August 29, 2001

Miscellaneous Subjects #106

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Yet another cornucopia of amazing and/or outraging information and news. Lots of work went into preparing this one.

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Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter."

- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. --- Sent by Larry Morningstar <>

"Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you."

- Frank Lloyd Wright --- Sent by Mark Quire <>


1. ET responds to 1974 deep space radio transmission
2. Big Timber's Certification Blasted
4. Japan developing micro nuclear reactor for apartment blocks
5. Military to Seek Legislative Exemptions, Documents Show
7. Dioxines in Belgium
8. EU's secret network to spy on anti-capitalist protesters
9. Internet Privacy and Globalization
10. The Evil Empire
11. Canada, U.S. eye scrapping border



"U.S. Says Israeli Killings Are Inflaming Mideast Conflict"

Palestinians View Israeli Raid as Reoccupation

Drought Creates Food Crisis in Central America


"Leakey Warns Of Mass Extinctions"

"Face Scans Cams To Thumbscans - People Being Readied For Total Control"



Globalization, and Using Technology and Other Means For The Ultimate Control Of Humanity

In this section you'll learn about the various methods planned for or already implemented in the pursuit to control humanity, including the names of some of the individuals who are diligently and covertly working to bring these plans to early fruition. These technologies might include biometrics, fingerprinting, DNA sequencing, human genome project, ID card, smart card, human implants, chip implants, drivers' license, iris scanning, electronic surveillance, global positioning systems, automobile tracking technology, video-surveillance (cameras watching our streets) and mind control, and most importantly, gun control, and taking control of the Internet.



From: "Boudewijn Wegerif" <>
Subject: An Event of Cosmic Significance did Happen Last Weekend, it seems
Date: Fri, 24 Aug 2001

Dear friends,

Some of you had my e-mail of last night pointing you to for pictures of the most remarkable crop circles yet.

This morning I had a message from Rayelan Allan about those crop circles imprinted on 17 August, right by a radio telescope - Chilbolton, near Wherwell in Hampshire, UK. You will notice when you view them that the one depicts a replica of a digitally-encoded schematic transmission that was beamed into space from the Arecibo radio telescope on Puerto Rico on 16 November 1974. The script has now been deciphered -- see article below. The other crop image is of a humanoid face.


In friendship,



Posted By: Fintan Dunne, co-Editor - Psyopnews Date: Friday, 24 August 2001

ET responds to 1974 deep space radio transmission
by Fintan Dunne, co-Editor

An extraterrestial humanoid intelligence (ET) seems to have responded to our 1974 deep space transmission of a coded message describing earth and mankind. And their reply has now been decoded.

On November 16, 1974 a digitally-encoded schematic was beamed from the Arecibo radio telescope on Puerto Rico. The power of the beamed message was equivalent to a 20 trillion watt omnidirectional broadcast, and would have been detectable almost anywhere in the galaxy. But it was aimed the third of a million star cluster M13, roughly 21,000 light-years from us, near the edge of the Milky Way galaxy. Even if anyone had been listening, the speed of radio waves are limited, so we should not have had a reply for 42,000 years.

But, on 17th August, 2001 two large and incredible images were imprinted on crops beside ANOTHER radio telescope - Chilbolton, near Wherwell in Hampshire, UK. In the style of the now infamous "crop circles", they are drawn by a mysterious flattening of the crop. One image depicts a replica of the schematic contained in that 1974 transmission. The other crop image is that of a humanoid face.

Either this is an incredible hoax or an incredible first contact reply.

The reply schematic is subtly different to the original that we transmitted in 1974. Fintan Dunne, co-editor of, has decoded the reply by comparing it with the logic underlying the construction of our original schematic. has decoded the message from the ET as follows:

"Hello Earth. We are replying to your message describing yourselves -which we have understood. We are also a hydrocarbon lifeform with a similar mathematics and logic. We are sending an image of our face which shows us humanoid like you.

However we have a slightly different DNA structure and we are smaller than you, with very large heads. We inhabit three of the planets in our solar system.

We did not use a radio telescope to send you this message but a beam technology. We used a hyperspace capability to intercept your spacetime message and are using hyperspace also to reply."

A full explanation of the analysis leading to this decoding follows shortly.

NOTE FROM JEAN: I *Really* recommend you go see it at
(it is absolutely astounding indeed!)

and all the other ones in August so far at

or visit for all those found up to now this year in England.

Here is what I also found on the Corp Circle Connector website - I think you will agree that they really deserve to be supported...


On the Morning 22nd August 2001 The Crop Circle Connector was closed to public access due to "bandwidth Limit was exceeded at 50GB. The server was temporarily unable to service your request due to the site owner reaching his/her bandwidth limit. Please try again later." We have negotiated with our server to increase the limit to another 50GB for the month of August.

Would you?

The Milk Hill formation on the Crop Circle Connector has worldwide attention with the first world exclusive aerial images last Tuesday. Because the Crop Circle Connector has been hit and will be hit many more times because of increased world wide interest, our bandwidth expenses are overwhelming us. This year our membership is down by over 200 members, leaving us in debt with our bank of over 3000 pounds and increasing interest. We need to generate only £3000 to pay off our annual debt to the bank. We hope people will notice our appeal and send donations to us as soon as possible to save the web site again. Many people benefit from the Crop Circle Connector and it is time for you to find in your hearts your appreciation.

DONATIONS OF OVER $23 will automatically become Members on request at

Please contact Mark Fussell & Stuart Dike immediately at The Crop Circle Connector at


From: Coeta Mills <>
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001
Subject: Big Timber's Certification Blasted

From: (Kelly Sheehan)

Danna Smith, Dogwood Alliance (828) 885 8281

Big Timber's "Sustainable Forestry" Scheme Blasted
Loggers and Conservationists Expose Deception

San Francisco, CA - As executives of the world's largest timber corporations strategize behind closed doors today on the roll-out this Fall of a $20 million public relations and advertising campaign designed to boost their environmental credentials, a unique coalition of conservationists and independent saw mill owners criticized the effort as a "fleecing" of the American consumer. The American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) is holding its annual board meeting in San Francisco today.

Under the guise of their "Sustainable Forestry Initiative," or SFI, the timber industry trade association is trying to convince consumers that they are taking care of America's forests.

Critics of the initiative include Rodney Robbins, a third generation logger from Union Mills, North Carolina. Mr. Robbins, who depends on mature, selectively cut, forests for his livelihood was critical of the initiative.

"All of us in the industry know this thing is a sham," stated Mr. Robbins. "The big boys (AF&PA) are trying to promote themselves as some Godly stewards of the environment, when what they're really doing is destroying the land and forcing people like me out of a job by taking away immature timber."

Under pressure from conservationists, several of the world's largest retailers, including Lowe's and Home Depot, have made commitments to buy products coming from well-managed forests that have been independently certified. Critics say the SFI is Big Timber's latest attempt to avoid substantial changes in their forest practices and gloss over their image.

Forty conservation groups took today's industry board meeting as an opportunity to send a letter calling on AF&PA to abandon their misleading promotional campaign.

"SFI is little more than a new name for the old forestry," stated Dr. Michael Marx, Executive Director of ForestEthics. "It is designed to mislead the public into thinking that huge clearcuts, excessive use of toxic chemicals, and cutting old growth trees are ecologically sustainable."

For example, some of the corporations under the SFI program include:

- International Paper IP - the world's largest timber corporation and biggest cutter of forests in the southeastern coastal plain of North Carolina along with the entire South. According to a US Forest Service report released July 18, trees there are being cut down much faster than they are growing.

- Pacific Lumber - A northern California timber corporation with a long history of violating California's forestry laws and cutting old growth forests.

- Interfor - The Canadian timber corporation infamous for clearcutting the pristine watersheds and old growth forests of British Columbia's Clayquot Sound, prompting international protests.

"SFI lacks public accountability, scientific benchmarks and protections for workers, communities and wildlife," stated Danna Smith with the southern based Dogwood Alliance. "More profits for the timber corporations, less forests for American families to use and enjoy - it's the Same-old Forest Industry."


23 Aug 2001

Feel good that the world's three biggest buyers of lumber -- Home Depot, Lowe's, and IKEA -- have promised to give preference to wood that meets eco-friendly certification standards. But feel un-good that very little such wood exists. Only about 200 patches of certified forests now exist across the globe. Rod Taylor of the World Wildlife Fund in Asia said, "If Home Depot came on board tomorrow, they'd exhaust the global supply of certified wood in about a day." Even if certification takes off, some environmentalists say it will only be a band-aid solution to the real problem:overconsumption.

Christian Science Monitor, Dan Murphy, 23 Aug 2001

Christian Science Monitor, Dan Murphy, 23 Aug 2001


Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001
Subject: Japan developing micro nuclear reactor for apartment blocks

pull quote:

"There's nothing wrong with the (Rapid-L) concept," Grimston told New Scientist. But if the Japanese public won't now accept big reactors for safety reasons, then you have to wonder what the response would be building lots of small reactors in the middle of cities."



Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001
From: Cheryl Magill <>
Subject: Military to Seek Legislative Exemptions, Documents Show

Hello Jean!

Earlier this evening I sent the following message to Mark Graffis and I realized afterwards that there might be some added benefit in sharing this information with you if you have not seen it already.

Thank you.



Dear Mark and all who received this message -

I just want everyone to know how very grateful we are to have Mark Graffis networking with us and helping us to catch these important and elusive messages.

The message Mark sent about the Navy seeking exemptions from the law, arrived on the heels of the British Royal Navy's admission that their own LFA Sonar was killing whales and dolphins off the coast of Scotland. Mark's timely message also arrived at the time when the State of Maine chose to rescind it's previous Coastal Zone Management approval of the US Navy's application for deployment of the SURTASS LFA technology off their coastline. Unprecedented in American history, the action by this administrative department to protect coastal waters in light of new information is deserving of our deepest appreciation.

Mark's message arrived during the ATOC/NPAL hearings in Hawaii and may also have had an impact there.

We have an infrastructure that can work. However, it seems to be reliant on the free offerings of diligent watchdog groups who hold vigils over our freedom and know a strange and dedicated mental liberty. Mark Graffis, you are wonderfully effective in this regard and I personally want to thank you for your continuing efforts.

You are a media-monitoring warrior!

Imagine! There is a faction of this navy that doesn't want to protect life and doesn't want to support the law. We have never had such a declarative statement of their poor intent! Thanks again and again for your efforts in helping bring us together in the pursuit of wisdom and greater knowledge.

All of us may forget to say thank you from time to time. So I thought I'd share this message with everyone on your distribution list.

Best regards,

Cheryl A. Magill
StopLFAS Worldwide!

The above was written in response to the following communication:

Subject: Navy Claims Environmental Laws are Threat to National Security
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001

Military to Seek Legislative Exemptions, Documents Show

From Endangered Species Coalition

Tuesday, August 21, 2001

WASHINGTON, DC -- Citing growing restrictions on its operations, weapons development and training, the U.S. Navy will soon seek Congressional exemption from compliance with several environmental laws, according to agency documents released today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER).

"The Navy's environmental philosophy is 'damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead,'" commented PEER General Counsel Dan Meyer, a former Navy officer. "The Navy's senior command does not appreciate that defense of the nation does not demand despoliation of our natural resources."

In recent briefings and position papers, Navy officials contend "the cumulative impact of compliance [with applicable environmental laws] can have severe to extreme consequences on operational readiness." Present and future limitations on firing live explosives, night training, operations in marine sanctuaries and emerging weapon systems, such as its new "LFA" (Low Frequency Active) sonar present potential obstacles to the Navy's mission.

The Navy decries actions to protect threatened and endangered species by federal wildlife protection agencies such as the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the National Marine Fisheries Service because they take a "precautionary approach" toward protecting sea life, arguing that its operations should not be hampered by "lack of quality data" and "limited scientific understanding" of the vulnerability of marine mammals, sea turtles and other aquatic life.

Despite recommendations that Navy contractors "consider, wherever practical, using closed environments (e.g. quarries, catch-ponds) for the testing of ordnance and other live-fire testing" the Navy resists adopting any possible changes in its own operations to avoid environmental impacts. Instead the documents outline a series of statutory exemptions that the Navy intends to seek from the Endangered Species Act.

"We cannot simply stand by while the military or anyone else attempts to cut and shred the fabric of our nation's environmental laws, especially one that was so painstakingly crafted by past generations," said Brock Evans, a former marine and executive director of the Endangered Species Coalition. According to former Air Force Chief of Staff General Thomas D. White "The mission of the Department of Defense is more than aircraft, guns and missiles. Part of the defense job is protecting the lands, waters, timber and wildlife -- the priceless natural resources that make this great nation of ours worth defending."

One document lists "seven regulatory programs that impact DOD {Department of Defense} operations, training and testing in the marine environment in order of their severity" starting with the Marine Mammal Protection Act followed by the Endangered Species Act, the National Marine Sanctuaries Act, the Coastal Zone Management Act, the Magnuson-Stevens Act (protecting fish habitat) and two Clinton Executive Orders on coral reefs and marine protected areas.


For more information, contact Brock Evans Executive Director Endangered Species Coalition 202-772-3231 Web site:


23 Aug 2001

The Pentagon may ask the U.S. Congress to rewrite the Endangered Species Act to exempt military training exercises from restrictions to protect sea turtles, desert tortoises, and other rare critters. Defense Department documents leaked to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility propose that the secretary of defense be able to "grant exemptions for reasons of mission readiness." PEER said a military official was the source of the documents. But a Pentagon spokesperson said yesterday that he couldn't find anyone at the DOD who was familiar with them.

Los Angeles Times, Kenneth R. Weiss and Deborah Schoch, 23 Aug 2001

A week in the life of Jeff Ruch, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility


Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2001
Subject: Dioxines in Belgium
From: Karen Marcus <>


I read with interest your site on the internet. I just want to add that Belgium's dioxine poisoning was NOT caused by 2 men putting dioxines in animal feed (as the stupid Belgian government would like us to believe. I cannot believe that everyone believed them.

It was and still is caused by UNCONTROLLED toxic waste incinerators in the middle of major cities in Belgium. 3 in Brussels and 3 in Antwerp among many others. I should know because I am a victim of dioxine poisoning and was living in Belgium at the time.

Also Belgian doctors are not allowed to tell the patients that their symptoms are caused by the environment otherwise they lose their doctors licence. They are all in with the corrupt government there...even Greenpeace is part of the government ... How about that...?

I wish someone whould do something about those F----ing Belgians that are polluting our planet, affecting our health and then telling us that dioxines come from animal feed and that dioxines are not bad for the Health. Dioxines cause every king of cellular disruption in the human body and serious hormonal and immune dysfunction.

Somebody PLEASE DO SOMETHING......!!!!TELL THOSE F---ING BELGIANS WE ARE SICK OF THEM AND THEIR CORRUPTION and don’t let them fool us anymore......




From: "Joanne Stephenson" <>
Subject: EU's secret network to spy on anti-capitalist protesters
Date: Sat, 25 Aug 2001 ]

Dear Jean,

This message was sent to me from Connie Fogal's website. In case others are unaware as to who she is, she is a Vancouver lawyer who is suing the federal government over Canada's loss of sovereignty due to Free-trade.

This article was found at, and was printed in The Independent, a main British newspaper. Please feel free to send this out to your list.




EU's secret network to spy on anti-capitalist protesters

By Stephen Castle in Brussels Independent News
20 August 2001

European leaders have ordered police and intelligence agencies to co-ordinate their efforts to identify and track the anti-capitalist demonstrators whose violent protests at recent international summits culminated in the shooting dead by police of a young protester at the Genoa G8 meeting last month.

The new measures clear the way for protesters travelling between European Union countries to be subjected to an unprecedented degree of surveillance.

Confidential details of decisions taken by Europe's interior ministers at talks last month show that the authorities will use a web of police and judicial links to keep tabs on the activities and whereabouts of protesters. Europol, the EU police intelligence-sharing agency based in The Hague that was set up to trap organised criminals and drug traffickers, is likely to be given a key role.

The plan has alarmed civil rights campaigners, who argue that personal information on people who have done no more than take part in a legal demonstration may be entered into a database and exchanged.

Calls for a new Europe-wide police force to tackle the threat from hardline anti-capitalists were led after the Genoa summit by Germany's Interior Minister, Otto Schily. Germany has long pushed for the creation of a Europe-wide crime-fighting agency modelled on the FBI.

Germany's EU partners rejected Mr Schily's call, judging that a new force to combat political protest movements was too controversial, but ministers agreed to extend the measures that can be taken under existing powers. Central to the new push is the secretive Article 36 committee (formerly known as the K4 committee) and the Schengen Information System, both of which allow for extensive contact and data sharing between police forces.

Under the new arrangements, European governments and police chiefs will:

* Set up permanent contact points in every EU country to collect, analyse and exchange information on protesters;

* Create a pool of liaison officers before each summit staffed by police from countries from which "risk groups" originate;

* Use "police or intelligence officers" to identify "persons or groups likely to pose a threat to public order and security";

* Set up a task force of police chiefs to organise "targeted training" on violent protests.

The new measures will rely on two main ways of exchanging police information. The Schengen Information System, which provides basic information, and a supporting network called Sirene Supplementary Information Request at the National Entry. This network (of which Britain is a member) allows pictures, fingerprints and other information to be sent to police or immigration officials once a suspect enters their territory. Each country already has a Sirene office with established links to EU and Nordic law enforcement agencies.

Civil liberties campaigners are dismayed by the plan. Tony Bunyan, editor of Statewatch magazine, said: "This will give the green light to Special Branch and MI5 to put under surveillance people whose activities are entirely democratic."

Nicholas Busch, co-ordinator of the Fortress Europe network on civil liberties issues, added: "People who have done nothing against the law ought to be able to feel sure they are not under surveillance ... By criminalising whole political and social scenes you fuel confrontation and conflict."

Thomas Mathieson, professor of sociology of law at the University of Oslo, said police could have access to "very private information" about people's religion, sex lives and politics. "It is a very dangerous situation from the civil liberties point of view," he said."



Internet Privacy and Globalization

"If you're like millions of surfers, you've been wondering what effect globalization has, and will have in the future, on your internet privacy. Perhaps you've experienced one or more hacker attacks yourself, or, you know someone who has, and, you're disturbed by the continual media reporting of these and other occurences of invasions of privacy, in one form or another."

"Now you can stop worrying, because now it's possible to truly protect your sensitive personal information and your computer, with powerful, new, 21st Century privacy technology."

This website provides compelling information about what's really happening every time you're online, how your personal information is being abused, not only by marketing and information aggregating companies, but also by Big Brother government, and, why, today, more than at any other time in the history of the Internet, it is so important for you to begin taking the necessary steps to protect yourself and those you care about online, by being completely anonymous.

We urge you to take the time to read the important information on this website, however, if you're already aware of the reasons why you need to protect yourself on the Internet please go at

You'll also learn via the Freedom Chronicles (at, how the often referred to "global village" or "globalization" (aka New World Order) agenda relates to Internet privacy, and, how this agenda, (utilizing the technological advances made over the past fifty years), is not only abusing and threatening your Internet privacy, but rapidly eroding your freedom of speech and all of your individual rights and freedoms, for which others, over centuries, have fought and died for. For information and news relating to globalization and privacy abuse issues, please click here, here, here, or here.

Wait, there's more! You'll also find out why you need to:

Lock down your computer to ensure that no rogue applications can surreptitiously connect your computer to the internet when you're offline (important for all internet users but particularly critical for those with DSL/cable modems), therefore, preventing the capture of the private information you have stored on your hard drive .

Find out which software (that you may already be using) has a secret "backdoor" and thus may be feeding your personal information to its publisher (and others). For what purpose, now and in the future?

Begin taking control of your privacy in the real world.

If you're serious about protecting yourself and your loved ones in cyberspace and in the real world, in this highly technological, rapidly evolving globalized world, this information is essential reading.



The Evil Empire

The following represents excerpts from the book "THE EVIL EMPIRE" by Canadian Paul Hellyer, Member of Parliament in 1949 and youngest cabinet minister appointed to Louis St. Laurent's government, appointed to senior posts in the governments of Lester B. Pearson and Pierre Trudeau, former deputy Prime Minister. Lifelong interest in macro economics, dedicated to the concepts of full employment and low inflation, and quality of life issues. Paul currently heads C.A.P. or the Canadian Action Party (

"....Lewis Lapham, editor of Harpers Magazine, says the U.S. has two governments; the permanent and the provincial. The permanent government consists of:
1) the 500 Fortune magazine's largest companies, along with the largest law firms and public relations firms in Washington that work for those companies;
2) the top bureaucrats, both civil and military.

The provisional government is the one the people elect, actors that come on stage who read the script written by the permanent government...

This kind of democracy in which governments are little more than water boys for the big corporations is a joke, yet it is the brand that is being imposed around the globe. The new kings and queens want to be able to rent politicians who will play the game their way. And that way includes what is euphemistically called economic reform - a perverted way of describing total subjugation to the new kings and queens of business and finance....


and at

Globalization Impacting On Every Aspect Of Your Life, Including Your Privacy and Individual Rights And Freedoms


From the material contained herein, you'll quickly discover that the issue of globalization is not some silly theory (as the global elite would have you believe), but is in fact very real. It impacts every area of your life (war and aggression, health and the environment, banking and free trade, and, privacy, including your internet privacy, and individual sovereignty).

In all of these areas, the rights that others have suffered or died fighting to gain or maintain, are rapidly being eroded, as the multi-national-run governments of the world, as they have for decades, continue on, covertly behind the facade, through their "secret" societies and unelected "officials", with their march toward their "New World Order".




Canada, U.S. eye scrapping border

`We should think of the border not as a frontier but a meeting place'

THE TORONTO STAR Jul. 28, 2001.

WASHINGTON - Canada and the United States are poised to consider erasing the world's longest undefended border and ease immigration restrictions for workers. The 49th Parallel would become a ``Main Street North America'' rather than a restrictive checkpoint for the 200 million people who cross it annually and $2 billion (Cdn) in goods that cross daily, Canadian government sources in the U.S. and Canada say. The 4,800-kilometre border, which some government officials now consider ``obsolete,'' would remain in symbolic terms. But practically, it would function more as a border between provinces than between two sovereign nations. Under a new concept of continental border enforcement, each nation would defend its share of the North American perimeter. Officials at entry points would question new arrivals to weed out illegals and potential terrorists. Once inside, people would be able to travel freely. It's a notion Canadian Immigration Minister Elinor Caplan has already suggested publicly. ``Modernizing the border is something the department has been looking at as a longer-term project and the perimeter strategy is something that's being looked at,'' said spokesperson Alain Laurencelle. He said Canada will wait until it sees the upcoming U.S.-Mexico agreement before deciding its course. ``Obviously we're going to look at what other countries have done with their agreements. That doesn't necessarily mean that's what will be done here, but we'll look at it.'' Under the plan, Canada and the United States may harmonize their visa processes, sharing intelligence to decide together which countries would require such documentation to enter their perimeter, official sources said. Michael Kergin, Canada's ambassador to Washington, remarked in a recent speech that ``many cross-border stereotypes have outgrown themselves, just as in many ways the 20th century perception of the border is now obsolete.''