January 8. 2001

Subject: Miscellaneous Subjects #54: Numerous Feedbacks received + Bush a walk-in? + Monsanto Insiders INSIDE America's new government + Record number of natural disasters in 2000 + Britain working on version of barbaric vacuum bomb + It Does Pay to Fight - Environmental Success Stories + Quo Vadis Pharmaceuticals: Where there's a pill there's a way + Congress Certifies Bush Victory at http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/ap/20010106/pl/electoral_vote.html

Hello everyone

This one has been most interesting to compile. My others comments are below.

Enjoy! ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2001
From: Letecia Layson <letecia@seizethemagic.com>
Subject: Re: 2001 - The Spiritual Odyssey Towards the Light of a New Dawn Continues


No words other than "Thank You" come to mind after reading your post. You
provide amazing clarity and inspiration by the service you provide on the web.

Blessings, dear one! I for one am grateful to be alive and on this
journey with you.



From: "Linda Evans" <lle333@earthlink.net>
Subject: Re: 2001 - The Spiritual Odyssey
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2001

Dear Jean: Thank you for your thought-provoking summary of our status quo and the inspiring words about global meditation. Even the Dalai Lama says he thinks love is increasing on the planet.

I had a wonderful New Year's experience and want to forward it with you, as positive affirmation of good things to come in our creative spirits.

In one heart,

Linda Lee

Dear Friends:

I had a lovely experience on New Year's Eve when Monterey, the town where I live, had a celebration called First Night, where over 100 performances and events are offered by artists, musicians, dancers, poets, etc. We began at 2 pm with outdoor dancing of many ethnic groups, then a parade with floats down the main street, and then the presentations were given at special points around the city. We saw Brazilian dance and music, and that group had hundreds following them down the street dancing; we saw a most sacred Aztec/Mayan dance group in full beautiful feathered costume on a stage with fire and offerings to the 4 directions and prayers for peace. There was a large labyrinth on a lawn with a path of luminarias... you wrote a prayer for 2001 and carried it as you walked the labyrinth and then deposited the prayers in a large lighted cylinder. Nearby was a huge outdoor lighted tree. The I Cantori group sang sacred choral music in an antique church, and every coffee shop was serving all kinds of things with great, happy smiles. There were hundreds of very good-natured volunteers to make the event a success. Lots of mask making with glitter and feathers, and face painting (very artistic) and glo jewelry and multicolored flashlights. The mood was positively joyous. I couldn't help but think that Mother Earth must have been so happy to have thousands of people (and no alcohol allowed) singing and dancing with such feeling and love all over the grass and the wharf near the water. It culminated in a wonderful fireworks display. Children were everywhere.

The artistic theme of "Let It Be A Dance" seemed so appropriate because I know a great creative portal is opening up for the years ahead. I think so many who have never considered themselves creative will blossom with new and unexpected talents. The range of talents gathered at First Night was so inspiring, and the love/generosity expressed was extremely moving. Then to go home and do the meditation was the final cap to a great day and night... where the light seemed to just keep building so that you could hardly contain it or stay in one piece. Perhaps we are all floating in little points of light like the beautiful fireworks...

Wishing you much happiness in your creative expression,

Linda Lee


Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2001
From: "World Peace 2000 (Australia)" <world-peace-2000@lycos.com>
Subject: Re: President Clinton - One Day In Peace 1 January 2000 recognition!

Dear Jean,

You can not realize how thrilled and blessed I feel to read Bill Clinton's news!

As the Australian Leader for both "One Day In Peace" and "World Peace 2000 (Australia)" I feel so incredible greatful to all those people who supported me to attract attention and create celebratory events in Australia for 1 January 2000.

Our 1 January 2000 celebrations included planting of Poles for Peace, signing of United Nations/One Day In Peace Declarations by Members of Parliament, Business Leaders and the Australian people.

Our event finalized with a Chapel Street, Peace March, Lead by The Hon Victor Perton representing our Prime Minister, Councillor Annette Stockman Former Major for City of Stonnington and Kate van der Voort and I.

We close the ceremony by lighting the two torches of the "Australian World Peace Monument" with the "World Peace Flame."

The "World Peace Flame," was created by World Peace Leaders and the indigenous people in 5 continents and brought to Australia by Kate from UK in an Australian Airforce plane lighting the Australian World Peace Monument, symbolically joined all continents of the world in the city of Stonnington in Melbourne, Australia.

A magnificent and exciting Australian way to celebrate our first day of World Peace in the new Millennium!

Now that President Clinton has shown World Peace Leadership in declaring 1 January 2000 and every year from now to be an American National Peace Holiday I will request our Prime Minister and Business Leaders to support a similar Australian celebration!

In Australia we have a lot to be grateful for and as we move closer towards a full reconciliation with our aboriginal community 1 January 2002 will be a wonderful opportunity to launch our "World Peace 2002, Gathering of All Nations" event that will feature 100,000 people from all nationalities getting together in Peace at our MCG stadium!

So thank you Jean for sending me such wonderful News!

Richard A. Fletcher,
United Nations,
Regional Coordinator, One Day In Peace
Founder, World Peace 2000 (Australia)
UNESCO, Messenger Manifesto 2000

Please sign the UNESCO MANIFESTO 2000 at our web site:

Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2001
From: Michael Dean <106100.702@compuserve.com>
Subject: 2001: The Spiritual Odyssey


2 0 0 1: The Spiritual Odyssey

Magnificent Introduction - when can we expect the book itself?!
I personally can't wait to read your overview of the next chapter
in the great adventure. There is no-one better placed to write it
[or assemble it, if you think that it should include the views and
observations of others]. It will probably turn out to be a feat of
organisation rather than of creation - and you appear to have
been preparing for this challenge every day for last few years!

Have an unforgettable 2 0 0 1.

Love and thoughts and thanks, as ever, from

Michael. :-D

PS: The Human Family: A Vision of the Peoples of the World
was broadcast on Christmas day as the climax of Johnnie
Walker's show on BBC Radio 2. Some very encouraging
reactions indeed have been coming in from listeners - from
total strangers, I hasten to add, and not just from my own
chums! A tiny acorn seems to have been sown. . .

NOTE FROM JEAN: Michael's idea of a cooperatively compiled book is great. Is anyone else interested in such a cooperative effort and is there any publisher out there who would like to take on such a project - with my editorial assistance of course.


Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2001
From: Andrew Owens <beingwell@yahoo.com>
Subject: Waterfront regeneration

Hi Jean,

As you may know 2,000 acres of largely publicly held land on Toronto's waterfront will be rebuilt over the next 15 years. It is one of the largest urban renewals in history.

There are North American and Ontario networks of spiritual groups that represent hundreds of thousands of people. I suggest there is a place for representatives of spiritual groups on the governing body to be set up to oversee re-generation of Toronto's Waterfront.

I want this document to be understandable to a wide readership. I am open to any comments you or others may want to make.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Owens. Animator, Biz Community. (416) 532-6607.

A Role for Spiritual Groups within Re-Generation of Toronto's Waterfront

Spittlefields is an area of London in the UK that is being re-generated by the City of London against the wishes of many residents. It will be turned into corporate buildings. The major proponents for sustainable regeneration the local people will benefit from are representatives of Christian and Hindu spiritual groups. They claim regeneration is the role of spiritual groups and a term that is being co-opted by developers and bankers.

The role of spirituality has always been to connect people to the essential source of re-generation. We propose that there is tremendous evidence that many people have now reconnected, attoned and honour the one life we share. Achieving this reconnection may be the major challenge of our lives.

Philosophers, spiritual leaders, poets, artists, architects, business people and academics all contribute towards developing the multifaceted cultures that renew the sense of meaning in our lives. One of the most amazing feats we can accomplish in the future is to think and expand our awareness to understand our past, present and potential future while contemplating on oneness and the astoundingly universe we live in.

With the arrival of television broadcasts and the Internet we entered a new era of almost planet-wide shared experience and global interconnectedness. As a species we have begun to grow a sense of unity in our splendid diversity.

It is no longer enough to create a sustainable society. For vibrant sustainability within these multifaceted cultures we now need a diversity of social and economic solutions. We need to find languages that unite artificially seperated worlds of spirituality, development, real estate, art, ecology, business and education.

There can be no private way out of the challenges we face as a planet. We can no longer see ourselves as immune to what others are doing that challenges our viability. We need a place where we are encouraged to respect those we thought of as opponents.

Toronto's Waterfront can become a global meetingplace and marketplace for all people to come together and move in right relationship with one another, with other species, and with the Earth.

Though new solutions are developed everyday at rates faster than at any other time in history, they are not often reported by the media or fostered by governments. We need places where the diverse 'pieces of the puzzle' of vibrant sustainability can come together.

North America already has over 2,500,000 millionaires. There were over 500 billionaires in the world in 1999. Source: David Suzuki Foundation, quoted in www.workingforchange.com. Yet 1.3 billion people struggle to survive on a dollar or less a day. Half of all people exist on less than $3 per day. Source: James Wolfensohn, president of the World Bank.

New ways of production and distribution to replace this systems of inequality must be found. People find they are complicit within social and economic agreements that allow increasing riches and privelege to go to a few people, while more and more of us fall into poverty and privation.

New production and distribution methods must in turn be rooted in deeply-held values and in our sense of who we are. They must reflect who we want to be as participants in the wholeness of the web of which we as individuals are part. We begin to see ourselves as cells within the larger body of life, the one living body called Earth, the great Spirit, the Christ, the Buddha, the Guru. The source of meaning and beauty within life becomes less of a transcendent spiritual experience and more of an immanent spiritual experience.

Social movements of the past were in response to spiritual leadership, or to a new doctrine that lead people forward as a group. Gradually these movements resulted in long-term changes in mainstream society.

More recently shifts in consciousness necessary to see the sacred as in our lives occurred rapidly. This series of awareness movements resulted in increasing numbers of people feeling solidarity with all life. This can be understood essentially as a spiritual change in perception and values. This is both very new, and a way of being that may be very ancient.

Now that more people can reconnect to the common ground of their being, many seem to know what needs to be done in their lives. They increasingly take it upon themselves to act without leadership or doctrines. People have not only taken responsibility for their own lives both politically and spiritually, but also increasingly develop the capacity to take responsibility for life itself.

People recognize their capacity for compassion, to 'suffer with' the pain of much of the world's people, and with people yet to be born. We can evolve to feel that Earth is home. We can experience the diminished vitality of the Earth and its ability to sustain us as a loss. We can feel alarmed at the extinction of species.

People who increasingly participate in something greater than their individual lives discover life acting through them with a power and appropriateness to meet each situation. We can experience the web of life as showing us it wants to live through us. The spiritual term for this experience is grace.

We feel a need for places to collaborate in order to grace one another with our presence, our sharing and kindness, places where we can experience an eloquence and strength we only glimpsed before. We need the Waterfront to be a place to re-generate and move beyond loneliness, selfishness and greed. It can allow us to pull away from, and leave behind the insecurity and sense of powerlessness that went with past ways of thinking. We can now recognize urban re-generation as an outer expression of a regeneration occuring within each of us. The re-generation that is occuring is of the power within us that comes from working with others within a web of life that sustain us all.


This was largely paraphrased from an interview with Joanna Macy that appeared in "YES! A Journal of Positive Futures," in Spring 2000. Joanna is a scholar of Buddhism and general systems theory. She is author of "Coming Back to Life: World as Lover, World as Self; the Dharma of Natural Systems."


Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2001
From: Andrew Owens <beingwell@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: 2001 - The Spiritual Odyssey Towards the Light of a New Dawn Continues

Hi Jean,

Thanks for the abundance of great news in your e-mails.

Your latest made me think of the following statements
and web site which I think you will find interesting.
It is the best description of what I am attempting to
test out with the Biz Community.

Have a wonderful new year full of health and friends.

All the best,

Andrew Owens.
Animateur, the international Biz Community.
(416) 532-6607.


Ervin Laszlo of the Club of Rome and others refer to a
New Evolutionary Paradigm which is a 'whole system'
perspective of life. With such a perspective the
entire universe, including the human experience, will
be understood as an all-embracing, evolutionary
process - physical/biological/social/cultural and
ultimately, spiritual evolution.

This perpective will lead to new answers to the
question of how to 'change direction' and enhance our
changes of sustainability world-wide.

Laszlo is not alone in pointing to such a world view.
Other references can be found on the Principia
Cybernetica site:



Date: Fri, 5 Jan 2001
From: Kay Jefed <mummakay@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: 2001 - The Spiritual Odyssey

Namaste Jean,

Good work and many thanks for your consciousness.
Some time ago after meditation in Wat Pleng in Bangkok
for a month...my awareness altered and down came a
story... the aboriginals here in Australia say "the
story comes through you"....... Unpublished to date
the works are so true that almost daily i see
dimensions of this science fantasy appearing in our

Is there a Publisher sufficiently enlightened to
entertain "New Blue Planet" ? Perhaps a list such as
Global visionary can find such a publisher.

My work has "crystal power"........a big board game
based on the solar system. A circular book. amazing
design. Non human inhabitants on the New Blue Planet.
Makes spiritual sense. but you have to be a visionary
to cope with this Light Myth.

The story must come before the public very soon.
Such genuinely unique material should not be kept
away from fertile young minds.

Please contact me if you are sincerely wanting to
advance the Light work on our moist shining planet

Kay Jefed

Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2001
From: Pat Kostakeva <patkosta@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: Miscellaneous Subjects #39: Gates loses faith in computers

Though I am very late in replying to this email from you and the story about Bill Gates, I only now have had the time to read it. I disagree with Bill Gates. The computer, especially internet, will definitely help the third world because it disseminates ideas. I have been watching poor children die in the third world all my life, and other than having billions to spend on the problem, I could do nothing. I am convinced what needs to be done is to educate people, especially poor women, as to the benefits of other cultures and other lifestyles, give them a way out of their poor and dreary lives.

When women are condemned to a lifetime of living with an abusive husband in a mono-culture of the same religion, same ideas, same old way of doing things century after century, and condemned to bear child after child after child and watch them die, this becomes a crime against humanity.

We in the "rich" West who do not have to put up with mono-cultures (we have diversity of religion and can pick and choose our religious beliefs and life paths) need to share our education and ideals with others less fortunate. They do not need food, they do not need vaccines, they need hope that things will change. MARK MY WORDS -- IF EVERY WOMAN ON EARTH REFUSED TO HAVE MORE THAN ONE CHILD, POVERTY WOULD END IN ONE GENERATION!!!!!! Poverty cannot be blamed on any other cause whatsoever. If each woman had only one child, raised that child well AND took care of herself well and her husband well, then poverty would end! No one is responsible for the poverty in other peoples' lives. People need to be taught to take responsibility for their own lives, and this concept can only be spread by ideas on the internet. How else is a poor woman in Kenya or Morocco or Cambodia or Tibet supposed to know there is a better way? Christian missionaries only tell them to have more kids, because children are from God, etc. Islam, the same. That is not helping!!! But how else can women hear or see any other message, any other cultural ways of living a better life? Cultures need to intermingle, and I am sure the internet is the best way to spread the word. Language, of course, is still a big problem, but hopefully that will be overcome in the future. I hope to make it the focus of my Metaphysical ministry to help women learn of other ways to live their lives and escape the imprisioning cultures of third world countries.

I wish I had Bill Gates money to help. He is sincere in his assessment and I am not opposing his goodness and attempt to help the starving third world. But, honestly, poverty could indeed by eradicated in one generation if women were allowed to be freed from their oppressive cultures. Did you know that Moslem women can be tracked down and killed for renouncing Islam? Most Indian marriages are still arranged, and a wife is often killed for not bearing a son? Many African girls are sold into slavery within their own tribes because of the debts of their parents? This is the cause of poverty. This must end.

Rev. Pat Mueller


Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000
From: Sue <spotter@yournet.com>
Subject: Bush a walk-in?

Hi Jean!

Bush has either been totally cleaned up, or he is a walk-in. Jack and I
were going to do a healing on him, and checked him over, and he was very
suddenly clean, and we didn't do it! So we figured that maybe he is a
walk-in. Very different now. But then a couple of other groups wrote
in and said they had been doing healings on him, so who knows. But his
energies are completely different. Check it out! We did do some
healing on Bush Sr., who was a mess. And then we worked over Cheney
this morning. He was also a mess and very controlled. We disconnected
him from the controls, but they could always reattach. Maybe he won't
allow it as much anymore. We will keep an eye on him, though.

Just thought you would want to know that all is not lost. With Bush
cleaned up completely like this, he could even turn out better than
Gore. The irony of it all is truly delicious!




From: TrusteeOne@aol.com
Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000
Subject: Peace -- Gore and Bush...

PEACE: Bush and Gore Lead The Way!
Christmas 2000

In an amazing statement that brought global attention, Vice President Gore
conceded the election to Governor Bush and said, he would "do everything
possible to help him bring America together." He added,"God bless his
stewardship of this country."

Governor Bush, spoke from Austin Texas stating they had spoken and agreed to
meet and do their best to heal the country.

Peace, aided by a sense of stewardship in leaders and laymen is what we need.
Let us pray that each of us will find what we can do to aid this goal. In
this Christmas season let us capture the real meaning of Christmas. "Peace
on Earth" was the message of Christmas.

The word "Peace" (Pacem in Latin) means to agree. Let the love and joy of
Christmas inspire attention for common ground that will bring us to higher
ground -- and new ways to cooperate for mutual goals.

We can make the new millennium a new beginning of great promise for ourselves
-- and the whole human family.

May peace and faith for a better future reign in our hearts this momentous
Christmas season.

John McConnell
Earth Day Founder -- www.earthsite.org

1933 Woodbine Street
Ridgewood, NY 11385
Phone: 718/366-6963


From: Sh0shanna@aol.com
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2001
Subject: Monsanto Insiders INSIDE America's new government

Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000
From: Robert Cohen <i4crob@idt.net>

Dear Friends,

I feel as if I am inside of a tornado, spinning around
and around, and there's no way for me to get out of
the vortex. Here we go again.


Tommy Thomson, governor of Wisconsin, has
just accepted George Bush's nomination for the
position of Secretary of the Department of Health
and Human Services. In that capacity, Thompson
will become the "boss" of the FDA.


The new Secretary of Agriculture, Ann Veneman, is
a friend of Monsanto. She was on the Board of
Directors of Calgene, the biotech company that
became a Monsanto subsidiary.


Thompson has a long history of supporting
Monsanto and biotechnology.

Before the genetically engineered bovine
growth hormone was approved, Wisconsin's
dairy farmers protested its approval and sought
a moratorium for its use.

Thompson lifted that moratorium, despite the
fact that 90% of the calls to his office voiced
support for the moratorium.

Thompson recently received a $50,000 gift
from the biotechnology industry. While
governor, he passed through legislation that
got $317 million in state funds to build a
"silicon-valley-style" biotechnology zone.

That's Thompson's vision for Wisconsin.
The "Biotechnology State." That too, may
be his vision for America.

Pharmaceutical companies helped fund the
Republican Party's bid for the presidency.

Monsanto's genetically engineered bovine
growth hormone caused cancer in laboratory
animals. That is why I am here, doing what I do.
Had it not been for Monsanto, I would probably
still be eating cheese and ice cream. I never
would have learned what I now know about milk.


I've also learned how Monsanto works. They
exert their influence, and, like the MAFIA, get
favors paid back.

I'm worried about the Monsanto connection to
George W. Bush. Monsanto's insiders are
becoming regulatory decision-makers of
America's new government. We are
becoming the outsiders.

Robert Cohen

Date: Tue, 02 Jan 2001
From: Antares <Antares@tm.net.my>
Subject: Record number of natural disasters in 2000

A Disaster Record
Reuters Reuters
Friday, December 29, 2000

The world was hit by a record number of natural disasters in 2000, and
global warming and a rising population are likely to make future years
even worse, the world's largest reinsurer, Munich Re, said Thursday.

Its count of natural disasters rose by more than 100 to 850 in the year.
The number of deaths was lower because less populated areas were

Story: http://www.iht.com/articles/5724.htm



Britain working on version of barbaric vacuum bomb

Thursday 4 January 2001

Britain is developing its own version of a controversial hi-tech bomb, the use of which by the Russians in Chechnya has sparked protests from human rights campaigners.

The thermobaric munition uses a massive wave of heat and blast pressure rather than high explosive to destroy buildings and kill humans over a large area.

The BBC claims the weapon is already in development by the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency in Kent and may be in service by 2005.


The weapon - the effect of which has been compared to that of a tactical nuclear bomb - has caused concern among the military because it renders conventional body armour useless.

And it has sparked protests from human rights campaigners, who claim that it is disproportionate and indiscriminate in its effects, as it causes massive internal injuries to anyone - including innocent civilians - within range of its blast.

According to the BBC, Britain's version of the weapon will be less devastating than the Russian devices used in the Chechen capital Grozny, and will be designed specifically to limit civilian casualties.

Date: Sat, 06 Jan 2001
From: "Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D." <jackie@deepteaching.com>
Subject: It Does Pay to Fight - Environmental Success Stories


Every day, millions of people stand up for what they believe in,
demanding protection for the Earth's species and life support systems.
Injustice abounds in our world, but more people than you may think are
willing to take on the long, often arduous, frustrating and demoralizing
battles to protect our world.

I discuss how the well funded conservative opposition does its best to
make opponents feel like they are wrong and going against the American
way in this week's Healing Our World commentary, called "It Does Pay to
Fight - Environmental Success Stories," posted on the Environment News
Service at http://www.ens.lycos.com/ens/jan2001/2001L-01-05g.html.

The corporate controlled mainstream media does its best to represent
activists as loners and misfits. But these hard fought efforts by
mothers, fathers, children, individuals and groups of all ages around
the world do have an impact. They are changing the face of our culture.

Thank you for all your efforts on behalf of the Earth and the other
species who share this planet with us. We are going to need to stand
together as the new administration works hard to turn back the
environmental and social clock in this country and in the world. We must
not let greed rule the land and economic indicators be the measure of
our well being. Healthy and happy children and adults, clean air, clean
water and safe and suffering-free food must be our priorities.

I wish you peace and when you feel like a lone voice in the wilderness,
remember that you are not alone.


Visit Jackie's website on teaching, activism and an archive of over 130
of his articles at http://www.healingourworld.com

Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000
From: Mark Graffis <ab758@virgin.vip.vi>
Subject: Quo Vadis Pharmaceuticals: Where there's a pill there's a way


Prairie Home Companion
Quo Vadis Pharmaceuticals
Saturday, December 16, 2000

Ö... a word from Quo Vadis Pharmaceuticals...

WOMAN: I still feel upset and bitter about the Supreme Court deciding who's
president. Every time I think about it, I get angry all over again.

DOCTOR: If you suffer from partisan divisiveness, here's great news from Quo
Vadis Pharmaceuticals: it's Fuggeditol, the drug proven most effective in
producing a sense of national unity.

WOMAN: Four days on Fuggeditol and I feel I can trust the Republicans to do
what's best for me and my family. But are there harmful side-effects,

DOCTOR: As long as you avoid operating an automobile and stay away from
sunlight, Fuggeditol is absolutely harmless.

ANNOUNCER: Ask your doctor if Fuggeditol could help you. (CHORDS)

WOMAN: Thanks to Fuggeditol, I'm over my partisan bitterness, but I'm
drooling rather heavily. What can I do?

DOCTOR: If you're having a problem with saliva management, Quo Vadis
Pharmaceuticals has good news: it's Spitstop, the only antihistamine that's
specifically targeted to drying up drool. Nothing is more unsightly for an
adult than to walk around with little trails of spit dribbling from your
lips. Have you checked the corners of your mouth lately?

WOMAN: Now that I'm on Spitstop, I no longer have embarrassing drool stains
on my blouse and skirt. But is it safe?

DOCTOR: Spitstop is safe when used as directed. Do not use Spitstop within
24 hours of eating broccoli or being around cats. Discontinue use if your
ankles swell or if you experience cardiac arrest.

ANNOUNCER: SpitstopÖÖask your doctor. (CHORDS)

WOMAN: My bitterness is gone and I no longer drool, but now I'm sleeping
sixteen hours a day.

DOCTOR: Quo Vadis Pharmaceuticals has good news for people who suffer from
torpor: it's AMPHETAPRINÖ..it's safe ---- and it gets you up and moving.

WOMAN: Thanks to Amphetaprin, I'm much more alert and I don't drool and I
don't feel bitter about the election.

DOCTOR: Safe when used as directed. Do not take if you suffer from allergies
or if you travel by airplanes or if your name begins with a letter between L
and T.

ANNOUNCER: Ask your doctor about AMPHETAPRIN. (CHORDS)

WOMAN: I feel really really really good, lots of energy, no drooling, and I
guess the only thing I don't feel good about is all the drugs I'm taking. Is
there any way I can get off them?

DOCTOR: Worried about your intake of prescription drugs? Let us recommend
Pukidin. Absolutely safe when used as directed.

ANNOUNCER: Ask your doctor about Pukidin. What do you have to lose?

DOCTOR: From Quo Vadis Pharmaceuticals. Where there's a pill, there's a way.
A subsidiary of Upchuck. Wherever chemistry is going, Quo Vadis is getting
there first. (MUSIC BUTTON)

(c) 2000 by Garrison Keillor