September 26, 2000

Subject: Miscellaneous Subjects #26: More details about the IMF/World Bank meeting in Prague + Comment about the Spiritual Nuggets + The Truth about Three Mile Island (TMI) Accident + THE MYTHIC CALL -- The Phoenix is rising + Messages from the Hosts of Heaven + Chemtrail video & book available + The Truth Is, We Need Even Higher Oil Prices + More!

Hello everyone


Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

To get more details about the IMF/World Bank meeting in Prague, here are some useful resources:

Full coverage at
G7 Meets in Prague Ahead of IMF, World Bank

Read also at

Thousands of government officials and financiers from across the globe are converging on Prague for the International Monetary Fund and World Bank annual meeting. The Czech capital is also bracing for an influx of up to 50,000 anti-globalization protesters.

While the official program is scheduled to run from September 26-28, both the conferences and protest activities will begin earlier. PBJ's IMF/World Bank online extra provides the latest news about the meetings and the demonstrations, along with detailed information about planned events.

Latest news (more articles available there):
W. Bank promises critics "cultural change"
Police turn away IMF protesters at border
Activists kick off anti-IMF action in Prague Thurs.
IMF fears defeat greed amid worried Prague cabbies
Historic Prague braces for turbulent IMF meeting
Border jams as police check IMF protesters
IMF to meet in much different Czech Republic
Havel hopes IMF meeting does not become street war

Read also at:
"Day of protests in Prague"


Some of the protesters displayed T-shirts with the names of poor countries, numbers of starving people and the amount of the countries' foreign debt. One poster read: "When you eat think of them!"

World Bank chief James Wolfensohn said his organisation should not be regarded as a force of evil and darkness; he insisted it too was working to reduce world poverty. A rally has been called for Tuesday, when organisers say 20,000 people will attempt to block the convention centre where the World Bank and IMF are meeting.

and at:

Thousands of protestors in Prague streets against World Bank and IMF

PRAGUE, Sept 24 (AFP) - Thousands of protestors took to the streets of Prague Sunday in two demonstrations, charging the World Bank and the IMF with increasing poverty worldwide instead of alleviating it. Clearly under orders to avoid a repeat of crackdowns that caused rioting at anti-globalization demonstrations in Seattle in the US in November, police calmly accompanied both marches. Authorities even cleared streets for them, despite an official police ban on such protests during the International Monetary Fund-World Bank one-week meeting here that ends Thursday.

Hundreds of protestors marched Sunday morning in a mock funeral procession against the IMF and the World Bank for refusing to cancel debt of the world's poorest nations, thus, they said, causing thousands of deaths from inadequately funded health care.


The morning march for debt relief was a colorful affair with protestors led by a brass band playing a funeral march and 19 people carrying towering crosses. The crosses represented 19,000 children dying daily "as a result of unpayable debt" whose payment takes away money from health and other social programs, cross-bearer Jim Burley from Scotland, said.

"We will fight on until the poorest countries are not forced to put the payment of debt to foreign creditors ahead the lives of their children," said Ann Pettifor, director of the Jubilee 2000 group that organized the march. Jubilee 2000 wants the World Bank and IMF to cancel all debt from the world's poorest countries.

These states owe a total of 376 billion dollars and have to pay 60 million dollars a day in repayments to the West, which could otherwise have been spent on health care, say campaigners.


Read also at
The Countersummit - An alternative summit organized by the Initiative Against Economic Globalization

For more information on the countersummit program, see the Web site of INPEG, Initiative Against Economic Globalisation at where we can read:

"We do not support the initiation of any violence against people, animals or property. At the same time we support citizens' democratic rights to demonstrate. We oppose any measures taken by any authorities to prevent people from exercising this right."à

and at we read:

Some 20,000 representatives of global capital (world bankers, economists and
financiers) are expected to come to Prague in September to attend the 55th annual summit
of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group. This prestigious meeting of
the world economic elite, the first of its kind in the Central and Eastern Europe, will definitely
be of a great importance. The delegates will meet to propose a scheme of further
liberalization of the world economy by defining new loan priorities and structural adjustment

The events in Seattle at the WTO meeting last November showed that a huge wave of
global resistance is rising against the expanding power of global capital. The IMF/WB summit
in Prague will be our next big opportunity to express our demands for global justice.

The Initiative Against Economic Globalization (INPEG) is a loose coalition of various
Czech environmental, human rights and autonomist/anarchist groups, organizations and
individuals who are ready to stand up critically against the summit of the world financial
oligarchy. INPEG has been meeting regularly in Prague since last summer. It has planned a
series of campaigns that will culminate in ten days of activities starting on September 20.
Non-violent demonstrations, info campaigns, and the Festival of Art and Resistance including
a counter-summit will be the main resistance activities in the mentioned period.

We will be exposing the links between the IMF/WB, the WTO and transnational
corporations and the ways how they work to maximize private profits and limit the power of
people to protect the environment, determine their economic destiny, and safeguard their
human rights. They are also directly responsible for the third world debt. Even their debt relief
policy continues under the harsh conditions of the IMF Structural Adjustment Programmes,
and thus makes just one step forward and two steps backward. Our goal is to give the proper
name to what the policies of the IMF/WB really cause in the South as well as in the Central
and Eastern Europe. We will be demanding an immediate suspension of these practices
leading to environmental destruction, growing social inequality and poverty and curtailing of
peoples rights. We will be demonstrating our solidarity with the global resistance movement.

Your support is needed, indeed!!!


One last EXCELLENT RESOURCE: The Halifax Initiative, a coalition of environment, development, social justice and faith groups deeply concerned about the policies and practices of the international financial institutions and committed to their fundamental reform.


"Hans Sonne" <> wrote:

Hi Jean,

Thank you so much for the two Spiritual Nuggets - great initiative - we have published them already on our Newsletter frontpage on and need to know who are translating them to Spanish ?

A second question in connection with the progress of the Meditation Focus for the world is that we would like to encourage some of our contacts to join with other individuals/groups participating in the following respective countries : Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Denmark (I'm Danish born) - so if you have any contacts at these places, please let me have them.

In general what is you impression after now 20 weeks of Focus Meditations for the world - how many participants do we have ?

Here in Santiago I must say we have done all of them (with from 1 to 20 people) but without my personal dedication it would have stopped.

People around here are skeptical to new things (more safe with a known organization or group) and as
everybody are a part of the daily struggle for survival, meaning that they put a low priority on global issues - which is understandable enough. Anyway we have plans to try to get existing groups interested, (but as you understand so far without success) - it seems like everybody are busy promoting their version of the truth - in general the global awareness is more latent than present at this moment.

We'll stay in touch
Love and light

Hans Sonne


Dear Hans Sonne

I was very happy to receive news from you that you've decided to publish our Spiritual Nuggets.

Regarding the Spanish translation, I'm aware that only the first one has been translated so far (it is posted at ) and I don't know if Ricardo plans to translate the other ones. I would also like to translate them in French but the lack of time has prevented me to do so up to now.

As for giving you contacts for people participating to the meditations in other countries, this is not something I have time to research. All I can do is include an excerpt from your email in a coming ERN compilation with a suggestion to people interested to contact you directly.

Regarding the number of people actually participating to each meditation, it can only be guess work at this point since we have no data aside from the number of people to whom I'm sending this myself every week and those on Ricardo's list (overall approximately 5000). We plan to prepare a detailed poll soon to find out more about this and if many people do participate and forward our material to others.

I'm aware that it is always difficult to get other people to join such global healing work if they are not themselves already used to participate to such global meditations. I very much appreciate the pioneering work you have been doing and I trust many are likewise offering to others the same opportunity to experience a new and, for some, very powerful way to assist in alleviating the ills of this world and facilitating the emergence of a new consciousness of love, peace and harmony on Earth. This is a vital service that a growing number of awakening souls are ready to fulfil and the greatest rewards one may find in this is certainly the sense of being part of the vanguard of the growing world community of souls united through the infinite Power of Love and Universal Oneness in assisting the perfect Plan of evolution for this world and the emergence of a new era of Light.


From: "Hans Karow" <>
Subject: The Truth about Three Mile Island (TMI) Accident
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2000

This Petition needs worldwide circulation, please sign!

I strongly suggest to please inform yourself by going to the web sites mentioned in the petition.



Truth About Three Mile Island

To: President Jimmy Carter

Dear President Carter,

We, the undersigned, call on you to ask that you hold a press conference to tell the world what you had originally intended to reveal about the Three Mile Island Accident. That is, just how extensive the radiological releases were, and the full nature of the accident as it happened, and that your former mentor Admiral Hyman Rickover strongly encouraged you not to tell the complete truth about the accident. The daughter-in-law of Admiral Rickover, Jane Rickover, has signed and notarized her statement made July 18, 1986 -- in the wake of the Chernobyl nuclear accident -- revealing that Admiral Rickover regretted having done this.

[]. This statement, corroborated by Ms. Rickover along with the testimony of several pro-industry nuclear employees and scientists who have independently come forward, all indicating that the accident at Three Mile Island was much more extensive and dangerous than the public was ever lead to believe. In addition to this, the growing number of leukemias, other cancers, and deaths that are appearing in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area, cry out for you to publicly address this issue. This is both your moral and legal obligation, not only to the victims of the Three Mile Island accident and their families, but to the world which now has 433 commercial nuclear power reactors operating -- 103 of which are in the United States alone, and anyone of which could experience a Chernobyl like accident, or worse, with catastrophic results to humanity.

In addition to Ms. Rickover's signed, notarized statement and her repeated personal corroboration, Dr. Rosalie Bertell, winner of the "Right Livelihood Award" and renowned biostatistition, was among those invited to investigate Three Mile Island by your Blue Ribbon Panel. She, and some of her colleagues in the public sector of the panel, did not have FBI clearance or access to certain information that might have proven to be extremely valuable in determining the true nature and extent of the accident. When Dr Bertell and others raised the issue of security clearance and lack of access to information to the panel members (made up of NRC and DOE officials) the entire panel was dissolved by Dr. Kemmeny -- one of the key people on the panel for whom the final report was named. This all appears in Dr. Bertell's signed, notarized statement of July 10, 1998 at

It is important to note that a recent study by Dr Joseph Mangano shows that the closing of 5 commercial nuclear reactors in the United States was accompanied by a statistically significant drop in infant mortality:

We implore you to exercise your legal and moral responsibility to tell the world what really happened at Three Mile Island. Please hold a press conference with the support of many of the key players, such as Dr Bertell, her colleagues from the dissolved TMI panel, and the 1,990 residents of the Three Mile Island area who are suing over adverse health effects they have suffered. You must come forth now to tell the people of the United States and the world exactly what the full nature of the Three Mile Island accident was and continues to be.


The Undersigned


The Truth About Three Mile Island Petition to President Jimmy Carter was created by the public and written by concerned citizens. This petition is hosted here at as a public service. There is no express or implied endorsement of this petition by Artifice, Inc. or our sponsors. The petition scripts are created by Mike Wheeler at Artifice, Inc. For Technical Support please use our simple Petition Help form.

Subj: THE MYTHIC CALL -- The Phoenix is rising
Date: 09/20/2000
From: (Raul Grajeda)

Greetings my friends,

I share with all of you a powerful story, one that will move us like no
other story because it is our story. I first heard it at the most recent day
out of time celebration. The person who shared it encountered it at some
sharing event. The original human scribe is unknown though it was presented
as a Mayan prophecy. Perhaps someone can shed a little more light on it's
origin. It was only synchronic that this myth would surface as it has in the
year of the Blue Galactic Storm.


Once upon a time, a galactic council was called and a mythic call was sent
out to countless light beings: The children of the sun, the angel winged
ones, the sun runners, the rainbow warriors and other luminous ones from many
star systems. This great circle of light beings gathered from far and wide.
At the appointed nexus, the love of the spinning galaxies, the great spirit
entered gracing them all with celestial light and the following words:

"You are invited to incarnate upon a world where a great transformation will
take place." Began the love of the spinning galaxies........

"You who respond to this call will go to a place of planetary evolution where
the illusions of fear and separation are strong teachers. I am calling those
with the needed talents and gifts to act as my emissaries there. To lift and
transform the frequencies of planet Earth, simply by anchoring and embodying
love's presence there. In this myth, you will be the creators of a new
reality, the reality of the golden octave. On other journeys, each of you
has proven to be a feeling navigator able to awaken your consciousness and
align your heart to the promptings of pure love and compassionate service.
As sun runners and torch bearers, you have already demonstrated that you will
hold the light high. And so I invite you to incarnate in masse among the
tribes of earth to assist Gaia and all her children in their transformation.
It is part of the plan that you will be veiled in forgetting.

However, as you remember the feeling of childlike innocence and trust, you
will become the harmonic leavening in this cycle of initiation for Earth.
You will incarnate strategically, often in some of the most vibrationally
dense areas of the planet. To some, this illusion of separation from love
may create feelings of hopelessness, lack of support, and alienation. But by
embracing your humanness your love will transform the depths of duality and
your light will quicken the many. Your participation in this quest is purely
voluntary; however, this transformational shift on earth is very rare and
precious. Should you choose to accept this mission, you will have the
opportunity to catalyze and synthesize all that you have been during many
incarnations , receiving a rarely offered quantum leap in consciousness. It
is up to you how you will dance with Terra Gaia and her children as she
completes her ceremony of light.

So spoke the creator , the light of the spinning galaxies. And so it was that
luminous beings who formed the countless alliances, federations, and councils
of the faithful of the stars chose to incarnate on planet Earth to assist in
this critical event, the awakening of the planetary dream. There was even a
failsafe process built into the plan to awaken these beings from the illusion
of separation and forgetfulness that is so rife on Earth. The luminous who
would journey to Gaia's assistance agreed to spark each others remembrance.
Thus , these star seeded ones were encoded with many ways, with sounds,
colors, lights images, words and symbols---- a vibrational resonance that
would assist them in remembering their commitment to the light. It was agreed
that these coded clues would appear everywhere; in visionary art, in music,
in penetrating looks, in speech and feelings---- all creating a deep yearning
to awaken and become the embodiment of light and love. .

So it is that you the children of the sun, are now being bathed in the waters
of remembrance, prepared as rainbow warriors to fulfill the promise of the
new and ancient myth. By simply anchoring love's presence on Earth, you
lovingly draw down the mantle of the Gods, sending waves of healing love
throughout Gaia's eagerly receptive body. As you emerge in this time , your
gifts awaken and empower others. Utilizing the tools of laughter, song,
dance, humor, joy, trust and love, you are creating the powerful surge of
transformation that will transform the limitations of the old myth of duality
and separation, birthing the miracle of unity and peace on Earth. Utilize
your gifts on behalf of Gaia and her children will ascend in roses of light
forming a luminous light body of love, to be reborn among the stars.

The mythic call has been sounded . The great quest has begun. Awaken rainbow
warriors, sun runners, luminous beings from the galactic alliances,
federations and councils. Awaken ancient skywalkers, newly formed in this
moment, stand in the beauty and power of your true identity as love's gift to
Gaia. Set aside self doubt. You are a divine child of the sun. Go where your
heart draws you to share your great gifts. Surrender to the magic and the
light. The miracle will be manifested on Earth. Remember, we sing and dance
here for the one heart.

The phoenix is rising

Transcribed on Blue Crystal Eagle -kin 155, Dali -1st day of the Electric
moon of service

Earth Tribes Working In Unison For The Harmonization of Human Society on Earth

"The core of leadership is vision. Vision is seeing the potential purpose
hidden in the chaos of the moment, but which could bring to birth new
possibilities for a person, a company or a nation."
William van Dusen Wishard

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good people do
nothing " Edmund Burke

Note from Jean: I did not have time yet to review this site but I trust Shanna on this one.
Thanks! ;-)

From: "Shanna MacLean" <>
Subject: Message of highest importance
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2000

Hello Jean, dearest friend.

I want to call to your attention a web site which brings information of a
very high order, for your perusal. Please go to

and read the Messages from the Hosts of Heaven.

This reading takes a while, but needs to proceed in order, and needs to be
read in its totality for the complete impact. As I read it, I experienced a
series of reactions and feelings (as intended). My Soul resonates with this
material so as your Sister, I send it forward to you. If you too feel this
site worthy of commending to people, I know you will do so.

In love as always,


From: "Levine" <>
Subject: Chemtrail video & book available
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000


Thought you'd like to know that now you can get a video and book on the
chemtrail spraying. put out by William Thomas, researcher. They are very well
done. You can order them from: The Twiggs Company 800 898-0286. Cost is
$19.95 each, or $34.95 for both, plus $7.00 s/h.



Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000
From: Mark Graffis <>
Subject: "The Truth Is, We Need Even Higher Oil Prices"

Los Angeles Times"
Thursday, September 14, 2000

The Truth Is, We Need Even Higher Oil Prices

Edward N. Luttwak is a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and
International Studies in Washington

It was very nice of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
to agree to sell another 800,000 barrels a day, but that does not
begin to solve the petroleum problem.

It is not just that the quantity involved is actually quite small--
these days, after a generation of ever-increasing consumption, an
extra 800,000 barrels per day only amounts to a 3% production
increase for OPEC members, or roughly 1.5% of total world production.
Neither Russia nor Mexico belong to the organization (let alone
Norway or Britain). With U.S. oil stocks very low and the recovery of
the East Asian economies underway, it would take much more production
to keep prices from rising, and OPEC certainly has enough installed
capacity kept idle. But to say that an extra 800,000 barrels a day is
not a solution does not mean that a much bigger production increase
would be better.

In fact, the exact opposite is true: The only solution for high
petroleum prices are even higher petroleum prices. If crude oil is
cheap, there is no investment in other energy sources and less effort
is made to conserve, thus eventually guaranteeing acute shortages and
even higher prices than today.

That is the paradoxical truth that has paralyzed Western governments
since the oil-price explosion of 1999. The rise of petroleum prices
from less than $10 a barrel to more than $30 threatens to trigger a
wave of inflation that would inevitably be followed by sharp
increases in interest rates, which would in turn cause a recession.
That would end the miraculously long U.S. boom in the worst possible


So there are very good reasons to wish for much lower petroleum
prices. At $15 a barrel or less, there would be no inflationary
impulse, interest rates could go down instead of being driven up, and
there would be no income transfer to weaken internal demand in Europe.

But there are even better reasons to wish for high petroleum prices--
in fact, even higher than the recent peak of $35 a barrel, which in
real terms is less than the level of 20 years ago.

Almost two decades of cheap petroleum have had devastating effects on
both the demand and the supply side of the world's energy balance.
The great conservation efforts, originally launched in the aftermath
of the 1973 Arab oil embargo and the resulting explosion in oil
prices, have been abandoned. By 1975 even Americans, with their
passion for large cars, were buying mostly so-called compacts with
four-cylinder engines, and the smallest cars on the market were the
ones most in demand.

In recent years, with gasoline prices already low and still falling,
sales of U.S. compact cars have been declining, while the market for
the smallest and most efficient cars virtually came to an end. More
than 60% of American car buyers were not content even with full-sized
eight-cylinder cars, choosing instead so-called sports utility
vehicles--in fact powerful four-by-four trucks, which have been
getting bigger and bigger. The latest monsters offered by GM and Ford
have huge six-liter engines, so the typical user goes to work or to
shop, usually alone, in a vehicle big enough and powerful enough to
carry two cows and 10 cowboys, which naturally burns gasoline in

Even in Europe, where high excise taxes meant that the U.S. low point
of 20 cents per liter could never be reached, gasoline prices have
been low enough to encourage a very definite shift in demand to
bigger vehicles. It was symptomatic of an atmosphere of energy
abundance that Volkswagen was not satisfied with the purchase of
Rolls-Royce, maker of famously heavy and thirsty cars. It also
decided to revive the Horch super-car brand once favored by Adolf
Hitler, while Daimler-Benz is reviving the Maybach. For such cars,
today's top-of-the-line 12-cylinder, five-liter engines would only be
the minimum option.

Overall improvements in automotive technology have certainly
increased propulsion efficiencies since 1973, but in both the United
States and Europe, and in Japan as well, buyers have not opted for
lower fuel consumption, preferring higher power levels instead.

The same retreat from energy conservation can be observed across the
board. Within a few years of the 1973 embargo, new materials and new
ways of designing buildings were increasing insulation values in both
Europe and the United States, as well as Japan. That saved much
energy in itself, and also offered the possibility of replacing
petroleum or coal-fueled furnaces with solar heating. It was the same
with air conditioning, whose power needs could be reduced quite
drastically by keeping out direct sunlight. In fact, in the few parts
of the world that are both sunny and rich, as in the Southwest United
States, expensive houses abundantly equipped with solar panels were
much in demand. There was even a small boom in cave houses, often
luxurious villas semi-submerged in the ground for better insulation.

It was the same in most sectors of industry, with older machines and
plants everywhere being replaced by new energy-saving equipment
already in hand, while vigorous research and development efforts were
launched to further increase energy efficiency. In industries of all
kinds, co-generation and recycling became the slogans of the age.

Cheap petroleum changed all that. Efforts to increase energy
efficiency in buildings of all kinds, from villas to office blocks,
were virtually abandoned, even though new polymers could further
improve insulation, while it would be very easy and very cheap to use
computer controls to limit the waste of light, heat and air

Instead of energy austerity, we have post-industrial styles
characterized by the addition of nonfunctional structures whose only
purpose is to be visibly useless. In industry, labor-saving once
again became the central goal in developing or buying new equipment,
with much less emphasis on saving energy except in a handful of
process industries. It is a most revealing feature of the "new
economy" companies that they commonly keep their offices brightly lit
all night. In part they do that to advertise their "24/7" culture of
nonstop work to achieve the next Internet breakthrough. But it also
reflects an entire mentality: In so many different ways, from the new
demand for extra-powerful offshore boats to the prevalence of
motorcycles with more horsepower than the family cars of the 1960s,
it has become positively fashionable to waste energy.

The impact of cheap oil on the supply side has been even more
destructive. The worldwide search for alternative sources of energy
that started immediately after the 1973 Arab embargo was propelled by
much scientific enthusiasm as well as an abundance of technical
resources. While many other imaginative schemes were seriously
investigated, the more immediately practical possibilities of solar
and wind power were given their chance in a multitude of pilot
projects. The first plants also were built to extract petroleum from
the immense surface deposits of shale rock in the U.S. and of oil-
bearing sands in Canada.

It soon became clear, however, that only coal and nuclear power could
seriously diminish the dependence of industrial countries on
petroleum imports. Each had its problems, of course. But 20 years
ago, with oil prices increasing once again because of the post-shah
crisis in Iran and the outbreak of the Iran-Iraq war, nobody would
have imagined that the building of new coal-burning and nuclear
plants would simply come to an end. With cheap oil, there is no
incentive to spend money on scrubbers for coal-fired thermal power
stations, and no political leader is willing to take on the
intellectual and electoral fight against post-Chernobyl obscurantism,
even though only nuclear power can offer energy without burning
fossil fuel in the atmosphere.

Thus we have reached today's absurd predicament. With the price of
petroleum determined entirely by the marginal producers of the
Arabian peninsula, the world's most-advanced countries, as well as
the Chinese and other East Asians who are lifting themselves from
ancient poverty by hard work, are all crucially dependent on oil
imports from a handful of countries ruled by absolute monarchs who
have the power to wreck those nations' economies at any time.

Only years of high prices can solve the problem, and if OPEC will not
oblige by keeping the barrel well above $35, extra taxes should be
imposed on petroleum imports to end the addiction to cheap energy
that is a permanent threat to both prosperity and the environment.

Date: Fri, 22 Sep 2000
From: "H. C. Covington" <>


From: "Jane F. Osborn" <>

I was hungry and you formed a task force and discussed my hunger.

I was imprisoned and you crept off quietly to your chapel and prayed for
my release.

I was naked and in your mind you debated the morality of my appearance.

I was sick and you knelt and thanked God for your health.

I was homeless and you preached to me of the spiritual shelter of the
love of God.

I was lonely and you left me alone to pray for me.

You seem so holy, so close to God.

But I'm still very hungry and lonely and cold.

If not real help, WHAT?
If not you, WHO?
If not here, WHERE?
If not now, WHEN?

Believe there is a greater power silently working for all things good. Behave yourself and never mind the rest.

- Beatrix Potter