May 3, 2000

Subject: Miscellaneous Subjects #3: A reminder of May's planet alignment and World Earth Healing Day + Petition asking for the release of a Tibetan nun + An eye-opening perspective on Earth Day 2000 - To March or to Shop? by Jackie Alan Giuliano + What Margaret Mead said about Earth Day + First Video Test of Brightside Broadcasting + All about Coke + Another domino falls - Monsanto's Altered Potato Pulled by McDonald's + Comment from ELana Straw from The Healing Circle Network + Cheryl A. Magill honored for Dolphin and Whale Project by John McConnell

Hello everyone,

Here is another compilation of various subjects that will be of interest to many of you. I received a phone call this morning from a major newsmedia in Quebec asking me whether it's true some people fear the imminent planetary alignment. I replied "not to my knowledge" and directed her to the material posted on the ERN website on this topic. This is definitely a hot topic and you'll find more on this below. Make sure to note down the insights you'll get and what you'll experience when meditating and share this with us all as I'll prepare a compilation from your feedbacks.


Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who
could not hear the music."

- Friedrich Nietzsche

From: "Leigh"
Subject: Final Reminder for WEHD + World Meditation Group News
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000


1. World Earth Healing Day Reminder
2. News of Weekly World Healing Meditations

1. World Earth Healing Day Reminder

This is a final reminder that World Earth Healing Day will take place on May
3-5, depending on your time zone. We would like to thank all those who have
translated our literature and who have listed their location on the website.
As you will see, the number of countries that are participating is
inspirational. There is still time for the rest of you to list your
location. The deadline is 12 noon GMT on May 3. The address for the page is:

The linkup times are 4am GMT, 12 noon GMT, and 7pm GMT on May 4. If you are
unsure of how to convert GMT to your local time, visit the following page:

If you haven't done so, you may like to use the electronic greeting card at

Happy Earth Healing!

The Coordinator
World Earth Healing Day


2. News of Weekly World Healing Meditations

A focus group has been set up by an international group of meditators to
establish a weekly focus for world healing meditation. The meditation will
take place each Sunday at noon local time (or whenever is convenient for
you), and will focus on directing healing energy to a selected crisis
situation in the world. To subscribe to the focus group listserver send a
blank email to which will enable you also
to visit the egroups webpage at If you
have any question, comment or suggestion for a meditation focus, please
communicate with Jean Hudon - - who is the
current facilitator of the Focus Group and who will relay your suggestion to
the 6 other members of this group if it meets the selection criteria that
have been adopted. This Sunday's focus will be on the looming famine that is
affecting Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan, Kenya, Uganda and Djibouti.

From: "Elissa Heyman" <>
Subject: May's planet alignment
Date: Wed, 3 May 2000

Hi Jean, I was sent the compilation of emails you mailed out - here's my own take on the line-up. That was very helpful, thanks for putting it together - Elissa Heyman

>From In Your Fates, a psychic astrology column at www.livefromsantafe

MAY 2-5, 2000 PLANETARY LINE-UP IN TAURUS by Elissa Heyman

The stuff of legends and myths and ancient portents is at hand: during the first week of May, there's a sign in the sky! All seven planets line up in the sign of Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, the goddess of beauty, creativity, and love - and right around May Day, which traditionally honors Venus. What does this cosmic party signify?

The short version is The Goddess is back. Male domination in society has reached its peak, and the next thousand years is marked by the return of respect for the feminine, and Nature itself. In recent times the masses have been shepherded by father figures - In America, Dad's at the helm of the family car, "making time" as he speeds us to our destination. But now, in a cycle highlighting earthy, realistic Taurus, people will recognize that mysterious Mother Nature is in the drivers seat. One by one, we'll realize what our real choice is, which is how we individually choose to experience life. The signs indicate, with such an emphasis on creative, beautiful Venus, that we collectively choose to experience life as beautiful.

Of course, the ushering in of a Golden Age is a big production that will take time and work, and there are other signs in the sky that mark how challenging and confrontational this beginning phase is. Our relationship to power and money and women and Nature and time itself changes. Our relationship to our own self changes: our concept of having "original sin" could be replaced by "original good", in which our self-concept is as creative beings looking to express our virtues, as opposed to beings who need to control our behavior.

"But what about the stock market, what about my job, what about my relationship?"

Last year I did a tarot reading that looked at the U.S. economy month by month - so far, up until April, it's been accurate. There's no way to be sure if it's accurate for the rest of the year, but to continue, it says that in May the stock markets would go lower, bottom out in June, and begin a strong recovery in October, ending up all right by the end of the year. Re career issues: if you know of a more personally meaningful job to do, strive to make it happen. Choose satisfying your soul over making money - you won't regret it. In relationships between individuals, families, or countries, fights will break out over issues of equality, justice, and freedom. If you don't respect those values, you'll get kicked out of bed.

What about the community, what about world peace?

The neighborhood is the point of power; unless it gets buried by a volcano, which unfortunately could happen somewhere with these aspects. But generally speaking, the neighborhoods are full of new community projects going great guns. Give your time to the neighborhood, whether it comprises a few blocks or the one in cyberspace you reach through the internet. Getting involved will heal your soul, and it's also the most efficient way most individuals can help bring about world peace. But peace isn't on the horizon: if you're a white farmer in South Africa or a ballot-stuffer for the incumbent in Peru, I'd get out of town.

And finally, for the fixed signs (Your Sun, Moon, or Rising in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius), who are most affected by the planetary line-up:

Everything's more intense for you: your highs, your lows, your break-ups and breakthroughs. You're in a cosmic washing machine and you have to wait for the cycle to end. The best thing to do each day is just put one foot in front of the other to accomplish what obviously needs to be done. Also, take the easier path - go through the door that's open, don't butt your head against a wall. The changes you go through now are actually in response to your deepest desires. What you go through now is what it takes to realize them. What not to do: Fret about how much money you'll need to survive in the near future and where it's going to come from. Or try and figure out the rest of your life - wait until August to seriously strategize.



Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000
From: Carl <>
Subject: Petition asking for the release of a Tibetan nun

Ngawang Sangdrol is a Buddhist nun who believes that Tibet should be independent from China. At the age of 10 she was arrested for the first time by Chinese authorities. Her only crime was to participate in a peaceful demonstration for the independence of Tibet from China. When she was 13 she took again part in a peaceful demonstration. She was too young to be brought to trial under Chinese law, nevertheless Chinese authorities held her for 9 months.

In June 1992, at the age of 15, she was once more arrested by Chinese authorities for trying to stage a peaceful demonstration with fellow nuns. Subsequently she was accused for "subversive and separatist activities" and sentenced to 3 years imprisonment in the notorious Drapchi prison. Her sentence was extended for another 6 years in October 1993.

The reason for this was the fact that she had sung a recorded independence song in the prison together with 13 other nuns. The tape with those songs was smuggled out of jail and distributed throughout Tibet.

In 1996 Ngawang Sangdrol's sentence was again prolonged for another 8 years as she shouted "free Tibet" while standing in the rain in the prison's yard.

The third extension of Ngawang's sentence was announced in October 1998 when she refused to acknowledge the Panchen Lama, whom the Chinese authorities had chosen (The Panchen Lama is the second most important political and religious dignitary of Tibet. He died in 1998 and ever since there has been a dispute between Chinese authorities and the Dalai Lama about who was the reincarnation of the Panchen Lama). Including this last extension of 4 years, her total sentence amounts to 21 years. Together with other prison inmates in the Drapchi prison Ngawang Sangdrol suffers inhuman treatment including beating and solitary confinement with reduced food rations. Today she has problems with her kidneys as a result of torture. This inhuman treatment of Ngawang Sangdrol and prisoners throughout China is a clear violation of Article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which prohibits torture at all times and under any circumstance.

"Alas this sad song in my mind I send to those who help prisoners These feelings in this dark season [line indistinct] I'll never forget the horrible tortures. May this present misery in prison Never be inflicted on any sentient being"

I ask you to help Ngawang Sangdrol by signing this petition and sending a copy to all your friends.

The list will be printed out and sent to: Premier of the People's Republic of China ZHU Rongji Zongli Guowuyuan 9 Xihuangchenggenbeijie Beijingsh1 100032 People's Republic of China

By signing this, we demand that Ngawang Sangdrol is to be released unconditionally and immediately. Furthermore we demand that the Chinese authorities respect Article 5 of the UDHR by treating Ngawang Sangdrol and other prisoners in China with dignity, and by bringing to an end any form of torture and inhuman treatment. We demand the Chinese authorities to disclose all information about the health of prisoners throughout China by allowing an independent organisation to inspect prisons in China.

(NOTE: I sent the 43 signatures already on it when I received it so as to start afresh - the email addres did not bounce. So this works OK.)

1) Jean Hudon, L'Anse-St-Jean, Quebec, Canada

PLEASE COPY this email on to a new message, sign the bottom and forward it (It is better to copy rather than forward the petition) to everyone on your address lists. If you receive this list with more than 50 names on it, please e-mail a copy of it to :

Even if you decide not to sign, please pass it over!
Jukes Productions Ltd. P.O. Box 13995 London W9 2FL U.K.
Tel: (44) (0) 171 286 9532 Fax: (44) (0) 171 286 4739

NOTE FROM JEAN: In case anyone from the area of Montreal on the e-list is interested, there will be a free conference there (in English) next May 16 that you may want to attend to with Mr. Wayne Peterson in relation to his encounters with masters of wisdom. For more details go at:

Taken from this site you have:

"Wayne Peterson was a Peace Corps volunteer before serving in the U.S. Diplomatic Corps. Recently retired, he can now speak freely, sharing extraordinary experiences he has had with world figures, many of whom believe as he does, that a group of highly-evolved spiritual teachers is about to make their presence known on a world-wide scale.

You will be spellbound by Wayne Peterson's accounts of:

- His personal experiences with highly evolved spiritual Teachers
- How world leaders have been inspired by the World Teacher
- Why a new vision is required to solve global problems
- What coming times will bring in the political/economic spheres
- Worldwide miracles announcing the presence of the Teachers
- The brilliant civilization just ahead of us

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to hear a thought-provoking presentation that sheds new light on the deeper meaning of our lives and times."

(And speaking about masters of wisdom, I'll send you soon The ageless wisdom teaching - Part 3)



Healing Our World: Weekly Comment

By Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D.

Earth Day 2000 - To March or to Shop?

Remember, it is forbidden to live in a town Which has no garden or greenery -- Kiddushin 4:12

What does the first Earth Day of the new millennium bring? Fossil fuels still produce most of our energy. Coal is still used to generate 55 percent of our electricity. Toxic wastes fill our oceans and protective legislation is slow and lacks enforcement.

What happened to the grand expectations we had at the first Earth Day, 30 years ago?

The first Earth Day in 1970 saw an estimated 20 million people across the nation participating in peaceful demonstrations that called attention to our environmental dilemmas. Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson organized it as a nationwide teach-in about the environment. Over 10,000 grade schools, 2,000 colleges, and 1,000 communities participated, sending a strong message to political leaders that the environment was part of everyone’s lives and needed attention.

The message was heard, and in the next few years sweeping environmental legislation was enacted including the Endangered Species Act, The Federal Clean Air Act, the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, the Toxic Substances Control Act, and the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency.

It was a powerful time of reawakening, and it appeared, for a while, that the sobering realization of our impact on the natural world might result in positive change. Species were saved, habitats protected, and development projects were stopped. In New York City, over 100,000 people attended an ecology fair in Central Park. Congress adjourned for the day and over five hundred of its members attended teach-ins at universities or made speeches about saving the environment.

What does Earth Day 2000 bring? Will Congress adjourn for the day to attend teach-ins. I don’t think so.

Thirty years later, I am feeling rather cynical. Earth Day 2000 is a Hallmark card holiday, a day of a few beach cleanups, marathons, educational booths, plantings, and parades. Many festivals and fairs will be held throughout the U.S. with food, exhibits and, I am sure, many opportunities to buy products to filter our poisoned air and water.

There will be a whole variety of experiences, most press releases for Earth Day events say. Except there will be few demonstrations pledging solidarity to those fighting for the cleanup of our Earth, our seas, and our skies.

We are told that we cannot afford clean air and water and health for our children. Yet in the first 12 weeks of 1999, you and I spent over $2 billion buying videos. Brides-to-be will spend $35 billion on weddings this year, and Americans will spend a staggering $550 billion on gambling. Corporations will spend untold billions on advertising.

But the World Game Institute tells us that we could remove all land mines from the Earth for $2 billion, provide shelter for everyone on the planet for $21 billion, provide health care and AIDS control worldwide for $21 billion and eliminate starvation and malnutrition worldwide for $19 billion. There are many individuals in the country who could write checks for these amounts today.

The Earth Day web site (see Resources below) lists hundreds of Earth Day activities around the country. But nowhere could I find any protests or marches that marked the birth of Earth Day 30 years ago, when 20 million people said, I want a better way to live - not a better way to shop.

What will history tell of Earth Day 2000? A cynical entry in a newspaper 100 years from now might read:

On the thirtieth anniversary of Earth Day in 2000, many festivals and craft fairs were held. The street performers were good. A few beaches got cleaned up for a few hours. People went on hikes and many farm animals were petted. Yet while these cute festivals were happening, the following took place, in the United States alone on that day:

200,000 tons of edible food was thrown out - more than usual because of the festivals. 313 million gallons of fuel was used - a lot of it driving to the festivals - enough to drain 26 tractor-trailer trucks every minute. 18 million tons of raw materials were taken from the Earth. 6.8 billion gallons of drinking water was used to flush toilets. one million bushels of litter was thrown out of car windows. 10,000 minks were added to closets and coat racks. $200 million was spent on advertising. 100 million board feet of wood was sawed up. 250,000 tons of steel was used. 187,000 tons of paper was used - a lot of it used to print Earth Day flyers, and a shaver company made three million dollars in profit.

Also on Earth Day 2000:

Forty percent of research and development expenditures and 60 percent of the physical scientists and engineers were devoted to developing weapons to kill everyone on Earth 67 times over. One-quarter of the adults on this planet could not read or write. One out of five people was hungry and malnourished and did not have housing. One out of every five people lacked clean drinking water. One out of every three people lacked adequate health care, and 60,000 children under the age of five worldwide died that day from bad drinking water.

There were some scattered protests, but for most of the leaders of the United States, it was just another day at the office, counting the lucrative revenue from the day.

So on the next Earth Day, how about deciding to not go anywhere in a car that day? Instead, why not get a group of friends together and protest the polluting of your community by writing letters of protest, addressing the envelopes and mailing them that day? Or better yet, email your protest letters and save the paper.

Or you could take your children to the beach or the forest or the park and teach them how to notice the web of life. Why not show them how important it is to pick up trash and to tell others it is wrong when they litter?

Why not make Earth Day 2000 an opportunity to decide what kind of world you want for you and your family and the world's children in this millennium and work to make it so. To do this we need our picket signs - not our credit cards.


© Environment News Service (ENS) 2000. All Rights Reserved.


Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000
Subject: What Margaret Mead said about Earth Day



United Nations, March 20, 1977

It makes me feel very humble to be here today and to realize what this day
means, because I have lived long enough to see us come to know that we have
only one Earth and to come to know that all the people on this planet are one

This was a matter of hope and of faith before. Not until World War II, when
we explored the whole Earth, its deepest valleys and its highest mountains
and looked everywhere for the people that were there, did we know for certain
that all of us on this planet were one species, human beings. And then as we
began to go into space for the first time, to leave this planet for the first
time, we came to know that not only were we the only people on this Earth,
and all one people, but also that Earth was the only inhabited planet in the
solar system - that we were all alone here, all alone to be the custodians of
life on this Earth.

We used to call it, you know, "the Earth." Now, we call it "Earth." And we
didn't speak of a "planet" when I was a child. Sometimes we talked of the
"globe." But then we referred to an artificial globe which human beings had
made to represent this Earth for them.

So that only, in the last quarter of my life, have I, like all those here,
come to know what it means to be the custodians of the future of Earth: To
know that unless we take care, unless we check the rapacious exploitation of
Earth, unless we protect our rivers and our lakes, our oceans and our skies,
we are endangering the future of our children and our children's children.

We didn't know this, except in little pieces. People knew they had to take
care of their own meadows, of their own forests or their own rivers. But it
was not until we saw the picture of Earth from the moon that we realized how
small and helpless this planet is, something that we must hold in our arms
and care for.

Earth Day is to be the first completely international and universal holiday
that the world has ever known. Every other holiday was tied to one place, or
some political or special event. This Day is tied to Earth itself, and to
the place of Earth in the whole solar system.

At this moment, when I climb the steps and ring the Peace Bell, it will be
the Equinox in every part of the world, and we can all celebrate it at once
on behalf of every part of the world.

PROPOSED BY JOHN Mc Connell go to and read:
Earth Day: Past, Present, Future
John McConnell 718/366-6963


Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000
From: Ginny Rodgers <>
Subject: First Video Test of Brightside Broadcasting

Hi Everyone,

Yes, we're closer :)

So I'm sending you the first video test of Brightside Broadcasting.
It's the first 3 and 1/2 minutes of one of our programs called "Building
Hope from Homes". I would greatly appreciate you letting me know the
results. It should "play" automatically when you click on the following
test link.

Also, I'm putting out a "Call for Programs" for those of you who would
like to submit your work to the screening committee for the possibility
of including your video in the program lineup or your writings on the
various categories of peace and non-violence, alternative medicine, etc
-- any subject that portrays "what is right with the world" as
naturally, it's a must that the subject portray a brighter view of

FYI -- Our new address and phone:
Brightside Broadcasting
1620 "I" Street, NW - Suite 520 - Washington, DC 20006
202-833-8080 or 888-Say-Bright
(Home 703-471-5588)

Thank you all!
Warmest and Brightest regards,


From: "Jennie Gorman" <>
Subject: All about Coke
Date: Sun, 30 Apr 2000

Just when you thought you knew everything....

To clean a toilet: Pour a can of Coca-Cola into the toilet bowl. Let the
"real thing" sit for one hour, then flush clean. The citric acid in Coke
removes stains from vitreous china.

To remove rust spots from chrome car bumpers: Rub the bumper with a
crumpled-up piece of Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil dipped in Coca-Cola.
To clean corrosion from car battery terminals: Pour a can of Coca-Cola
over the terminals to bubble away the corrosion.

To loosen a rusted bolt: Applying a cloth soaked in Coca-Cola to the
rusted bolt for several minutes.

To bake a moist ham: Empty a can of Coca-Cola into the baking pan; wrap
the ham in aluminum foil, and bake. Thirty minutes before the ham is
finished, remove the foil, allowing the drippings to mix with the Coke for
a sumptuous brown gravy.

To remove grease from clothes: Empty a can of Coke into a load of greasy
clothes, add detergent, And run through a regular cycle. The Coca-Cola
will help loosen grease stains. It will also clean road haze from your


FYI: The active ingredient in Coke is phosphoric acid. It's pH is 2.8.
It will dissolve a nail in about 4 days. Am finding it hard to believe
the pH wow. Maybe I have just solved my tummy problems.

The distributors of coke have been using it to clean the engines of their
trucks for about 20 years!

Drink up.


From: "The Campaign" <>
Subject: Another domino falls - this time McDonald's
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000

Dear Health Freedom Fighters,

The Wall Street Journal reported today that McDonald's fast food restaurant
chain has told their french-fry suppliers to stop using Monsanto's
genetically engineered potatoes. The reason for this decision can be traced
back to consumer opposition to genetically engineered foods. As you will
recall, first it was Gerber, then Frito-Lay and now MacDonald's as the
"domino effect" continues. We can expect more companies to move away from
genetically engineered foods as consumer opposition grows in the United
States similar to what has happened in Europe.

Unlike Gerber and Frito-Lay, McDonald's is refusing to comment on their
policy on this. However, J. R. Simplot Co., a major supplier of french fries
to McDonald's, confirms that virtually all the fast food chains are now
requesting non-genetically engineered potatoes.

Other media sources have picked up on the Wall Street Journal report. Below
is the WSJ story, plus coverage from Associated Press, Reuters, and

Craig Winters
Executive Director
The Campaign to Label Genetically Engineered Foods
Web Site:


Monsanto's Altered Potato Pulled by McDonald's, Journal Says

St. Louis, April 28 (Bloomberg) -- Monsanto Corp.'s genetically modified
potato is being dropped by McDonald's Corp. and other fast-food chains,
which are telling their French-fry suppliers to use non-genetically modified
vegetables as criticism of bio-engineered foods grows, the Wall Street
Journal reported. U.S. farmers planted about 50,000 acres of Monsanto's
`NewLeaf' potatoes last year, up from about 10,000 acres in 1996. PepsiCo.
Inc.'s Frito-Lay Co., which makes potato-chip brands Lay's and Ruffles, told
its corn farmers to stop growing genetically modified varieties that would
be used in snack products, the paper said.

Foundation EARTH, a farm group that's received more than $200,000 from
DuPont Co. and Monsanto, the agricultural unit of Pharmacia Corp., began
campaigning this month to sell U.S. farmers on the benefits of genetically
engineered crops, saying they are better for the environment than
conventional crops because they use fewer farm chemicals.


The U.S. Agriculture Department released a survey last month showing U.S.
use of genetically altered seeds is expected to drop in 2000.

According to the survey, genetically altered corn production was projected
to drop from 25 percent last year to 19 percent in 2000; biotech cotton from
55 percent to 48 percent; and biotech soybeans from 57 percent to 52

Check also - Why McDonalds pulled Frankenfries from menu - April 28, 2000

From: "ELana Straw" <>
Subject: Re: Miscellaneous Subjects #2:
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2000

Dear Jean;

Thank you for compiling these topics for world focus. What I like most is
the way you present the need with back up links - so many just put their
spin with no further information.

I understand your need to get to the garden as that is my love also, as I
try to grow all my food. And it is so soul gratifying to me attuning to
Mother Earth as I dig in her earth and commune with the worms and critters
of the soil and hear the birds and the wind in the trees sing to me. It
makes sitting at the computer a bit confining.

Blessings and Thank you for ALL that you are and do.

For The Healing Circle Network

Visit our Web Site at and learn how you may send your
healing request to more then 800 practitioners in over 32 countries!

Our purpose:

To provide a free venue for those requiring "Healing Energy" and prayers;
to provide that Energy and prayer without specific purpose other then for
their highest and best good, and offer no solicitation of goods, products or

We are dedicated to calling forth the Energies of the Universe to be sent
to the Higher Self of the individual so that it may be used for the highest
and best good for that individual. We suggest calling in all the healing
energies of the Universe, God/Goddess, Mary, Jesus, Reiki Ascended Masters,
angels, etc. and ask them to send their healing energies to whomever named
and those we may have forgotten but who need assistance. We are always
careful not to interfere with an individuals right of choice. "Healing" a
physical ailment or injury might not be the choice of the individual on all
levels. Consequently, we are actually sending "Energy." If it is to be used
in healing an individual, then so be it. If not, then it is directed by the
Universe in other ways to benefit that individual. The individual may
require energy to cope with an emotional event, or an illness which he/she
has chosen to experience on some other level and the "Healing Energy" will
enable them to fulfill that experience with less difficulty and in "Grace".
There are many ways in which the Higher Self may use the energies of the
Universe. It is not for us to make that determination for another!

This venue is not to be used for promoting products or devices; nor is it to
be used to offer medical advice even where the individual offering the
advice is a qualified and licensed medical practitioner.


Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000
Subject: Tour Update and butterfly news


1) Letter about tour
2) Butterfly Board member honored for Dolphin and Whale Project
3) Congressman Kucinich endorses our Earth Proclamation
4) Psyche- A Butterfly Game of Transformation and Consciousness
5) Butterfly Gets Berkeley to Seek 'Three Strikes' Change
6) Site of the month


Butterfly Board member honored for Dolphin and Whale Project

The Earth Society Foundation

presented to
Cheryl A. Magill

In recognition of your outstanding contribution as a dedicated Earth Trustee.

Signed by John McConnell
Chairman Emeritus and Founder of Earth Day

NYC, March 22, 2000

Ms. Cheryl A. Magill, coordinator of the Stop LFAS Worldwide Network, was
awarded an International Earth Day Award Monday evening in New York by the
Earth Society Foundation as it celebrated the 30th anniversary of Earth Day
with ceremonies around the world. The foundation is a nonprofit United
Nations non-governmental organization established by John McConnell, founder
of Earth Day, and Margaret Mead to foster worldwide participation in the
peaceful care of Earth.

The Award, presented to individuals for outstanding contributions to
environmental causes, honored Ms. Magill for her work over the past two years
creating a global Internet-based network of individuals, cetacean protection
groups and environmental organizations utilizing e-mail communication and
extensive website information to raise international public awareness of the
threat to the marine environment posed by Low Frequency Active Sonar. The
Network opposes an escalation to active acoustic devices and acoustic weapons
technology in our oceans as being harmful to marine life and to human coastal
communities. The Network is one of ll plaintiffs in a federal lawsuit filed
on February 29 in Hawai'i challenging the US Navy's preparations to deploy
this dangerous system in 80% of the world's oceans.

Ms. Magill is a real estate broker and works in the Silicon Valley area of
San Francisco's South Bay.