August 24, 2001

Miscellaneous Subjects 105

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Here is another "installment" of hard-to-find news and information - that is, if your rely on the mass media...

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Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"This is the most profound spiritual truth I know: that even when we're most sure that love can't conquer all, it seems to anyway."

- Anne Lamott

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1. A comment
2. From Out of the Past!
3. The 2001 Summit on Spirituality and Sustainability
5. Hell's Grandmothers are walking through fire! If they can do it, why cant we all?
6. Bt Action Alert
8. Consumers Are Losing Faith In Supermarket Food

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Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2001
Subject: Re: Miscellaneous Subjects 104

Thank you for your continued efforts to enlighten our world and our pathways. I am always empowered by your messages and feel that we can and do make a difference in our world and our families. You are an inspiration to us all.

Joyce A. Kovelman




Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001
From: Peace Pilgrim II <>
Subject: From Out of the Past!

Hi Jean,

As you'll see in a moment, on my group letter, I'm not too much for correspondence! I really have been wanting to get in touch with you and tell you that I have been following your newsletters constantly and appreciate you and the efforts you are making towards informing everyone on current affairs with information not normally found in the news media. I will stop here to let you catch up on my news from my group letter and will add more at the end of that letter.

- Group -

Hi everyone!! I'm now making an attempt to be in touch with you in the future, and ask your indulgence for my past weakness in correspondence which to me has been an overwhelming guilt/burden!!! I will attempt to bring you up to date on my more recent activities.

1996 I travelled extensively from coast to coast, spending several months in Florida, lecturing and working with many religious groups seeking harmony, nonviolent groups, and for racial understanding in schools etc.

1997 I joined up with a Peace Caravan travelling across Canada from Quebec to Vancouver BC, getting Peace Proclaimations from top government officials, and meeting up with the people everywhere.

1998 found me in Los Angeles for several months working with A Season for Nonviolence, originating with Arun Ghandi in Chicago, and strongly supported by The Agape Church in Culver City, Los Angeles, and spreading Worldwide. APRIL I headed North to Vancouver BC. I have made this my base continuing to speak to schools, churches, media, and was involved with Millennium 2000.

By 1999 I had become part of several groups, One Earth Radio, Multifaith Action Society, United Religious Initative and others. In May I was priviledged to attend the Hague Appeal for Peace in the Netherlands, and walked the Euro walk with Mansukh Patel in Rotterdam, and became part of another Spiritual Conference in Holland.

Now some good, and some not so good news. The not so good news is that just before leaving for the Netherlands I was diagnosed to have prostate cancer.

The Great news is that when I returned from the Netherlands, I was giving a talk at a Science of Mind Church in Vancouver where I met a wonderful woman (I was 73 at the time) but fell in love like a teenager!!!! and started dating almost immediately. The name of this wonderful woman is now Heather Podrow, as she took my name on Jan. 21st 2000 when she became my Bride!!!! Now how's that for a surprise!!!

I'm still functioning as Peace Pilgrim II but in a much more limited way. If you have recently read my website ( you'll see that I was headed for Cape Town, SA and later, Costa Rica, but I had to cancel those trips as I was tentatively scheduled for surgery at that same time. What happened after they discovered the prostate cancer they found that I also have cancer of the right kidney.

I have been working with alternative healings ever since and so far they seem to be working fine. I'm now cutting back on most long distant travelling and am mainly focusing my attention on the local activities.



I really feel that we are being strongly guided to create a world of peace, harmony, caring and understanding and that this is being accellerated at an incredible rate. Hopefully, the mass media will soon realize this and have to bring it to the attention of the world. I think the time has come for the work and efforts of the lightworkers everywhere to finally be recognized and accepted globally so that the slogan May peace prevail on earth becomes a reality.

That's all for now,

Love and Blessings,

Peace and Heather



The 2001 Summit on Spirituality and Sustainability
in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Co-Creating A Spirit-Motivated Sustainable Future

During the week of September 15/22, The 2001 Summit on Spirituality and Sustainability brings together community leaders in business, politics, government, science, health, education, the arts and from major spiritual traditions from around the world. The Summit's mandate is to address spirituality and consciousness as issues underlying sustainability and all of our economic and social challenges. Above all, it is a celebration of accomplishments.

Summit week has been designed to bring communities together to establish unified intelligence. The Summit community intelligence will build a spirit-motivated momentum that leads participants into three distinct phases organized in themes: The Realities Phase covers The Best Of Who We Are and addresses what is working in our communities now. It is an opportunity for global community leaders to showcase and share their spirit-motivated sustainable successes, challenges, and opportunities within an eight sector model, such as: Youth and Education; Business; Health and Well Being; Spirituality; Law and Governance; Science and Technology; and Environment and Habitat.

The Potentials Phase covers What We Can Be; a segment that addresses where Summit participants will put their conscious intention and attention on exploring and working together in co-creative ways, and receive a fuller understanding of what the term “co-creative community” means.

The final phase is Co-Creativity, a collective think tank that determines What We Will Be. This is an opportunity to review the events experienced in the prior 2 phases. In this segment the Summit members take all that they have learned about through our “Realities” and “Potentials” phases and craft a sustainable model that could seed new ways to put this plan into action when they return to their communities.

The think tank for Summit Week will be held at the Roundhouse in Vancouver. There, a sustainable framework will be formed with local and non-local community leaders. The 8 day events have been book-ended by local and international collaborative partnerships with: Barbara Marx Hubbard and her Foundation For Conscious Evolution, Edgar Mitchell's Institute of Noetic Science (IONS) Foundation, The Institute for Ethical Leadership's “Connections II”, Multi-Faith Action Group, and Clam Chowder For The Soul. Some examples of International representatives attending the 2001 Summit are members from the Earth Charter Initiative, and the Seattle's Peoples Web Coalition.

The Summit Week Exodus rally's for the Guinness Book of World Records at an “All Nations Drumming Circle” Event. Over 5,000 drummers from all over the world will be at the Plaza Of Nations, on September 22nd. One Earth Radio, an new internet radio station, will broadcast hi-lights of the Summit week during the daylong event. By Midday, a Peace Dove Release is scheduled to carry children's prayers of hope into the skies. Later the messages will be placed into a Community Peace Pole in the Lower Mainland.

The Summit's model inspires people to acknowledge their sense of global interdependence and shared responsibility. This would be a first step in connecting social innovators, multi-disciplinary learning communities and members of a global conscious community, to share “what's working”, and to synergize ways of co-creating a more humane, ethical, compassionate and regenerative world.

To Register Online or For More Information Contact:
The 2001 Summit on Spirituality and Sustainability
Telephone: (604) 263-3119
Fax: (604) 872-3203

Web Site:

"Only those who can see the invisible, can do the impossible."
- Thomas Jefferson


From: "Heather Podrow" <>

This is the info on the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) presence at the 2001 Summit on Spirituality and Sustainability.

We are members of this wonderful organization founded by Astronaut Edgar Mitchell thirty years ago as a result of his spiritual epiphany in outer space. His organization does cutting edge scientific research in an effort to marry spirit and science. Very exciting! The latest research is delving into all aspects of holograms. Edgar Mitchell will be giving a keynote address when he comes to Vancouver for The 2001 Summit on Spirituality and Sustainability to be held the week of September 15-22, 2001.

Thanks Jean, God Bless,


To: Friends of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS)

We are delighted to invite your participation in the IONS events hosted in Vancouver, September, 2001. Stimulating, interactive, and relevant to our humanity's future. Here's a brief introduction to what's happening:


2001 Summit on Spirituality and Sustainability

SEPT. 15-22, 2001, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Co-sponsored with the Vancouver IONS Community Group, the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) represented by Edgar Mitchell, Founder, Marilyn Schlitz, Research Director, Christopher Bache, Director of Transformative Learning, Wink Franklin, President, and other IONS staff (Rose Welch and Deborah Miller) offers a variety of keynotes, workshops and an IONS Town Hall Meeting on Sept. 16, 17, 18. These events complement a kaleidoscope of other 2001 Summit Week offerings, all dedicated to celebrating individuals, organizations and groups committed to working with spirit-based values to move humanity forward towards a just, loving, peaceful and environmentally sustainable future. For full 2001 Summit Week schedule of all activities in addition to IONS events see For information about IONS see

What's the purpose of these IONS events?

The events in September are not really events - they represent 'seeds' planted to raise awareness of the Institute's significant history and future intentions; to engage others in what has been explored and is continuing to be explored in areas that make a difference to how we think and feel and act; to give people information and inspiration; to invite people 'in'; to contribute to people's capacity to make conscious choices that serve our future better. As Edgar Mitchell, former astronaut and Founder of IONS says, "It is in turn the course of civilization into a gentler and more abundant civilization."

About IONS: For 28 years the Institute of Noetic Sciences has pursued frontier research and education in consciousness and human potential. A non-profit organization with 40,000 members world-wide and a network of 265 community groups - all of whom are engaged in bringing to reality IONS' vision for a "global wisdom society in which consciousness, spirituality and love are at the center of life". Recently re-located to a stunning 200-acre campus 30 minutes north of San Francisco purchased through the miracle of member commitment and dedicated to becoming a world center for transformative learning in the service of a more just, loving and sustainable future for all.

What does it cost?

See brochure for details on IONS web site click on "Community", then click on "Events".

2001 Summit Week costs: Registration for the core 2001 Summit Week is a separate price and very reasonable (varies for age, date of registration, whole week, separate days, etc.). See web site or call 604 263-3119. This 2001 Summit registration gives you entrance to all workshops (Barbara Marx-Hubbard and dozens of others), celebrations, gatherings, and keynotes hosted by the 2001 Summit core team.

Other collaborative partner events costs: These and other collaborative partner events also sell their tickets separately (just like the IONS events). The Institute for Ethical Leadership (check out or Tel: 604 734-2544) is hosting Connections II on Sept. 15 @ $25; Gail Holland, Associate Editor, IONS Review journal, author of A Call For Connections is their all-day resource person/keynote. Also, enjoy eight inspiring Westcoast tales at the 5th annual Clam Chowder for the Soul all-day Sept. 22 @ $60-70 (includes lunch and parking). Check out or tel: Karl @ 604 460-8876.

How can you help?

You are already helping by your spirit of cooperation and kind attention to our initiatives. Please help us by helping others in your area see the value of these IONS events in Vancouver. Let us know what you need: We can send you:

- the pdf file of the full brochure for you to distribute to others electronically
- a Word file (not near as fancy as the pdf file but all the info is included)
- an e-mail text file for those who do not receive attachments on their computers.
-info on Vancouver (for starters see

Join us: Let us know you are coming to Vancouver to take part in the IONS events and the whole significant 2001 Summit Week.

Blessings from Diana Cawood, Coordinator, and all the enthusiastic members of the Vancouver IONS Community Group. Contact Diana Cawood at (604) 263-0989, fax (604) 263-1969,



Democracy at the barricades

Heads of state were besieged in July in Genoa. They talked trade and money inside a guarded, if luxurious, compound, while outside the Italian carabinieri confronted demonstrators, only a few of whom were violent. Results: news footage of handshakes and governmental agreements, their details already forgotten - and of an unwarranted death, 600 injuries, beatings and frustration. The next talks will be in the safe enclave of Qatar. CLIP

See the rest at

See also Presidents under pressure at:


Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001
Subject: Women in Black - Grandmothers from Hell Fight

Dear Jean,

Please consider this moving piece for your next compilation....



NOTE FROM JEAN: This is *indeed* a very moving article. Hard not to have a surge of emotions and tears when considering the outstanding courage of these women. Imagine if *we* all had that kind of courage and determination to see through the end with such resolute actions that the unceasing humanitarian and environmental carnage brought upon our fellow human beings and other kindred life forms is definitely halted.


<MERL@MiddleEast.Org> wrote:

"Hell's Grandmothers are walking through fire! If they can do it, why cant we all?"

The Guardian - 14 August

George Monbiot

Ariel Sharon's decision not to blast the Palestinians out of existence after last week's suicide bombings is, at first sight, mystifying. While jets blew up the Palestinians' police station in Ramallah and Israeli soldiers occupied their East Jerusalem headquarters, these reprisals were far less bloody than most people had predicted.

Several hypotheses have been advanced to explain this uncharacteristic restraint. Sharon is seeking to keep faith with his more conciliatory foreign minister, Shimon Peres. He is hoping to collect some moral credit, which he will use to defend much fiercer intervention at a later date. The seizure of Palestinian offices does more to hurt their cause than the murder of prominent figures. All these explanations are plausible, but there is another possible interpretation, overlooked by almost everyone. In killing Palestinians, Ariel Sharon can no longer be sure that he is killing only Palestinians.

For the past few weeks, foreign peace activists belonging to the international solidarity movement have been arriving in Jerusalem and the West Bank, joining demonstrations, staying in the homes of threatened Palestinians, turning themselves into human shields between the Israeli army and its targets. A few days ago they were joined by one of the most remarkable forces in British politics, a group of mostly middle-aged or elderly campaigners called Women in Black UK. These Hell's Grannies have moved straight into the front line, ensuring that the brutality with which the Palestinians are routinely treated now has international repercussions: Israel can't hurt local people without hurting them too.

For the past few nights, members of the solidarity movement have been sleeping in the homes of Palestinians in the Bethlehem suburb of Beit Jala. Eight hundred and fifty homes here have been shelled by soldiers stationed in the neighbouring Jewish settlement of Gilo, as the army seeks to expel the Palestinians in order to expand Israel's illegal plantation.

The foreigners have been standing at army checkpoints, photographing soldiers when they stop people trying to leave or enter their communities and recording the names of those they arrest. The soldiers hate this scrutiny, but whenever the monitors arrive at a checkpoint, there's a marked reduction in the violence there.

The Women in Black also helped to organise the demonstrations outside Orient House, the Palestinian headquarters seized by Israel on Friday. They established the physical and political space in which Palestinians could protest non-violently. Arrested and beaten up with the local people, the women witnessed the torture of Palestinian prisoners in the police station, which would otherwise have gone unrecorded.

In short, these volunteer peacekeepers are seeking to do precisely what foreign governments have promised but failed to do: to monitor and contest abuses of human rights, to defuse violence, and to challenge Israel's ethnic cleansing programme. Their actions put us all to shame.

As well as seeking to enforce peace, they are trying, hard as it is in the current atmosphere, to broker it. They have been suggesting to their Palestinian hosts some of the novel means by which injustice can be confronted without the use of violence. They have plenty of experience to draw on.

Some of these activists have been involved in the Trident Ploughshares campaign which, over the past fortnight, has been running rings round the marines guarding the nuclear submarines in Scotland. To the astonishment of the guards, the protesters there have managed to evade the tightest security in the UK, swimming into the docks in which the submarines are moored and spray-painting the words "useless" and "illegal" on their sides. They have launched canoes and home-made rafts into the paths of submarines trying to leave their berths. They have cut through the razor wire and roamed around the base, hoping to arrest its commander for crimes against humanity. A few days ago, they blocked the main gates of the nuclear warhead depot, their arms embedded in barrels of concrete, bringing work to a halt as the police tried to figure out how to extract them.

Two years ago, three of these women climbed into the Trident programme's floating research laboratory on Loch Goil and, as a delightful new video commissioned by the Quakers shows, threw all its computers into the sea. In Greenock court, they were acquitted of criminal damage, after the sherriff accepted their defence that the Trident programme infringes international law: rather than committing a crime, they were preventing one. Soon afterwards, the women "borrowed" a police boat from the Trident base in Coulport and drove it into the submarine docks at Faslane. Among them was one of the women who were also found not guilty in 1996 after smashing up a Hawk aircraft bound for East Timor. The subsequent publicity forced the government to stop exporting Hawks to Indonesia.

Though they're acquitted as often as they're convicted, Hell's Grannies have spent much of the past few years in jail. They take full responsibility for their actions. If the police fail to spot them, they ring them up and ask to be arrested. Their candour, clarity and humour have played well in court, but the risks of this accountable campaigning are enormous. The prosecution began yesterday of 17 British and American Greenpeace activists, who are being tried on terrorism charges after peacefully occupying the Californian launch pad being used for George Bush's missile defence tests. In the Middle East such tactics are likely to be still more dangerous, as Israeli soldiers have shown no hesitation in killing protesters in cold blood. But, as Gandhi recognised, the brutal treatment of non-violent campaigners can destroy the moral authority of the oppressor, generating inexorable pressure for change.

The Women in Black are clearly prepared not only to die for their cause, but also to make what Dostoevsky correctly identified as a far greater sacrifice: to live for their cause. They are ready to lose their homes, their comforts, their liberty, to be vilified, beaten up and imprisoned. Their accountable actions require a far greater courage than throwing bricks at the police.

Most importantly perhaps, these campaigners never cease to acknowledge the humanity of their opponents. They seek not to threaten but to persuade. The results can be astonishing. The MoD police who pulled the Trident swimmers out of the water ferried them back to their camp, rather than arresting them, while massaging their legs to stop cramp. When Angie Zelter, one of the coordinators of Women in Black, was on remand for her attempts to demolish the British military machine, she was visited in prison by a timber merchant whose business she had once tried to shut down. He had, as a result of her campaign, stopped importing mahogany stolen from indigenous reserves in Brazil, and started refashioning his business along ethical lines, and now he needed her advice.

All this is a long-winded way of saying something which, in the 21st century, sounds rather embarrassing: these people are my heroes. They confront us with our own cowardice, our failure to match our convictions with action. We talk about it, they do it. Hell's Grannies are walking through fire. If they can, why can't we all?


MiD-EasT RealitieS - http://www.MiddleEast.Org
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Email: MER@MiddleEast.Org
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From: "Gena Bouquet" <>
Subject: BioDemocracy News #35 Bt Action Alert
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001

---Original Message---

Date: Friday, August 17, 2001

This is the email newsletter for the Organic Consumers Association

BioDemocracy News #35 Action Alert on Bt Crops
August 15, 2001
by: Ronnie Cummins, Organic Consumers Association

Tell the EPA to Stop Allowing Bt Crops to Be Grown in the USA

Please contact the EPA today and tell the agency to end the registrations for all Bt crops!

We have set up a web page with sample letters and ready to send emails to make it as easy as possible for you to comment directly

Ms. Christine Todd Whitman, Administrator
Public Information and Records Integrity Branch
Information Resources and Services Division (7502C)
Office of Pesticide Programs
Environmental Protection Agency
1200 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, DC 20460.

The 30 day deadline for comments to the EPA ends Aug. 31, so please send in your comments today.

Stop Bt Crops

Despite public opposition from consumers and mounting criticism from scientists, the Bush Administration's Environmental Protection Agency is about to make the decision within the next two weeks to "re-register" or to continue allowing untested and unlabeled genetically engineered Bt crops to be grown on millions of acres across the USA. Genetically engineered Bt corn, cotton, and potatoes have been spliced with bacterial DNA (Bacillus thuringiensis) to produce proteins that are toxic to some insect pests and butterflies. But as mounting evidence indicates Bt crops pose a serious threat to the environment, public health, and organic agriculture and should be taken off the market.

The Organic Consumers Association and two national coalitions of which we are a member, Genetically Engineered Food Alert <> and the National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture, urge you to send comments to EPA before August 31, 2001.

To date, all commercialized genetically engineered insecticidal plants produce a type of Bt toxin, one of a family of related molecules produced by a soil bacterium, Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt). To develop what are known as Bt crops, a company clones the insecticidal gene from the bacterium and inserts it into a crop plant. The plant then produces the toxin in most, if not all, parts of the plant through all, or most, of a growing season.

For more details, see Sample Letter, below. Please email or mail comments to EPA by August 31. You can put your comments right into the text of your email message. If you choose to send your comments as an attachment to your email message, make sure they are formatted in Word Perfect 6.1/8.0 or as an ASCII file.


You must note the reference: Docket Number OPP-00678B in your comments. Put this docket number in the subject line of your message.

Sample letter:

To: EPA Office of Pesticide Programs
Re: Docket Number OPP-00678B

Dear EPA Administrator Whitman:

I am writing to express my opposition to the EPA's re-registration of three Bt crops--Bt corn, cotton, and potatoes. There should be a moratorium on all Genetically Engineered (GE) foods until long-term studies show that these crops are safe for human health and the environment. Continued registration of these Bt crops ignores evidence of their potential for serious harm.

Bt crops:

* Pose unacceptable risks to butterflies such as monarchs and the endangered Karner Blue. Monarchs in states such as Minnesota and Iowa are exposed to Bt corn pollen right at the time of their peak migration to Mexico. Insufficient scientific studies have been carried out to show that Bt corn doesn't pose a threat to endangered butterflies like the Karner Blue.

* Threaten human health with the potential to cause allergic reactions. One Bt crop--StarLink corn--has already been withdrawn from the market because of its allergenic potential. New research shows that Bt cotton also contains a protein that affects the immune system. Consumers shouldn't be the guinea pigs to see if Bt corn (in particular Bt sweet corn) is also allergenic.

* Contaminate organic crops as well as conventional non-GE fields. Organic and non-GE corn farmers have lost valuable markets because of contamination. GE corn and non-GE corn cannot coexist in the same region because of the potential for corn pollen to travel in the wind. The EPA's analysis has not considered the significant economic impacts of Bt corn on the organic and non-GE farm sectors.

* Will inevitably lead to the loss of Bt for organic pest control. The resistance management plans EPA is proposing are fatally flawed, because a number of assumptions they rely on are invalid. For example, grower compliance with Bt guidelines is not 100%. In addition, neither Bt cotton nor Bt corn contain a high enough dose to be effective against cotton bollworm/corn earworm.

* Pose other potential environmental consequences for agricultural and natural ecosystems. Bt crops have potential effects on soil organisms and natural enemies of crop pests. Pollen from Bt crops, in particular Bt corn and Bt cotton, can flow to wild and weedy relatives, with potential long-term ecological consequences. The most important of these wild relatives in North America is teosinte, a close relative of corn. Growing of Bt corn in the US poses a significant threat to this important reservoir of corn genetic diversity.

The EPA should act to protect consumers and the environment by denying the re-registration of these crops. Thank you.


(your name)


13 Aug 2001

Some 450 million people in the world are now confronting water-shortage problems. That's grim enough -- but experts meeting this week in Stockholm to discuss water scarcity say the number could grow to 2.7 billion within 25 years. North Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan, and parts of India and China, as well as areas in southern Europe, are most hurt by current shortages. Parts of the U.S.,however, aren't far behind. Warmer temperatures, the loss of wetlands to sprawl, and the growing demands of agriculture are accelerating shortages across the U.S. Major U.S. cities could go dry in 10 to 20 years.

Toronto National Post, Lorrayne Anthony, 13 Aug 2001

New York Times, Timothy Egan, 12 Aug 2001

Wet's the matter -- fun with stats -- in our Counter Culture column

Assets of socially responsible funds grew five times faster than those of other funds over the past three decades, according to a report released last week by Pax World Funds. The funds focus on different issues, screening out companies with poor records in areas like the environment, diversity, and health. Pax World said the assets in the funds reached $103 billion by mid-2001, up from $150 million in 1971. Pax World President Thomas Grant said, "We have busted the underperformance myth that is associated with many socially responsible mutual funds."

Long Island Newsday, Tania Padgett, 09 Aug 2001


From: (Mark Quire)
Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2001
Subject: Consumers Are Losing Faith In Supermarket Food


By New York University Medical Center And School Of Medicine -

Science Daily Magazine

Consumers are losing faith in supermarkets, with only one in six trusting them to sell safe food - and three in four people are more concerned than ever about the safety of the food they buy. A Good Housekeeping magazine survey found that although 97 per cent of those questioned buy most of their food from a supermarket, their faith in them has suffered.

The survey revealed 67 per cent trust supermarkets less than they used to and 16 per cent lack confidence in supermarkets to sell safe foods. This lack of trust is particularly apparent when buying meat, with 18 per cent admitting they have changed their shopping habits so they now buy meat only from a local butcher. The 1,000 people questioned in July said fears about food additives, changes in eating habits and organic produce were all causes for concern.

It found 81 per cent of those questioned "always or sometimes" buy organic food, but 19 per cent never have. The survey found 83 per cent of people would pay around an extra £9 a week on their food bills to ensure safety.