the people of "Plenty" created by members of The Farm community in Tennessee USA had an excellent method to feed people with all kinds of soy products.

Still the real problem is the pressure onto the world ecosystems resulting from too many people making too many demands of the planet's resources. Again, if the affluent 20% of the world population would decrease by 30% its overconsumption (and thus pollution) of resources, it would considerably help. According to the National Geographic magazine, a child born say in India will utilize 100 times less of the world resources during his/her lifestime than a child born in the USA...

There is in short way too much greed and not enough compassion in this world and that's where the main imbalance originates. So a spiritual r-evolution of the first magnitude is what will make a future possible along with all the needed changes in values, behaviours and social, economic and political structures and priorities that such a r-evolution will make possible. And it is coming, at an exponentially accelerating pace, at a "life theater" near you ;-)


P.S. Personally I would not appreciate the tag of NewAger put onto me because it reflects and emphasizes a separative us/them mindset. "Spiritually aware people" could be more neutral and more indicative of the real nature of those simply more aware than others - no fault, no judgement onto anyone. Another commonly used and simpler term to described those working for a New Age is Lightworkers.

Date: Sat, 7 Aug 1999
From: Mark Graffis <>
Subject: Two mindsets, two visions of sustainable agriculture

`More food is not needed. We already grow enough to nourish everyone.
If just one-third of the grain fed to animals went to humans instead,
we would not have 24,000 deaths per day due to hunger.'

Friday, August 6, 1999

By Donella H. Meadows

"I guess you must be in favor of pesticides," concluded a Monsanto
public relations guy, after I objected to his company's genetically
engineered potato.

"I guess it's OK with you if people starve," said a botanist I deeply
respect, with whom I have carried out a fervent argument about genetic

Accusations like these astonish me. I'm an organic farmer; I'm not in
favor of pesticides. I've spent decades working to end hunger; it is
not OK with me that anyone starves. I believe that my two accusers and
I are working toward exactly the same goal - feeding everyone without
wrecking the environment. We would all label that goal "sustainable
agriculture." But we must be making radically different assumptions
about what that goal looks like and how to get there from here.

The idea that if I oppose genetic engineering, I must favor
pesticides, arises from an assumption that those are the only two
choices. If they were, I would probably agree that it's better to fool
with genomes than to spray poisons over the countryside. But I see
other choices. Plant many kinds of crops and rotate them, instead of
one or two crops year after year, which make a perfect breeding ground
for pests. Build up ecosystems above ground and in the soil so natural
enemies rise and fall with the pests, searching and destroying with a
specificity and safety and elegance that neither chemicals nor
engineering can match.

These are pest control methods based not on chemistry or genetics, but
on ecology. They work. I know. I use them. I know dozens of organic
farmers who use them. Small scale and large. Northeast, South,
Midwest, West. Apples, lettuce, potatoes, strawberries, broccoli,
rice, soybeans, wheat, corn.

The claim that we need genetic engineering to feed the hungry must be
based on two assumptions: first that more food will actually go to
hungry people, second that genetic engineering is the only way to
raise more food. I assume, to the contrary, that more food will not
help those who can't afford to buy or grow it, especially if it comes
from expensive, patented, designer seed.

Furthermore, more food is not needed. We already grow enough to
nourish everyone. If just one-third of the grain fed to animals went
to humans instead, we would not have 24,000 deaths per day due to
hunger. Or if 40 percent post-harvest loss rates in poor countries
were reduced. Or if we shared the embarrassing crop surpluses of North
America and Europe. Or if we created an economy where everyone had
money to buy food or land to grow it - which would solve a lot of
other problems too.

Where, when or if more food is needed, there are ways to produce it
that don't require biotech or chemicals. Folks with an industrial ag
mindset assume that organic agriculture would cut yields. Not only is
there no evidence for that assumption, there are numerous studies to
the contrary. One of the latest appeared in Nature last year; its
summary opens like this: "In comparison with conventional,
high-intensity agricultural methods, 'organic' alternatives can
improve soil fertility and have fewer detrimental effects on the
environment. These alternatives can also produce equivalent crop
yields to conventional methods."

Imagine what yields could be if even one-tenth as much research effort
were put into organic farming as has been put into chemicals or

When I show this evidence to proponents of high-tech farming, when I
offer to take them to see organic farms, when I point out that hunger
could be ended by sharing food or technologies that raise output
without poisoning the earth or invading the genome, I don't think my
argument even reaches their auditory nerves, much less their brains.
That kind of extreme failure even to hear an argument, much less
process it, alerts me that this is not a rational discussion. It is a
worldview difference, a paradigm gap, a disagreement about morals and
values and identities and fundamental assumptions about the way the
world works.

I assume the world works by the laws of ecology and economics and
human nature. Ecology says that monocultures breed pests; that
chemicals upset soil ecosystems and kill off natural predators; that
crops with pesticide in every cell will induce pest resistance; that
animals and plants should be grown in close proximity so manure can go
back to the soil; and that we haven't the slightest idea what the
ecological or evolutionary consequences of genetic engineering will

Economics says you can never have a sustainable market if you produce
something consumers fear and you hide critical information about how
it was produced and what it contains. Because industrial agriculture
has violated that law and lost the trust of consumers, the market for
organic produce is growing in American and Europe by 20-30 percent per
year, even with a price premium; it now totals over $9 billion.

Seventy percent of the corn grown in the U.S. is genetically
engineered. Human nature says the more actual producers can own and
shape and control land and inputs and seeds and knowledge, the more
inventive, adaptive, and equitable agriculture will be.

Acceptance of those laws shapes my vision of sustainable agriculture.
I picture healthy ecosystems and healthy human beings working together
in thriving, close-knit communities. Farms are small, owner-operated,
with what Wes Jackson calls a "high eyes-to-acres ratio," which means
they are well managed and high-yielding. Farmers make more use of
knowledge and people than of chemicals and seeds they can't breed for
themselves. Animals are raised on all farms; there are good reasons
why ecosystems don't concentrate all the plants in one place and all
the animals in another.

Food is grown everywhere, in cities, in suburbs. The distance from
producer to consumer is short, there are fewer supermarkets, more
farmers markets, less packaging, more freshness. The principle of one
of my favorite organic farmers permeates the system: 'I'm not growing
food, I'm growing health."

To those who do not believe such a vision is possible, I can only say,
it exists, it's alive and well and growing, it's even more profitable
than the industrial vision, the food tastes better, the work is more
pleasurable. I live in this vision. I have friends all over the world
who live in it. Come see.

Donella H. Meadows is an adjunct professor of environmental studies at
Dartmouth College and director of the Sustainability Institute, a
think/do tank that promotes sustainable systems.

Copyright 1999, Environmental News Network, All Rights Reserved


Date: Sun, 08 Aug 1999
From: "Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D." <>
Subject: Financial help suggestions for the Navajo


Those of you who have been following my Healing Our World articles know
of the plight of nearly 3,000 Navajo who are going to be relocated by
the U.S. Government so that a privately owned coal mine can expand. By
February 2000, these people, mostly elders, will be moved to an area
that is downstream from the site of the U.S.'s worst toxic waste
disaster! You can read the details of these tragedies in my articles at and

The media is virtually ignoring the harassment and genocide that is in
progress. Funds are desperately needed to support these people. When
will the persecution of Native peoples stop?

Please consider supporting the resistance effort. All of your donations
are tax deductible if you send them to:

Steve Sugarman, Executive Director
Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE), 20110 Rockport Way,
Malibu, CA, 90265-5340,
Telephone: (310) 456-3534.
Please make your check payable to Sovereign Dineh Nation (SDN).
You can email Steve at

I personally know those involved with the SEE organization and they are
of the highest caliber. The money you send will get to its destination
and will go to work immediately.

You can send funds to be used as needed, or you could identify specific
projects that you would like the money to go to. Below are some
suggestions of areas that are in great need of support. If you want to
ask specific questions about any of the projects or suggest sources for
materials, you can contact the Dineh's represetative, Marsha Monestersky
directly at

Thank you for your efforts. Please read the articles above and send
letters to those identified in the Resources section of each article.

All the best,

Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D.
Professor of Environmental Studies

Author, "Healing Our World" on the Environment News Service at

Visit Jackie's website on teaching, activism and an archive of over 100
of his articles at

- Food. A group in Los Angeles makes monthly food deliveries. Funds are
needed for this. Also, if you know of places that would donate food,
contact Mauro Oliveira at

-Hay project. This is the project that would most immediately benefit
the people. We have an urgent need to obtain funds to purchase alfalfa
hay to for the animals in the Wislow tract and corralled on HPL. This
is an immediate need. We can purchase alfalfa hay for $65-80/ton from
the NAPI feed yard in Farmington, NM. Do you want to suggest that
people can sponsor a ton of hay?

-Water project. Since people are denied access to water we need to
purchase 2-3 plexiglass water tanks so we can do our own water delivery
with tanks made available in Star Mountain, Big Mountain and Cactus
Valley. Then we will need gas funds to do water delivery on HPL and at
the Winslow tract.

-Electricity project. We can obtain "friendly" small windmill
generators enough to power light bulbs for a substantially reduced
price. "Friendly" means they are not pretty but they are working
units. We would like to distribute some of these units to at least some
of the elders.

-Release from Impoundment/public auction project. It would be helpful
for us to have some funds on hand to pay for the release of animals from
the impoundment yard/public auction that are confiscated then sold by
the BIA.

-Fencing project. We could use funds for people to repair their
corrals. This would help people to keep some of their over permitted
animals in the corral to avoid confiscation by the BIA. This would also
help for cattle being brought back to Black Mesa from the Winslow
tract. However, this
depends on funds for the hay project since corraled animals need to eat.

-Office project. We need to fix up an office on the land and equip and
maintain it.

-Outreach project. We need funds for gas for outreach, copying and

-Telephone project. At present we have no funds on-hand and a phone
bill is coming due in a few days. This bill will include calls to
Geneva Switzerland to coordinate Helena Begay's travel to the UN in
Geneva and her travel to the UN in New York.

There is also the need for a cellular phone and phone bill funds for
outreach. The elders are spread over many thousands of acres.

-Legal defense project. We urgently need funds for legal efforts that
are underway.