October 11, 2001

Miscellaneous Subjects #110: The Quest for Peace Burning Brighter Than Ever

Hello everyone

I'm very glad to share this one with you because there are so many uplifting elements in it.

More comments from me below.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

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"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter"

- Martin Luther King

"It is a conviction that war is not an answer to human conflict any more than cannibalism is an answer to human hunger."

- International Peace Bureau President Bruce Kent in a speech at an International Peace Bureau centenary reception, Berne, 29/11/1991

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1. Words of thanks
2. The Peace Exercise
3. Prophetic and Healing Words from Gabriel
4. Senator Blocks Terror Bill Over Civil Liberties
5. Pray/Meditate for Peace
6. The Hidden Remnant
7. James Twyman travels to Afghanistan
8. A Letter From James Twyman
8. The Ultimate Technology: B.R.A.I.N.S.
10. Conspiracy Theories Run Rampant says the BBC



Think Peace!


From: Sze42@aol.com
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001
Subject: Thank You

I would like to tell you what a Magnificent Job you do, be it staff, one person or 50, or even just you... Whoever... you do a wonderful job of conglomerating all the Right info... without judgement or prejudice ( per say). I just wanted to let you know that. Thank you

In Peace Always



From: "SUSAN ZIPP" <suezipp@mcn.org>
Subject: Thank you!
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2001

Dear Jean,

Thank you so very much for all you are doing! Making vital information available to many of us is essential in this time of slanted and censored news, and I sincerely appreciate you! I'm sending your info to many others, and just wanted to take a moment to say thanks!


NOTE FROM JEAN: I wrote back to Sue to thank her for her lovely letter of appreciation for this service - I did reply also to Sooze! But there are many other such letters that I received which also included similar expression of thanks - and I could not always reply, because of the overwhelming number of emails I've received since Sept 11 (the unprocessed number of emails in my inbox, most of them barely skimmed or still unopened, currently stands at 1801 with probably over 2000 processed, replied and filed). So I'd like to take this opportunity to *most heartily* thank back all those of you who so expressed their appreciation in all kinds of supportive ways and also express, to the hundreds of others who preferred to remain silent readers so far in this regard, that I do feel within the tremendous level of support and spiritual connections we all have together as a Rainbow family stretching all around the world, and that it is with ease and happiness that I continue to put in the long hours necessary to keep the ball rolling and maintain active, and as best responsive as I possibly can with my other responsibilities here, the central hub-role I've taken on for the last 5 years -- almost! since it all began on February 13, 1997 with the opening of the Earth Concert 2000 website which later muted into the Earth Rainbow Network website. Since then I've come to know many of my correspondents, some of them face to face at our founding meeting in Santa Barbara (more details at http://www.cybernaute.com/earthconcert2000/IntroInfo.htm if you are not aware of this yet) and it is a Great feeling to sense this spiritual kinship weaved through all those actual and mostly virtual contacts.

It has all been a wonderful experience and I was wondering today for how long I would keep this demanding role going - and my sense, as I got from within, is that it would probably be for another 10 years, up to the key nodal point in time of December 21st 2012. Of course, I hope it will all settle to a less hectic pace some time soon, but with all the unfolding events and the GREAT material I keep receiving from so many sources, it might not be for a while yet... Anyway I truly enjoy the ride, and hope most of you will be able to stay along despite the very demanding task it also entails for you to keep up with all the "juice" that I recirculate, and most importantly, to remain willing to be continously challenged, just as I am, with all the various visions, information (some of it, admitedly, quite controversial) and ideas circulated through this networking service.

Another thought concerns the need to keep our balance with regard to the intellectual stimulation it all provides by taking the needed time, each according to our own busy schedule, to delve within the peaceful bliss of our Universal Oneness, either in meditation or during moments of intimate contacts with Nature, and simply by always BEing the Lighted Beings we essentially ARE. A kind of mantra that often came to me spontaneously during my recent meditations is: "One Mind... One Heart... One Spirit..." as the reality of our Oneness expands along with the tingling sensations pulsing from the radiating vibrations of Light, Life and Love joining us all in a Cosmic Symphony of Gaian OneMindedness... This is an aspect of this whole evolving awakening upon which I'd like to give more attention with you soon, and I would most welcome your own thoughts, feelings and sharings on this vital topic...

So this is in a nutshell what I wanted to share with you at this point in time.

We are ONE!

One Mind... One Heart... One Spirit...



From: <colingajewski@email.com>
Subject: The Peace Exercise
Date: Tue, 9 Oct 2001

Dear Jean, Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thank you all for keeping me supplied with news and sane viewpoints over the last few years.

Here is something which I would like to share:


I feel, with unconditional trust, that I am the whole of the Universe, and that all that I see is me.

I feel at my deepest level, the power of being who I am.

I feel the willingness and the readiness to exercise the power being who I am.

I feel the gentleness of my own power, and the absolute certainty of knowing that my power is the power of peace.

I feel the conviction and trust of myself so totally that I no longer need to project anything but absolute and unconditional love.

I feel, in totality, the infinite variety of my beingness.

I feel the warmth and peace of unconditionally loving my own infinite self.

And, at this deep feeling level, I yield this moment to the power of myself, totally trusting my unconditional love and support for all of me, and accept all that I see as the expression and experience of that power.

You too are ready for this. And you are ready to support those who come to you in this. Remember that that you have loved yourself enough to come to this place. All you are asking yourself to do is broaden and deepen your awareness of your love for yourself.

That's the fun part...


With Light and Love,

Shalom, Salaam, Pax,

Colin Gajewski RN


Prophetic and Healing Words from Gabriel

Leonard Zack <leonardzack@hotmail.com> conveyed to me that this article above is "important info that ought to be included in it's entirety," but unfortunately I just cannot do so as there is so much material to network. So please go there and see for yourself. Still here is a significant quote for your immediate consideration

(...) So what is the worst fear scenario? What could someone seeking to control and dominate possibly want to happen? We, as a nation, condone war in the name of good versus evil. We give full permission for US troops and money to be used in this endeavor. We even decide to give up a few "harmless freedoms" for the good of the cause. This would allow the US to enrage the entire Arab world, as well as facing the true threat - war with China.

What would this allow? We need to realize that the Chinese have more standing army than the entire population of the United States. If we could be manipulated to engage them in war and lose, there is no threat of a dominant country in power in the world. This would clear a path for an unthinkable fear scenario of a world government, a world bank and a world army - all ruled by people who seek to control and dominate.

This fearful scenario is only possible if we do not choose from our hearts. If we choose from greed and superiority, we will lead ourselves down the same path that has crushed all great civilizations. And we, as potentially powerful individuals would have played our part by merely attempting to protect our safety zones, giving our power away as wounded children.

Gabriel has been telling us for years to watch out for certain freedoms that are being threatened. They sounded far fetched to us at the time, but we have watched each idea introduced over the last ten years. For instance, the introduction of a Money Card has already happened (with an intention of doing away with currency and individual choices in the name of "convenience"), the use of microchipping (devices being placed under the skin in the name of "protecting us") and the implementation of a national id card (that allows our every movement to be tracked).

Gabriel tells us that microchipping has already been used for five years in Great Britain, as well as with convicts in the United States. The Money Card is already in place. Fingerprinting is being required by some states for driver's licenses. Some are even talking about photographing the iris of our eyes for identification. They also want to be able to tap our phone lines or listen in with surveillance machines - with our full permission.

Gabriel has recently shared with us that it is very likely in the next few months that a crisis in the stock market is being staged - to build on the required fear for us to give up more freedom.

He has also shared that another thing to watch for in all of this is a growing alliance with Great Britain to fund these attacks.

The drama that we are seeing played out before our eyes is a vital part of the unfoldment of things in this time of initiation. To respond and learn how to stand in the power of our individuality and loving hearts is also vital. Remember that it is our choices and responses that will determine what our world will become as we create it all day by day.

Gabriel has also told us for years that according to present commitments of individuals, the world will divide into three distinct groups. One third will be the ones fighting to hang on to the limitations of the old world, guided by those who seek deeper control. One third will clearly seek healing and the freedom of individual souls, while the last third is still faced with the decision to make a commitment or give up and leave the planet.

The best news of all is that we are waking up and still have choices. Gabriel assures us that we have now accumulated enough numbers who are seeking a healing path consciously to powerfully create a new world of oneness, unity and peace (the true potential of this time of Ascension) - accessing more power as individual souls than we have ever imagined. There is tremendous potential at our fingertips, but we must make the choices that allow us to integrate and unleash that potential.

What can we do?

The most powerful place of healing starts with the self. Our suggestions include deepening your commitment to yourself and your healing process. Seek the tools that work for you. The next step of building the resonance of healing and personal empowerment comes from responding and standing in your truth, resisting the temptation to be pulled into the fear being so constantly being presented around us.

Our choices need to include creating deeper relationships, sharing, nurturing and encouraging one another into choices of love, compassion and personal empowerment.

The world is in our hands, but it is important that we become a clear part of the solution (soul-u-tion)!




From: "Ron Baker" <childlt@childrenoflight.com>
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001
Subject: Senator Blocks Terror Bill Over Civil Liberties

URGENT: Specific follow up on threat to Civil Liberties! (HR 2975 and S 1510)]

Dear Friends,

This will hopefully be the last need for sending such a message, but it is a response to so many of you asking re: the specifics of the bills being put through Congress, which will potential restrict our civil liberties in powerful ways.

If you are concerned now about civil liberties, these are the bills that Congress is attempting to rush through. We could live with their effects forever if we are not careful. So educate yourself and take the time to correspond with your senators and congressmen.

The vote on this stuff is happening very quickly, so take time to speak now. For instance, they wanted to vote on these issues last night (Tuesday), but only one senator held them up. The bill labelled HR 2975 is in the House, the bill labelled S 1510 is in the Senate.

I would suggest that you first READ the article at the bottom of this email. However, if you want to see the specifics of the bills, go to website: http://thomas.loc.gov/ and follow the instructions for reading the text (search by bill number - include the HR and S before the numbers.)

To contact your Congresspeople, go to website: http://www.congress.org or http://www.congressmerge.com/onlinedb/index.html (This has an email facility so you can then correspond with them).

And if you have not had the time to read the Monthly Weather Report, this is vital information to becoming educated - so that you can become a part of the healing response, not the fear. As we move forward into this time of initiation and challenge (which will bring us into an unprecedented time of healing - if we respond and stand in our loving truth), it is vital that we hold the resonance of love.


Ron Baker


Senator Blocks Terror Bill Over Civil Liberties

WASHINGTON (Oct. 10) - The Bush administration's anti-terrorism legislation has stalled because of one senator's concern that it will erode civil liberties.

Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, D-S.D., tried to hurry the bill through Tuesday, but Sen. Russ Feingold, D-Wis., refused Daschle's request to let the bill go through without debate or amendment.

``I can't quite understand why we can't have just a few hours of debate,'' said Feingold, who wants the chance to limit some of the police powers in the Senate legislation.

The House and Senate last week came up with anti-terrorism bills based on an outline offered by Attorney General John Ashcroft, who has been urging Congress to quickly pass the bill.

When Senate negotiations on an airline security bill stalled, Daschle asked senators to unanimously agree to move on to the anti-terrorism bill.

Under Daschle's plan, the Senate would have voted on final passage of the bill Tuesday evening and senators would not have been allowed to offer amendments. But Feingold refused to go along, saying he wanted to add four important amendments to limit some of the bill's police powers.

Feingold's amendments would:

Eliminate a provision in the bill that would allow police to secretly search suspects' homes.

Narrow a provision that allows federal officials to wiretap telephones.

Keep the FBI from being able to access Americans' personal records.

Clarify the federal government's ability to wiretap computers.

``It is crucial that civil liberties in this country be preserved,'' Feingold said. ``Otherwise the terrorists will win the battle against American values without firing another shot.''

The anti-terrorism bill now will have to wait until senators finish the aviation bill, which worries some senators. ``There is a danger that the aviation bill will tangle up the rest of this week, and we won't be able to get to it until next week,'' said Senate Republican Leader Trent Lott, R-Miss.

The House, meanwhile, is expected to move on an anti-terrorism bill before the end of the week. However, House aides say administration officials are pressuring House Speaker Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., to take the Senate bill instead of the bill approved by the House Judiciary Committee.

The Bush administration prefers the Senate bill to the House bill, which eliminates most of the bill's police power in 2004. The House bill also does not have anti-money-laundering provisions requested by the White House.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., said that regardless of what's in either bill, it will be changed in negotiations between the House and Senate. The House-Senate conference committee bill ``will be the final package,'' Leahy said.

The bill numbers are H.R. 2975 and S. 1510.


From: Catherine Allon <ccawaken@interlog.com>
Subject: Pray/Meditate for Peace
Date: Mon, 08 Oct 2001

This came from a dear friend and I pass it on in kind..

Dear Friends and Family,

Just a few hours ago the United States and Britain have begun bombing Afghanistan.

Since the attack on the World Trade Center I have done more praying and meditating than I have ever done in my life. One of my friends told me this story:

During World War II Winston Churchill asked the people of Britain to pray for peace every evening at 9:00 PM. The story goes that German intelligence reported that Britain had a secret weapon. They didn't know what it was, but it had something to do with 9:00 PM and "Big Ben", and was VERY POWERFUL.

I am determined to contact as many people as I can to enact this powerful force for peace for the world. Would you pray for peace for 10 - 15 minutes each night at 9:00 PM? Would you ask your friends if they will participate?

Thank you,


Elizabeth Kisch


From: "Janis Roze" <Jroze7733@email.msn.com>
Subject: The Hidden Remnant
Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001

Dear Jean,

You are like a magical mirror, reflecting that which is essential to maintain our sanity and work for humanity. This is an email that we are sending around, based on reflections on a theme that is becoming urgent now, after the bombs have fallen. In a way you are one of the Hidden Remnants, and thank you for that.




A call from New York

The Reawakening of the Hidden Remnant

In midst of our pain, suffering, questionings and a sense of helplessness, a new call is heard. The reawakening of the Hidden Remnant. It was heard by a small group of people meeting in Pacem-In-Terris, Warwick, New York where Frederick Franck has established an abode for the human spirit and where the search for the sense of being human rides high. Awakened by the compassion, forgiveness and love the call is being heard all over the land and in many lands beyond. We recognized that the call is to reawaken the inner giant within us as individuals and for us as humanity that has lived the tragedy of the Twin Towers.

Yes, the tragedy is profound. We, in New York City have lived daily with the smoldering ruins, with the despair of people looking for their loved ones, with the sirens dashing through the streets, with the long rows of trucks carting away the remnants of the Towers and with an almost incomprehensible sadness. The candle vigils, memorials and concerts expressing a deep compassion and love for the loss are not only invoking a deep sense for carrying the pain but also pointing to the transforming moment of humanity. Walking in the downtown area and seeing the long rows of pictures of lost people in the streets and plazas of New York we sense from the ruins and dust of the Twin Towers the awakening of a new spirituality. This destroyed symbol of humankind, together with people from 60 countries has become, as New York Times said, a “hugely important – indeed almost spiritual – to people in New York and around the world”. The central energy for the transmutation of humanity emanates from the suffering New York where all the world religions, all nations, all cultures and traditions, all expressions of the arts and the political, social and economic thinking are present. It was in the Twin Towers – the World Trade Center - where many of the world’s economic and financial activities were reaching the entire world. In that sense the attack touched the fabric of the whole world.

Whence the Hidden Remnant?

When a great world crisis is upon humanity, as it appears to be now, when it seems that all that was sane and human is just about to be destroyed, when wars and violence is threatening the land a group of people appear working selflessly to avert the downfall of the world. They are the Hidden Remnant who have appeared again and again in times of great danger when the world needed help to face the deep crises. In their personal lives they stand for humankind. However difficult at times it may seem they stand for the authentically human and work for the completion human destiny. They are the “I who is we” people. Plato called them “the very small remnant” in search of the truly human and of the wisdom of ages, and Isiah mentioned this small remnant as that group of people who saved the land. Gerald Sykes, a friend of old from the ICIS Forum, called them the Hidden Remnant.

The Hidden Remnant appear and continue working for human sanity as if standing on a volcano that is about to explode, and continue working fearlessly in spite of the apparently imminent danger of explosion. A person who escaped from the 20th floor of the Twin Towers and called his wife to say that he is OK, but decided to return to the 20th floor to help to evacuate his friends – and never returned – is a Hidden Remnant.

Today, once more we stand on a volcano that is in danger of exploding. In face of the new world danger nourished by blind vengeance, violence, hate and sheer inhumanity the call has gone forth and we all are invited to awaken within ourselves the Hidden Remnant. We are invited to be the Hidden Remnant of humanity! We are invited to mobilize the strength within that we all have and to take a stand, the stand for humankind. Are we able and willing to take that stand? Are we ready to participate in the wave of human transmutation that is beginning to sweep the entire land? Can we travel with the compassion, forgiveness and love on the New Road toward the a new humanity that has been opened up by the great sacrifice (making sacred!) of the 6000 in the Twin Towers tragedy? Can we mobilized our own Hidden Remnant and can I walk with it into the future? Do we want to be “in that number”?


Note: Any comments, ideas, hopes and actions for the transmutational opportunity of humanity and the future features of the New Road, please write to Janis Roze, jroze7733@msn.com Or/and Mario Kamenetzky, Mkamen@aol.com


From: James Twyman <prayingpeace@hotmail.com>
Sent: Sunday, October 07, 2001
Subject: James Twyman travels to Afghanistan

Author James Twyman will travel to Afghanistan to focus a world-wide prayer vigil for peace. The trip will take place in either November or December and will be sponsored by a spiritual organization in either Afghanistan or Pakistan.

James will carry with him a printed compilation of one million peace prayers contributed from around the world. These prayers, called the Million Prayer March, were originally intended to be delivered by a political emissary.

In order to meet the goal of one million prayers we need your help. Simply go to http://www.PrayersofPeace.com and add yours today, then pass this message to everyone on your own email list so word will spread around the world. You will then be added (only if you choose) to a list of hundreds of thousands of people who will be alerted no more than two days before the vigil takes place. (The short timing is for the security and safety of Mr. Twyman.) The goal is to have the ability to mobilize millions of people almost instantaneously to use the power of prayer to bring peace. Please join us in this initiative by adding your prayer today.

(James Twyman is the author of five books on peace and has traveled to countries like Iraq, Northern Ireland, Israel, Kosovo, Serbia and many others at times of war. For more information go to http://www.JamesTwyman.com)


Larry Morningstar <mana7@wave.net> also recommended this:

A Letter From James Twyman


Dear Friends,

Many of you will remember when I was invited to Iraq by Saddam Hussein in 1998. We were on the verge of war and I was asked to sing the Peace Concert at the national theater in Baghdad, a concert that was attended primarily by government officials. I was able to secure valuable contacts during that journey, feeling that there would come a time when I would need to use them again. That time has come.

Last year over 250,000 prayers were contributed to the Million Prayer March after Yasser Arafat said that it would take "a million strong prayers to bring peace to the Middle East." (A web site had been set up to collect the prayers.) It is safe to say that this statement applies to the whole world, for our prayers of peace are needed now more than ever.

I have arranged through a contact in Iraq to have the millions prayers of peace delivered through that country to the Taliban government in Afghanistan. Likewise, because there is evidence to suggest that Iraq was involved in the planning of these attacks, another copy of the prayers will be delivered to Baghdad, hopefully to Saddam Hussein himself.

Finally, because this prayer march originated with the conflict in the Middle East, a conflict that has increased in the last year, a computer disk containing the million prayers will be secretly inserted into the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, lending energetic support to peacemakers on both sides of that terrible war.

We need your help if we are to meet our goal of a million prayers of peace. Can you think of a simpler, more profound way for you to be personally involved in the process of healing? Please pass this on to everyone you know, and tell people you meet. Simply click onto this link or go to PrayersofPeace.com, then follow the instructions.

The events of September 11 were a wake up call. We need to actually create a world of peace and compassion, not expect it to happen on its own. Can your one prayer make a difference? YES!!! Add a prayer everyday...ten prayers a day till we reach our mark. It is up to you.

May Peace Prevail on Earth!

James Twyman


Date: Sat, 6 Oct 2001
From: Jeff Wefferson <therockist@yahoo.com>
Subject: The Ultimate Technology: B.R.A.I.N.S.

Jean... I absolutely love your compendia... To me they are the best information sources I have access to. I was wondering how many people get your thing? (REPLY: Around 1900 in English, 700+ in French) Also, did you receive the text and attached image of my latest piece of art, it is from another email address under the name of Arne Saknussem (the first man to go to the center of the Earth in Jules Vernes' novel!), it is entitled "The Ultimate Technology: B.R.A.I.N.S." and it is a spacecraft control panel for your brain. I noticed one of the things in your latest column, a person talking about monothought and polythought and the de Chardinian noosphere...these ideas are in my art! Check it out at http://www.geocities.com/tutbrains


"This image is dedicated to the whales, who have the biggest brains on Earth; to the trees, who are masters of photosynthesis and autotrophism; to all indigenous artists, who understand implicity the spiritual and thought-like nature of the cosmos; to all humans who are striving to use their brains fully; and to Dr. John C. Lilly, cartographer of inner space who has achieved fusion with the Star-Maker in alternity."

"On Spaceship Earth, there are no passengers: everyone is crew."

- R. Buckminster Fuller


From: tapa-chemtrails@yahoogroups.com

Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001
From: "Tim Swartz" <monkee@iquest.net>
Subject: Conspiracy Theories Run Rampant says the BBC

* Conspiracy Journal *


Subscribe for free at our subscription page:


This weeks hair-splitting issue of Conspiracy Journal features such stories as: Urban legends run rampant over the net - Psychics look for terrorists - Ebola-Style Killer Virus Sweeps Into Afghan Pakistan Border - And UFO reports from around the world.

All these exciting stories and more in this weeks edition of Conspiracy Journal


Conspiracy Theories Run Rampant

Big events in our history seem to attract big conspiracy theories, have you ever noticed that? C'mon, you know someone who thinks the moon landing was faked, that Princess Diana was murdered, and that the CIA concocted an elaborate plot to cover up their own assassination of JFK.

Maybe you even think so yourself?

Before you decide whether it's safe to admit that you do, stop and think about this: sometimes they can actually be a very healthy coping mechanism.

After Princess Diana's death in a car accident, an estimated 36,000 conspiracy websites sprang into existence all around the Internet to discuss just who had done the evil deed. Along with Urban Legends, the Internet turns out to be the perfect petri dish for growing conspiracy theories grow and spread.

The recent tragic events at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have not been an exception to this rule, either. BBC News Online found itself in the undesirable position of defending itself less than two weeks after the terrorist attacks because it was inundated with emails asking for confirmation on some of the various conspiracy theories now hurtling around the world.

At issue most often was the accusation that the CNN dug out 10-year-old images of celebrations following the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and passing them off as Palestinian displays of Anti-Americanism.

That and several other theories surrounding the attacks of September 11th are without credible source, unfounded and untrue, of course. But they are continuing to spread across the Internet like wildfire.

All of this brings up a critical question: Just where do conspiracy theories come from? What is it about our human nature that drives us to creative theories about alternative world filled with shadowy figures with ulterior motives? Paranoia? Delusional? Shallow lives with not enough to do to keep us occupied in healthier ways? Or dangerous truths that must be kept hidden at all costs?

Psychology Professor Cary Cooper has a different explanation: he thinks that we are trying to fend off fear of random violence and unpredictable death. In order to preserve our sense of security, it's easier to assign that evil to someone who's not a rogue person or an unsophisticated group who could actually cause so much death and destruction. We create alternate realities because we reject the world where a single madman can snuff out a princess, and a few men with knives can terrorize a country.

He predicts that in the weeks ahead, US Terror Attack theories will continue to expand and that the finger will be pointed at an ever-growing list of culprits.

Conspiracy theories are not limited to Western Culture alone. Experts believe they have existed in many societies throughout history. On a certain psychological level, we appear to need them to help us cope. Giving mystery and injustice an identity makes life more bearable. They help us deal with the notion that sometimes really bad things happen to perfectly good people.

Source: BBC

NOTE FROM JEAN: I'll have some pretty interesting stuff regarding the disinformation campaign being waged on the Internet by covert intelligence groups trying to influence the direction of people's thinking and opinions through what they see on the Net. And I must admit that I unwittingly contributed to circulating such disinformation in my "Armageddon Underway #1" compilation earlier this week.