August 18, 2001

Miscellaneous Subjects 103

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Lots of news and info for your consideration in this one. The next Meditation Focus will be issued shortly.

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Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


1. One side of the coin on Zimbabwe - and the other side
2. One Million Voices for Peace on August 18th
3. taa-DAAA!!! Grand Finale Arrives!
4. Peacemaking Legislation in the USA
5. GOING WITH THE WIND & Wind Farming Proves Profitable Second Crop & ON DE LOOSE
6. Human Arrogance and the Decline of the Earth
7. UNESCO "Mayor of Peace", Gloria Cuartas` life is in danger!
8. NESARA & The US Treasury May Have 70% Less Gold Than It Says
9. Surveillance - Watch It! Face-It developer claims "we need regulation"
10. Missile defense a threat


News of interest

NATO Dispatching 400 British Troops to Macedonia

NATO on Wednesday authorized the sending of about 400 peacekeepers to Macedonia as the first wave of a contingent assigned to disarm ethnic Albanian rebels.

Shadowy Rebel Assures Macedonia That He Seeks Peace

Ali Ahmeti, a political leader of the ethnic Albanian rebels, pledged Thursday that his troops would disarm once NATO forces arrived in Macedonia.



From: Regina Renke <>
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001
Subject: Re: Heavy news from Zimbabwe

Dear Jean

In 1999, precisely March, President Mugabe went to visit Germany and in his official speech he spoke about the need for financial help to buy some of the farmlands of absentee owners (i.e. Anglo American corporation owns thousands of acres)and of some owners which has more share of land then they can cultivate. The answer that he got from Germany and from Britain was that there was no financial help. If you want you can see the speech which was taped by a German television. One of the things he said was: if there is no help for the ex-revolutionaries which fought to bring the old regime down and they were expecting to get some form of livelihood and reward for their years of struggle. What everyone forgets is that before there was Zimbabwe there was Rhodesia and the Rhodesia regime has brought nothing but grief to the people that lived there originally.

I don't see anyone going out of their way to demand that the traditional Hopi people not to be dislocated in the USA. I can tell you wrench stories how for the last 23 years the BLM and the government in the USA is impounding the cattle of the traditional people and harassing the people. How the Dan ranch has been under attack for grazing in their traditional grazing grounds. How the aboriginal people in Australia have been disenfranchised and the list is huge. Now the Zimbabwe situation is a creation of the Western power, Britain has not relinquished the strong hold in the country and all the white farmers has not helped the situation either, by ignoring the people that fought to free Rhodesia and their families have had nothing to show for their sacrifice, the white population has not helped to alleviate the situation either. All this tragedy was done calculated. To tell the story of the poor farmers outside the historic context of colonization and oppression is actually half lying.

The whole madness has come full circle. If the white farms which holds the bulk of fertile land had shared it with the population this situation could have been averted. If Mugabe's request to Germany had been honored the outcome would be different. Mugabe is doing what he promise would happen if there was no effort towards giving land back to the rightful owners of the land - black people. There is so much that black people can take.

White folks can always go back home, not like some of us that has never had a home to return to or never will, because we were uprooted by slavery. What is worse?




From: "Dorothy Wakeling" <>
Subject: Zimbabwe
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001

Dear Jean

We are living through testing times - the only answer has to be a spiritual one, as the world wide system/establishment is part of this disintegration as you well know. I KNOW we will get through and be better for it and we must release from the attachement as to how it will happen in order for it to happen.

Thanks for your good work

Dorothy Wakeling

Sent: Monday, August 13, 2001

Breaking news direct to your mailbox
Visit - the world's leading website on Zimbabwe

Appalling events are still happening around the town of Chinhoyi in northern Zimbabwe. Dozens of farms have been attacked and ransacked, forcing many times that number to be abandoned, with the result that in excess of eight thousand Zimbabweans have lost their livelihood and shelter - in the depths of winter - within a few days.

This has been portrayed up by the government as the wresting of farmland from white Zimbabwean farmers. What it means - as a matter of fact - is the sealing-off of huge swathes of countryside, allowing large gangs - some several hundred strong - to traverse these areas with impunity, out of the sight of those who can report what is going on, and out of the reach of anyone who can help. If you are reading this, you can be thankful you are not one of those - black or white - who has stayed behind. It is no exaggeration to say that those who have not been able to flee face the immediate prospect of murder, rape, beating and intimidation at the hands of gangs of government-directed thugs.

We ask those of you who live outside Zimbabwe to contact - as soon as possible - your Member of Parliament, Congressman, Senator, or Deputy - by phone, letter, email, or fax - and urge them to ask your government to convey its outrage in the strongest possible terms to the Zimbabwe government about this brutal treatment of its own citizens.

In this issue :

Conflict escalates - BBC
Eye witness to violence - ZWNEWS
Zimbabwe's breadbasket burns - DTel
Mugabe wants a state of emergency - SA SInd

From BBC News, 12 August

Zimbabwe land conflict escalates

Farmers in Zimbabwe say widespread looting and destruction of white-owned property have been continuing without respite around the northern town of Chinhoyi. The head of the Commercial Farmers' Union, Colin Cloete, told the BBC marauding bands of government supporters were wreaking havoc on the town, and more and more farms were being blatantly pillaged. He issued an impassioned appeal to the government to act swiftly to restore law and order. The trouble in Chinhoyi began last week after the arrest of a group of white farmers accused of beating up government supporters who had invaded a farm belonging to a white farmer. The farmers are in jail awaiting a court appearance on Tuesday. On Saturday, President Mugabe repeated his government's determination to press ahead with the expropriation of white farmland despite the threat of sanctions from the United States and other Western countries.

BBC correspondent Rageh Omaar says the Chinhoyi region has become so volatile and dangerous over the past week that independent Zimbabweans and foreign journalists are finding it virtually impossible to gain access. Colin Cloete said the state of lawlessness had reached a height that could only be contained by swift action, and made a direct appeal to President Mugabe. "I make a heartfelt plea to the ministers and police chiefs who took an oath of allegiance to protect all the citizens of Zimbabwe, to swiftly and decisively avoid further destruction," he said.

On Friday, 21 whites were denied bail after being charged with violence and assault following clashes with a group of squatters in Chinhoyi. But on Saturday Mr Mugabe warned white farmers against organising attacks on black squatters. "We will proceed with land reform with or without their cooperation, with or without sanctions. Let that be known here and abroad," he said. Mr Mugabe also accused white farmers of lobbying the United States and Europe to impose sanctions. Last week, the US Senate approved and passed on to Congress a bill that threatens sanctions unless the Zimbabwean Government respects democratic rule and law and order, and carries out a legalised land reform programme.

President Mugabe denounced the sanctions threat as racist and aimed at thwarting his efforts to "correct colonial imbalances". "What is our crime? Our crime is that we are black and in America blacks are a condemned race. We are a black government with a European community, the whites," a visibly angry Mr Mugabe told several thousand supporters. But the BBC correspondent says black farm workers often face an even worse fate than the whites, and there are reports of many of them being beaten up and chased by government militants. Zimbabwe has been plunged into political and economic crisis for the past 18 months after a government-backed campaign of land seizures began. Many occupations have been carried out by self-styled war veterans. The government has targeted about 95% of the land owned by whites - some 4,600 farms - for confiscation.


From The Daily Telegraph (UK), 13 August

Zimbabwe's breadbasket on a war footing

Smoke billowing into Zimbabwe's cloudless winter sky gave western Mashonaland the air of a battle zone yesterday as mobs loyal to President Mugabe rampaged through the area's white-owned farms. As dozens of families fled their farms near the normally bustling market towns of Chinhoyi, Doma, Mhangura and Lion's Den it was impossible to verify individual acts of violence. But the airborne view showed the damage done to a vital part of Zimbabwe's economy and the extent to which the area has been put on a war footing. Fields which at this time of year should be being ploughed in preparation for next year's tobacco crop lay untouched and irrigation systems lay unused even though reservoirs were clearly full. Enormous silos for maize and wheat stood unused, in spite of an acute shortage of flour that has raised the spectre of starvation elsewhere in the country. Fields of winter wheat were being trampled by cattle allowed to graze on what should be one of Zimbabwe's most profitable crops. The large commercial farms of the region make it Zimbabwe's breadbasket, but now the white farmers, normally busy with their work, are thinking instead about security.



Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001
From: Deborah Moldow <>
Subject: Re: ONE MILLION VOICES FOR PEACE - Be an active part!

Dear Jean,

Please share this request with the Earth Rainbow Network. We are counting on the light workers around the world to add their voices for peace on Earth on August 18th.

Infinite thanks to you for the vital service you provide, connecting people and letting us know about the important news the media so often overlooks.

May Peace Prevail on Earth!

Deborah Moldow
The World Peace Prayer Society

One Million Voices for Peace
World Peace Festival 2001


Join us on August 18th for a historic event benefiting all of humanity.

Connect with people across the world as an integral part of One Million Voices for Peace by including the message "May Peace Prevail on Earth" in your prayers and meditations.

What is the power of one million people praying for peace?

You create the future. It is YOUR prayer that makes the difference!

The World Peace Prayer Ceremony is a powerful call for peace that joins One Million Voices for Peace from around the world with the World Peace Festival in Amenia, New York on Saturday 18 August 2001. During this spectacular event, the flag of every nation will be raised as a focus for our prayers.

Let us know that you and your family and friends will participate!

Please contact us by email at:

Or visit the website:

We look forward to counting you among the One Million Voices for Peace!

The World Peace Prayer Society

May Peace Prevail on Earth!


Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001
Subject: taa-DAAA!!! Grand Finale Arrives!

yesterday, Aug 13



Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001
From: "SUSAN J. ZIPP" <>
Subject: Peacemaking Legislation in the USA

Dear Friends,

The following press release out of Washington DC is an important step in government leadership toward creating a Culture of Peace.

Please follow-up on this report through your own efforts. Some suggested actions include: Encourage discussion about this in your local and regional People's Assembly meetings and through various Supporting Organizations; for those in the USA, contact your representative in Congress and ask them to support and build upon this legislation; for those outside the USA, use this to open dialogues with public officials and gain support for the Peace movement; work with other groups to hold a Culture of Peace Festival in your community; utilize your mailing lists to widely distribute this information; use the media to build local participation and alert large numbers of people to the positive actions being taken toward peace; be creative; etc.

One person can and does make a difference! Please take the initiative in your own community to keep the momentum building, and let me know how you're doing! Thank you!

Best Wishes,

Susan J. Zipp, Co-Chair
Global People's Assembly


Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2001

Washington, DC -- Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH-10) today introduced legislation to create a cabinet level agency dedicated to peacemaking and the study of conditions that are conducive to peace.

"The time for peace is now," Congressman Kucinich said. "At the dawn of a new millennium, there is no better time to review age old challenges with new thinking that peace is not only the absence of violence, but the presence of a higher evolution of human awareness with respect, trust and
integrity toward humankind. Our founding fathers recognized that peace was one of the highest duties of the newly organized free and independent states. But too often, we have overlooked the long-term solution of peace for instant gratification of war. This continued downward spiral of violence must stop to ensure that future generations will live in peace and harmony."

Kucinich's legislation to create a Department of Peace focuses on individual, group and national responsibilities of holding peace as an organizing principle. The Department of Peace will focus on non-military peaceful conflict resolutions, prevent violence and promote justice and democratic principles to expand human rights. A Peace Academy, similar to the five military service academies, would be created; its graduates dispatched to troubled areas around the globe to promote nonviolent dispute resolutions.

"The challenges inherent in creating a Department of Peace are massive," said Congressman Kucinich. "But the alternatives are worse. Violence at home, in the schools, in the media, and between nations has dragged down humanity. It's time to recognize that traditional, militant objectives for peace are not working, and the only solution is to make peace the goal of a cabinet level agency."


16 Aug 2001

"The Pacific Northwest is well on its way to becoming the wind capital of the U.S.," says Tom Gray of the American Wind Energy Association. For example, the new Stateline Wind Energy Project on the Washington-Oregon border will begin operations this fall with 396, 242-foot turbines, together capable of powering 60,000 homes. Wind power generates only 0.1 percent of the nation's electricity, but new wind projects coming on line across the country this year will be enough to power 300,000 homes. The Clinton administration in 1999 set the goal of having wind power generate 5 percent of the nation's electricity by 2020.

USA Today, Patrick McMahon, 16 Aug 2001

There's something in the wind -- farmers are reaping rewards from wind energy -- by Lester Brown

See also:

Wind Farming Proves Profitable Second Crop

USA - Farmers and ranchers in the United States are discovering that they own not only land, but also the wind rights that accompany it. A farmer in Iowa who leases a quarter acre of cropland to the local utility as a site for a wind turbine can typically earn $2,000 a year in royalties from the electricity produced. In a good year, that same plot can produce $100 worth of corn.

For Full Story:

( Taken from Global Village News - August 20, 2001 - Issue 21 -- To Subscribe: E-mail to: )

Greenpeace U.K. is in a tizzy because of mysterious DNA found in Monsanto's Roundup Ready soybeans, the world's most widely grown genetically engineered crop. The unexpected string of DNA, which was found by Belgian government and university scientists, is located next to the corn's inserted gene, provoking the enviro group toaccuse Monsanto of not knowing as much about its product as it should. Greenpeace scientist Janet Cotter-Howells said, "I don't think you can come out and say it's unsafe. You can just say it's unknown whether it's safe or not." One of the Belgian scientists, Marc De Loose from the Center for Agricultural Research, said there was no evidence that the unknown DNA could lead to harmful effects.

New York Times, Andrew Pollack, 16 Aug 2001

BBC News, Alex Kirby, 15 Aug 2001, Reuters, 16 Aug 2001


Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001
From: "Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D." <>
Subject: Human Arrogance and the Decline of the Earth


Recent scientific studies have made it clearer than ever before that the Earth was once filled with balanced ecosystems, teeming with abundant life in numbers that are almost beyond our comprehension. The decline of the Earth began much earlier than previously believed, in some cases dating back 10,000 years when native peoples preyed heavily on coastal resources.

This new information clearly suggests that today's fishing and hunting quotas may be nearly meaningless since they are based only on very recent population levels. I explore our misperceptions of the human impact on the Earth in a new "Healing Our World" article on the Environment News Service at

Some folks would say that it is impossible to restore the Earth to historic states and that it is a natural consequence of progress for species to be reduced.

While it may be true that historic levels of species' populations may never be achieved, what does it say about our hearts and souls if we don't even try? I need to define progress in other terms besides pounds of resources extracted. We need to consider making progress with our souls as well, bringing compassion into the world in levels that exceed historic states.

We have to get it straight once and for all and start teaching our children that the raping and plundering of the Earth in the name of economic growth has taken us to the brink of disaster and must stop.

Take care and I wish you peace as you celebrate and work to protect the rich harvest the Earth provides us all.


-- Jackie Alan Giuliano, Ph.D.


From: "Tamera" <>
Subject: Help for Gloria Cuartas
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001

Urgent Press Release

UNESCO "Mayor of Peace", Gloria Cuartas` life is in danger!

Please help by publishing the facts!

To interview Gloria Cuartas please call: 00351 283 635 440 or 00351 283 635 306, Tamera Summer University, Portugal


During the Summer University on "Women`s Wisdom for Peace", speaker Gloria Cuartas from Colombia learned of a new campaign of character assassination launched against her by a General who is a graduate of the School of the Americas. In Colombia, this is tantamount to being on a hit list. Concerned for her safety upon her return on August 15th she says: "Without massive international solidarity I will not survive."


From 1995 to 1998 Gloria Cuartas held the office of Mayor of Apartadó, the town with the highest death rate in Colombia. Also called "town of death", it is the focal point of all conflict of Colombia. Fighting goes on between the military, three different guerilla organisations, the paramilitary and the drug mafia. Gangs pass through the towns killing civilians and alleged collaborators. In turn opposing gangs move in and do the same. Their logic: All those who are surviving these type of massacres must have something to do with the respective opposition. The victim is again the civil population.

In her position as Mayor, Gloria Cuartas began to create peace. "At the center of my politics stands life itself and this I wanted to bring back to Apartadó with all the strength that I can muster. Peace is not the opposite of war. A society is peaceful when it has learnt to solve problems intelligently rather than with arms." At some mornings she would drive through the streets and remove the corpses so that the children on their way to school would not become accustomed to the sight of dead bodies. She inspired people to work on solutions. She founded women`s peace committees, re-opend the schools and brought culture back to the town; this lead to major demonstrations and rallies of solidarity both within the country and internationally. UNESCO honored her as Mayor of Peace.

Gloria Cuartas says: "Behind all the tears and all the blood stand economic interests." Finally the paramilitary occupied the region under the pretext of fighting the guerrilla. Violence escalated. During her three years tenure as mayor in Aparatadó, a city of 100,00 inhabitants 1,200 people were brutally murdered. 17 of her staff members were killed. A premium was set on her head. Her car has been fired upon by a machine-gun. She was the only one of 13 mayors in the region of Urubá that would not keep silent: since 1996 she led a campaign demanding an inquiry against the military and, in particular, General Rito Alejo del Rio Rojas, who was stationed at Apartadó. She accused him in front of the High Court of Justice for allowing and possibly enabling the violence in the region. She demanded an investigation into his relationship with the paramilitary.Colonel Carlos Alfonso Velasquez also accused General Del Rio, who was educated at the notorious training camp of the US army, the "School of the Americas". Based upon the inquiry, General Del Rio was finally put under arrest - but only for twelve days. On August 8th, 2001 he was freed again on procedural grounds. Allegedly the investigations continue. In reality however, he is protected by Alvaro Uribe Velez, a candidate for president in the elections this October. Alvaro Uribe Velez promotes more violence in Urabá and throughout the country. Velez answer to the guerilla violence is a violent military campaign against the guerilla.

Yesterday, on August 11th, immediately after the General`s release from detension, it became known that he immediately opened up a massive campaign of slander against Gloria Cuartas. Hence her political work, her live and that of her colleagues is seriously endangered. Only international solidarity and close attention can help.

Please contribute to make this case known! Protect Gloria Cuartas! Demand state protection for her life! Demand the investigation into the doings of General Del Rio!

To support write or call:

1) Dr. Andrés Pastrana Tel. +571-284-3300
President of Colomia Fax +571-334-1940
Palacio de Narino, Bogota

2) Dr. Gustavo Bell Lemus
Vice Presidente Fax +571-341-8364

With warm greetings from Tamera,
Monte do Cerro, P-7630 Colos, Portugal
Tel: +351-283 635 306, fax: +351-283 635 374


From: "Boudewijn Wegerif" <>
Subject: NESARA & The US Treasury May Have 70% Less Gold Than It Says
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2001

Dear list members,

Two days ago I had an e-mail from somebody whom I do not regard as reliable, and who is not a list member, saying that something BIG would be happening within 72 hours, connected with NESARA. I deleted the message. And now here I am writing about the possibility that something BIG is indeed happening, connected with NESARA.

At , you will see that NESARA is an acronym for National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act and that there is a growing movement for this monetary reform bill to be passed into law in the US.

An "Executive Summary" of the Act follows below. The purpose is to enable the United States Treasury to buy and cancel all outstanding capital stock of the Federal Reserve Banks and for a new United States Treasury Reserve System to be established, which will issue silver and coin coins as legal tender, along with "treasury credit notes".

I would not be writing about this if I had not received two e-mails today in which NESARA is mentioned again ñ on the very day that I have been considering the startling revelation, via other e-mails, that the US Treasury Department may have 70% less gold than it says it has. If and when this breaking news is proved to be correct, there is going to be a big call for NESARA, for sure.

The likely gold shortfall is revealed in an article, The Mystery of the Disappearing SDR Certificates", by GATA consultant James Turk, posted at the GATA website - .


The second e-mail in which NESARA is mentioned is in a letter from Rayellen Allan, the publisher of, dated 13 August.

In her letter, Rayelan shares how two of her sources had called her to tell her that "something important is about to happen." One source went so far as to say that there will be a new election in the US and that "3,000 elected officials will have to resign when NESARA comes on line." She was also told that the NESARA posted at is not the Act that will be passed into law. She was told, "It is similar! But substantially different".

Reyalan has been in the breaking news game for years and years. Her sources are more often than not on the mark. One of the two sources for this latest forewarning told her several months before it was generally known that Hillary Clinton would run for the Senate from New York.

CLIP - For more details look at and ask Boudewijn for the rest of his email on this subject.


From: "Judith Iam" <>
Subject: Surveillance - Watch It! Face-It developer claims "we need regulation"
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001

This article was sent to me by a friend. It's wise to know how technologies have a dark side that can propogate misuse and abuse.



Watch It! Face-It developer claims "we need regulation"

Since police in Tampa, Florida, first used Visionics' FaceIt system to scan the crowd at last January's Super Bowl football game, facial-recognition systems have come under fire from civil-liberties groups and lawmakers who say they invade privacy and create the potential for a Big Brother-like state of constant surveillance.

According to the following AP story, companies involved in development and sales of facial recognition systems are "calling on Congress" to "regulate the use of surveillance systems in public places."

"Watch out! If you just said anything like "good" or "it's about time," you simply do not understand the industry's objective.

Don't believe them!

Whenever an industry asks Congress to "regulate" its activities, rest assured the sole objective is to "legalize" or "authorize" some activity which may otherwise be unlawful or not protected by law. The reason these companies want Congress to get involved now is to secure federal protection for continued sales and use of their products, even in cases where state or federal laws might otherwise prohibit such use.

You must read closely, between the lines, and with great skepticism, what these industry leaders are saying. Then, take into consideration what they are not saying. Rest assured, the best lawyers the industry can buy will craft these "regulations" so that they sound plausible to the public and at the same time protect the industry's interests with regard to the most profitable applications.

Take for example the words of Dr. Joseph Atick, chief executive of Visionics Corp., speaking on behalf of the Security Industry Association: "police departments and others should be limited to only using the system to track convicted criminals, search for fugitives and other specific purposes."

Notice that Atick's comments leave room for all other manner of surveillance of citizens, such as, for example, locating a parent who is delinquent on child support payments; or someone who has failed to pay a parking ticket; or any other "specific purpose."

Be assured also that broad application of these systems will be facilitated through the use of driver license records. Provision for this is already in place under the mis-named, 1993, Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) which authorizes government agencies to use the now-common digital driver license photos for facial recognition programs and other uses "specifically authorized under the law of the State that holds the record, if such use is related to the operation of a motor vehicle or public safety." The DPPA also authorizes use of digital driver license photos "for use by any government agency ... in carrying out its functions."

A very few so-called "privacy advocacy" organizations, such as EPIC, actually supported the above-mentioned DPPA which authorizes this abuse of driver license photos.

Consider too the following quotes taken from an official booklet published by the US Department of Transportation with help from the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators for the benefit of law enforcement, titled The Highway Safety Deskbook:

"With a central image database of every driver in a state, the public safety community has a ready-made storehouse of photos to be used in criminal investigations. Due to the electronic nature of these images, they can be obtained in seconds via a computer retrieval unit in the department or even faxed or thermal printed directly to the patrol car. These same images can also be brought into a photo array for suspect identification.

"The uses for these images are limited only by the wants and needs : of the public safety community.

"Work is progressing on digital standards (common data elements and compatible records) so that a national and, perhaps, an international network of digitized images can be established."

Watch this soon-coming, proposed legislation very closely. Oppose all such legislation that authorizes public installation of these surveillance systems which can and will be linked to driver license records. The only purpose for these "regulatory" laws is to protect the industry, not individuals.

House Majority Leader Dick Armey seems to truly understand this issue.

There is NO public application of any facial recognition system that is acceptable.


From: Jonathan Granoff <>
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2001
Subject: Missile defense a threat

Please share and ask our Senators to make sure that any missile defense system does not lead to the weaponization of space:

Missile defense a threat


Action without heart is dangerous
A heart without action will wither
When the good heart and selfless hand come together
Plenitude and justice emerge

Therein love can be known!


Jonathan Granoff