August 24, 2000

Subject: Miscellaneous Subjects #22: A couple comments + Nuclear Submarines - a grim reminder of a dark secret + Ages-Old Polar Icecap Is Melting + North Pole icecap melts as global warming increases + Bush/Gore oil + Millennium Assembly sparks national protest and Rob Wheeler's reply to this + Independent panel criticizes TWA 800 crash report + Dangerous food additives BHA & BHT + BETTY MARTINI in the UK for this year's Aspartame Awareness Week

Hello everyone

I could not resist taking time today to prepare the following compilation for you. One of the main items is the quick melting of the North Pole ice cover and also of the Greensland ice sheet, both ominous signs of big troubles ahead. Last time it apparently occured was 55 millions years ago. And now global warming is happening so fast that many species and ecosystems won't have time to adapt. Polar bears are most certain to go extinct. And so will be thousands of other species. Now the stock markets are unlikely to register this looming crisis amidst their usual frenzy of profit-taking. The politicians are paying lip service to it all as usual. Most people can barely devote any attention to the news since they are entirely caught up in the survival game to make ends meet and those who pay attention often feel so powerless that they prefer not taking it all too seriously. Which leaves very few people, usually the same whistle-blowers as usual, to actually try to tackle the problem at its roots and bring our oil-based civilization to veer course towards a more environmentally sustainable future.

While this is going on, lethal radiations are seeping from dozens of leaking derelict Russian nuclear submarines, the US government is concealing the fact that Flight TWA 800 was destroyed by their own missiles a few years ago, etc., etc...

AND absolutely amazing new crop circles are going completely unreported by the newsmedia. I really recommend you take a few minutes to contemplate some of the latest creations by the mysterious "circles makers" and feel the awesome awakening influence of those intricate designs on your mind and soul - 3 small pics are attached as a teaser...



Feel free to circulate as usual and to send in your personal comments ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2000
Subject: Re: Green Files #11

Regarding the Digital Angel...

Kind of like electricity
It can light and heat our homes
... it can also electrocute and power the boob tube

Kind of like the automobile
It can make our lives much easier
....and kill hundreds of thousands each year

Kind of like the TV
With the travel channel, discover, etc
...and the evening "news"

Kind of like the Internet
Breaking down barriers & making the world smaller
... or spreading fear and misinformation

Basically neutral
... the use determined by our consciousness.

Michael Lightweaver

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Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000
Subject: Re: [focus-group] Meditation Focus #15: THE EXTREMES IN GLOBAL WEATHER

Dear Jean,

In addition to my noticing how beautifully balanced the focus group has become
in both facing the reality of a situation and applying the spiritual law of
attraction by focusing on what we want instead, I see another reader has also
noticed this balance with appreciation. You have clearly succeeded in
achieving this spiritual/temporal balance required for manifesting our
dreams. Good going and blessings on all of you for this wonderful service to
humanity and the world....and for all of the work and dedication required to
achieve it.

With aloha,



And thanks again Bobbie for your kind words of support and appreciation. I do hope indeed that by helping more and more people to focus on the kind of world we want - as opposed to focussing mostly on what is wrong as most of the mainstream media do - we will all contribute in manifesting a world of peace, environmental sanity and true love for all living, sentient - and not only human - beings. This is an emerging reality that we need both to celebrate and unreservedly dedicate ourselves to make this dream come true - which I know we are succeeding in doing, because I can see and hear from many sources - for instance, the number of active conflicts on Earth is going down according to a reliable source I just read - that we are headed in the right direction even if we have still a long way to go before we can claim we made it successfully. But isn't the whole point of the planetary spiritual drama we are playing for ourselves precisely about creating tough circumstances to enable us to have tough choices to make and so deserve our evolutionary lessons in the most daring and profoundly soul-etching way?... If we had it too easy we wouldn't have such powerful learning experiences.

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Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000
From: "Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D." <>
Subject: New Healing Our World available


The tragedy of the sinking of the Russian submarine Kursk off the coast
of Norway's northeastern tip on Sunday is a grim reminder that nuclear
weapons and nuclear technologies still present as much a threat as they
ever did. In fact, the threat may be greater than at any other time in

The loss of the lives of the crew of the Kursk is a terrible tragedy and
one that is made all the more terrible when you realize that the only
purpose for submarines like it is to make war.

Read about the world's fleet of nuclear powered naval war machines in
this week's "Healing Our World" commentary entitled "Nuclear Submarines
- a grim reminder of a dark secret," on the Environment News Service at

In this commentary I examine the five countries that have nuclear
powered naval vessels. Does the United States need a fleet of 101
nuclear subs? Does Russia need its fleet of 109? Do we need the 241
nuclear subs in the world, each capable of unleashing terrible
destruction and environmental devastation? These questions must be
answered as we face the deadly awareness that the world is constantly on
the brink of war and environmental catastrophe.

My heart goes out to all the families of the Kursk crew. I pray that
this tragedy won't be repeated. Now we must face the fact that the
weapons and the two nuclear reactors of that sub are ticking time bombs
on the bottom of the sea.

I wish you peace.

Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D.


Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000
From: Robert Hoffmann <>
Subject: Minsinformation over Russian sub is potentially lethal

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From: Gérald <>
Subject: New York Times - August 19, 2000 : Global Warming
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2000

Ages-Old Polar Icecap Is Melting, Scientists Find


The North Pole is melting.

The thick ice that has for ages covered the Arctic Ocean at the pole has turned to water, recent visitors there reported yesterday. At least for the time being, an ice-free patch of ocean about a mile wide has opened at the very top of the world, something that has presumably never before been seen by humans and is more evidence that global warming may be real and already affecting climate.

The last time scientists can be certain the pole was awash in water was more than 50 million years ago.

"It was totally unexpected," said Dr. James J. McCarthy, an oceanographer, director of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University and the co-leader of a group working for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which is sponsored by the United Nations. The panel is studying the potential environmental and economic consequences of marked climate change.

Dr. McCarthy was a lecturer on a tourist cruise in the Arctic aboard a Russian icebreaker earlier this month. On a similar cruise six years ago, he recalled, the icebreaker plowed through an icecap six to nine feet thick at the North Pole.

This time, ice was generally so thin that sunlight could penetrate and support concentrations of plankton growing under the ice. Dr. McCarthy said the icebreaker's Russian captain, who has made the voyage 10 times in recent years, said he had never before encountered open water at the pole.

Another lecturer, Dr. Malcolm C. McKenna, a paleontologist at the American Museum of Natural History, said the ship, the Yamal, crunched through miles of unusually thin ice and intermittent open water on the approach from Spitsbergen, Norway, to the pole. When the ship reached the pole -- which Dr. McKenna and his wife, Priscilla, confirmed with a hand-held Global Positioning System Priscilla, confirmed with a hand-held Global Positioning System navigation device -- water lapped its bow.

"I don't know if anybody in history ever got to 90 degrees north to be greeted by water, not ice," Dr. McKenna said in an interview. He instantly snapped pictures to document the phenomenon in photographs.

The Yamal eventually had to steam six miles away to find ice thick enough for the 100 passengers to get out and be able to say they had stood on the North Pole, or close to it. They saw ivory gulls flying overhead, the first time ornithologists said they had ever been sighted at the pole.

Over the last century, the average surface temperature of the globe has risen by about 1 degree Fahrenheit, and the rate of warming has accelerated in the last quarter century. (That's a significant amount, considering that the world is only 5 to 9 degrees warmer now than it was in the last ice age, 18,000 to 20,000 years ago.) Scientists and policy makers are still arguing about whether this is a natural fluctuation or an effect of industrial society's releasing heat-trapping gasses into the atmosphere.

"Some folks who pooh-pooh global warming might wake up if shown that even the pole is beginning to melt at least sometimes, as in the Eocene," Dr. McKenna added.

The Eocene was the geological period when the world's climate grew significantly warmer. Around 55 million years ago, according to sedimentary and fossil evidence, tropical vegetation spread inside the Arctic and Antarctic circles. Water and jungles dominated the polar environments, and in the generally warm world, mammals for the first time grew in number, size and diversity.

Previous studies of satellite and submarine observations have seemed to establish a warming trend in the northern polar region and raise the possibility of a melting icecap.

Scientists at the Goddard Space Science Institute, a NASA research center in Manhattan, compared data from submarines in the 1950's and 60's with 90's observations, demonstrating that the ice cover over the entire Arctic basin has thinned by 45 percent. Satellite images have revealed that the extent of ice coverage has significantly shrunk in recent years.

Dr. McCarthy said he would report the encounter with open polar water to environmental scientists and consult other scientists to see if new satellite remote-sensing data have detected the extent of the melting.

Recalling the reaction of passengers when they saw an iceless North Pole, he said: "There was a sense of alarm. Global warming was real, and we were seeing its effects for the first time that far north."

In their models of climate patterns, scientists have long suggested that the northern polar region would be affected earlier and more seriously than the southern region.

They said the greater expanse of land in the northern hemisphere should respond more rapidly to temperature change, presumably leading to marked climate change.

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From: "Sophie Kiiro" <>
Subject: North Pole melting
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000

North Pole icecap melts as global warming increases
Jonathan Leake, Environment Editor

Big thaw hits the North Pole

THE North Pole is melting for the first time in 55 million years. Researchers have
found that the icecap at the top of the world has turned into a mile-wide
patch of open ocean.

The melting of the pole last happened on such a scale when the Earth was
going through a period of rapid warming. This year's meltdown has been
linked with the greenhouse effect, where gases released by burning fossil
fuels are trapping ever more heat in the atmosphere and so warming the

The melting was discovered by James McCarthy, an oceanographer and member of
the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which is sponsored by
the United Nations to advise governments on global warming. It coincides
with official confirmation that the icecap covering Greenland is also

Earlier research conducted by McCarthy has shown that the average summer
thickness of ice at the North Pole was about 9ft. This year, however, he was
able to take a ship directly to the pole and then had to float over it -
because there was no ice to stand on. "It was totally unexpected," he said.
Researchers had warned that the polar icecap was shrinking by about 6% a
year, but nobody had expected the North Pole to melt until global warming
had become much more severe.

The meltdown could also counteract the Gulf Stream, which keeps Britain's
climate two to three degrees warmer than countries at similar latitudes.
The Eocene period, 55m years ago, was the last time the world's climate grew
rapidly warmer. Fossil evidence shows that it became warm enough for
tropical vegetation and animals to flourish in the Arctic and Antarctic

The news comes as the IPCC is drafting an important report on global warming
for publication in January.

This weekend it emerged that the report will, for the first time, confirm
that the Greenland icecap has not only started to melt but also will
eventually disappear unless global warming can be halted.

Sir John Houghton, former head of the Meteorological Office and who now
heads the IPCC's scientific panel, said the report would make it clear to
governments that the world's climate was changing rapidly.

"We are confident that climate change is due to human activities," he said.
The news also anticipates the November reopening of negotiations in the
Hague over ratifying the 1997 Kyoto climate change agreement.
Under the agreement, first world countries such as Britain and the United
States of America have to reduce their greenhouse emissions sharply by 6%-8%
by 2012.

Britain is likely to meet the target but, the report will say, most other
countries will fail. America - the world's biggest emitter of carbon dioxide
- is predicted to increase emissions by 15%.

There is also no agreement on reductions after 2012.
Houghton and his colleagues will tell governments that the world must slash
greenhouse gas emissions to 60% of 1990 levels by 2050 to avoid the worst
effects of climate change.

If the reductions are left for another 50 years it could prove too late.
The Hadley Centre - the Meteorological Office's climate change unit - has
warned of a "runaway" greenhouse effect where temperatures would reach a
point at which it could no longer be stopped.

Tony Juniper, campaigns director for Friends of the Earth, said the melting
of the North Pole showed how urgently action was needed.

"The melting polar ice is consistent with the predictions of scientists," he
said. "It shows global warming is for real and governments must agree
tougher pollution targets."

Dr Peter Wadhams, a specialist in sea ice at the Scott Polar Research
Institute in Cambridge, said it was wrong to suggest that the North Pole had
never lost its ice.

"Polar ice is always moving and these gaps can open up anywhere, including
the North Pole - but it is true that there are now many more of them," he
said. "Our research shows the average thickness of the polar ice has reduced
by 40% and its area is shrinking by 4% a year. By the end of this century it
will have disappeared completely."

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Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2000
From: Mark Graffis <>
Subject: Re: [energyresources] Bush/Gore oil

From: Mike Neligh <>

Bush is an idiot. Alaskan oil will not make enough difference to even consider.

A full force effort to develop ANWAR MIGHT bring Alaska's contribution to US
(not world) oil supply up to 20 %.

Gore is an idiot. Corn liquor and soy oil won't make a dent in comparison
to the coming crude shortages, especial once you factor out the hydrocarbon
based fuels and petro-chemicals currently used to produce corn, soy, and
nearly every other agricultural product.

Ralph Nader is an idiot. Conservation will not change the ultimate outcome
for oil dependent societies. Conservation might be the right thing to do
from a moral stand point, but in the end we are still left with the
individual responsibility to figure out how we will get along without oil.

Robert T Maginnis wrote:

> I don't like Gore, but Bush will be a disaster. The following is a
> quick look at presidential oil politics. I guess Bush/Cheney will drill
> more US oil for a quick fix, but Gore/Leiberman will at least make a
> minor effort at energy efficiency. There should be an honest attempt to
> discuss the truth at the debates. At least there should be recognition
> that more Alaska oil will only delay the problem for a year or two. I
> am less than honest myself, while claiming to support the only good
> candidate, Ralph Nader, I will vote for Gore at the last minute.
> Bob Maginnis

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Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000
From: Noelle Simpson <>
Subject: What's it all mean??

Millennium Assembly sparks national protest

From The Idaho Observer

Pro-American groups all over the nation are pooling their resources to
coordinate three days of protest over the gathering of a "Millennium
Assembly" September 6-10, 2000, at UN headquarters in New York City.
The assembly is expected to be the largest ever gathering of world
leaders under one roof. Leaders from all 188 UN member nations are
expected to attend. On the agenda for this historic event is the
adoption of a revised version of the UN Charter--the Charter for
Global Democracy--which calls for the massive restructuring and
strengthening of UN authority worldwide. Millennium Assembly
organizers have also announced that the UN will unveil plans intended
to expedite the implementation of one-world governance. Among the
items the assembly intends to address is the creation of a global IRS
that would tax email communications and international money transfers
and place a worldwide tax on energy products. The tax revenue will
be used to fund World Trade Organization control of international
commerce through World Bank influence over the global economy.
Former Soviet dictator-turned-environmentalist Mikhail Gorbechev of
the Green Cross Family is scheduled to open the Peoples' Millennium
Assembly September 4 at the New York Hilton. The Peoples' Millennium
Assembly is scheduled to last until September 10 and will be used as
a forum to convince people to appreciate a world bank, participate in
a world economy and espouse a world religion. Assembly participants
will also be told that it is in the best interests of the world's
peoples that a standing UN army be empowered to enforce international
law and that people who violate international law should be
prosecuted in the UN International Criminal Court.

The Idaho Observer, The American Media Association, The American
Policy Center, The Restoring America Committee and Detroit talk show
host Tom Wayne are just a few of the pro-American entities that are
coordinating a massive, nationwide protest of the UN agenda for
global governance and U.S. involvement in UN activities.



From: "Rob Wheeler" <>
Subject: Re: Rob I absolutely need to know what you think of this!
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000

Dear Jean,

The article you've sent on to me is totally inaccurate and full of bunk. You
could run it, however, to show how some of these people totally bend the
truth for their own purposes; and totally misinterpret what is going on in
the world.

My response to your question is that those hungering for power and control
seem more inclined to weaken and bypass the UN, rather than to take over
control of it.

I don't see much evidence of any corporate or government plan to create a
"non democratic form of world governance"; however the Free Trade
initiatives seem designed to allow corporations to do what they want with
little or no controls by either governments or the people. Some people are
concerned that business is beginning to exert an undue influence on the UN.

Now I will respond point by point:

The Charter for Global Democracy, or Charter 99, is actually an NGO
initiative to democratize the UN. It is not on the agenda of the Millennium
Summit; though many in the NGO community wish that it was. If it was adopted
it would strengthen the global rule of law. Those that favor individual
rights over the rights of the community and people of the earth as a whole,
oppose such initiatives and often claim that those supporting the global
rule of law are attacking national sovereignty. In actuality it is just the
opposite, we need laws to protect both our individual and naitonal

In no way is the Charter for Global Democracy a revision of the UN Charter;
though it is clearly an attempt to reinvigorate and strengthen the United
Nations. It does not compare whatsoever to the UN document. And there is no
way that the "Millennium Assembly organizers have announced that the UN will
unveil plans intended to expedite the implementation of one-world
governance." Governments and the Secretary General take great pains both to
say and to ensure that anything they do will not diminish national

In regards to global taxes, NGOs and civil society are clear that we need
additional means of funding the UN. Unfortunately, there is nothing to
indicate that the UN Millennium Summit will address this topic. The UN
budget is infintesimal compared to business, military expenditures,
metropolitan budgets, soft drinks and snack foods, cosmetics, etc. It is
only $10 B a year for all UN related programs vs $800 B a year for global
military expenditures.

That moneys from such means as green taxes, tobin tax on monetary exchanges,
etc. would be used to fund the WTO is completely crazy. I don't know where
these guys get such garbage. It is total hogwash. The primary advocates of
such measures are NGOs, though governments have been more interested in
Tobin Taxes since the Asian Financial Meltdown. It would likely provide
greater financial stability. If moneys were raised they would most likely go
to fund UN programs to implement Global Conference Action Plans, which have
nothing to do what-so-ever with the WTO.

Gorbachev was the least like a dictator of any of the soviet leaders. In
fact much less so than Russia's leaders - Yeltsin or Putin. He opens the
State of the World Forum's FORUM 2000 event and not the Peoples' Millennium
Assembly. The "Peoples' Millennium Assembly" event was renamed the
Millennium Forum and was held last May at he United Nations. In addition,
the Millennium People's Assembly Network, my organization, held the
Inaugural Session of the Global People's Assembly last April in Apia, Samoa.

I don't see how anyone in their right mind could call the UN a socialist
organization. In my dictionary socialism means ownership, management, and
control of the means of production and re-distribution of goods and
resources. There is no way that the multinational corporations would allow
the UN such powers. And instead of redistributing any wealth the member
states have reduced Official Development Assistance dramatically instead of
raising it as agreed to in the global conferences of the past decade.
Meanwhile more than a billion people live on less than a dollar a day.

HERE IS THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER. The last paragraph in the article reads as

"Protesting the UN at the same time as the Millennium Assembly is in session
may be the greatest opportunity we will ever have to stop the UN in its
tracks and gain momentum for getting the U.S. out of the UN."

WORLD AFFAIRS. What right does the US have to rip off the rest of the world;
to squander our common heritage; deplete the earth's resource base; and
destroy our children' future.

And finally, it is the US military that is active all around the world and
often invades other countries' territories and not a "UN army that would be
policing US soil". I would imagine that the bill mentioned refers to
"Peacekeeping Forces" which is completely different from an army. And as we
all know the US has veto power in the Security Council and can block
anything. Our country tends to do what it wants and not what is required of
it. The US is morally and legally obligated to dismantle its nuclear
arsenal; and yet we see how it refuses to do so and instead plans to spend
tens of billions of dollars on Star Wars. This could easily start a new arms
race with China and/or others; but does our government care.

It is those who would bend the truth or lie for their own means that are
truly dangerous; and not a strengthened UN - which might allow the rest of
the world to resist the increasing domination of multi-national corporations
and the US government.


Rob Wheeler
Coordinator, Millennium People's Assembly Network
Executive Committee Member, Millennium Forum

* * * * * * * * * * *


Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000
From: Mark Graffis <>
Subject: Independent panel criticizes TWA 800 crash report

Agence France Presse

Tuesday, August 22 5:29 AM SGT

Independent panel criticizes TWA Flight 800 crash report


An independent panel of experts on Monday lambasted the results of an
official investigation into the 1996 fatal TWA Flight 800 crash, and
maintained its theory the plane was downed by a missile.

According to the Flight 800 Independent Research Organization (FIRO), the
official investigators had concealed crucial pieces of information from a
final report to be presented Tuesday and Wednesday.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) report is expected to
argue that the crash which killed 230 people off Long Island, New York,
was most likely caused by an explosion in the plane's central fuel tank.

Many former investigators, military experts, and airline pilots continue
to insist the Boeing was shot down by a missile.

"Thirteen witnesses have seen an object strike the plane," FIRO president
Tom Stalcup said in a press conference here.

Stalcup also argued against the investigators' theory that the plane had
gained altitude following an initial explosion.

"The magic climb theory contradicts the laws of physics, the radar data
which recorded the flight path, and the witnesses accounts," he said.

Moreover, Stalcup continued, there were numerous ships within five
kilometers (3.6 miles) of the area, but only one that had never been
identified and which continued on its path as if nothing had happened.

Aviation consultant engineer Glen Schulze, who analyzed the so-called
"black boxes," also claimed that information was missing.

"Four seconds of data has been removed from the Flight Data Recorder when
the FBI was in charge of the investigation," he said.

Lending his weight to the argument of possible foul play, retired United
Airlines pilot Richard Russell claimed he had received a copy of radar
data showing a small object flying next to the plane that indicated a
possible missile.

"An (air traffic) controller has identified the target as potentially
being a missile," Russell said, declining to identify his source of

NTSB investigators have explained that bystanders may have been looking at
an arc of fire in the sky that occurred after the airplane broke in two
and a part of the fuselage was briefly hurtled into the sky in flames.

The FBI initially tried to probe the missile theory, but later abandoned
it and withdrew from the investigation altogether in the fall of 1997.

Six months after the catastrophe, the NTSB concluded that chemical
analyses of metal from the fuselage showed no proof of damage caused by a
bomb or missile.

Nevertheless, after four years of recovering debris from the ocean floor
and partially reconstructing the plane in a huge hangar, investigators are
preparing to close this most mysterious chapter in aviation history -- but
without giving a definitive answer.

"It's a mystery, but a manufactured mystery," insisted Graeme Sephton, a
projects engineer at the University of Massachusetts office of Information


See also at

This is a paid ad in the August 15 edition if the Washington Times from the TWA 800 Eyewitness Alliance denouncing this FBI-fabricated absolute lie about the cause of the TWA 800 explosion.

Title: "We saw TWA Flight 800 shot down by missiles and we won't be silenced any longer"

A relevant quote: "We are INCENSED that for nearly four years the FBI refused to release its hundreds of reports of interviews with eyewitnesses who told them what we saw -- the plane being hit by missiles that broke off its nose, blew up the fuel tank and sent the plane plummeting into the sea. We are SHOCKED at the lenghts to which the FBI, the CIA and the NTSB have all gone to discredit and ignore our testimony in order to hide the truth."

* * * * * * * * * * *

Dangerous food additives BHA & BHT

Butyl compounds - Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA) and Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT) are the most widely used antioxidants, found in breakfast cereals, dry beverage mixes, cake mixes, candy, gum, margarine, glazed fruit, chips, peanuts, polyethylene food wraps, adhesives and vegetable oils. Not permitted in infant foods. In the top ten of most commonly used preservatives in cosmetics. Also used in many petroleum products including jet fuels, paints, adhesives, printing products and plastics.

Food additive BHT, banned in many countries, but not in Australia, also has been found to have estrogenic effects. Known to accentuated tumour growth and cause liver damage in rat tests, may trigger hyperactivity, and other intolerances; serious concerns over carcinogenicity; BHA (additive no 320) is banned in Japan; in 1958 & 1963 official committees of experts recommended that BHT (additive no 321) be banned in the UK, however due to industry pressure it was not banned; McDonald's eliminated BHT from their US products by 1986. Also responsible for contact dermatitis in some people.

NOTE: People from the Friends of the Earth in Quebec have been linking the sharp increase in the number of children with hyperactivity symptoms - and who are abusively prescribed the behaviour altering drug Ritalin - to the regular consumption of the Kellogg's cereal which contain BHT.

They may have a valid point - and you may add also the consumption of the ever ubiquitous aspartame poison and neurotoxic sweetener...

And *incidentally* Betty Martini, the top worldwide anti-aspartame crusader is about to give her First UK Lecture Tour. If you are in the UK and would like to attend one of her conferences, please contact Felicity, her Itinerary Co-ordinator at telephone/fax is 01376 519847 - email:

The annual Aspartame Awareness Week also begins on August 26

Warning flyers to distribute for Aspartame Awareness Week can be found at