December 21, 2000

Subject: Miscellaneous Subjects #52: Prayer for the New Millennium + SWEDE DREAMS ARE MADE OF THESE + Some Excerpts from the Global Village News & Resources for December, 2000 + Graceful Passages: A Companion for Living and Dying + Great news from Tree Island about One Day in Peace and a Millennium Meal + Food day at the dawn of the new millennium + Live From the Peace Room + Call for help for KASHMIR peace + Global Meditation Bulletin 5 (Excerpts) + A Cynical Supreme Court + Kevin Phillips on Stealing Florida + Inauguration Day General Strike + Turn your Back on Bush! + GOD OVERRULES SUPREME COURT VERDICT + How to build a community + What would have happened if the three wise men had been women?

Hello everyone

I had been quite busy with other things here which is why I have not been able to follow up on the latest emails received - meaning LOTS of emails still unopened.

This compilation touches on many different subjects as you'll see and as usual it is easy to put together a wide variety of interesting and sometimes inspirational material from the never-ending stream of emails I receive from so many of you. Again a big THANK YOU to all of those who have been contributing to these compilations one way or another.

Soon I'll take some days off and so I'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and lots of love within and around you.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

From: "Elizabeth Carr-Allen" <>
Light A Candle For Peace In The New Millennium

Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000
From: "SUSAN J. ZIPP" <>
Subject: Prayer for the New Millennium

Dear Friends,

The writing by Robert Lehman of The Fetzer Institute, Michigan, is taken
from the book "Prayers for a Thousand Years", edited by Elizabeth Roberts
and Elias Amidon. Happy New Millennium!

"The challenge of the new millennium is to reunite the secular with the
sacred, the inner world of spirit with the outer world of service. With
the very survival of people and the planet at risk, we hear the cry for a
conscious integration of spirit into all aspects of our lives. The health
of our civilization depends continually on the enlivened wholeness and
spiritual freedom of its citizens. We cannot address the larger issues of
our society without simultaneously freeing our own inner lives.

"Perhaps, as we reflect back on this century, we will come to realize that
it is not enough to want to do good. It is not enough to convince our
nations to do good. We must learn a great deal more about the wisdom of
doing good.

"Let us enter this new age with the hope that, when we see clearly, we will
discover what the great spiritual traditions have taught for centuries;
simply that as we enhance our inner capacity for wholeness and freedom, we
strengthen our outer capacity to love and serve.

"Let us pray to live from our hearts. Let us pray that we enliven what the
old Hasidic tradition defines as dawn -- that when we look into the face of
another human being and have enough light to see ourselves, then we have
awakened, then we have opened the living moment of compassion where night
ends and day begins."

Robert Lehman
The Fetzer Institute, Michigan

15 Dec 2000
Environmental news from GRIST MAGAZINE

Last weekend, 122 nations took steps to reduce the use of 12
persistent organic pollutants (POPs). Sounds good, but that's only a
start. Check out what's going on in Sweden, where the government is
proposing to ban any organic or inorganic substance that is
persistent and bioaccumulates. Swedish industry would have to pick
up the tab for the testing of some 2,500 chemicals now in use. And
guess what? Industry isn't objecting. Read more on the Grist
Magazine website.

read it only in Grist Magazine: Sweden takes steps to ban chemicals
-- by Donella Meadows

Date: Mon, 11 Dec 2000
Subject: Global Village News & Resources for December, 2000
From: GVNR <>


Go to
to find out what we are all about and why you will find world
news here that you won't find in the conventional press.

To subscribe mail to:

Published Monthly By Network 2012
Michael Lightweaver, Editor


FDA To Allow Dietary Supplement Health Claims
USA - Washington, DC - In a move which surprised many in the
alternative health community, the US Federal Drug Administration
recently published a notice in the Federal Register stating that
dietary supplement manufacturers will be allowed to market their
products with health claims that are not unequivocally supported
by scientific evidence.
Full Story:


Environment & Ecology
Eco Activists Network
Want to make your voice heard? A network formed by
Environmental Defense and 24 other nonprofit groups and
coalitions will send you alerts about the eco-issues that
interest you the most. You simply click REPLY to these email
messages to generate a letter (which you can edit) that will be
delivered either as an email or a fax to the appropriate
parties. The network already boasts 400,000 activist...


Science & Technology
New Energy Sources
In a 1988 experiment, an unconventional solid-state vacuum
triode amplifier developed by the late Floyd Sweet continuously
discharged 1,200,000 times more electrical power than was fed
into it. It also exhibited anti-gravity properties. This is one
of many such devices described at this website.


Date: Sun, 12 Nov 2000
Subject: FW: Graceful Passages: A Companion for Living and Dying
From: Gary Malkin <>

Introducing a New Resource
to Support Living and Dying with Awareness and Compassion

Graceful Passages: A Companion for Living and Dying
is now complete!

Graceful Passages is a 2-CD, 56-page gift book, featuring evocative music
with heartfelt messages for those facing life-threatening illness, preparing
for dying or other transitions. Distinguished speakers include Elisabeth
Kubler-Ross, Ram Dass, Thich Nhat Hanh, Rabbi Zalman Schachter, and others
representing different traditions. For a complete list of presenters, see Writings by
bestselling author Sam Keen, nationally known palliative care physician Dr.
Ira Byock, and The Grace in Dying author, Kathleen Dowling Singh, Ph.D.,
further enhance the offering.

With an understated elegance, Graceful Passages establishes a new watermark
in the field of spoken word/musical supportive care. As the first volume of
the Wisdom of the World series, it embodies a highly compelling and
effective platform for delivering timeless messages for human hearts.

The creation of Graceful Passages is now complete;
the sharing is only just beginning.

CONTENTS: The presentation is in the form of a gift book with two CDs
enclosed- one with messages and music, the other with only the music for
those times when words are not necessary, or as a background for one's own
spoken messages to a loved one. In the book, along with the writers
mentioned above, transcriptions of all the speakers' words and suggestions
for using this resource are included.

RESULTS: We have already witnessed the powerful effect of the pre-release
version for individuals, families, caregivers and clergy. For those who have
heard the final version, the response is even more pronounced.

In over 20 years...
I have never heard anything close to the healing power of this CD.
-Janna A. Excell, M.Ed., Bereavement Counselor

While easing anxiety around the process of dying, listening to Graceful
Passages is also catalyzing profound insight, healing, and creative
expression for people who, although not dying, are open to exploring issues
of their own mortality. In addition to the individual listening experience,
there is a powerful humanizing, connecting effect when listened to together,
whether with couples, family gatherings, business meetings, workshop
settings, memorial services, or church congregations. Opening our heart to
grief opens our eyes to life.

"A powerful tool for the grieving; a mirror for the aching heart"
-Stephen & Ondrea Levine, authors, A Year to Live

SHARING: We are launching a grassroots campaign empowered by people and
organizations we have met along the way, or who we have been referred to.
After personally experiencing the power of this recording, we believe you
will be moved to share it with others. If you are already helping others
deal with their issues, Graceful Passages is a resource to further support
your work.

AVAILABILITY: Graceful Passages is now available directly through Companion
Arts by mail, phone, fax, and online As
distribution channels are developed, it will be available through other
outlets. To introduce the work, we have made one of the audio tracks,
'Letting Yourself Be Loved' by Lew Epstein, freely accessible, available
online in a downloadable MP3 format.

We invite you to go to our website at to
learn more about this resource or download the complementary track.

"A perfect blend of words and music that opens hearts and soothes souls. We
highly recommend it."
-Kenny and Julia Loggins
Musician and authors of The Unimaginable Life


Toll free number, (888) 242-6608, or

Thank you for your interest,

Michael Stillwater & Gary Remal Malkin
Co-Founders, Companion Arts

(415) 209-9408
(888) 242-6608

From: "Steve Diamond" <>
Subject: Fw: Great news from Tree Island about One Day in Peace and a Millennium Meal
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000

i thought this good news, that 'one day in peace, january 1' and the
'millennium meal concept' passed in the u.s. congress. resolution 138.

best wishes for the next thousand years,

steve diamond

Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000
Subject: Great news from Tree Island about One Day in Peace and a Millennium Meal.

With the help of some wonderful children, the OneDay holiday came into being
in the last moments of the 106th Congress when the House passed Senate
Concurrent Resolution 138 by unanimous consent. Hooray. Stay tuned.

Please get this news out quickly to as many attendees at the Tree Island
Millennium Gathering and the Hague Appeal as possible, and ask them to get in
touch right away. So many people have contributed to this. When we came
together in Oregon in 1998 we wanted to collaborate in using millennium year
observances to create change for the better in human behavior. Many of our
projects have succeeded. OneDay, which will be youth-led, will create an
annual reminder of all that has been accomplished and an annual opportunity
to rededicate ourselves en masse to personal and global peace. The children
are presently working with the White House as well as the DC Board of
Education to create an appropriate announcement to the world before 01-01-01,
OneDay 2001. Can you help?

My love and my gratitude to all of you,
Linda Grover
One Day in Peace and a Millennium Meal
1106 Constitution Avenue N.E.
Washington, DC 20002

Phone 202-544-8505 Fax 547-2264


Food day at the dawn of the new millennium

World Food Day focuses public attention on the 826 million people around the world who do not get enough to eat, and encourages greater action to end hunger.

On 16 October 2000 World Food Day was held under the auspices of the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO). For two decades now, the Day has been observed across the world to heighten public awareness of the problem of world hunger and focus attention on food security for all.

“A Millennium Free from Hunger” was this year’s theme for World Food Day and TeleFood 2000, an annual campaign of broadcasts, concerts and other events dedicated to mobilizing public awareness and global solidarity to end hunger.

Negative consequences

In his World Food Day message, FAO’s Director-General Jacques Diouf stated: “The scourges of hunger and poverty are morally unacceptable and have to be defeated. Hunger and chronic undernutrition diminish human life. The lack of physical or economic access to safe, nutritious and healthy food at all times leads to negative consequences for peoples and nations.”

The depth of world hunger is examined in FAO’s The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2000 report, starting with an overwhelming question: “Just how deep is the hunger suffered by the world’s more than 800 million undernourished people?” A new tool for assessing the severity of want has been introduced by FAO. This is a measure of the per-person food-deficit of the undernourished population within each country. Measured in kilocalories, it aims to assess just how empty people’s plates are each day.

According to the report, 826 million people around the world do not get enough to eat — 792 million people in developing countries and another 34 million in industrialized countries and countries in transition. These figures represent essentially no change since the last count — a sad indictment of the world’s failure to respond adequately in a time of unprecedented plenty.

FAO estimates that the number of hungry people in developing countries was declining by 8 million a year in the first half of the 1990s. But if we are to fulfil the pledge made at the 1996 World Food Summit to reduce by half the number of hungry people in the world by 2015, that number must reach 20 million a year.

Some progress

Although these figures (826 million undernourished — 792 million in the developing world and 34 million in the developed world) represent no change from the previous reporting period, new projections for 2015 and 2030 suggest some progress, even without additional efforts. By 2015, for example, the number of undernourished in the developing world should fall to around 580 million. This still lies far short of the World Food Summit goal of reducing the number to 400 million. That goal will not be reached until 2030 according to current projections.

Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000
From: estelle <>
Subject: Happy holidays dear jean

hi dear fanastic man
have a happy holiday and make the most of every minute
thought you might like to check this out if you are not already in loop
love you lots


P.S. planning huge festival conference down under june 2002 more in new year


From: "Patricia Gaul" <>
Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000
Subject: Live From the Peace Room

"Live from the Peace Room" with Barbara Marx Hubbard is now on Wisdom
Internet Radio.

December 27:
VALUES CO-CREATING THE NEW WORLD with Richard Barrett, author and
international consultant and keynote speaker in the field of
vision-guided, values-driven cultural transformation.

Live from the Peace Room, hosted by evolutionary futurist and visionary,
Barbara Marx Hubbard, features renowned guests in all fields of endeavor
including science, medicine, spirituality, relationships, psychology, the
arts, politics, health, etc., in an ongoing dialogue about the evolutionary
potential of humanity and Earth at this unprecedented period of quantum
shift -- our birth as a universal species.

Live from the Peace Room airs every Wednesday at 5:00 PM Pacific
Time/8:00 PM Eastern on Wisdom Media's internet radio at, and will also be available on-demand after the
live broadcast.

***** What you need to listen to the program through your computer *****

WISDOM¨Media uses the latest technology to stream their radio programs
over the Internet. They use Real Network's RealPlayer G2, which is
completely free and can be downloaded at There is a
more advanced version of this program called RealPlayer Plus G2, which can
be purchased from Real Network's site.

Live from the Peace Room is a production of the Foundation for Conscious
Evolution whose purpose is the education, communication, and application of
the world view of Conscious Evolution so as to ignite the unique creativity
of each person, calling forth the best of our scientific, technological,
cultural, and spiritual capacities in alignment with the evolutionary
impulse of creation for the benefit of all life.

For more information about the Foundation, please visit our website at, or email us at

Please feel free to forward this announcement to others whom you feel
would appreciate knowing about Live from the Peace Room.

Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000
From: Richard Kellie <>
Subject: Call for help for KASHMIR peace

-------- Original Message --------


I am Dr adnan Nazir working in Kashmir along
pakistan and india border.
there are many people dieing every day on both sides
i have seen so much blood and wounded that i feel
shamed on humanity.
and it seems there is no western or usa interest in
kasmir for peace.

UN go help East timor because they were christhans.
Kashmiris are muslims.
Bill clintons goes to isreal to help jewish.
american army goes to gulf to liberate quaite because
there is oil in Gulf.

But for God sake there is no oil in Kashmir there are
no good medicines people die daily
people bleed to death in front my eyes being a doctor
it is painful with medicines no fluids nothing.
indian army uses heavy Buffer artterlly on poor
innocent Kashmiri small kids die.

please do some thing this organization has some name .
i am a military doctor with pakitsan army
i will be going back so it not possible for me to
maintain constant email contact.
please so in the name of humanity.

Dr Adnan
bring peace to Kashmir

NOTE FROM JEAN: There was really good news on the BBC World News tonight as they announced that the cease-fire had been extended by India for another month in Kashmir and that India is also backing its troups away from the border. So there is now real hopes for peace in this 50+ year long conflict.

From: "Leigh"
Subject: Global Meditation Bulletin 5 (Excerpts)
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000

Here is an excerpt (most of the rest has already been included in previous compilations).


Long observed as important times to harmonise with the energies of the Solar
cycle, the Solstices and Equinoxes are now recognised as important times to
link up in meditation for the upliftment of our world. At the time of the
December Solstice the Sun is furthest South in its alignment to Earth. For
those in the Northern Hemisphere it represents a time of reflection and
renewal as the Sun is reborn; for those in the Southern Hemisphere it
represents a time of maximum light. As the Sun enters Capricorn we are faced
with the responsibility of embodying our light into structure through
creative self-expression.

Exact time of the Solstice and Global linkup time: 13.37 GMT. Please also
link up at Sunrise, Noon, and Sunset at your local time, or any other time
on this day of your choosing.


Link up at 12 noon local time and GMT. The series of large-scale planetary
activations began with the World Peace Meditation organised by John Randolph
Price for December 31, 1986. On this day, thousands of people came together
worldwide to meditate for peace. The World Peace Meditations have continued
each year on December 31.


We are initiating an Environmental Healing Project, beginning in the UK.
Through the power of meditation, prayer, and positive intent we will focus
on clearing, balancing, and uplifting the Earth's energy field at the local,
regional, and national levels.

By working at the subatomic or subtle-energetic level of being, which gives
rise to physical manifestation, we will expect to see changes within
physical reality at some point in time afterwards, that will be
statistically significant and consistent with our work. We will use crime,
hospital admissions, pollution, and weather statistics as indices of
resultant social and environmental change. We would also invite dowsers in
the UK to monitor changes within the Earth's energy field.

This exciting new project will require the coordination of individuals and
groups to direct healing on a regular basis, for a sustained period of time.
You do not need to be in the UK to take part, but you do need some
commitment for this project to work. If successful it will prove to be an
important landmark in healing research, for there will then be sufficient
evidence to demonstrate that meditation and positive thought alone can heal
our environment - regardless of where we are located geographically. This
kind of work has already been explored by with some success by
Transcendental Meditators, Fountain International, and the Institute of

In early 2001 we shall begin our work by focusing on London and the county
of West Midlands. Once we have worked on these locations sufficiently to
achieve a beneficial and statistically significant change, we will shift our
focus to other locations to demonstrate that we can replicate the results
across the UK. If the project is considered successful there will be the
opportunity of forming a taskforce for the healing of the global

You can take part in this project wherever you are in the world. Simply send
a blank e-mail to and
you will receive further details about how to participate before the project
gets fully underway.

From: "Niels Christensen" <>
Subject: Al Gore
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000

Dear Jean,

I am one of those receiving your newsletter. I do not understand why you favor Al Gore. He has been heavily advocating the drugging of children with Ritalin and so has his wife Tipper who is a prozac wreck.

He wants cheaper medicine. That would most likely result in an increase in the medical drugging of the american population with lots more deaths as a result.

More about this subject can be found on .

I am personally favoring Ralph Nader. Of the 2 evils Gore and Bush, I think that Gore is the worst. I consider him to be a drugpusher who is fully controlled by the chemical industry.

Niels Christensen, E-mail:
Drug Abuse Consulting:
On-line Health Consultant:

Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000
From: Mark Graffis <>
Subject: Supreme Court Attacks Civil Rights, by Prof. Margaret Burnham

This story ran on page A23 of the Boston Globe on 12/14/2000

A Cynical Supreme Court

AND ALSO From: Mark Graffis <>
Subject: Kevin Phillips on Stealing Florida

On 13 Dec 13 2000, the "Morning Edition" program on National Public
Radio included a scathing commentary by Kevin Phillips on Stealing
Florida. The audio can downloded at: (14 KB/S) (28 KB/S)

Conservatives like Phillips are to be admired for speaking up

Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000
Subject: Inauguration Day General Strike

Saturday, January 20, 2001

There are some great protest posters at this web site:

Let us all join together to counter the UNPRESIDENT with no buying, no TV, no
work - Instead, maybe we could make it a day of writing letters, telegrams,
whatever to our elected officials, the supreme court, local newspapers, etc.

From: "Thomas Ellis" <>
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000
Subject: Turn your Back on Bush!

Please forward this message to everyone you possibly can.


"To secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their
just power from the Consent of the Governed."

"Consent of the Governed" is the very cornerstone of our democracy. Yet that
cornerstone has been dislodged, and the edifice is trembling.

George W. Bush and a partisan Supreme Court have overthrown democracy in
Florida; as a result, we will never know the "consent of the governed" in

Through cynical manipulation, Bush and his allies on the Court have blatantly
thwarted democracy and stolen the election. And so far, with the sheepish
complicity of the corporate media, they have gotten away with it. So what
can we do?

Here is what I recommend: On Usurpation Day (formerly "Inauguration Day"),
January 20, patriotic citizens of the (former) United States of America--all
who still believe that just power derives from *consent of the
governed*--should go to Washington D.C. to bear witness to the illegitimacy
of this "president." Find a place along the motorcade route (Pennsylvania
Avenue) or in front of the speaker's platform at the Capital.

THE NEXT PART IS IMPORTANT: Wear no buttons. Make no noise. Conduct yourself
with quiet dignity. Do nothing that would let the Bushmen know your politics.
Wear a nice suit, or get your hair coiffed, so that you look like a rich

Mingle with the crowd. But then--when the Motorcade comes by, or when George
Bush steps up to the mike to address the crowd, simply TURN YOUR BACK, to
bear witness of your disapproval of his theft of the election, and to show
that you do not acknowledge him as your president.

This is an example of what Gandhi called "Satyagraha"--nonviolent
noncooperation with evil, or what the Quakers call "speaking Truth to Power."

Imagine the effect when hundreds of thousands of citizens turn their backs
simultaneously, first in a rippling wave down both sidewalks as the motorcade
approaches, then en masse as Bush steps up to the mike. The TV cameras will
not be able to avoid showing it, and the Bushmen will have no idea how many
of us intend to turn our backs until the moment we do it.

But--I can't emphasize this enough--do it with DIGNITY. Don't yell or curse.
Don't be disruptive in any way, for if you are, you will simply give Bush's
goons the excuse they want to bash your head in, and you will allow the
corporate media to marginalize us as a bunch of crazy anarchists (as they did
in Seattle).

The purpose of nonviolent noncooperation is not to show hatred, but love-- to
simply show him that we don't acknowledge his authority--that he has
abrogated democracy, and we don't approve. So perform this action with
dignity and love in your hearts for all of life, including George W. Bush.
If between now and Usurpation Day, the results of the Florida recount become
clear, and Bush respects the results and acts accordingly, whether they give
him or Gore the presidency, we will call off our action with gratitude. But
if he persists in usurping power--let's let him know, firmly, that we are not

Turn your back on Bush!!


Bush to be smitten later today

In a stunning development this morning, God invoked the "one nation, under God" clause of the Pledge of Allegiance to overrule last night's Supreme Court decision that handed the White House to George Bush.

"I'm not sure where the Supreme Court gets off," God said this morning on a rare Today Show appearance, "but I'm sure as hell not going to lie back and let Bush get away with this bullshit."

"I've watched analysts argue for weeks now that the exact vote count in Florida 'will never be known.' Well, I'm God and I DO know exactly who voted for whom. Let's cut to the chase: Gore won Florida by exactly 20,219 votes."

Shocking political analysts and pundits, God's unexpected verdict overrules the official Electoral College tally and awards Florida to Al Gore, giving him a 289-246 victory. The Bush campaign is analyzing God's Word for possible grounds for appeal.

"God's ruling is a classic over-reach," argued Bush campaign strategist Jim Baker. "Clearly, a divine intervention in a U.S. Presidential Election is unprecedented, unjust, and goes against the constitution of the state of Florida."

"Jim Baker's a jackass," God responded. "He's got some surprises ahead of him, let me tell you. HOT ones, if you know what I mean."

God, who provided the exact vote counts for every Florida precinct, explained that bad balloting machinery and voter confusion were no grounds to give the White House to "a friggin' idiot."

"Look, only 612 people in Palm Beach County voted for Buchanan. Get real! The rest meant to vote for Gore. Don't believe me? I'll name them: Anderson, Pete; Anderson, Sam, Jr.; Arthur, James; Barnhardt, Ron..."

Our Lord then went on to note that he was displeased with George W. Bush's prideful ways and announced that he would officially smite him today. In an act of wrath unlike any reported since the Book of Job, God has taken all of Bush's goats and livestock, stripped him of his wealth and possessions, sold his family into slavery, forced the former presidential candidate into hard labor in a salt mine, and afflicted him with deep boils.

Dick Cheney will reportedly receive leprosy.

>From Paul Cienfuegos <>
Director, Democracy Unlimited (grassroots organization challenging corporate rule and promoting democratic participation)

Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000
From: ekogaia <
Subject: Fw: How to build a community

Hi there Jean here is something good for the next Millennium!

Have a great season and thanks for the work, the inspiration and the
teamwork. We are all truly learning a new way as we go forward and your work
is very important.


Sent: Wednesday, December 20, 2000
Subject: how to build community

turn off your tv.........

.......leave your house

....... know your neighbours........greet people

.....look up when you're walking.......sit on your step

.........plant flowers and vegetables......use your local library together

buy from local merchants.......share what you have

help a lost dog....take children to the park

......honour elders neighbourhood schools

.......fix it even if you didn't break it.......

hold 'pot lucks' together

pick up litter stories in the street to the postman.......listen to the birds

.........put up a carry something heavy

.........barter for your goods........

start a tradition.........ask a question

hire young people for odd jobs..........organise a street party

bake extra and share........ask for hep when you need it your curtains.......sing together.......share your skills

..........take back the night

..........turn up the music

........turn down the music

listen before you react to anger

.........mediate a to understand

............learn from new and uncomfortable angles

know that no-one is silent

though many are not heard to change this

>From a community postcard
by Syracuse Cultural Workers

What would have happened if the three wise men had been women?

1.. They would have asked for directions
2.. They would have arrived in time
3.. They would have helped to deliver the baby
4.. They would have cleaned the stables
5.. They would have cooked a delicious casserole, and
6.. There would be Peace on Earth