November 2, 2000

Subject: Miscellaneous Subjects #35: Is a People's Rebellion Against the Corporate Stranglehold on US Politics Heating up? + More Feedbacks to the Elections in the U.S. + Channeling about the elite being scared of losing control of this US election because of a potential massive vote for Nader + PEOPLE IN SOLAR-PANELED HOUSES SHOULDN'T THROW STONES + COOKED ISLANDS + Stop LFAS Worldwide Network Summary + Fusarium fungus could be unleashed in Columbia + Using Eudora Pro + Global Harris Poll -- Join & Share Globally! + I bid you Peace

Hello everyone

I watched tonight a town hall meeting with Ralph Nader on "Hard Ball" hosted by fast-talker Chris Matthews at the Madison University in Wisconsin and was once again bowled over by Nader's incredible grasp of all issues raised by the host and people in the audience. So much so that I really think now that he would make a *great* US president. He is simply terrific! No pre-rehearsed slogans, political lies or empty promises as spouted by the other 2 main candidates portrayed by the US media as the only possible choices for the presidency. He shoots from the hip and is right on the money most of the time. The boisterous crowd in attendance there in Madison was totally in his favor and so was the host. I had goosebumps on numerous occasions listening to this man of conviction and ended up believing that perhaps, just perhaps, there is after all a slim but real chance that he may snatch the presidency from the corporate Establishment that runs the Republican and Democrat campaigns. Just as the new prime minister of Serbia came to power as a result of a popular rebellion against Milosevich, it is conceivable that with Nader now getting some serious quality prime-time coverage, may be able to arouse enough American voters from their political lethargy and rally enough of the majority of people who simply do not vote to win this US election and create a historic breakthrough for People's Power in the oldest democracy on Earth.

I know that what I say may sound unrealistic and impossible because we have all been led by the continuous brainwashing pundit-led propaganda in the media to believe that Nader has no chance to win since he does not get more than 3% in the polls. Well! I think otherwise. Since pollsters usually randomly reach between 1500 and 2000 people on the phone for each poll, and since the vast majority of Nader's main constituency is actually young people and 18 year old + students who are most unlikely to have a phone line under their name, there presence and opinion simply cannot register in the polls. Nader said he has people feverishly working for his candidacy in over 800 university campuses across the States to rally young voters behind him. That is something! Also the host of the show asked the people in the audience to raise their hands if they were registered voters - an essential conditions to be able to vote - and most did. So call it a hunch if you will, but my gut feeling tells me that we may in for an exciting surprise on the night of November 7. The allegedly impossible election of political outsider and wrestler Jesse Ventura in Minnesota followed a similar path from complete improbability to stunning victory after being allowed to participate in the televised debates. So why not the same people-powered revolution with Nader! And if this optimistic possibility does not materialize, at least Nader and the Green Party will then certainly have a solid basis for pursuing even more agressively - and perhaps successfully - the US presidency in 4 years from now as well as having Green representatives elected for the first time to the Congress and the US Senate.

Pass this on to *many* if this resonates within...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

P.S. Make sure to read below what Marilyn Estenes' received "from Spirit" about the US elections. Whether you believe or not in her intuitive abilities, this is definitely a perspective to consider...

From: "Suzy Ward" <>
Subject: Re: Elections in the U.S.
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000

Dear Jean...

I appreciate your fairness in presenting all perspectives of your
correspondents regarding the presidential candidates and the issues. My
perspective is: I am vehemently opposed to anyone urging Nader supporters
to vote for Gore instead.

It's obvious that these people are deluded by Gore's rhetoric on his years
of devotion to protecting the environment. I receive information from so
many sources that I can't remember if any of the several, well-documented
claims about his family's long-time connections with the oil industry and
his voting record on environmental issues (against) were included in your
reports. And Bush's family has had similar big oil connections. It's not
reasonable to expect that either Gore or Bush will sacrifice his financial
gains (read that, power) from the major polluters continuing as they are.
Do you know about Gore's connection with the company (a Fluor company) that
recently had a toxic spill into a river that's now a severe threat to water
in Kentucky, West Virginia and Tennessee (I believe those are the affected
states)? If not, I'll try to find my file on that and send it to you.
Other than this comprehensive report, I have seen or heard nothing on this.
Why? Could it be Gore's influence with the media?

You wrote about the "opportunity for powerful positive changes" by our
making "sensible positive, high-minded choices." How, Jean? Which of the
two candidates with any possibility of winning the election do you think can
or would give us anything even close to "sensible positive, high-minded"
SERVICE? Neither candidate has the moral integrity to lead our country.
Yes, I know one of them will get the chance to, but not with my "preferable
choice." If not with this election, when will we have the guts to at least
with the privacy of the ballot, let it be known we want those changes you

I am not thinking negatively. Quite the opposite. I can understand why at
least some of the huge percentage of our citizens don't vote. This year, for
the first time, I wouldn't either if Nader were not running. At age 67,
at last I am refusing to vote for the major party candidate I hope will be
the lesser of two evils. If ever our nation is to emerge from this
two-party system that for decades has given us pitiful presidential
character to choose from, then we have to prove vote by vote that our nation
has had enough deceit and corruption from self-serving "leaders."

Suzy Ward

From: "Wade Frazier" <>
Subject: RE: I read all those "don't vote for Nader" emails in your post
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000

Hi Jean:

If I had known that you would send that to 3,000 people, I would have spent
more time on it, rather than sending off that relatively bleary missive that
I wrote just before jumping in the car and heading for work. I am not
saying that these are easy decisions, the Nader/Gore choice, as Bush rightly
scares millions of people. I voted for Clinton in 1992, to do my part to
make sure that Bush would not get re-elected. I do not plan on making that
kind of vote again. Clinton has been a sore disappointment for me, for many
reasons. I do not like the feeling I get when I vote my fears.

I wish that people vote from what they love rather from what they fear.
Bush is bad news, no doubt. Gore is bad news too, in many ways. Nader is
not just Nader, but he is trying to help form a movement, one that will
outlive him. People who try impugning Nader's integrity (and I have seen
many attacks over the years), do not get too far with me. I do not know of
somebody with higher integrity in American politics. My hurried email to
you this morning inspired a friend in Denmark to send the below email to

I wish you the best,


P.S. I do not really want to get into debates with people over these
issues, but I will say this:

For that other correspondent to say that Nader does not care what happens to
this nation if Bush is elected seems an unfair interpretation to me. Nader
has said that having Bush in the White House might wake Americans up to how
little the government serves their interests, but I do not think that
anybody really believes that Nader does not care about America, if the wrong
guy is in the White House.

From my friend in Denmark:

Dear Ralph Nader,

As a European with a fair knowledge of your country, and whose companion in
life is an American, I have to a certain extent followed the current
presidential campaign. I have previously, like many others outside of the
US endowed with a bit of common sense, been quite concerned at the
perspective of George Bush becoming the president of the dominant world
power, and to some degree I have believed that it could make things even
worse than they currently are for the rest of the planet.

This concern was primarily derived from memories of the harm caused to
mankind when Republicans Nixon, Reagan or Bush the 1st were at the helm, as
well as from a certain blindness to the undeniable fact that the current
incumbents' foreign policies are barely distinguishable from those of
Republican administrations. It could well be that my blindness to the
Democratic party's true character was the product of reminiscences of the
days of Carter's presidency, when I resided in your country. At the time,
it seemed that the US was attempting to be less blatantly invasive,
politically, commercially and culturally, than it had been formerly and was
to become again following the demise of the Soviet Union, whereas the
spirit of the liberal and creative forces at work in America during the 70s
was having a profound effect on the rest of the world. Among the many
facets of those forces, I clearly remember the influence you have had on
the growth of consumer awareness in our countries, an influence which has
proved indelible.

Mankind has again grown restless, as one may witness on the news networks
of anyone of the planet's continents. Everywhere people are expressing
their unsatisfaction, if not in the face of US policies, then in the least
when they are confronted with the effects of these policies. I do not
believe that either one of the two dominant US parties would be likely to
make a difference for the world community. On the other hand, I have all
reasons to trust that your efforts, as earlier, will have an impact on
world opinion, regardless of the formal outcome of this particular

There isn't much to rejoice at when one looks at today's world, but for the
hopeful, hope is never far away in this depressing overall picture. I
understand that some are now putting pressure on you and, under the guise
of misplaced pragmatism or misunderstood realpolitik, are urging you to
give up on your campaign. But I believe that, if you were to do so, the
little belief in integrity some of us still have would suffer a death blow
of great proportions. I urge you in all kindness to persevere with your
efforts, in the knowledge that the minority which supports you in the US is
by no means isolated.

Yours sincerely,

(My Belgian friend who lives in Denmark)

[Lead story in the October 24, 2000 issue of "From The Wilderness"] by Michael C. Ruppert

A a real eye-opener that will shed some light into the shadowy world of the unknown ties between many US politicians, the drug cartels and some of the greediest corporations of the world.
To read it go at

Make sure also to give a thorough look at where the introductory note is:

"Created by a former agent of LAPD narcotics, this site examines the double game of the U.S. government in its policy of a war on drugs and exposes, with the support of documents, the involvement of the CIA in the drug traffic…" CLIP

From: "Marilyn Estenes" <>
Subject: Re: Elections in the U.S.
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000

Dear Jean:

I pray Jean, you will reprint what I am sending to you. I know you have a
wide readership.

I see by reading the subject title on this e-mail, plus skimming the content
matter, the "elite would be controllers of the world" appear to be winning
the cause, even among those few "thinking" individuals. If ones can pray
for peace to turn a negative situation around and know in their hearts there
is great power in prayer, and great power in concentrated thought by groups
of people, why do we then have to settle for the lesser of two evils as so
many are believing with this upcoming election. Yes, Ralph Nader could
make a positive change and I do not rule out the possibility this man could
be elected even though the controlled media give him only a small
percentage of votes. At present those behind the scenes are saying this
election is too close to call. Well, I say those behind the scenes calling
the shots and pulling the strings are indeed running scared. I believe they
have never been as scared of losing control of this election and the
strangehold they have had (and I am speaking of those who are controlling
both the democratic and republican parties) as now.

I reprint here for your consideration what I "received" prior to reading your e-mail:

Upcoming Elections

(What I received from spirit this morning): "What of the presidential
election coming forth? Can there really be enough of you who can change the
tide and bring your nation again under God's shield of Light? There is
great fear among those of your so called "elite" to close down truth coming
from not only presidential hopefuls who align with God, but anyone who would
bring forth truth on any level to the masses. Your nation was to be the
beacon of light for your entire Earth, and an example that all could attain.
What has become of you as you wallow in degradation, consume unnatural
substances (in your foods, etc.) in all forms? Your soils have been
depleted and there is no true nourishment to be had. Disease is increasing
within your livestock and many about your world are becoming ill and dying
of diseases unheard of in years past. You are killing selves and no one
seems to have the strength to change the situation. You have exchanged
goodness and purity for harshness, degradation and immorality. You have
indeed reached the lowest point. Can you go much lower, you ask? If you
vote in, or shall we say, "allow" a manipulation of votes to cause a
continuation of elite world controlling factions of a negative nature into
office to further manipulate your leaders, there will be a further sinking
into degradation. If you can seize the present moment and awaken to what is
occurring, we (of God's angelic realms) will give the added strength to
cause a miracle to occur and a man truly worthy to return your nation to the
true beacon of light it was meant to be, to win the election. Stories
presently circulating are saying the election is too close to call, and no
one is making a prediction as to the winner. The elite controllers are
running scared as they inwardly know their vision could be smashed at this
time, and a return to goodness could seize the day. They do not tell you
this, however.

We ask all to pray at this time as it is the most crucial time in the
history of your nation. You are given this remaining chance to turn your
world around or go down in flames. It is your choice. We fortify all who
are openly working behind and in front of those who choose the higher path,
and a return to the vision of your forefathers. We strengthen all those
goodly people in your nation who are never heard of. They are truly the
gears that keep all rolling and without these gears the present elite would
have no cause. You are being tested at this time and the test could very
well be the final question on your final exam. We send Light from across
the Cosmos that you will make the correct decision at this time."

I pray that all who read this, all those who registered to vote, make a
concerted effort to rise above your fears of wasting votes, your fear of
voting for a candidate the media has given little or no attention to (which
is a dead give-away, by the way) voting for the lesser of two evils because
the media has filled you with the fear there are only two viable candidates,
or falling into the ridiculous trap of thinking a vote for Ralph Nader or
Patrick Buchanan is going to give the election to a Bush or Gore, when you
have no way of knowing what the entire voting populace of the nation is
thinking, or planning on doing! This is the biggest Fear tactic! I say
everyone should rise above their fears, go to the polls and vote from your
heart, from your conscience, with the vision that the very BEST man can,
against all odds, become the president our nation needs at this time in our
history. Think of what is meant by that "beacon of light" before you punch
a hole in that card.

Marilyn Estenes

AND MY REPLY WAS (partly):

"As I was including your post in a forthcoming ERN compilation and as I was making up this title "Channeling about the elite being scared of losing control of this US election because of a potential massive vote for Nader" for the subject field, I was suddenly drenched in powerful waves of tinglings as I was writing "potential massive vote for Nader", a sure sign for me that what you wrote is indeed a truthful reflection of what is at stake and of the possibilities at this point in time and that the Source behind your message is truly reliable."

October 30, 2000
News summaries from GRIST MAGAZINE

Last week on the stump, George W. Bush mocked Al Gore's proposal to
give tax credits to homeowners who install solar panels to generate
electricity. "How many of you own a rooftop photovoltaic system?"
Bush crowed at campaign rallies. But it turns out that Bush's own
energy plan includes what amounts to the very same proposal -- a tax
credit of up to $2,000 for homeowners who install solar panels. In
other campaign news, the Republican Leadership Council is hoping to
take votes away from Gore by airing pro-Ralph Nader ads in the swing
states Oregon, Washington, and Wisconsin. The ads include a sound
bite from a Nader speech in which he criticized the vice president's
environmental record as too weak. A Nader spokesperson noted that
the commercial failed to include Nader's complete quotation, which
went on to hammer Bush as well. Meanwhile, Gore seems to be in
trouble in heavily Democratic West Virginia, where coal companies and
some coal workers are concerned that his environmental policies would
place more limits on coal mining and burning.

New York Times, Frank Bruni, 10.28.00

Portland Oregonian, Associated Press, Laura
Meckler, 10.28.00

New York Times, Melinda Henneberger, 10.28.00

Rising sea levels and sea temperatures caused by climate change could
wreak havoc on the economies of small South Pacific nations, costing
$3 billion to $3.9 billion over the next 20 years, according to a
report conducted by scientists and economists for Greenpeace. The
report said that rising sea levels combined with the loss of coral
reefs because of global warming could cause declines in fishing and
tourism. The New York Times and Washington Post have both run
editorials in the last few days noting that the scientific consensus
about climate change continues to grow more certain, citing a draft
report by the U.N.-sponsored Intergovernmental Panel on Climate
Change that concludes that human activity has "contributed
substantially" to warming over the past 50 years. The Times
criticizes the Republican Congress for "reckless inaction" on climate
change, while the Post says that Al Gore has taken much more of a
leadership role on the issue than George W. Bush.

Planet Ark, Reuters, 10.30.00

New York Times, 10.28.00

Washington Post, 10.30.00

do good: Take action on climate

Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2000
From: "Cheryl A. Magill" <>
Subject: Stop LFAS Worldwide Network Summary

Hi, Jean....

We are of course very appreciative of those who would help others to
understand the complex needs of those beings in the marine environment
which are being routinely targeted by harmful sonic devices. Most
typically, these the test subjects are dolphins and whales but they are
not the only marine life affected.

Low Frequency Active Sonar is one technology which is among the most
potentially powerful of these vibrational underwater devices, and it is
just one player on an acoustic stage across which many invasive
technologies will soon parade. While we continue to concentrate our
efforts on the whales and dolphins, the impact of these damaging sonars
is felt on all marine life.

Each technology when viewed separately is described by those who seek
legislative approval as being harmless in and of itself. This is called
creative marketing. In my opinion, this pigeon-holing is a sales
technique which is designed to keep the combined influence of
complimenting technologies from influencing the concerns of leaders who
without help or direction, often lack any form of technical expertise.
For instance, there are many different types of LFA Sonar. It is the
SURTASS LFA Sonar which uses 18 speakers and which the Navy wishes to
deploy in 80 percent of the world's oceans. That is not to say that
other forms of LFAS are not already being used globally.

I have attempted to describe some of the latest concerns & new
developments in a summar which I have posted on the Internet. It's a
good page to bookmark as we will be updating some of this information in
future postings at this location:

This is not an outline of our on-going concerns but it is just showing
what's new. If you consider the fact that this summary simply brushes a
few paragraphs past each of the most recent developments, then you'll
soon agree that we're caught in a firestorm of acoustic bombardment.
Each topic is specific with legal and technical details. Combined you
see one fast play matched by another as technology seeks to gain ground
over, beneath, and through our humanity - transofrming us and
transforming our oceans in the process.

Recently, I was touched to read of a dream wherein pe dolphins were
asking for help. Of course, this was posted by one of your readers and
you know the touching message it contained. We are deeply reliant on
somnambulistic assurances about the safety of our world. I sense that
it is a dream from which we must soon awaken.

Thank you.
Cheryl A. Magill
Stop LFAS Worldwide!


Thanks a lot Cheryl for this summary of the latest developments in the fight to stop the acoustic contamination of the marine environment worldwide. The combined impact of all the new sound emitting devices you mentioned is indeed an extremely worrying prospect and I hope that through the ever-present vigilance and foresight of people like you, the proponents of these lethal technologies will be stopped before they can further harm the marine life on which our very survival depends. Commandant Jacques Cousteau who had repeatedly warned the world about the accelerating destruction of life in the oceans and the dreadful consequences it will inevitably have on all of us was absolutely right. Let us hope that his warnings will finally be heeded and the worst avoided.

Thank you again for all your remarkable and courageous efforts to help protect Life in the oceans from men's stupidity and shorthsightedness.

Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000
From: Lorraine Lapp <>
Subject: Fusarium fungus could be unleashed in Columbia

Hi Jean......... I believe that more people should know of this plan
worldwide. The Columbian people will become lab rats in this experiment..

EMS - Mycoherbicides, Cocaine, Aid for Colombia

Observer | International | US sprays poison in drugs war,6903,338891,00.html

NOTE FROM JEAN: Thanks Lorraine for bringing this up. I discovered also the existence of this plan to use genetically engineered mycoherbicides when doing further researches for the French version of the Meditation Focus #25 on Columbia. As you rightly indicated, if this terrible biological weapon is unleashed in the jungles of South Columbia, it could indeed wipe out an unknown number of plan species closely related to the coca plant it is designed to destroy, including many plants used for food by the indigenous people, and will definitely further disrupt the threatened rainforest ecosystems worldwide - for once such a dangerous biological weapon is released in Nature, there is no way to put the evil genie back into the lab's bottle. And as I also discovered, only a request from President Clinton for further researches into the possible unintended "side effects" of this fungus Fusarium oxysporum has prevented its use so far in the coca eradication campaign the US is spearheading in Columbia. Fortunately, the plans to use this dangerous fungus are on hold for now albeit the Columbian government is apparently looking for local native "alternative" to achieve the same result.

Here is also what I found in relation to this at

"The War on Drugs and the Use of Biological Weapons"
From an announcement on a seminar held in Quito, Ecuador - 10-11 October 2000


International drug policy is shifting towards an aggressive strategy of reduction of supply of illicit drugs. Instead of emphasizing work to reduce demand, more and more efforts and resources are being allocated to forced eradication of drug producing crops. Tools favored by countries that promote eradication are chemical fumigation, which has recently intensified in several drug producing countries and, more recently, the introduction of biological eradication agents.

The United States is the political force behind the use of biological weapons to eradicate drug crops and has undertaken programs to identify, test and deploy microbial agents to kill marijuana, opium poppy and coca. Several candidate pathogens have identified and developed, including use of genetic engineering in laboratory work to create microbial strains with enhanced virulence. Part of the research and field testing in this program is being conducted, with US encouragement and financial support, through the United Nations Drug Control Program (UNDCP). Despite high-level attempts to further "internationalize" support for this research, only the United Kingdom has agreed to back the US biological eradication idea with money.

While the US and UNDCP plan contemplates the use of biological weapons for eradication of narcotic crops globally, Colombia is currently the major focus of attention because of intense political pressure from the US for it to deploy the agents as part of President Pastrana’s "Plan Colombia". The US Congress conditioned a US 1.3 billion dollar package of mainly military aid on Colombia’s agreement to field test biological weapons for use in the counterinsurgency war, which is focused on the Putumayo region bordering Ecuador and upstream from Brazil and Peru.

The main organism that has captured media attention and promoted by the United States is a coca-killing strain of the fungus Fusarium oxysporum. The idea to use this organism came originally from the US Central Intelligence Agency, which passed off research and development to the US Department of Agriculture. There are, however, many other species in the US arsenal that could be used, including insects and viruses that have been investigated by US government scientists.


And also from

USA Admits Possible Link between Biological Weapons and Agent Green

Seattle and Hamburg, 29 August - In an August 22 memorandum, US President Bill Clinton has conceded that the US plan to use microbial agents to eradicate drug crops may have an impact on biological weapons proliferation. This is the first time that US officials have publicly admitted that the use of biological agents like Fusarium oxysporum (dubbed "Agent Green") raises arms control concerns.

The Sunshine Project has convincingly argued that F. oxysporum and other mycoherbicides are biological weapons. Because of its illicit coca crop, Colombia is on the front line of US biological warfare plans. Other projects on biological agents to kill opium poppy and marijuana are also funded by the US and the British Governments.


Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2000
From: Trevor Osborne <>
Subject: Using Eudora Pro

Hi Jean,

This is Trevor Osborne. I just read your email about using Bcc: and I
wholeheartedly concur.

I used to use Eudora Light but now I have downloaded Eudora Pro for FREE
and it is far better than Light. The reason Eudora Pro is free is there is
a small unobtrusive ad in the bottom left corner that changes every 5
minutes or so.

Downloading takes just a few moments and it is worth it. The site is:

In addition you can download PureVoice... a program that allows you to send
voice messages to people with an email.

Check it out at:

Live, Learn, Love & Laugh... Trevor

Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2000
Subject: Global Harris Poll -- Join & Share Globally!

Dear Jean,

I thought you (and your gentle readership) would be much interested in
partaking in the GLOBAL Harris Poll, the site and explanation of which
are listed below.

All best with love,

gabriella taylor

p.s. Please pass along to like-minded friends, associates, etc. Thanks!


You're invited to participate in an event that may become a part of history.
For four days, November 15 - 18, 2000, you and millions of other people
around the world are invited to answer a series of questions about what it's
like to be a human being at the beginning of the millennium.

As soon as you finish answering questions on topics ranging from health to
religion, sleep to sex, marriage to child rearing, and crime to politics, you
can immediately compare your answers to those of others who are answering the
same questions at that very moment.

Using a wide range of technologies never combined before, the project's goal
is to involve people of all nations in an experience that enables them to
instantly share and compare their thoughts, beliefs, opinions, fears,
similarities, and differences.

The Planet Project, aimed at being the largest collaborative online event
ever, will be conducted on the Web and in the field and will include 500
"Planet Pollsters." These individuals will be sent to remote corners of the
globe equipped with laptops, handheld computers, modems, and portable
satellite up-links. These Pollsters will ensure that the voices of people
without access to technology will also be included in the Planet Project.

A parallel Student Underground version of the project will be conducted
simultaneously and will consist of questions created by an international team
of students around the world.

Please mark the date on your calendar, and remember to tell your friends.

See you on November 15!

How to sign up
Preregister now, and reserve your place as a Planet Project participant!

Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2000
From: "Beverly B. Ferguson" <>
Subject: I bid you Peace

May the Gardens of Your Life
Be blessed with Peace
May it flow freely from your heart and spirit
Just as the water trickles and flows.

May overwhelming peace
Join you and those who share your Love
May you go peacefully amid the ebbs and tides of Life
Knowing you are loved and special...

You may feel insignificant
However, remember, You are Important!

You are part of the master plan.
Fear not the future
For Tomorrow the sun shall rise
and bid you peace.

I wish for you long walks ,
Candlelight , Love, and...
Above All Else
I bid you Peace.

- author unknown