January 23, 2001

Miscellaneous Subjects #58: Several Feedbacks on "The Corpocracy Uncovered" + Roads lead to Amazon 'destruction' + Empower Women to protect the land + Light stopped in its tracks + Survey Shows a Record 40 Percent of World Is Free + How They Stole America + Opponents Target Bush + They Protesteth a Whole Lot + Protesters Boo Inauguration of Bush + Powell Pushes for Missile Defense + Check out our new leader + The new guy + Hail to the Thief! + Enjoyment

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From: gear2000@lightspeed.net
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001
Subject: The GW Bush Gang


Your latest post with above subject article that you forwarded should be supplemented
by info below on Armitage appointment by Colin Powell and deeper connections
to cia-drug-smuggling that accounts for major levels of financing for US political
campaigns and artificial economic "boom" of recent years. More info on this
issue at http://www.copvcia.com and http://www.egroups.com/group/cia-drugs

In order to bring about the kind of world we want, we might want to be more
fully aware of the nature and scope of the "opposition", ie, "behind the scenes
of the status quo".

From: "Mike Ruppert" <mruppert@copvcia.com>
Subject: Colin Powell taps "close friend" Armitage

Date: Wednesday, January 17, 2001 3:25 PM

The significance of Richard Armitage turning up as Colin Powell's chosen
right hand man is not to be underestimated. Armitage is a demonstrably
dirty, evil sleazeball of the highest order. His corruption goes back to the
days when Ted Shackley was CIA COS in Laos. Armitage is a killer, a drug
dealer and was one of the primary figures in abandoning our POWs. He was big

in Iran-Contra and has been a powerful behind the scenes figure for the last
ten years representing Bush interests around the globe.

The fact that the Bush Administration would put him up for Deputy Secretary
of State is absolutely frightening because it heralds that this
administration is preparing for all-out wars and a level of corruption that

will make Iran-Contra look like Little League. It also says that, in spite
of Dick Armitage's horrendous public record the Bush Administration is
either arrogantly confident that they can push him through or sublimely

Either is a frightening prospect.

This makes it a certainty that the legendary Ted Shackley will appear
somewhere, maybe the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board. If so,
we are about to enter a new dark age of covert operations, death and

Mike Ruppert

NY Times article at http://www.nytimes.com/2001/01/17/politics/17TENE.html

Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001
Subject: Re: Bush's Nazi Take-over
From: art b Rosenblum <artr@juno.com>

Dear Jean,

I read all the material on the Bush-Nazi connections, Skolnick, etc. and
am considering sending the whole thing to my network.

I missed seeing a report of how thou9sands of Nazis were broiught to the
U.S. after WW II to form the CIA Bush Sr. later headed. Werner von Braun
who headed slave labor factories that built the V-2 rockets to terrorize
England was the best-known, and was never tried for his slave-labor, work
'em till dead approach. Nor was MacNamara tried for bringing them in and
sayint "They're on our side now" when asked the reason.

We need to keep more and more people fully informed of the true Nazi
nature of the Bush dynasty and how the Bush/Gore team has made a laughing
stock of the "democracy" we so loudly proclaim. Both parties need to be
investigated and impeached !

Peace and love, Art Rosenblum, mailto:artr@juno.com Aquaian
Research Foundation, 5620 Morton St., Philadelphia, PA 19144.
Phone: 215-848-2292 day/eve.
Working for a postitive future for our planet since 1969.
Web: http://www.ic.org/aq
Listserve: mailto:fr2-subscribe@egroups.com.
Use UNsubscribe to quit.

From: Name Witheld Upon Request
Subject: RE: The Corpocracy Uncovered
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001

Hi Jean,

I've been receiving your posts for a long time and have never written back 'til now. Thank you for your selfless effort. I know you seek to serve Universal Welfare. You are doing a great job. I know you'll keep it up.

I wish to say that unfortunately, it seems that Ralph Nader's decision not to give his votes to Gore was, in retrospect, a bad decision. He could have made his point and spared the country this devastating blow. Now we stand by and watch as the forces of darkness heap more and more suffering on humanity. Maybe this is an indication of Nader's own faulty vision.

It seems that the next four years will be very dark and the oppression will get very harsh.

From: "MarLou Gaudet" <marlouyes@dellnet.com>
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2001

Dear Jean:

Once again thank you for your admirable and much appreciated efforts and service to all of us making us aware of these situations on our Earth. You (especially) know the power of prayer and even though I write my Senators, CA's Governor, News medias, Peter Jennings et al I feel a sense of frustration at all of this insanity. I feel VERY uncomfortable (understatement) with Bush and am VERY angry at the illegal procedure(s) that got him in power!

SPIRIT has a plan, I know, certainly not the destruction of this country! But we the people have choices to make..... My prayer is that SPIRIT will find a way to recycle Mr. B in a peaceful and honorable way (even though he is not honorable - my view- also this maintains good Karma return and is essential for me and all of us, soulwise - stop the hate -etc etc.) Why can't Bush change; what's to stop SPIRIT from administering some sort cosmic change in the man? Since it appears we are stuck with him!

You probably think I live in "lala"land - so naive - but I believe in miracles and if we can't get him out of office legally, then SPIRITUALLY I pray for his transformation to love, understanding, compassion, integrity with good health and prosperity (although the latter seems to be in place - indeed!) A truth seeking man of the Earth and of Spirit. WHY NOT? If we can all think on this during one of those universal meditations ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. I don't believe this country is meant to "bite the dust" BUT it is meant TO CHANGE ITS WAYS... We have some fairly rotten Karma to atone for but WE ALSO HAVE SOME VERY GOOD KARMA and that is probably why we haven't bitten the dust yet. Thank you SPIRIT!

We must not let our beloved country fail in its original design of haven for the oppressed, opportunity for us to bring our divine prosperity and gifts into fruition; to make this a more wonderful place to live; to set the examples for the others still intent on oppression, suppression and hatred, hunger and poverty to show the way (abuse of all especially women and children) of how life can be via love, compassion, understanding, tolerance and appreciation.

Maybe that's why Biblical (I'm no authority by any means) Revelations mentions something like 144,000 will be "chosen" to be left on this planet.... Well I pray "they" meant maybe 144,000,000 plus. Can we possible get 144,000, however, to even think love, compassion, save the Earth, understanding etc etc ALL AT THE SAME TIME AND LIVE IT DAILY... (it is NOT easy granted) I don't know but I keep praying and VISUALIZING A NEW EDEN for the planet. May it manifest here and everywhere .... So be it.

Oh yes I do watch Dickens' A Christmas Carol every year as a reminder that renewal is possible for anyone at anytime in their life. It gives me hope and courage for my own continual renewal.

Love Light Truth and Trust to all everywhere.

Mar-Lou Gaudet

From: ASOUL1@aol.com
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001
Subject: Re: Miscellaneous Subjects #57

Dear Jean:

For quite some time, I have also been concerned about amplifying the negative
by focusing on it so often. I totally agree with John Cox and especially
like Mathew Webb's remarkable reply. I also think that we must not turn our
backs and deny the pain and suffering, hunger, poverty, war and violence in
our world. We need to be fully present and bear witness to it, learn from
it, and assist and help others where we feel called. Yet we must also give
up attachment to one particular outcome, and trust that we are all exactly
where we need to be, to learn the lessons of Peace, Freedom, Choice and

Thank you for your wonderful service towards peace and unity.


Joyce A. Kovelman

(See "Empower Women to protect the land" below...)

From: "Leigh "
Subject: BBC News AMERICAS Roads lead to Amazon 'destruction'
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001

Friday, 19 January, 2001
Roads lead to Amazon 'destruction'


"Illegal logging and land clearing are rampant"

The Amazon forest in Brazil, the world's largest remaining wilderness, could
vanish within two decades, a new study reveals.

If these development plans go through, we'll lose the largest remaining
wilderness on Earth and a huge amount of the world's remaining biodiversity

Scott Bergen, Oregon State University

According to the journal Science, researchers in the United States used
computer models to forecast the impact of a development scheme called
"Advance Brazil".

Under the scheme, the Brazilian Government expects to spend $40bn over the
next seven years on highways, railways, hydroelectric projects and housing
in the Amazon basin.

If the researchers' estimates are correct, barely five percent of the Amazon
will survive as pristine forest by 2020. The rest will be destroyed by
logging, infrastructure, oil exploration and new towns.

Dozens of Indians live in remote reservations in rainforests

Climate change

More than two million hectares of the Amazon are currently being cleared
every year, and even conservative estimates forecast the clearing rate will
continue to rise.

The loss of the Amazon could affect the climate, as it plays an important
role in soaking up carbon dioxide.

Brazil also has the world's highest diversity of plant and animal species,
but if the Amazon disappears, so will much of its biodiversity.

Scientific forecasts:
42% of the region would either be totally deforested or heavily degraded by 2020
Less than 5% of the land will survive as pristine forest
The rate of forest destruction could increase by more than 25% a year
The most favourable scenario predicts a 14%-a-year escalation of deforestation
"Unfortunately, there is little government control in the Amazonian
frontier," said William Laurance of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.

"Illegal logging and land-clearing are rampant. New roads that cut into the
frontier almost always initiate a process of spontaneous colonization,
logging, hunting and land speculation that is almost impossible to stop.

"The only way to control these processes is to control where the roads are

Carbon sales

One of the researchers, Scott Bergen of Oregon State University, says it is
not too late to preserve at least some of the world's greatest tropical
rainforest, at the same time as pursuing economic development in Brazil.

But, he says, there is an urgent need for a fresh approach.

This might include the selling of carbon credits, a practice which allows
countries to achieve their pollution reduction targets by buying the unused
emissions quotas of other nations.

This could net the Brazilian Government up to $2bn dollars a year, which it
could use in alternative development programmes that had less of an impact
on the Amazon forest.

"We've heard a lot about ecotourism, sustainable forestry and other
conservation efforts in the Amazon," Bergen said.

"But if these development plans go through, we'll lose the largest remaining
wilderness on Earth and a huge amount of the world's remaining biodiversity.

"And that, of course, doesn't even consider the enormous impacts on the
carbon cycle, global climate and greenhouse warming."

Some researchers have sought to challenge the importance placed on the
tropical rainforests by environmentalists.

They point out that these forests did not exist even on the scale they do
today just 15,000 years ago, when grasslands were probably the dominant

The dissenters say the obsession with saving the Amazon forest represents an
scientifically unjustified Northern agenda that would have the effect of
denying indigenous peoples economic growth and prosperity.

Subject: EarthAction: Empower Women to protect the land
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001
From: EarthAction <emailalerts@earthaction.org>



An action toolkit from the EARTHACTION NETWORK on land degradation that
threatens a quarter of the Earth's land surface and the livelihoods of
over one billion people.



Empower Women to Protect the Land

The topsoil on our planet is a precious and finite resource built up over
millions of years. Without it we couldn’t survive. But deforestation,
overfarming and other human activities are degrading the land all over
the world. As the world’s population grows, our supply of fertile land
is shrinking. Your action now can help reverse this dangerous trend.
Especially at risk is the soil in the dry regions of the world, where
land degradation is known as "desertification." The UN Environment
Programme estimates that fully a quarter of the Earth’s land surface, and
the livelihoods of over one billion people, are threatened by

Women on the front lines. In many developing countries it’s mainly women
who work the land. Often these women are among the poorest people, who
most need support. Yet in the past, women have frequently been excluded
from land conservation and development projects that directly affect
their livelihoods. As a result of "top-down" approaches to development
that ignore the views of local people, many attempts to protect the
Earth’s life-giving soil have failed.

Yet there have been numerous examples of how, given support and
resources, women can transform the situation. The 70,000 women who make
up the Green Belt Movement in Africa, for example, have planted more than
20 million trees to help reverse the degradation of their land.

An opportunity for change. With the recent addition of the United States
and New Zealand, 169 countries have now ratified a treaty called the
United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD). The treaty
commits all governments, rich and poor, to devote more technical and
financial resources to combat desertification. In addition, the
governments of developing countries affected by desertification must work
in close partnership with communities, particularly women and youth, to
develop and implement National Action Programmes on desertification. If
all governments carry out their promises under this treaty, we have a
real chance of turning this major environmental crisis around and
advancing sustainable development in the poorest regions of the world.

Planning for women’s involvement. Governments don’t have to start from
scratch in deciding how to involve women in combating desertification.
In 1997, an expert group issued an action plan called "Strengthening the
Role of Women in the Implementation of the UNCCD". It contains clear
guidelines to ensure that the concerns and experiences of local
communities—including both women and men—are part of planning and
implementing National Action Programmes. If these recommendations are
followed, then all of us, and the Earth itself, will benefit.

What You Can Do:

If you live in a developing country, please write to your cabinet
minister for agriculture. If you live in a developed country, contact
your cabinet minister for development cooperation. In either case, urge
him or her to honour your government’s commitments under the
Desertification Convention to:

Mobilize additional financial resources to support the full involvement
of local communities—including women—in the design and implementation of
programmes to combat desertification.

Suggest that they build upon the guidelines in the 1997 report,
"Strengthening the Role of Women in the Implementation of the UNCCD". For
a copy of the report visit www.undp.org/seed/unso/women/msrw.htm, or call
+1 212 906-5815.



The EarthAction Network consists of over 1,800 citizen groups in more
than 152 countries. Our purpose is to enable thousands of organizations,
citizens, journalists and parliamentarians to act together simultaneously
around the world on critical global issues. EarthAction produces an
Action Kit eight to twelve times a year which is distributed to our
Partner Organizations for use in mobilising their members to take action
on important global issues. Partnership in the EarthAction Network is
offered to citizen groups free of charge-however, groups that have the
resources are asked to contribute US$30 to $100 per year. Individuals may
also join the EarthAction Network for US$15 per year.

EarthAction International Offices:

30 Cottage Street
Amherst, MA 01002, USA
Tel. 1-413-549 8118
Fax. 1-413-549 0544
email: amherst@earthaction.org


Send an email to:

<majordomo@oneworld.org> with the following command in the body of the message:

subscribe ea-alert-eng youremail@yourdomain


From: http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/sci/tech/newsid_1124000/1124540.stm

Light stopped in its tracks
(Thursday, 18 January, 2001)

Scientists say they have slowed light to a dead stop, stored it and then let it go again. Normally light is the fastest thing there is, travelling at about 297,000 kilometres a second (186,000 miles a second). But it is slowed slightly when it moves through some materials, such as glass.

The researchers have taken this effect to the extreme and say they have effectively made a beam of light stop after it entered a specially designed gas chamber. The experiment has been hailed as a landmark that could pave the way for faster computers and totally secure communications.


To stop light altogether, the scientists have utilised a similar but far more powerful effect. The researchers cooled a gas of magnetically trapped sodium atoms to within a few millionths of a degree of absolute zero (-273 deg C).

Huge impact

This would normally be opaque to light. But by illuminating it with a laser called a coupling beam, it can be made transparent, thereby allowing another laser pulse to pass through it. It is a process known as electromagnetically induced transparency.

And, astonishingly, if the coupling laser is turned off while the probe pulse is inside the gas cloud, the probe pulse stops dead in its tracks. If the coupling beam is then turned back on, the probe pulse emerges intact, just as if it had been waiting to resume its journey

The biggest impact of this work could be in the burgeoning field of quantum computing and quantum communication. In theory, quantum computers, in which information is stored in the quantum states of atoms, could be very much faster than existing machines. And quantum communications could never be eavesdropped.

From: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20001220/ts/rights_freedom_dc_1.html

Survey Shows a Record 40 Percent of World Is Free
(December 20, 2000)

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A report on worldwide democracy and human rights released on Wednesday found major progress in those areas in Mexico and Yugoslavia, with over 40 percent of the world's population living in free nations.

The Freedom House report, ``Freedom in the World 2000-2001,'' said 86 countries, representing 2.5 billion people, or 40.7 percent of the world's population, were ``free,'' the highest proportion given that rating in the history of the survey, which dates to 1981. Inhabitants of those countries enjoy a broad range of rights.

Another 59 countries, encompassing 1.4 billion people, or 23.8 percent of the world's population, were described as ''partly free,'' with limited political liberties and civil rights.

Finally, 35.5 percent of the world's people live in the 47 nations considered not free, where citizens are denied basic political rights and civil liberties, according to Freedom House.

Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001
From: Jeff Gordon <jeff.gordon@wellnow.com>
Subject: How They Stole America

Hi, Jean --

This is lengthy but is one of the clearer and more concise explanations
of what happened to America that I've seen thus far:


-- Jeff -- http://www.wellnow.com

"There's nothing left in the world to prove. All that's worth doing
is to love one another, using whatever means are available to serve."

From: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/po/20010119/co/opponents_target_bush_nominees_1.html

Opponents Target Bush, Nominees - January 19

By PlanetOut News Staff

SUMMARY: Counter-inaugural protesters are on their way, as the incoming U.S. president's Cabinet picks are picked over in committee; meanwhile Bill Clinton says goodbye.

Inauguration festivities for President-to-be George W. Bush kicked off in Washington, D.C. on the evening of January 18 with an outdoor concert on the National Mall featuring, among others, the sexually ambiguous Ricky Martin. But even as Bush supporters were gearing up to celebrate, Democrats were battering his Cabinet nominees in confirmation hearings, and various groups - including gay rights supporters -- were preparing for massive protests on Inauguration Day, January 20. Almost lost in it all was the farewell speech of outgoing President Bill Clinton.

Demonstration organizers estimate that the number of protesters could top 20,000, which would make it the largest counter-inaugural display since the Vietnam War, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The city of Washington will deploy nearly three times the number of police along the inaugural parade route, which runs from the Capitol Building to the White House, as they did for Clinton's 1997 inauguration. Parade spectators will be forced to enter through checkpoints and searched for weapons; objects or signs will be prohibited.

The International Action Center (IAC), one of the groups spearheading the protest, believes the checkpoints will be used to reduce the effectiveness of the demonstrations. On January 18 IAC lawyers made their argument to U.S. District Court Judge Gladys Kessler, who they're hoping will deem the restrictions an unconstitutional violation of free speech. Kessler said she would issue a ruling in time for the losing party to appeal it.

The IAC is primarily protesting Bush's policies, which the organization describes as "racist, sexist, anti-gay, militaristic, anti-labor, and pro-big business." Other groups are railing against Bush's tactics during the Florida recount. According to the Agence France Press, the Justice Action Movement will protest under the banner, "Hail to the Thief." While most mainstream GLBT rights organizations are not officially participating in the protests, at least one, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF), provides information and links for counter-inaugural protests on its Web site.


From: http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,95343,00.html

They Protesteth a Whole Lot

Thousands will descend on Washington this weekend for what are set to be the biggest inaugural protests since the Vietnam era. TIME.com's Jessica Reaves details the demos...

What's happening? A few of the counter-inaugural protests planned...

Day of Outrage: Saturday-morning march from 14th Street to Pennsylvania Avenue; against incoming conservative administration's effects on black Americans

National Organization for Women: Gather at Navy Memorial, then split into small groups along parade route; in defense of abortion rights

Shadow Inauguration: Rally at Stanton Park followed by march to Supreme Court; protesting disenfranchisement of black voters

Justice Action Movement: Protests along parade route and rally in Dupont Circle; protesting corporate control of political process, demand end to electoral college

Christian Defense Coalition: Rally alongside parade route; protesting current abortion laws, defending Bush Cabinet nominees

Voter March: Rallies at Dupont Circle, the Ellipse; urging Congress to adopt campaign-finance reforms, defend against future voting system failures

From: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20010120/ts/bush_protests_dc_2.html

Protesters Boo Inauguration of Bush
(Saturday January 20)

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Thousands of demonstrators booed the inauguration of George W. Bush on Saturday, holding signs such as ''Hail to the thief'' to protest his swearing-in which took place amid the tightest security measures ever.

Columns of demonstrators, championing a broad range of causes from abortion to electoral rights, stood on the route Bush took to the Capitol for his swearing-in and jeered as his presidential limousine went past carrying him and outgoing President Clinton.

The closer they got to the Capitol, the more people were cheering for the incoming president and there were fewer protesters, who had said they planned peaceful demonstrations but were fearful of a heavy-handed police response. In the biggest ever security operation for an inauguration, police in riot gear and on horseback kept an eye on the protesters, joined by thousands of uniformed Secret Service agents in charge of the security operation.


From: http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/ap/20010117/el/powell_hearing_4.html

Powell Pushes for Missile Defense (January 17)

WASHINGTON (AP) - Received with all the respect of a folk hero, Colin Powell (news - web sites) told the Senate Wednesday at a confirmation hearing that the Bush administration will move full-speed ahead with a nationwide defense against missile attack.


The nominee stood firm on Bush's plan to construct an extensive defense against missile attack, which Clinton declined to do partly because there was no certainty it would work. Even if North Korea agreed to freeze its missile program, ``we should continue to move ahead as aggressively as possible,'' Powell said. And, Powell said, the 1972 treaty with the Soviet Union that banned nationwide missile defenses so that a Russia would be disinclined to launch a nuclear attack on the United States, was ``probably no longer relevant to our new strategic framework.''

From: Mark Graffis <ab758@virgin.vip.vi>
Subject: Check out our new leader


Betty Bowers interviews Laura Bush ("Well, at least he's stopped the cocaine.")

From: "Ien van Houten" <ienvan@columbiacable.net>
Subject: The new guy
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001

George W. Bush's absurd statement that it's "the Executive Branch job to interpret the law" leaves one wondering how he can swear to uphold the Constitution when he doesn't know what's in it. (One is painfully reminded of Dean Page Keeton's letter explaining the law school's rejection of George W.: "I am sure there is a place for young George Bush somewhere. However, in light of his grades on the LSAT exams, that place is not the School of Law at the University of Texas.")

Tantalizing?? Here is the link to more.


From: "Matthew Webb" <visionquest@eoni.com>
Sent: Saturday, January 20, 2001
Subject: [UCS: General] Hail to the Thief!

Hail to the Thief!

The scandal of our age has just passed before our eyes. A man who did
not win the presidency of the United States is now its chief (thief)
executive. Finally, we have in our midst such blatant examples of
fraudulence and anti-democracy, that the public is waking up and taking
notice. In case you had any doubt before, you may conclude with
certainty now, that the US government has become a disgrace. Nearly
everything it touches is poisoned, (including the environment, world
resources and the minds of our youth). The charade of "by the people,
and for the people" now reads, "by the dollar, and for the
corporations". The "land of the free and the home of the brave" has
become, "the land of the fee, and the home of the slave".

We are no longer free, because we do not live in a free or democratic
society. Our votes count for nothing. Our desires as a people are
accounted for only during placating, though completely insincere
political speeches, written to appease public anger and division. It
does not take a genius to perceive the blatant insincerity of Bush's
inauguration speech, which he himself did not even write. Even a child
of six could see it.

When will the general public realize that there is no political
solution? The only solution we can count on to create lasting change,
is for a shift to be made in public consciousness, (and its
corresponding lifestyle).

We cannot change total corruption and fraudulence, through a corrupt
and fraudulent process. The only way we can change our status from
slave and servant of the State, to one of enlightened awareness and
freedom, is to bring about these things for ourselves.

CLIP - unfortunately, there is not enough room left to include it entirely. To read the rest, ask it from Matthew Webb or check at http://www.eoni.com/~visionquest in the Library section where it is probably posted.

Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2001
From: Richard <lykan@ixks.com>
Subject: Enjoyment

Regardless of what you are or aren't doing and regardless of what you do
or don't have, whether or not to enjoy yourself is a decision we make
each and every moment of our lives. Even in the midst of the greatest
challenges, you always have the option of standing back from it all
internally and laughing at the oftentimes ridiculousness of life - and
then after laughing some, enjoying yourself once again is made that
much easier.

And since choosing to enjoy yourself is more fun than choosing not to,
why not endeavor to do so more often? It is a rich person indeed who
has learned to always enjoy life as much as possible regardless of their
outer circumstances. Enjoyment is an endless wealth that is equally
within everyone's reach.