August 3, 2000

Subject: Miscellaneous Subjects # 18: Some Feedbacks + Good News on Bears in China + More information regarding HH, the Dalai Lama & UN Peace Summit + Navy to study possible link between beached whales and sonar + BAA S [BOUGHT ACADEMICS AND SCIENTISTS] + A new type of superweed + The Simultaneous Policy - Campaign Launch + U.S. LAWYERS GUILD RELEASES DRAFT REPORT ON WTO MINISTERIAL

Hello everyone

This is one of my last compilations - there will perhaps be another one - before I take a break this coming weekend as mentioned recently (except for the Focus Group postings). I hope to be able to resume this networking service to its normal level sometime in September - but of course if there are some very important matters to network in the meantime, I'll certainly make a special effort. However I would appreciate that all those forwarding material to me from time to time put their forwardings to me on hold as I won't be very much able to devote time to sorting through my emails in August.

Take care my dear Earth Rainbow Network family and friends from around the world, and always remain positive whatever happens ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000
From: Mark McDonald <>
Subject: Re: Questions Linger Over TWA Flight 800 Disaster Four Years Later

RE flight 800 -- I used to work for the Navy and when I heard that the Navy admitted doing missle tests in the airline corridor -- I concluded it would be impossible for the Navy to NOT shoot some innocent plane down -- it's just bad luck it was a 747 -- I have no personal proof other than having worked for them which really is enough -- it's hard to describe a mentality that has such disdain and contempt for caring about civilians from even the civilian workers!

Clinton was just about to be re-elected and everybody remembers how absolutely everything was subordinate to the election--the containment of the crisis was routine and nothing usual
for a nation of sheep--read the investigative book--FLIGHT 800--no conspiracy here--just routine bull from the Empire

From: "Kiki Paquet" <>
Subject: Fwd: The Free Democracy Network and Roadshow + The World Mind Society + Jon Peniel predicted by Edgar Cayce
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2000

Dearest friends,

It's my birthday on August 13th. I have a gift I want to ask from all of
you: please read the material below carefully, it is SO important.

>From those of you who live near Los Angeles, I have another gift to ask:
could you PLEASE try your best to meet at the Democratic National Convention
on August 13th?

There are many important issues we have to deal with today, but if the
leading country in the world is going in the wrong way, our chances to live
in harmony on Beautiful Gaia are severely jeopardized. That's why even non
US citizens just as myself are concerned.

Democracy is not merely the right to live a so called quiet and busy life,
and grouse now and then when we get infuriated about how bad things are...
It will not be quiet for long if we let evil things happen EVERY DAY, EVERY
MINUTE, EVERY SECOND of our time on Earth. Furthermore, we all know how
much effort, pain, struggle had to be engaged for democracy to be born.
Obviously, just being born is not enough, it has to grow and bloom.

I've never felt I belonged to a country; I feel I am merely a human being
and I deeply LOVE our planet. We belong together. Consequently, it is
nearly impossible for me to bear with the terrible things that are going on
all over the world.

"Let's get together and be as one"
Let's "change our heart".
Let's not only "imagine a world with no countries, no possessions, no
religions"..., let's make it come true.

Let's stop being accomplices and use our rights as human beings to be heard
when we say NO to what we DON'T approve : destruction, wars, lies,
hypocrisy, intolerance, injustice, greed...

Let's ask ourselves: who do we serve by keeping quiet and silent?

Let's stop being cowards. Let's not wait any longer for a prophet to come
and do the work for us. WE ARE - ALL TOGETHER AND EACH ONE OF US - THE
MESSIAH (for me, the Messiah is not a person, it is HUMANKIND). It's pure
utopia and egomania (and uninteresting too!) to think that changing things
around can be the task of one person, or one group of persons, it's the task
of EACH ONE OF US. Furthermore, it's our privilege! Are we going to rip
ourselves off it?

My close friends may be surprised at the seriousness of this message, they
are used to a "hilarious" me. Do not worry, I still don't miss a chance of
having fun, I love life too much to stop on that. But there is a time for
everything, and now is the time to become AGITATORS, and good ones too! As

I'll be forwarding you the best messages from global visionary group (Jean
Hudon). Those of you who will subscribe directly, please let me know so I
won't have to overload your inboxes. Those who are not interested at all,
please inform me.

Love to all of you.



From: "Nita Noor" <>
Subject: Of Silent Appreciation
Date: Fri, Jul 28, 2000, 3:26 pm

Greetings Jean,

This note is not a specific response to any of your mails. In fact it's
rather a personal note for you.

This note is a gratitude appreciation of what you've been doing in compiling
a wide range of issues.

Also gratitude of being able to know what others experience, of being able
to "experience" others, of being able to see there are lots of "sweet souls"
in the planet that we're living in.

I am not an euphoric optimist (in fact I am a cynic agnostic), nor a kind of
active soul, I am just an observer of many forms.

This year has been a very meaningful year for me (woups...the year hasn't
end yet!). I witnessed many essential changes in people lives. Though it's
hard and suffocating as it seemed, I sensed that their shift is for the
better, not just for themselves but also for the others.

I sensed that people like you and other lightworkers are the ones that doing
the "real" things for the betterment of the planet.

Wish you all the best.


Thanks a LOT Nita for your comment :-) There are hundreds of thousands of people doing the "real" things for the betterment of the planet and more are joining the movement everyday...

From: "Leigh"
Subject: Fw: Good News on Bears in China
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000

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From: "Brenda Flores" <>
Sent: Sunday, July 30, 2000

I just wanted to share the good news. This came to me from another source.

Bardot lauds release of black bears

PARIS (AP) - French actress and animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot welcomed China's decision to release 500 endangered Asiatic black bears from primitive farms. Chinese authorities signed an agreement this week with a Hong Kong-based animal welfare group to release the bears. In a statement, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation praised the move, but called on authorities to free the remaining 7,000 bears held in captivity. Bardot's foundation condemned the practice by which bile is extracted from the bears' gallbladders for use in traditional Chinese medicine. Activists say the bile can be replaced by herbs in Chinese medicines.

Hooray, Bravo!



Note from Jean: This is certainly a most positive development but let's not forget that this is only a symbolic gesture when considering the 7,000 remaining bears enduring this most cruel treatment *for their whole lifetime*! As someone mentioned to me recently in a comment on this situation:

"(This) is a special case of cruelty that only compares to that of caged and tortured animals in the laboratories of the corporations and universities in the Western societies. These animals are not the victims of ecological disaster, they are the victims of the most inhumane forms of torture."

Subject: More information regarding HH, the Dalai Lama & UN Peace Summit
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000
From: Larry Morningstar <>


The recent "invitation" to His Holiness to address the closing session of the Millenium World Peace Summit of Religous and Spiritual Leaders may have been a well-intended compromise by the organizers. But inviting His Holiness to one part, while excluding him from the most formal, important part is even more offensive, and would make it even harder for him to accept.

I believe the organizers are painting themselves into a corner by admitting that his Holiness should be there, and inviting him to part of it, but accomodating to political pressure to keep him out of the opening session in the General Assembly Hall. This looks like it could become an enormously embarrassing affair for the organizers of this Religious and Spiritual gathering and it should be if they are going to accomodate the political agenda of an aetheist state bent on repressing religion.

At this late date, it is doubtful if His Holiness could attend, and we all know that His Holiness sometimes finds it awkward to be included in something if it is the result of a campaign to counter Chinese influence. But the important thing here is the principle that His Holiness the Dalai Lama - or any great religiuos leader - should not be excluded from an event because of the political agenda of a powerful government.

We all know that His Holiness could make a tremendous contribution toward the goals of this Summit - the "quest for peace, global understanding and international cooperation." In fact, these goals mirror almost exactly the spirit of His Holiness's efforts and he is one of the most internationall well-known proponents of these goals. Ultimately, it is a great loss for the Summit if he does not attend, and a major loss of credibility for the organizers if he is not invited.

With mainstream media starting to take notice and track this controversy and a groundswell of activism from the Tibet movement and beyond, the organizers would do well to quickly resolve the situation by issuing a full invitation to His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

John Ackerly,
President, ICT
International Campaign for Tibet


Be kind whenever possible
It is always possible

H. H. Dalai Lama

Subject: Fwd: Re: Fwd: Navy underwater sound projects: NPAL (ATOC), LFAS, etc.
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000
From: Larry Morningstar <>


What a great group! Within several hours of my post of Ray Chuan's
letter, mentioning the CNN/Natures article, several of you came up with
the url, and a couple of you emailed me copies of the article.

Lanny Sinkin wrote:
Please circulate to your list to read the CNN article at:

The information that the Bahamas strandings and deaths are almost
certainly related to sonar is extraordinarily important in terms of
what is going on now. The link is enough to call for a supplemental EIS
for SURTASS LFA, for delay in the decision on whether to permit the
five year NPAL extension, etc.

And following is a copy of a note from Michael Jasny of NRDC, along
with the full test of the main article. Note: there are additional
sidebars and a video which you may wish to explore on the website.

Wishing you all the best,
Larry Morningstar

Date: 7/29/00
From: Michael Jasny,


Thanks for alerting us to the CNN/Nature article
Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be anything in the story that suggests the
Navy will delay development of acoustics programs pending the results of its
stranding investigation--as we all have repeatedly called for. Adm. Pirie's
statements appear to echo those he made in his very interesting 9 June 2000
letter to Penny Dalton of NMFS. The Navy is committed to help investigate the
strandings and to "reassess its use of sonars in the course of peacetime
training and implement measures to ensure the least practicable adverse impact
on beaked whales, taking into account essential national security mission
requirements," but only if its sonars are implicated in the course of further
research. (If you don't yet have a copy of this letter, please let me know and
I'll have a copy faxed to you on Monday.)

The full text of the CNN/Nature story is appended to this message, which you
should feel free to distribute to your LFA mailing list.



Navy to study possible link between beached whales and sonar

July 28, 2000
Web posted at: 3:25 PM EDT (1925 GMT)

(CNN) -- Important clues have surfaced that may help prove a
suspected link between beached whales and powerful sonar
equipment used by the U.S. Navy and other nations around the
world. Scientists discovered the clues earlier this year in
March, when seven whales were found dead on a Bahamas beach,
near the time and location of a U.S. Navy sonar operation.

"We did have an operational exercise going on using ships with
operational sonars," said Robert Pirie, assistant secretary, U.S.
Navy. "...and that was closely correlated with the ... strandings
and that's the source of our concern."

"The whale beachings came about the same day as a naval
operation," said Roger Gentry of the National Marine Fisheries

The seven dead whales were found to have inner ear damage, which
scientists said might have ruined their sense of direction and ability
to navigate. Whales with inner ear damage can become disoriented
and mistakenly swim too close to shore, beaching themselves and
eventually dying. Because multiple inner ear damage among beached
whales is very rare, officials said creatures might have been injured
by the Navy's powerful sonar technology.

"The kind of acoustic event that would cause the trauma we saw
would be fairly intense," Gentry said. Although scientists have long
suspected that whale beachings were linked to Navy activities, the
March beaching has provided some of the strongest evidence to date
reinforcing that suspicion. In previous beachings where sonar was
the suspected cause, no whale carcasses were recovered for study.

"What's different about the present beaching is that we do have good
biological material," Gentry said.

The Navy has not accepted responsibility for the Bahamas beaching,
but it has agreed to release technical data about the underwater
region during the sonar operation.

The National Marine Fisheries Service and the U.S. Navy plan to release
a final report on the whale beaching by summer, 2001. The report may
provide more insight into how marine mammals use underwater
sounds and possibly may prevent deadly whale beachings in the future.

From: "Frank Bertrand" <>
Subject: BAAS.
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000

A letter to those who care:


Nine Scientists from the FDA (USA Food and Drugs Administration0,have taken a legal case against the FDA, for deceiving the USA public by suppressing the ill effects and other dangers of genetically modified foods <>.

The USA EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) are currently investigating why reports of asbestosis, were ignored by the EPA in 1982. Asbestosis involves cancer and lung disease.

Dr. Marcia Angell the editor of "The New England Journal of Medicine", in her editorial of Vol. 342, No. 20, 18 May 2000, makes scathing attacks on researchers who accept expensive gifts, patent and royalty agreements, and also may have equity interests in commercial companies. She states that researchers tied to companies are more likely to give favourable reports.

Many people including experts have stated that AIDS is a laboratory produced disease (1).

Experts throughout the world have warned of the ill effects of EMF (electromotive force with electromagnetic and magnetic fields), including aerials, towers, cell phones and electric appliances; they call it the Blue World, but it could become the Blue Death. One web site is <>. BAAS types state there is little danger.

The USA government under President Roosevelt pushed fluoridation of water to cover the mental and physical ill effects of fluoride on people which were encountered during the making of the atomic bomb (2).

Drs. Evan and Walter Shute were attacked by BAAS types when they advocated Vit. E, for heart disease, but they stressed that the natural d'alpha tocopherol, an alcohol, was far superior to the artificial d'alpha tocopherol acetate or succinate, which are esters. Many conflicting results of Vit. E, are due to both natural and artificial Vit.E being marketed as Vit. E, and often mixed together.

Fluoride will destroy Vit.E, and will affect the Thyroid gland, probably by interfering with iodine, which indicates hypothyroidism which is a cause of hyperactivity in children, as this responds to an iodine solution (Lugol's- Martindale).

Tartar (dental calculus), consists of 70-90% calcium phosphate (so does a kidney stone), and it causes about 90% of gum disease. A mixture of fluids and matter from the mouth, anus, rectum, and male and female sex organs, could be a lethal cocktail, especially where there is gum disease.

Tartar is a warning of heart disease and cancer (3).

Since the introduction of fluoride there has been a delay of two or more years in teething (3), another indication of hypothyroidism; which is easily demonstrated by examining the dental records of school children, but BAAS types will not do it as it may alarm parents, and the "Four Phases Of Teething" are not taught, especially as a practitioner demonstrated them, and every effort is made to exclude practitioners from getting articles printed in professional journals, and on the internet.

There is no doubt that the intent is to damage the world's population, and the prime target is the USA, and vast financial and political powers are behind it.

There are of course many more examples than those given above, e.g. dangerous chemicals added to food and drink.

Please help by circulating this letter, as I personally am retired.

Frank Bertrand.

Dr. F.R. Bertrand B.D.S. (DUNELM).

P.O.Box 925, email <>.

Stilfontein, 2550, South Africa.


(1).Dr.Robert J. Biggar: The Lancet, 18 Jan.1996, wrote "Aids retrovirus with core protein and glycoprotein envelope could not have originated De Novo (naturally).

(2). "Fluoride, Teeth and the Atomic Bomb", Joel Griffiths and Chris Bryson, USA journalists, published on the internet.

(3). Dr. F.R. Bertrand: :The Dental Diet", web site <>.

MOTE: This below is taken from the "11th newsletter about GMOs and their diffusion in the world" published monthly by the "Comitato Scientifico Antivivisezionista" <> and which is a most excellent summary of various GMO-related news. This excerpt - "A new type of superweed" - depicts very well the environmental havoc GMOs are now creating around the world. :-(

A new type of superweed

Source: (A) Progressive Farmer weed_shift.html
B) The Globe and Mail, Canada, by Gillian Steward RV15WEED.html

A) Farmers who prefer pesticide-resistant crops may be about to discover
that they have swapped one type of problem for another. Dr. Hayes of
Tennessee University has announced that genetically manipulated cotton is
easy prey to other groups of parasites, often making it necessary to use
traditional weedkillers either in combination or as an alternative.

B) Two years ago Mr. Huether identified some sporadic oilseed rape plants
in one of his fields: after spraying liberally with Roundup, the deadly
herbicide created by Monsanto, the weeds were still in perfect health.
The previous year Mr. Huether had sown his fields with Quest rape, a GM
hybrid that is resistant to Roundup; in other words, once he had planted
the seeds he could spray with Roundup and only the GM oilseed rape would

In another of his fields, on the other side of the road, he had planted 20
hectares with Innovator seeds, a species of GM rape that is resistant to
Aventis’ Liberty herbicide.

A third field had been planted with rape that is resistant to Cynamid’s
Pursuit and Odyssey herbicides.

Mr. Huether realized that the wild oilseed rape did not die because it was
identical to the Roundup-resistant type planted the previous year.
He therefore proceeded to re-spray with a chemical blend, but the rape
flourished better than ever: “that was when I realized I had a problem”, he
said, “I simply hadn't any idea of how to get rid of that stuff”.
So he decided to seek help and took samples of the seeds and the plants to
specialists in Alberta.

In a report published at the beginning of this year it was confirmed that
Mr. Huether’s oilseed rape is a new variety that is resistant to two common
herbicides, Roundup and Liberty Pursuit: in just three years Mr. Huether
had involuntarily produced a super herbicide-resistant hybrid - the first
documented case of genetic aggregation in oilseed rape without deliberate
human intervention.

This episode should be a warning: while man can play around with nature in
the laboratory, the same cannot be done in the open fields. Nature, as a
complex mixture of elements, cannot be ignored.

The following list, supplied by the Herbicide Resistance Action Committee,
shows countries in which the presence of herbicide-resistant weeds has been

US 80
Australia 32
Canada 32
France 30
Spain 24
UK 19
Israel 18
Belgium 15
Germany 15
Switzerland 14

From: "Judith Iam" <>
Subject: FW: [CrashList] The Simultaneous Policy - Campaign Launch
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000

this seems worthy of promulgating.
deep thanks for your fine work.
judith iam

-----Original Message-----

Sent: Saturday, July 29, 2000
Subject: [CrashList] The Simultaneous Policy - Campaign Launch

Dear Friends,

We would be grateful if you would note the following press release
announcing the launch of the International Simultaneous Policy Organisation
(ISPO). Please use it in any newsletters you may publish, forward it to
appropriate contacts, or use it in any other appropriate manner.

Text follows:

The Simultaneous Policy, a new international campaign to counter the forces
of globalisation and international competition, has been launched in London.
Based on the premise that all nations are subject to global competitive
forces unleashed by the ability of capital and transnational corporations to
cross national borders, no nation nor group of nations can control global
capital nor can they implement vital economic, social or environmental
policies that might incur market or corporate displeasure. To break the
vicious circle of global competition, both between nations and between
corporations, all nations need to act simultaneously by implementing the
Simultaneous Policy (SP); a range of measures to re-regulate global markets
and corporations in order to restore genuine democracy, environmental
protection and peace around the world.

Endorsed by Noam Chomsky, Helena Norberg-Hodge, Ed Mayo and many other
leading ecologists, counter-economists, churchmen and journalists, SP
recognises that party politics has become little more than a sham in which
whatever party we elect, the policies delivered inevitably conform to market
and corporate demands and to the dictatorship of competition. It calls upon
peoples all over the world to come together to take policy out of the hands
of politicians and, by force of their numbers and their votes, to compel
political parties around the world to adopt SP. By transcending
party-political differences and by offering a means that allows politicians
and governments to adopt it without risking their respective "national
interests", SP claims to provide the long-awaited, coherent and practical
solution to globalisation and other world problems.

Based on a new book, "The Simultaneous Policy ˆ An Insider‚s Guide to Saving
Humanity and the Planet" by John Bunzl, the International Simultaneous
Policy Organisation (ISPO) has been established to campaign for the adoption
of SP. Acclaimed as "the first writer on the Œsustainable society‚ to
advance beyond rhetoric and grapple with the problem of how such a society
might be achieved", the book crucially offers the blueprint for a secure and
responsible transition from the existing paradigm of destructive,
international economic competition to the new paradigm of global cooperation
in which global economic, environmental and social problems can be solved.

For further information on SP, e-mail ISPO at or visit our
website at

End of text.


John Bunzl - Director
International Simultaneous Policy Organisation (ISPO) e-mail:


Georges Drouet - Director
ISPO Belgique

Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000


CONTACT: Paul Richmond,,
PO Box 95242,
Seattle WA, 98145-2242


The Seattle Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild has just released its report on the World Trade Organization Ministerial. The report examines what took place in Seattle as an example of larger trends brought about by destructive economic policies. The report pays particular attention to the thinning lines between law enforcement and the military and the adverse effects this loss of delineation is having on civil liberties.

The report begins with an overview of the WTO. It provides the historical framework of the WTO as an institution born of the think tanks which were themselves created by the illicit fortunes of the robber barons. It provides concrete examples of the way the WTO has subverted democratic institutions, and had detrimental effects on human rights, the environment, safety and labor laws.

Following this, the report traces the way the WTO was brought to Seattle. It examines the lack of process that took place - most members of the Seattle City Council seem not to have been consulted until after the event was a done deal. Moreover, Seattle and King County are areas with a history of resistance to WTO and GATT. King County was declared an MAI free zone months before the WTO's arrival had been announced. Seattle was declared an MAI free zone weeks after the WTO's selection of Seattle as it's Ministerial site was announced.

Next comes a report of what took place on the streets of Seattle in the weeks leading up to the Ministerial and during the Ministerial itself. The report utilizes information from its 200 legal observers, and hundreds of witness declarations. It also utilizes information gained from public disclosure and from email chatlines utilized by participating members of law enforcement, including commanders and linemembers of the Seattle Police Department. A picture is painted of confused, inexperienced law enforcement officers armed with frighteningly powerful, potentially lethal weaponry and little idea of what to do with it. Random forays seem to be launched against random groups of demonstrators. Thousands of people, including bystanders, are exposed to potentially lethal chemical agents hours before the first window is broken. Masked unmarked police invade the most densely populated area on the West Coast North of San Francisco, attacking residents and shoppers. Those arrested are often subjected to conditions resembling torture. Weapons are repeatedly deployed in ways that may be potentially lethal. Police themselves, are often injured by their own weapons. The official reports that have been released by law enforcement consultants all paint pictures of a police force that should have used more force and should have utilized it earlier.

The NLG draft report looks at the economic and political reasons these law enforcement administrators have adopted this perspective.

It notes that the U.S. economy, is a wartime economy. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, much of those resources that were devoted to the military have been devoted to law enforcement, with major military contractors building prisons and designing "less lethal weapon systems."

It looks at the moves to classify political dissent as a type of warfare, and to utilize recent demonstrations such as the WTO Ministerial as examples of why more force should be used.

It notes the way the factors that have created a shrinking middle class, have further divided the "haves" and the "have-nots." The picture is one of a global village where the majority of the world's population lives in slums and prisons and a wealthy few ride around in armored limousines from fortified enclave to fortified enclave. This dynamic has created an enlarged and militarized law enforcement system.

The report then examines the thinning lines between the military, who are trained to kill, and law enforcement who are trained to preserve lives. It examines the way military tactics, training and weaponry have come to dominate law enforcement. Citing testimony of law enforcement professionals, the report then traces the disastrous effect this blending of the two has had on the fabric of democracy and members of law enforcement themselves. It examines the disastrous way this dynamic has played out in the past and the disastrous way this dynamic played out during the WTO Ministerial. Citing past work in the field, the report shows how such trends can endanger both the fabric of democratic society and the law enforcement officers themselves.

Particular attention is paid to the use of "less lethal" weaponry. The origins of rubber bullets, flying truncheons, CS and CN are examined. All began as weapons designed to put down rebellions and fight wars. All were gradually exported into the areas of law enforcement. Looking at the training materials provided by the manufacturers themselves, the lethality of these substances is examined in detail.

If the projectiles strike from too close a distance or strike something other than the buttocks or thighs, it's usually a potentially trauma inducing or lethal use of force. If CS, or CN is used there are to be adequate ways for those present to escape, or it's potentially lethal especially, for the young, the elderly and those with diseases like AIDs. Anytime these substances are used, reports are to be administered on each person on whom the weapon was used, making it far less efficient to use these weapons than to simply arrest offenders.

Yet, repeatedly, all of these weapons were used in ways that could have easily been lethal. Part of the reason for this is that given the specific parameters of these weapons use, it is impossible to use them in situations where there are a dozen people moving around, let alone hundreds or thousands. The report concludes by looking at the melt down that occurred inside the ministerial itself. There are quotes by NGO's and delegates who found the process undemocratic, and heavilly slanted in favor of a few multinational corporations. The report then looks at the aftermath that is taking place now in Seattle and issues recommendations. Among these recommendations are:

Limiting the use of "less lethal" weapons to only those situations where lethal force is being threatened. In line with this, we recommend following the example of the European parliament and declaring all such weapons inappropriate for dealing with political protest.

Examining the long terms effects of all those exposed to chemical agents, including members of law enforcement.

Examining the effect that the militarization, including SWAT training, waves of inexperienced new hires, and more lethal weaponry is having on the function of the police.

Investigating the role of all federal agencies, especially military, in the decision making processes.

From: "Harmonia" <>
Date: Sun, 30 Jul 2000

Is there a principle, which can form the basis for one's whole life?

Yes. Love for your fellow human beings.

- Bruno Gröning