September 4, 2001

Miscellaneous Subjects #108

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Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"We have to be very careful how we treat this good Earth."

- US astronaut Frank Culbertson currently aboard the international space station (more details in "Astronaut Observes Visibly Worsening Environmental Damage To Earth" below)

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1. A most inspiring comment from Kim Baker in Durban
2. Science Magazine Notes 'Jaw-Dropping' Crop Circle Of August 13
3. Astronaut Observes Visibly Worsening Environmental Damage To Earth
4. Sweden Leads In Commitment To Sustainable Development
5. Guns Go Up In Smoke As Small Arms Conference Convenes
6. Consciousness - GaiaMind
7. LennonTask
8. Post Constitutional America
9. Scientists Develop Environment Friendly GM Tomato
10. DETACHMENT & Consciousness active after brain death
11. Two Thoughts on Peace
12. Help Save the Arctic Refuge


News of interest:

Rancor and Powell's Absence Cloud Racism Parley

U.S. and Israel Quit Racism Talks Over Denunciation
The United States and Israel withdrew after lamenting that a meeting intended to celebrate tolerance and diversity had degenerated into a gathering riven by hate.

Vainly, Macedonians Plead for Wider NATO Role
One week into NATO's mission in Macedonia, there is a yawning gap between the expectations of civilians and the limited mission that NATO troops have set for themselves.

After NATO, a Vacuum in Macedonia
There is a potentially fatal omission in the West's plan to bring peace to Macedonia: nobody knows how to make the settlement work if NATO leaves in a few weeks.

Note from Jean: As indicated by Michel Chossudovsky (see "Nato Invades Macedonia" at in his recent article and as is glaringly obvious in these 2 news reports above, the public is being prepared to accept the inevitability of a prolonged NATO presence in Macedonia in response to this ethnic conflict engineered by the U.S. covert government, no matter the fact that, on the ground (as seen on the BBC World News), most Macedonian people of slav descent refuse to be manipulated into accepting a permanent military occupation by NATO troops as in Kosovo. As for this next one, it is the craziest policy I've ever seen and goes to show how obsessed is the Bush CorpoAdministration with opening up the $$ spigot for its military offense sponsors/partners...

U.S. to Tell China It Will Not Object to Missile Buildup
The significant reversal of policy is part of an effort to overcome Chinese objections to the Bush administration's missile defense plans.



Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001
From: Kim Baker <>
Subject: Re: Meditation Focus #46: The Need For Greater Compassion Towards All Our Fellow Human Beings

Dear Jean,

Sorry I didn't have more time to write earlier, when I sent those URLS on the UN conference against racism last week. Thank you SO SO much for picking up on it, and putting together this wonderful compilation. I am currently living in Durban, where the conference is taking place, and the energy is INCREDIBLE! People from all over the world are here to talk about racism, xenophobia, and discrimination, all outmoded energies that reduce each human being's right to be the best they can be, reach fulfilment, and exercise choices. To be free, in other words. There is a powerful feeling of energy flowing, unstoppable, transforming, pattern-breaking, Light energy.

None of us can be truly free, until each and every life-form on this planet is free.

That is why this conference is so important. It is wonderful that it is being held in South Africa, the former bastion of legitimized racism - because despite a lot of trauma and pain from the transformation taking place, despite the crime rate, and so on, transformation IS happening, here. It is being put into POLICY by our government. I still believe this to be a slowly unfolding miracle. From the extreme darkness of apartheid, right in this very place, with magnificent people like Nelson Mandela, and Desmond Tutu - two great Beings - and the goodwill of most South Africans of all colours (the rainbow nation) - the forces of evil, hatred and oppression are gradually, slowly but surely, being transmuted. Still a long way to go, but - IT IS HAPPENING!

I just returned from two years in Australia, where I made wonderful connections with the Indigenous people in the red desert in Western Australia, but I have been compelled to return to South Africa, where it is all happening.

Just wanted to thank you SO much for picking up on all of this, and creating a meditation focus.

There is not a single doubt in my mind that Love, Light, Compassion and Wisdom will win out eventually, and that what we are going through now is all part of the painful, but necessary break-up of the old dominator consciousness to the new consciousness of spirituallly aware conscious evolution.

With Love,

Kim Baker

See also:

US accused over summit walkout (4 September, 2001)


From: (Mark Quire)
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001
Subject: Fwd: Science Magazine Notes 'Jaw-Dropping' Crop Circle Of August 13

Science Magazine Notes 'Jaw-Dropping' Crop Circle Of August 13
August 24, 2001

"Jaw Dropper" British Crop circle aficionados were worried that tight restrictions on access to farmlands would put a crimp in this year's crop-circle production. But art is evidently more powerful that foot-and-mouth disease. So far, 78 crop circles have appeared in the UK, including a dazzling fractal-type design, discovered on 13 August, described as "jaw-dropping" by John Lundberg, author of the Circlemakers Bulletin. Appearing in Wiltshire in southern England, the heart of crop-circle country, it comprises 409 circles in a spiral pattern more than 450 meters across"dwarfing the 60-meter average diameter of this year's designs. Lundberg says that the "sheer scale and complexity" of this opus has many people baffled. He estimates that for it to have been done in hours of darkness, the makers had to create circles at a rate of one every 30 seconds" with no time for preliminary survey work. "I know from previous experience," he says, "that after a certain length (about 60 meters) it's very difficult to hold a tape measure above the crop without it sagging."

If you have not see this giant crop formation yet, it is available at:

Here is an excerpt from a comment by ilyes <> head of CropCircle Research International

Thanks, Jean, for yr enthusiastic support of TheConnector and esp these last 3 Formations we've received ... :-) These 3 have made it around the world URL-wise in the first week; the MilkHill Formation was carried with footage and aerials of other Formations on MANY networks: CNN, DISC, FOXNews, ITN, BBC, Dutch tv is carrying something almost weekly, and I've no doubt there are many more media I'm not familiar with that're carrying the aerials of these Formations to millions around the globe. The two at the Chilbolton telescope are too far "out there" for most, tho, and are NOT being reported on most media -- none that I've seen, at any rate ...





Astronaut Observes Visibly Worsening Environmental Damage To Earth

The Independent
London 8-31-1

The view from space of Earth is becoming marred by smoke and dust as environmental destruction grows increasingly visible, the commander of the International Space Station said.

US astronaut Frank Culbertson told the BBC that the view had changed markedly since his first space mission in 1990.

"There is smoke and dust in wider spread areas than we have seen before, particularly as areas like Africa dry up in certain regions," he said.

"I have seen changes in what comes out of some of the rivers, in land usage. We see areas of the world that are being burned to clear land, so we are losing lots of trees."

Speaking from the space station, Mr Culbertson said the changes were a cause for concern.

"We have to be very careful how we treat this good Earth."

He was also struck by the number of lights glowing on the Earth at night.

"It's quite amazing to see how many people actually live down there and how much of an effect they are having on the environment and the land we live on," said Mr Culbertson, who piloted space shuttle missions in 1990 and 1993.

He is the commander of the third crew to reside in the international space station, a collaboration between American, European and Japanese interests. The space shuttle Discovery launched on 10 August to take Culbertson and two Russian cosmonauts to the station.

The members of Expedition 3 will live on the station for four months, conducting experiments and collecting data.

Taken from


From: Global Village News - September 3, 2001
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Sweden Leads In Commitment To Sustainable Development

SWEDEN - While most of the world operates at an energy deficit, using up non-renewable resources for development, Sweden recently committed itself to become the world's most environmentally sustainable nation. In May, the Swedish government proposed a series of legal targets and deadlines for implementing 15 over arching environmental quality objectives designed to achieve environmental sustainability within one generation.

For Full Story:


Guns Go Up In Smoke As Small Arms Conference Convenes

EARTH - Friday, July 9, 2001 will be remembered as the day that humanity took one more baby step toward a future of peace. It was declared by the United Nations as "Small Arms Destruction Day" and marked the beginning of the UN Conference on The Illicit Trade In Small Arms; July 9-20th in New York City. The conference seeks to develop and strengthen measures to prevent and combat illicit small arms trafficking and manufacturing and to reduce excessive and destabilizing stockpiles and transfers of such weapons throughout the world.

For Full Story:


Also from Global Village News...

Consciousness - GaiaMind

The GaiaMind Project is dedicated to exploring the idea that we, humanity, are the Earth becoming aware of itself. From this perspective, the next step in the evolution of consciousness would
seem to be our collective recognition that through our technological and spiritual interconnectedness we represent the Earth growing an organ of self-reflexive consciousness


Note from Jean: Did anyone else also notice that our collective Gaia Mind really felt like it was coming alive during the globally synchronized Meditation Focus last Sunday?... More on this shortly.


Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001
Subject: LennonTask

Dear Jean:

Kudos to you on your work! I was thrilled to have been sent your very "aware" site. You have full grip on the true truth and reality.

I posted a bit of my own project for and in the greater scheme of it all on your board.

I read a bit about you in your bio. Impressive... very impressive. Your committment is appreciated and your focus in astounding.

As a musician, I would think you may appreciate a bit where I am coming from in my own quest, which has developed into a true Task...a LennonTask. As previously explained, I found John Lennon to be an integral part of my soul self back in 1996, through an amazing series of lifelong events.

Over the past years, I have been healed and honed and taught and learned. The culmination is in the process of beginning to be, and the first phase of such is the joint compilation of the, Literally Connected to John Lennon Volumes.

In a few short months, since this past January 19, 2001, these Volumes have made their way into several countries and into the archives of my newly developed site, . They have brought sanity and hope to others who see, feel and hear Lennon's spirit. Wow! They have given inner direction to pivotal light bearers, who up until this time, had no idea what that inner stirring even meant. I am humbled by the course of this amazing organic process called, The LennonTask.

There's more to it...lots more. We are in such a phase of preparation right now. Working out the inner issues...cleansing and clearing, making way for the new. A step-by-step process unburdening and unloading the aged and the ancient which has kept us blinded and gullible.

Those who have found each other via the LennonTask will be meeting at Strawberry Fields Memorial, Central Park, NYC on October 8, 2001 at 7pm. Lennon's NYC Plastic Ono Band will be there, as well as, lovely souls who have found and made their way back to each other via the Spirit of Lennon. Way too cool!!

Of course, Lennon's birthday gathering of many will be in the same place on October 9, 2001. We look to find a quiet contemplative moment to share and focus on the 8th...anyway, I didn't set the printed itself out on an email to my list. A Spirit on a mission I have here...hahahahaa!

Nice to share this with you. I have offered my own committment to your work and works. Keep up the great direction and far seeking directives. We may just be awake enough to see through the misguidings of the few "secret boys clubs" and into the blueprint of the future which is ours to develop.

Lynn Cousino Saldanha / Toronto
Literally Connected to John Lennon
Unity through Diversity.
Understanding from Diversity.
Together we can all bring the world to peace.
"And the world will live as one." Imagine / Lennon

Note from Jean: See at for more details on their October 8 Central Park meeting.


From: "Judith Iam" <>
Subject: Post Constitutional America
Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2001


THE LATEST INDICATION that America is, in important ways, no longer a functioning constitutional democracy, has been provided to us by the DC police department which, in a move as hysterical as it is unconstitutional, has declared that a 70-square block area of downtown Washington will be under de facto martial law during the meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. So routine has this sort of thing become that you don't even need a declaration from a mayor, governor, or president anymore. Any police chief will do. In this case, Chief Charles Ramsey's unilateral assumption of dictatorial powers over downtown Washington includes the building a nine foot wall, restricting the right of travel to those of whom the police approve, the removal of post office and newspaper boxes, and a ban on mail and express deliveries.

And for what reason? "Our motives are to ensure that business owners' business property and persons are protected," said MPD communications director Kevin Morison.

Until recently, it was a given in America that one did not suspend the Constitution just to protect plate glass windows. In fact, in every one of the anti-globalist demonstrations so far, it has been the police, rather than demonstrators, who have been the major cause of violence. This was true in Washington the last time when the police engaged in numerous illegal arrests, spying, and peremptory seizures but have yet to prosecute successfully any significant number of actual vandals. If things are truly as dangerous as Ramsey contends, then the court records thus irrefutably prove his incompetence. And there is no reason for citizens to suspend their rights just because their police chief doesn't know how to catch a rock thrower.

The only paper in the city to take this business seriously is the weekly, Common Denominator, which noted, "D.C. authorities have been criticized for their actions related to the protests, including the alleged 'herding' and subsequent arrest of more than 1,000 peaceful protesters in April 2000." For much of the rest of Washington's media, well, the Constitution is, like you know, just so retro.

For history's sake, however, it is worth noting that nowhere in the Constitution is the president let alone a police chief given the power to invoke martial law. Regardless of this, there is broad statutory power for presidential action to suppress an insurrection or rebellion. And during the Civil War, the Supreme Court did say that the president could invoke martial law in cases of an armed rebellion:

"Whether the President in fulfilling his duties, as Commander-in-chief, in suppressing an insurrection, has met with such armed hostile resistance, and a civil war of such alarming proportions as will compel him to accord to them the character of belligerents, is a question to be decided by him, and this Court must be governed by the decisions and acts of the political department of the government to which this power was entrusted. He must determine what degree of force the crisis demands."

Wrote constitutional scholar Clinton Rossiter:

"What the Supreme Court held was simply this: that the president of the United States has the constitutional power, under such circumstances as he shall deem imperative, to brand as belligerents the inhabitants of any area in general insurrection. In other words, he has an almost unrestrained power to act toward insurrectionary citizens as if they were enemies of the United States, and thus place them outside the protection of the constitution. This, it seems hardly necessary to state, is dictatorial power in the extreme. The Constitution can be suspended after all - by any President of the United States who ascertains and proclaims a widespread territorial revolt."

This is, remember, the Supreme Court - and not the Constitution speaking - and, of course, we have not seen a widespread territorial revolt since the 1860s. But these quotations illustrate the willingness of those in the American elite to move towards dictatorship whenever it seems desirable.

Writing a 1999 fictional memo to the president on the subject, Walter Olsen of the Gun Owners of America noted that:

"A military analyst of the 1920s, Major Cassius Dowell, addressed the nature of martial law in his work, 'Military Aid to the Civil Power.' First, he observes that the term is a misnomer - the true definition is where 'the State or National government, through its military forces, controls the civil population without authority of written law, as necessity may require.' Major Dowell states that martial law should be distinguished from circumstances where the military is employed under statute; for in the latter circumstances the military 'is not called out to supersede civil authority but to maintain or restore it.' He adds that martial law: 'is not part of the Constitution, but is rather a power to preserve the Constitution when constitutional methods prove inadequate to that end. It is the law of necessity. Manifestly it cannot be instituted at the caprice of an executive or a military commander. It cannot, strictly speaking, be created by declaration. As has been said by good authority, it proclaims itself. A declaration of martial law is an announcement of fact rather than the creation of that fact.'"

In a July 1983 series in the San Francisco Examiner, two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Knut Royce reported that a presidential directive had been drafted by a few Carter administration personnel in 1979 to allow the military to take control of the government for 90 days in the event of an emergency. A caveat on page one of the directive said, "Keeping the government functioning after a nuclear war is a secret, costly project that detractors claim jeopardizes US traditions and saves a privileged few." In a 1981 NSC directive, Frank Carlucci wrote: "Normally a state of martial law will be proclaimed by the President. However, in the absence of such action by the President, a senior military commander may impose martial law in an area of his command where there had been a complete breakdown in the exercise of government functions by local civilian authorities."

The issue arose again during the Iran-Contra affair, but even in the wake of all the copy on that scandal, the public got little sense of how far some America's soldiers of fortune were willing to go to achieve their ends. When the Iran-Contra hearings came close to the matter, chair Senator Inouye backed swiftly away. Here is an excerpt from those hearings. Oliver North is at the witness table:

REP BROOKS: Colonel North, in your work at the NSC, were you not assigned, at one time, to work on plans for the continuity of government in the event of a major disaster? ATTORNEY BRENDAN SULLIVAN: Mr. Chairman? SEN INOUYE: I believe that question touches upon a highly sensitive and classified area so may I request that you not touch on that. REP BROOKS: I was particularly concerned, Mr. Chairman, because I read in Miami papers, and several others, that there had been a plan developed by that same agency, a contingency plan in the event of emergency, that would suspend the American constitution. And I was deeply concerned about it and wondered if that was the area in which he had worked. I believe that it was and I wanted to get his confirmation. SEN INOUYE; May I most respectfully request that that matter not be touched upon at this stage. If we wish to get into this, I'm certain arrangements can be made for an executive session.

With few exceptions, the media ignored what well could be the most startling revelation to have come out of the Iran/Contra affair, namely that high officials of the US government were planning a possible military/civilian coup. First among the exceptions was the Miami Herald, which on July 5, 1987, ran the story to which Jack Brooks referred. The article, by Alfonzo Chardy, revealed Oliver North's involvement in plans for the Federal Emergency Management Agency to take over federal, state and local functions during an ill-defined national emergency. According to Chardy, the plan called for 'suspension of the Constitution, turning control of the government over to the Federal Management Agency, emergency appointment of military commanders to run state and local governments and declaration of martial law.' The proposal appears to have forgotten that Congress, legislatures and the judiciary even existed.

In a November 18, 1991 story, the New York Times elaborated: "Acting outside the Constitution in the early 1980s, a secret federal agency established a line of succession to the presidency to assure continued government in the event of a devastating nuclear attack, current and former United States officials said today. The program was called "Continuity of Government." In the words of a report by the Fund for Constitutional Government, "succession or succession-by-designation would be implemented by unknown and perhaps unelected persons who would pick three potential successor presidents in advance of an emergency. These potential successors to the Oval Office may not be elected, and they are not confirmed by Congress." According to CNN, the list eventually grew to 17 names and included Howard Baker, Richard Helms, Jeanne Kirkpatrick James Schlesinger, Richard Thornberg, Edwin Meese, Tip O'Neil, and Richard Cheney.

So Chief Ramsey has corrupt precedent if not the Constitution to back him up. And he operates in an atmosphere of public indifference to individual rights, constitutional protection, and democratic mandates of the sort that Judge Learned Hand was probably thinking about when he said, "Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies there is no constitution, no law, no court that can save it."

See also:

Martial Law memo at

This memorandum is fictional but accurately depicts the broad powers enjoyed by presidents to utilize U.S. military forces to address domestic disturbances.

Mission creep: the militarizing of America at



Friday August 31

Scientists Develop Environment Friendly GM Tomato

LONDON (Reuters) - German scientists have developed a genetically modified tomato which they say is environmentally friendly and could be used to deliver vaccines and antibodies. The tomato has been engineered in such a way that it will not pass on its genes to other crops -- something that is a concern in most genetically modified GM crops.

Its creators also believe the new technology could be used to develop fruit and vegetables that could help immunize against certain diseases.



From: "Share International" <>
Subject: Emergence Online September 2001 issue
Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2001


by the Master -, through Benjamin Creme

"Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof." There can be few, especially in the Western world, who are unfamiliar with this ancient Christian maxim. Passed down the generations from adult to child, it has found its way into the moral framework of countless millions. However, despite this long conversance, there are relatively few who appear to understand its meaning, and even fewer who live its wisdom. Essentially, it concerns detachment.

The evil -- the criticism, destructive gossip and actions -- which abounds in most so-called 'spiritual' groups, succeeds in its intent where there is no detachment. Its bitter and corrosive venom flourishes where it is given the energy of constant thought and defence. Better, by far, it is to leave it to the Karmic Law, than to brood and fret against its source.

This being so, it matters not the nature of the evil, the intended harm. The Law is impartial and works to restore equilibrium. No manner of struggle to right a wrong or defend a reputation can better the Law of Karma in its task.

Save then your energy for better things and let the Law decide the measure and the timing of response.


When evil strikes the best defence, then, is detachment. When the hunted animal stands, silent and still, the hunter, baffled, goes empty-handed. When a man is detached -- free from fear and the need to retaliate -- he can calmly leave the Great Law to fight his battle for him. Thus the evil gains not, nor waxes in strength.

This profound teaching of the Christ is usually expressed as an injunction against carrying injury or hurt from day to day -- thus prolonging its life and further hurting the victim.

This relates closely to the Christian concept of forgiveness. When a man is truly detached he has already forgiven. He waits patiently for the originator of the evil to realize the harm he does to himself, the victim and the group, and to make amends. Thus is the evil blunted and thus is it "sufficient unto the day".


"If I am correct, we are about to witness a total transformation of every aspect of our lives: we will create a new civilization more brilliant than has yet existed on this planet."

-- Benjamin Creme

(The following is excerpted from the current hard-copy issue of Share International magazine.)

Consciousness active after brain death

"[There will be] a re-valuation of life's meaning and purpose and a healthier approach to the fact of death. An understanding of the continuity of all life, incarnate or not, will replace the present fear; the old phobia of death as the end of everything will vanish in the new light which will illumine the minds of men." (Benjamin Creme's Master, *SI*, Jan 85)

British scientists they have discovered evidence that the human consciousness remains active even when the brain no longer functions and the person is considered to be clinically dead. The presentation of their findings in Los Angeles, USA, has sparked lively debate about life after death and the existence of a soul. Dr Sam Parinia explained how they studied the sensations of heart patients who were on the verge of death.

During their studies they found a number of people who reported having had structured and clear thought-forms at a time that they were clinically dead. Studies are continuing, yet from the present research it can be deduced that consciousness, or the soul, continues to 'think' even after heart and respiration failure. Of the 63 heart patients questioned, who had been declared clinically dead and then brought back to life: 56 had no memory of time; seven reported that they had memories; and of these, four were classified as having come very close to death. They had clear memories of having moved through the room and of having communicated with others.
(Source: *Suddeutsche Zeitung*, Germany)


The September 2001 abridged, electronic version of SHARE INTERNATIONAL can be found at:


From: (Mark Quire)
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 2001
Subject: Two Thoughts on Peace

Hi Jean

The following are from the book PEACE PRAYERS. May we all listen and understand these words of wisdom.

A prominent Jewish prayer concludes "May He who made peace in the heavens grant peace to us on earth. " What does it mean to create peace in the heavens? Ancient man looked up into the sky and he saw the sun and the rainclouds. And he would say to himself, "How can fire and water, sun and rain co-exist in the same sky ? Either the water would put out the fire, or the fire would dry up the water. " How do they get along? It must be a miracle. The sun says, " If I dry up the rainclouds, as I probably could, the world will not survive without rain." The clouds say, "If we extinguish the sun the world will perish in darkness." So the fire and water make peace, realizing that if either one of them achieved a total victory, the world could not endure.

When we pray for God to grant us the sort of peace He ordained in the heavens, this is the miracle we ask for. How can men and women live together happily? They are opposites; their needs are different. It takes a miracle for them to bridge those differences and unite the masculine side of God's image with the feminine side.

How can Arabs and Israelis learn to live together? Irish Catholics and Irish Protestants? Black South Africans and white South Africans? It takes a miracle for them to realize that if they won, if they had it all and the other side had nothing, the world could not survive their victory. Only by making room for everyone in the world, even our enemies, can the world survive.

May God who showed us the miracle of Shalom, of making room for each other and giving up the illusion of victory in the heavens, grant a similar miracle to all of us who inhabit the earth.

Rabbi Harold S. Kushner


- Dorothy Day


Date: Sat, 1 Sep 2001
From: Bob Schmidt <>
Subject: Help Save the Arctic Refuge

I just signed this very important petition to the President and Senate urging them NOT to allow drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, our most magnificent wildlife sanctuary. Drilling would cause great harm to this wilderness area which is one of the few truly wild places remaining.

Please go to, add your name and pass it on!!!

Or you can add your name by checking out a great cartoon animation at

Bob Schmidt