September 12, 2000

Miscellaneous Subjects #23: Moyers On Dying, Graceful Passages + Some Feedbacks + Earth Healing Newsletter + Government of Sudan Continues Massive Bombing Campaign Against Civilian Targets + Idaho Observer article: War on drugs or war on the American people? + Stop Prisoner Rape website + Signs in English - around the world

Hello everyone

I've again lots of important information to pass on to you. Some of it below will undoubtedly be most inspiring to read, some frankly appaling, some funny, making hopefully for an overall balanced mix of empowering material.

And I'll have some more for you this week.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

NOTE FROM JEAN: I warmly recommend this special "On Our Own Terms: Moyers on Dying" series this week on PBS to all those of you in North America who might be interested in looking into how to die more gracefully. I've watched it yesterday and loved it. It continues tonight and tomorrow. Also my friend and outstanding New Consciousness musician Gary Malkin sent me the following which includes the good news about their soon-to-be-released new Graceful Passages album (2-CDs + 56 page giftbook resource) from which I heard some of its really moving songs and which I also heartily recommend to your attention.

Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000
From: Gary Malkin <>
Subject: Moyers On Dying, Graceful Passages

Hello Friends!

See if you can catch this Landmark Television Series through Wednesday, the 13th! We are proud to be associated with such a fine project!

Companion Arts announces:

"On Our Own Terms: Moyers on Dying"
Special Airing Nationally on PBS September 10 - 13
this Sunday through Wednesday, 9-10:30 PM (check local listings)

followed by

"With Eyes Open"
Four Half-Hour Episodes from KQED San Francisco Airing Nationally on PBS
Immediately Following the Moyers Specials September 10 - 13, 10:30-11PM
Music by Gary Remal Malkin, Companion Arts Co-founder

Dear friends and associates,

We invite you to view an extraordinary television event, "On Our Own
Terms: Moyers on Dying". Bringing awareness to the dying process in
a way never before offered to the mainstream culture of America, Bill
Moyers intends to start a national dialogue on this important issue.
Whether or not you are personally connected with someone who is
dying, each one of us will eventually be facing this experience.
Moyers inspires us to face death with less anxiety, and with more
perspective and compassion.

At the same time, we are happy to announce that Graceful Passages,
our 2-CD, 56 page giftbook resource for those facing life-threatening
illness, preparing for dying or other transitions, is about to be
released. Weaving beautiful music with original spoken messages from
Ram Dass, Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Thich Nhat Hanh, Fr.
Maximillian Mizzi, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Arun & Sunanda
Gandhi, The Very Rev. Alan Jones, Jyoti, Tu Weiming, Lewis Epstein
and others, Graceful Passages is a powerful and touching work. The
accompanying giftbook features a foreword by best-selling author Sam
Keen (Learning to Fly, Fire in the Belly); an introduction by Ira
Byock M.D., a nationally known specialist in palliative care (Dying
Well): and an epilogue by Kathleen Dowling Singh, Ph.D., (The Grace
in Dying), plus transcriptions of all the spoken words. This work
has been partially funded by the Nathan Cummings Foundation (a major
underwriter of the Moyers series) and Fund For Global Awakening, for
whom we are deeply grateful.

We are proud to say that Bill Moyers has endorsed Graceful Passages
by listing it in both the printed and online resource guides that
accompany his program. It is one of only two music resources listed
on the "On Our Own Terms" website,

Also, immediately following each episode of "On Our Own Terms" (on
most PBS affiliates), will be the follow-up program "With Eyes Open",
produced by KQED San Francisco. This program begins the dialogue
that Moyers hopes will take place in living rooms across the country,
and impeccably delivers even more. The composer of the music for
Graceful Passages, Gary Remal Malkin, also composed the theme and
score for "With Eyes Open". In fact, the first episode, entitled
"Grief and Healing", features instrumental portions of Graceful
Passages itself. Graceful Passages is listed in their website as

Graceful Passages is now being manufactured, and will be shipping in
early November for $24.95. Your advance order can be placed now for
an introductory price of $22.50 at our website,, or by calling 1-888-242-6608.

Thank you for your interest and continued support.


Michael Stillwater and Gary Remal Malkin
Co-Founders, Companion Arts

From: Palden Jenkins <>
Subject: Re: Green Files #12:

Hello Jean

When I read the TIME article on climate change last week, I was rather
stirred by the Arctic meltdown issue, and particularly about the lake at
the North Pole. While reading it I got one of those mysterious zingles on
the top of my head which said "There's more to this!".

The thought that followed was: trouble is, our (alternative/radical)
thinking on ecological issues is very much affected by current
ecological/scientific thinking, which is fine, but it cuts out some
elements too. I'd love to hear the thoughts of someone like (the late)
Viktor Schauberger on this issue (he proposed an entirely different picture
about water, currents and flows, temperature, gravity, energy and so on) -
he was one of the 20th Century's unrecognised great thinkers.

Something intuitive said: the poles - the magnetic and energy-system of
the Earth - unknown or obscure esoteric knowledge in this subject - feed in
some of the stuff some people have talked about concerning ET underwater
activities or other paranormal phenomena - feed in a wider perspective in
which (at least some) current Earth changes might actually be
transformative changes we might understand better in 100 years' time, and
see in a different light from today - feed in the problem that scientists
and environmentalists rest heavily on inadequate current knowledge and
assumptions in their assessments of current global ecological dangers....

If you happen to hear of any alternative theories or perspectives on the
hole in the Arctic ice at the Pole, I'd be interested! I get a sense
there's something more to all this, and that it might provide a key to our
understanding of the future. It might not necessarily be as bad as we're
prone to think - it might be a sign of something else going on, whether
'natural' or 'paranormal'. I can't back up this intuition though - so I'm
fishing for ideas! If anyone has any, I'm interested.

With love. Keep up the good work.

Glastonbury, England


Thanks for your comment.

Aside from the notion that the more intense solar activity of this year might be also to blame for the thawing of the Arctic ice, I've not heard other theories to explain it. As you will see in my other compilation today entitled "The Global Oil Price Crisis -- a Blessing in Disguise" I don't think we need to search for any other exotic or esoteric explanations for the melting of the Arctic ice.

Either we stop real quick polluting our world or we can kiss goodby to civilized life on planet Earth, whatever "civilized" may actually mean...


SUGGESTION: If anyone has an alternative theory to offer on polar ice melting, your are welcome to write to Palden.

From: "Leti Guerra" <>
Subject: Sudan
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000


Here is some info on Sudan, at the end, there is a site that has ready to
send letters to the president and to senators and representatives. All one
has to do is fill in the required info and send. Cool site to check out.



U.S. Committee for Refugees: Government of Sudan Continues Massive
Bombing Campaign Against Civilian Targets

August 15, 2000
The Crisis in Sudan

"In a gross violation of international law and humanitarian norms, the
government of Sudan continues to engage in a massive bombing campaign of
civilian targets in southern Sudan. The government's air force bombed
more than 33 targets in southern Sudan in July. The bombings by
Sudanese planes typically have targeted humanitarian relief centers,
schools, hospitals, and market places in a country that has already
suffered more than 2 million war related deaths and has more than 4
million people uprooted by the conflict. The pace of recent bombings is
increasing and has seriously endangered humanitarian relief operations."


"The Clinton Administration, skulking toward increasing its diplomatic
relations with the Sudanese government, is studiously ignoring these
intensified bombings even though many of the programs targeted by the
aerial attacks are supported by U.S. aid programs and private
international relief agencies. These bombings are clearly deliberate.
The Sudanese government is targeting southern Sudanese civilians and
relief workers who seek to save the lives of those civilians by
providing food and medical services. It makes a mockery of President
Clinton's often-repeated promises to respond seriously to African
humanitarian issues. The Clinton Administration should act through the
UN Security Council now to force an end to these escalating atrocities,"
said Roger Winter, executive director of the U.S. Committee for Refugees
in a recent press statement"



... "USCR fears that the Sudanese government is attempting to take
advantage of policy makers' inattention to international events during
the traditional August vacation season in North America and Europe as
well as American focus on upcoming U.S. elections. Contact President
Clinton, your Senators and Representative and urge them to take action
to save the lives of innocent men, women, and children in Sudan."

From: "Sharie Ramsey" <>
Subject: Re: Marilyn's reference to "Divine Intervention"
Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2000

Dear Marilyn,

I am writing to thank you for your beautiful letter to Jean Hudon. Your
words were powerful, concise, and crystal clear. I feel that most people
who read your e-mail will be touched by your insight and direction. You
inspired Jean to write a lovely and compelling reply as well, which he just
posted, which I hope will enlighten others about our inherent potential for
sharing our truth, peace, joy and love that is alive within us... so that
the world we create is a world worthy of the children of God... so that we
consciously create heaven on earth by being the one life that is both heaven
and earth.

Your use of the concept of "Divine Intervention" prompted me to question its
meaning... Certainly, I've been hearing this expression for decades, but in
the context of your truthful words, they stood out to me, and I felt an
uneasiness about them.

I looked up "intervention" in the dictionary -- it means, "to come
between... to be situated between... to come as an extraneous factor or
thing..." I recognized that "intervention" is not possible between the
Divine and humankind. God is not extraneous to us -- God is within us. Our
true prayer is for our Divine Immersion... our Divine Integrity... or Divine
Wholiness... and herein lies our eternal peace.

sharing love and bliss,


NOTE FROM JEAN: I'm sure this excellent newsletter put together by The World Healing Service in the UK will be of interest to many of you, especially because you'll find in it a compilation of all the various meditation rendez-vous that are proposed weekly and monthly by all kinds of groups and people around the world. I cannot include it entirely here as it is quite long but if you want to read it entirely, simply ask a copy

From: ""
Subject: Earth Healing Newsletter 11
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000



Dear Friends

Issue 11 of the Earth Healing Newsletter. We hope you are all well and
enjoying the exciting times we are in! After a massive last-minute
networking effort, this year's Harmonic Convergence Anniversary on August 17
turned out to be the biggest one yet, and at the Circle of Hearts medicine
wheel in Birmingham (UK), we were joined by many caring souls, some of whom
had travelled from different parts of the country to mark this occasion and
share their light, in honour of the original vision that inspired Harmonic
Convergence. We had a wonderful meditation and sacred sound ceremony for the
main linkup time, and then passed a 'Talking-Earth' around our circle
several times, allowing each one of us the opportunity to share our thoughts
and feelings on world healing - which were expressed with so much beauty and
wisdom. Throughout the day we heard from several keynote speakers who were a
great inspiration. We finished with a Sunset meditation and Dances of
Universal Peace.

The power of meditation, celebration, and positive thinking to uplift the
energies of our Planet can not be underestimated, and if we could actually
see into the subtle realms as easily as we can see everyday physical
objects, we would be awed by the potential we have to create our reality.
Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto has recently confirmed what we have long
suspected by photographing the effect of ideas, words, and music upon
molecules of water. A frozen water sample from the lake at Fujiwara Dam in
Japan showed that the water's structure is dark and amorphous, with no
crystalline formations. After a one-hour prayer practice beside the dam, new
water samples were taken, frozen and photographed. The change was stunning:
the blob of the former sample became a clear, bright-white hexagonal
crystal-within-a-crystal. For more on this, see

As I mentioned in Issue 9, the Pluto-Chiron conjunction in Sagittarius, and
various major aspects to Jupiter, will urge us to re-evaluate the beliefs
and values we hold, and to turn inwards to find our truth at all times,
rather than look to other people for it. Several revelations have
materialised since then (we are still experiencing the power of the
Pluto-Chiron conjunction), including the fall from grace of a world-famous
guru of the New Age, Sai Baba, whose ashrams are reported to be closing down
in response to criminal allegations from former devotees. Whether the
allegations are true or not, the seeming demise of a major guru figure
(Pluto in Sagittarius) is a message to all of us to stop projecting and to
search for our truth and mastery within, where our true connection to the
Divine can be found. As a recent message from the Hopi Indians reminds us:
'We are the ones we have been waiting for'.



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NOTE FROM JEAN: The following article reveals some absolutely baffling and little know facts about the direction the United States has been taking with regard to the freedom of its people and the criminalization - an corruption! - of a significant portion of its society. The human right situation in the US is getting way out of hands and we can only hope that the American public will wake up before it is too late...

From: "Anne-Marie Cook" <>
Subject: Fw: Idaho Observer War on drugs or war on the American people
Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000

Jean - This is the BEST and MOST OBJECTIVE coverage of the incarceration of the American People I have ever found. Check this one out - Many of the conclusions I have already suspected, and am now determined to DO MY PART to change the system - while we still can.

Love & Light to You

Anne-Marie :)

PS: Thank You for including me in your list.

>From the August 2000 Idaho Observer:

War on drugs or war on the American people?

Over the last several years, the federal government has declared wars on poverty, homelessness, illiteracy, physical and sexual abuse, sex and violence on TV, teen pregnancy and drugs. To date, though billions of tax dollars have been thrown into these wars, we have lost them like we lost in Viet Nam -- and for many of the same reasons. The federal government uses our money to fight battles it has never intended to win.

After reading the following, you will agree that your government is not waging a war on drugs. The war is on the freedom of the American people.

By The November Coalition

1. The United States has a larger percentage of its population in prison than any country on Earth. Over 2 million human beings languish behind bars. Well over sixty percent of federal prisoners, and a significant fraction of state and local prisoners, are non-violent drug offenders, mostly first time offenders. Due to the War on Drugs, we have become the world's leading jailer. One out of 35 Americans is under the control of the Criminal Justice System. If present incarceration rates hold steady, one out of 20 Americans, one out of 11 men, and one out of four black men in this country today can expect to spend some part of their life in prison.

2. One out of three young African American (ages 18 to 35) men in the United States are in prison or on some form of supervised release. The Drug War is clearly a race war. Our country has more African American men in prison than in college. We call ourselves the Land of the Free, yet we have a four times higher percentage of Black men in prison than South Africa at the height of apartheid, an official national policy of institutionalized racism.

3. One out of nine school-age children has one or both parents in prison. At the present exponential increase in incarceration, this number will be one out of four alarmingly soon. We are breeding an entire generation of embittered and disenfranchised "prison orphans." We are losing an entire generation of young people.

4. The average sentence for a first time, non-violent drug offender is longer than the average sentence for rape, child molestation, bank robbery or manslaughter. As our prisons rapidly fill to bursting, rapists and murderers are being given early release to make room for "no parole" drug offenders. While law enforcement continues to go after relatively easy drug violation arrests, every major city in this country has a record number of unsolved homicides.

5. Every year, 8,000 to 14,000 people die from illegal drugs in this country. Every year, over 500,000 people die from legal drugs (Tobacco, liquor and prescriptions). This is roughly a 50-to-one ratio. Alcohol alone is involved in seven times more violent crimes than all illegal substances combined. Yet our government continues to hugely subsidize alcohol and tobacco, while demonizing those who would exercise a different choice.

6. It's been empirically shown that education and treatment is seven times more cost effective than arrest and incarceration for substance addiction, yet we continue to spend more tax dollars on prisons than treatment. In this 'Land of Liberty', we spend more money on prisons than on schools.

We are clearly addicted to mass punishment of consensual 'crimes' on a staggering scale. The sheer magnitude of all the human misery generated in our government's war on it's own people is truly terrifying.

7. Federal prosecutors reportedly have a 98 percent conviction rate, and federal appellate courts reject 98 percent of appeals. The American Bar Association says this number should be closer to 60-70 percent. Does this mean that over 30 percent of those jailed are technically or literally innocent (Do we really trust our government to do anything with 98 percent efficiency?)? The nearly limitless and clearly unconstitutional powers that have been handed to the U.S. Attorneys by Congress is mind blowing in the extreme. The Bill of Rights is rapidly becoming a fond memory.

8. If the federal government were to have its way, you can be given the death penalty for 'trafficking' in two ounces of marijuana. Former 'Drug Czar' William Bennett (author of 'The Book of Virtues'!) has advocated the public beheading of convicted drug offenders. LA Police Chief Daryl Gates has publicly stated that casual drug users should be taken from the court room and summarily executed. We are rapidly approaching a totalitarian police state, where absolute power flows directly from wealth, and any deviation from the officially mandated status quo can mean incarceration, torture or even death.

9. The prohibition of alcohol in the early part of this century financed the birth of the present day criminal underground. The prohibition of drugs has given incredible power to the inner city street gangs, and put hundreds of millions of dollars into their hands. A generation ago, they fought with knives and brass knuckles. Now they have submachine guns and high explosives. We have turned our cities into war zones.

10. Because drug crimes are consensual, with no citizens filing charges, the government has had to get very creative to motivate suspects to testify against each other in trial. Known criminals are routinely paid hundreds of thousands of dollars, and offered virtual immunity, luxurious perks, and drastically reduced sentences for their information and testimony. Barter for perjury is rampant. Our prisons are full to bursting with innocent victims. More and more, federal prosecutors are acquiring almost unlimited powers in the courtroom. They set sentences; they dictate trial protocol; they have turned purchased betrayal of family and friends into a high art form. Judges in federal trials are fast becoming mere automatons.

11. I have reviewed and studied literally hundreds of cases in preparation for this project, and I keep seeing the same alarming trend. The drug "kingpins" and professional criminals continually plea-bargain their way to freedom, or leave the country with all their wealth, while the low level offenders and innocent patsies, with no information to trade for leniency, and no resources for an adequate defense, are sentenced to insanely long terms. We are warring on the afflicted and the vulnerable.

12. In 30 years of "The War On Drugs," our government hasn't managed to accomplish even a small reduction in drug dealing and abuse, yet we have spent almost a trillion dollars. ONE TRILLION DOLLARS! That is a huge fraction of the total national debt. All we've done is fill up our prisons at a terrifying rate, and pay homage to meaningless, mean-spirited rhetoric, like "Zero Tolerance" and "Just Say No" and "Tough on Crime." By current estimates, we need to build a complete new federal prison every two weeks just to keep up with the demand. At the present exponential rate of incarceration, we will have half of our population in prison within 50 years. Is this how we want to greet the new millennium? We will rip this nation to pieces.

13. It has been estimated that almost 10 percent of international trade is in profits from illicit substances. Some third world countries count narco-dollars as a significant fraction of their gross national product. While the drug war destroys countless lives among the working and peasant classes, the privileged elite grows wealthy beyond imagining. There is a strong economic incentive to keep the war going ad infinitum. While our elected officials pay lip service to "a drug free America," the CIA is routinely involved with massive international drug-trafficking to finance its covert operations.

14. Don't think for a minute that you and your family are immune, because "we don't do drugs." As the criminal justice juggernaut swells out of control, "innocent until proven guilty" has lost all meaning. You can be sucked into the prison-industrial complex on little more than a whim, and spend a lifetime trying to find relief. An evening spent with the wrong crowd; a moment of rebellion or bad judgment, and your sons and daughters will fall victim. It has become insanely easy to prove conspiracy based on mere association and bartered for hearsay. Drugs are everywhere, from the inner city ghettos to the gated estates of the privileged classes. One mistake, one moment of unfortunate coincidence, and your loved ones will be gone, locked up for 10 years to life. One day soon, it will happen to you, or your family, or your friends; make no mistake. This madness must stop now.


The above article by the November Coalition was exhaustively researched and footnoted. References and other resources regarding the federal war on the American people are available by contacting the November Coalition at:, or by calling: (509) 684-1550.



"The horrors experienced by many young inmates, particularly those who are convicted of nonviolent offenses, border on the unimaginable. Prison rape not only threatens the lives of those who fall prey to their aggressors, but it is potentially devastating to the human spirit. Shame, depression, and a shattering loss of self-esteem accompany the perpetual terror the victim thereafter must endure."

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun,
Farmer v. Brennan

Stop Prisoner Rape is committed to combating the rape of male and female prisoners and to helping survivors of jailhouse rape. As part of that commitment, these pages necessarily include sexually-explicit language that some may want to avoid.


From: "Anne-Marie Cook" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2000

Dear Jean Hudon,

I too, have become shockingly aware of how many of US are in jail in the last couple of years. While my friends are ALL law-abiding, working, paying taxes citizens, I had to help 4 of them get out of jail JUST THIS YEAR. At first I thought, I was wrong about them, then I looked closer and realized I WAS LIVING IN A GLASS HOUSE - I decided to take action - NOW - Please check out Dr. John Hagelin and see his NEW PERSPECTIVE. I see John as a choice for light - NOW IS THE TIME - we may get no other time to choose. Please check this out.... Love & Light - Anne-Marie :)


Dear Friends, Loved Ones & Business Associates,

I am sending this message to EVERYONE in my mailbox - even those of you who are not on any lists. I, like many of you, have been becoming more and more unhappy with the loss of freedom and voice in our government. However, I have just returned from the Natural Law Party /Reform Party Coalition Convention and I am so inspired that I am asking each and every one of you to please listen to John Hagelin and then VOTE FROM YOUR HEART. It is true that he has received very little attention from the press and syndicate TV stations. However, those modes of communication are now paid for and supported by Special Interest Groups and Big Business that DO NOT have OUR BEST INTEREST AT HEART. We still have this FREE medium to communicate a message that I feel needs to be heard. Please go to CSPAN and listen to the tone and the light in the speeches given by Dr. John Hagelin and his team. John Hagelin has been chosen as the Presidential candidate for both the NLP and Reform parties. We NOW have a pure light being who is fully capable of bringing spirituality, integrity, and FREEDOM back into the political system. We have a chance now - our chance lies in the successful establishment of the NLP/Reform Party coalition as a 'credible, legal, democratic choice of the people - for the people'. We CAN DO THIS PEACEFULLY - we have only 65 days. We can SIMPLY execute our CHOICE by utilizing our RIGHT TO VOTE!!! Last election over 150 million Americans did not use their right of choice/right to vote (representing 89% of the American population). I believe these people may include many of YOU who do not feel there is a CHOICE THAT REPRESENTS YOU. This is the first time since the Lincoln campaign that we have had a truly VIABLE, COMPREHENSIVE, SOLUTION to the problems that plague us - the American citizens. If you do not utilize this freedom, you will always be subject to living within the decisions that BIG MONEY, BIG BUSINESS, BIG Special Interest Groups demand of the candidates.

Please take the following steps to secure your freedom:

1. Register to vote - if you are not currently registered (print out the form for your state and send it in) -go to:

2. Go to CSPAN and CNN and HEAR THE SPEECHES from last weekend - AWE INSPIRING - go to :

3. Read the campaign platform for the Natural Law Party and Reform Party - go to:

4. Vote from your heart based on LOVE not FEAR.

With Love, Light and Hope,

Anne-Marie Cook :)
(AKA Flaming Sun, Miss Energy, Little Wonder Woman)


Signs in English - around the world

The following may be of little interest to those "learning" English.
But I believe it will be of great fascination to those that speak English fluently:


In a Bucharest hotel lobby:
The lift is being fixed for the next day.
During that time we regret that you will be unbearable.

In an advertisement by a Hong Kong dentist:
Teeth extracted by the latest Methodists.

In a Tokyo hotel:
Is forbidden to steal hotel towels please.
If you are not a person to do such thing is please not to read notis.

On the menu of a Swiss restaurant:
Our wines leave you nothing to hope for.

At a Bangkok dry cleaners:
Drop your trousers here for best results.

In a hotel in Athens:
Visitors are expected to complain at the office between the hours of 9 and 11 a.m. daily.

Alongside a Hong Kong tailor shop:
Ladies may have a fit upstairs.

Advertisement for donkey rides in Thailand:
Would you like to ride on your own ass?

In a Belgrade hotel elevator:
Please leave your values at the front desk.

At a Rhodes tailor shop:
Order your summer suit.
Because is big rush we will execute customers in strict rotation.

In a Japanese hotel:
You are invited to take advantage of the chambermaid.

A sign posted in Germany's Black Forest:
It is strictly forbidden on our Black Forest camping site that people of different sex, for instance, men and women, live together in one tent unless they are married with each other for that purpose.

Two signs from a Majorcan shop entrance:
English well talking. Here speeching American.

Outside a Paris dress shop:
Dresses for street walking.

In an Austrian hotel catering to skiers:
Not to perambulate the corridors in the hours of repose in the boots of ascension.

In a Swiss mountain inn:
Special today: no ice cream.

>From the Soviet Weekly:
There will be a Moscow exhibition of arts by 15,000 Soviet Republic painters and sculptors. These were executed over the past two years.

In a Zurich hotel:
Because of the impropriety of entertaining guests of the opposite sex in the bedroom, it is suggested that the lobby be used for this purpose.

In the lobby of a Moscow hotel across from a Russian Monastery:
You are welcome to visit the cemetery where famous Russian and Soviet composers, artists, and writers are buried daily except Thursday.