April 9, 2001

Miscellaneous Subjects #71: 1. Some Feedbacks received + 2. Treasury Bank systems allegedly about to be overhauled in over 100 countries for the Good of all + 3. Bush is Creating a Market for Star Wars + 4. China under threat of U.S. agression + 5. Join in the Earth Car Free Day! + 6. Earth Day 2001: Environmental Psychologists Offer a Remedy for Ecozombies

Hello everyone

There has been some positive movement this past week in Israel to try to bring an end to the violence but with the new get-tough military strategy of Israel towards the Palestinians' Intifada, each act of terror and revenge, no matter which side perpetrates it, makes it even more difficult for peace to prevail. But peace must and shall prevail for there is no other way out of this dead-end conflict now engulfing those 2 proud peoples in a seemingly never-ending spiral of mutual violence and destruction. Please continue holding the vision of a positive outcome and peaceful resolution to this situation in your prayers and meditations this coming week.

As for the China/U.S. standoff over the spy plane crisis - fabricated IMHO to whip up popular support for a more agressive stance towards China and more military spending by the U.S. (whose annual military spending is at least 10 times greater than what China spends), you may certainly also help through your prayers and positive vibrations foster peace and harmony between those 2 long-time rivals. There are several related articles below as well as some very interesting feedbacks from some of you.

Love and Light to all of you

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

- George Orwell

More details on the Middle East situation:



Date: Mon, 02 Apr 2001
Subject: Such a Beautiful Thought to Remember
From: "Linda Evans" <Linda.Evans@miis.edu>

This thought expressed by Jean (thank you Jean!) regarding Israel seems so worth remembering when we get too down by all the news:

"We must never give up hope that such an outcome can be achieved, for amidst the greatest darkness and hostility always reside the seeds of change and spiritual awakening that once properly nurtured can and shall lead to the most joyful and life-enhancing situation for everyone concerned."

And it's a wonderful code for our own lives too! Don't know about you but I have moments of real hopelessness lately...and must remember that we are all collectively creating a new world... never an easy thing to do!

Love, LL


Date: 1 Apr 2001
From: Patty Myers <ashiar_samone@altavista.com>
Subject: Re: Special Meditation Focus: Middle East Crisis

Dear Jean,

As always, thank you for your dedication in getting out this kind of information. I thought your readers might be interested in knowing that there may be a correlation between the unrest in the Middle East and two things.

One is the recent solar flares. There are studies done suggesting that unrest and hostility around the world happens during such flares, especially on the side of Earth facing the sun at the time of "flare up". Interesting that we even use that term when talking about someone getting angry.

The other correlation may be that Israel sits on one of the most powerful nodes in the magnetic grid around the Earth. The Mother Earth, Gaia has been slowly altering these magnetics in preparation for the transition in 2011/2012. Those that live near or on these nodes, and have not yet awaken spiritually, will feel it the most physically. And as I said, Israel is sitting on one of the most powerful nodes. Hence, the continual unrest in that area throughout history.

Having said that, I believe wholeheartedly in group meditation/prayer and extending love to those areas and people that, if appropriate, could use it.
Love & Light,




Date: Mon, 2 Apr 2001
From: Kalama Hawkrider <kalama52@yahoo.com>
Subject: State of Affairs

Hi Jean,

I hope you remain well... your frequent emails let me know you are hard at work as always, for all of us.

As many are, I am deeply concerned about the present state of affairs. Questions continue to be raised within my being about just what is going on? I do not believe what is occurring to be accidental or due to buffoonery or fate or lack of knowledge about effects.

Why is it, all of a sudden, from a thriving economy with many doing well, we are now on the brink of a recession with many losing on the stock market? Why is it, all of a sudden, the energy of one of our most populous states is too low to handle the volume of need, during a springtime no less of fairly good weather? Why is it, all of a sudden we have the prevalence of mad cow disease and hoof and mouth disease? Why is it, all of a sudden, that we in America have allowed an imposter to steal the presidency and his henchman to actually run it? Why is it, all of a sudden, an American spy plane collides with a Chinese one? Why is it, all of a sudden, we are denying all the environmental truths known by experts to be true? Why are our Democratic representatives doing nothing? Why have we all been so silent? Where is our voice? Can we not see what lies ahead? How are we being controlled?

Who is behind this manipulation and why? How is this happening? I suspect the truth is deeper, darker and more simple than any of us care to know.

All may indeed be in divine order and perfect. But thank God, those revolutionaries in the 1700's didn't sit back and suffer injustices silently. And thank God the Allies fought against Hitler just a few short years ago. Why have we forgotten that THIS is how it starts? Why do we feel so invulnerable to having it happen here and now? When any man or country usurps the natural rights of another (like the right to have an earth to live on, or healthy air to breathe, or to know what toxicity we are dealing with, etc.) that could be said to be rather treasonous or certainly in violation of global and spiritual laws.

I suggest to you, Jean, that we meditate for the awakening of the American people, to bring an awareness and activity that allows us to take back our nation and its heritage for its rightful owners, the people, in right harmony with business stewardship. And similarly, for the awakening of our world leaders and the people of the planet, to take back the planet and her riches for its rightful owners, all of us who live upon her. And especially for those in positions of power, that their consciousness be altered sufficiently to allow better choices to be made.

We are in this together. We are all connected. The earth belongs to all of us and to our unborn children, as so eloquently said by Chief Seattle. The choices are still ours to make in every moment of every day... to fall asleep or to take action to steward and protect what there is and what could be. PLEASE... Wake up, every day and choose wisely!!

Jean, this has been brewing in me for some time... the more I hear or read, the more my concern grows. I do not need to claim authorship to this, but these words need to be said over and over until we get it!

Blessings to you,



Dearest Kalama

Thank you so much for asking those rightful questions and for also rising to the challenge of questioning the direction currently taken by the United States.

There is sooo much indeed that has not been transpiring through the corporate-controlled media and it is no wonder that so many people cannot grasp what is really happening now.

I could talk to you about elite-hatched conspiracy schemes to take control of the world going back a looong time ago. I could also refer to those dark evil forces which are actually behind all this in their aeons-long efforts to enslave the souls attached to this planet's evolutionary continuum and ultimately destroy this most precious Jewel of Life.

But I prefer to talk to you about the invincible Forces of Good, the legions of angels and other visible and invisible beings from all over the universe who have been here all along to help us counter the dark plans and negative influence of these fallen angels and whom we can now all call with renewed intensity and love in assistance to successfully overcome the last remnants of these evil forces now trying in a last-ditch effort to prevent the Light of God from shining once again on our soon-to-be-cleansed and revivified beloved Shan-Terra-Gaia, finally freed from the shackles of darkness that have encircled and hurt her for so long.

As the vibrations of Love and Christed Light flood our planetary realm with increasing intensity with every passing day, all the darkest thought-forms, deeds and plans of those falling souls are being flushed to the surface to be exposed for what they are and to give one more last chance to all those who, by their own choosing, do not want to serve the Light, to turn away from their self-destructive path and start again their ascension towards the original Omniversal One where we all stem from and where we will all eventually return, as a Christed immortal being of Light -- if we so choose!

There is much that will soon be revealed through all sorts of ways to enable those who have eyes to see and an open heart, to perfectly understand what is now at stakes and what is in the process of happening here on Earth as well as throughout the universe. For now I'll leave it at that; but trust me, the long waiting for clarity is coming to an end very soon.

Love and Light



From: ADandJACK@aol.com
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2001
Subject: Your column of April 2


While on the subject of Bill Moyer's "Trade Secrets," you might enjoy reading
the article that was written by my wife, Adrienne Samuels, Ph.D. It was
published in the peer reviewed journal "Accountability in Research."

You can find the article at www.truthinlabeling.org/l-manuscript.html.

Jack Samuels


From: "Dove Of_O" <dove_of_o@hotmail.com>
Subject: INTERVENTION RE: The Unfolding Global Crash
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001

Hello Jean,

Actually, the stock market slide is PART of a worldwide effort, especially extensive in the 50 states, to make the change back to precious-metals backed currency and a Treasury Dept. banking system. About a year ago, the major banks in the U.S. were informed that this change was happening and that's why we have had so many bank mergers.

Now, just prior to this change, there are certain things occurring that require certain parties to sell off their portfolio's of stock holdings. There may also be a requirement to have the stocks at a certain level so that the new precious-metals backed currency can actually BACK the VALUE of the stocks. The stock markets have been INFLATED in value for some time.

You need to go and read NESARA at http://www.nesara.com -- did you do this yet? If not, you need to READ NESARA right away! AND, send this website out to your readers. NESARA IS what our future is - and there's much more to it. Although the website makes it sound like this bill is still waiting to be introduced, this is just a "cover". By the way, there was a 1/4 page ad about NESARA in several of the regional editions of USA Today last Friday, I believe it was. You can copy the plain text version of the ad from the website and put it into your newsletter.

Although this may be hard to believe, Jean. This IS reality and will be made PUBLIC INFO in the next month. So, do your readers a favor and provide them some leading edge info -- the more people who have some advance notice of these great beneficial changes, the easier it will be on everyone.

Feel free to write me about this. Please, DO Take the time to read NESARA -- it's important.

I have contacts worldwide about this change to Treasury Bank systems in over 100 countries and the US is leading the way. Most will be doing this within a few days of the US announcing it's change.



From: http://www.nesara.com


The National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act

Ad Placed In USA Today

The NESARA Institute placed a quarter-page, black-and-white regional advertisement in the print
edition of USA Today on Friday, March 23, 2001. The ad appeared in the following distribution
regions: Dallas - Denver - Kansas City - Minneapolis - Nashville

The National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act

A Practical Solution to America’s Problems

Had enough bad news lately? A dip in the economy, layoffs and cutbacks, uncontrollable public and private debt, a government insensitive to your problems, insufficient progress on environmental issues, unfair distribution of taxes, a continuing adverse balance of trade, high paying industrial jobs transferred overseas, troubled outlook for the future, the rich getting richer while the poor struggle to make ends meet.

Imagine Legislation That:

- Terminates or drastically reduces mortgage debt
- Reduces urban sprawl by restoring inner cities as vital economic areas
- Promotes universal home ownership
- Restores high-paying productive jobs
- Provides a secure future for all
- Restores financial privacy
- Increases benefits to senior citizens
- Eliminates inflation
- Replaces the income tax with a fair tax
- Provides $500 billion for new public works projects
- Eliminates bank failures
- Improves the balance of trade
- Eliminates trillions of dollars of public and private debt
- Enables single parents to support their families
- Returns control of the currency to the people
- Provides new banking rules that are equitable and fair to all
- Benefits Americans with an unprecedented economic boom
- Doubles the average standard of living

Too good to be true? No more than warm summer days, cool nights, good friends and chocolate. The solutions proposed in NESARA, The National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act, have been available to politicians in Washington for 10 years. Some members of Congress say privately that they will endorse the plan just as soon as the public demonstrates adequate support. Okay, let’s take them at their word with a plan as simple as 1–2–3.

1. Study the details of this straightforward plan at http://www.nesara.com
2. Contact your public servants in Washington and ask them where they stand on NESARA’s various proposals.
3. Support public discussions of NESARA, on the world wide web and through the national media.

The good news

There are practical solutions for those bad news problems. Check it out!
For more information, contact the NESARA Institute, a non-profit corporation, on the web at http://www.nesara.com or at 7635 Jefferson Hwy. No. 354, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70809


From: "John Owen" <jowen@igc.org>
Subject: Bush is Creating a Market for Star Wars
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2001

Dear Jean,

Thank you for your continuing work on the meditation project and the other things.

What a mess created by Mr Bush and friends, in ten weeks. I'm not going to count all the ways. All they wanted to do is loot the economy through artificial energy shortages, boosting the prices with excess profits going to their Texas energy holding companies. People like me have protested nuclear power and dirty coal plants for years; apparently part of the plan is to blame the power "crisis" on the hippies and build more nuclear and dirty coal plants. However, the Bushies' stupid and evil statements and policies are sinking the United States economy and endangering the world.

The China situation looks like the big one. The ossified policy of the old cold warriors around little Bush brought forth the recent bombing of Iraq which were condemned by the world, and today's Chinese debacle. "Just routine" say the confused generals and bureaucrats, when the world fails to accept the latest examples of military bungling and overreaching.

As the story develops today, the United States government is maddened that the Chinese won't "play by the rules" that were established during the US/USSR cold war. The United States doesn't allow surveillance flights this close to its borders; apparently the Chinese have the nerve to demand the same. I don't think the Chinese government has yet decided what to do with the captured soldiers. However, I'll be surprised if the aircraft is returned, under any likely scenario.

The 20th century has been called the American century. The 21st may well be the Chinese century, unless global warming, ozone depletion, nuclear war, or some mutant out of the biotech labs, gets us first. Have a nice day.

Joy, love and light to you,

John Owen

Bush is Creating a Market for Star Wars


Published Friday, March 30, 2001 in the Toronto Star

Bush is Creating a Market for Star Wars

by Gordon Barthos

George Bush can't claim a mandate to rock the geopolitical boat, much less capsize it.

He barely got elected last fall. He lost the popular vote.

And after 10 weeks his approval rating is sliding fast.

Yet Bush has startled friends and foes alike with the sheer abrasiveness of his attitudes toward Russia, China and North Korea, and his indifference to world opinion on issues like global warming.

The Ugly American President George W. Bush is seen during a press conference in the White House Briefing Room on March 29, 2001. Bush has decided to walk away from the Kyoto agreement on pollution because it isn't in America's "economic interest." (Win McNamee/Reuters)

Last week Bush discovered that the Russians have spies, and gave 50 of them the heave-ho. He's been cool to meeting Vladimir Putin to talk arms control. His officials call the Russians "a nation of proliferators;" they complain about Moscow selling Iran weapons; they meet Chechen separatists.

Eyeing China, they talk about the need to "fight and win a nuclear war," with Asia as the likeliest battleground. They see China as a "competitor," not a strategic partner, and lambaste it for selling Iraq technology. They talk of selling Taiwan powerful anti-missile defences.

Meanwhile, Bush has undercut South Korea's bid to get North Korea to shelve its missile program, as it has its nuclear program, in exchange for trade and aid.

The Bush White House calls this "clarity, realism, decisiveness." Critics call it folly.

As the wreckage piles up, Republican think tanks crank out alarmist studies to demonstrate that the continental United States is open to attack and intimidation.

Has the world suddenly gone on a war footing? Hardly. But the Cold War era people around Bush - Vice-President Dick Cheney and Defence Secretary Don Rumsfeld, to name two - are truly ambitious patriots.

They know that the U.S. is undefeatable, and has been for a decade or more. They dream of making it invulnerable as well. They don't want even to be threatened by pipsqueak powers.

They are convinced that Ballistic Missile Defence can deliver that invulnerability. Ronald Reagan dreamed up Star Wars in 1983 as a hedge against Soviet attack. When the Soviets went away, Iraq became the new threat. Once Iraq was humbled, North Korea stood in as the villain.

There's no prize for spotting a trend here. If the Bush administration doesn't play its cards carefully, North Korea will go cuddly and there won't be a half-credible enemy left to shield against.

Most Americans support the idea of a Fortress North America. But as the U.S. economy slows and Bush has to trim his $1.6 trillion tax cut or slash federal health, education and social services, people may think twice about sinking $100 billion into a missile shield, absent a clear and present danger.

However, if Washington can make a persuasive case that the U.S. is surrounded by hostile countries, Star Wars would be an easier sell. This has implications for Prime Minister Jean Chrétien's government, indeed for all U.S. allies.

We've been lobbied by Washington to keep an "open mind" about missile defence, at least until Bush rolls out his plans later this year.

Meanwhile, U.S. officials are working overtime to persuade us that (1) missile defence can work; (2) that its deployment is both necessary and inevitable; and (3) that allies must sign on, or kiss off defence co-operation.

Flawed though these premises are, the Chrétien government is choosing not to question them. It should.

The Bush administration seems bent on creating sufficient friction to make the world a truly interesting place. Not one in which Canadians can feel safer.

That's a stiff price to pay for Republican daydreams.

Realistically, do the Americans face a potential threat? Yes. A small one. Though a regime would be crazy to lob a missile their way. But working with players like the Russians and Chinese, the U.S. could easily contain bad actors.

However Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and friends would have to settle for America being the unbeatable nation, and not the invulnerable one.

The question for Chrétien is this: Why should Canada be stampeded into supporting a go-alone U.S. program driven by a new global alarmism, and which will leave the world more dangerous than before? Rather than be cowed by Republican demagoguery, the Chrétien government should try to remember what the world looked like before all this began.

Russia was a weak, struggling democracy, tilting West and trying to salvage a shred of dignity as a faded power. China just wanted to turn a buck. North Korea was a starving beggar, seeking to come in from the cold. Iran was struggling with its own internal demons.

Iraq was a broken reed. Who, exactly, are we worried about?

-- Gordon Barthos writes The Star's editorials on foreign affairs.

More at: http://www.commondreams.org

Please support http://www.antiwar.com and http://www.space4peace.org.


From: iacenter@iacenter.org
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2001


The International Action Center denounces U.S. spy-plane flights in and near Chinese air space and U.S. threats since the plane landed in China as acts of aggression and blatant attacks on Chinese sovereignty.

The IAC, as a leading organization in the U.S. anti-war movement, calls on that movement to be on the alert for further dangerous U.S. moves against China and be prepared to raise its voice in protest against them.

Instead of offering an immediate apology for spying in Chinese coastal waters and most likely causing the death of a Chinese pilot and the loss of a Chinese jet, the U.S. government has gone on the offensive. The Bush administration has demanded the unconditional release of the spies and the equipment.

This plane was flying 7,000 miles off the coast of the continental United States when it collided with a Chinese jet. What would be the response to a Chinese spy plane conducting electronic surveillance and reconnaissance off the coast of Long Island or Virginia?

Washington allows no country to conduct such flights off the U.S. coast. But the Pentagon regularly conducts such spy missions against other countries.

The Peoples Republic of China has every right to protect its borders under those circumstances.

The U.S. government says the Chinese cannot board the spy plane, which it considers U.S. territory. Yet when a Cuban defector flew an advanced MiG plane to Florida, even though it was not engaged in spying, U.S. specialists disassembled the plane.

This latest incident is no isolated event, but is part of a chain of growing U.S. open hostility toward China. It must be viewed in light of U.S. threats to arm the Taiwan regime with a new generation of high-tech weapons, in violation of past agreements with China.

Another link in this chain was the attempt to make a scapegoat of the Chinese-American scientist, Wen Ho Lee, for alleged spying on behalf of Peoples China. Another was the calculated U.S. bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade during NATO's bombing of Yugoslavia. Another is the constant maneuvers of the U.S. 7th Fleet of aircraft carriers, jet bombers and destroyers in the Straits of Taiwan.

All these aggressive acts feed into the Pentagon campaign to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to build a so-called Missile Defense Shield. Most governments recognize the MDS as being not a defensive weapon at all.

They oppose it as a highly threatening military escalation. It is an enormously expensive program built to allow a nuclear first-strike, which will only benefit the corporate merchants of death.

Since the victory of the Chinese revolution in 1949 U.S. governments have varied their strategy with regard to China.

Sometimes they used open military hostility, but for the past period they focused on economic contacts. But these strategies were all aimed at trying to penetrate the Chinese economy and gain control of it.

Now this policy may be shifting back to military hostility in order to insure the super profits of the giant military contractors who benefit from the Missile Defense Shield and the new weapons for Taiwan.

A sign of possible change in this direction is the new U.S. ambassador to China, retired Admiral Joseph Prueher, a former U.S. commander in the Pacific. For the past 100 years the Navy has always been the U.S.'s "Big Stick" in the Pacific, imposing U.S. power up and down the coast of Asia.

The IAC calls on the anti-war movement in the U.S. to mobilize to demand that the Pentagon end its spy flights in the Pacific, that Washington apologize for the death of the Chinese pilot and send no new weapons to Taiwan.

International Action Center 39 West 14th Street, Room 206 New York, NY 10011
email: iacenter@iacenter.org - web: http://www.iacenter.org
CHECK OUR SITE http://www.mumia2000.org
phone: 212 633-6646 fax: 212 633-2889
*To make a tax-deductible donation, go to http://www.peoplesrightsfund.org


Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2001
From: World Wide <worldwide@earthday.net>
Subject: Join in the Earth Car Free Day!

Dear friends,

Welcome to Earth Month! This month, tens of thousands of Earth Day events will be held in nearly every country on Earth. Wherever you are on 22 April, we hope you will join your brothers and sisters worldwide in celebrating our planet and calling for sustainability!

Register your Earth Day plans online at http://www.earthday.net (Follow the links to "List your Event.")

Every action taken for Earth Day is important. We want to hear from you!

If you do not have access to the web, please email your event plans to us at worldwide@earthday.net


Join people across the world in a huge protest against air pollution and a call for sustainable transportation! The world's first Earth Car Free Day will be on 19 April 2001, the Thursday before Earth Day (22 April).

The aim of the event is to draw global attention to the 700 million cars that travel the world's roadways and fuel traffic congestion, pollution, disease, and global warming.

Pledge to stay out of cars on 19 April by going to www.carfreeday.com and signing in.

Earth Car Free Day is a totally voluntary, grassroots movement. It enables us, the citizens, to take the battle against global warming and foul air into our own hands.

Right around the world, people will be staying out of cars, riding bicycles, walking, or participating in open-air festivals on streets blocked from cars as part of this event.

Car free day activities are being held across the planet in countries including Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Czech Republic, France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Moldova, Nepal, Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, the U.S., and the UK.

Participate simply by staying out of cars, or by organizing a car free day activity:

* If you have to take your car, invite your neighbors and co-workers along.
* Join or start a car-share club.
* Organize a walk or bike to school or work program.
* Start a petition to your local government to support car free day initiatives.

For more information on these and other car free day projects, please visit http://www.ecoplan.org/carfreeday/EarthCFD/general/kits.htm

Under the long-term leadership and commitment of The Commons, the idea of a car free day has begun to make headway in cities around the world. On 19 April, people and groups will come together to bicycle, walk, skate, take the bus and demonstrate that there are many good alternatives to solo-driver cars in cities.

Help us demand clean air and sustainable transportation by staying out of cars on 19 April! And be sure to register your involvement at http://www.carfreeday.com.


Each of you is an agent of change and a valuable part of Earth Day Network. If you haven't yet told us what you will be doing for Earth Day 2001, please let us know so we can share your plans with the world! Register your plans at www.earthday.net or email them to worldwide@earthday.net.

You are important to Earth Day and we look forward to hearing from you!

For the Earth,

Earth Day Network Worldwide Team:
Serryn Janson
Vickery J. Prongay
Helen Couture Rodriguez
Sierra James
Leigh-Anne Havemann


EARTH DAY is 22 April every year.

HELP SPREAD THE EARTH DAY NETWORK... Invite your friends and colleagues to become involved in Earth Day. They can subscribe to this list by sending a message to worldwide@earthday.net with the word "subscribe" in the subject line.


From: ELAINELARS@aol.com
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2001
Subject: A Solution from the Nature Connect List

Information contact: Dr. Michael J. Cohen 360-378-6313

Earth Day 2001: Environmental Psychologists Offer a Remedy for Ecozombies

An antidote found in nature reverses destructive relationships by enabling people and the environment to restore each other.

Friday Harbor WA, March 29, 2001: "Anybody, including ecozombies, can successfully rehabilitate ecozombies," says Dr. Michael J. Cohen, a Greenwich University ecopsychologist who has produced nature connected education and counseling programs since 1959.

Cohen says "The environment and most of us needlessly suffer because we have become nature-disconnected Ecozombies and don't know it." His newly developed Natural Systems Thinking Process is an outdoor science that helps anybody remedy personal or environmental disorders by sensuously connecting their thinking to nature. Uniquely, it enables people and the environment to restore each other.

Cohen's website at www.53senses.com links to free ecozombie antidote Earthday activities, courses and degree programs. He may be contacted at 360-378-6313

An Ecozombie is a person who has become environmentally desensitized to the point that it psychologically deadens them. Cohen says, "An ecozombie's apathy and limited consciousness makes them relate irresponsibly to ecosystem and human life. Opportunities to help restore life in balance breeze right through their mentality. Too often that describes our society and most of us."

Using Cohen's guide book "Reconnecting With Nature" (Ecopress), James Rowe, Director of the Outward Bound School in Costa Rica says, "We dramatically increased our program's effectiveness by adding the Natural Systems Thinking Process to it. It enables our participants to connect with their sensory origins in nature and use that peaceful power to improve their relationships with self, society and the environment. "

Cohen says, "Self-improvement, education and healing have always been more successful when they include contact with nature."

The Institute of Global Education, a special NGO consultant to the United Nations Economic and Social Council, today issued a Proclamation from Dr. Cohen who directs itsDepartment of Integrated Ecology and Project NatureConnect. The Proclamation declares Earthday, April 22, 2001, to be the official start of Ecozombie Rehabilitation Year.

The Institute's distance learning degree programs and courses attract students and mid-career professionals from a wide variety of interests. Each adds nature reconnecting skills to their means of helping people and the environment survive the destructiveness of our nature disconnected lives. This improves their effectiveness, marketability, and credibility.

Dr. Cohen may be contacted at 360-378-6313, <nature@pacificrim.net> or http://www.ecopsych.com.

A free 800 word article for newsletters or magazines is available at: http://www.ecopsych.com/zombstory.html

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS may be found at http://www.ecopsych.com/zombrlsfaq.html.html