January 11, 2001

Subjects: Miscellaneous Subjects #56: Selection of meditations + Discussion about Sheldan Nidle's latest update + Excerpts from the Techno-Eugenics Email Newsletter # 12 + Greenpeace Prevents Patents on Pig-Human Embryos + Designer People (Technologies turning human life into a commodity)

Hello everyone

Here is my last compilation for this week. I believe its subjects will be of interest to many of you. Since I've already written extensive comments below in response to a couple letters I received, I think it all speaks pretty much for itself.

All my best to all of you

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

From: "Marla Gillham" <marlagillham@orcoast.com>
Subject: Selection of meditations
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001

Hello Companion Visionary.

First, please hear that I am, in all ways that I can tell thus far, in complete agreement with the purpose, goals and "methods" of the Global Meditation Focus Group.

A friend sent me the recent email "2001 - The Spiritual Odyssey Towards the Light of a New Dawn Continues". I read it and quite a bit of the website with interest. I deeply believe in That Which Is, in the power of Spirit in our lives, and in personal choice and responsibility. In many ways, it appears we are aligned.

Thus it was of interest to me that the list of past meditations was so different from my own meditations for world peace and harmony. I too am concerned with violence, but I focus on a different form of violence. I offer my thoughts on this below.

A preface is warranted, and relevant: I am a forest ecologist. As an ecologist, I am keenly aware that all conflicts among humans are, at their core, the consequence of competition for limited resources among populations. I propose here that resource competition and degradation, and population responses, are the underlying cause of virtually all human violence. MUCH can be said on this, but I will expand on these issues only briefly.

Resource limitation may be "actual" (e.g. both Israelis and Palestinians competing for the Gaza Strip) or "perceived" due to cultural values ascribing economic benefits to the acquisition of a resource, hence wealth and power to the "owner(s)" (e.g. the forest resources of the Amazon River region, of East Timor, or of the US' Pacific NW).

Population size of a country or region is to a large degree a response to "indirect" violence affecting the availability of various products of critical ecosystem "services" (e.g. clean water, fertile soils producing sufficient nutritious food, etc.). The 20+ years of famine in Africa are an excellent example of the result of violence perpetuated upon the Earth leading to degraded soil fertility. A second key factor influencing population size is "direct" human violence, itself a consequence of resource limitation. Women in Brazil or India (or the inner cities of New York, Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, Miami, etc.) expect their children to die from one or more forms of violence: malnutrition, war (gang violence...), or disease (a consequence of dense populations in out-of-balance ecosystems where essential ecosystem services have broken down...). These disenfranchised women have only one hope for security in their old age, that one or more of their children will survive to care for their mother in her old age. Result: these women reproduce more frequently than others whose lives have greater security and are less violent. Thus, unlike all other animals, resource limitation among humans in violent "regions" often leads to rapid population growth. Conversely, where resources are plentiful and violence is "relatively" infrequent, human population growth is usually low (e.g. northern hemisphere countries).

Resource competition and consumption in the vast majority of present human cultures is a direct consequence of the objective of accumulating wealth. Thus, the accumulators of wealth who do not "give back" proportionately to their "gain" are the root cause of violence in human society. The "masses", in their unawareness seeking to emulate those who are the cause of their misery, consume and consume...

Consequences: greenhouse gases accumulate and the global climate control mechanisms "change"; forests are decimated and estuaries converted into luxury condominium developments, accelerating the extinction of species, throwing ecosystems further out of balance, reducing critical ecosystem services, eliminating organisms that "might" have been the "cure" for the next Ebola or HIV virus; and human populations continue to consume and grow, causing more violence, climate change, and loss of biodiversity... and the eve of the super-virus likely to kill an unknown, unfathomably large proportion of humanity draws nearer...

I am not a purveyor of doom and gloom. In my younger years I fretted about these things. Now, as I approach elderhood, I know that my Path is to assist others, through teaching and example, to value and honor the beauty and miracle of Gaia/Gaea/ Earth/the Mother. My Place has been, fittingly, with Forests. Trees ARE fundamental to all Life. Among many contributions, trees balance atmospheric gases, hold soils close, provide resilient aquifers, and clothe/feed/house many creatures.

I offer these thoughts in the hope that you will see that the violence about which you meditate (after the fact, or so it appears to me...) might also be influenced by meditating on the root causes, and thus prevented. These meditations would focus on things such as the awakening of Spirit in those whose births have brought them great wealth, compassion for the women and their children who live in poverty, and all humanity growing closer to Gaea and recognizing how inextricably we are All intertwined. There are many such meditations, and all are readily understood as "positive".

I do not suggest that you discontinue meditations for Peace where tragedy is occurring. However, I believe deeply that the illumination of the global Conscience must include a significant component of the Understanding of the root causes of the imbalance as I have shared here with you.

Thank you for hearing my Voice.


Marla L. Gillham
PO Box 343
Yachats, OR 97498-0343


Dear Marla

First thank you very much for taking the time to express in such details your views and passion about what should *also* be the focus of everyone's meditations. I greatly appreciate the fact that you delved into the details of your perspective, based on your unique experience in close contact - as I surmise - with Nature, so as to give me a better understanding of what you want to impart to me. None of what you mentioned has been lost to me as I also share much of your concerns and perception about what lies at the root of many conflicts.

I would want also to add that another root cause of so many of the distorted lives and behaviours we see or hear about on our world stems from the profound disconnection most people experience - unknowingly for the most part - from their own spiritual nature and from the surrounding intricately woven web of life that is both part of us, at a profoundly subtle level, and that sustains us (our species) over time. Actually most of what is taught to us as children serves only to further dissociate us from our spiritual and natural origins and makes us believe we can live apart from the rest of the world in our own delusive "bubble", use as much resources as our multiple advertizement-induced cravings and artificial currency - the king $ - prompts/allows us to take, and generally ignore the consequences of our way of life and self-perceived identity upon the people and other life forms sharing this unique livingsphere - Gaia - with us as individuals.

I've already written extensively about various aspects of my experience-generated understanding of this and several other aspects related to just who we are and how we can get to discover it - see below some of the suggested further readings of material already archived on the ERN website. But no matter how many books and words are written on these subjects, none of it all is relevant to anyone unless someOne is intimately driven from within to discover for OneSelf and through direct experience the powerful universal undergirdings that both sustain and give rise to All That We Are.

This being stated, I would readily welcome your input and participation in helping to design Meditation Focus material that would address the aspects you briefly developped in your letter in a manner that could be accessible and simple enough for all to grasp intuitively without too much dissertation.

As for the frequent recommendation of conflict/crisis related topics in previous Meditation foci, their selection was in direct response to the need of the moment and an essential starting point in further contributing to offer the possibility to all interested people to join with other like-minded/hearted people and assist in initiating/catalyzing spiritual/behavioral/relational healing and a higher order of global consciousness starting from where the most demanding issues are, since peace and the prevention of wider conflicts and wars are often absolute pre-requisites before other underlying issues such as competition over limited physical resources or territory can be adressed or urgent needs such as feeding/clothing/housing people, environmental regeneration and social harmonization can be effectively fulfilled.

Hence I can see in the foreseeable future regarding our selection of priorities to be recommended as Meditation Foci, that it will be absolutely necessary to continue dedicating attention to some of the most blatant violations to the sanctity of Life that wars represent, while we will also continue to expand the scope of our attention to fertilize the seed-thoughts and soul waves of the deeper changes in the human psyche that are also in the process of occurring as a result of the unrelenting spiritual awakening of ever more people and the inevitability of the worldwide emergence of a new spiritual/universal culture encompassing the ever vaster diversity and richness of accruing human/soul experience as we grow/evolve towards Planetary Unity and join the Universal Symphony of Love.

Here are now some of the other existing material that is worth pointing out in relation to our discussion:

In the Meditation Room located at http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/medcorner.htm there is a short guided meditation and an inspirational text entitled "Earth People... Awake!"

"Pathways to Unity” located at: http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/Pathways.htm is also worth reading.

"Mutation... What Mutation?" located at http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/Mutation.htm is another awakening document that also contains a guided meditation.

"We Must Change our Relationship with the Earth" located at
http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/MustChange.htm which has much to do with what you mentioned in your letter.

"The Time has come for a New Beginning" at http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/NewBegin.htm which contains an imaginative scenario about what could have happened in the 90's

And a book summary "Starseed, The Third Millenium: Living in the Posthistoric World" that I did of one of books of Ken Carey published in 1991 and available at: http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/Starseed.htm

Of course I have several other documents - only a few of which have been made available on the ERN website - and 2 books that further developped a number of the ideas discussed so far. You will find a very brief description of these books and a personal resume at:

Looking forward to hear from you again


NOTE FROM JEAN: Marla quickly replied (amongst other things) that she would be glad to participate in designing Meditation Focus material. As a matter of fact, anyone interested is also welcome to contribute in creating Meditation Focus material. A formal invitation will be sent shorlty in a letter from the Global Meditation Focus Group.


From: "Susan Saunders" <suziesaunders@home.com>
Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2001
Subject: Extremely Urgent!

Please read Sheldan Nidle Updates January 6th, 2001 for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation at http://www.paoweb.com/sn010601.htm

There is no time for fear, only for action. Please consider posting this and arranging a global meditation. Please get this out!

Much Love & Light,



Thanks Susan

I went there to read it yesterday as you recommended and I'm also reading some of the recent previous updates. I had also visited previously his Introduction to the Galactic Federation of Light at http://www.paoweb.com/gfmandro.htm featuring the various

All this appears quite compelling but before I network any of this info (which I might indeed do in a special forthcoming ET files in which I would tell everyone to decide for themselves if it resonates as true of not), I would appreciate hearing what you (or Sheldan?...) have to offer as proof or strong evidence that Sheldan Nidle has not been making this all up by himself. I know this may sound terribly skeptical in view of the apparent sincerity of his work and the amazing details and clarity he provides in his writings but I've seen and read so many other claims in relation to Ets, most of which never mentioned the existence of this Galactic Federation of Light but which were equally quite compelling material (I think of Mr Boyland's excellent writings for instance), that it would be at least very useful to get some testimonials or any kind of evidence in support of his claims that I could include along when networking this -- to add some credibility to it for the vast majority of people who are downright skeptical and close-minded about any ET claim and material of that kind.

Can you - or any of the Bcc recipients - help with this request?

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


(quote from Updates January 6th, 2001)

"Even as they enter upon certain ceremonial positions of power,
they feverishly continue to plot ways to overcome their present weaknesses.
In this regard, we wish them to be fully aware that we remain poised to
decisively counter whatever they may contemplate."

Greetings, mon ami!

I've heard Sheldan Nidle's name, but haven't read anything about or by
him. But judging from the above quote from what you sent, I can tell
you that I don't personally resonate with it. "We remain poised to
decisively counter ..." -- who are They to 'decisively counter'
Energies here on OUR planet? They who, it seems, decline to honor the
First Lesson,that of non-interference? For the most part, we must raise
our own frequencies and those of planet Earth by ourselves, that's what EYE
believe ... There are in my reality no 'Jesus'es or ETs of any stripe
coming down from 'Heaven' to 'rescue' us. If we're able to pull our
collective selves together, we'll be able to straighten things out BY
OURSELVES. No 'divine intervention', thanks.

So AFAIC, Sheldan and his Galactic Fed buddies have THEIR work to do, I
have mine.

I think he wrote another book that I couldn't find on his website ...
it, too, was 'channeled' from the GalacticFeds, and edited in part by an
acquaintance of mine in UK. I flipped thru it, but it wasn't my 'stuff'.

These are my personal thoughts, and I share them with you FWTW ...


- ilyes


Dear ilyes

Thanks a lot for sharing your intuitive and perceptive analysis about this man's writings.

Your comments confirm my first impression that - once again - this sounds simply too good to be true.

Some gullible part of us would like to believe that benevolent forces are going to save us from the wrongdoings of some misguided souls amongst ourselves. I believe we can be assisted in many ways but any overt *intervention* - and that is the big NO-NO word - that would stop the worst from happening if it is solely the result of the karmic play at work here on Earth would indeed go against the karmic law of non-intervention.

Yet if the wrongdoings are the direct result of the intervention of some destructive elements that are clearly from outside this karmic realm of experience, then I also believe that those forces that can be described as benevolent and acting under the direct monitoring and guidance of highly evolved spiritual beings truly in touch with their innate Divine Nature can and do have a responsibility to act in response to the threat thus posed to the overall realm of physical existence we are involved in, within the strict limits defined by the necessity of our required evolutionary karmic experiences, and under the duties assigned to these benevolent forces as a result of their own set of karmic circumstamces and according to whatever Divine Decree that may necessarily guide their decisions and actions.

But there is also another critical possibility which must no be forgotten. In the case of a direct and clear request from a significant majority of *us* and in due time, the law that prevents those benevolent forces from acting more openly than drawing intricately designed and frankly fascinating pictorial designs in some of our cultivated fields - for the sake of pushing the envelope of our own Earth/History-bound awareness - will no longer apply because we would then have bypassed it and, in fact, acquired enough maturity, clarity of mind and wisdom to actually begin interacting on an apprenticeship basis with our elder and more advanced brothers and sisters from other realms of existence in this infinitely vast multidimensional UNIverse.

It is also my intuitively-formed belief that near the end of the year 2012, we will ultimately achieve that tremendous leap of evolutionary fulfilment and indeed welcome with open arms and hearts much closer contacts with and participation into whatever universally-recognized organization of advanced civilizations that most certainly exists beyond the limited scope of our current knowledge and experience as earth-bound souls evolving in a third-dimension environment.

In the meantime, it is *our* responsibility to sort out the various crises we have created for ourselves as a result of various misguided beliefs, ignorance and a lack of sufficiently-expressed individual spiritual awareness, create a new world culture of peace, social cohesion and environmental sustainability that will encompass the best of our so varied diversity in all its multiform aspects and bring us all a step upward towards realizing of universal and spiritual nature as living awakening sparks of the One Universal Consciousness -- which is the essential starting point to be enabled to reach out of our limited field of experience not only towards the infinitely vast cosmic environment of the stars but *also* within the infinitely vaster spheres of conscious awareness of the finer, subtler frequencies of the other invisible (to our physical eyes!) dimensions of the onmiverse. *Then* we shall be ready to make a giant leap towards the rest of our common universe and rejoin the exquisitively diverse family of our kins from the stars.

Love to you - forever



I agree with yr reasoning here completely: I believe that if Dark comes
from OUTSIDE our playground (remembering, of course, that it couldn't
have found us unless it'd first been invited, or Called, by our resonant
collective Energies), our Greater Reality Helpers will indeed take
appropriate measures to screen us from the worst of it ...


I believe he actually DOES 'really channel' the info he shares.
But I've also learned that the interpretation of even the purest
data-feed is limited by the filters on the Receiver ... The words WE
choose to use in 'stepping down' the data we tune in to (wch de facto
are presented as Vibration, perhaps as highly ephemeral 'pictures' wch
the Receiver then interprets) as they enter our Density are all that
ground even those concepts originating from within the Fastest Frequency
in the Universe (that of Love). Transceiving data clearly as a
'channeler' is critically and solely dependent upon the frequency of the
human Receiver: the faster his/her own frequency, the more accurately
transceived or 'grounded' the message, and the more resonant the
'message' with the largest possible Number of folks.

but you knew that! ;-)

BigLove back at you,

- ilyes

I'VE ALREADY CIRCULATED AN ARTICLE ON THE FOLLOWING ISSUE LAST YEAR IN THE GMO Update #26. IT WAS ENTITLED "The New Eugenics: The Case Against Genetically Modified Humans" AND IS AVAILABLE AT http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/GMOUpdate26.htm


From: teel@adax.com
Techno-Eugenics Email Newsletter # 12 - October 16, 2000


Developments in genetic and reproductive technology are proceeding at a furious pace. These stories have surfaced just in the past month:

- the Nash case and its implications for genetically enhanced babies
- the discovery of a patent application for a pig-human embryo
- the announcement by the Raelian "religion" that it will soon try to clone a dead child
- the transgenic glowing rabbit created as a work of art
- claims by a biotech company that cloning is a good way to save endangered species

We have entered a critical period. Most people are not fully aware of the implications of these fast-moving technologies, and many media accounts muddy the situation by echoing claims that their use is inevitable. Advocates of "designer humans" are doing their best to control the debate, and to portray human genetic modification as an issue of reproductive choice and scientific progress.

Many countries have already acted to ban human reproductive cloning and germline engineering--the most threatening of the new genetic technologies--and to establish regulations for others. The European Commission has announced that it will sponsor a symposium in Brussels in early November to explore a common European policy on these matters.

In the United States, independent evaluation of these technologies and the political issues they raise is beginning, and activist responses to them are getting underway. Greater involvement by the public and civil society organizations is urgently needed. It will be far easier to prevent a techno-eugenic future if we act soon, before human genetic modification develops further, either as technology or ideology.


2. Greenpeace Prevents Patents on Pig-Human Embryos

In early October, Greenpeace Germany exposed a patent application at the European Patent Office (EPO) for embryos produced by putting human DNA into pig eggs. The EPO then announced that it considered "certain claims" in the application to be "contrary to morality." Shortly thereafter, the two companies that had filed the patent application said they would abandon it, and would no longer include human emryos in their patents anywhere in the world.

The patent, filed by Massachusetts-based BioTransplant Inc. and Stem Cell Sciences (Australia), covered the cloning of human embryos and of mixed-species embryos from pigs, cows, sheep, and humans. It also covered the genetic manipulation of those embryos. According to the application, company scientists had already produced pig-human embryos.

The companies were presumably interested in non-reproductive cloning for the purposes of producing tissue or organ transplants for patients using their own cells, which would be immunologically compatible. Greenpeace pointed out, however, that "no specific concrete medical reasons were given....The experiments were performed mainly to demonstrate that such nuclear transfer technology could be applied to humans as well as animals, with the intention to then obtain a broad patent on the technology used and on the embryos produced."

Greenpeace called for changing the European Union Patent Directive to prohibit all patents on life. "The existing patenting regime is the driving force behind a kind of speculative research in the rush to claim ownership of new techniques," it said.

The Campaign Against Human Genetic Engineering, a British group, condemned the patent application as "obscene." Coordinator Dr. David King said, "These technologies are turning human life into a commodity. Those who believe that genetic engineering of humans is only a far-off threat should think again: companies are already gearing up and intend to make monopoly profits in the process."

See also:



This newsletter stems from the work of academics, activists, and others in the San Francisco Bay Area who are concerned about the direction of the new human genetic technologies.

We support technologies that serve the public interest. We oppose those--including human germline engineering and human cloning--that foster inequality, discrimination, objectification, and the commodification of human genes and tissues.

(To subscribe to this monthly e-newsletter, write to teel@adax.com)

Date: Sat, 06 Jan 2001
From: Lorraine Lapp <satori@pubnix.net>
Subject: AlterNet -- Designer People

Taken from http://www.alternet.org/story.html?StoryID=10307

Sally Deneen, E Magazine (http://www.emagazine.com)

January 8, 2001

Princeton University microbiologist Lee M. Silver can see a day a few centuries from now when there are two species of humans -- the standard-issue "Naturals," and the "Gene-enriched," an elite class whose parents consciously bought for them designer genes, and whose parents before them did the same, and so on for generations. Want Billy to have superior athletic ability? Plunk down the cash. Want Suzy to be exceptionally smart? Just pull out the Visa card at your local fertility clinic, where the elite likely will go to enhance their babies-to-be.

It will start innocently enough: Birth defects that are caused by a single gene, such as cystic fibrosis and Tay-Sachs disease, will be targeted first, and probably with little controversy. Then, as societal fears about messing with Mother Nature subside, Silver and other researchers predict that a genetic solution to preventing diabetes, heart disease and other big killers will be found and offered. So will genetic inoculations against HIV. Eventually, the mind will be targeted for improvement -- preventing alcohol addiction and mental illness, and enhancing visual acuity or intelligence to try to produce the next Vincent Van Gogh or Albert Einstein. Even traits from other animals may be added, such as a dog's sense of smell or an eagle's eyesight.

What parents would see as a simple, if pricey, way to improve their kids would result, after many generations of gene selection, in a profound change by the year 2400 -- humans would be two distinct species, related as humans and chimps are today, and just as unable to interbreed. People now have 46 chromosomes; the gene-enriched would have 48 to accommodate added traits, Silver predicts in his aptly titled book, Remaking Eden.

We may already be on the path to change the very nature of nature. If you think it's a far-off prospect best left to future generations, think again. On June 26, 2000, with much fanfare, scientists with the taxpayer-supported Human Genome Project (working with the private Celera Genomics of Rockville, Maryland) announced that they had completed a working draft of a genetic blueprint for a human being. Many details still need to be filled in before scientists can build a human from scratch.

Sequencing the human genome requires identifying 3.2 billion chemical "letters" located on the 46 coiled strands of DNA found in nearly every human cell. While researchers now know the order in which DNA is arranged on the chromosomes, they haven't identified all those chemical "letters," which contain the instructions for making the proteins that comprise the human body. About half of the genome sequence is in near-finished form or better; a quarter is finished. The 15-year project is to be completed in 2005 at a budgeted cost of $3 billion, though some of that tax money is spent on other genomic research.

While the implications for longevity, health insurance and discrimination of this milestone achievement have grabbed media attention, the ramifications for the environment -- good and bad -- haven't.

An Accelerating Timetable

How soon will all this happen? Silver believes that by around 2010 parents will be able to genetically ensure their babies won't grow up to be fat or alcoholic, and by 2050 arrange to insert an extra gene into single-cell embryos within 24 hours of conception to make babies resistant to AIDS. It is already possible to insert foreign DNA into mice, pigs and sheep. The obstacles to inserting them in humans are mainly technical ones. At this point in human knowledge, it could lead to mutations. Several techniques are under development to try to avoid that, however.


Designer Genes

The futuristic notion of choosing a child's genes from a catalog can certainly capture the imagination. Just as parents today enroll their children in the best possible schools and pay for orthodontics, the parents of the future -- perhaps in a few decades -- would be able to choose from an ever-increasing suite of traits: hair color, eye color, bigger muscles and so on.

Maybe they'd like to add a few inches to a child's height. Or improve a kid's chances at longevity by tweaking inherited DNA. Or ensure a resistance to viruses. Neighborhood clinics could, by appointment, insert a block of genes into a newly fertilized egg. As one cell broke into two, then four, and so on, each cell would contain the new traits. And the child would pass on those traits to all subsequent generations. Who could blame parents for going for this?


The Green Dimension

And what about the environment? Burrows says several important questions arise about genetic tampering: What are we creating? How will it affect the natural world? What will be the effect on evolution for each species involved? How will it change feeding patterns, or food for other animals? Without understanding interactions, she says, "We may do some extremely stupid things. If people are concerned that there was such a severe backlash against genetically modified foods, I think they haven't seen anything compared to the backlash when we are able to alter the human genome in significant ways -- even insignificant ways," says Burrows.


A Brave New World

None of these developments will occur in a vacuum; great advancements in robotics are also expected, portending a trend toward the melding of man and machine in a quest for greater human longevity -- to age 110, 130 and beyond. UCLA's Stock dubs this new human/machine "Metaman," a "global superorganism." If it seems like mere musings stolen from a science-fiction film, consider this bit of reality: In March, Berkeley researchers announced that they had invented the first "bionic chip" -- part living tissue, part machine. Eventually, such chips and circuitry could help in the development of body implants for treating genetic diseases such as diabetes.

"It's a key discovery because it's the first step to building complex circuitry that incorporates the living cell," mechanical engineering professor Boris Rubinsky, who created the device with a graduate student, said afterward. "The first electronic diode made it possible to have the computer. Who knows what the first biological diode will make possible?"


To read the entire uncut article please go at http://www.alternet.org/story.html?StoryID=10307

"We know that in larger ecosystems, introducing foreign agents upsets things in unpredictable and often unhappy ways... I feel the same way about putting bits of xeno-DNA, or even DNA from our species, into our genes. The goal of genetic engineering is profitability, not biofitness."

- Amory Lovins