July 27, 2001

Miscellaneous Subjects 99: 1. A Feedback + 2. Changes are Occurring : FIRST TEAR GAS, NOW BULLETS + 3. Another Excuse for Space-Based Weapons is Emerging + 4. Space-based missiles? Too late to stop? + 5. International Day against the Militarisation of Space, 13 October, 2001 + 6. MY BONN LIES OVER THE OCEAN & ICELAND ICELAND BABY & DUDE, WHERE'S MY PIPE? + 7. Seattle Adopts Kyoto Protocol + 8. Controversial Guru Opens New Hospital For Poor India

Hello everyone

Here is one more load of critically information to consider -- and possibly act upon if you can.

The Big Announcement has been postponed.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed."

— Albert Einstein


From: "Linda Evans" <lle333@earthlink.net>
Subject: Responses to Your Post
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001

(1) Peggy's idea of a People of America group to join with other countries in support of Kyoto agreement, and bypass the entrenched US govt power structure, is a wonderful idea. I would certainly support such a group and would like to contribute...by gathering signatures and circulating petitions? By contacting environmental group heads and linking them in support? This is a good idea and deserves further thought and action. The people of the world need to know that many Americans are environmentally conscious and do not agree with the corrupt powers that be (in fact, our govt has become an embarrassment...I am now embarrassed to say I am an American...for our declaration of independence and constitution have been left in the dust, and our leaders are nothing to be proud of). It is in such groups of people caring enough to follow their ideals and beliefs, and showing support/love of the earth and each other that "Heaven on Earth" can be created.

(2) Regarding Kiki's wonderful letter about Gandhi's solution to the violence--that of fasting--it is worth remembering that Meher Baba, a most loving avatar, fasted often for days at a time. He weakened and shortened his life by doing so but it was a conscious sacrifice by an enlightened being to help the suffering of the world. (He also was silent for 44 years.) Other avatars, such as Ammachi, also undertake great bodily suffering for the good of all...and all of them recommend a very simple lifestyle. Many people find themselves eating much less and lighter foods in response to the changing frequencies and the poisoning of our food. I would like to recommend drinking wheatgrass juice several times a week as part of any fast because it is a complete food and very cleansing to the system. This was also recommended in messages from Mother Mary (in that book by the Texan lady). Jamba Juice, with its wheatgrass juice and fresh fruit blends, is doing a great service to our planet. It started in San Luis Obispo, CA, by health conscious people and now has many, many locations throughout 5 states.


Linda Lee

NOTE FROM JEAN: There will be more from Kiki in a coming compilation.



Subject: Changes are Occurring : FIRST TEAR GAS, NOW BULLETS
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001

An excerpt that shows changes really are occurring in people's opinions as a result of anti-corporate demonstrations around the world...a small beginning...

From: http://www.alternet.org/?IssueAreaID=21

Sarah Ferguson

.....Lakey has a point. Rather than debating whether property damage is "violent," activists need to focus on whether it supports their larger aims. The problem has been how to formulate clear goals in such a sprawling movement, with some groups seeking to reform institutions like the IMF, and others looking to abolish them altogether. But points of consensus are emerging. In D.C. this fall, instead of focusing so much on shutting down the IMF and World Bank meetings, activists with Mobilization for Global Justice (an umbrella group that spans labor, environmental, student, religious and direct-action groups) are uniting around central demands such as debt cancellation for impoverished countries and opening these private meetings to public scrutiny.

"The shutdown calls worked to bring people together for the earlier mobilizations, and to draw attention to these global institutions, which weren't really on the radar screens of most Americans," says organizer Nadine Bloch. "But now we want to be clear on what we're asking for, and focus on alternatives to show that we're not anti-globalization, but anti-corporatization."

Despite the tension between confrontational and nonviolent factions, demonstrators have managed to shift the terms of discussion for economic liberalization. In the U.S. Congress, there's far more consensus, particularly among Democrats, that new trade agreements must have stricter labor and environmental standards than were included in NAFTA. The credibility of the World Bank and IMF is on the brink as a growing host of critics - including a Nobel Prize-winning economist - question the ability of these institutions to alleviate poverty. Pressured by environmentalists, the bank recently announced it would consider no longer funding oil, gas, and mining projects.

More importantly, the general public has begun to agree with the demonstrators' politics. According to a recent survey by the University of Maryland, most Americans think U.S. trade policy favors multinational corporations over the concerns of U.S. workers, and 74 percent said the U.S. has a moral obligation to ensure that foreign laborers don't have to work in harsh and unsafe conditions.


From: EdElkin@aol.com
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 2001

Another Excuse for Space-Based Weapons is Emerging

by Carol Rosin <rosin@west.net>

Here it comes: yet another lie, another reason, another excuse for space-based weapons is emerging. This is only the beginning. This propaganda is starting to be spread from the mouths of "credentialed people."

If you have ordered your two hour video, and watched the May 9th National Press Club largest ever press conference on http://www.disclosureproject.org, you will now know without one doubt that the U.S. cabal has kept a big secret from you ... the contact that has been made for decades with Extraterrestrial civilizations and their craft that has come here from vast distances. You will know that there is reverse engineered (from UFO craft that we have downed...) technology being supressed that can solve the global warming crisis, the energy crisis, pollution, and many other urgent and potential problems on our planet. You will know that "we are still here" and that there is only propaganda, lies coming forward from individuals with vested interests, as always, who want us to believe these ET's are hostile. You will know that since we ARE still here, and these civilizations could have wiped us out a long time ago with their highly advanced technlogy, and that they have given us no diseases to fear, more fear tactics, that we had best not threaten these civilizations with our space-based weapons. You now know that they have shown us that they can even shut down missiles in their silos, and missiles in flight. And you will know that we are victims of experiments in "mind control" of people and of technology ... all in active experimental phases. Disinformation and misinformation campaigns about this subject are now officially underway.

And you will know that it is time to get that legislation produced and supported, and a world treaty signed, to ban all space-based weapons immediately.

Following is a brief introduction in main stream news. But, don't forget to go immediately to http://www.disclosureproject.org, a site put together by a respected physician (don't let the propaganda wars discredit him), Dr. Steven Greer, who has gathered credentialed, unimpeachable direct witnesses ... order the two hour tape, the DISCLOSURE book, and watch the press conference. Now take a look at this:

Typical male fear-based/taught comment, yet, there is no evidence at all, but Nick Pope still says we must prepare for possible contagious diseases and for war with ET's.

Sent: Saturday, July 21, 2001
Subject: Fighting an "Alien War". ABC video "Interview" web site. * With Mike Wallace. Go to : http://abcnews.go.com/onair/correspondents/wallace/internetexpose/ufo2000/wallace_ufo_basictiny.html

Click on NICK POPE "Secret Government Report", says a Secretive Civilization, with Advanced Technology, flies in the Skies around Earth. And we should PREPARE for "WAR" with them.

PS. From Carol Rosin (who is "regarded to be the original political architect of the move to stop the SDI and ASATs..." quote from "Military Space" July '84):

The ET's may have done some "experimenting ... but no more than humans do on other humans and other animals. They are clearly NOT hostile. We must gather all of our momentum and get that ban on space-based weapons immediately. As you see, George W. Bush and his team are accelerating their process for further deployment of a vast array of space-based weapons. We have only one chance in history to transform the war R&D program into a space R&D program without weapons in space. This R&D program is now the largest R&D program in history...mandated to weaponize space. It will not shut down...it cannot...too many jobs at stake and too much money involved. BUT, it can continue when the mandate changes to cooperative ventures in space. That time when this can happen is now. In other words, the militaries and industries, the labs and universities who are funded to work on these programs, are not going to disappear in the short term. So, we have to identify what it is they are doing and can do in space without the mandate to work on space-based weaponry. There are plenty of great things that are being done by these organizations and industries, and we have to learn what they are and what else they can do.

We must identify and express support to all the Congress reps who are supportive of our perspective, educate them, and swing the vote now ... to support forthcoming legislation that will call for a ban on space-based weapons.

We must communicate with all world leaders, asking them to contact George W. Bush and his colleagues to tell them that they will sign an immediate world treaty to ban space-based weapons, to preserve the ABM Treaty, and to reduce and eliminate missiles and other dangerous technologies as they simultaneously agree to continue to cooperate in space ... refusing to participate in BMD research ... for the benefits this will provide to all World Citizens.


Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001
From: Carol Rosin <rosin@west.net>
Subject: Space-based missiles? Too late to stop?

Basically, people need to know that we have only a few weeks or months at the most, to end the arms race before it escalates further into space. But more urgently, people should communicate directly and immediately to President Putin (who is meeting with RICE, from Bush's administration, this week), so that Putin knows we support his positions to ban space-based weapons and to preserve the ABM Treaty. Contacting Putin (call the Russian Embassy and leave messages or write directly to Moscow) is a major action that we should all take immediately ... while we have a chance. IF Putin decides to buy into Bush's blackmail scheme, that is, to work on BMD in order to reduce missiles on both sides (the Bush blackmail offer), game over. We'd never have a chance of stopping the further weaponization of space. The country leaders of the world need to hear from us, too. We need to tell them that we want them to sign a treaty to ban space-based weapons, that we want them to preserve the ABM Treaty, and that we want them to work on cooperative space R&D of a non-weapons nature. We can now transform the war industry into a space industry, allowing the largest R&D program in history to continue but without the intention and the mandate to weaponize space. This is our win win position ... as there is a role for the military to have in service on earth and in space, a role for the industries to continue to earn profits and to produce an incredible new marketplace of products and services that can be applied directly to solving urgent and potential man-made or natural disasters ... a new marketplace of jobs and training programs, and a new security system based on cooperative military, civil and commercial space ventures (already happening!), that will provide an abundance of benefits and opportunities for all world citizens.

Thanks for spreading the word.

Love and Aloha,

Carol Rosin

P.S. It is not too late to prevent the weaponization of space, or Putin's participation on Ballistic Missile Defense. I've been told by a high level Russian military officer that Putin is only "talking" with Bush and that this conversation taking place is only happening to open lines of communication.


Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2001
From: Trevor <wharmony@iinet.net.au>

International Day against the Militarisation of Space, 13 October, 2001

It is already widely understood that President Bush's proposals for Missile Defence, or "Son of Star Wars" as it is more commonly known, menace existing agreements on nuclear disarmament and the control of nuclear competition between the powers. The Bush Administration intends to jettison the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty which is generally seen as a cornerstone of international security. Its proposals also put at risk the Outer Space Treaty, which seeks to prevent the deployment of weapons designed to wage war in and from space. European peace movements will wish to evaluate the significance of the annulment of these treaties for European security.

National Missile Defence seeks not only to create a shield against nuclear missiles, but also to set in place the material pre-requisites for space wars. Star Wars proponents in the United States regard NMD as one "layer" in a broad US programme. This is to be "multi-layered" and to include "theatre defence" - weaponry used in or in close proximity to an area of conflict - missile defence and space-based weaponry. In December, the Pentagon chose the Stennis Space Centre in Mississippi as the development site for the $20-$30 billion "Space-Based Laser Readiness Demonstrator". Under this programme it is envisaged that 20 to 30 space-based laser satellites will eventually orbit the earth. They will be able to fire at targets in space, such as other satellites, as well as target earth. And they will doubtless be pressed into service to augment "Theatre" Missile Defence.

But it is not so widely understood how far these potential changes in military technology are transforming military doctrine and the policies of the nuclear powers concerning the use of nuclear weapons. Not only do these risk launching a new wave of nuclear proliferation, but they also risk the legitimation, and then, inevitably, the detonation of "tactical" nuclear bombs, or mini-nukes, against, for example, guerrilla insurgents. This would undoubtedly call forth paroxysms of lesser terrorism in response.

These changes already threaten all the existing conventions which seek to establish humanitarian standards in the prosecution of wars and to protect civilians, children and the other non-combatant victims of conflict.

The peace movements have always sought ways to join their forces in action against such harmful developments. Sometimes they have been able to do this very effectively, as was shown during the campaign against the installation of intermediate nuclear forces in Europe in the 1980s.

But today, at the same time as campaigning, we need to apply all our resources to achieve a better understanding of the meaning of the new changes in military technology and military doctrine. We now face new threats, against which old antidotes will not work.

What will result from the Russian declaration to terminate the rule of "no-first-use" of nuclear weapons?

What effects flow from the United States' commitment to domination of space, sea, air, land and communications in pursuit of the horrifying doctrine of "Full Spectrum Dominance"1, or from associated US Airforce thinking on "The Enemy as a System"2?

What is the meaning of the revision of the Charter of the North Atlantic Treaty at the 1999 Washington Conference, and the effective sidelining of the United Nations?

Relevant action by the peace movements is more and more dependent on clear understanding of the veritable mutations which modern military thinking has undergone.

The present concerns of the peace movements include these and other difficult problems. Can we prevent the imposition of missile defence, and the destruction of the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty? What can be done to prevent the deployment of lethal weapons in space? How can we advance the movement to ban illegal nuclear weapons such as Trident, and to prevent the continued manufacture and use of Depleted Uranium (DU) munitions? How can the campaign against the arms trade be strengthened? What steps are necessary to halt the militarization of the European Union? If military alliances can undermine the Charter of the United Nations, and weaken the sway of international law, what can we do to prevent the continuous expansion of NATO to include more and more formerly neutral states, and its ever more ambitious programme of hegemony over others? Is it not time to dissolve the Alliance?

Already, many interesting proposals are being elaborated or re-discovered. These include the call for the creation of nuclear-weapons-free zones in Europe; moves to strengthen the links between campaigns for peace and the campaign against globalisation, including continuing actions against the arms trade; preparing international actions against Star Wars through petitions and demonstrations, culminating in the International Day against the Militarization of Space on 13 October 2001; helping in the defence of the rights of neutral states to remain outside military pacts; giving appropriate support to those who object to military service, or who object on conscientious grounds to military taxation; developing the international networks to share information and experiences about the effects of depleted uranium; mobilizing in the universities against the Academic Military Industrial Complex; addressing continuing problems of peace and human rights - notably the crisis in Palestine, the oppression in Turkey and the defence of the Kurdish people, the problem of Cyprus, and the results of military intervention in the Balkans, amongst all too many other pressing issues.

We in the Russell Foundation have been engaged in an extensive process of consultation for a period of two years, in order to discover how to improve the co-operation of non-governmental organisations across Europe in favour of peace and human rights. We have received much advice from peace movements and other groups, many of which participated in two consultation meetings in Brussels. There has also been a programme of national meetings, during the course of which there has been widespread agreement that it is necessary to establish a permanent European Network for Peace and Human Rights, to discuss all the issues raised in this appeal, and related questions, to provide an inclusive forum for the exchange of information and ideas, and to help the co-ordination of practical actions.

The launch meeting of the Network will take place in Brussels on 31 January and 1 February 2002. If you want to come, do please return the enclosed reply slip.

1. Full Spectrum Dominance 'Full Spectrum Dominance' is the key term in Joint Vision 2020, the blueprint the United States Department of Defence will follow in the future, from which these extracts are taken.

'The ultimate goal of our military force is to accomplish the objectives directed by the National Command Authorities. For the joint force of the future, this goal will be achieved through full spectrum dominance - the ability of US forces, operating unilaterally or in combination with multinational and interagency partners, to defeat any adversary and control any situation across the full range of military operations.

The full range of operations includes maintaining a posture of strategic deterrence. It includes theatre engagement and presence activities. It includes conflict involving employment of strategic forces and weapons of mass destruction, major theatre wars, regional conflicts and smaller-scale contingencies. It also includes those ambiguous situations residing between peace and war, such as peace-keeping and peace enforcement operations, as well as non-combat humanitarian relief operations and support to domestic authorities.

The label full spectrum dominance implies that US forces are able to conduct prompt, sustained, and synchronised operations with combinations of forces tailored to specific situations, and with access to and freedom to operate in all domains - space, sea, land, air and information. Additionally, given the global nature of our interests and obligations, the United States must maintain its overseas presence forces and the ability to rapidly project power worldwide in order to achieve full spectrum dominance.

Achieving full spectrum dominance means the joint force will fulfill its primary purpose - victory in war, as well as achieving success across the full range of operations, but it does not mean that we will win without cost or difficulty. Conflict results in casualties despite our best efforts to minimise them, and will continue to do so when the force has achieved full spectrum dominance. We will win - but we should not expect war in the future to be either easy or bloodless.

The requirement for global operations, the ability to counter adversaries who possess weapons of mass destruction, and the need to shape ambiguous situations at the low end of the range of operations will present special challenges en route to achieving full spectrum dominance. Therefore, the process of creating the joint force of the future must be flexible - to react to changes in the strategic environment and the adaptations of potential enemies, to take advantage of new technologies, and to account for variations in the pace of change. The source of that flexibility is the synergy of the core competencies of the individual Services, integrated into the joint team. These challenges will require a Total Force composed of well-educated, motivated and competent people who can adapt to the many demands of future joint missions. The transformation of the joint force to reach full spectrum dominance rests upon information superiority as a key enabler, and our capacity for innovation.'

2. 'The Enemy as a System'

This paper*, by Colonel John A. Warden III of the US Air Force, begins with a severely rational examination of how to achieve the objectives of the United States.


1. * The full paper can be found on the Internet at: www.cgsc.army.mil/usaf/Pubs/Enemysystem.htm

The Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation Ltd Russell House, Bulwell Lane, Nottingham NG6 0BT
Tel. 0115 9784 504 - Fax 0115 9420 433
e-mail: elfeuro@compuserve.com


25 Jul 2001

While the rest of the world moves forward with the Kyoto treaty, the Bush administration claims it is cooking up its own strategy to fend off global warming. But some officials involved in the administration policy review say there has been little real pressure from the White House to come up with a new plan anytime soon. The action may be shifting to the U.S. Congress, where several bills to address climate change are already being considered. Some members of Congress say American businesses will be hit hard by the administration's decision not to participate in Kyoto -- businesses in other countries will be first out of the gate with innovations to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions, and U.S. firms will be left out of new carbon-trading markets. Read more about the fallout from the negotiations in Bonn from Elliot Diringer, a veteran environmental reporter now with the Pew Center on Global Climate Change, on the Grist Magazine website.

New York Times, Andrew C. Revkin, 25 Jul 2001

Los Angeles Times, Elizabeth Shogren, 25 Jul 2001


Iceland is gunning to be the world's first carbon-free economy. The country is in something of a bind, as it now has very low carbon-dioxide emissions and the Kyoto treaty on climate change gives it little room to expand its economy in a way that would increase its emissions. Already, 67 percent of Iceland's energy comes from emissions-free geothermal heat and hydroelectric dams. During the next two decades, Iceland wants to convert its buses, cars, and fishing fleet to run off hydrogen fuel cells, which emit only heat and water. Giant companies like DaimlerChrysler and Royal Dutch/Shell, as well as the European Union as a whole, are investing in the fuel-cell projects.

Wall Street Journal, John J. Fialka, 25 Jul 2001 (access ain't free)

24 Jul 2001

Many problems with the U.S.'s vast network of oil and natural gas pipelines don't get reported or are underreported to the federal Office of Pipeline Safety, and even if major mishaps are reported, the agency rarely fines companies for them, reports the Austin American-Statesman after a yearlong investigation. Past problems that didn't show up in the agency's books include nine spills in Florida's Big Cypress National Preserve and a blast in California that killed two people. In total, the country's pipelines leaked at least 67 million gallons of crude oil, gas, and other petroleum products in the last decade. The OPS, an underfunded and understaffed agency, has jurisdiction over more than 2 million miles of pipelines, but it doesn't even know where some of those pipelines are located. The Bush administration's push for increased energy production will put an even greater burden on the pipeline system.

Austin American-Statesman, Jeff Nesmith and Ralph K.M. Haurwitz, 22 Jul 2001

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Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001
From: CyberBrook <brook@california.com>
Subject: Seattle Adopts Kyoto Protocol

Everyone in the US should get their town, city, county, and/or state to do what Seattle has done. The Kyoto Protocol isn't perfect, but instead of quitting and going home with the ball, we should work to make it better. In the meantime, it's a very good first step to control global warming. 178 countries signed on to reduce greenhouse gases... if W won't sign on to the Kyoto Protocol, we should!

From: http://abcnews.go.com/wire/Politics/reuters20010723_448.html

Seattle Adopts Kyoto Limits, Scolds Bush

SEATTLE (Reuters) - Seattle officials on Monday said the city would meet greenhouse gas reduction targets in the 1997 Kyoto Protocol and blasted President Bush for pulling out of the international treaty. "We are sending a message to the federal administration that it is time to act, just like the rest of the world," Mayor Paul Schell told a press conference.

Dubbed the Emerald City for its lush urban forests and boasting some of the greenest power and waste programs in the nation, Seattle pledged to beat the Kyoto goal to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 7 percent from 1990 levels and try to cut three times that much...


Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001
Subject: Global Village News & Resources for July 23, 2001
From: GVNR <gvnrresponder@list.internetgazette.net>

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2012 in cooperation with the Savesite Network. For more information, go
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Controversial Guru Opens New Hospital For Poor India

He is hailed as a "god-man" by his millions of devotees around the world. He has also recently weathered a firestorm of accusations of sexual improprieties with minors from a number of former devotees. Whatever one's personal opinion - or lack thereof - of Sai Baba, the accomplishments of his charitable work stand on their own. His organization has built or sponsored schools, colleges, universities and community development projects in remote villages throughout India as well as provided food and clothing for the desperately poor. In January 2001, Sai Baba opened an ultra-modern 43 million-dollar specialty hospital near Bangalore providing free care to the poor and serving as a international model of "non-commercial health care." The hospital, with 30 physicians and 10 operating theaters, is equipped to provide 30 to 40 operations per day.

This is his second hospital. The first, the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences in Puttaparthi, India, was opened in 1991. A stunning building with rich oriental architecture and harmonious, symmetrical design, it gives the feel of a serene, pastel-colored palace. Situated near his ashram, its impressive blue dome caps a beautiful octogonal hall with a central altar featuring an array of Hindu deities. Climbing the marble stairs and removing ones sandals upon entering the hall immediately produces a sense of serenity. It's all a part of the body-mind-spirit philosophy of the hospital.

But don't let the statues of "elephant gods" fool you. The medical care is second to none. With more than 40 doctors, Puttaparthi hospital has become a leading center for advanced diagnostic and therapeutic methods in the treatment of heart disease and cardiac surgery. With more than 300 beds, the hospital has departments specializing in nephrology (kidney conditions), cardiology (heart conditions) and ophthalmology (eye conditions). Since its opening nine years ago more than 9,000 heart operations have been performed complete free of charge. These are operations would normally cost 500 million rupees ($10,753,000) each. And what's more, contrary to Indian tradition, the hospital treats all patients equally - irrespective of caste, creed or status - and they stay until they are fully recovered.

Puttaparthi hospital was built and fully equipped in just one year. To quote from the hospital brochure: "A single hospital of this size cannot lay claims that it will treat and cure all diseases of all patients of heart, kidney and eye in the world. The work it does could serve as a working model for making available complicated medical technology free of charge to the deserving patients, who could not otherwise afford it. It is a model that can be duplicated and started anywhere and in any society, on the foundation of determination, unity of thought, words and deed. A very small fraction of money that goes into manufacturing the weapons of human destruction in the form of defense budget will do ó even the poorest country can raise funds for many such hospitals to be built.”

Both hospitals are products of an underlying philosophy which holds that:

* Proper relief from any medical institution should be the birthright of any diseased person irrespective of country, religion, color or ideology.

* Decommercialization of medicine: The art of healing and giving medical relief to deserving patients should not be priced and should not be sold in the market as a commodity. The cost of providing such medical care should be absorbed by human society itself.

* Human values in medical care: The human agents of the delivery system of healthcare ó be it the administrators, doctors, nurses or technicians ó should all be perfectly ëhumaní in thinking, in words and in deed. They should in actual practice demonstrate the use of five principles of human values: truth, right conduct, peace, love and non-violence.

* Spiritual well-being as a medical concept: Present-day medicine stops at the lying down of health practices and policies to provide physical, mental and psychological health of the individual. It makes little or no attempt at strengthening the spirit of man which is the divine force in him that energizes his physical, mental or psychological systems. Modern medicine has lost its inherent and intrinsic proximity to spirituality. Unless that element is restored medicine or healthcare will never be holistic and fully satisfying.

For more information: http://www.saionline.org/puttapathi/ashram/gh.html