August 21, 2001

Miscellaneous Subjects 104

Hello everyone

Once again, here is a distilled-down compilation of what got my attention in the last couple days.

Hoping you'll enjoy it all as much as I did ;-)

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


1. Some Feedbacks
2. Unauthorized Bush Sr. Biography
3. The next gas crisis
4. The Supreme Court Impeachment Movement Has Begun & Stepping Lightly & The Global Consciousness Project & New Butterfly Site
5. The New Leaders - Cultural Creatives
6. Howard Storm's near-death experience revelations
8. INDUSTRIAL ECOLOGY SUMMIT 2001 - What We Learned In The Rainforest



From: "Saleh, Fatima" <>
Subject: RE: PAN ALERT: Meditation Focus #45: Growing Tide of Violence in Zimbabwe
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001

Dear global visionaries,

I am so grateful for all your healing work around the planet earth. And I am attuned and resonating with all of your wonderful works. However I never see any article about Afghanistan the land whose people have been suffering for more than two decades. First with communist and Russian invasion then with politics and wars inflected by power, greed, and exploitation. The more recent stories of atrocities committed by Taliban puppet government against people of Afghanistan especially against women and children is known to the world in the past several years. I suggest that you consider healing of this land and it's people in your agenda for the near future meditation focus. If you need more information please e-mail me at:

Blessings, Love, and Light by yours forever,


AND MY REPLY WAS (partly):

Thank you very much for your comment and for your interest in our work. I consider your suggestion as a most appropriate topic for the next Meditation Focus - the selection of Zimbabwe for the last one was also as a result of someone on the ERN list drawing my attention to the difficult situation in this country - and happily, according to the BBC, the 21 white farmers are scheduled to be released on bail today; however, of course, much remains to be done to alleviate the appaling poverty of most of the people in Zimbabwe, not to mention the growing AIDS epidemic and its heavy death toll. So you (and anyone else with relevant material) are indeed welcomed to provide me with more information as you see fit so I may have the needed background info to prepare the summary statement for the next Focus in 2 weeks. CLIP


From: "Dancing Eyes" <>
Subject: re: Misc-subject 103
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2001

Dear Jean

Thank you for the work you do to get us 'the other side of the story!'. You truly are a 'work of art'. Today I became so excited when I read: "Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH-10) today introduced legislation to create a cabinet level agency dedicated to peacemaking and the study of conditions that are conducive to peace."

I rushed to this man's site and sent him a msg. I get stirred up often when I read you MSG's but in trying to keep my attention away from all the horror-I feel as one person to offer what I can and pray for world peace. O MY! this article shows me that God does provide PROOF that our PRAYERS are being HEARD AND ANSWERED-a sign to me that PRAYER is THE MIGHTIEST WEAPON when people UNITE. O MY O MY O MY-I wish I had the words to describe my heart response -more eloquently-when I started reading of this mans work. MY body filled with such a JOYFUL FEELING and my HEART BRAIN said: "Wow! I wonder how life would be on earth if this man was our PRESIDENT!? I wonder what a POLL would reveal if JEAN put this question on his site! How would you vote if Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH-10) was to run for Presidency today? YES-NO-(NEED MORE INFORMATION? see ......") ok I will stop here with this fantasy!! Smile! it is fun though to PONDER this.

Thank You for listening!

Betty/Dancing Eyes

NOTE FROM JEAN: A hope-filled comment indeed. However I would not personally qualify the healing power of many through prayer and meditation as being a "WEAPON" but rather as a benevolent instrument/channeling conduit of the Divine Will... As for Kucinich succeeding in having his legislation enabled under Bush, not a chance in a million... But perhaps under a future U.S. president.


Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2001
Subject: Unauthorized Bush Sr. Biography

Index of /williams/bushbook

George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography --- by Webster G. Tarpley & Anton Chaitkin
(Published 1991)

INTRODUCTION: American Caligula

The thesis of this book is simple: if George Bush were to be re- elected in November 1992 for a second term as the president of the United States, this country and the rest of the world would face a catastrophe of gigantic proportions.

The necessity of writing this book became overwhelming in the minds of the authors in the wake of the ghastly slaughter of the Iraq war of January-February 1991. That war was an act of savage and premeditated genocide on the part of Bush, undertaken in connivance with a clique in London which has, in its historical continuity, represented both the worst enemy of the long-term interests of the American people, and the most implacable adversary of the progress of the human species.

The authors observed George Bush very carefully as the Gulf crisis and the war unfolded, and had no doubt that his enraged public outbursts constituted real psychotic episodes, indicative of a deranged mental state that was full of ominous portent for humanity. The authors were also horrified by the degree to which their fellow citizens willfully ignored the shocking reality of these public fits. A majority of the American people proved more than willing to lend its support to a despicable enterprise of killing.

By their role-call votes of January 12, 1991, the Senate and the House of Representatives gave their authorization for Bush's planned and imminent war measures to restore the Emir of Kuwait, who owns and holds chattel slaves.


Chapter - I - The House of Bush: Born in a Bank

Who is George Bush? How did he become the 41st U.S. President?

He is said to be a man of the "old establishment," who "chose to seek his fortune as an independent oilman...." @s1

In fact, Bush was never "independent." Every career step in his upward climb relied on his family's powerful associations. The Bush family joined the Eastern Establishment comparatively recently, and only as servitors. Their wealth and influence resulted from their loyalty to another, more powerful family, and their willingness to do anything to get ahead.

For what they did, Bush's forebears should have become very famous, or infamous. They remained obscure figures, managers from behind the scenes. But their actions--including his father's role as banker for Adolf Hitler--had tragic effects for the whole planet.

It was these services to his family's benefactors, which propelled George Bush to the top.



From: "Mark Graffis" <>
Subject: The next gas crisis
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2001


August 20, 2001

If you thought the worst was over, get ready. Demand is up, supply is dwindling, and new finds are scarce.


If, like the vast majority of Canadians, you are dependent on natural gas to heat your home, ponder this thermostat-shattering truth for a moment. The largest natural gas find in Western Canada in the past 25 years is now playing out in a marshy area of northeastern BC near the Alberta border.


The sobering realities will be reinforced by a much-awaited accounting of Canada's total gas resources (both onshore and offshore) due this September. That's when the Canadian Gas Potential Committee, a volunteer group of geologists and industry types, will release a 600-page report that will identify (in glowing color) what gas is left and where it is. (Unlike the efficient US Department of Energy, Canada's National Energy Board just doesn't have a handle on this crucial information.) The Alberta and BC governments have already ordered the $15,000 CD-ROM. The report, which will clearly confirm the tightness of supplies, "will make a lot of news," predicts Woronuk, one of its authors. Its data might also raise questions about the pace of development, the volume of US exports and the absence of any coherent energy policy in Canada. Meanwhile, the situation south of the border continues to grow bleaker. In spite of record drilling throughout the US, companies aren't finding much new gas in the dry plains of southern Texas or even the Gulf of Mexico. While the US Department of Energy predicts natural gas consumption will increase by 45% by 2015, in the past year, production has grown by barely 2%. Bush now wants to drill in national parks and on federal lands-even though the spoilage of natural monuments could squarely fail to ease the shortage. "It's like a treadmill," Skip Horvath, president of the Natural Gas Supply Association, recently told The New York TImes. "You have to race faster and faster to keep it up." Martin Molyneaux, a leading gas analyst with Calgary's FirstEnergy Capital Corp., puts it a different way "After six quarters in a row of industry going all out in Western Canada and the US, there is only one word to describe the result: disappointing."

The disappointment is somewhat heightened by the difficult nature of options available to policy-makers. Even the sunniest projections don't predict arctic gas from Alaska or the Mackenzie Delta will reach southern markets until 2008 or 2010. And the US$20-billion price tag for what many are already calling the costliest construction project in the continent's history is enough to make most pipeline promoters think thrice, let alone twice. That undertaking might well involve two separate northern pipelines that might join outside of Edmonton, as well as the construction of another Chicago-bound pipeline. But even the Mackenzie Delta's gas is no panacea. What is now accessible holds no more gas than what Canada produces every year (6.2 tcf). "Is the Delta enough?" asks Woronuk. "Hell, no." Alternatives to natural gas are also costly and take time to develop. Although the US is looking seriously at liquid natural gas as well as coal-bed methane, the technology is expensive and the environmental ramifications formidable. The mysterious world of gas hydrates (gas locked in ice crystals in the ocean) holds the promise of offering limitless supplies, but no technology yet exists to tap them. As a result, conventional natural gas will likely remain the dominant energy source for some time to come-and at higher and higher prices. Current prices, however, don't reflect the persistent draining of continental natural gas reserves. Thanks to a decided drop in consumption among industrial gas users, prices have stabilized somewhat after last winter's rude heights. "I was mortified when I saw US$9 and US$10 gas prices last year," admits Molyneaux. "When you quadruple the price of a commodity, there is going to be a demand backlash-and it came at us like a truck."

That truck came in three distinct styles: a US economic slowdown, mild summer weather and a revitalized conservation campaign that made a mockery of vice-president Dick Cheney's loud dismissal of energy efficiency. Last spring, after the run-up in natural gas prices, everybody from industrial plants to shopping malls started to look for ways to reduce their energy bills. Some set air conditioner thermostats higher, while others installed more energy-friendly windows. Others switched fuels. When gas prices hovered at about US$2, industries weren't terribly aware of their energy costs, says Molyneaux. "Now they are intimately aware." To date, the big benefactors have been coal, distillate fuel oil, nuclear power and wind producers. In fact, the doubling of gas prices has made wind a viable energy competitor for the first time, as well as the continent's fastest-growing energy source. Even Jim Gray, the venerable gas explorer and chairman of Canadian Hunter Exploration Ltd., has become a champion of demand-side awareness. Last year, he was the first executive (along with J. P. Anderson of Anderson Exploration Ltd.) to warn consumers about the coming price storm. But when that torrent put gas and electricity prices at Gray's Calgary condominium through the roof, his fellow tenants, mostly oil-patch types, studiously examined their costs.

After learning that the average price of powering a 100-watt lightbulb for 24 hours a day for a year had gone from $40 to $130, Gray's condo neighbors got energy wise. They even replaced a furnace that burned gas at 35% efficiency with one rated at 80%. As a result, says Gray, "our overall energy consumption has gone down by 10%. Multiply that kind of decision-making by hundreds of thousands of people and you have a tremendous reallocation of resources."



The Supreme Court Impeachment Movement Has Begun...

Former Rep. Charles Porter (D-OR) started a grassroots movement to impeach the Supreme Court's Felonious Five. ). "I've got to tell you, I'm surprised," says Oregon state Democratic chairman Jim Edmunson. "There's been a large amount of interest. We've had e-mail, letters, contributions from people all over the country. It's like the movie Network: 'I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore.'" You said it, Jim! Contact your state and local Democratic Party ( and tell them you want to introduce a resolution to impeach the Felonious Five!
Impeach the Supremes


Stepping Lightly

Our current levels of population growth, consumption, resource use, and environmental impact
will result in one big global environmental crisis within the next 50 years or so. While some people are predicting the worst, or doing their best to reduce their impact, others are blithely ignoring -- or covering up -- potential problems. In this article Mark Burch, author of the new book Stepping Lightly, assesses the role of voluntary simplicity among the array of our society's other responses to potential environmental crisis.


The Global Consciousness Project

We do not feel that our minds are isolated within our bodies. In truth, we experience the world with beautiful immediacy, we know our loved ones from afar, and we leap in thought to the stars. Research on anomalies of consciousness shows that we may have direct communication links with each other, that intentions can have effects in the world despite physical barriers and separations. Evidence compels us to consider that consciousness may operate as a nonlocal field. The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) takes this possibility a step further, proposing that the fields generated by individual consciousness would interact and combine, and ultimately have global dimensions. Usually, because we are busy with individual lives, there is little to produce structure in the field. But occasionally there are global-scale events that bring great numbers of us to a common focus. To study the effects, we have created a world-spanning network of detectors sensitive to coherence and resonance in the mental domain. Continuous streams of data are sent over the internet to be archived and correlated with events that may evoke a world-wide consciousness. Examples that appear to have done so include the funeral ceremonies of Princess Diana, a few minutes around midnight on any New Years Eve, the first hour of NATO bombing in Yugoslavia, and earthquakes in Turkey, Central America, India.


New Butterfly Site

Explore the exciting world of butterflies by visiting The Butterfly Site's dozen butterfly topics, tons of butterfly links, contests, and awards. The #1 information resource for everyone - teachers, students, parents, and butterfly lovers! They have visited the Butterfly Gardener's site and have listed it on their Butterfly Gardening page. Please see and take a look around!

(All taken from Butterfly News Update for August, sent by


From: Soleira Green <>

The New Leaders - Cultural Creatives

Guess what! There is a new sociological group emerging. You and I might have called this group the spiritual minority, a quiet lot simply getting on with finding new ways of living a better life. Surprise, surprise! We are not a small group anymore. Apparently we are a part of a 100 million strong group now called Cultural Creatives. Funny thing is that most of us think that we're pretty much out there alone or that we're a few spiritually-oriented, feeble voices in the wind. We don't even know that we exist in such large numbers or that we represent such a strong collective and creative force as a group. But guess what...we do...and we are, together, sourcing of the soul of a new humanity. What does it look like to source the soul of a new humanity? Essentially it might look like this:

a.. Speaking brave and true for what you believe;

b.. Seeking to creating new ways of being in the world together, new cultures, new ways of living, relating, and working;

c.. Standing for the transformation of organisations, education, governance...anything and everything...even if you don't know how;

d.. Consciously evolving always, ready to take the next step on the journey to humanity's evolvement;

e.. Embracing grace, wisdom and compassionate understanding as your first choice of working;

f.. Developing a new style of co-operative working to achieve unprecedented results;

g.. Working energetically to bring out the very best in others and to create the space for others to work together in grace, passionate expression and amazing vitality.

Within this group of cultural creatives/soul sourcers, there are new leaders emerging. Are you one of these new leaders? If you are, YOU WILL FEEL IT WITHIN YOURSELF AS YOU READ THESE WORDS. It's not just something you're called to do. You actually can't do anything else but this! Why? Because it gives you joy. It fills you up. It's the reason you came to Earth in the first place. It's so different from anything else you've ever done. It's so exciting. So look, if you're one of those people who feels the call, but you're holding back, just a little because you can't imagine that YOU are one of these new leaders, let me say this to you. It is only from the stepping forth into this leadership that you will ever truly know ALL of yourself and ALL you can be. Whoever said that leadership was a thing to recoil from was WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Sometimes I wonder if it wasn't just another ploy by the old powers that be (were) to keep us from stepping forth. Leadership is a blast! It's you in your fullest and most unique expression of yourself and all that is divine. New leaders don't suppress others. They express what wants to be said in the most delightful of ways. New leaders don't need to dominate or control. They sing the song of the soul and everyone wants to come dance at the party. And besides...YOU'RE NOT ALONE IN THIS.

We are the new leaders, the new voices emerging for a new humanity. Together we can create what alone we can only dream. We aren't just single voices rising feebly in the winds of change. No! We are at least one hundred million strong all over the world now. And what's even better is that we seem to be prolific at using the Internet to move information, ideas, thoughts, etc. all around the world in hours. What a force for change! Don't you think it's time that we REALLY collated this force of new leadership and used it to truly make this the better world that we've all been dreaming of and working towards for so long.

I'd like to call into being a network of new leaders emerging from these cultural creatives. I want to call together people who quietly or loudly intend to sourcefully create a new humanity, a new world together with others from all around this globe. If you're one of these leaders then I invite you send me an email ( with your name, geographic location and ideas for how we might all work together as leaders to make this all real in the world now. I promise to personally reply to every one of them and to collate the ideas into workable ways of working together. I've asked Santari to put a world map on our web site that shows each one of us around the world, lighting up the whole world with new leadership. Look out world! Here we come. The new cultural creatives leading the way for miracle after miracle after miracle. Life will never be the same!

To read the full text of Sourcing the Soul of a New Humanity, you will find it at under Publications.

If you wish to subscribe to this email list, please send me an email with subscribe me in the title. If you would like to be added to any of our other email lists, please identify in the body of the email which lists you would like to subscribe to:

(1) Spiritual updates, like Sourcing the Soul of a New Humanity
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Soleira Green



As recommended by Mark Quire <>


Howard Storm's near-death experience revelations

(The following is an excerpt from his near-death experience account.)

Asking them if there was life on other planets, their surprising answer was that the universe was full of life. Because of my fear of a nuclear holocaust I asked if there was going to be a nuclear war in the world, and they said no. That astonished me, and I gave them this extensive explanation of how I had lived under the threat of nuclear war. That was one of the reasons I was who I was. I figured, when I was in this life, that it was all sort of hopeless; the world was going to blow up anyway, and nothing made much sense. In that context I felt I could do what I wanted, since nothing mattered.

They said: "No, there isn’t going to be any nuclear war." I asked if they were absolutely sure there wasn’t going to be nuclear war. They reassured me again, and I asked them how they could be so sure. Their response was: "God loves the world."

They told me that at the most, one or two nuclear weapons might go off accidentally, if they weren’t destroyed, but there wouldn’t be a nuclear war. I then asked them how come there had been so many wars. They said that they allowed those few to happen, out of all the wars that humanity tried to start. Out of all the wars that humans tried to create, they allowed a few, to bring people to their senses and to stop them.

Science, technology, and other benefits, they told me, had been gifts bestowed on humanity by them – through inspiration. People had literally been led to those discoveries, many of which had later been perverted by humanity to use for its own destruction. These friends of my friend wanted war, because of the level of our technology, to be put aside. We could do too much damage to the planet. And by the planet, they meant all of God’s creation. Not just the people, but the animals, the trees, the birds, the insects, everything.

When I spoke with them about the future, and this might sound like a cop-out on my part, they made clear to me that we have free will.

Howard was told by the light beings about the new world to come. According to them, God wished to usher in the Kingdom within the next two hundred years. In order to do so, God had rescinded some of the free will given to creatures, in favor of more divine control over human events. This new world order, according to Howard, will resemble some near-death descriptions of heaven. People will live in such peace and harmony and love that communication will be telepathic, travel instantaneous and the need for clothing and shelter eliminated. The lion will indeed lie down with the lamb. Harmony will exist with the created order and people will control the weather and grow plants through loving communication.

If we change the way we are, then we can change the future which they showed me. They showed me a view of the future, at the time of my experience, based upon how we in the United States were behaving at that time. It was a future in which a massive worldwide depression would occur. If we were to change our behavior, however, then the future would be different.

Asking them how it would be possible to change the course of many people, I observed that it was difficult, if not impossible, to change anything on earth. I express the opinion that it was a hopeless task to try.

My friends explained, quite clearly, that all it takes to make a change was one person. One person, trying, and then because of that, another person changing for the better. They said that the only way to change the world was to begin with one person. One will become two, which will become three, and so on. That’s the only way to affect a major change.

I inquired as to where the world would be going in an optimistic future – one where some of the changes they desired were to take place. The image of the future that they gave me then, and it was their image, not one that I created, surprised me. My image had previously been sort of like "Star Wars," where everything was space age, plastics, and technology. The future that they showed me was almost no technology at all.

What everybody, absolutely everybody, in this euphoric future spent most of their time doing was raising children. The chief concern of people was children, and everybody considered children to be the most precious commodity in the world. And when a person became an adult, there was no sense of anxiety, nor hatred, nor competition. There was this enormous sense of trust and mutual respect.

If a person, in this view of the future, became disturbed, then the community of people all cared about the disturbed person falling away from the harmony of the group. Spiritually, through prayer and love, the others would elevate the afflicted person.

What people did with the rest of their time was that they gardened, with almost no physical effort. They showed me plants, with prayer, would produce huge fruits and vegetables. People, in unison, could control the climate of the planet through prayer. Everybody would work with mutual trust – and the people would call the rain, when needed, and the sun to shine. Animals lived with people, in harmony.

People, in this best of all worlds, weren’t interest in knowledge; they were interest in wisdom. This was because they were in a position where anything they needed to know, in the knowledge category, they could receive simply through prayer. Everything, to them, was solvable. They could do anything they wanted to do.

In this future, people had no wanderlust, because they could, spiritually, communicate with everyone else in the world. There was no need to go elsewhere. They were so engrossed with where they were and the people around them that they didn’t have to go on vacation. Vacation from what? They were completely fulfilled and happy.

Death, in this world, was a time when the individual had experienced everything that he or she needed to experience. To die meant to lie down and let go; then the spirit would rise up, and the community would gather around. There would be a great rejoicing, because they all had insight into the heavenly realm, and the spirit would join with the angels that came down to meet it. They could see the spirit leave and knew that it was time for the spirit to move on; it had outgrown the need for growth in this world. Individuals who died had achieved all they were capable of in this world in terms of love, appreciation, understanding, and working in harmony with others.

The sense I got of this beautiful view of the world’s future was as a garden, God’s garden. And in this garden of the world, full of all beauty, were people. The people were born into this world to grow in their understanding of the Creator. Then to shed this skin, this shell, in the physical world, and to graduate and move up into heaven – there, to have a more intimate and growing relationship with God.

Other near-death experience revelations at


20 Aug 2001

Only a tiny number of globalization foes will be allowed near the next World Trade Organization meeting this October in Doha, Qatar. WTO Director-General Mike Moore has told the 647 nongovernmental organizations requesting accreditation that they may send only one delegate each. Because Qatar can close its borders, additional protesters may be kept from the meeting. Mark Ritchie, president of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, has suggested that each organization pool together their individual accreditations and together elect a committee of leaders to present a united front. So far, he said, more groups than not have backed the idea.

Chicago Tribune, R.C. Longworth, 20 Aug 2001

A week in the life of Mark Ritchie, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy



From: <>
Subject: INDUSTRIAL ECOLOGY SUMMIT 2001 - What We Learned In The Rainforest
Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2001

Mark your calendars!!

INDUSTRIAL ECOLOGY SUMMIT 2001 will be held NOVEMBER 13-15, 2001 at the scenic Marconi Conference Center (along the coast just north of San Francisco)


What We Learned In The Rainforest:
Tools Inspired by Nature for Corporate Accountability and Sustainability


Three years ago, in a speech entitled "What I Learned in the Rainforest," Tachi Kiuchi set forth a bold vision: Instead of extracting resources from nature, businesses could harvest nature's ideas. By running our businesses like the rainforest - innovative, adaptive, resilient, and sustainable - we can emulate nature's capacity to create value without consuming its base. We can begin to profit sustainably, and create affluence without effluence.

But how?

To answer that question, the Future 500 is proud to invite you to "What We Learned in the Rainforest," the Future 500 Summit 2001, this November 13-15 near San Francisco.

Like last year's Industrial Ecology 2000, our 2001 summit will draw together a rich combination of forward-thinking executives, practical visionaries, and business change agents. But unlike IE 2000, What We Learned in the Rainforest is a WORKING conference. Instead of dozens of keynotes and breakout sessions, we will be working side-by-side in intimate roundtable sessions. And instead of last year's 400 participants, less than 100 registrants will be permitted - 50 of them hand-selected, to assure that we have the catalytic mix of participants we need.


* Lessons from the Rainforest: The Book, the Principles, the Tools

* Applying the Lessons I: New Tools for Corporate Accountability. Learn about, propose, discuss and debate tools in different fields and functions of corporate accountability:
-Planning Tools
-Policy Tools
-Implementation Tools
-Tracking Tools
-Communication Tools
-Applying the Lessons II: Product Stewardship and Extended Product Responsibility

* Applying the Lessons III: Computers and Electronics Product Stewardship: State and National Program and Policy Development

* Building a Practice in Corporate Accountability: The Next 90 Days to One Year

For more information, please contact:

Nikole Wilson
Conference Coordinator
The Future 500
(510) 681-4191