June 5, 2001

Miscellaneous Subjects 87: 1. Nasa has lied all along about the true color of Mars atmosphere - and about much much more! + 2. A Tiger by the Tail - Boycott Exxon + 3. A letter from Jordan and a comment about the Palestinian-Israeli Peace Process + 4. Petition for the release of Israeli prisoners + 5. Racial discrimination reported within the UN Commission on Human Rights + 6. World Peace and Prayer Day, Summer Solstice, June 21st + 7. Global Family Advance workshops + 8. Breakdown of the World

Hello everyone

Here is a pretty eclectic mixture of material for your consideration. If you have time to read through this one, I believe you'll like it.

Enjoy and pass it on ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. There is an important petition for the Freedom of conscience in France which I recommend to your attention at http://www.petitiononline.com/CAP01/petition.html

And in case you are not aware yet of this good news about the election of Alexandro Toledo:

Peruvian Son of the Poor Is Elected Over Ex-President


Nasa has lied all along about the true color of Mars atmosphere - and about much much more!

Someone recommended me to give a look at http://www.enterprisemission.com/sir.htm

Here are a couple quotes from what is available at this URL - and there are some pretty convincing pictures too proving that we have all been lied to by NASA for the last 35 years about the reality of what Mars is. See what I've included in attachment. A picture is worth a thousand words...

"In the latest in what has become an on-going series of aggressive, push-the-envelope statements by Sir Arthur C. Clarke, he has again managed to upset the apple cart by directly stating what so few in the planetary sciences community are willing to admit -- things are not as we have been told regarding our solar system. Clarke -- the inventor of the communications satellite, author of "2001 - A Space Odyssey," "Childhood's End," "Rendezvous with RAMA," and numerous other novels; champion of cold fusion and other "free energy" research projects -- is probably best known for taking Enterprise principal investigator Richard C. Hoagland's ideas about life in the oceans of Europa and using them to create his novel "2010 - Odyssey Two," the long awaited sequel to "2001."

Clarke took the opportunity of his recent face-to-face meeting with Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin -- the first 33° Scottish Rite Freemason to walk on the surface of the Moon -- to drop his bombshell statement in a space.com story.

"I'm fairly convinced that we have discovered life on Mars," Clarke told SPACE.com Sunday as Buzz Aldrin listened. "There are some incredible photographs from [the Jet Propulsion Laboratory], which to me are pretty convincing proof of the existence of large forms of life on Mars! Have a look at them. I don't see any other interpretation."

Clarke's flat statement stunned Aldrin into silence, much as his earlier statements on the "Glass worms of Mars" at a Planetary Society event in December, 2000 made Society chairman Louis Friedman acutely uncomfortable.


If it is the former, he certainly can point to an extensive, accumulating quantity of startling evidence that calls into serious question the conventional (read "NASA") view of Mars, as "a cold, uninhabitable hell" ...

This NASA view of Mars (to which most planetary scientists in and outside NASA have quietly acquiesced) -- a "dry, dead desert planet" with an atmosphere so thin that not even water could stay in a liquid state on its surface for more than few seconds -- was established by the first NASA mission to view the planet close-up. Mariner 4 arrived at the Red planet in the Summer of 1965 and revealed a harsh landscape of barren cratered deserts. Measurements taken at that time supposedly established that the atmosphere was too thin to support water in a liquid state, and was almost 100 percent carbon dioxide -- leaving the probability for finding life as "extremely unlikely."

That view prevailed until the Viking missions of the mid 1970's, when the two landers were sent to test the soil for signs of microbial life. The two orbiters, as readers of this page well know, also sent back strikingly contradictory images of disconcerting features (certainly to JPL and NASA!) that seemed to suggest the presence of "an ancient advanced civilization" on the planet, at least in the Cydonia region.

What most people do not remember is that the lander tests for life came back positive. NASA however, quickly moved to suppress this news and present an "alternative" view -- that the results were just a "mistake," a chemical reaction and not "proof of life on Mars." However, the scientist heading one of the Viking biology experiments, Dr. Gilbert Levin (one of three Viking Principal Investigators with a biology experiment on the Viking Landers, this one called the "Labeled Release Experiment"), has always insisted that his instrument's results were positive for life, and not a result of a mere "chemical interaction.

NOTE FROM JEAN: The attached stunning pictures of Mars clearly show its blue atmosphere as seen from space and its blue sky as seen from the ground. They also explain at this website above how the first pictures released by the NASA did accurately show the true colors of Mars atmosphere, but were soon replaced by the "official" faked red-colored pictures to mask the fact that Mars is hospitable and, by extension, to hide - IMHO - the truly amazing cover up that has been going on for decades regarding the possibility - some would say the fact - that a technologically-advanced civilizations once existed on Mars (remember the pictures from the Cydonia region on Mars) and that, as some claim, the covert government of the Earth has even had a base on Mars for quite some time, which they probably first reached with the advanced anti-gravitational technology retroengineered from the alien space crafts they shot down at Roswell and elsewhere and then allegedly through teleportation means, and has been digging up lots of new-old universal science and artefacts from within the vast underground cities on Mars, thus putting the actual level of technological advancement of the Earth covert government way ahead of what is shown to us through the window dressing show of the international space station.

More details on this Mars base at http://themarsrecords.com and more details on the Face on Mars and the just released New Face Comparison Movie at http://www.enterprisemission.com/index.html which could have been the face of a man-lion - remember the Sphinx! - which has been staring at us from Mars for untold millenia -- see also the various Face on Mars animations at http://www.insightim.com/IIM/mars.html and the just released (June 1, 2001) "Forensic Analysis of the Face On Mars" at http://www.enterprisemission.com/forensic.html and check also the current poll on MSNBC's "NASA revisits the "Face on Mars" (regarding the question of artificiality) which is tracking a greater percentage in favor of the Face being artificial and where they state "May 25 — NASA has released a new crop of pictures from the Red Planet, including the sharpest view yet of the “Face on Mars,” a feature that looked like a sculpted head in lower-resolution pictures taken 25 years ago. The latest image makes the face look more like the eroded mesa NASA says it is. Nevertheless, it has reignited the debate sparked by a similar picture three years ago." Go at http://www.msnbc.com/news/577946.asp to see that picture an a long article and plenty of links)

See also the explanation about Senator John Glenn amazing statement below masqueraded as a joke at

"Back in those glory days, I was very uncomfortable when they asked us to say things we didn't want to say and deny other things. Some people asked, you know, were you alone out there? We never gave the real answer, and yet we see things out there, strange things, but we know what we saw out there. And we couldn't really say anything. The bosses were really afraid of this, they were afraid of the War of the Worlds type stuff, and about panic in the streets. So we had to keep quiet. And now we only see these things in our nightmares or maybe in the movies, and some of them are pretty close to being the truth."

-- Senator John Glenn from the NBC TV show "Frasier" ... Comedy, or finally The Truth?


From: "Stephen Kaplan" <kap808@home.com>
Subject: A Tiger by the Tail - Boycott Exxon
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2001

Please forward this to all your friends and family members. It's time to display some consumer clout!




June 1, 2001

A Tiger by the Tail


And now for a wild prediction. Within 12 months President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and all their backers in the oil industry will be begging - begging - to revive the Kyoto protocol on climate change, the accord Mr. Bush yanked America out of after taking office.

Why, you ask? Well, look what's happening in England. A group of celebrities there have joined with environmentalists to launch a boycott against Exxon Mobil gas stations, which in Europe go by the name Esso. Bianca Jagger, the pop star Annie Lennox and Anita Rodrick, founder of the Body Shop chain, helped launch the boycott because, as Ms. Jagger said, "This is a way to tell Esso that it's not right for them to be claiming that there is no connection between CO2 emissions and climate change."

People connected with Exxon reportedly contributed more than $1 million to the Bush campaign. Exxon is a key supporter of research and advertisements that try to cast doubt on the seriousness of global warming and its link to fossil fuel emissions. Exxon was a big backer of President Bush's decision to pull the U.S. out of the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, which called for industrialized nations to steadily reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. Exxon is also a major force behind the Global Climate Coalition, a business lobby that opposed Kyoto.

The "Stop Esso Campaign" is asking British drivers to shun Esso stations until the company supports Kyoto (see www.stopesso.com). The campaign recently spread to France. What's funny is that probably none of this would have happened had Mr. Bush not bowed to the oil companies and pulled the U.S. out of Kyoto. That may turn out to be his greatest gift to environmentalism.

You see, as long as everyone was discussing how to implement Kyoto, no one wanted to take any radical steps. Governments could say they were working on the problem, but that negotiations were hard. Corporations could mumble nice words about environmentalism, but not worry anything serious was going to happen. And environmentalists could feel their cause was being advanced, even though implementation was far off.

"As long as Kyoto was there, everyone could avoid real accountability and pretend that something was happening," says Paul Gilding, the former head of Greenpeace and now chairman of Ecos, one of Australia's leading environmental consulting firms. "But now George Bush, by trashing Kyoto, has blown everyone's cover. If you care about the environment you can't pretend anymore. Emissions are increasing, the climate is changing and people can now see for themselves that the world is fiddling while Rome burns."

The result: Environmentalists refuse to sit on their hands anymore. Instead, the smart ones are mobilizing consumers to fight multinational polluters on their own ground. You have to admire it. It's so Republican ó using the free market.

If I were Exxon, I would be worried ó especially when U.S. college students come back to campus in the fall. Remember Monsanto? It was going to sell genetically modified food to Europeans. But environmentalists in Europe ó worried, rightly or wrongly, about the safety of what they were eating ó mobilized the weakest link in the value chain: consumers. Consumers demanded "G.M.O.-free" food. So supermarkets demanded it from their suppliers, suppliers demanded it from farmers and farmers demanded it from Monsanto. Goodbye, Monsanto.

This is real globalization activism. "The smart activists are now saying, `O.K., You want to play markets - let's play,' " says Mr. Gilding. They don't waste time throwing stones or lobbying governments. That takes forever and can easily be counter- lobbied by corporations. No, no, no. They start with consumers at the pump, get them to pressure the gas stations, get the station owners to pressure the companies and the companies to pressure governments. After all, consumers do have choices where they buy their gas, and there are differences now. Shell and BP- Amoco (which is also the world's biggest solar company) both withdrew from the oil industry lobby that has been dismissing climate change.

What Mr. Bush did in trashing Kyoto was to leave serious environmental activists with nowhere else to turn but the market. The smart ones get it. You will be hearing from them soon - at a gas station near you.



For more details see:

Arafat Calls for Cease-Fire, Deploring Tel Aviv Attack

Arafat Instructs His Forces to Bar Attacks on Israel

From: "Nahla Rifai" <n_rifai@hotmail.com>
Subject: hello...!
Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2001

Hi Jean,

How are you doing? If you will remember, I am the girl from Jordan who has written to you a couple of times and is subscribed on your list? Anyway, first I just want to say thanks a million for your ever-informative and eye-opening compilations! Second I thought I'd ask you for some advice concerning my upcoming dissertation/thesis topic. Currently I am doing a Masters degree in International Relations in the UK, Bristol University, and I am now at the final stages of my degree and am about to decide on my dissertation title. I am thinking of doing it on the Palestinian-Israeli Peace Process and the reasons behind its obvious failure. Do you have any suggestions on a topic within that area or something a bit more specific relating to my title? Seeing your interest in the region and issues there I thought you may have have some insights to offer on the subject.... :o)




Dear Nahla

Glad to reconnect with you and thanks for your appreciation of my service.

As for your request for suggestions, this is obviously something quite vast and many possibilities come to mind as to the reasons of the failure of the peace process... First let's remember that the Palestinian authority is far from being a democratically elected government and that it has often used quite dictatorial means of governing its people -- although, obviously, the difficult situation the Palestinians are in hardly afforded them so far the possibility of holding elections and therefore some would contend it was a necessary ill. Another important consideration is the fact that for most of his life Arafat has been abetting violence - acts of terror as would say the Israeli government - to promote the legitimate cause he was defending and that his gut reaction has most often been to encourage more such acts of violence to pressure the Israeli into accepting Palestinian demands, such as in the renewed intifadah, thus legitimizing the resort to violence in the eyes of most Palestinians, especially the fundamentalist extremists. So this ingrained bent towards resorting to violence has been and remain in my view a major impediment to the success of the moribund peace process.

Of course, the extreme 10-eyes-for-an-eye retaliation policy followed by the Israeli government, not to mention the imprisonment in harsh conditions of thousands of Palestinians, the torture and assassination of some of them, the strangling of the nascent Palestinian economy, the blockade of roads, the destruction of houses with bulldozers and countless other acts of violence AND the continued colonization policy have only been fueling the anger of all Palestinians and preventing any significant lessening of tensions to occur, and thus any possible confidence-building measures to play a meaningful role.

Another important consideration is the historic fact that the traumatic birth of Israel was violently imposed upon the Arab world following one of the most horrific violences - the holocaust - that a people could endure, to which one must add the legacy of distrust from all the various wars that ensued which all formed the sad backdrop from which the current situation evolved and are at the root of the mutual hatred that has tainted so much of the relations between the Jews and the Arabs for the last 50+ years. So the recourse to peaceful means for conflict resolution has never been a significant part of the experience of the people living in the Middle East. Yet herein lies the only hope for a peaceful future and the emergence of harmonious relationships between these 2 communities.

Such were some of the thoughts that spontaneously emerged in connection to your suggested topic for dissertation.

So if there is something that in my view would need to be emphasized at this point in your work, it is the urgent need for the gradual implementation of democracy in Palestine, and in the Arab world in general, the end by all parties of all forms of violence, and the learning and acceptance by everyone of the vital need to rely solely on peaceful, nonviolent means to resolve conflicts whenever they arise.

I hope this will help you somewhat ;-)

Love and Light



From: "Debra Silver" <silkatz@inter.net.il>
Subject: FW: Petition for release of Israeli prisoners
Date: Thu, 31 May 2001

-----Original Message-----

Subject: FW: Petition for release of Israeli prisoners

As reported last weekend in the Jerusalem Post, families of the kidnapped and missing Israeli soldiers in Lebanon are trying to get one million people around the world to sign an Internet petition to help free their sons. They are quite far from their objective of 1 million (currently only about 390,000 have registered).

Please send this to as many people as possible. It is the least we can do.

The petition can be found at:



HERE IS AN INVITATION FROM ONE OF THE PARTICIPANTS TO THE FOUNDING MEETING OF THE EARTH RAINBOW NETWORK IN DECEMBER 1997 IN SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA -- more details on this meeting at http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/IntroInfo.htm -- NOTE THE INFO BELOW ABOUT THE PROPOSAL BY CONGRESSMAN DENNIS J. KUCINICH TO CREATE A CABINET LEVEL DEPARTMENT OF PEACE "which would oversee and promote national and international nonviolent conflict resolution" -- *VERY INTERESTING IDEA*!

From: Bflyspirit@aol.com
Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2001
Subject: My Birthday Appeal for Butterflies & World Peace

Dear Butterflies,

June 7th is my fifty-sixth birthday and am I asking for your help. Musicians and Fine Artists for World Peace will present our very first gala concert and fundraiser on June 29th in Berkeley at Ashkenaz. My birthday wish is for it to be an outrageous success.

Many of you know that we tried to have a benefit last year for Earth Day, but a Bay Area music promoter betrayed our trust, ruined our plans and left me in a very delicate financial situation. I have been surviving on a shoestring budget since then, dependent on food stamps and general assistance. Two months ago I accidentally checked off a wrong box on a form and lost even that. It won't be restored for at least three weeks and I am living in extreme survival mode and trying to pull off yet another miracle.

Which brings to mind the Credo of Those Who Try to Better the World: "We the willing, led by the unknown, have been doing the impossible for so long, and with so little, that we are now qualified, to do almost anything with practically nothing."

It is our hope that this benefit will give us another chance to take flight. You can give us wings by helping us place an advertisement in the San Francisco Bay Guardian announcing our first production. We are looking for sponsors for that ad.

Below are four Birthday Wishes for your involvement in our efforts towards world peace. If you can help out on just one point, you'll make a giant contribution. If you can do all four, you're very likely to sprout butterfly wings if you don't have them already.

1. Help sponsor our ad with a contribution. All those that donate $25 or more will be listed in the advertisement and become a founding member of the Butterfly Gardeners Association and Musicians and Fine Artists for World Peace. If you are an artist, musician, or business owner you can even have your website included in the ad and on the Woodstock Nation website. Please see the sponsor form at the end of this email.

2. Buy an advance sale ticket for yourself or as a gift. (sales info below)

3. Forward this appeal to your friends and let them know what we are planning.

4. Volunteer to help at the show. We need ticket takers, food servers, e

In my past eight years of directing The Butterfly Gardener's Association we have given thousands of school children the chance to experience the miracle of a butterfly's transformation in the classroom and to plant a butterfly garden. I know the power of transformation, so my currently precarious position doesn't really scare me, but I do need help.

Musicians and Fine Artists for World Peace has the potential to be an extremely vibrant advocate for World Change. Just yesterday the office of Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-Ohio) called to discuss the possibility of Musicians and Fine Artists for World Peace producing an event or series of events to support his Department of Peace Act in the House of Representatives. His vision is for a cabinet level Department of Peace which would oversee and promote national and international nonviolent conflict resolution and develop policies to address issues such as domestic violence, spousal abuse, child abuse and mistreatment of the elderly. The Department would also have an international mandate by analyzing foreign policy and making recommendations to the President on matters pertaining to national security, including the protection of human rights and the prevention and de-escalation of unarmed and armed international conflict.

Imagine the U.S. with an actual, bonified Department of Peace! Isn't that worth singing about, and even doing some promotion and volunteering? Learn more about Dennis Kucinich's plan for a Department of Peace at http://www.house.gov/kucinich/action/peace.htm

I hope at a minimum you'll buy an advance ticket or two and come down to my Birthday bash and World Peace Celebration at Ashkenaz. It's going to be an amazing evening of Reggae and other great grooves by OBEYJAH and SACRED JOURNEY, FONTAIN's M.U.S.E. with Majinga, Lunatique & Cyoakha, JANA HERZEN w/ her Evolutionary Ensemble: Peter Fujii, Babatunde Lea & Ned Doherty, and first but not least "that crazy chick" PI.

Full schedule and details below.

See ya there, Alan

CLIP - Note from Jean: If you live nearby and care to join this party and support Alan, contact him at bflyspirit@aol.com to get the rest of his invitational email or be there - details below:

Advance tickets available from bflyspirit@aol.com in Berkeley at 510-528-7730, from the Ashkenaz front desk on show nights, or online from TicketWeb at http://www.ticketweb.com/user/?region=sfbay&query=detail&event=231637 or call (510) 594-1400.

ASHKENAZ, 1317 San Pablo Avenue(at Gilman), Berkeley, California.


From: Harmony Kieding <worldhome@thesociety.net>
Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2001
Subject: Racial discrimination reported within the UN Commission on Human Rights

Hi all-

After reading reading Silence of the Lambs: The Failure of US Journalism, and then Alternet's the 13 Scariest White Guys in America ( see links) I feel it's time to write this list after having exhausted all other possibilities I can see.

I have contacted the NYTimes online, a british journalist, a newspaper here in Oslo, plus a number of other people I thought would or could help to get my news out. Nothing. The british journalist told me that, because of the UK's own touchy racial situation at the moment, this story might only inflame things.

The reaction has been my own "silence of the lambs"- a truly weird and scarey feeling. So now I write you all..because I think this does have something to do with us.

As people who either are, or who have been, homeless we are especially concerned with violations of our human and civil rights. The ultimate appeal for these would seem to be an international institution- namely, the UN Commission on Human Rights. So when it looks as though things are going wrong in this very court of appeals, what then?

Silence of the Lambs: The Failure of US Journalism http://www.gregpalast.com/detail.cfm?artid=33&row=1

Alternet-The 13 Scariest White Guys in America http://www.alternet.org/story.html?StoryID=10949

For approximately three years, I have had an online friend, an attorney. As the strange workings of fate would have it, during those three years I became homeless, while his path led him to a position on the UN's war crimes tribunal.

Over the last two months, he has been informing me of racist developments within the very organization that is supposed to look into human rights violations.

Talking of scary White Guys- it seems that these Scary White Guys also back scary White Women... women who don't want people of other races as their co-workers.

As a result of her racism (she's tried to cover it up by calling all those she fired "inefficient") my friend and a number of others all lost their jobs. My friend, in fact, had received a very good job performance review from his immediate supervisor.

So my fellow HPN-ers, I would like to submit for reading this following letter, which was sent me by my friend:

Dear Madam/Sir: We are hearing rumors of racism and improper treatment of staff at ICTR. We have the following facts, which may either be admitted or denied.

1. That after Carla DelPonte took over as the Prosecutor she has been systematically reducing the number of colored staff in her section.

2. That in December seven senior staff members complained of discrimination and there was no action taken thereon and instead Ms. DelPonte wrote to the Registrar that because the memo was written to the Secretary General, their contracts should be terminated.

3. That all but one of the staff members in that list stands terminated/about to be terminated.

4. That there is a report by an internal committee has determined that termination of one of the staff members, Ms. Jane Adong was improper and that she should be reinstated.

5. That no action has been taken on that report because of pressure from Carla DelPonte.

6. That very good performance evaluation (the criteria for renewal) is being ignored and persons with such reports are being terminated on no logical reason.

7. That within the last few days a few staff members were sidelined so as to affects the ongoing trials / trials to start. That no reason for such sidelining was given and the staff assumes that this is part of an ethnic cleansing process.

8. That there is a person being protected by Carla DelPonte who admittedly is not fluent in French or English but is being given charge of cases so that she can later be promoted. That she has avoided the colored members of her trial team making it a Caucasian team except for some lowly staff members.

9. That she is also trying to sack the Deputy Prosecutor because he was opposed to her racist actions.

10. That people at UN HQ have been shielding information from the secretary general in this regard.

11. That there is very low morale among colored staff of ICTR.

12. That the Registrar is doing nothing as, he is new, while staffs are being sacked.

13. That one of the reasons for this action is that the new performance evaluation system will give little room for improper sacking and that is why Ms. DelPonte wants the sacking to be over quick.

14. That lists of Caucasian candidates for appointment has been drawn up for implementing ethnic cleansing.


My friend also gave me dozens of UN addresses and email contact numbers. I also have specific information which can back up anything I've written. If any one is truly interested, I will be happy to pass this highly specific information on. Because it also includes (for example) the address of the Secretary General, I don't want to pass it out lightly.

For what it's worth, it's my opinion that racism and other violations of human and civil rights are unacceptable. For what it's worth, I also feel that if we can take action to right grievances, we should. Roger, over and out-




From: Mayr Hans <jeannot.mayr@saia-burgess.com>
Subject: World Peace and Prayer Day, Summer Solstice, June 21st
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2001

On Monday, June 11th at mountain Standard 11:00 am, 1:00 pm Eastern time, Native America Calling will be sponsoring a call in to report where and how people will be honoring Sacred Sites or any place that you feel is significant, on World Peace and Prayer Day, Summer Solstice, June 21st,

So this is a time to announce and invite people to your circle that may be looking for a place in your area. The calls in will be brief. There will be also a live broadcast on http://www.nativecalling.org of the program. Listen in on June 4th there will also be an announcement of this and other upcoming current events.


Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2001
From: "Makasha Roske" <makasha@globalfamily.net>
Subject: Global Family Advance workshops

Hello dear family and friends,

If you have any people in your networks who might be interested in our gatherings and workshops, please contact them and let them know they can find information on line by going to the following links. For the Global Family Advance go to http://www.globalfamily.net and you can link to the events and get information on the Advance.

Cocreative community workshop:


Permaculture workshop:

The first workshop starts on the 16th of June and finishes on the 24th. We have people coming from all over the country and Canada, for the Convivium which is the last four days. For those who want to learn about our ways of co-creating community, the first 4 days will be hands on co-creating community.


Start Your Day With a Free Click to Save


From: "Stephen Kaplan" <kap808@home.com>
Subject: Breakdown of the World
Date: Fri, 1 Jun 2001

From: http://www.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2001/5/21/203514.shtml

If we could shrink the earth's population to a village of precisely 100 people, with all the existing human ratios remaining the same there would be:

57 Asians

21 Europeans, 14 from the Western Hemisphere, both north and south

8 Africans

52 females
48 males

70 nonwhite
30 white

70 non-Christians
30 Christians

89 heterosexuals
11 homosexuals

6 people would possess 59 percent of the entire world's wealth and all 6 would be from the United States

80 would live in substandard housing
70 would be unable to read
50 would suffer from malnutrition

1 would be near death,
1 would be near birth

1 (yes, only 1) would have a college education
1 would own a computer

The need for acceptance, understanding and education becomes glaringly apparent. Count your blessings.


From: "Gerda Wout" <harmonia@interneeds.net>

"The little reed, bending to the force of the wind, soon stood upright again when the storm had passed over."

- Aesop