February 14, 2001

Miscellaneous Subjects #63: Other Really Excellent Feedbacks + Monsanto & Mad Cow + INJECTING MAD COW FEAR IN USA + THERE'S A RAGE IN THE CAGE + Reactions to Madness of Materialism + Earth Day is just over 2 months away!

Hello everyone

As you will see first below, I have received several other really excellent feedbacks which I'm sure you'll all very much enjoy reading. And there is some more light shed on the Mad Cow Disease, info on some mad scientists who are just about to test the first genetically engineered insect in the wild (eeek!!!), and some thought-provoking reflexions on the Madness of Materialism. It is a mad, mad, mad world some will say -- and with reasons!

OK now I have an important annoucement to make: I will be away on vacation for the next 2 weeks and will be back at the beginning of March. So please refrain during this period from sending me any email as I would appreciate not being overwhelmed with hundreds of emails to process upon my return. If you have something really important to share that could go in a forthcoming compilation, please wait until I returm to send it to me. Thanks!

I will have one final compilation for you tomorrow before leaving - in which I will repeat this note above to make sure everyone sees it - as well as the next Meditation Focus.

Happy Valentine Day to all of you ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

REMINDER: Betty Martini <Mission-Possible-USA@altavista.net> is still looking for reports of people in Canada (including American victims now living there and particularly in Ontario) who had a high consumption of aspartame for several years and later came down with birth defects, brain tumors, seizures, diabetes, intraocular damage, etc. All such cases reported will be very useful. More details as to why it is essential now will be disclosed some time soon. Please send a copy of your report to aspartame@simantha.com

LAST MINUTE ADDITION: "Thank you very much for providing this service to people. If we all do our part, as you are, change will come. Please, add me to your list."

NOTE FROM JEAN: I was especially moved by the following and unreservedly agree with all of it.

From: BSacredsound@aol.com
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001
Subject: complacency

Hello Jean,

You mentioned the lack of response to emails lately on key important issues. Well, my view is that although we have tons of information about the truth of what is going on in the world, in most people's sphere of existence it has not become bad enough. I mean in the western countries although the apple is rotting from the core outwards we still have all the "mod. cons." The supermarket is still there, the car still works, the credit cards keep expanding and really it just hasn't hit close enough to home yet. And what has not hit home?

There is a rage inside every one of us. Not a destructive kill 'em rage, but a righteous anger that lives in our hearts. This rage is connected to a truth that resides within. And what is that truth? Our reason for being here on Earth at this time. The reason we came. To help manifest a new world. A world that comes from a heart of unconditional love or the Christ love within. This is not some new religion but a get down to it basic reality of being. Remember the guy who was here 2000 years ago and in his righteous anger swept the dross from the temple. That is in us.The truth of this man is nothing like the so called "Christian" belief. This guy was a mystical visionary with guts and incredible trust and inner stength. He embodied the energy of the "Christ," the universal energy of truth and love that comes from the Creative Source itself. To this he was completely connected. So much connected that death held no fear whatsoever. We, you and I and everyone who reads this has come here to do likewise! To stand in truth and love, with the cry; "NO, THIS IS NOT OK !!"

We all know what a new world looks like or we feel it inside. The "2nd Coming" is not a return of that avatar but the rise and expression of that consciousness in each human ready to embrace it and the courage to live it into the world in day to day life.

What I see so far are a lot of prayers being offered from the comfort of living rooms. Perhaps soon we will have the courage to get on planes and arrive en mass in a war zone and stand in that truth. Or take our priveleged comfortable bodies into the 3rd world and tell the people the lie about "progress" and materialism.

I cite James Mawdsley, a young man who stood in truth (alone) against the military junta in Burma. This junta has a genocidal agenda against the local Karen people whose crime is to live on the land through which an oil and gas pipeline runs. You do not have to be told about the kind of corruption around this! He was arrested and sentenced to 17 years in jail. You can imagine the conditions! Due to a strong campaign and pressure from his home in England he has just been released.

I have no affiliation with his campaign but admire and respect this young man and the energy that runs through him. It is the energy mentioned. It lives on and has been patiently waiting for all of us to stand forth in truth. Perhaps many will "die" along the way, but in truth we do not die. That is another big lie to keep humans enslaved to the physical through a very effective fear campaign.

I think Gandhi was on the right track. Imagine 1000 or 10,000 or 100,000 Gandhi's standing in truth willing to die for it. U.N. "peacekeeping" force!

That's a joke.

The current situation will remain until humans get that we are not separate, we are not alone but a part of all life everywhere and if your brother and sister havn't made it then neither have you.

Thanks Jean for doing an important service here.


M. Alan Byrne

From: "Suzy Ward" <suzy@pacifier.com>
Subject: Re: Miscellaneous Subjects #61: Many More Feedbacks
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2001

Dear Jean...

I've been reading the responses to your question, why no feedback on your
reports about mad cow disease, etc. My reason falls into most of the
others -- I can't claim no time due to high productivity in other services,
or illness -- but the emotional overload of what's happening in our world
certainly applies.

I've written you that my son Matthew is my most usual source of information
"from beyond," and his take on this: Don't let what you know pull you into
despair. These happenings are no longer being hidden, they literally are
"coming to light," and without the light first causing their exposure, it
cannot heal Earth and its life forms. I try to keep this in mind even as I
reel when I read not only your reports, but others that I feel also are
based in truth and are meant to further the effects of light workers in our
world and those "from beyond." You have mentioned the vital place for
balance in our lives. This is a point Matthew has made over and over and

As always, I join with the many who thank you for the invaluable service you
are providing, and I wish you and your family well.

NOTE FROM JEAN: Here is an excerpt from a previous email by Suzy giving more details about her unique communications from beyond the grave with her son Matthew.

"BALANCE! It has been almost 7 years since my telepathic connection opened, first with my son Matthew, who died at age 17 over 20 years ago, and later many other sources, all of whom have stressed balance as the greatest goal and most valuable achievement of our experiencing. Because most of my conversations have been (are) with Matthew, I hear most often from him that knowledge about distressing situations must not draw us into the negativity that others' suffering produces; our feeling desperate and hopeless only adds to that pool instead of relieving any of the suffering. Compassion, prayer (our thoughts and feelings at any time, any place, are direct communion with God) and "good works," not fear or hopelessness, provide the balance to our knowledge. And the balance within just one person aids the world. Apparently you know this innately, without the benefit of "celestial" confirmation -- actually, it appears that you are listening to and heeding your "inner voice" (your soul), which tells you the same.

Matthew has stressed the importance of absorbing and radiating light, the God-energy expressed through us in something as simple as a smile, whose ripple effects touch many hearts and light-en them. (How much more "local" can we act and have "global" -- actually, universal, I've been told -- effects?!) En-light-enment is the same, as we follow our individual quests for spirituality (not the same as following the dogma of religions!), which have humor and natural and personal (soul) beauty as integral ingredients. "

Note from Jean: 2 BOOKS BASED ON THESE COMMUNICATIONS WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON - One of them is entitled: "Matthew, Tell Me About Heaven" and the other one is "Revelations for 2000". Those 2 books will be available for on-line ordering in a few weeks from www.Xlibris.com and a future compilation will include a preview site.

I've received a review e-copy by e-mail of those 2 amazing books and I will definitely come back to you soon with more on them. Discovering these direct-from-heaven gems will prove to be a life-changing experience for anyone opening his/her heart to the love and clear-guided wisdom channelled through Matthew's mother to all of us on this side of the fast-thinning veil between *our* 2 realms of existence.

From: "Jeremy Burnham" <easyback@icon.co.za>
Subject: Brazilian forest
Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001

Hi brother Jean,

I have been reluctant to contribute to the torrent of info heading your way, but since you ask I have one thought about Brazil:

Big money both inside and outside Brazil will chase the short-term profits to be made from exploiting the resources of and below the jungle there. Plus the Brazilian government wants to take pressure off the cities to the South. No amount of green hand-wringing will deter them.

The only thing that will deter them is when industrialised countries start putting a realistic money figure to (i) the pollution they are responsible for, and (ii) the interest payments they have extorted, and pay this money to the developing world (including Brazil) that is not polluting at anything like the same rate and that has paid billions to the West in interest on loans that were blatantly unjust. Whether you call this debt relief or carbon credits, there are plenty of clear models to justify really substantial cash transfers from the rich to the poor. Not from generosity or pity, but to begin to redress the huge flow of real wealth from poor countries to rich, and of real garbage from rich to poor. For the rich to sit around and anguish about loss of biodiversity and biomass while they continue to guzzle oil and export toxic waste is . . . rich.

Don't get me wrong. My heart cries sore for the Brazilian jungles. And for African and Indonesian jungles. But until we get the real polluters to pay, don't expect the Brazilian government to heed conservation cries. The ball, it appears to me from here, is in the court of those who have the clout to pressure the UN and the G8 to get off their righteous indignation and start coughing up.

Another way to raise this sort of money will be to tax the money that sloshes around the world's rich stock-exchanges, following trends and whims that have absolutely nothing to do with the realities of life in the poor countries (while wringing havoc on their economies). A tax of just 0.1% on all international stock-exchange transactions would probably yield enough to satisfy the need for development money and allow Brazil to look at more sustainable alternatives to hardwood, beef and oil.


Cape Town

Note from Jean: RIGHT ON!!

From: "Michel Bisson" <wtx@citenet.net>
Subject: Re: http://www.nesara.com/
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001

Regarding: http://www.nesara.com/

Yes I agree this type of bill or variant of it is the ultimate way to make a
better world, and change favorably the world mentality, but it must leave
some basic taxes to maintain the responsibility of the people because people
is as irresponsible as politicians (politicians only reflect our inner mentality)
and vested interest. They will suck as much as they can up to kill the gold
cow... It is our inner self who is so selfish, we have inside ourself the
germ of destruction; once we know it maybe we can manage it and think about
global interest instead of our navel...

Michel Bisson

From: "Myriam Urooj" <altamash@cyber.net.pk>
Subject: ref: Uncovering the Truth #3
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2001

Dear Jean....

Here I am prompted by your complaint on lack of feedbacks....it is hard to keep up with all the information you wonderfully compile and send...

It has been astonishing to read the latest on your Uncovering the Truth e-mails...but to tell you the truth...nothing surprises me anymore. Where there is monetary and political interest involved, anything is possible.

I am not surprised if there is a cover up on BSE in the U.S.

And anything to uncover it, and make people aware is important. Eventually people will have to stop eating meat, and probably poultry too. Also...eliminating all meats from one's regular diet is suposed to help one espiritually...so...we should rethink the way we live and what we eat...

Here, I live in Karachi, Pakistan, in a culture where the ideal and traditional diet is meat, meat, meat.... :-(((((

Well..last year there was an article in the local paper that explained in detail the state of the abbatoires where cows and buffalos are killed for their meat consuption , and the horrible news was that this places were in extreme unhygenic conditions , the administration was doing nothing about it, and all kinds of diseases were being transmitted to humans from the beef they were eating. Ever since, our household stopped consuming beef. The other alternative here is goat, or sheep.

Fortunately animals here are fed vegetables and grains. But there is no doubt that milk enhancing hormones are given to cows and buffalos....

Then we came to know again through the local press that the McDonals here imports their beef from South Africa. This week a beef burger is costing an amazing 25 Rs compared to the usual above 60Rs.....so.....it is obvious they are trying to get rid of their beef real fast.... The worst of all is that people , due tu ignorance, continue consuming things that are harmful.

I would also like to comment on the election of Bush as american president. The popular vote was Gore's, yet Bush is president today. One of your compilations there was someone expressing that we should send positive thoughts and prayers to people like Bush, helping them be where they are.....and acting in humanity's best interest. I agree.

Ant now, the election of Sharon as Israel's PM......where is this going to take the situation in the Middle East????? Pray, pray, pray.........

On the suggestion of Unified Prayer, I really feel that the important thing is to unite with the same intention and feeling, Love, etc. Millions of Muslims all over the world are praying in the same language and the same prayers al the same time....that is always...yet many of them hardly realize what they are saying, since they are praying in a language that is not theirs, and when prayer becomes routine lacking consciousness, it is less effective, yet, this works as a mantram, and I believe the important thing is take Conscience and be aware of what we want and what we are saying in our prayer. This is my humble opinion.

The Lords Prayer, The Universal Invocation....yes..but the main thing is to unite people from all creeds, different philosophies in a common goal........the best for ALL.

Last, the last meditation focus is wonderful, our Earth, Nature needs us to help her help us.Nature tells us what is right and what is wrong, anything that goes agains Nature, goes against us.
Thank you again for the tremendous work you do so that we can read and learn so much.
God Bless...Love and Peace,


Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2001
From: Deborah Moldow <peacepal@worldpeace.org>
Subject: Mad Cow Disease

Dear Jean,

I cannot help thinking that Mad Cow Disease is a punishment for a sin against the animal world of Biblical proportions. Feeding ground substance of its own species to any animal, but particularly to ruminants who eat no meat at all, seems to me beyond any conceivable ethics.

Dagmar Scherer, who heads our World Peace Prayer Society office in Munich, wrote this to me: In my own country, we now face the "fruits" of our careless agricultural policy for the last decades, by having many cases of the mad cow disease? Still more peace prayers are necessary here. Plans are to kill 400,000 cows in Germany until June this year! Rather than learning the lesson, which the animals try to tell the German people right now, people simply buy pork meat and poultry and think that this is the solution to it all. We must change our thinking!

You have asked us, Jean, why we do not respond to this issue, the election fraud in the United States, and other madness that we cannot blame on the cows. I don't think it is either apathy or resignation. I think it is that we are slowly starting to realize the magnitude of our responsibility to change the direction of our entire civilization. The political and economic structures are not working because they are not grounded in spirit. We who care, we who see that there could be another way, have a great responsibility.

And we will rise to the challenge, because God is working through us. We will begin simply, as you have: by speaking the truth. And we will gradually shift the thinking of all humanity because there is no viable choice.

Thank you, Jean, for being a "voice in the wilderness" of the Internet!

May Peace Prevail on Earth,

Deborah Moldow

Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2001
Subject: Monsanto & Mad Cow
From: Alex Constantine <alexx12@mediaone.net>

Don't have a source for this. Dana Redding found it at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sprayno/message/2564

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 5. Mark Purdey, the very bright British farmer who claims mad cow disease is really caused by the insecticide Phosmet, has had some trouble. His house was burned down. Corporate Watch magazine (issue 12) reports that his barn suddenly collapsed and his library of med/science materials was damaged. Purdey was shot at. His phone lines were cut. Purdey went to court to defend his right not to give his cows Phosmet. His lawyer, who won the case, died in a car crash. Purdey's veterinarian, who claimed Purdey had perhaps found a clue to mad cow disease, also died in a car accident.

Phosmet is spread on the spines of cows to eradicate a pest. It is manufactured by Zeneca Corp., a spinoff of the Brit chem giant Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI). ICI was originally founded out of the famous explosives firm, Nobel. ICI was one of those big companies which was involved with the Nazi cartel IG Farben. Zeneca makes the cancer drug Tamoxifen, which has been linked to ovarian cancer.

Not a pretty picture. Phosmet, which is an organophosphate compound, comes out of a long line of research on nerve gas. IG Farben pioneered that research long ago.

One of the world's great toxic companies, Monsanto, is...well, seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Monsanto's stock had been shunned by pros and amateurs alike, mainly because everybody hated its genetically modified (GM) food division. Arrogant, unscientific, toxic. Activist groups all over the world were hitting them hard. Still are.

But now, with the mad cow scare everywhere, guess what? Farmers are looking to replace the crushed up animals they feed to their cows, and they're discovering Monsanto's GM soy. By the ton.

Monsanto's stock is trading higher. And maybe Europe will finally start accepting beef from the US that has been shot up with Monsanto's GM bovine growth hormone, since they're scared to eat their own beef.

Who profits from the mad cow terror? Whose name was listed under "special thanks" at the end of PBS's NOVA show on mad cow called The Brain

From: Robert Cohen <i4crob@earthlink.net>
Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2001

Dear Friends,

One year ago (February, 2000), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) discovered that manufacturers of children's vaccines were using serum from British cows.

Why didn't FDA regulators alert Americans? Why didn't FDA regulators immediately recall the vaccines?

Mad Cow disease experts believe that the substance responsible for mad cow disease (PRION) may have an incubation period of up to forty years.

In 1993, FDA warned pharmaceutical companies not to use cow derived ingredients from European countries for their drugs. That warning has been ignored.

Vaccines may be incubating a 21st century plague. Will millions of innocent young Americans fall victim to FDA'S irresponsible policy and inaction?

Latest estimates are that 7 million European cows will be destroyed during the next two years resulting from Mad Cow Disease fears.

Have your children. friends, or relatives been given polio, diptheria, or other vaccines? Have you? Will the your flu shot protecting you from one selected strain of Asian virus harbor the protein particle that one day turns your brain into a sponge, as it has done to many others?

Robert Cohen


09 Feb 2001

Plans are underway in the U.S. to test the first genetically
engineered insect in the wild. Researchers are trying to manipulate
the genes of the pink bollworm moth -- an insect known for destroying
cotton crops around the world -- so that it eventually eradicates
itself. U.S. regulators are expected to give the green light to
field tests this summer in Arizona. Enviros will probably protest
the experiment, but the researchers say they will take precautions to
keep the moths in cages to prevent them from escaping and breeding
with wild populations.

BBC News, Helen Briggs, 09 Feb 2001


From: "Matthew Webb" <visionquest@eoni.com>

Greetings UCS,

The feedback thus far to the, "Madness of Materialism" articles, has been quite interesting. It is in fact fascinating to me to witness such a spectacle. This is partly because I always tend to have more confidence in the lucidity of people, than they do for themselves.

Even after extensive evidence has been carefully laid out before you, many persons still ignore it as either irrelevant, improperly focused or ill-mannered. When I introduced the subject of materialism, (and the rejection of this Western society upon which it is based) I did so to generate a debate on the issue. What has transpired thus far is not what one could call a debate. No real examination of any subjects has been approached. None of the points or concepts brought up thus far have generated any in-depth evaluation as to their TRUTH OR UNTRUTH. All that has been really discussed, is whether or not the responding people like or dislike the subject matter, or the manner of its presentation.

For instance, when I asked, "ARE we or are we not, as a species, on the brink of extinction?", there was not even a single response.

When I asked, "Did we (the United States)or did we not, bomb Iraq for oil", there was not even a single response.

When I said that the materialistic lifestyle has and is destroying the environment, no one said a thing. When I mentioned that materialism is at the basis of the worlds' lack of spirituality, and for most if not all of the wars ever fought, this went unmentioned.

When I mentioned that materialistic ideology is at the heart of public miseries, and is the primary source for personal and collective human suicide, this statement has never been touched upon by most replies.

Most of you have chosen to view these statements as a personal affront, or a misguided focus upon "negative" subject matter, or that the approach has been "judgemental" or "venemous". In other words, you choose to deny that these world problems are a reality, or would rather turn this into a personal contest between myself and each of you. I have asked myself what this implies, in terms of the ongoing survival of humanity. The conclusions that are forthcoming are rather grim. It is easy to imagine the wives or Roman senators saying basically the same thing as many of you have, just before the Great Fall of the Empire. So these posts about materialism have made some feel uncomfortable. Well now, isn't that a shame! Perhaps many of you would benefit from more frequent travels abroad.

I wonder to myself just how bad the world picture has to get, before people become serious about their lifestyles and their spiritual practice. There is a term used in military circles called "acceptable losses", which is applied to troops, weapons and supplies in war time. To win a battle, generals calculate the probable losses of "material" in order to accomplish their aims. In order to hold a position or attack an enemy outpost, 5000 dead men and 5 million dollars worth of destroyed weapons, for instance, may be considered an "acceptable loss" given the objective. Many of the replies given to these posts on materialism remind me of the philosophy of "acceptable losses". You are wiiling to make compromises on every front of daily living, just so that you can maintain your materialistic lifestyle...you know, the washer/dryer, the new car, the fancy house, manicured lawn, $400 suits and dresses, diamond and gold jewelry, antique collections and the whole lot. For these items you are willing to turn a blind eye to environmental destruction, social injustice, war for convenience, corruption in government, poverty and starvation the world over.

I wonder to myself just how bad things have to get before you say "enough is enough" and I just wont believe in the "system" or its associated lifestyle any more! At what point in your various priviledged luxuries are you willing to say, "OK, these are not 'acceptable losses' just for the sake of convenience".

For instance, when we talk about how many species of the Earth have already become extinct because of materialistic ideology and lifestyle, we must refer not to only one extinct species, or ten, or a thousand or even five thousand, but tens of thousands of species which are now extinct. How many more thousands of species of animal have to die before you give up your aligator hide boots, or your fur jacket, your 4- 6 bedroom $250,000 mansion, or your $5000 speed boat?

How many people must starve to death because of our economic sanctions or covert pay-offs before you refuse to buy that next set of fancy ear rings, or monogrammed golf clubs, or silver tea set? A thousand? 5000? A million? A billion? Everyone except you?

How many political scandals of all kinds, how many killings and how many lost civil liberties are going to have to occur before you stop believing in governments and televised brainwashing? How many of our own children must fall prey to materialistic self-suicide before we say that these are not acceptable losses? 100 scandals? 1000 children? 10,000 scandals or 50 million children? Your own children?

I say these things to you because they have relevance in the world today. It is very clear to me that on the one hand what we focus upon is what we strengthen, including negativity. But the above conclusions and facts are not negative. They are merely factual. If an apple is rotten then we do not call this conclusion a "judgement" or "negative" and proceed to bite into it anyway. We merely face the reality of the matter and eat an apple that is not rotten.

Focusing upon the events of the world in a realistic and factual manner, does not imply a reinforcement of those social problems. The intelligent person is able to distinguish between the logical evaluation of a subject matter, (and its equally logical conclusion) and a blindly emotional reaction to it that accomplishes nothing but its exacerbation. In order for us to address the world situation with the INTENT of remedying its imbalances, part of our task is to SEE THINGS AS THEY REALLY ARE AT THE SOCIAL LEVEL, and not merely repeat another spiritual catch-phrase. This is what is known as REALISM. Avoiding the modern social reality is known as DENIAL. These are merely the facts of the matter, like them or not. In fact, your liking them or not is completely beside the point. As adults we must soemtimes face a little unpleasantness and even occasional change at a fundamental level. This is known as RESPONSIBILITY.

And no, I don't think God is going to descend from some heavenly abode and clean up our mess for us. What does the child learn who makes messes and whose parents always clean up after them?

As a few people have rightly suggested to me, I would like to move this conversation to the "finding solutions phase". But before we do that, I personally would like to feel that the majority here will at least acknowledge that there is a grave problem with the world at present, and also with the way we, as a culture, are living life. I believe most of us are still in denial about materialism, and for this reason I intend to post the Madness of Materialism, Part 6.

Now that the difference between a personal contest and the adult discussion of an issue has been clarified, I ask you again to factually address the points and facts made by the articles on materialism.

Let's boil it down for now to one primary question..."Are we or are we not on the brink of extinction, because of materialism?"

Matthew Wayne Webb
United Communities of Spirit

Date: Wed, 7 Feb 2001
From: World Wide <worldwide@earthday.net>
Subject: Earth Day is just over 2 months away!

Dear friends,

This April, thousands of organizations will take action in their
communities to call for global sustainability and hope. Please join
us in making this Earth Day a turning point in the way human beings
treat the Earth, and each other.

REGISTER YOUR EVENT online at http://www.earthday.net/event/signup.asp

Every Earth Day action matters, whatever its size, and whatever issue
it relates to. If you do something for the Earth on 22 April, you are
part of a powerful force for change.

Thank you very much for being part of the Earth Day Network.


Set out below are just a few examples of what will be happening for
Earth Day this year:


Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) is coordinating the 2nd annual Dive In to
Earth Day event. During the week leading up to Earth Day, divers and
underwater enthusiasts will get wet and have fun at dive sites
throughout the world. The global celebration aims to raise awareness
of and inspire action to protect our coral reefs, oceans, lakes,
rivers, and beaches. For more information, visit

In Japan, ASAP 21 is creating an online Earth Day Photo Gallery,
which will feature photos and streaming video of Earth Day actions
across the globe. For more information, or to post your photos to the
site, please contact inquiry@asap21.org or visit http://www.asap21.org


Earth Day is all about people banding together to achieve what none
of us could achieve on our own. Each of you is important in this
effort. Acting together, who says we can't change the world?

We look forward to hearing what you will be doing on Earth Day 2001.

For the Earth,

Earth Day Network Worldwide Team
Serryn Janson
Vickery Prongay
Helen Couture Rodriguez
Sierra James
Leigh-Anne Havemann


HELP SPREAD THE EARTH DAY NETWORK... Invite your friends and
colleagues to become involved in Earth Day. They can subscribe to
this list by sending a message to worldwide@earthday.net with the
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