June 11, 2001

Miscellaneous Subjects 89: 1. As Biotech Crops Multiply, Consumers Get Little Choice + 2. A comment + 3. Heart Opener + 4. Letter from Jimmy Twyman + 5. World Earth Healing Day 2001 and the June 21 Solar Eclipse + 6. World Peace - Solstice 2001 - Gathering Ireland + 7. Comments on "free energy" devices + 8. WILL EUROPE BAN ASPARTAME - Sweetener probed

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Lots of important news and info for your consideration - as usual ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"We are not humans trying to have a spiritual experience; we are spirits having a human experience."

- Michael http://www.divinity.com/

News of interest:

U.S. Will Restart Wide Negotiations With North Korea

Renewed Talk of Arctic Drilling Draws Eco-Tourists to Alaska

Bush Is Revising Energy Policy to Address Global Warming

A Skeptical Europe Awaits Bush on 5-Day Trip



From: http://www.nytimes.com/2001/06/10/business/10GENE.html

As Biotech Crops Multiply, Consumers Get Little Choice

Despite persistent concerns about genetically modified crops, they are spreading so rapidly that it has become almost impossible for consumers to avoid them, agriculture experts say.

More than 100 million acres of the world's most fertile farmland were planted with genetically modified crops last year, about 25 times as much as just four years earlier. Wind-blown pollen, commingled seeds and black-market plantings have further extended these products of biotechnology into the far corners of the global food supply perhaps irreversibly, according to food experts.

"The genie is already out of the bottle," said Neil E. Harl, a professor of agriculture and economics at Iowa State University, speaking of genetically modified organisms, or G.M.O.'s. "If the policy tomorrow was that we were going to eradicate G.M.O.'s, this would be a very long process. It would take years if not decades to do that."

Most of the biotech fields are soybeans and corn planted in North and South America, the biggest food exporters. But biotech crops - genetically altered to do things like release their own insecticide or withstand the spraying of weed-killing chemicals - are being shipped or experimented with in many other countries, including China, India, Australia and South Africa.

They are even turning up where people least expect them: in countries where they are banned but a black market has developed; in food supplies where they are forbidden or shunned, like organic products; even in fields that farmers believe are completely free of genetically modified crops.

The rapid adoption and proliferation means that even as scientists and others debate the safety of altering foods' genetic codes to produce cheaper and bigger supplies, a large share of the world's population has little or no choice but to consume genetically modified crops.

One indication came last year when Starlink, a variety of genetically modified corn not approved for human consumption, accidentally entered the global food supply, leading to extensive food recalls in the United States and Japan over fears it could cause allergic reactions.


Seed companies, farmers, processors and food makers have spent more than $1 billion in the last six months trying to eradicate Starlink. But most experts agree that will take years.



Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2001
From: Jim Fournier <jim@geoman.com>
Subject: Re: Meditation Focus #40: Global Warming is Real

Dear Jean,

Thank you so much for your tireless efforts. I particularly appreciated this one, and Green Files #23 recently. As one who has shifted my attention more toward the ecological situation and away from organizing global meditations recently I still find there is an important and often overlooked connection between the two.

I'm not sure if you or your readers are aware of the larger galactic dimension of this summer solstice. You might enjoy the image and information I have posted at: http://www.gaiamind.org/#solstice2001

Jim Fournier

PLANETWORK: Global Ecology and Information Technology


From: "dAvE" <gmidavid@tpgi.com.au>
Subject: Heart Opener
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2001

G'day Jean, greetings from Oz, trust all is well up there in the North!

I've just been on a fantastic retreat for a week that allowed me time to tune out and tune in. Regarding the Middle East and meditation focus, I'd like to offer the following that came to me after a vivid 'nightmare' I had while on retreat. No, don't worry, it wasn't a dooms-day type dream. Basically the nightmare triggered me to have an idea that I then sent out in prayer. Basically the feeling I was getting was that the nightmare was to help trigger this idea of tackling opposition in the world. I don't know, and I'm not sure if it is for broad use, but your latest email made me think that it may be worth sharing.

I realise the idea with the meditation focus is to facilitate the spread of Light into areas so that it can be used in the most appropriate way that we may not intellectually understand. The following may not wholly follow this intent. The following is a 'prayer' or a request to hold in our Hearts as a directive, fully within our Divine Right, to facilitate the opening of Hearts in those opposing each other. I've since coined the term 'Heart Opener' for it.

I had a vivid nightmare of a couple of people severely hurting each other, and I awoke feeling sick, it was that graphic. I then felt an overwhelming desire to do something about it, and I felt in my Heart in that dark moment of the wee hours of the morning, I had a choice of doing just that, or to just go back to sleep. I opened up to what I could do, and must admit I really enjoyed visualising the following...

Imagine a scene of any two people facing off, it could be riot police against protestors, or soldiers against soldiers or civilians, or even human against animal. One attacks and causes pain to the other, and WHAM! As soon as that pain is delivered by that person, a magical pulse of energy is triggered and jolts the attackers Heart in a way that cracks it open and spills compassion and remorse into the attackers system. The attacker then has an uncontrollable desire to rush to the person that they have attacked and help them and ask for forgiveness. At this point, the person who was attacked may seek retribution and chooses to inflict pain on the original attacker, and WHAM! The same Heart Opener pulse hits them too! Very quickly they all stop hurting each other and sit or stand around tending each others wounds, hugging, laughing, putting weapons down and so on!

I visualised it with leaders too, eg ordering a strike on a target, and the Heart Opener pulse hitting them and causing them to suddenly act as though snapped out of a stupor and rush to the phone to change the orders and cancel the strike! I visualised someone beating a dog and immediately WHAM! the next scene they were surrounded by dogs licking them with wagging tails as the beater and dogs romp and open to the unconditional love an animal can give.

It was great! Fantasy?? Maybe, and I asked this, and was asked in return if it was something I truly wanted? And I said "yes"! And I was told " then it is so". My 'request' was placed so to speak for how the system we are in and how it should function. I do believe there is so much we don't know that we have to respect this and not interfere and try to steer the greater plan for humanity in any one specific direction. But are we not also the co-creators of our reality? And do we not have the responsibility and ability to design our 'system' how we wish it to be? I believe so, and therefore have continued to visualise the above vision since. Perhaps you may wish to as well.



"Reawakening the connection = Earth, Body, Mind and Spirit" www.livinggaia.com/centreuni_june/truebalance.htm


From: James Twyman <BelovedJT@aol.com>
Sent: Sunday, June 03, 2001
Subject: Community Letter from Jimmy


Dear Beloved Family,

I know that so many of you want to know about my trip to Bulgaria, so I won't make you wait any longer. I am in the process of sorting through it all, for it was a very exciting and enlightening journey, but I can at least give you a basic version. Let me start at the beginning.

Some of you have already heard the story of Marco, the young boy I met from Bulgaria in the San Francisco area last January. I was giving a talk in someone's home to about fifty people and noticed a young boy in the front row very attentive and interested in everything I had to say. I thought this was unusual and wanted to talk to him afterwards.

We had an amazing discussion where he spoke of things like, "jumping into people's stories and seeing who they were," and other psychic phenomenon. It all seemed very normal to him and he was surprised when I told him I couldn't do these things. Then he asked, "Would you like to be able to do them?" I said of course, and he asked me to touch his finger. This seemed like a joke but I reached out and did it. Nothing more happened and I went about talking to a few other people, all the while keeping my eye out for Marco so I could meet his parents. I didn't see him again.

Later that night I asked Sharon if she had met the young boy in the front row. She said, "What boy...there were no kids there at all." Over the next couple of days I asked quite a few people who had been at the talk if they met Marco and everyone had the same response. I knew a mystery was at hand. Three days later I was home eating breakfast and the spoon I was holding bent in my hand. I went to the drawer and took out another spoon and it too bent. Within days an extremely strong skill in mind reading developed as well. It seemed that Marco had been true to his word.

Over the last few months I have been obsessed with finding him again and learning what this is all about. A week and I half ago I had a dream where I saw myself walking through the streets of Bulgaria with Marco and knew the time had come. I had no idea how I would find him or where I would go, but I had to do it. Two days later I left on another adventure.

When I arrived in Sofia, Bulgaria I found a hotel room and settled in. I asked everyone I could if they had ever heard of a boy with amazing psychic abilities named Marco, but no one had. Then I met a man who said he heard of a monastery where these children sometimes live. It was the only clue I had. I Iooked at the map and decided to trust my intuition. I paged through a guide book on Bulgaria and came to a page about several monasteries in the Pirin Mountains, and I knew that's where I would go. After renting a car I drove away from Sofia with no real idea where I was going.

There are so many details I'm leaving out in this email, but it will at least give you an idea of what this adventure was like. I got off the highway and started traveling down tiny country roads. I felt as if Marco was in my mind leading me on. The next day I heard about a particular very small monastery and decided to check it out. It was very secluded and hard to get to, but when I arrived there were at least 100 children playing in the yard. Where had they all come from?

Ultimately I met a monk who seemed to understand what I was looking for. When he knew he could trust me he told me what was really going on there. The children were being tested for psychic abilities in a way that was so subtle they weren't even aware of it. This was a school where these children developed their abilities, and it is where Marco developed his. The monk knew Marco. When I asked where he was he told me very bad news. Apparently Marco had died in early February, only a couple of weeks after I had my experience in San Francisco. Marco never left Bulgaria, and didn't even speak English, but he was apparently an amazing child, the most powerful and developed the monk had ever seen.

I had the chance to speak with the four children that were actually living at the monastery developing their gifts. They all had an amazing story which I'll share in the book I'm working on now. The question is, why did Marco lead me there? Why did he help me find this place? It seems that the psychic children have an important message for us all. They are a signal of what we are becoming, as individuals and as a whole. Over the next couple of weeks I plan to share more of this message, and to show how aligned it is with the Emissary message. This will be good for the Community, and it will help me sort through what I experienced so I can write a great book.

The adventure never stops, for me or for any of us. But always remember that it is not about how many powers we develop, but how much love. That is ultimately the whole message. So, keep up the real work and the rest will take care of itself.

In Peace,

James Twyman


From: "WEHD"
Subject: World Earth Healing Day 2001 and the June 21 Solar Eclipse
Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2001

World Earth Healing Day 2001 and the June 21 Solar Eclipse

This year World Earth Healing Day will take place on June 21, the day of the Solstice and a total Solar Eclipse. World Earth Healing Day, which began in 1996, has linked up thousands of people across the world in meditation, prayer, and mindful activity to help raise world consciousness and further world healing. This is a day for people across the world to unite in spirit and hold a collective vision of universal love and peace. When we join together in this way our collective energy is greater than the sum of our individual energies. We strengthen the links between ourselves and in so doing build a resonance that will uplift all.

Simultaneous worldwide meditations will take place at the following times:

1. 07.30 GMT (08.30 in the UK) for the exact time of the Solstice at 07.38;

2. 11.50 GMT (12.50 in the UK) for the exact time of the New Moon at 11.58 and the Solar Eclipse at 12.03;

3. 19.00 GMT (20.00 in the UK).

Please note that the UK will be observing daylight saving time, which is an hour ahead of GMT. Each meditation will last for at least 20 minutes, and will consist of clear, focused positive thought. Please dedicate your intent to the awakening of planetary consciousness and the advancement of world peace and healing.

If you are unsure of your time difference from GMT, visit the website at:


Please observe World Earth Healing Day in a way that is meaningful to you. Some people may journey to places of beauty and power to connect with the Earth. Others may gather at local parks, beaches, or town centres, or at an event dedicated to the theme of the day, such as a peace concert, a seminar, a religious service, or a celebration. Still others may honour the day on their own in their own space. Whatever you do, dedicate your intention to the expansion of love and awareness on the Planet, so that healing may occur. Experience your connection with all, and as you do, sense the ripples of what you are doing spreading outwards to uplift all.

If you are going to observe this day, we would encourage you to take a few moments to list your name and World Earth Healing Day location on the website so we can form links of light with each other and get some idea of the extent of global participation. You can also list yourself as a local contact if you wish. This is continuously updated so revisit frequently if you wish to see who is listed for your area. See the webpage at:


Leaflets and press releases are available in many languages on the website, which you can print out and distribute if you wish.

The date and linkup times of World Earth Healing Day are chosen for their astrological significance. This is because the planets and stars are as interconnected as everything else is. We believe that the pattern they form in relation to the Earth influences its subtle-energetic field, and therefore the collective planetary consciousness. It seems that certain planetary alignments produce certain resonant responses within the collective consciousness. It follows that under certain planetary alignments our collective consciousness will become more receptive to healing as archetypal issues are amplified and brought into focus in a particularly helpful way. This creates an opportunity for those in expanded states of consciousness to assist in the resolution of these collective patterns by focusing upon their harmonious integration from the perspective of unity consciousness. The collective vision that is held by such people at this time will be strengthened by the resonance of the planetary alignments.

It is not necessary to understand astrology or even to be aware of the archetypal planetary influences in order to contribute to the healing of the collective consciousness. However, for those who are interested in knowing what planetary energies will be supporting them on June 21, an astrological reading will follow. If you feel it appropriate you can hold an awareness of the astrological themes in your thoughts and meditations on the day.

Note: all dates and times in this reading are in GMT (equivalent to UT).

On June 21, the day of the Solstice, the Sun will conjunct the New Moon in Cancer and form with it a Total Solar Eclipse. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, will be in Sagittarius, conjunct the Galactic Centre and strongly activated by Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus. Neptune will form a powerful trine to Saturn. Pluto will form a close quincunx to Venus.


Totality will begin at 10.35 GMT in the South Atlantic and will finish at 13.31 GMT in the Indian Ocean. The path of totality includes Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, and Madagascar. A partial eclipse will be seen in eastern South America and the southern two-thirds of Africa. The Eclipse will be at its greatest at 12.04 GMT when the axis of the Moon's shadow passes closest to the centre of Earth.


From: "Jonathan Evelight" <rainbow@aum.freewire.co.uk>
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2001
Subject: World Peace - Solstice 2001 - Gathering Ireland


World Peace is the intention. The June Solstice 2001 is the time. Recognised in many countries as more and more people attune to this global event. You are invited to help make world peace a reality by joining the critical mass of people who will light candles on this day, June 21, meditate and gather at sacred places in every land.

This year a special World Peace & Prayer gathering is happening in S.Ireland, coinciding with the Full Solar Eclipse, on the HILL OF UISNEACH, COUNTY WESTMEATH, IRELAND.

"WPPD 2001" is being organised by Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th Keeper of the Sacred WHite Buffalo Peace Pipe. A gathering of people from the four nations of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales + all the world over takes place over June 20 to 23rd 2001. This is the first year that WPPD has been held outside America and is the first of a five year world pilgramage journey starting in Ireland. This is significant for many reasons not least the coming together of sacred traditions new and old and of indiginous and ordinary people moving forward through a forgiveness of the past toward a new unity and respect across the world.

Please network + share with others who you feel would like to respond.

DIRECTIONS: From Dublin, take the Galway road N4/N6; turn right at Moate, taking the Ballymore road to Ballymore; at the "T" junction turn right and go 7 miles to the village of Killare. The
Uisneach Inn is at the cross roads on the left. Follow signs to parking area for Hill of Uisneach. There are Bed and Breakfasts in the area. Limited camping available.

For details see http://www.worldpeaceday.com/2001/

For more information contact:__ wppd2000@yahoo.com

There is a benefit concert for WPPD with Sinead O'Connor, Donovan, and many other well-known Irish performers expected plus drummers and sacred dances.

Wednesday, June 20th, there will be an opening welcoming ceremony at the camp. Early in the morning of the solstice June 21st, there will be a World Peace ceremony. An evening of sharing experiences, discussion groups and acoustic music is planned also with the opportunity for visitors to share cultural knowledge and teachings with each other. There may also be a sacred tree planting ceremony. Prominent indigenous speakers and more entertainment is expected with Saturday, June 23 the main day when many important dignitaries would visit the camp for an invitational dinner followed by a concert featuring many famous performers. The event may conclude with a live broadcast followed by a closing ceremony. On Sunday morning, people would break camp.

About World Peace & Prayer Day

Year 2001 will be the sixth annual WPPD Event, and the first of a new five year global pilgrimage that will highlight this event at Sacred Sites in England, Ireland, South Africa, Australia, Japan and the Americas by 2005.

This date is chosen to become a World Holiday of Peace and Prayer.

WPPD was originally initiated by Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe of the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota Nation. A series of healing journeys to the four directions of the Americas began the fulfilment of a prophecy know as "Mending the Sacred hoop of the Nation" - that journey now joins with people from all over the world to share culture and wisdom in living peacefully and naturally on the Earth.

WPPD aims to show that profound positive change comes through at the level of consciousness. June 21st is the Summer Solstice and holds ancient traditional ceremonial importance to all cultures. On this day the Sun, the Source of Life, is at it's most intense. Life is held in balance when the four elements of earth, air, water and fire are in harmony and clearly this is not so today as global warming and pollution is damaging our lives. Ancient traditions maintain these as sacred principles through our conscious interaction with the natural environment.

Best wishes

Jonathan Evelight


From: "Hal Fox" <halfox@qwest.net>
Subject: Comments on "free energy" devices
Date: 5 June 2001

Dear Friends,

Just in case you haven't seen our list of "working" new-energy devices, here it is:

Definition: New-energy does not include the older forms of "alternative energy" with sources from sun, wind, tide, geothermal, or biomass.

Our group has spent almost 12 years searching the world for new-energy devices. There are now four new-energy devices that have strong commercial potential that have been invented, tested, and are in some stage of being commercialized.

All four new-energy devices are patented (or patents pending) and all four appear to pass our stringent requirements:

1. The device must provide three times as much energy output as energy input.

2. The source of the energy must have a scientific basis.

3. The devices must be non-polluting, tap a large energy source, and be able to be economically manufactured, in other words, have a strong commercial potential.

The following is a list of viable new-energy devices that are JUDGED to have near-term, strong, commercial potential:

1. Devices based on high-density, electron charge clusters (six patents issued). For example, see U.S. Patent 5,018,180. Note: this is the first patent, known to us, to state that the excess energy comes from tapping the zero-point vacuum energy of space. This discovery appears to be the best candidate for providing our future energy needs. Our group [Emerging Energy Marketing Firm, Inc. (EEMF) in Salt Lake City, Utah] has the exclusive rights to all six patents that have issued in the U.S.

2. Dr. Randell Mills patented discovery of energy from water (hydrogen in water). See www.blacklightpower.com. The source of this energy is a new form of chemical energy.

3. The Russian (Koldamasov) patented process for a low-energy nuclear reactor. Reportedly, two kilowatts of electrical input provides forty kilowatts of thermal energy. The source of this energy is from relatively safe, low-energy, nuclear reactions. [Note: We have been promised a copy of the device but have not yet received it.]

4. Dr. Tom Bearden (and co-inventors) stationary electromagnetic generator (patent pending). This device apparently is also tapping the energy of space. Independent testing is currently scheduled or underway. [One replication has been reported. However, commercialization is an estimated $15 million away.]

It is estimated that any one of the above new-energy discoveries can be commercialized within two years with an estimated $15 million or less. To build a new fossil-fuel-powered, atmospheric-polluting, electrical generating plant will take at least three years and cost $100 million or more.

Our group is being privately funded for a project to demonstrate that radioactive solids can be transmuted to stable elements with a dramatic reduction in radioactivity. We have already demonstrated the capability to dramatically reduce radioactivity from radioactive liquids. (Paper presented at a meeting of the American Nuclear Society. Original inventor is the late Stan Gleeson).

Best personal regards,

Hal Fox

Editor Journal New Energy


NOTE FROM JEAN: Another good news - the following has been translated in Spanish, which is also available from Betty Martini

Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2001
From: Betty Martini <Mission-Possible-USA@altavista.net>
Subject: WILL EUROPE BAN ASPARTAME - Sweetener probed

UK national press article

The Sunday Express, May 20, 2001 page 7

Sweetener probed

By Lucy Johnston, Health Editor

Action at last over additive Aspartame as fears grow of health risk in food and drink

The Government has ordered a top-level investigation into the safety of Britain's best-selling sweetener amid fears that the low calorie chemical is a health risk.

Aspartame, used in thousands of diet food and drinks has been linked to more than 90 adverse reactions including brain tumours and blindness. The Sunday Express has seen a leaked letter which reveals the Government's food watchdog - the Food Standards Agency - has sent more than 500 research papers on the chemical to the Brussels-based Scientific Committee on Food.

If it finds it is a health risk, the sweetener widely used in fizzy drinks, squashes, yoghurts, spring water, chewing gum and pharmaceutical products, and often sold under the names NutraSweet and Canderel, could be banned. Last night, Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker, who is campaigning for NutraSweet to be taken off the shelves added: "This is a very positive step. Doubts have been raised about this product and they need to be cleared." Last September, the Sunday Express led calls for an inquiry after our investigations discovered large numbers of people were claiming their health had been damaged by the sweetener.

They included Lyn Hunter, 49, of Liverpool, who regularly drank diet drinks with Aspartame and had pain in her limbs, headaches, lack of concentration and insomnia.

Her constant pain became so great she even considered suicide. Her doctor treated her for arthritis even though tests for this condition were negative. When she eliminated Aspartame her symptoms disappeared. The leaked letter from food scientist Dr Sandy Lawrie expresses concern that Aspartame has not been reviewed by the Scientific Committee on Food for 13 years.

It states: "We have discovered more than 500 papers on Aspartame published between 1988 and 2000. There is clearly sufficient new data on Aspartame to justify a review."

Sources at the agency say that if scientists find strong evidence about dangers of a product, they will advise an EU-wide ban. A spokeswoman for European manufacturers of Aspartame, Ajinomoto, said: "All of the good scientific data shows it is safe. No data raises any concerns about Aspartame either new or old."

However, many studies which have not been sponsored by the food industry highlight potential dangers. Professor Ralph Walton of Northwestern Ohio Universities said: "I dispute the assertion that there are no health risks. "I believe Aspartame increases risk of cancer. Virtually all the studies attesting to its safety have been funded by the industry."

One independent study on animals shows how digestion breaks Aspartame down into formaldehyde, which accumulates in the animals' cells, damaging DNA and poisoning the liver, kidneys, eye and brain. However, the manufacturers argue that all the constituents of Aspartame are found in much greater quantities in natural drinks such as milk and tomato juice, and are not considered a health risk.

In the US, there are now five Aspartame detox centres. Symptoms reported to America's Food and Drug Administration include headaches, skin problems, stomach disorders, poor vision, depression, carbohydrate cravings, panic attacks, irregular heart rhythms and seizures.

For more information send an SAE to Geoff Brewer, Additives Survivors Network, 63 Downlands Road, Devizes, SN10 5EF or visit the online support group at http://www.dorway.com/


Comments from Betty Martini, Mission Possible International

As many know I lectured in the UK the end of August and Sept, 2001 and provided many records the UK had not seen. Aspartame was approved in the UK through a business deal between Searle and Professor Paul Turner. When Parliament found out there was a big blowout but the order was not rescinded. (Article in Guardian) Therefore, the UK did not know that in the beginning the FDA had asked for the indictment of Searle but two U.S. Prosecutors hired on with the defense team and the statute of limitations expired. For 16 years the FDA refused to approve aspartame because of the brain tumors but Searle hired Don Rumsfeld (now Secretary of Defense) who said he would call in his markers and get it approved anyway. See UPI 8 month investigation of aspartame on http://www.dorway.com/

The day after Reagan took office he appointed Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes. A Board of Inquiry was setup who told Dr. Hayes it had not been proven safe, and because of the brain tumor issue he could not approve it. (See Board of Inquiry summation on http://www.dorway.com/). Dr. Hayes over-ruled the Board of Inquiry and approved aspartame anyway, and then went to work for the PR Agency of the manufacturer and refused to talk to the press ever since. Over a year ago Fox News in Washington, D.C. went to Dr. Hayes house and asked "were the public ever at risk?" Again, Dr. Hayes refused to answer and shut the door. With audio hear the Fox News newsclip on DORway.

We thank James Turner, Attorney, Washington, D.C. for those records and Jon Baum, Mission Possible National Capital Area for sending them to us. Aspartame which was never proven safe and in original studies triggered brain, mammory, uterine, ovarian, testicular, thyroid and pancreatic tumors, as well as grand mal seizures should never have been approved. Three congressional hearings because of the outrage of consumers being poisoned never banned aspartame because senators like Orrin Hatch were paid by Monsanto who bought Searle in l985, and since sold.

On June 20, l999, The Independent in the UK exposed "World's top sweetener is made with GM bacteria." As more and more evidence is brought forward we hope that aspartame will now be banned having created one of the greatest plagues in world history. H. J. Roberts, M.D. is about to release a 1000 page medical text on this global plague titled ASPARTAME DISEASE; THE IGNORED EPIDEMIC. Consumers and physicians will be able to get it by accessing http://www.sunsentpress.com/ or in the US by calling 1 800 814 - 9800. We wish to thank all those in the UK working to expose this deadly chemical poison, Felicity Mawson, Geoff Brewer, Carl Sims, Marjorie Schofield, Joanna Clarke, John Smith, and many others.

The Sunday Express is not on web and for those reading it on the Internet who would like to send them their case history on aspartame poisoning you may write expressletters@express.co.uk

Betty Martini, Founder, Mission Possible International
(770) 242-2599


Aspartame Toxicity Center http://www.holisticmed.com/aspartame