April 29, 2000

Subject: Miscellaneous Subjects #2: Earth Day At 30 -- AS SEEN BY THE EARTH + Worldwatch Institute issue Earth Day Report Card + A calendar for Internet: a special tool for social change + Some Feedbacks to May 5th Grand Planetary Alignment and Global Meditation + JOIN THE DALAI LAMA...HELP FREE LEONARD PELTIER ON JUNE 12 + Transforming Our World - Creating A New Paradigm For The Third Millennium

Hello everyone

I hope you had a chance by now to review the Meditation Focus #1 I sent you earlier today and that you'll decide to participate every week to each meditation focus suggested and circulate them widely through the Net and beyond. A lot of work went into preparing this first Meditation Focus and soon there will be a webpage available with more details for those interested in this initiative. If you have not seen the Peace Meditation Focus Group proposal circulated on this e-list a month ago you can review it at http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/FocusGroup.htm

I'm now including below other various documents and information of interest I've compiled for you -- the Earth Day perspective as seen from the Earth's point of view is particularly compelling as well as the Worldwatch Institute Report Card -- and you'll also find some feedbacks I received about the May 5th Grand Planetary Alignment and Global Meditation coming up soon. Please also have a very special look at the call to help get the release of Leonard Peltier. Even if the dire situation endured by millions of people in the Horn of Africa deserves much attention and all our diligent spiritual assistance to help move things swiftly in a positive direction, the injustice and years of confinement endured by Leonard Peltier also warrant some of our attention.

Soon you'll see a gradual decrease in the number of compilations coming from this source because, like every other spring since 1980, I'll be devoting most of my time to get my 2 organic gardens prepared with lots of good compost and planted with all sorts of vegetables for my year-round supply of healthy food. I'm very much looking forward to this period of outdoor physical activity and hope most of you will also enjoy this wonderful season (at least here in the northern hemisphere!). And likewise, during the whole summer, the time I'll be able to devote to processing emails and preparing compilations will be greatly curtailed because of lots of outdoor activites I'll have.

So don't be surprised if you cannot get a quick response - or none at all! - from me in the coming months.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

From: http://www.tidepool.org/gc/gc4.21.00.cfm

Earth Day At 30 -- AS SEEN BY THE EARTH

(Donella Meadows is an adjunct professor at Dartmouth College and director of the Sustainability Institute in Hartland, Vermont.)

If, in the thirty Earth Day celebrations we have held since 1970, the human population and economy have become any more respectful of the Earth, the Earth hasn't noticed.

The planet is not impressed by fancy speeches. Leonardo DiCaprio interviewing Bill Clinton about global warming is not an Earth-shaking event. The Earth has no way of registering good intentions or future inventions or high hopes. It doesn't even pay attention to dollars, which are, from a planet's point of view, just a charming human invention. Planets measure only physical things -- energy and materials and their flows into and out of the changing populations of living creatures.

What the Earth sees is that on the first Earth Day in 1970 there were 3.7 billion of those hyperactive critters called humans, and now there are over 6 billion. Back in 1970 those humans drew from the Earth's crust 46 million barrels of oil every day -- now they draw 78 million.

Natural gas extraction has nearly tripled in thirty years, from 34 trillion cubic feet per year to 95 trillion. We mined 2.2 billion metric tons in 1970; this year we'll mine about 3.8 billion.

The planet feels this fossil fuel use in many ways, as the fuels are extracted (and spilled) and shipped (and spilled) and refined (generating toxics) and burned into numerous pollutants, including carbon dioxide, which traps outgoing energy and warms things up. Despite global conferences and brave promises, what the Earth notices is that human carbon emissions have increased from 3.9 million metric tons in 1970 to an estimated 6.4 million this year.

You would think that an unimaginably huge thing like a planet would not notice the one degree (Fahrenheit) warming it has experienced since 1970. But on the scale of a whole planet, one degree is a big deal, especially since it is not spread evenly. The poles have warmed more than the equator, the winters more than the summers, the nights more than the days. That means that temperature DIFFERENCES from one place to another have been changing much more than the average temperature has changed. Temperature differences are what make winds blow, rains rain, ocean currents flow.

All creatures, including humans, are exquisitely attuned to the weather. All creatures, including us, are noticing weather weirdness and trying to adjust, by moving, by fruiting earlier or migrating later, by building up whatever protections are possible against flood and drought. The Earth is reacting to weather changes too, shrinking glaciers, splitting off nation-sized chunks of Antarctic ice sheet, enhancing the cycles we call El Nino and La Nina.

"Earth Day, Shmearth Day," the planet must be thinking as its fever mounts. "Are you folks ever going to take me seriously?"

Since the first Earth Day our global vehicle population has swelled from 246 to 730 million. Air traffic has gone up by a factor of six. The rate at which we grind up trees to make paper has doubled (to 200 million metric tons per year). We coax from the soil, with the help of strange chemicals, 2.25 times as much wheat, 2.5 times as much corn, 2.2 times as much rice, almost twice as much sugar, almost four times as many soybeans as we did thirty years ago. We pull from the oceans almost twice as much fish.

With the fish we can see clearly how the planet behaves, when we push it too far. It does not feel sorry for us; it just follows its own rules. Fish become harder and harder to find. If they are caught before they're old enough to reproduce, if their nursery habitat is destroyed, if we scoop up not only the cod, but the capelin upon which the cod feeds, the fish may never come back. The Earth does not care that we didn't mean it, that we promise not to do it again, that we make nice gestures every Earth Day.

We have among us die-hard optimists who will berate me for not reporting the good news since the last Earth Day. There is plenty of it, but it is mostly measured in human terms, not Earth terms. Average human life expectancy has risen since 1970 from 58 to 66 years. Gross world product has more than doubled, from 16 to 39 trillion dollars. Recycling has increased, but so has trash generation, so the Earth receives more garbage than ever before. Wind and solar power generation have soared, but so have coal-fired, gas-fired and nuclear generation.

In human terms there has been breathtaking progress. In 1970 there weren't any cell phones or video players. There was no Internet; there were no dot-coms. Nor was anyone infected with AIDS, of course, nor did we have to worry about genetic engineering. Global spending on advertising was only one-third of what it is now (in inflation-corrected dollars). Third-World debt was one-eighth of what it is now.

Whether you call any of that progress, it is all beneath the notice of the Earth. What the Earth sees is that its species are vanishing at a rate it hasn't seen in 65 million years. That 40 percent of its agricultural soils have been degraded. That half its forests have disappeared and half its wetlands have been filled or drained, and that, despite Earth Day, all these trends are accelerating.

Earth Day is beginning to remind me of Mother's Day, a commercial occasion upon which you buy flowers for the person who, every other day of the year, cleans up after you. Guilt-assuaging. Trivializing. Actually dangerous. All mothers have their breaking points. Mother Earth does not soften hers with patience or forgiveness or sentimentality.

SWAN: Listserv and forum for discussing environmental issues in the Great Lakes region.
Archives at http://www.superiorwild.org

Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2000
From: Earth Day Mom <earthday@earthdayspirit.org>
Subject: Worldwatch Institute issue Earth Day Report Card

Visit the new Worldwatch Institute Earth Day web page at:


The web site include links to:

* WORLD WATCH magazine's Earth Day Report Card (see below) with
graphics and information about: Major Global Trends, 1970 to 2000;
7 Key Moments That Helped Define the Trends of the past 30 Years;
and 7 Key Moments That Could Help Define the World of the Next 30 years.

* Essays by Earth Day co-founder Denis Hayes and Worldwatch Senior Vice
President Chris Flavin.

Earth Day Report Card

We have failed to reverse the trends that gave rise to Earth Day 30 years ago.

While we receive high marks for our ability to turn the Earth's
resources to our immediate use, we are failing to protect the Earth
from ecological decline, according to the 30 year ecological report
card issued in the latest issue of World Watch magazine.

The report charts a disconnect between the current growth in the world's economy
and the health of the Earth's failing ecology. The number of cars, people, and
fishing boats has boomed, but at the same time forest cover, farmland per
person, and rates of fish catch have plummeted. The destructive trends that
sparked the first Earth Day in 1970 continue to cause massive ecological
decline, finds the report.

* Large-scale forest clearing and urban sprawl, among other pressures, continue
to destroy fragile habitat. One in four vertebrate species (birds, mammals,
reptiles, amphibians, and fish) is on the verge of extinction or is
now extinct.

* An out-of-control population boom has nearly doubled the number of people on
the planet since 1970, placing unprecedented pressure on land and water
resources. In that same time the share of cropland per person has been almost
cut in half, and one out of six people are now chronically hungry.

* Rapid use of fossil fuels has released 160 billion tons of carbon into the
atmosphere since 1970 (by comparison, 110 billion tons were released between
1751 and 1970). This rapid buildup of greenhouse gases has contributed to record
temperatures worldwide, which may be a factor in recent weather
disruptions. In 1998 damages from storms cost a record $93 billion.

The report examines seven key moments that have helped define the current state
of the environment, including the invention of the automobile, the agricultural
embrace of monoculture crops by companies like McDonalds, and India's backlash
against family planning in the face of enforced birth control.

In looking to the future, the report offers an outline of events-past and
future-that could turn the negative trends around in the next 30 years.
These shifts include the worldwide rise of citizen groups in response to
corporate and government shortcomings, the potential for the Precautionary
Principle to play a major role in the outcome of climate negotiations, and
the worldwide spread of micropower-small-scale renewable energy that is
increasingly providing off-the-grid energy in countries from the Dominican
Republic to Zimbabwe.

Check out the Earth Day report card at:

Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2000
From: "wqlkod@tin.it" <wqlkod@tin.it>
Subject: A calendar for Internet: a special tool for social change

The version 5.0 of "The Earth Calendar" has been published on the WEB at the address:


This work is an innovative calendar born four years ago by the creativity of the italian social researcher Danilo D'Antonio. It has the particularity to start again from zero the reckoning of the years from the date in which the first node of Internet was interlaced: 1969.

In fact, in 1969, exactly the day 2 of the ninth month, at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) the first networking interface was connected to a SDS Sigma 7 computer, making the first node of what in a short time would have become Internet. In the three following months, other three nodes (at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), the University of California in Santa Barbara (UCSB) and the University of Utah) were made and connected among them, making so the first mesh of the great net.

Together with the date of the birth of Internet, "The Earth Calendar" (TEC) finds another memorable event happened in that same year, exactly the day 20 of the seventh month: the first human landing on our satellite. These two joined events make the 1969 a single turning point in mankind history and TEC recognize their right epic meaning and value.

There are other four basis points in this calendar, that is equitably dedicated to Internet, to space exploration, to planet Earth and its natural energies and rhythms, as well as to the universalization process that is joining together all human beings in a single people:

- every day is dedicated to the nurturing of a positive quality of the human soul, whose development results in indisputable benefits both to the individual and the community.

- dates that indicate astronomical events of global importance (Equinoxes and Solstices) are declared holidays and subsequently celebrated.

- the names of the week and of the months of the year are changed in order to give them a greater rational, emotional and universalizing meaning and power.

- in order to reach a more easy and definitive solution of the never solved problems of mankind, and tooking the subdivision of the days in weeks as a starting point, this calendar introduces the concept of septennia: regular and repeated periods of seven years each of them has the same value of the single days of the week. We work then to our development towards the outside for five/six years in succession; to this period, one/two years follow that are mainly dedicated to our development towards the inside, of society and of individuals, acting so a fruitful rhytmic alternance.

Also with these particular innovations, TEC remains a tool perfectly utilizable in the every day life. In fact in these last four years it has been successfully experimented by the numerous visitors of its WEB site who have periodically printed and hanged it up to their walls. In this last version the calendar, till now available on the WEB in .HTML and bitmap format, is now freely offered also in .PDF format (a real e.book + the agenda for a total of 486 pages and 1.3 Mb), for a more comfortable personal reading and printing.

The ideas expressed inside the calendar are illustrated by beautiful images of skilful artists of the international progressive outline, who are directed towards a vision of the world particularly positive and futurist.

For further info, contact:

Marinella Castiglione and Danilo D'Antonio <528390@hyperlinker.com>


Note on the author

Danilo D'Antonio, who was born in Teramo, Italy, on the 1953th year of the Old Era, is a philosophical promoter and consultant. He is an expert in body, soul and social well-being techniques and contributes to national and foreign reviews of philosophy and science of spirit. He researches human behaviour and the social phoenomenon by means of the integration of different doctrines. Globalist, futurist, together with his wife, Mrs. Sandra Di Sebastiano, he is founder and manager of the Eudaemony Global Research Laboratory, where he is involved in the search for the integration of science and religion, for new forms of economy, in taking the field for a Fair Public Employment, in fostering the spread of the sake of justice, and in global themes like the World Demographic Issue. Even if these themes seem very far one from the other, he is operating a needed synthesis among them and is beginning a modernization process of their approach methods.

He is the author of various articles and essays on psychophysic and social well-being themes, like the relaxation (Autogen Training) manual "Col viso nel sorriso", the pamphlet "Rambling on; a short flight on least noted aspects of social reality", and various other writings.

Suffering for a serious form of polyarthritis, assisted by his wife and few intimate friends, he manages various local cultural initiatives and belongs to and operates with wide social movements involved in human evolution, world transformation, positive, creative and futuristic thinking. Movements that he thinks should be something very similar to a temporal constant: whichever epoch in which we live, we should look to the future, imagine, and begin to courageously build a reality that will constantly be better than the present.

From: "Myriam" <altamash@cyber.net.pk>
Subject: Thank You...!!!
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000

Dear Jean,

Than you so very much for all the wonderful information you relay through your e-mails...
personally for me, here in Pakistan , yours and Larry Morningtar's emails are like water drops in a dessert.

Thak you again, for the hard work you do putting everything together for us..
God Bless You,


From: "Linda Evans" <levans47@earthlink.net>
Subject: Re: May 5th Grand Planetary Alignment and Global Meditation
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000

I would like to add a note on the 7-planet alignment in the sign of Taurus,
which will be felt most powerfully May 3-5. Because Taurus rules values,
among other things, it is a grand time to focus on the values we feel are
important and to let go the lesser distractions. What means the most to us
and to the earth in the larger scheme of things? What is to be the primary
focus of our lives in the near future? Is it the Taurus (bull) of desire or
the light of higher illumination? Taurus is a sign that denotes love,
devotion, seeing the beauty in the physical, and sensuous enjoyment of all
earthly things. It is a good time to increase our roles as keepers of the
garden of Earth. It is a good time to sing, dance, be loving, enjoy the
beauty of nature and to help preserve that beauty. The "merry month of May"
has historically been a time of sensuous pleasure and celebration; add to
that the commitment to preserving Earth (e.g., Julia Butterfly Hill sitting
in a tree to save forests and the brave World Bank/IMF protesters
proclaiming "The earth is not for sale to the highest bidder") and you get
an idea of the values important at this time. Let's take this opportunity
to commit to our own highest values and live them.

The recent stock market ups and downs are indicative of the illumination
coming in with this 7-planet alignment in the sign of Taurus: value and
money and possessions. Anything not of integrity is likely to crumble;
those assets that are on solid ground (blue chip stocks etc?) or those that
add to the general well-being are likely to survive. Especially favored in
the long run are those funds that are socially conscious and add to the
planet's health, or new systems of investment and bartering that highlight
people/Earth rather than power.

In general, be aware that this planetary alignment in May, along with the
Wesak full moon, and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction on May 28, will bring
much illuminating light of clarity and wisdom into the Earth and into our
bodies. It is important to make our bodies strong with exercise and helpful
foods/herbs at this time. Get massages and share loving touch/hugs with
others. It is a grand opportunity to take some quiet time to identify our
deepest values and to consciously choose to live them, while still finding
time to enjoy and play.

Also note that Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius, and Pluto/Chiron in
Sagittarius will be flooding us with higher spiritual awareness and
transformation/healing during this 7-planet alignment. A great many people
will probably reach full consciousness and wholeness...what a beautiful gift
to the Earth!

In joy and love, Linda Lee

From: MUINCORP@aol.com
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2000
Subject: Re: May 5th Grand Planetary Alignment and Global Meditation

Absolutely wonderful networking! I will be sending this out to many groups
not listed as well as individuals.

We have all been working for peace on many fronts and the time is very near.

Shalom V'Meria,
Miranda Jacobson

From: "Lorraine Stofa" <lorraine@tls.ca>
Subject: Re: Miscellaneous Subjects
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2000

Dear Jean,

I have not read all of the Earth Day + Earth Day 2000, but I have taken a
copy to read this evening at home. I keep a binder of all this important
material. In reference to Earth Day celebrations around the world, I would
just like to add a small or maybe large bit of information. I have been
investigating HEMP products. The information that I have collected, so far
indicates that we can have sustainable energy from this product. It is so
diverse, that it can make clothes, fuel, cooking oil, paper, wood, seeds can
be used in food,(high in omega's) plus it can make biodegradable plastic.
I can not imagine, why we have not utilized this crop to it's fullest
potential. The oceans would be clean,our water we could drink, our air we
could breathe, our trees would not have to be murdered. Besides, all these
DIOXIDE!!! Isn't this incredible!!! There are presently 32 countries
producing/growing HEMP including Canada, sadly the U.S.A is not one of
them. I would love to stay growing HEMP here in Quebec. I believe that
this crop is the miracle. The miracle,we needed has been there all this
time. There is so much more, and trust me I can go on to write more. I feel
that planet has a right to know , that for the LAST 60 YEARS WE HAD A
SOLUTION!!! I send my light and enery to all that is and all that will BE!
Lorraine Stofa
Customer Service Manager
TLS Truck Load Services

Tel: 514-453-1610
watt: 800-363-2969
Fax: 514-453-3815


International Office of the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee

UPDATE-- May 21, 1998

Strengthening the fight for clemency:
In 1993 we filed for Executive Clemency. Normally six to eight months elapse before a response from the president is given. It has now been nearly five years and we have heard nothing. Numerous resolutions from the European Parliament, the Belgium parliament, the Canadian Parliament, tribal councils, local governments, Nobel Peace Prize winners etc. in support of Leonard have been passed, millions of people from here and abroad have written letters to Clinton and other governmental officials, and yet we have heard nothing. We must put pressure on government officials in every possible way to continue the fight for clemency. This can be done through continued lobbying as well as grass root political action.



Subject: Fwd: Peltier receives visit from renowned humanitarians
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2000
From: Larry Morningstar <mana7@aloha.net>

(February 18, 2000)


Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, Rigoberta Menchu Tum, along with Amnesty International and attorney Jennifer Harbury, met with Native American Leonard Peltier in prison today. Rigoberta Menchu Tum is a Mayan citizen of Guatemala whose work for human rights and equality for Indigenous peoples has won her world acclaim and recognition. She has traveled to the United States from Guatemala both to urge US government officials to release Mr. Peltier and to meet with Mr. Peltier in person. "Leonard Peltier's resistance is an example for all Indigenous Peoples," said Sra. Menchu, "as long as he is not free, none of us can be free."

Rigoberta Menchu Tum told Leonard Peltier that she would be including his case and the Pine Ridge "reign of terror"from which his case stems, in her new program for Universal Justice. Part of the focus of this program will be to stop those responsible for human rights atrocities from receiving impunity. This relates to the Pine Ridge Reservation because 64 traditionalists and American Indian Movement members were murdered, and over 300 more were brutalized between 1973 and 1976. Despite an overwhelming FBI presence on the reservation, none of these crimes were ever investigated, and in fact, evidence points to the FBI's direct involvement and intentional complicity in the crimes. It was in this climate that the 1975 shoot out on the reservation, which led to Mr. Peltier's incarceration, occurred. Leonard Peltier praised Rigoberta Menchu Tum's efforts stating that, "Racism against Native peoples is still alive and strong. When our people are murdered, no one cares, and yet when the agents were killed, someone had to pay, even if they were innocent.
No stronger and more blatant statement can be made that justice for Native Peoples is not yet a reality in the United States when this can still occur. Something must be done."

Curt Goering, Senior Deputy Executive Director of Amnesty International, also attended the meeting. Amnesty International considers Leonard Peltier to be a political prisoner who should be immediately released. Mr. Goering met with Mr. Peltier to find out what more Amnesty International could do to
support his freedom effort. "One possibility we discussed," said Goering, "is that Amnesty International could request the opportunity to attend and testify at the parole hearing on Leonard's behalf." Leonard Peltier is long overdue for parole and will undergo an interim parole review hearing this May. Mr. Peltier is currently suing the Parole Commission for using discriminatory, erroneous, and capricious reasoning for denying his release.

February 6 marked Mr. Peltier's 24th year in prison for the murder of two FBI agents. When faced with formerly withheld evidence on appeal casting serious doubt on Mr. Peltier's guilt, the prosecution admitted that they could not prove who killed the agents. The appeal was denied on a technicality and the judge would later recommend Mr. Peltier be released through executive clemency. Despite this, Mr. Peltier remains in prison, thus expanding his notoriety as a symbol of injustice against Indigenous Peoples.

The Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
Gina Chiala, co-coordinator

Call the White House Comments Line Today Demand Justice for Leonard Peltier! 202-456-1111

Leonard Peltier Defense Committee
PO Box 583
Lawrence, KS 66044
To subscribe, send a blank message to < lpdc-on@mail-list.com >


Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2000
From: thunder@cvtv.net (Blue Star)

Dear Ones:

***It is my Dream to see Leonard Peltier at Crow Dog Paradise
again...Sundancing...The Crowd crying for their many prayers have been
answered...Uncle Leonard standing Proud with Sundancers at attention...
My Sundance Brother Coke Mallard who has usually every year Sundanced
alone at the Tree where Leonard cried & held it before he went to Jail
...Coke with a proud tear in his eye***

My heartfelt thanks to the Dalai Lama for Caring & Sharing his
heart in this letter...Oh God Please let Leonard Peltier out of Jail
before his is a horrible story without a beautiful completion!

Love to All & in respect for All...


June 12 - Parole Review Hearing, letters and phone calls urgently needed.

From LPDC:
Dear Peltier supporters,

Please be sure to mail us a signed hard copy of your parole letters. We
are collecting them here at the LPDC and we will be presenting them to the
Parole Commission in person. Please send the letters to our address:
PO Box 583 Lawrence, KS 66044, USA. Thank you!

We also thought you might like to know that the Dalai Lama has renewed his
call for Leonard Peltier's freedom in the following letter:

The Dalai Lama
Letter of Support
March 4, 2000

I am deeply concerned about the incarceration of Mr. Leonard Peltier, whose
health is deteriorating. I wish to support the numerous human rights
organizations that have called for his release for some twenty-three [24]
years now. I appeal to the concerned authorities in the United States to
grant Mr. Peltier his immediate and unconditional freedom.

Call the White House Comments Line Today
Demand Justice for Leonard Peltier! 202-456-1111


NOTE FROM JEAN: We have a clear case here where justice has been very badly served. Please take a few minutes to bring this important human right issue to the attention of others, especially people in the media who could be instrumental in fostering his release. And if you believe in the power of prayer and meditation to help bring about a positive resolution to this incarceration, then include our brother Leonard Peltier in your moments of spiritual at-One-ment. Just like Nelson Mandela who spent so many years behind bars because he was demanding freedom for his people, Leonard Peltier will become a powerful advocate for the freedom of native people in the U.S. and respect for their human rights wherever they are still stamped out by powerful interests.

Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000
From: dj <djhewitt@jps.net>
Subject: Stop WTO | SEND A MESSAGE!

From Ron Paul's Liberty Study Committee

A privileged resolution (H.J. Res. 90) directing the United States to withdraw from
the World Trade Organization was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives on
March 6, 2000 by Representative Ron Paul and four other members of the U.S. House.

To read H.J. Res. 90:

"Why the WTO is Bad for America" by Congressman Ron Paul:

Statement of Congressman Ron Paul Introducing H.J. Res. 90:

"WTO Follies" by Lew Rockwell:

From: Newrealities@cs.com
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2000
Subject: Transforming Our World - Creating A New Paradigm For The Third Millennium

Do you feel passionately about creating a better world?
Do you yearn to live as One, honouring Spirit and creating from Soul?
Are you ready to be a new paradigm creator for a new millennium?

If so this event is for you!

Transforming Your World
Creating A New Paradigm For The Third Millennium

November 9th-12th, 2000
Buckland Hall Conference and Retreat Centre
Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales, U.K.

There is a new paradigm of reality surfacing in our world based on the idea
of creating what we want rather than fighting against what we don't want.
This is the heart and soul of personal and planetary transformation for the
third millenium.

Join us for four days and three nights in November at Buckland Hall
Conference and Retreat Centre in Wales (UK) as we explore this emerging new
paradigm and its implications for our personal lives and life on the planet
for this new millenium.

The conference will have a two part format. Visionary speakers, panels and
workshops will carry us into the new world of possibility as we explore our
individual and collective potential in this emerging age. In the second part
we will collaborate as peers, exploring together how we might implement and
ground this vision into reality in our day to day lives as individuals, as a
society and as a world.

The Future Is Open And We Can Decide. We are the makers of history as we
come together with clear intent, vision and guidance to create a new world
based on the concept of Oneness. Will you join us for this historic event?

PLEASE WRITE TO Newrealities@cs.com