July 12, 2000

Miscellaneous Subject # 13: Some comments received + July Update from Soleira + A Hopi elder speaks + Shark Cartilage is no Cancer Cure + WorldSlavery & WorldBank + Pro-THE PATRIOT (Mel Gibson Movie) comment + Ram Dass Re-visited

Hello everyone

Here is another compilation I've done in the midst of much other work.

Wishing you all a lots of happy time

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"Technology has always been just a precursor for what could eventually be done with the human mind alone."

MISSING URL: In my last compilation, I did not have the following URL to go along with C'esca Lawrence <Snowcat711@mediaone.net> "A NEW VIEW" (a cutting edge talk show that is entertaining and informative and explores issues of the utmost importance to all of us as we begin the 21st
century). It is www.newviewtv.com

From: RiseHarrington@aol.com
Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2000
Subject: Re: PAN ALERT: Meditation Focus #10:

Jean, I thank you sincerely for your efforts and the others that may be
supporting this work. It is so valuable to those of us that have trained
ourselves to ignore the six o'clock news in search of more positive
activities on this planet. You are allowing us to be informed in the most
positive way possible so we can assist in affecting change with our prayers
and visionary work. To pick up a paper or hear a scrap of news reporting
resolution and positive outcome days or weeks after these bulletins is a huge
blessing. Something we can all be very proud to participate in - the healing
of the planet and mankind.

God Bless & thanks again.


NOTE FROM JEAN: I might have soon a special request to all of you regarding the Meditation foci issued by the Focus Group. In the meantime any feedback or experience you'd like to share in relation to this will be welcomed!


In another email in reply to Peter's letter below Angharad indicated that she got numerous comments and personal letters from people on this list. She wrote:" Actually the response to this message has been a bit overwhelming to me! It seems like I have been waging a rather private battle and there is always some adjustment when one's words expand and are responded to by a wider readership."

She also had this comment which I loved!

"Personal responsibility is a very "individual" process which can only flourish within a consistently non-conditional loving environment."

From: "Peter Quiller" <Peter.Quiller@btinternet.com>
To: "Angharad Llewellyn" <angharad62@earthlink.net>
Subject: A day on the Path!
Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2000

My dear Angharad,

Thank you for the words you wrote to Jean Hudon, which he sent out last
night and I received this morning. Please believe me when I say you are not
alone in this battle we are engaged upon, although it certainly seems that
way sometimes doesn't it?

As a dear friend of mine, Michael Dean, is fond of saying: "I feel we
could be some of the front line troops in this war, fighting for the light:
yet we have few supplies and little resources, whilst spiritual HQ seems to
be maintaining a complete radio-silence these days! What is going on?
Battles shouldn't be fought this way!".

The pair of us have spent a long time (twenty-five years in my case and over
thirty in Michael's), fighting to bring the wicked inequalities of the
Western Monetary/Corporate System you speak about, to full public attention.
It has been a thankless task! We have tried books, magazines, plays, letters
to the newspapers, even film scripts. Apparently, all to no avail - at present!

In spite of everything it is my belief that spiritual HQ does know exactly
what it is doing. WE are the ones who have to change this invidious system
from within it: we should not look for too much "Heavenly intercession".
Wickedness only rises to positions of power when the majority of us try to
avoid our personal responsibilities. Today we have allowed the bad and the
ugly to hold power for such a long time (largely through the auspices of
male dominated secret societies, which has made our task of expelling them
doubly difficult) that at times our plight seems hopeless, but we have to
continue the fight. I am convinced we are going to win through in the end.

Recently, Michael and I have come to believe that the only way for us to
reach out to the vast majority of our spiritual chums, who are fighting the
good fight in their own particular "trenches" across the world, is through a
major motion picture made in Hollywood. This has proved to be a thankless
task too, because it is just one of the many avenues the "powers-that-be"
utilise to maintain their worldwide "programming". However, we are still
persisting in this endeavour, as well as with many other lines of approach
too. For example, I teach drama to children and adults and am always
spreading a little of my own compassionate dust over all of them. Bless 'em!
Of course Jean Hudon reaches out to many through his emailings as well,
bless his good heart. Nevertheless, not everyone in the world has access
to the Internet and in this country we are soon to have all our emailings
monitored by the security services! Freedom of speech appears to worry
the authorities over here a great deal!

Ironically, I am convinced that my friend Michael has already had some
effect in Hollywood. He went to live and work there for about ten years
during the eighties and nineties. He has always wanted to make a spectacular
motion picture concerning the reality of spiritual life after death and he
has spent what he regards as many fruitless years pursuing this goal in
Hollywood. I don't think he realises how effective his visits to America
have really been, for various studios have produced a number of good
movies on this very subject in recent years. (Although it has not done
Michael any good financially!) Regrettably, Lightworkers are not always
rewarded for the mammoth efforts they put in, it seems to go with the

Bless you for being the "Holy Woman" you undoubtedly are! Keep fighting the
GOOD fight and spreading your "Compassion Dust" on all those folk you meet.
Thank you again for striking such a responsive chord within me, I just
wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I hope and trust that your
future pathway will not be too encumbered with financial hassles!

In the light of peace, joy and love,

Peter Quiller

Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000
From: Birgitta Storjohann <b.storjohann@sympatico.ca>

I thank you for the mail you sent the last two times. I particularly
appreciated the article from Paul White on the underground piercing
radars and the emergence of ancient knowlege. Indeed, I strongly believe
we shall need some extraterrestrial help eventually.
Actually, we certainly get large amounts of it already!

The material you send is not always easy to face. Still, I am
convinced it is real and that the situation of the planet is very
serious. I thank you particularly for your own comments at the end of
some of the articles, since they contribute to make us remain geared to
the positive unlimited creative powers of humanity. Your comments keeps
the creative power in motion and therefore, ready to materialize
whenever we open our hearts to increased compassion and our vision
clears up and grasps the next steps to be taken in order to bring about
the Grand Plan for the Earth. I thank you also, for letting humour come
through your mail, like the story on baked beans which made me really
giggle at the end of some very serious reading.

With love and gratefullness to all who make contributions to your
e-mails and who keep us informed in summarized ways about huge issues.


From: Newrealities@cs.com
Date: Sat, 8 Jul 2000
Subject: July Update

It's July already. Can you believe it! What a strange time it's been,
especially since the planetary alignment in May, which coincided with our
Power Paradigm Conference. Since the first of May to the present here's what
we can see is happening consciousness-wise with the people we're connected to:

1. Group Soul for all of humanity has been formed. No small feat. If you
found yourself REALLY tired throughout the month of May it's because you were
a part of a huge shift in soul consciousness for all of humanity. You will
know this is true by the fact that you're starting to meet more and more
people with whom you can "soul connect" -- it's like we've known each other
forever. People will say to us that they used to be lucky to meet even one
person they could relate to in this way and now they meet many.

2. There is a huge sense of knowing from everyone "that something really BIG
is going on here." You can feel it welling up from within you. You are
"moved to tears" by people and moments more and more.

3. There is a great sense of family building as more and more people come
together in conferences, global meditations, organisations, etc. to make the
transformation of our planet really happen.

4. More and more people are learning to TRUST and to follow their own
guidance and intuition. Everything you need is within you and what is within
you is now available to you. You just have to trust it. I laugh every time
in a workshop someone says to me "I didn't get anything when I checked that."

Then seconds later proceed to describe the most amazing visions, colours,
whispers, etc. Why do we try to deny the beauty of our deeper senses?
Everything is energy communicating to you. Call it imagination or
intuition...if you listen it will speak volumes of wisdom and insight.

5. The people's voice is being heard. The Internet and global meditations
are having their powerful effect. In the US, several spiritual leaders (eg.
Neale Donald Walsch) are forming the League of Spiritual Voters and here in
the UK our Nov. Transforming Your World Conference plans to unite
multi-faceted voices to bring a united voice for new paradigm change.

6. The business consultants we're in touch with tell us that corporate
executives are suddenly existentially seeking and bringing up to them
spiritual questions. Many companies are beginning to look for the new
paradigm ways of serving customers, employees and the planet. We're on the
beginning of a huge wave that will change business as we know it forever.

7. And finally, we are beginning to operate as and relate to one another as
the great beings we truly are. Two weeks ago we had a workshop with thirteen
people on the Spirit and Soul of Organisation and it was, for me, a dream
come true. Every person who spoke forwarded the evolving consciousness
conversation. It was as if a great council of wonderful beings came together
in harmony, unity in diversity, celebrating our unique contributions and
created a wondrous consciousness shift for our business world. We are
finding that so many people now are standing true to themselves, speaking
true from their hearts and truely, truely making a difference to this world.
It has moved from dream to reality. We are here and we will accomplish what
we've come to do. And what is that.......

Finally, I thought you'd enjoy the following rules for living that came this
morning in one of Jean Hudon's emails. If you don't receive his emails
regularly and you'd like to you can contact him at
globalvisionary@cybernaute.com. He regularly keeps people in touch with
world issues and focusses weekly meditations.

And following that a message from a Hopi elder that another friend passed on
to us.

Lots of love in this wonderful time



A Hopi elder speaks:

"You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh
Hour, now you must go back and tell the people that this is the Hour.
And there are things to be considered
Where are you living?
What are you doing?
What are your relationships?
Are you in right relation?
Where is your water?
Know your garden.
It is time to speak your Truth.
Create your community.
Be good to each other.
And do not look outside yourself for the leader."
Then he clasped his hands together, smiled, and said,
" This could be a good time! "


There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and
swift, that there are those who will be afraid. They will
try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are being
torn apart and will suffer greatly. Know the river has its
destination. The elders say we must let go of the shore,
push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open,
and our heads above the water. And I say, see who is in
there with you and celebrate.

At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally.
Least of all, ourselves. For the moment that we do, our
spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.
The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves!
Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your
vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred
manner and in celebration.


Oraibi, Arizona
Hopi Nation

Date: Fri, 07 Jul 2000
From: Chere Rae <heartvisions@earthlink.net>
Subject: Shark Cartilage is no Cancer Cure


June 5, 2000
Shark Cartilage Is No Cancer Cure, Say Researchers

BALTIMORE, MD---Businesses that sell shark cartilage as a cancer cure or preventative do so based on the claim that sharks never get cancer. But scientists from The Johns Hopkins University and George Washington University presented a detailed history of benign and malignant tumors found in sharks and related fishes. Scientists noted that sharks could even get chondromas, cancers of the cartilage now being sold as a cancer cure. Their results come from a survey of data in the National Cancer
Institute's Registry of Tumors in Lower Animals at George Washington University. Using very strict diagnostic criteria, scientists were able to find 40 cases of tumors in sharks and related fish like
skates and rays. "People are out there slaughtering sharks and taking shark cartilage pills based on very faulty data and no preventative studies to show that it works," Gary Ostrander, Hopkins professor of biology and comparative medicine, says. "That's not only giving desperate patients false hope based on misinterpreted data, it's also taking a top-level predator out of an ecosystem, which could cause major disruptions in the ecosystem."


NOTE: Regarding the World Bank mentioned in this email, it is worth pointing out (as heard on the BBC World News on July 7) that under pressure from Tibetan people protesting in front of their main building in Washington DC and from other human rights groups, the World Bank has backed down from financing a scheme by the Chinese government to relocate *many* thousands of people in a region in China-dominated Tibet where the Tibetan population and culture would be overwhelmed if this goes ahead - as the Chinese government vowed to do anyway - and the fragile ecosystem destroyed by a sudden influx of so many people.

From: wildnet@ecoterra.net
Date: Thu, 06 Jul 2000 & WorldBank
Subject: WorldSlavery & WorldBank

FROM: Victor Forsythe <angelman@eoni.com>

Between the lines of "Birth of an Angel" (The Future of Slavery)

Signs of Slavery Today

* Slaves in Revolt around the world. The manipulations of the World
Bank, besides deforestation and ecological disaster, (all with your tax
dollars) are leading poor desperate people around the world to
violence. Workers in Asia and Africa are paid $3 a day or less to work
all day even with toxic chemicals. Big corporations are moving to China
and other countries to set up shop. Leaving American workers without a
job. Greed has no conscience.

The Drug war continues here in the USA. Politicians want to put
prisoners to work. Most of those in jail are there for Marijuana or
"drugs", and DUI offenses. We don't have to put these people in jail. As
far as DUI is concerned, we can take away their cars and offer them
counciling. But the trend today is to fill up our prisons and then turn
these prisons over to private corporations. Our (US) jails and prisons are
filling rapidly and it costs the taxpayers thousands for each person
incarcerated. How long can this go on before they tell us they have
another "solution". In "Birth of an Angel", its called "National
Service". But the real word is SLAVERY!

* Health. Will you submit to any vaccine the government wants you, or
your children to have? Are you sure of the safety of these vaccines? Did
you know they may contain pus, mucus, urine, feces, carbolic acid,
mercury and formaldehyde? Did you know that you cannot bring a lawsuit
against a vaccine maker? How long have they been "looking" for cures
like MS, MD, Lupus, CFS and a host of other maladies that have appeared
at the same time vaccines did. Are you aware that the only known cause
of polio in the USA since 1980 (20 years) has been the polio vaccine
itself? This from the CDC itself in Atlanta. That there is evidence of
the epidemic of Autism being linked to certain ingredients in the MMR
vaccine. And even AIDS is discussed as polio-vaccination related.
How about ID implants? Where will you draw the line on what you will let
the government mandate about your own body? Do think you have freedom of

Even if you believe that vaccines are wonderful, don't you still agree that
people should have the choice of if their children should be subjected to them?
Or do you believe that every man, woman and child in the USA should be
forcibly vaccinated with whatever the government thinks is good for
you.....for your own good of course.

I urge everyone to take a very careful look at this issue. Especially
next time that you get a flu shot and you come down with "another
strain". You "did not get your booster on time". Vaccines are made with
toxic ingredients and many times cultured in (rotten) eggs. The best
thing you can do to prevent disease is have a healthy immmune system.
There are quite a few BILLION people on the planet today and throughout
most of human history there were no vaccines and very primitive
sanitation compared with today. How is that possible?

* Social. Domestic violence....can the government solve all our
problems? In cases of domestic "violence", when the police come out to
your house, now in a growing number of states, they are mandated to make
an arrest. What do they offer the one arrested? After the accused gets
out of jail, they have no contact with the spouse and children and 15
minutes to get their belongings. After being made homeless they are
offered usually 32 weeks of "classes", for $2000. Are these classes a
scam? How come so many? Why so expensive? The wife or the husband of the
arrestee can't even drop the charges! Will this bring families together?
Can or should the government solve or be involved in our domestic
disputes if they are non-violent?

Prisons are the #1 major growth industry in the country. We have more
people in prison, per capita, than any other country in the world. Is
something wrong with this picture? Prisons are being turned over to
private corporations to produce chain gangs, factories, and schools for
criminals. Is our "war on drugs" just a way to insure that political
dissidents are kept under control? In China, political dissidents were
shot and killed almost before the TV cameras. There is no free speech or
freedom of the press. Women found to have more than one child are forced
to have abortions, even in the third trimester. We reward the Chinese
government by giving them most favored nation status...the products of
their prison camps fill our stores.

still be able to make a few things here and have them for our use?

They have turned Tibet into one huge concentration camp. Is there any
way we can reward them any more for this??? Clinton has also agreed to
sell them our most advanced technology...!!! How long can this go on???

* Economic. Taxes, utility rates, gasoline prices, insurance keep going
up. Is there no way we can use free energy from the sun? Live in more
ecological housing? Have better transportation? What will it take?

Your Support and what You Can Do


The World Bank Matrix

The World Bank is supported by your tax dollars.

The World Bank creates misery and deforestation, which will lead to the
horrible world we see in the movie THE MATRIX.

How is this possible? How does the World Bank work?
The real mission of the World Bank is to enslave the world. How?
We used to bring slaves here to the US, but no longer.
Now we let them live in their own country and it works out much
better for us this way.


The World Bank sends in a "team of expert financial advisors" to
recommend projects that will help a backward Latin American or
African nation join the industrialised world. Dams, roads,
telecommunications, factories, ports, etc. All these will help the
country export anything of value the country can possibly export for the
almighty dollar. This is the beginning of the process that eventually
gets approved into a World Bank Loan!

The President of the country gets a small portion of the multi-million
dollar loan as a sort of tip or finders fee (whatever). He helps channel
the rest of the loan to contractors (friends, relatives and political

Each of these lucky individuals take their cut off the top, sides, here
and there, while they set up these "projects".
A nice portion of the money kind of "leaks" back to Swiss bank accounts
that are part of the World Bank apparatus. This in turn forms the basis
of the money to loan to yet another unlucky "third world" victim.

A few years later.

Sorry, the country is unable to pay back the loan on time. El Presidente
is no longer in office (he's out on a private yacht somewhere). So if
these projects were so fantastic, where is the money??????
No one knows.....(don't look at me!)

Ok, sorry, but you are going to have to tighten your belts, bite
the bullet and devalue your already worthless currency to make it even
more worthless still! This will enable the USofA to buy bananas, oil,
gas, coffee, beef, oranges, sugar....(the list is endless) for a lot
less dollars.

In addition to that, we have business men who will now come down to your
country to set up slave wage factories. The funny thing is that while
inflation in the USA gets us less and less stuff each year, these very
same dollars get a better and better deal in these sucker countries each
year because of devaluation of the currency.

This is getting so bad that countries like Ecuador are trying to
scrap their currency and just use dollars. The problem with this is

1. The slaves will finally decide that its better to risk death and
dismemberment trying to come to the USA to work at McDonalds than to
starve to death in whatever shit country they are living in.

2. Several countries might come together to say "screw you", we are not
paying back these crooked loans. This may cause an economic meltdown if
enough countries do it. In some cases we may have to "go to the rescue
with an emergency aide package" to avoid a total revolution.

3. People with a conscience here in the USA may decide to protest the
environmental and social rape of these countries. This leads to:

4. The Matrix takes over. Guys in dark glasses and suits direct
"security forces" to "calm" the protesters and try to minimize their
exposure on the evening news.

In 1988 I went to protest the World Bank in Washington DC. Thousands of
protestors blocked the streets of Washington, strung large banners from
windows, civil disobedience and arrests followed. That night I
watched the evening news from the home of a friend in Bethesda.
Not a word!!!

Either these protests get bigger, more massive and more violent so that






* but I mean it is really OVER and OUT at least for YOU

To get your copy see: Angelmans Heaven:


Nairobi Node


check it out at: http://www.angelfire.com/mi/smilinks/thirdeye.html

From: "Goldrobe" <goldrobe@prodigy.net>
Subject: Fw: Pro-THE PATRIOT (Mel Gibson Movie) comment
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2000

From: Michael Hyatt <mshyatt@michaelhyatt.com>
Subject: Self-Reliant Living Special Bulletin


I know that it's been some time since you have heard from
me. I have been extremely busy this summer. Most of my spare
time has been spent writing my new book on prvacy. Two of my
daughters who are in college are also home for the summer.

I just saw a movie that I wanted to recommend to you. It is
called THE PATRIOT and stars Mel Gibson. It is already being
panned by the liberal media. (This was my first clue that the
movie must be good!)

The movie is set in the Revolutionary War and could not be more
appropriate for the celebration of Independence Day. Yes, it is a
little violent. But so was Saving Private Ryan and Brave Heart.
War is violent and THE PATRIOT certainly doesn't glorify either.
As a result, I plan to personally insist that all five of my
children see it. I could not give them a better gift.

Gail and I were profoundly moved by the movie. (Warning: take
extra Kleenex!) We came away with a deep sense of gratitude for
the price our forefathers paid to purchase our polictical and
economic freedom. We were also very much aware that we are living
in similar times to the Colonialists. How?

First, we are living under even greater tyranny than our
forefathers. Yes, we have greater prosperity but *far less*
freedom. If you think this is an overstatement, read "A Modern
Declaration of Liberty" here:


Second, "we the people" have exchanged -- and continue to
exchange -- our freedoms for the promise of continued prosperity.
We have, in essence, sold our birthright for a mess of pottage.

The value of the movie is that it provides the original vision
our forefathers had for liberty, the terrible price they paid to
secure it, and how we have so easily squandered it.

As you might expect, various liberal groups are trying to
downplay if not completely ban the movie. From their vantage
point, the movie is not "politically correct." Once you see it,
you will understand why.

Please do yourself and your loved ones a favor and go see this
movie today. Encourage everyone you know to see it. Liberty must
first be re-born in our hearts before we can expect our nation to
return to its founding principles.

From: EdElkin@aol.com
Date: Sat, 8 Jul 2000
Subject: Ram Dass Re-visited

RAM DASS is one of my most important teachers.

Thanks to Kamala Everett who sent me this NY Times Article I've re-connected
and caught up with much of what happened to him since his stroke a few years
back. Although it's lengthy, I hope you enjoy reading it .

Aloha & Blessings,

Ed Jor-El Elkin

The New York Times Magazine, May 21st

After a near-fatal stroke, the spiritual leader Ram Dass is back -- this time guiding baby boomers to the enlightenment of age.--- By SARA DAVIDSON

A full moon was rising on a windy winter night three years ago when
Ram Dass was lying in bed in San Anselmo, Calif., trying to fix a
book he was writing on aging and dying. He was 65, his hair had
turned white and he had spent hundreds of hours working with people
who were severely ill. He had completed a draft of the book, "Still
Here" (to be published by Riverhead this month), but on that
same day in 1997, his editor, Amy Hertz, had sent the draft back to
him. She said it was "too glib -- funny and interesting but not
really getting to the heart of the matter."

As he lay in bed, Ram Dass wrestled with how he might reach
deeper and make growing old seem visceral and immediate rather than
distant and speculative. He asked himself what people fear most about
aging: being sick, mentally impaired, totally dependent, nodding in a
wheelchair. He closed his eyes and tried to feel how it would be to
have a body that was failing -- legs that wouldn't move when cued --
and a mind that couldn't recall simple facts, when the phone rang. He
stood up to answer it and his legs gave out from under him. Hours
later, he awoke in intensive care and found himself paralyzed from a
stroke -- an event that might be viewed as one of the more extreme
examples of receiving what you need to complete your book.

The doctors said the cerebral hemorrhage had been so massive that
he probably wouldn't survive. The news was passed from friend to
friend: "Ram Dass had a stroke. He can't move or speak and may not

I had not seen or thought about Ram Dass in many years, but the
news was jarring. This was the man who, as Richard Alpert, a
professor of psychology, was fired from Harvard in 1963 for
experimenting with psychedelic drugs with his colleague, Timothy
Leary. This was the man who traveled to India and was renamed Ram
Dass, servant of God. His book,Be Here Now," about his transformation
from a "neurotic Jewish overachiever" to a white-robed yogi who had
found inner peace, sold two million copies, struck a chord with
legions of baby boomers and caused others to gnash their teeth,
dismissing his ideas as pretentious and silly. People who read the
book remember where they were when they first saw it or heard him
speak. He was, above all, a master at speaking, a brilliant teacher
and hilarious raconteur who could hold thousands rapt. That he
couldn't speak, that he had been silenced by illness, seemed a cruel
and wrenching fate.

A week after the stroke, however, Ram Dass began to recover, and
he embarked on a long course of rehabilitation. Last fall, my friend
Kathy Goodman, an art dealer in New York, asked me to come with her
to see Ram Dass at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. "He's had a
stroke," I said. "He can't speak well." She shrugged. "Let's go

By 7 p.m., more than 1,500 people had crowded into the
synod hall of the cathedral. There was a sprinkling of young people
with pierced tongues and eyebrows, but the majority were 40 or older:
stockbrokers, editors, doctors, artists, teachers and record-company
executives. Many had been out of touch for years, and there was a
sense of nostalgia and poignancy, as at a reunion.

While people milled about the floor, Ram Dass was wheeled
into the hall through a back door. His face was flushed with color,
and he had pulled a jaunty baseball cap over his bald crown. He
grasped the handrail, hoisted himself jerkily up six steps and into a
second wheelchair placed on stage. The crowd rose and cheered. He
motioned with his left arm for them to sit. His right side was still
paralyzed, and his right arm hung like a bird's broken wing. "I want
to say something." He opened his mouth and stopped, then smiled.
"I'm . . . still here."

The crowd cheered again.


The rest of this article is at the following URL, with pictures:

"Never put anyone out of your heart..."

Ram Dass Tape Library
c/o 524 San Anselmo Avenue
San Anselmo, California 94960

"In India when we meet and part we often say, "Namaste',"
which means I honor the place in you where the entire
universe resides, I honor the place in you of love, of
light, of truth, of peace. I honor the place within you
where if you are in that place in you and I am in that
place in me, there is only one of us. Namaste'"

-Ram Dass, Grist For the Mill