October 10, 2001

Miscellaneous Subjects #109: From Darkness to Light

Hello everyone

As the first "official" military strikes got underway, captivating much of the world through continuous TV coverage, we are left to wonder where this will all lead us. My next compilation will contain several unmediatized information that will shed a very different - and disquieting - light on this unfolding new world war against a "pre-fabricated" enemy. In the meantime, you will find below various tid-bits on a number of related and less related issues.

Remain happy and peaceful, no matter what!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

Note: Several people mentioned being unable to access the Peace Breath webpage at http://www.peacebreath.com/flash/index.html

I did access it and it works just fine - and it is a very beautiful flash animation to breathe in and out and relax/meditate along with the key thoughts suggested. But it is quite long to load which means if many people try to access it at the same time, the webpage is bound to be very busy and to be unaccessible for a while. So just try it again.


1. It's always darkest just before the dawn
2. 35,615 children died from hunger on 11/9
3. Why are oil and gas stocks your best investments
5. Powell Accused Of Trying To Censor Qatar TV Channel
6. Nancy Talbott witnesses crop circle forming!
8. Montauk Symposium results
13. Disclosure Project Coming to Montreal (maybe)

See also at http://ens-news.com/ens/oct2001/2001L-10-05g.html

"Spend, Spend, Spend - Patriotism or Disconnection" in which Jackie Giuliano explores how the world's leaders all missed a pivotal moment in modern human history and the chance to tell the world, "Our endless quest for wealth so that some can be rich while others are bitterly poor is over. We will now make our business the health and welfare of all the people of the world."



Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2001
From: Annie Aroha <maramashine279@yahoo.co.uk>
Subject: * It's always darkest just before the dawn*

Blessings to you all, our planetary kin...

The news of the unfolding story in Afghanistan brings tears to my eyes... As I walked out side tonight, under the starry skies, lit by the glowing moon, for the first time during all this, tears cascaded down my cheeks... as I released this heartfelt pain,and asked for some angelic help, so that peace may prevail on our beloved Earth... I was filled with the strength of Spirit, for, as we all know, only by conscious example, may we inspire others to accept the fear, anger, and sorrow in all our hearts, and to release it, to be transformed by the Love of the Universe; so we may move forwards, and embrace the pain and fear of the whole world and all her beings, with gentleness
and compassion,

We must allow all the myriad emotions and reactions stirred within us, to surface, for it is all part of the great transformation that we must pass through in order to emerge, together, unified as one people, one family...

By embodying our Truth, and accepting it All with Unconditional Love, we offer others the chance to do the same... Only with Love is hate appeased...

Let this challenging time strengthen us like never before, so that we may find the grace to forgive; so that our hearts may be made strong, and be filled with the light of integrity, and the courage to manifest our vision of Peace on Earth...

Thought Creates...


Date: Fri, 05 Oct 2001
From: Glenn Ashton <ekogaia@iafrica.com>
Subject: 35,615 children died from hunger on 11/9

Something to think about!!!

On the 11 Sept 2001, 35,615 children also died through hunger. Here's the statistics...

Victims: 35,615 (according to FAO)
Location: the poorest countries in the world
Special TV reports on the tragedy: NONE
Newspaper articles: NONE
Messages from heads of states: NONE
Appeals by organizations against the crisis: NONE
Solidarity messages: NONE
Minutes of silence: NONE
Homages to the victims: NONE
Special forums organized: NONE
Messages from the Pope: NONE
Stock exchanges: situation normal
Alarm level: NONE
Mobilization of armed forces: NONE
Media speculation over the identity of the perpetrators of this crime: NONE
Those responsobile for this crime. ALL OF US



From: Net Stock Tips <nopromo1@racsa.co.cr>
Subject: Why are oil and gas stocks your best investments
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2001

If you follow world events, you probably know that the prices of commodities and stocks reflect international politics and tensions! That's why the stock market lost over 10% in just a few days after the recent terrorist attacks.

As the U.S. prepares its response, tensions could escalate even further in the Middle East. This could have a DRAMATIC IMPACT on the supply of oil and gas therefore increasing worldwide prices. If this happens, oil and gas companies and THEIR SHAREHOLDERS could be poised to MAKE MONEY from any
price increases. That's why many people consider oil and gas stocks not just a great speculative investment, but also an insurance against future market developments.


From: "Charles de Beer" <dreams1@telkomsa.net>
Subject: Jung on war
Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2001

I thought you might be interested:

In her book "Jung and Tarot", Sallie Nichols in her chapter on 'the Devil' writes a.o.:
"With each succeeding war, it becomes increasingly apparent that we and the Devil share many characteristics in common.

Some say that it is precisely the function of war to reveal to mankind his enormous capacity for evil in such an unforgettable way that each of us will ultimately acknowledge his dark shadow and come to grips with the unconscious forces of his inner nature.

Paradoxically, as man's conscious life becomes more 'civilised' his pagan, animal nature, as revealed in war, becomes increasingly ruthless. Commenting on this, Jung says:
"The dammed-up instinct-forces in civilised man are immensely more destructive , and hence more dangerous, than the instincts of the primitive, who in a modest degree is constantly living negative instincts. Consequently no war of the historical past can rival a war between civilised nations in its colossal scale of horror."

Warm regards,




BY Jonathan Eveleigh <rainbow@aum.freewire.co.uk>


To gain control of the world’s economies, politics, and people it is necessary to implement national and international security measures as a weapon in a “war against terrorism”. Measures to gain access to all private email and phone calls and to restrict human movements would be introduced. Thus humanity would be largely controlled and subservient to the globalisation agenda. This is how it is happening to you right now.

1. The CIA funded and armed the Mujadeen in Pakistan and Afghanistan against the Russian occupation. The terrorist training camps where Osama Bin Laden allegedly planned his attacks were built with American money and backing.

2. The Taliban terrorist regime are a result of CIA funding and training whilst the Russians were in occupation.

3. During Clinton’s administration, the CIA and other secret organisations devised and furthered a campaign for a “war on terrorism” as a cover to push forward a covert globalisation agenda.

4. During the Gulf War an estimated 200,000 Iraqis died and at least a million civilians, half of them children, have since died in Iraq as a result of the USA led embargo. Meanwhile US bomb and munitions training is being given to Iraqi and other foreign military personnel.

5. In Palestine, the enduring illegal occupation by Israel would have collapsed long ago were it not for US backing.

3. The Bush administration is put into power by any means possible and sets about creating controversy to take our mind’s off their sleight of hand by undoing environmental protection and civil rights, withdrawing from the Kyoto Treaty, then from the ABM treaty, promulgating a "reward your friends" energy policy, etc. all predictably leading to an alienation of the electorate.

7. This Spring 2001 Bush comes to Europe and asks his counterparts if they would support a “war on terrorism” in particular to oust the Taliban regime and to put a stop to Bin Laden. In response, terrorist networks move on plans to lash back at the American and Western covert agenda.

8. Bin Laden's financial partnerships include the family of Sharon Rockefeller.

9. The CIA were aware of the threat to the WTC Twin Towers in advance and had time and means to stop the hijacking yet allowed the planes through restricted air space.

10. The Twin Towers were detonated after the planes impact.

11. The emotional response and outcry is used by media programming to push through support for an unconditional “war on terrorism”.

The War on terrorism is a means to ensure that each of us submits to the globalisation agenda.


From: ilyes@earthlink.net
Date: Fri, 05 Oct 2001
Subject: Powell Accused Of Trying To Censor Qatar TV Channel

They must still believe that we have 'freedom of the press' HERE ...

the Truth is out!


Powell Accused Of Trying To Censor Qatar TV Channel (PROVING TO BE USEFUL NOW THAT THE AIR STRIKES HAVE BEGUN...)

Fri Oct 05 2001

The WALL STREET JOURNAL reports in Friday runs: Secretary of State Colin Powell may have sought to improve America's image in Arab eyes on Wednesday, when he publicly asked the visiting emir of Qatar to 'tone down' unfriendly broadcasts on Al-Jazeera, the Qatar-based satellite TV channel popular across the Middle East.

But the remarks produced exactly the opposite effect: Intellectuals throughout the Arab world voiced dismay over what they saw as an attempt to censor one of the region's main sources of independent news.

"This is truly appalling," said Majeed Alalawi, deputy head of the Bahrain Center for Studies and Research. "I would have expected Powell to ask for more liberalization, for more freedom of speech in the region, not for more censorship." The JOURNAL adds, "Many Arab analysts argued that it is, after all, Washington's perceived disregard for human rights in officially pro-American countries such as Saudi Arabia that fuels the rampant anti-Americanism."


Date: Thu, 04 Oct 2001
From: Palden Jenkins <palden@globalnet.co.uk>
Subject: Fwd: [cropcircles-2001] Nancy Talbott witnesses crop circle forming!

For those of you who don't know her, Nancy Talbott is a generally well-known, trusted and liked crop circle researcher, with quite a scientific approach - she's not one of the more flakey croppies like me! She lectures periodically at the Glastonbury Symposium.


From: "Dave Haith" <visions@ntlworld.com>
Date: Wed, 3 Oct 2001


Nancy Talbot phoned to inform me she had witnessed the formation of a Crop Circle in the early morning hours of August 21, 2001. Nancy had gone to Holland to visit an amazing young man called Robert. Nancy was reading in bed at 3:00 AM, when she heard cattle outside her room making noises. A few minutes later, they started again but stopped about 3:15 AM. Nancy noticed her room was brightening like a welder's arc light. An intense column of light was above the field located behind her bedroom. There were two tubes of light about a foot in diameter shinning down on the field. The lights went out for a second and other came down. Nancy jumped out of bed and called for the young man she was visiting named Robert. He was also awake in the kitchen and also saw the lights shinning down about 85 feet away. They rushed outside and there was nothing in the sky or field. Everything was quiet with no sound, and no smells. They walked toward the field and just beyond the fence was a Crop Circle in the string beans. It was a 35 foot ellipse (stretched circle) with a twenty foot long off to one side with a crossbar at the end, forming a 'T' coming off the ellipse. Nancy thought she saw some steam rising from the Crop Circle. The next morning Nancy saw the field from her bedroom window. We wondered if the Crop Circle had been made so Nancy could see it. This observation seems more than a coincidence and infers intelligence at work.

Thanks to Nancy Talbot and George Reynolds Maryland MUFON.



RED DEER, ALBERTA -- Paul Anderson reports the 'Star of David' formation is 422 feet in diameter, making this the largest, and arguably most complex formation yet found in this country. The large circle in the center is 106 feet, the smaller circles range from 42 to 44 feet. Connecting pathways are about 3 feet wide. Judy Arndt of CropCircleQuest and coordinator Gordon Sopczak conducted a ground survey of the formation yesterday. The formation was found September 16, 2001. The crop is mature red wheat, which is very dry and brittle. Aerial photos show the geometry is off in places, although the overall design is impressive, and very large! The seed heads do not show any obvious damage associated with mechanical flattening (as in most hoaxes); plant stalks are bent at various heights, from ground level to about three inches above the ground. No stretched or ruptured nodes found. Nurses in nearby Lacombe on September 15, 2001, reported seeing odd triangular configuratio! ns of lights at 3:15 and 5:00 AM. A few nights later, on the at 1:05 AM, other nurses saw a set of lights, arranged in seven triangles, peach or light orange in color, which changed to an arrow, then a crescent shaped pattern before disappearing. Thanks to Paul Anderson psa@look.ca, Canadian Crop Circle Research Network



Sun, 30 Sep 2001
From: "Misty" <nicola@ak.planet.gen.nz>
Subject: Montauk Symposium results

This page first posted: September 18, 2001


Dear Friends,

Stewart & I just returned from the First Time Ever Montauk Symposium in Vermont and to say the least, it was a fantastic event! People came from all over the world, including England, Switzerland, and Canada, as well as people from the West Coast, Midwest, South East and North East. The world was well represented. The people who came truly wanted to be a part of this groundbreaking event. Energy was high and enthusiastic, even amidst all the attempts made to thwart this event from occurring. Only about 5% of the original registered participants did not make it, most due to the airline situation.


Montauk Symposium Videos
This page updated: September 25, 2001

For the first time ever, Montauk Project survivors Stewart Swerdlow (a k a ' Stan Campbell'), Al Bielek, Duncan Cameron, and Preston Nichols with researcher, author, and publisher Peter Moon shared the same stage at the Lightgate Center in Thetford, Vermont. Symposium topics include: alien involvement, genetic manipulation, Illuminati, Nazi & occult connection, mind-control, history, positive side, technology, and time travel. Fascinating!

Expansions is now offering pre-shipment discounts on all of the 2001 Montauk Symposium Videos that will be available for shipment in mid-October. Orders are being accepted now thru September 30, 2001 for discounted videos. Following is the summary of the videos that will be offered:

Montauk Symposium Videos Begin Shipping in Mid-October 2001


The First Montauk Symposium - Link URL for websites

New release

For the first time ever, Montauk survivors Al Bielek, Duncan Cameron, Preston Nichols, and Stewart Swerdlow (a/k/a "Stan Campbell") shared the same stage along with researcher/publisher/author Peter Moon of Sky Books at the Lightgate Center in Thetford, Vermont, USA, September 14-16, 2001. This show of solidarity and strength was unprecedented in the Montauk Project history.

Every attempt has been made to silence this group of people from revealing the truth about what really happened at the Montauk Project, an outgrowth of the Philadelphia experiment, from discrediting and ridiculing them to personal and financial devastation to prison. Yet, each of these individuals maintains his original story and remains steadfast in his conviction to tell the truth of this heinous and covert secret government experiment.

The Symposium Topics include such controversial subjects such as time travel; genetic manipulation; occult, nazi, and Illuminati connections; sleeper programming; alien manipulation of the Montauk agenda; weapons research; technology; and mind-control.

Al Bielek, Montauk psychic program manager, has lead a life most would not choose to live. While many would think that time travel, meeting aliens, and working on secret projects are exciting ventures, Al paid a big price for the privilege. Because those who set the agenda wish to keep their activities secret, Al was robbed of his family, his memories, and ultimately, his identity. They used advanced technologies to erase what was dear to him. However, their technologies are not perfect. Slowly, the memories came back. Al started meeting others who had been through the same process. Ultimately, a flood of memories returned. For over ten years, Al has been featured on Radio Talk Shows and as a speaker in many conferences. His story has captivated the attention of tens of thousands of people worldwide. Many will question why Al hasn't been silenced. Perhaps, those who set the agenda are allowing brief glimpses of the truth to emerge. Perhaps it is something much bigger. Al has recently released a successful and exceptionally complete personal expose of the Philadelphia Experiment on CD. http://www.albielek.com

Duncan Cameron, lead Montauk chair psychic, is best known as the enigmatic and charismatic time traveler of the Montauk Project. He is a real life person who has recall of serving in the military as an Air Force officer in Vietnam and was given one of the most extensive regimens of secret mental training imaginable. He was groomed to be the focal point for the accumulation of decades worth of secret research so that he could penetrate the consciousness of the space/time continuum by sitting in a consciousness amplification device known as the "Montauk Chair." From this experimental role, he was utilized to determine the outcome of various events in time, literally changing time itself.

Preston Nichols, lead Montauk engineer, is an electrical engineer who graduated from Tampa University. He is one of the foremost experts in the world on electromagnetic phenomena. His expertise has been sought out and used by the industry for four decades. His early career began in the recording industry where he sound-engineered for such well-known celebrities as Chubby Checker and George Lucas.

In the 1970s, Preston worked for one of the top defense contractors on Long Island, NY when he realized that he had been living a complete "other life" with a separate set of memories previously unbeknownst to him. This led to his investigations of telepathy and the electromagnetic phenomena surrounding it which in turn led to his personal discovery of the huge transmitter at the Air Force Station at Montauk Point and a devastating series of experiments that were held there. These have since become popularized in the Montauk Project book series that includes five books authored by Preston telling incredible tales of time travel, mind control, and efforts to control the consciousness of human beings. Preston lives on Long Island and consults to private industry, where he also continues his research into time and psychic phenomena.

Stewart Swerdlow, previously written about as "Stan Campbell" in the Monauk Project series (Sky Books) before publicly revealing himself, is a Montauk "boy" survivor, trained to work alongside Duncan Cameron as a Montauk psychic. He was also used for genetic and mind-control experiments.

Stewart's memory flashes of his strange role in the Philadelphia Experiment and Montauk Project culminated when he was mysteriously introduced to Preston Nichols. Together, they unlocked the secret genetic and mind-control experiments that had haunted Stewart all of his life, beginning when doctors discovered at his impending birth that his mother did not have a birth canal! His intriguing family history leads back to the last Czar of Russia, who was executed under the command of his great-uncle, Yakov Sverdlov, who in turn became the first president of the Soviet Union.

Stewart's time travel experiences have become legendary amongst Montauk Project circles, as well as his understanding of the space/time continuum. A gifted mentalist, Stewart was born clairvoyant and has the ability to see auric fields and personal archetypes as well as read DNA sequences and mind-patterns. His natural abilities were further enhanced by the Montauk experiments. Stewart has paid dearly for his abilities and his efforts to disseminate information, including almost three years in prison, the breakup of his first marriage, financial destitution, and a recent attack by an Illuminati agent determined to further destroy him. Stewart has written several books, and teaches people how to control their own minds so that no one else will control it for them. http://www.stewartswerdlow.com

Peter Moon, researcher/publisher/author, is the co-author of the Montauk Project book series, and has written extensively about his adventures with synchronicity as it relates to space-time projects. He began delving into the principles of the mind and spirit when he studied Scientology and ended up working as a personal confidante to L. Ron Hubbard aboard the mystery ship Apollo. During his twenties, he studied implants and how to clear them, two decades before "implant" became a household word.

Additionally, he studied how to accomplish the complete rehabilitation of the human spirit. An unbiased look at these studies led him to an examination of Hubbard's pre-Scientology life and the latter's association with rocket scientist Jack Parsons and the work of Aleister Crowley. At this point, Peter found himself trafficking with some of the most interesting occultists in the world, and more importantly, discovered the remnants of a real life implant station at Montauk Point NY.

He found about this remarkable information from Preston Nichols, a scientist who actually worked at the implant station and told fascinating and detailed accounts of time travel experimentation. Their collaborations are now historic. Together, they completed a total of six books. Peter continues to study and write in the New York metropolitan area.

For further information, visit the home page of Stewart Swerdlow's website:
http://www.stewartswerdlow.com or phone Tipi Halsey, Lightgate Center, Thetford Vermont, USA at (802) 785-4978.

The Sky Book Montauk Series are in stock and available through BookEnds, as well as the Al Beleik CD's.


September 21, 2001

WHITEFISH -- Brian Schweitzer, a cattle rancher, who was the unsuccessful Democratic candidate for the US Senate last year, recently found one of his cows killed. "The brand inspector said lightning caused the death." Mr. Schweitzer said, "but there was no lightning that night. And it very much looked like those incisions were done with instruments." Mr. Taliaferro, a cattleman who has been ranching for 25 years. "When you see it, I tell you, it makes a believer out of you that something weird is going on." Eight cow killings have been reported in Montana since June 12, the most recent on August 31, 2001, and they all appear similar to 67 cattle mutilations in the 1970's. Law enforcement officials and veterinarians who investigated said they had never seen anything like it. In all the cases, part of the animal's face, called the mask, is removed, along with reproductive organs. There is usually no blood, and predators will often not touch the carcass. County sheriff'! s deputy, says people who dismiss the deaths are not looking hard enough. No vehicle tracks or footprints have been found around the animals. "There are smooth edges on those cuts and no bite marks. The mystery and savagery of the deaths have led the more fanciful to speculate that the cattle, which can weigh nearly a ton, were killed by a band of satanic cultists, by UFOs or by secret military testing.



As editor of Filer's Files, I'm not a scientist but, I obtained extensive intelligence and photo interpretation experience while serving in the Air Force. Mars has indisputable evidence of vast water flow that cut canyons, valleys, riverbeds and left shorelines of lakes and seas. Within many of canyons and valleys are lava tube or strange tunnel like structures. These apparent tubes may an optical illusion, but I personally see a rounded 3D effect to the strange, tubes or tunnels generally located along the bottom of valleys. With the limited equipment available to me, I feel these structures definitely need further study and analysis. Astronomers for more than hundred years have been watching Mars and claimed they saw canal like structures on the Red Planet. M. Schiaparelli the Director of Observatory at Milan stunned the world in 1877 announcing that Mars had a series of connecting straight lines or canals.

Their visibility was not always the same but, more than sixty! had been observed that terminate at canal junctions or in dark areas thought to be seas. Numerous other astronomers such as American Percival Lowell confirmed the findings with more powerful telescopes and noted that many of the canals terminated in five and six-point intersections. These were much more complex than structures formed by nature and Lowell announced this indicated intelligent deliberate planning on Mars. Water ice does exist on Mars, but sublimates around -100°F (-73°C), due to the low atmospheric pressure of 6.1 mbars.


Lava flows often have tunnel like features with open areas at the center. Heavy water flows may have helped erode the openings for increased water flow. We can speculate that the lava flows were then altered for cultural purposes. If intelligent life exists on Mars, it could have up graded the tunnels for cultural activities. It is even possible the astronomers observed the tunnels under construction that were later covered. Water is likely transported at the base of the tunnel and could carry boat traffic. Higher levels in the tunnel could support high-speed rail line and a highway. Living quarters and areas for farming could be situated along the outer edges of the structure. When the Martian atmosphere thinned and the lakes began to dry up, the inhabitants built these structures to transfer water, move between underground outposts and create a habitat for the remaining life. It is likely some atmosphere apparently collects within the tunnels. Water melting from the Ice Caps and underground could be captured and transported inside the tunnels. Boats or barges could float on the water. Geysers spurting water indicate more water is available underground than generally realized.

The underground habitat is probably protected from Cosmic rays by a combination of the thin atmosphere, soil, and steel ring structures. Other images from other areas on Mars show hints of similar tunnel like structures so we can speculate they extend underground for long distances. One tunnel structure seems to run from the Polar cap south to the Cydonia City area. There is no apparent evidence of damage to the structures from meteorite damage, they seem in good repair although there are craters in the general area. At the largest width of the main tunnel there appears to be a dome like structure at the top. This dome is likely an observation post since almost all the tunnel structure can be observed from this point. Not all civilizations may choose to live above ground. Underground living provides warmer temperatures, access to underground aquifers, protection from the elements and potential enemies.

One of the complexes of Mars that most likely represents the remnants of an ancient civilization is at Cydonia. The Fort, D & M Pyramid, and the Cliff represent structures that seem unlikely to have been formed by natural forces. The 'Cliff' at Cydonia is a two-mile long tapered wedge that is located near the perimeter of a 'splash'-style crater. Running parallel to the 'Cliff' is another tunnel like structure. Both objects would have been destroyed and buried under a shock wave of debris from the meteor impacts, so it is obvious they must have been formed some time after the meteor impacts. These impacts are relatively recent, therefore, it is very unlikely they are natural features and represent structures built by intelligence. There is no geological mechanism that could create such clearly defined formations, nor could they have emerged from the debris surrounding the crater impact still intact. Neither the 'Cliff' nor the tunnel like structure could be part of the ! crater or its ejecta. The 'Cliff' and the companion tunnel are some of the most important anomalies at Cydonia and strongly hint of a hypothetical Martian Civilization.

The civilization was eventually faced with both a vanishing water supply and atmosphere. The population then would likely attempt to preserve their lives by going underground. A tunnel transportation system would be a logical part this activity. Melting water from the snow at the poles in the springtime could be transported towards warmer areas. Underground living provides protection against meteors and radiation and food can be grown using artificial lights. Large monuments may have been built to mark the passage of their civilization and a sophisticated society would have likely ventured out into space. At the end of World War II a great deal of German manufacturing had gone underground. The Heinkel firm produced 725 Volkjager HE-160 jet fighters per month using 2000 workers all underground. When necessary a civilization will go underground.

It is difficult to determine if the tunnels are still in use, but we may be observing the remains of an ancient civilization. Infrared photography generally not available to the public indicates numerous underground heat sources often in straight lines. These could be some lave flows, that were later modernized to provide a low cost, ready-built enclosure for habitation and transportation. The tunnels need further investigation, since they hold the key to understanding Martian history.

See http://w.filersfiles.com for photos.



On October 6 & 7, 2001, at the DAYS INN Route 206 and NJTP Exit 7, Bordentown, NJ. Saturday 10:00 AM George Filer will be the leadoff speaker concerning the UFO Disclosure Project, Rick R. Hilberg - the First Three Decades, Jim Wilson - When UFOs Land, Diana Palmer Hoyt UFOs, Social Intelligence and Condon Committee, Donald LeeRose - Occultism in Ufology, Georgio Tsoukalos - Legacy of the Gods, Antonio Huneeus - UFO Chronicles From South America, Susan Swiatek - New Abduction Cases, James Moseley - Shockingly Close To the Truth, Ronald Story -The UFO Encyclopedia Project, Antonio Huneeus- UFO Chronicles from Europe, George Hansen - The Trickster and the Paranormal.

Call Pat J. Marcattilio at 609 298-6100.



Date: Fri, 5 Oct 2001
From: Raj <raj@dojo.tao.ca>
Subject: Disclosure Project Coming to Montreal (maybe)


I would like to know, would you be interested in helping to organize setting up an event here in Montreal?

DR, Greer is interested in coming, but we need people to help organize it. Before we can tell him "yes come over", we need to know whether we have enough people to help. We have a limited time to respond since they would pop by Montreal on October 29th and that does not give them enough time to book a plane.

Please tell me what you think...thanks!