March 20, 2001

Miscellaneous Subjects #69: World's hypocrisy toward Republic of Macedonia + Protest to BBC News on its news coverage of events on the Macedonia - Kosovo border + Peace is the only way + Weekly vigil against Israeli occupation of Palestine + International Silence Day next May 25th 2001 For Peace in the Middle East & Beyond + Satellite photo of chemtrails heading towards California + Orbital Defense Systems

Hello everyone

Keeping up with the flow of information I continually receive on so many topics is becoming somewhat difficult. I already have 4 other compilations almost completed. So I'll have to send you 3 more once again this week. But soon (in May) it will be gardening time for me and thus I'll be much less available to prepare as many compilations...

Today I have for you some material about the escalating conflict in Macedoine that is very much in the news right now and also something on the Israeli/Palestinian ongoing karmic drama which should get more media exposure to reveal the scope of the suffering of the Palestinian community under the Israeli blokade...

And much much more as usual ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. If you have a minute go read "Hard to Swallow Genetically modified 'golden rice' may be the killer app of biotech: a technology that shuts liberals up." at:

"According to Pollan, a child would have to eat 15 pounds of the stuff a day to get a day's minimum dietary requirement of vitamin A. CLIP Critics argue that agribusiness has created the malnourishment and poverty in places like India where golden rice is being pushed hard, and that the industry is now looking to profit from selling the world a solution."

This also just received from

An Appeal for the International Community
The Palestinians are being terminated

The Palestinian people in the occupied territories still live under the comprehensive blockades imposed by the Israeli forces throughout the past six months. The Palestinians are deprived of having clean water, food, medications and free transportation on their homeland, as a result of being famished and blockaded. The Israeli forces prevented 125 thousand Palestinian laborers (who provide for more than half a million more) from going to their workplaces!! To prevent Palestinian farmers and laborers from reaching their plots (that are occupied by the Israeli government); the army spent 2.5 million $ to renew the electrified sieges that expand along the borders, terrorizing actions are done, closing of passages and borders, and facilitating robberies done by the Israeli occupants on the Palestinian Olive farms. Due to these practices, 60% of the Palestinians went below the standard of poverty, making the rate of unemployment in Gaza sector alone 45%, and in the West Bank 32% - According to the UN office reports in the Palestinian lands. CLIP

From: Aleksandra Arsovska <>
Subject: FWD: World's hypocrisy toward Republic of Macedonia - PROTEST!!!
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001

Dear Sir/Madam,

I wish to express my outrage at the current disaster in Macedonia, and the apparent cowardice and outright hypocrisy of NATO and the Western governments in failing to stem the terrorist attacks of Albanian separatists on the Kosovo-Macedonia border.

Two years after the bombardment of Serbia, NATO finds that, as its critics had predicted, the situation has been greatly worsened as a direct result of their actions. Kosovo is much more turbulent and chaotic than it was before spring 1999; the Albanians there, instead of happily embracing their common salvation, have descended into vicious infighting and assassinations, and their journalists live in fear of being killed by their own countrymen. Mafia rule and gang-style tactics are the new arbiters of justice in Kosovo, an unruly state of affairs which has long been the norm in the backwards and tribal state of Albania proper. Is this the kind of society we can hope for from a 'Greater Albania?' Are these the deserving poor for whom NATO achieved such a glorious victory? Did this cause even remotely validate the overwhelming assault of the combined forces of seventeen powerful countries on one weak and unstable nation?

The answer from NATO and the West is only one of mute embarrassment. Even when Hillary Clinton and Cherie Blair were out there in the refugee camps kissing Albanian babies, no one in the West was particularly enthusiastic about the Albanian cause. It was merely payback on Milosevic for U.S. failure in Bosnia, and the fulfillment of Clinton's obsessive quest for a positive legacy of involvement in the Balkans, that premeditated NATO's disastrous and criminal invasion of Serbia. Intended to refute criticisms of NATO's general impotence and lack of resolve, this policy has only confirmed, two years on, that NATO does not really have the gumption or political will to take a decisive stand on any of its policies. First it was afraid for fear of casualties to invade Serbia from the ground; now it is terrified for the same reason to defend the Macedonians, who provided almost entirely the support NATO needed in the first place to conduct their vile mission. It was Macedonia that took in Europe's unwanted Kosovar refugees, when the high-minded and noble Northern European defenders of liberty sought to avoid taking in those poor, huddled masses, as much as they could without appearing entirely inhumane. It was also the Macedonians who provided logistical support, operational bases, and transport to NATO's forces, although these forces were attacking their own close countrymen. An example of the same phenomenon, hitting closer to home, would be if China were allowed to base its armies in Canada in order to attack the United States. The latent absurdity of such a thought makes the powerlessness complicity of Macedonia in the face of NATO aggression even more tragic.

It is clear that NATO is embarrassed and on the defensive; yet they still shrink from their responsibilities, and refuse to finish what they started. As the situation stands right now, NATO has allowed Yugoslav troops into the buffer zone between Kosovo and Macedonia, yet also refrained from involving any of its own troops in suppressing a problem of its own making. In other words, NATO seems to be saying to the Serbs and Macedonians, "we're done. It's your problem." The sheer hypocrisy of this stance that only Macedonian troops should be allowed to die, although NATO created the current problem by its own negligence and fear of confrontation, is astounding. It is utterly outrageous to expect tiny, cash-strapped Macedonia to deal by itself with an armed and well-coordinated terrorist army whose membership and command stretch across the borders of three countries. NATO's utter cowardice and lack of accountability, not to mention their abject hypocrisy in this matter, clearly demand a concerted worldwide reaction to force it to do its duty and defend Macedonian sovereignty.

Furthermore, I would like to point out how the imprecise wording of your writers, and of other 'reputable' news organizations, tends to blur the truth and whip up sympathy for these Albanian criminals. At the end of almost every report in the past few weeks on Macedonia, the article has concluded by saying "the Albanians make up 25 percent of the population in Macedonia." This has the unstated effect of legitimizing Albanian separatism, by appealing to the sympathies of "progressive" Westerners eager to embrace every endangered minority. Are these the same enlightened souls who forced hundreds of thousands of Kosovar Albanians into Macedonia into 1999, being themselves unwilling to take them into Northern Europe and the United States? If so, then they need to wake up. The Albanian mafia is one of the most powerful and dangerous in the entire world, let alone Europe, and there has existed for years concerted efforts in Macedonia by Albanians to take over the country, by both overt and surreptitious means. Pregnant Albanian women are regularly driven over the border into small Macedonian villages to have their babies, for the sole purpose of gaining voting rights and a birth certificate in Macedonia for the child. To add insult to injury, the Albanians continue demand more and more from the government, because they know that Macedonia is a weak country, that dares not defy mighty NATO. And apparently, by its refusal to send troops to defend Macedonian sovereignty, NATO is tacitly affirming that Macedonian unity is not very important, in the grand scheme of things. It would be very unfortunate for all of us, and not just for the Macedonians, if this thesis were to be put to the test. Civil war in Macedonia would have the result of pulling in the neighboring Balkan countries of Greece and Bulgaria, which are themselves afflicted by the same Albanian curse. NATO inaction in Macedonia would further strain relations with Serbia, which will not just stand by while its friendly neighbor to the south is being attacked by its own despised enemies. In short, NATO cowardice and lack of responsibility will be to blame if the current Macedonia crisis escalates into World War III.

I call upon NATO, Britain, and the United States: you opened this horrible Pandora's box by your Kosovo adventure. You have taken a bad situation and made it much worse. Instead of running away from the looming catastrophe in Macedonia, I implore you to live up to your responsibilities and not abandon this monster of your own making.


Andrej Simjanov


From: "Suzana Sazdovska" <>
Subject: : Fw: Protest to BBC News on its news coverage of events on the Macedonia - Kosovo border
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001

Dear Sir/Madame,

With respect to the BBC's coverage of events on the Macedonia - Kosovo border, I am writing the following protest:

- The continuing misrepresentation on the events in Macedonia by the BBC is giving significant support to the Albanian extremists' terrorist attacks on Macedonia.

- The frequently repeated BBC report in which an Albanian woman living in the border area with Kosovo is quoted as saying, "the Macedonians are even worse than the Serbs" is an example of propagandist and populist quasi-journalism in which the stability and future of one whole nation (Macedonia) is put at risk.

The BBC is constantly (intentionally!?) failing to give a complete, fair picture of events in Macedonia, and especially on the issue of the extent of human rights already given to the Albanian population in Macedonia. The BBC has not bothered a single time to mention the already enormous amount of human/minority rights given to the Albanians in Macedonia. - During the last 10 years of Macedonian independence it has become an inevitable practice that every government will have a coalition with the Albanian minority political parties. In the current coalition government, the political party of the Macedonian Albanians holds four key minister seats and several deputy positions. There are 28 Albanian MPs in the 120 seat Macedonian Parliament. Minority rights are extended to the maximum where education is concerned. The Albanian minority in the country has education in its mother tongue up to and including University level (a brand new Albanian language University is under-construction at the moment). Many TV and radio stations in Macedonia broadcast full programming in Albanian. Macedonia had Albanian language TV programs much before even Albania had a TV station. There are numerous Albanian daily newspapers, magazines, and literature printed in Macedonia. Albanians in Macedonia hold high-ranking executive positions in public enterprises, army, police, local government etc. The Macedonian Army and Police have Albanian Generals and other high-ranking officers. In the Municipalities where Albanians are more than 20% of the population the Albanian language is an official language of communication. This is just a small fragment of the enormous amount of rights given to the Albanians in Macedonia. Rights given to Albanians in Macedonia have been uplifted to a level much higher than what European conventions and juridical practice in EU countries prescribe. While there was war in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo due to basic minority rights violations, Macedonian minority rights democracy was flourishing.

Dear staff of the BBC, is this what makes the Macedonians "worse than the Serbs"?!! Were Macedonians really "worse than Serbs" when they were the only ones who welcomed 400.000 Albanian refugees from Kosovo into Macedonia during the NATO bombardment of Yugoslavia!?? Macedonia's stability in 1999 was sacrificed in the name of humanity and the readiness to accept 400.000 Albanian Kosovar refugees in the country while none of the NATO countries was willing to take no more than few hundreds of refugees. Is this the way you are saying THANK YOU for the political, strategic and logistic help which Macedonia gave to NATO during the Kosovo crisis!?

Furthermore, your portrayal of ethnic Macedonians as "slavs", and not Macedonians, is insulting. When you write about Poles, Czechs, Serbs, Russians, Croatians, etc., BBC does not certainly label them as "slavs".

This letter appeals to your sense of responsibility, fairness and logic reasoning to prevail in the BBC reporter's coverage on the events in Macedonia. Macedonia and its 10 years of successful democratic practice are endangered by the radical, unreasonable, barbaric acts of Albanian guerillas. Macedonia is the last country in Europe that deserves this type of irresponsible treatment by BBC! STOP the quasi-reporting from Macedonia! Give Macedonia fair treatment!

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From: "Hagit" <>
Subject: Peace is the only way
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2001

Beloved Light/Peace Seekers,

Time is flying by. It is only confusion that prevented me writing to you for so long. I felt like I must be absolutely balanced, focused and accurate mainly with myself before I can share anything with you. On one hand there is no dull moment but on the other, and as its result, I experience now kind of emptiness. It is not only frustration but also more like emphasized sensation to be functional even with imaginary handcuffs and iron weight fastened around the legs. Sometime it can easily block your mind but thank God - never the heart. The continually emotional influential dramas make me sense sometimes a very strong urge to give up but at the same time - a very powerful understanding, actually - undoubted crystal clear comprehension that I must go on, even on days of confusion when it looks like no way. There are so many issues, which are almost impossible to understand. So I realize it is all in the plan, there is no need to 'know' or 'understand', but there is always this little voice that shout the big 'W's right in the ear: What is it, What for? Why is it happening? When will it be ended? But more than that - When we all wakeup from this nightmare we created in here.

Each day there are more and more people that clamor towards me to 'wake up'. They say - it is the time to realize that what is going on in the Mid-East is simply war! And I agree and acknowledge its persuasively appearance as "war". What other interpretation can one give by only viewing the rapid increasing of the fear, frustration and anguish gauge? I'm grateful for all these Masters are crossing my path, by asking so they strengthening my desire to fulfill my mission even more devotedly.

One would think that now when visiting my Palestinian friends is avoided for me, I'll have more time, but actually God blessedly provides me with assignments for which I'm so beholden. Recently I was involved with several private cases, one of them is a young man from one of the Refugees' Camps in Gaza, who was severely injured during the first Intifada (Uprising) 6 years ago. "A" (In order to protect the people involved I need to cover the real names) is now 17 years old, paralyzed from waist south and right hand; all he can partially move is his left arm. This young man is now ready to rehabilitate his life, go back to learn and create a future. For that he needed a suitable wheel chair to carry him around. I learnt about this young man by my dear colleague "O", whose destination is to locate these young people and to answer their needs. "O" was so kind to ask me to help mainly with coordinating and serve moral support. Resulted by the situation and the heavy closures it was impossible to bring "A" to the Israeli electrical wheel chair supplier or vice versa. Knowing this, we applied to the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) representatives at the Erez Checkpoint on the boarder of Gaza Strip, which were so kind to allow us to meet and use their offices. Not only that but they allowed also the Palestinian taxi that brought "A" from his home at the camp to approach a point which even in 'normal' days they are not allowed to. An IDF jeep driven by an Israeli officer escorted "A" and his mother to the checkpoint's offices to meet the wheel chair expert and the rest of us. I looked at "A"'s eyes while revealing another face of the 'Israeli occupation', this time nicer one. On that day it was blissful pouring from heaven blended with our tears of gratitude and understanding of the other possibilities.

The other child I met thanks to "O" is "L" 11 years old Palestinian child from one of the villages in the West Bank. "L", together with similar age kids, was 'playing' throwing stones on Israeli soldiers "to deliberate Palestine". In return he was shot to loose one of his eyes. Unfortunately caused by mistreatment this injured effected his other eye to the point that he is now loosing his sight in both eyes. Supported by the MidEast.WEB and the PCRF organization, "O" is now dealing with raise fund for enables "L" to get better treatment in order to safe and improve what remnant of his sight. Few weeks ago we brought "L" to see Dr. Goldstein, who is a talented Israeli opthalmologist in one of the Israeli hospitals for second opinion. Thanks to her high-qualified professionalism and devotion we now aware of the urgent need to deal with what remained of "L"'s sight. While writing this to you, "L" is now together with his father under the supervision of a very well known Opthamologist in England. We now try to find recur to a Palestinian 7 months old leukemia baby from near Jerusalem who needs very urgently bone marrow transplantation. (Please let me know if and how you can help us on that).

As a great believer of the Divine Plan I know it is all part of the game, still it brings some doubts. How come we keep on using brutal violence to 'solve' our issues, what else do we need to create in our reality in order to come back to our senses, to acknowledge the fact that we are all one, we all want the same - respectful living in peace. We all want our children to have better world. I'm fully entirely confidence that it is in our hands.

Escorting "O" in his sacred mission I learnt more about the Palestinians and the Israelis for better and worst. The most painful remarks I hear these days is such as: "First you should help the children of your own people!" and on the other hand when "A" and "L" asked me again and again: "Are you sure you are 'Yahudiya' (Jewish)? Are you sure you are Israeli?" Looking at the two mothers of "A" and "L" I see all the mothers on earth, looking at "A" and "L" I see all children of the Universe as we are all so. We are all innocents, we are all holding the Divine's sparkle - we are all one, we are the ONE.

This ghastly tragedy that the two people, Palestinians and Israelis are taking part in, seems to be so much unnecessary. What else can be done to make these two peoples to wake up and stop the killing. There is no justification whatsoever to take lives. No matter who started it, who flames it, provoked, react or whatever - it is wrong!!! As an Israeli, when I hear about the shooting on private cars, civilian neighborhoods, bombs in the center of towns or about frustrated bus driver taking 'revenge' by heating innocent people are waiting for a bus to start the day, my pain is ten times more. It is the pain of all these inculpable are being used as playing tools in the politicians' hands on both sides. It is not only grieving for the people whom were killed but it is also the painful realization that now it will be even harder on all of us, especially on my Palestinian friends. This lack of freedom, insecurity on daily life is impossible.

In order to conclude this message, I would like to wish all my many Muslims friends a very happy holiday. Kul Am U'Intu B'cheer. So it happens that while Muslims celebrate Eid El Ad'ha, the Sacrifice (*) Holiday, Jewish will celebrate Purim. It would be nice if we could celebrate it somehow together. Like the two peoples will realize the important and sacredness of life itself at the same time they will remove masks to see the real pure Divine Spark that make us all One. Eid Sa'eed, Hag Sameach, Happy Days to you all.

(*) In the Holly Koran the story is about our ancient father Abraham who took his child Ismael to sacrifice him to God as a symbol of complete surrender and incredible faith in what seems to him as God's will. On the last minute Abraham heard the voice of God telling him that there is no need to sacrifice his own child, instead he should sacrifice the deer/lamb. In the Holly Bible we have a similar story, only different locations and different names for the child, Jewish would call him Isaac. This makes me suspect that Muslims and Jewish are not only 'cousins' or 'brothers', but actually we are one. Ismael and Itzhak are two aspects of the same ONE child. Aren't we all?

With infinite love and admiration - Hagit

Oh Lord, Make me an instrument of your peace
Where there is Hatred, let me bring Love
Where there is Injury - Pardon;
Where there is Doubt - Faith;
Where there is Despair - Hope;
Where there is Darkness - Light;
And where there is Sadness - Joy.

Please note that the next International LightLink will take place in Jerusalem Al-Quds on November 6-10,2001. Further details are with me and on:

Past is History - Future is Mystery, This Minute is a Gift, That is why It's Called "PRESENT" - English - Hebrew - Pictures

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For Thousand Years in Peace
Be blessed with Peace-Shalom-Salam, Love-Ahava-Hube & Light-Or-Nur

Date: Sun, 4 Mar 2001
Subject: English Events

Weekly vigil against Israeli occupation of Palestine (in Montreal) Every Friday, from noon to 1:00 PM, a vigil is taking place in front of the Israeli consulate in Montreal (corner of Peel and Rene Levesque) to protest against the Israeli military occupation, colonisation, and repression in
Palestine. This action has been initiated by the "Jewish Alliance Against the Occupation (JAAO)" and "Palestinians and Jews United (PAJU)". All are invited to participate every Friday at noon!

From: "Mark Lavin" <>
Subject: International Silence Day - For Peace in the Middle East & Beyond
Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2001

Dear facilitator of the Global Meditation Focus Group,

Below is an introduction to "International Silence Day." A few of us started this project with a commitment to make a difference in the Middle East, and to ultimately cause world peace. We started with a belief in the deep down greatness of people. In four months, Jews, Muslims, Christians and many other people have started spreading the word, and International Silence Day has spread from San Francisco and Los Angeles to Boston, Dallas, Miami, Vancouver, Toronto, Tel Aviv and recently Australia. Our faith in the greatness of people has only grown. This is your invitation to participate, and to reach and help expand a growing world community committed to making peace a living reality.

Thank you,

Mark Lavin.

International Silence Day

Starting at Sundown, Friday, May 25th 2001, people in Israel and Palestine, and people all around the world, will take a one hour vow of total silence to publicly share their commitment to peace in the Middle East. Many of us will even choose to hold the silence until Sundown, Saturday, May 26th 2001.

By sharing International Silence Day with each other and participating together, the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of us living in Israel, Palestine and throughout the Middle East, who are committed not just to coexisting, but to birthing a whole new future, will find solidarity. Just in talking about International Silence Day to one another, we will create lasting relationships that transcend our differences and transform our communities.

For those of us who live outside the Middle East, our participation around the world will send a powerful message of support to the participants who do live there. We are saying, "We are willing to be silent for a day, because we believe in you."

Those of us who live in other troubled regions will find inspiration in International Silence Day, and make it our own.

The ultimate intention of International Silence Day is to initiate a worldwide public discussion whose purpose is actualize peace on Earth by 2025. Those of us who participate, as well as those of us around the world who are just remotely aware of International Silence Day will begin to think and talk about peace. Some of us will swear that peace will never happen, but even that is a contribution to the conversation. International Silence Day will have been a success simply if discussions are happening. We will begin to inquire into what world peace might really look like. We will ponder the steps to getting there. We will begin to see actions we can take, and find ourselves taking them.

Ultimately, a worldwide organization will be started, whose purpose is to foster, provide settings for and facilitate the public conversation for world peace, using such media as the Internet.

Consider this an invitation to participate.

Please also share this with 10 other people within the week that you receive this, so the vision and possibility of this project can grow and spread around the world.

An International Silence Day web site is currently under construction, and is located at

You are also welcome to join the International Silence Day discussion and development group at, and participate in laying the groundwork for the emergence of a worldwide online community committed to global peace. (Click "Subscribe" to join. YahooGroups, the online service that is providing the free space for the discussion group, will then take you through a brief registration process. At the end of this process, you will be returned to the International Silence Day discussion group page, and will be a full member of the discussion group, meaning that you will be able to receive, read, and post messages to the discussion group.) Within two days of subscribing, please send a message to the group introducing yourself, briefly say how participating in this event will be an opportunity for you, what inspires you about it, and what you think peace realized in the Middle East might look like. You can post this introduction message to the discussion group by sending it from your own e-mail address to, or by sending it from the "Post" window on the group's page.

Thank you,

Mark Lavin.

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Just received from Chere Rae <>
Subject: Re: Chemtrail photo

Jean, great photo for your readers and I have gotten great results fending of the results of chemtrails. They affected me with headache, sinus, upper respiratory problems, red, dry eyes and all over weakness. If anyone wishes to know what I use they can message me. I had been suffering unknowingly for 3 years. That was before I knew what a Chemtrail was.

Health and Wellness,


Because of public awareness they are stepping up the attacks on the US population.
Go at to see a satellite picture of the Chemtrails headed our way (in California). To find out more about Chemtrails use the onsite search engine

Date: Sat, 10 Mar 2001
From: anonymous upon request
Subject: Orbital Defense Systems

Want to know what one of the main purposes is of most orbital defense systems in place around our planet?

To try and keep extraterrestrials away. After all, if extraterrestrials *did* come and make open contact, then things would greatly change in our global society, and eventually the people at the financial top would no longer be the ones in power. (I'm referring to what some call the 'higher echelon' -- the group of people that are behind all world governments, that pull the strings our governments dance to). And they don't want to give up their power or any control they have over what they see as belonging to them -- humanity, and earth. That's why George W. Bush is so big on this anti-missile defense system he wants to build. Er, rather, that's much of why those backing him so want it to be built. Yes, it would be used to protect America from missiles being fired on it from other countries -- but that's just part of its purpose.

And it isn't that these much more spiritually evolved ET's are banging on the door trying to get in, but that they see the masses of humanity willingly allowing this defense of earth to occur by the financial elite -- people are willingly keeping themselves in ignorance at a collective level -- and the ETs have respected this though they still visit for various reasons. The vast majority of people have been willing to be controlled as long as those at the financial top don't make their control too obvious and overt, and as long as they are willing to provide everyone with entertainment of various sorts (TV, radio, national sports, etc) and give us reason not to care so much that they're in control, such as being able to go to your local grocery store and buy so many various items -- including alcohol and tobacco. All of this helps keep the populace appeased and sedated.

In short, people have been keeping themselves in ignorance due to fear, and those at the financial top have been trying to keep extraterrestrials away due to fear.

The video footage in the attached file (not included in this ERN compilation because it is too big) is from a NASA shuttle video that was taken in earth orbit, of an extraterrestrial craft being fired on by earth defense systems -- to try and destroy it, or at least keep them away. There are two flashes of light, the second much larger than the first. Notice how instantaneously the craft reacts to the missile being fired at it when the second flash of light occurs. And not only is the craft already moving very fast before the missile is fired, but it quickly changes course at what appears to be a 90 degree or greater angle without slowing its speed, and then it quickly accelerates away. Interestingly enough, it appears as if the missile was tracking the craft at first, because the missile's course takes it through the path of the craft *as it was flying away* -- and if the craft had kept moving at its previous speed, the missile would probably have hit it.

How did NASA make the blunder of allowing this footage to be released? My guess is that someone on the inside who feels that the cover-up should be ended once and for all snuck it out and covertly distributed it...

Note from Jean: I saw the videoclip file sent to me along with this, and a missile can indeed be clearly seen missing an UFO in the distance suddenly moving away at high speed from the earth to avoid being hit.