October 23, 2000

Subject: Miscellaneous Subjects #32: Campaign For A New Jerusalem: Declaration 2001 + Feedbacks on the Peace Prayer Vigil in Jerusalem with James Twyman + Comment on "I'm not optimistic today" + GMO website recommended + How Folks Can Have Meaningful USA Election + LFAS testing approved for 5 years in approved in the Azores and the Mediterranean + Global Warming: Earth Out Of Balance + Ecosystems in drastic decline World Wildlife Fund reports + Planet Project + OILED AGAIN! + WHAT ARE THESE WORLD WIDE ANOMALIES IN THE SKY?

Hello everyone

Yet another series of important information to consider and pass on to other concerned people. May I especially recommend to your immediate attention the first letter below from Michael Lightweaver. Amidst the terrible ongoing tragedy in the Middle East this proposal holds the potential to help tilt the balance towards a peaceful resolution of this conflict. I'm also going to send you tomorrow a critical view written by an American Jew and entitled "Squeezing Blood From A Stone: US Policy, Anti-Arab Racism and Israeli Arrogance May Be Greatest Obstacles to Peace" that will definitely open many eyes and change the perspective many people have about Israel and the U.S. support of this country.

Thank you everyone for your continued participation to this network ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

NOTE FROM JEAN: I had been discussing this initiative with Michael Lightweaver over the last few days and suggested to start a worldwide campaign to help create a possibility for people on the Web around the world to express their concern for peace in the Middle East and support this suggestion of making Jerusalem the First International City Of Peace. In the meantime, Michael received this excellent proposal entitled "Campaign For A New Jerusalem - Declaration 2001" (see below) and I recommended we endorse it fully and make it part of this campaign. Here is what Michael wrote as an introduction to this initiative...

From: Lightweave@aol.com
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2000
Subject: PAN ALERT - Jerusalem

Dear Friends & Family,

The following is something I received a few days ago and have decided - after
much deliberation - to pass along to you. In light of the current "lose/lose"
situation in the Mideast, I now believe that this is the only viable option,
as a first step, for creating a new reality in this region of our world.

I have many dear personal friends both in Israel and Palestine and I feel the
pain of both peoples very intensely - and especially the lightworkers and
peacemakers who have worked so hard to prevent what we are now seeing.

I also have friends who will disagree with this declaration and I deeply
respect their opinions and the historical circumstances from which these were
formed. I am concerned for the very survival of both Israel and Palestine and
for the safety and sanity of the many good people from both communities who
deeply long for peace, security and justice.

We stand at a crossroads at this historic moment. Jerusalem and the issue of
its possession can draw the whole world into an unthinkable conflagration.
Or it can trigger us into a quantum leap and, like the fall of the Berlin
wall, bring us instantly into a consciousness of new possibilities for the
planet. Jerusalem stands at a crossroads at this moment with the eyes of the
world focused upon it. It can quickly turn into a living hell or it can
become the "New Jerusalem" foreseen by the prophets. I know that we can
influence that choice.

For this reason, I would invite you - no, I plead with you - to send the
following declaration to all those listed below, and to send it to everyone
on your mailing list, asking them to do the same. We do not know what effect
it will have upon those receiving it, but we do know that releasing this
energy into the Universe at this time can have a profound effect at all
levels and create a momentum that will turn the tide toward sanity and a new
positive future unlike anything we have experienced on the planet.

Please paste the Declaration into a new email to send to the world leaders, and
include the title "Jerusalem Declaration 2001" in the subject heading. I
would suggest you also copy and paste it into a new email if you are sending
it to your mailing list, since people are more likely to respond to this
personal gesture than a simple forward. You may include all or part of this
cover letter, or write your own. The point is to send it out.

I don't pretend to have all the answers in this current crisis, but I think
it is obvious to all of us that what is happening now is not the answer to
creating the kind of future we want. And unless we are willing to step out of
the boundaries of conventional considerations, we may well plunge over the
edge and into the abyss. But I do not believe that is our destiny.

This situation is not simply the responsibility of the people who live in the
region. It belongs to us all, for it embodies the planetary drama of our
collective human potential for either creating a positive future or allowing
the narrow thinking of the past to plunge us into the unthinkable. Will you

Many Blessings,
Michael Lightweaver
Network 2012

ps: Issue #5 of the Global Village News & Resources (which I publish) has
been delayed in being sent out, but you can view it on the web at


Campaign For A New Jerusalem
Declaration 2001

We the people of the world, representing every nation, every religion, every
race and ethnic group, hereby declare the Old City Of Jerusalem as the First
International City Of Peace.

We declare "null & void" it's violent history of hatred born of it's repeated
defeat, destruction, occupation and domination by various countries, cultures
and religions.

We declare that Jerusalem belongs to all the people of the Earth and is
destined to be a model of our highest collective potential for Harmony, for
Holiness, for Light and for Love.

We declare that the only true temple created by the Divine, and shared by us
all, is the human heart. The willingness to sacrifice even one life for
buildings of stone, created my men and maintained by violence and fear - in
the name of God - is the greatest possible sacrilege and blasphemy.

We hereby call upon world governments and all religious and political leaders
to work together swiftly for bringing the administration of the Old City Of
Jerusalem under the authority, jurisdiction and supervision of the United

We call upon all people everywhere to acknowledge and embrace this divine
moment to the end that Jerusalem may fulfill her destiny in becoming a living
model of peace, justice and harmony for the whole world.

I AM One More Voice For Peace & Sanity Now!



Send To:

Prime Minister Ehud Barak

State Of Israel Ministry Of Defense

Chairman Yasser Arafat

President Mohammed Mubarak

President William Jefferson Clinton

Vice President Al Gore

Secretary of State Madeline Albright

United Kingdom
Prime Minister Tony Blair

United Nations
The Honorable Kofi Annan
United Nations Secretary-General
Fax: (212) 963 2155 & 963 7055
sg@un.org or ecu@un.org

Peter Van Walsum
President, UN Security Council

UN Permanent Security Council Members
Ambassador Qin Huasun
Permanent Representative of the People's Republic of China

Amb. Sergey Lavrov
Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation

Sir Jeremy Guentin Greenstock, KCMG
Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom

Ambassador A. Peter Burleigh
Permanent Representative of the United States


Pertinent Websites Resources

Email address of the Israeli Members of Parliament (Knesset)

Email addresses for the Heads of State of all countries


Governments on the WWW: Heads of State


Email to World Leaders!


Political Resources on the Net

US Congress

From: "Hagit" <h-raanan@netvision.net.il>
Subject: Campaign For A New Jerusalem
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000

May Peace Prevail on Earth - Yishre Shalom Al Ha'adama - Al Salam Lil'Alam Ajma

Dear friends,

Yesterday night after coming back from the Peace Prayer Vigil in Jerusalem, I found the message hereunder. It is very rare that I forward messages. This time it is different especially after the most powerful ceremony yesterday night. Under heavy cloudy sky, In the Rose Garden in Jerusalem, just opposite the Knesset (The Israeli Parliament), assembled over than 200 Israelis from all over the country to pray peace together with James Twyman, the Peace Troubadour and in the presence of part of the Clothe Of Many Colors. That was one of the most powerful prayers I ever participated. At the beginning the sky was covered with thick blanket of heavy dark clouds. During the broadcasting of the ceremony on the Internet, while we all surrounding the garden, holding the beautiful Cloth of Many Colors, chanting "Shalom - Salam", clouds start moving, creating a shape of clear sky heart with two big bright shining stars in the center. I have no doubt that that was His Mighty God way to acknowledge the receiving of our grateful Pray Peace and that we are PEACE.

I wish to take this opportunity and on behalf of us all to give many gratitude thanks to James Twyman who came here for that purpose and to all the hundreds of thousands all over the world who pray peace together with us. After closing the event crying out: 'Peace is on Earth, Peace is in the Middle East', a group of powerful healers sent distance healing to all the wounds among Israelis & Palestinians, comfort and pardon to the victims of the violence and grace to all who are part of the drama.

So you see dear friends, after coming back home, among over than 100 emails, this one thrilled me the most. It was initiated by Michael Lightweaver who is the inspiration and the beneficently motivation behind all that I do. I invite you to read it, listen to your heart and follow his request. I certainly did, even I think that Jerusalem is only part of the conflict's causes, I would say even more - it is more like alibi. There are much more critical issues! Please share this with as many as you can.

With Grace, Love & Pardon


From: "Anael Harpaz" <heartpaz@canaan.co.il>
Subject: New Jerusalem.
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000


I sit here in awe at the perfection of God ways...how else can I describe
what I am feeling... Last night about two hundred of of us here in Israel
gathered from all over the country to take part in the Peace Meditaion with
Jimmy Tywnman- the meditation took place just outside the Israeli Knesset
(government building) in what is called The Rose Garden... I am not sure that
Jeff who organised it thought of the implications of the ROSE when he made
his choice...

As we gathered, Jimmy, who is a humble Peace troubador and has been to
Bosnia, Iraq, Ireland and here before too, told us that sometimes the
prayers from all over the world when they start to pour in, it almost feels
like rain. The minute we closed our eyes at eight o clock, connecting with
thousands of people all over the world, the prayers were manifested in a
drizzle of rain...I had Godbumps (goosebumps) feeling how God was affirming
our action and prayers. We stood in a large circle holding part of The
Cloth of Many Colours that was presented as a gesture of peace at the United
Nations just three weeks ago....we prayed, chanted, said prayers in Hebrew,
Arabic, German, Russian and English...and when we finnished the sky that had
been hidden by a thick blanket of clouds was now clear,stars shining bright
reminding us that what we are experiencing now is just the clouds covering
the light that is always present even if we don't see it.


As we stood praying last night I prayed that we open our hearts and accepts
Jerusalem as it is truely meant to be - an international city - everyone's
city - In the word Jerushalayim (Jerusalem) the words shalom -peace- and
shalem -whole- are present and perhaps presents too...a Whole Peaceful City
and not a seperated city of bloodshed, grief and hatred...and as I opened my
E-mail today when I got home - again Godbumps with Michael's message...Perhaps
Michael's message is inspired by Archangel Michael peircing us deep in our
hearts that we may see the truth and know from the deepest place within us
that we are all children of God, we are all children of Abraham, worthy of
His love and knowing that we are all equal in His/Her eyes no matter what
our religion, colour or creed... may we remember the covenant we made with
God... We can choose - a united city for all or more blood poured onto our
Mother Earth... The word for earth in Hebrew is Adama - in it we have
dam - which is blood, eim which is mother and again the letter H which is
God....so what are we going to choose for our Earth...to turn her into Heart
or just let more blood spill....

God alone knows how this can become a reality...to us here it just seems
immpossible... maybe all we have to do is say YES and HE will take care of the
rest through us.


Anael Harpaz

Below is Michael's message....very important!
(CLIP - see Michael's message above)

From: shc@nitline.com (Eve Howard)
Subject: Re: I'm not optimistic today
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2000

Dear Jean,

I truly do not feel you will know in this life time the value of what you do. Thank you again for your tireless service to the light. It is not only your service but your inspiration that gives us a boost when we need it to continue on our paths.

I identified so greatly with Mark Graffis in his somewhat pessimistic but very understandable post
regarding his outlook on world affairs. It seems I reach that point so often of late. Mark is also a dedicated light worker and I have enjoyed over the last couple of years his efforts to bring us positive information regarding innovations and change. Your response was understanding and supportive.

I recently attended a political dinner for local politicians and was able to speak with one of our state representatives who was in attendance regarding some environmental issues. I felt this was a wonderful opportunity since he sat on the environmental affairs committee for the state. With only a few minutes into the conversation it was clear that his allegiances were not on the side of the environment and his final insulting comment was "but I believe in all that environmental stuff, why my family and I are only required to submit one container of recycled things a week and by golly we drag three down to the collection site" We had dominated the conversation for quite some time and others were waiting and we had obviously made our representative very uncomfortable. I was speechless, sick and depressed by the time we made our way home.

My own little e-mail list is ever expanding and I guess that this is how we spread the word. I will attempt to use the experience in my talks and continue to try to envision the world for which we all hope. Because while we are all human and subject to periods of depression these are the thoughts we must battle for I really believe what we envision receives our energy.

Please do not give up your utopian outlook Jean it keeps us all going.



From: ilyes@earthlink.net
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2000
Subject: Re: GMO


Greetings, Jean -

PLEASE send this most important URL out to EVERYone ... it's a
terrifically organized site wch maks it VERY easy to become an activist
on anti-GMO stuff. (The Campaign Against GMO) The thrust is to MANDATE
LABELING on everything that incorporates GMOs -- and thus let the
consumer decide.

This site is superbly organized, and VERY easy to use -- one can almost
EFFORTLESSLY help contribute to making a huge difference ...

You can, with a couple of clicks, print out form letters (they tell you
why this is a good idea for legislators) to YOUR State Congresspeople,
the President, VP, Bush, FDA, EPA ... all it takes are a few sheets of
paper and some envelopes and stamps ... what could be easier? Their
SearchEngine even allows you to very quickly find who yr reps are, via
maps and/or zipcode. There's much additional educational info on the
site, and packets one can purchase to assist with getting this info out
to local neighborhoods and the general public.

One caveat: If you're using Netscape, make sure yr printer's prefs have
the "try to fit to page" box UNchecked -- (you'll know it's checked if
the page initially prints in microscopic font all bunched up at the top
of page).

Let's get this thing whipped before it becomes any more entrenched!

- ilyes


From: ilyes@earthlink.net
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2000
Subject: How Folks Can Have Meaningful USA Election

Greetings, Jean -

I've given much thought to our up-coming election-farce. There are many
who would vote for Nader, but believe that "he doesn't have a chance and
I don't want to 'waste' my vote".

I've decided to vote for Ralph. My reasoning: if EVERYONE who really
wants to see him elected votes for him, a couple of things may happen:
he just MAY get elected (a slim chance, yes -- but 17% of Alaskans favor
him, a backlash to the strongly anti-environmental State gov't, and
there are tens of millions of disaffected folks in BOTH camps -- the
10,000 - 15,000 he's drawing per rally is just the tip of the iceberg,
attended by the most active of the active); OTOH, if Nader's NOT
elected, he'll pull votes from Gore, handing the election over to Bush.

Bush-as-President will do two things:
In the NEXT election, the Democrats will realize it'll be in their best
interest to incorporate and deal with the Naders, Greens, and
alternative parties. I think this may be the ONLY way to wake them up!
We, like the Yugoslavs, must speak with ONE voice. And our ballot is

The country under puppet-of-the-big-business-stringpullers Bush will go
to hell-in-a-handbasket, and he won't have a chance of being re-elected.

If we vote for Nader NOW, I think we'll at least have a chance of
'winning' the 2004 election ... of having our voices heard and having
urgent issues dealt with instead of ignored. Frankly, I think it's the
only chance we've got to turn things around ...

PLEASE don't be afraid! Help us to set ourselves up for the future:
Cast your ballot for Ralph Nader! http://votenader.org

- ilyes

"One who knows the secret of Sound knows the Mystery of
the Universe." -- Hazrat Inayat Khan

Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2000
From: Cheryl Magill <camagill@email.com>
Subject: FWD: [stoplfas] Torture! Torture! Torture!

This is an important message.

Please circulate on all flash networks.

Testing of high intensity/low frequency active sonar now is approved in the
Azores and the Mediterranean with a 5 year permit having been issued by
NOAA/NMFS to International Acoustic Terrorist, Peter Tyack, and his Sonic
Blasters Hit Squad.

THOUSANDS OF "TAKES" per species / per year with multiple exposures per day
and subjects as young as six months.

The permit is now on the internet at this URL:

It is available through a series of one-page TIF files.&nbsp; I didn't have time
to convert this to jpgs.

Thank you,
Stop LFAS Worldwide!
Insist that people be told the truth about LFAS and other high intensity sonars.

For additional updates go to this URL:

Subscribe: stoplfas-subscribe@egroups.com

Stop LFAS Welcome Page:

NOTE FROM JEAN: The following article about global warming is yet another important reminder that this is one of the most intractable problems we face globally. I saw a 2 hour program on PBS last night on this and it was hard to be optimistic after. On average, each person in North American (the U.S. alone is responsible for 25% of worldwide C02 emissions) through all that we consume (oil, electricity, food, etc.) and the energy it takes to produce the products we buy, is responsible for the annual emission of 20,000 tons of C02!! YES 20,000 TONS!!! Comparatively, a person living in India is responsible for 500 tons annually. With the developing world's exploding population (especially in China and India) striving to achieve the same lifestyles as in the West, using mainly highly polluting coal as its source of energy, the global greenhouse gas emissions are set to increase dramatically and the CO2 in the atmosphere will double within the next 20 to 30 years. And the Kyoto Agreement that is supposed to bring back the C02 emissions of the developed countries 7% below the 1990 level has been unanimously rejected by the US Senate last year...

Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000
From: "SUSAN J. ZIPP" <suezipp@mcn.org>

Dear Friends,

The article below was published on Tuesday, October 17, 2000 in the Raleigh
News and Observer by Duke University Professor William Schlesinger. It
brings a personal sense of urgency to the future of our planet.

Although it is written for the United States of America reader, it has
global implications. Please distribute it widely.

Thank you,

Susan J. Zipp, Co-Chair
Global People's Assembly



Global Warming: Earth Out Of Balance
by William Schlesinger
[Published on Tuesday, October 17, 2000 in the Raleigh News & Observer]

DURHAM -- Gaia, the Goddess of Mother Earth, is sick. For thousands of years,
she has maintained stable concentrations of gases in our atmosphere: nitrogen
at 78 percent, oxygen just shy of 21 percent and carbon dioxide at 270 parts
per million. Her servants are the plants, animals and microbes that do the
hard work to keep our planet alive and in balance.

A quick glance at Mars and Venus shows just how different the atmosphere
on a lifeless planet can be. Neither planet harbors significant oxygen, and a
dense atmosphere of carbon dioxide raises the surface temperature on Venus to
885 degrees F.

The theory of Gaia was the brainchild of Dr. James Lovelock over three
decades ago. He recognized that the conditions on Earth were not only unique
in our solar system, but also remarkably stable throughout the history of our
planet. For instance, early in its life, the sun was about 30 percent less
luminous than today, yet the temperature of the Earth has never fallen so low
that the oceans have frozen from top to bottom, nor risen so high as to boil
the oceans away. Looking at the less favorable conditions on neighboring
planets, Lovelock postulated that, through a unique symbiosis, life on Earth
is responsible for the stable, favorable environment that we inhabit. Upset
the biosphere and reduce its species diversity, and you threaten the
persistence of life on Earth.

There is increasing evidence that Gaia is running a fever -- global
warming. For the past 100 years or so, the concentration of carbon dioxide on
Earth has risen steadily to its current value near 370 parts per million.
Most of the increase in carbon dioxide is directly linked to burning fossil
fuels, something that humans seem to do with great gusto. The concentration
of methane and other trace gases is increasing as well.

For millennia, the biosphere maintained stable levels of these gases, and
scientists agree that rising concentrations of trace gases in Earth's
atmosphere are certain to warm our planet.

These changes in Earth's physical and chemical characteristics appear to
be the work of a single species -- Homo sapiens. Unless we take immediate
steps to curb population growth, today's human population of 6 billion will
rise to 10 billion within the lifetime of our children. To feed and shelter
our population has required us to usurp and manage large areas of the Earth's
land surface for agriculture and housing.

Our harvest of the sea has reduced the stock of many fishes to less than
sustainable levels. Harvest and loss of natural habitat is driving many
species to extinction. The human impact reduces the ability of Gaia's
servants -- the diverse species on this planet -- to cleanse our effluents
and maintain stable conditions for life.

We face a dilemma: each person on Earth wishes to achieve the highest
possible standard of living, and our numbers are increasing rapidly. The
human pursuit of a better life and the byproducts of this quest now foul the
atmosphere and the waters of our planet, denude its vegetation and erode its
soils. We can see this trend each day in central North Carolina, and we
measure it globally by the rise in Earth's temperature. There are few laws in
ecology, but one of the most fundamental predicts the ultimate collapse of a
population showing exponential growth in a closed environment.

I am not at all hopeful that our planet will receive an interplanetary
delivery of fresh resources. Gaia functions as a closed chemical system, and
the persistence of life in that system demands that we manage it well -- both
for ourselves and for the myriad of other species that maintain the stable
conditions on Earth. As economic incentives demand it, we can use energy
efficiently and cleanse and recycle many of the waste products of modern
society. However, the changes in the composition of our atmosphere suggest
that we are failing in our planetary stewardship. We have forgotten that we
too are servants of Gaia.

Perhaps never before has a single species -- through it growth rate and
its resource consumption -- had such a dramatic impact on the fabric of the
biosphere. While the growth of the human population has slowed somewhat in
recent years, each day we still add about 250,000 -- roughly half the
population of Wake County, to our number.

The United States must provide leadership by reducing our individual
resource use and helping to establish better family planning programs
throughout the world. Gaia expects nothing less.

William H. Schlesinger is James B. Duke professor of biogeochemistry at Duke
University and author of "Biogeochemistry: An analysis of global change."

© Copyright 2000, The News & Observer

Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2000
From: Mark Graffis <ab758@virgin.vip.vi>
Subject: Ecosystems in drastic decline World Wildlife Fund reports

The Associated Press

BRUSSELS, Belgium (October 20, 2000 10:51 a.m. EDT
http://www.nandotimes.com) - The natural wealth of the world's
ecosystems has declined by a third over the past 30 years, according
to a World Wildlife Fund study published Friday.

The Living Planet Report 2000 also showed that the area of land mass
and ocean needed to produce natural resources for consumers and to
absorb carbon dioxide pollution has doubled since 1961.

In its annual assessment of the earth's environment, the group blamed
much of the damage on the rich northern countries at the expense of
habitat in the tropical rain forests.

"Mankind cannot afford to keep drawing so heavily on the world's
natural resources," said Professor Ruud Lubbers, the former Dutch
prime minister, and the World Wildlife Fund's international president.
"We have borrowed this planet from our children and our grandchildren."

The World Wildlife Fund said it measures the state of ecosystems based
on the populations of species in the world's forests, fresh waters and
oceans. It found that ecosystems had declined between 1970 and 1999 by
12 percent in the forests, 50 percent in fresh waters, and 35 percent
in the oceans.

The study said the pressure of mankind on nature had increased by
about 50 percent over the same period and had now gone beyond the
planet's ability to regenerate.

From: "Joy Wright1" <joyeagle@uswest.net>
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2000

Subject: Start a Global Conversation...Planet Project

We are writing to let you know about an exciting
new survey to be conducted by Harris Interactive,
creator of the Harris Poll Online. It's called the

P l a n e t P r o j e c t

and it will be the largest global online polling
event...ever! We will be asking people all over
the world provocative questions in eight languages.

Sample questions include "Would you switch your
race if you could not change it back?" and "When
you die, what do you think will happen to you?

Now for the best part...after you participate,
you'll be able to compare your answers immediately
to those of millions of like-minded and not so
like-minded participants from around the world!

The global survey will be conducted November 15th
through November 18th, 2000, but we encourage you
to pre-register now and save your spot for the
November event - we don't want you to miss out on
making history. Don't worry...if you register now,
we'll remind you to come back to The Planet Project
in November.

To register, go to http://www.planetproject.com

Note: You must have JavaScript enabled to register.

And...don't forget to pass along the URL to your
friends. Participate and we'll make sure
your opinions are heard around the world!

October 19, 2000
News summaries from GRIST MAGAZINE

Work began yesterday on a multibillion-dollar pipeline that will
carry oil from Chad through Cameroon to Africa's Atlantic coast, a
project bitterly opposed by environmentalists and human rights
advocates. The World Bank is supplying 3 percent of the financing
for the $3.5 billion, 670-mile pipeline project, which is being
spearheaded by Exxon Mobil. Opponents argue that the project will
harm Cameroon's rainforest, as well as the indigenous people and rare
species that live there, and that the profits are likely to be
misused by corrupt government officials rather than spent to help
Chad's desperately poor people. Recent protests against the World
Bank have cited the Chad-Cameroon pipeline as a prime example of the
environmentally destructive projects the body too often funds.

straight to the source: CNN.com, Associated Press, 10.18.00

From: "Peter Laehy" <plaehy@surfside.net>
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2000

Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Saturday, 21 October 2000


Click on this first: Take a look, then come back
and read the English translation.



THIS IS 0CTOBER 10, 2000
What was going on in the world on that day?


Here is the altavista translation:

What did it occur in the sky this 10 Oct. 2000?
at least between 12Hr and 12Hr35 GMT?

Armada of thousands of UFOS?
and which just pass to the top higher clouds by leaving a
shade on the ground
Fact several km of width!
Does not follow an orbital trajectory but a
constant latitude
Shock waves?
Circulars, but in constant arc!
Haarp tests in progress?
The North Pole acts like 1 point of diffraction
Visualization of ELF waves or ionized channels?.
The most probable Hypothesis.
Official military site of Haarp, & a webcam of
the antennas
Infos in French gold in English on Haarp.
The point on the current weapons