September 19, 2000

Subject: Miscellaneous Subjects #24: The Cloth of Many Colors presented at the UN (THIS Tuesday!) and wrapped around the United States Capitol (THIS Wednesday!) + THE HUMAN FAMILY: A Vision of the Peoples of the World + Final version of the Earth Charter approved last March + More on 3rd World debt cancellation + U.S. Congress wants to give more fiscal protection to the rich and The trend towards the legalization of drugs in Europe + A Lesson of Ignorance in the North Carolina Mountains + Global Warming Threatens One-Third of Habitat

Hello everyone

The first part of this compilation about the "The Cloth of Many Colors" at the UN has certainly been widely networked as I received multiple copies of this invitation which I'm now also passing along to all of you with an invitation to join in prayers and meditation on September 19 at approximately 11:00 am and then on September 20 at approximately 8:30 am in support of this major event of spiritual significance as you will see below.

And then you will find an excellent draft document entitled "A Vision of the Peoples of the World" proposed by Michael Dean from the UK as well as the Earth Charter which I also really recommend to your attention, and then various feedbacks received and some of my comments.

Lots of good stuff in this one! And lots more to come this week...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


The Cloth of Many Colors

Twenty Four Hours That Will Change the World

The Cloth of Many Colors goes to the UN, the US Capitol, and the
Pentagon. Hundreds of thousands of people from nearly every
country in the world have contributed small swatches of cloth
to be sewn into a peace quilt that is nearly a mile long. The
project, called "Cloth of Many Colors," is a living prayer, and
this September it will be presented at the United Nations in
New York, then wrapped around the US Capitol in Washington,
DC, then finally the Pentagon. This is one of the most powerful
opportunities we have to create a world based upon the laws
of love rather than the rules of fear. Please join millions of
people for a twenty-four hour peace vigil beginning 10 am
New York time, on September 19th, continuing to the same time
on September 20th.

The project began when James Twyman, renowned musician and
author of the best-selling book Emissary of Light, was performing
at a refugee camp on the border of Kosovo and Macedonia during
the Kosovo war two years ago. Thirty thousand displaced people
were present when Twyman helped lead a worldwide prayer
vigil to bringing an end to the conflict. That night, in a dream,
he saw those prayers being made into tangible realities, forming
an enormous quilt that would someday be presented at the United
Nations building. That dream is about to become a reality, and we
invite you to be part of this amazing event. Hundreds of people
have taken the small swatches of fabric and sewn them together
into the Cloth of Many Colors. And yet there has still been no
real marketing or exposure for the project, only the excitement
and energy of people all over the world.

The Details: On September 19 at approximately 11:00 am the mile
long quilt will be presented during a ceremony at the UN, part of
Millennial Peace Day. Children from around the world will hold the
cloth inside the UN, then walk with it outside to the UN Rose Garden
where hundreds or even thousands of people will gather to pray.
The World Peace Prayer Society will then present the flags of
every nation of the world using the prayer "May Peace Prevail on
Earth" as each country is named. A Prayer Shawl from the quilt will
then be presented to the wife of Kofi Annan, Secretary General of
the UN, a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, and a special shawl to honor
John Denver.

The next day, September 20, at approximately 8:30 am, the same
cloth will be wrapped around the United States Capitol building in
Washington, DC. Thousands of people will gather there to hold the
quilt as it symbolically embraces the nation, and all nations. The
Cloth of Many Colors will then be wrapped around members of
Congress who will join in a ceremony of peace and forgiveness
during a special breakfast in their honor.


Mr. Twyman was at the UN with forty ambassadors when the
prophesy was recounted by Betsy Stang: "Four years, four months,
four weeks and four days ago, a group of native elders came to
the UN to give their vision of the New World. One of the things
they said was that four years, four months, four weeks and four
days later something would happen at the UN that would
change the world. This is the day these great men saw in their
dreams." We believe that the Cloth of Many Colors is part of
the fulfillment of this prophecy.

How you can be involved:

A) Spend this 24-hour period focusing on peace and committing
yourself to creating a world based upon compassion and love.

There is no format for this, only your own passion and desire.

B) Pass this message to everyone you know. If millions of people
participate in this amazing event then peace will certainly prevail.

C) Join us in New York or Washington for the events that will
unfold. If you are in the New York area on September 19 join us
at the United Nations Plaza in the Rose Garden around 11:00 am.
If you are in the Washington DC Area on September 20, meet us
on the West Side of the US Capitol at 8 am.

For updated information go to:

D) This is only the beginning of the Cloth of Many Colors Project.
To add your own piece of cloth or to make your own quilt please
go to: for information.

This promises to be a powerful moment for the whole world, and
we invite you to participate.

May Peace Prevail on Earth!


Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2000
From: Michael Dean <>
Subject: THE HUMAN FAMILY: A Constitution for the Peoples of the World
(Now changed to "A Vision of the Peoples of the World" - see explanation below)

Dear Jean,

Thank you so much for the splendid MELTDOWN piece - which I have sent on
to one or two friends who are alert to this crisis, and working towards viable
solutions. . .

If you approve of the following, I shall be very grateful indeed if you will share it with your
correspondents, whose comments, suggestions, ideas and amendments will be very welcome:


The Human Family

A Vision of the Peoples of the World

(Note from Jean: This document was initially entitled "A Constitution for the Peoples of the World" but Michael decided to change it to this new title above as explained below)


Despite the best efforts of all the institutions and individuals who work
ceaselessly for peace and harmony, and despite the deep reservoirs
of tolerance and goodwill that exist among us, the nations and peoples
of the world remain disunited. It could be argued that this is inevitable,
given that the human race comprises many different races, each with
its own special character and culture, each rich in history, traditions
and ideals, and each possessed of a fierce, and justifiable, pride in

And yet the problems of the world will only be solved if we put aside
our differences, resentments and hostilities, and begin to think as one
people, one race, one family. If we cannot find a unity of outlook and
perspective, at least we can create a Constitution or code of honour
which will inform our dealings with each other - a mission statement
for the whole human race as we step into the future together.

A simple written Constitution, drafted by men and women of vision -
in consultation with the peoples of the world, children included - would
not only do much to restore our morale at this time of global crisis and
insecurity, it might also serve to halt the inexorable social and moral
decline that is reflected by news headlines almost every day. It would
also remind those who tend to live in the past that it is time we
addressed the future. The Œglobal village‚ is now a truly multi-racial,
multi-cultural society - and is all the richer for that.

So long as we remain without a Constitution or code of honour and
practice, we have no voice, no accepted standards, principles or ethics
to guide us - and little to protect us from despots and other public
figures who, having attained power, might be tempted to abuse that
power. The door leading to chaos, unrest and even anarchy is now
wide open.

Someone once said, "Every nation has its own particular genius, and
has something unique to offer the world." That is as true today as it
ever was - maybe even more so. Let us therefore determine to resolve
our differences, once and for all - by announcing to the world at large
what we believe, and by recognising how much we have to gain by
codifying our relationship with each other.

The Human Family

A Constitution for the Peoples of the World

We, the people of the world, having just entered the uncharted territory
of a new century and a new Millennium, and bearing in mind our status
as members of one human family sharing a single planet, recognize that
this could be the moment to set down a brief statement of our beliefs and

We believe

. . .that our past has much to teach us, and that we can learn
as much, or more, from our mistakes as we can from our

. . .that by acknowledging those mistakes, we can prepare the
way for reconciliations and renewed friendships between us;

. . .that our differences of nationality, culture and history are
a source of the richness of human society;

. . .that tolerance and open-mindedness, backed up by
positive action, can heal most of the wounds inflicted by
prejudice and intolerance;

. . .that bigotry is an expression of fear and lack of confidence,
and that generosity of spirit is an expression of self-knowledge
and self-assurance;

. . .that we are all entitled to our beliefs, customs and preferences
- but we have no right to impose those beliefs, customs and
preferences on others;

. . .that the primary purpose of education from now on should be
to encourage and empower the personal growth of every student,
and to eliminate fear, arrogance and aggression from the syllabus
once and for all;

. . .that competition is healthy only so long as it does not lead to
ruthlessness, dishonesty and unscrupulousness;

. . .that honour, respect, kindness and compassion should no
longer be thought of as virtues but rather as an essential part of
our nature, without which we are incomplete;

. . .that our governments should reflect the will of the people they
serve; that they should guide, advise and lead us - but not compel
or attempt to control us;

. . .that men and women have much to learn from each other and
good reason to respect each other; and that they make better
partners and colleagues than rivals;

. . .that in all matters affecting the quality of our lives and our future,
men, women and children should all have an equal voice;

. . .and that, in view of the interconnectedness of all people and all
things, we should now consider ourselves to be citizens not only
of our country and our race, but of the world.

We intend

. . .to face the future with confidence and self-respect, but without
arrogance or insularity;

. . .to share our knowledge and experience, our strengths and
resources with others;

. . .to remember that in all our encounters and relationships, we
are not only representing ourselves, but our family, our country
and our race;

. . .to contribute whatever we can to the quality of human life;

. . .to do whatever we can to protect the Earth, whose gifts we have
taken for granted and whose hospitality we have abused;

. . .to do whatever we can to create, and to help others to create,
another way of life on Earth - a life without poverty, disease, crime,
famine, fear, injustice, oppression, insecurity, hatred and war.


The above draft has no author - it wrote itself, because it wanted to do so.
We are aware that it is inadequate and incomplete, but we hope it will
prompt others to take action that will lead to the eventual creation and
publication of A Constitution for the Peoples of the World - a mission
statement or code of honour that will set the seal on our lives and on
human relations for years to come.

We urge those who are privileged to draw up this historic document to
do so in a language that will be understood by us all - including our

We are aware that the forging of Empires and the creation of industries,
technologies and cities have required primarily male energy, courage
and enterprise.

But now, at a time when so much of human life is in the balance,
and many of the resources on which we depend are now at risk, we
respectfully suggest that the Œkeynote‚ of this document - and of the
next chapter in our history - should be compassion: the ability to
respect the lives and hopes and needs of others.

And if compassion has always been associated more with women
than with men, then the time has come for men to swallow their pride,
to recognize that compassion is a strength, not a weakness, and to
follow women's example.



"I think it is a great document inspired by noble ideals. This "mission statement or code of honour" is certainly indicative of the kind of future we want to see emerging as more and more people discover the absolute necessity of acting out of compassion in every aspect of our lives.

However I wonder if the choice of the name "A Constitution for the Peoples of the World" is the most appropriate to spark interest for reading and adding onto this document, as a constitution is normally a legal founding document for a nation. I understand that you want this document to be seen as a kind of formal statement that "the Peoples of the World" will adopt, but again I doubt it could ever be adopted by *peoples*. I'd rather recommend to present it as an inspiring Vision Statement that individual people may choose to use as a guiding source of inspiration for their own lives.

Better leave this kind of thing out of the legalese sphere and put it squarely where is belongs, in the "soulese" sphere as this is more aimed at bringing forth the natural will to do good stemming from our souls than being use as a legal reference for what peoples are supposed to do."



This is just a brief message, to thank you once again for your wonderful
intuition and insight - and to tell you that, thanks entirely to you, the document
I recently sent you has just been re-named:

THE HUMAN FAMILY: A Vision of the Peoples of the World

Every good wish - and thanks once again for your enlightened leadership and

Michael. :-D

* * * * * * * * * *


The final version of the Earth Charter was approved and released by the Earth Charter Commission at its meeting in Paris in March 2000.

For over a decade diverse groups throughout the world have endeavored to create an Earth Charter that sets forth fundamental principles for a sustainable way of life. Hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals have been involved in the process of developing the document. This consultation process has fostered a worldwide dialogue on shared values and global ethics, and it has resulted in an inspiring vision of global interdependence and universal responsibility.

The Earth Charter document is now being circulated throughout the world as a people's treaty in an effort to promote awareness and commitment to Earth Charter values and sustainable patterns of development. The Earth Charter campaign is focusing on the promotion of the Earth Charter as an educational tool for use in schools, universities, and other organizations and as a values framework for professional codes of conduct and national development plans. The Earth Charter Commission will seek endorsement of the Earth Charter by the United Nations General Assembly in 2002, which is the tenth anniversary of the Rio Earth Summit.

We encourage you to use the Earth Charter as an educational tool to raise awareness and to inspire commitment to sustainable living. Use it to help the members of your organization or community focus on fundamental ethical issues and choices. It is also a helpful values framework for designing professional codes of conduct.

For more information on the Earth Charter campaign please visit the Earth
Charter website at:


Tobin Scipione
Program Officer
Earth Charter International Drafting Committee



Benchmark Draft II
Abbreviated Version


In our diverse yet increasingly interdependent world, it is imperative that we, the people of Earth, declare our responsibility to one another, to the greater community of life, and to future generations. We are one human family and one Earth community with a common destiny.

Humanity is part of a vast evolving universe. Earth, our home, is alive with a unique community of life. The well-being of people and the biosphere depends upon preserving clean air, pure waters, fertile soils, and a rich variety of plants, animals and ecosystems. The global environment with its finite resources is a primary common concern of all humanity. The protection of Earth's vitality, diversity, and beauty is a sacred trust.

The Earth community stands at a defining moment. With science and technology have come great benefits and also great harm. The dominant patterns of production and consumption are altering climate, degrading the environment, depleting resources, and causing a massive extinction of species. A dramatic rise in population has increased the pressures on ecological systems and has overburdened social systems. Injustice, poverty, ignorance, corruption, crime and violence, and armed conflict deepen the world's suffering. Fundamental changes in our attitudes, values, and ways of living are necessary.

The choice is ours: to care for Earth and one another or to participate in the destruction of ourselves and the diversity of life.

As a global civilization comes into being, we can choose to build a truly democratic world, securing the rule of law and the human rights of all women, men, and children. We can respect the integrity of different cultures. We can treat Earth with respect, rejecting the idea that nature is merely a collection of resources to be used. We can realize that our social, economic, environmental, and spiritual problems are interconnected and cooperate in developing integrated strategies to address them. We can resolve to balance and harmonize individual interests with the common good, freedom with responsibility, diversity with unity, short term objectives with long term goals, economic progress with the flourishing of ecological systems.

To fulfill these aspirations, we must recognize that human development is not just about having more, but also about being more. The challenges humanity faces can only be met if people everywhere acquire an awareness of global interdependence, identify themselves with the larger world, and decide to live with a sense of universal responsibility. The spirit of human solidarity and kinship with all life will be strengthened if we live with reverence for the sources of our being, gratitude for the gift of life, and humility regarding the human place in the larger scheme of things.

Having reflected on these considerations, we recognize the urgent need for a shared vision of basic values that will provide an ethical foundation for the emerging world community. We, therefore, affirm the following principles for sustainable development. We commit ourselves as individuals, organizations, business enterprises, communities, and nations to implement these interrelated principles and to create a global partnership in support of their fulfillment.


Together in hope, we pledge to:

1. Respect Earth and all life.
2. Care for the community of life in all its diversity.
3. Strive to build free, just, participatory, sustainable, and peaceful societies
4. Secure Earth's abundance and beauty for present and future generations.

In pursuit of these goals, we will:

5. Protect and restore the integrity of Earth's ecological systems, with special concern for biological diversity and the natural processes that sustain and renew life.

6. Prevent harm to the environment as the best method of ecological protection and, when knowledge is limited, take the path of caution.

7. Treat all living beings with compassion, and protect them from cruelty and wanton destruction.

8. Adopt patterns of consumption, production, and reproduction that respect and safeguard Earth's regenerative capacities, human rights, and community well-being.

9. Ensure that economic activities support and promote human development in an equitable and sustainable manner.

10. Eradicate poverty, as an ethical, social, economic, and ecological imperative

11. Honor and defend the right of all persons, without discrimination, to an environment supportive of their dignity, bodily health, and spiritual well-being.

12. Advance worldwide the cooperative study of ecological systems, the dissemination and application of knowledge, and the development, adoption, and transfer of clean technologies.

13. Establish access to information, inclusive democratic participation in decision making, and transparency, truthfulness, and accountability in governance.

14. Affirm and promote gender equality as a prerequisite to sustainable development.

15. Make the knowledge, values, and skills needed to build just and sustainable communities an integral part of formal education and lifelong learning for all.

16. Create a culture of peace and cooperation.

As never before in human history, common destiny beckons us to seek a new beginning. Such renewal is the promise of these Earth Charter principles. Fulfillment of this promise requires an inner change -- a change of mind and heart. It requires that we take decisive action to adopt, apply, and develop the vision of the Earth Charter. Every individual, family, organization, and government has a critical role to play. Youth are fundamental actors for change. We can, if we will, take advantage of the creative possibilities before us and inaugurate an era of fresh hope.

If you want to support this initiative, visit
and/or read also the integral version of the Earth Charter at:


From: "Kiki Paquet" <>
Subject: Re: Jubilee 2000 petition for 3rd World debt cancellation + To Fill A Sieve
Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000

Dear Jean,

Thanks a lot for posting the petition!

I will be demonstrating with the many associations for 3rd world debt
cancellation on 26 September in Paris. It's the date of the IMF/World Bank
meeting in Prague. We have been asked to wear black in sign of mourning for
the daily 19,000 children deaths.

It would be really good if you could call for a special meditation on this
purpose, we do need all the help we can get.

Thanks for the teaching "to fill a sieve with water", it is so moving and

Take good care of yourself Jean


Dear Kiki

Thanks for passing on the petition in the first place ;-)

Please keep me/us posted as to how things shape up after the demo in Paris and the IMF/World Bank
meeting in Prague.

As far as researching and preparing a Focus Group meditation on the topic of Third World debts and their tragic effects on the poorest people of the world and the more than 6 million children who die every year partly as a direct and indirect result of this debt burden, it is a bit late now for it to be possible. But I'm happy to pass on your suggestion along in the next compilation so people may take note of it and keep it in mind during their prayers and meditations in the coming weeks and months as this is a problem that, unfortunately, won't go away until the governments of the world and the bankers cancel those debts and start shifting their priorities from protecting and pampering the rich and priviledged few to protecting and feeding/clothing/housing the poor and forgotten multitude.

But even if things still look bleak for more than one billion of our brothers, sisters and children around the world, I'm confident and trust that we are collectively headed in the right direction and that as the human heart opens indidually and globally, such disproportionate and unfair distribution of wealth and resources will gradually but sure enough be corrected and balanced during our lifetime.

This is the vision guiding a growing number of people like you and me and millions of others and because we are all connected at a deep spiritual and psychic level, this vision of plenty *enough* for all to live a happy and fulfilled life will soon prevail as the driving force behind all our actions.

Loving, caring and sharing with every single one of us ALL - THAT'S the way to go!...



Subject: Re: U.S. Congress wants to give more fiscal protection to the rich and the trend towards the legalization of drugs in Europe
Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000

Dear Jean,

I just read an interesting article about democracy in LE MONDE DIPLOMATIQUE.

I am sending you a short excerpt, and if you find it interesting enough,
maybe you could translate it in English for your readers:



By Alain GRESH

"Recently the United States Congress has voted, in its first reading, a bill that would exempt the fortune of a few thousands billionaires from any inheritance tax, which means the U.S. will lose approximately 30 billion dollars (every year). According to American commentator Paul Krugman
("Pity the pain of the very rich", International Herald Tribune, June 15, 2000) this decision only validates the law of the powerful according to which "money talks".

While this speeds up the return to a voting system based on the poll tax in the world's biggest democracy, an almost invisible hurricane has swept across the planet: between 1974 and 1999, 113 countries have shifted from an authoritarian regime to a multiparty system. How are we supposed to make sense of such a contradiction?"



My answer to the above question is that the world is still in total illusion
as to American democracy, one which is more efficient than communism in
making the rich richer and the poor poorer.

I have the feeling that many American people have been falsely informed and
brain-washed into thinking that the only way to fight "criminals" (most of
them non violent grass dealers as pointed out in your newsletter) is to be
tougher than them. One American friend of mine, who is a sweet man, lives
in such fear that he is convinced that death penalty is good. He does not
know better.


Europeans are now strongly struggling to legalize drugs in order to
eradicate crimes and gangs, and so we can keep the money for ourselves
instead of the drug barons. French magazines can at last talk freely about
drugs. Experiments of "authorized drugs" have been conducted successfully
in Switzerland, drug addicts go back to work and to a normal life while
taking quality state-controlled drugs (i.e. heroin and coke, grass being
already on the legalization process) it's cheaper, cleaner, and allows
people to think about something else than finding the needed fix.
French/German television ARTE showed a 100% positive report about those
experiments. So we do hope to get out of prohibition soon.

Many thanks to you Jean
Warm Regards



Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000
Subject: Re: Taking Charge of One's Health

Dear Jean

I am always amazed at how "right on" you are about the most pressing issues that concern us all at the moment.

I am a natural healer, I come from a line of natural healers from Nicaragua.

Allopathic medicine has never given much focus on preventive medicine. It is much more lucrative to wait until the body is in a state of "dis-ease". We as natural healers know that before the physical body manifest disease, the damage to our etheric layers is usually profound.

I cannot encourage people enough to take personal responsiblity for their own health and well being. Be forever vilgilent and MINDFUL about what enters your body, mind, and spirit. As you gather information about the world out side of you, gather information about what goes on inside of you.

Thank you again, Jean, for being the spark of thought that propels many into action.

Althea Avery Gray


From: Michael Levy <>
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000
Subject: Re: The Global Oil Price Crisis -- a Blessing in Disguise

A Lesson of Ignorance in the North Carolina Mountains.

I have sampled first hand how man's stupidity is destroying the beauty God has

Urgent action to clean up our Seas, Rivers, Forests, Mountains and cities is
needed and needed now. We can all play our part to lobby the Media and

They must realize we will no longer tolerate the pollution of the air we
breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. What is the point of a Hi-Tech
revolution when the outcome is revolting.

How the coal-fired power stations have been allowed to pollute the air for so
long can only be explained by the total ignorance of the meaning of life by
those company directors who only care about the balance sheet. It seems it is
money first and health second in the North Carolina Mountains. The technology
is available to reduce the foul emissions by 80% but when greed and egos
rule, good people suffer.

We must still not lose sight of our reason for living. We live to enjoy our
existence, even though we are tested in many ways. Every moment is a God
given gift and no amount of negativity or man-made stupidity can ever take
one moment of joy away. When our soul becomes our guide, it enlightens our
path to a true everlasting reality. It is time for the egos of the
power-station bosses to take a long hike and for their Souls to light up the
Smokies with a breath of fresh air.

Michael Levy Author
Poet Philosopher


Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000
Subject: Re: The Military Legacy & Some Perspectives on the Criminalization of U.S. Society
From: Alanna Hartzok <>

Thanks. This is really terrific. Could you please sometime include the Green Tax Policy?

Global Warming Threatens One-Third of Habitat

Warming and Terrestrial Biodiversity Decline" by the World Wildlife Fund
finds that global warming will cause "fundamental changes to a third of
world's plant and animal habitats" with accelerated species extinction
likely by 2100 says BBC News 8/30. Hardest hit would be northern
latitude countries such as Canada, Russia and those in Scandinavia where
"up to 70%" of habitat could be lost. In the U.S. northern spruce and
fir forests are vulnerable and those species that inhabit them would
need to find suitable habitat "ten times faster than they did during the
last ice age merely to survive."

From: "Harmonia" <>
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000

There's music in the sighing of a reed; There's music in the gushing
of a rill; There's music in all things, if men had ears.
Their earth is but an echo of the spheres.

- Byron (1788-1824)