August 2, 2001

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Hello everyone

You'll find below some interesting feedbacks I received and much much more -- as usual...

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


When I get your blank email in, all I do is highlight your msg (clicking on it) hit forward - and for some reason (mystery! smile!) like magic your text appears. Simple! Keep up the good work! "ESPAVO" Betty in Virginia


Note from Jean: In case you missed it, The Veil is Opening is available at

Reminder: Both books may be downloaded for free from the website until September 15th...

From: "David Rodgers" <>
Subject: Re: The Veil is Opening
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001

Dearest Jean

Thank you so much for sharing this wonder-full book.

I have read fifty pages of the second book and it resonates profoundly. I have shared it with my list and message boards I frequent.

We ALL needed a book written in simple words without all the etheric double meanings.

Much Love and Light to you and I thank Susan and Matthew and The Creator for this message.



From: "Praarry Akinjano" <>
Subject: Re: The Veil is Opening
Date: Wed, 01 Aug 2001

Greetings from WORLDPEACE 999

Dear Jean Hudon:

This is the first time I write to you. Although I am thankful every time I read anything that is very good and touch my small heart. I am doing whole heartedly for the PEACE on this planet. But you are doing even more... Thank you very much for the good news that you bring to us all. I will search more from this book about Matthew...

Frankly, as a Buddhist monk and having NIRVANA as a goal of life.

I want to translate this book in Thai language if I can talk to the author.

With my Blessing and Metta

Phra Arry Akincano
Wat thai Washington, DC, MA. USA


From: "Charles De Beer" <>
Subject: The Veil Is Opening
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001

Wonderful, dear Jean. Every seeker finds his path in his/her appointed way. The truths conveyed by these two books have been available for centuries, vide f.e. the books by Sir Oliver Lodge in the UK, 19th century, after the accidental death of HIS son - and many many others, chanelled or not not channelled. The (English) society for psychical research was started by Sir Olver Lodge (if I am not mistaken). And the Eastern scriptures convey the same wonderful Truth. The same intimations as to afterlife are available in the books by Neale Walsh : Conversations with God -, That we have to live for the purpose of finding our way back to the Higher Realms as prepared as possible for the Spiritual Life that awaits us there, is the message I find repeatedly conveyed in the dreams we are led to dream by the God-Within, as exemplified in my two books Dreams, Mystic Stories.

I hope MANY people will be inspired by Suzanne Ward's books to bring more spirituality back in their lives. I have distributed your message to about two dozen other addresses.

Bless you



Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001
Subject: Re: The Veil is Opening
From: art b Rosenblum <>

Dear Jean,

Thanks for your writing about Suzanne Ward's books ( I am a slow reader, fast writer but have been concerned with the purpose of life since age 7. I've learned by reading and by experience.

I came to understand that when Jesus said "A child could understand (the kingdom of God) but a pharasee could not, he meant the kingdom of God is simply the rulership of love. When a planet is ruled entirely by love, that is a kingdom of love, of God. If a theologian understood that, he'd cease to be a theologian ! Now I'm learning more. When Jesus said "Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven", he meant that literally. We are all in the heavens in spite of the fact that so many of us dwell in hellish states of mind. Our entire planet is in the heavens and cannot be elsewhere.

But there are other planets where love already rules and folks from those planets are able to travel faster than light (with the speed of love, perhaps ?) to get here. For over 50 years there has been a massive cover-up to prevent us from knowing that. (Of course, there may also be other planets with less love than ours, but, lacking love, those folks, can't travel fast enough to reach us!) The CIA is involved. In the 60's they even started a newspaper called The National Enquirer (1-888-657-9872 - which may not be known in Canada, lucky you), so that whenever a bit of the truth leaks out (as it must; no conspiracy is total), then they add some nonsense to it and publish it there in such a way that if any real scientist wants to investigate that reality, he hears, "Oh, yes, that was in the National Enquirer". If he studies it he looks like a fool.

But now a whole bunch of people whose lives have been threatened if they ever breathe a word of this are getting old and, fearing death a little less, are coming forward with the facts. Dozens have already put their testimony on videotape and I'm working to get some very significant people involved in revealing all of this. The disclosure Project (ttp:// ) is working for open, honest congressional hearings on the whole matter.

Maybe we can most speedily overcome the failures of this planet by working with folks whose planets are successful, are ruled by love. Just don't get taken in by the National Enquirer concept that ET's are dangerous. If they wanted to take us over they'd have done it long ago. Fear not, lets go for the facts, the truth, and help make this planet into a real rulership of love. Folks wanting a lot more info. on Disclosure can request a computer CD about it.

- Art Rosenblum <>



Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001
Subject: Our latest Gifts!

pls share these with yr correspondents! :-)



Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001
Subject: Re: Miscellaneous Subjects 99
From: Ralf Gerlach <>

Hello jean:

I happen to be in Europe right now and wanted to tell you how affected the people of Southern Europe are about the killing in Genova during the G-8 meeting. I have seen spray paint on the walls all over Spain protesting about the killing from last Monday - there is a big rally in Barcelona next 28th.

Just for your info



From: "Charles De Beer" <>
Subject: Miscellaneous Subjects #98 and 99
Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001

Dear Jean,

Your compilations continue to impress by their importance for the human race - that you manage to include some more constructive and optimistic material from time to time is very necessary too - if we are to try and balance all the negative action throughout the world and especially that which emanates from the USA! Are there any other South African addresses your messages go to?

Light and blessings



From: "Kiki Paquet" <>
Subject: G8 Corpocracy "Protected"- MAYDAY MAYDAY
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001


I've just read Jean's mail, it is horrible and what i noted specially was this sentence: "We think that we need to turn this situation into a SERIOUS INTERNATIONAL PROBLEMS for the Berlusconi and the other G8 governements, not just due to a basic sense of justice but also because we feel that the survival of the movement and of many of us might depend on it. This brutality shows the actual panic with which the rich and powerful are reacting to the clear fact that the world is beginning to listen to us. Seeing that they can no longer write us off as a marginal, temporary phenomenon, they are now removing all masks of ostensible democracy and SHOWING THEIR REAL FACE - one of oppression, violence and terrorism."


I've also read this on the most serious french newspaper, le Monde Diplomatique: "what we are witnessing is the PLANNED DEATH of democracy in the very countries that gave it birth" (André BELLON and Anne-Cécile ROBERT) Then, Australia is bringing in a "law" to give police the right to disperse any group that tends to threaten civil security! Combine all those events and you should get this picture: - we have been conned, tricked, betrayed, mocked. - we are going to have it VERY TOUGH if we don't move quickly and altogether. I'm not sure but I think that Eisenhower or somebody of his importance had said: "You should know that none of the problems you see rising is the result of "fate, chance..."; whatever is there is there because it is "meant" to be there." I read too many things about this globalization not to know that that statement is true. Otherwise, how can we explain the SYSTEMATIC degradation of ours and our whole planet's lives??? That poisonning of our earth is meant to be. There is a plan for world total domination, as said our friends from Hawaii in one of Jean's last postings.

While rereading my "hunger strike call" on Jean's and Simultaneous Policy's group lists, i realized i did not make clear what would be the purpose of a worlwide hunger strike, a lot of you must be wondering: "so what if we die of hunger, who cares, what do we want to happen with such an action?".

The result i am hoping for is actually the SHOCK WAVE it could produce to WAKE UP ALL THE PEOPLE of Earth to react, to join actively in the peaceful resistance. We have been tricked into being "happy slaves", that is what is wrong with not only America but the whole First World. If those passive people could see that some thousands of us are prepared to die FOR US ALL, i.e. FOR THEM TOO, for our OWN MUTUAL FUTURE, they may get the necessary shock to awaken and join in the global movement for independance from the big corporations' dictatorship. For scientists, artists, so many people have cried out loud for the past 2 decades, but has any government and the mainstream really cared about global warming and so on? People are too busy making money and watch stupid TV shows that are there to make them more and more stupid.

There is a powerful SOLUTION: the SIMULTANEOUS POLICY that has a real peaceful "tool" to obtain international consensus on HUMANKIND FUTURE WELLBEING, but everybody has to wake up, adopt and actively participate PLEASE !!! Please visit our site Thank you in advance. SP is complementary with any kind of activity.

We could as well call for a global WORK STRIKE, if that sounds better (altough I wonder what people fear more: to stop eating or to stop working?), but whatever means and solutions we choose has to be global in the first place, like the Tobin Tax for example, it could work only if everybody participate, otherwise, forget it.

Even more urgently, we have to declare the "GLOBAL EMERGENCY STATE" or MAYDAY or something if we are to fight at all. If people continue waiting for bad things to happen, pretty soon it will be too late for peaceful actions. Don't wait until the LID OF OUR TRAP IS TIGHTLY CLOSED, for then it will only be time for desolation and nothing else, it will be like "Matrix" coupled with "Eyes wide shut" or "the 9th Gate".

Here in Africa, and in other poor countries, the vast majority of people experience daily misery so they are more aware of the problem but they totally lack means and leadership. Their people have been killed by millions from war, disease, famine; Shell had "rented" the services of Nigerian military to kill hundreds of thousands of civil Nigerians who "dared" ask the big oil to please stop making their land filthy and unable to produce food.

The G8 has announced "generously" a 1 billion$ plan for AIDS in poor countries. Those who know the amount of the PERSONAL WEALTH of a Bill Gates (around 40 to 45 billions$ if i'm not mistaken) in America or a Mrs. L. Bettencourt in France (nearly 112 billions FF, this amount is official) among others, plus the amount invested by US Military which is 300billions$ that "aid" of the G8's is RIDICULOUS. Are we supposed to APPLAUD?

Only now is the flood coming to rich countries level. I guess we can all say bye bye to tranquility now, for we can now get a "tip of an iceberg" idea of what is actually going on. The strangle knot is tightening dangerously around our necks. If we continue doing nothing GLOBALLY, any kind of resistance will soon be impossible. For example, imagine we no longer can use cash, then they will be able to disconnect anybody's access to ANYTHING and definitely repress ALL resistance movements.

ETC...ETC... And unfortunately, i'm not being pessimistic, just realistic.

I hope i've made my goals clearer this time. I'm in such shock after the Genoa events that i'm quite a bit confused, but that does not keep me from be active here.

Unconditional love to you all


Member of International Simultaneous Policy Organization 1st enrolled in World Hunger Strike to Call to ALL Nations to join in action. (anyway my stomach is unable to take food these days)


Date: Fri, 27 Jul 2001
From: "Philip A. Kratzer" <>
Subject: LFAS issue - Re: A message from James Taylor, Pierce Brosnan, Jean-Michel Cousteau

Hi Jean,

I sent out a message on this problem a few months ago. Since then, I've also seen a Discovery Science channel show on this very serious problem. On the show they gave an example of problems occurring in Puget Sound, Washington, where whales have been beaching themselves and dying. They
brought in a top scientist who examed the whale and discovered blood in the hearing system of the whale. There are very serious ramifications to the technology the navy is testing and planning to deploy. Please take a moment to click on this link: It is a fast and easy process. If you can spare the time, please educate yourself and others. Whales and other sea mammals have died and will continue to die, if enough of us do not make our voices heard.

In Peace and Light,




Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001
Subject: U.S. 'Go-It-Alone' Decisions"

My Friends,

Susan Curry is a dynamic and very bright woman working on an event in Philadelphia in September to promote the Earth Charter. Please see for information about the Summit's initiative and to review the Earth Charter.

I am sending this email to bring her work to your attention and to request that you look at the web site of the Charter. If you feel as I do that it is a valuable contribution and you would like to help, please contact Susan at

The times are changing too quickly for the sober. Those who care must find more effective ways of working together. The AP article below expresses my deep concerns. How can we possibly expect to create a global regime to protect the environmental commons, promote basic human rights and gender equity, decrease reliance on violence while shredding the web of security related treaties upon which our planetary civilization must rely? Yes, Robin Williams would certainly make these questions easier to digest, but the reality remains the same. And, we must respond.


Jonathan Granoff
Pres. Global Security Institute VP Lawyers Alliance for World Security

U.S. 'Go-It-Alone' Decisions,"
AP Online, July 25, 2001

The United States' decision to stay out of the proposed enforcement agreement to stop germ warfare is the latest in a string of go-it-alone stances by Washington.

July 25, 2001: The United States rejects nearly seven years of negotiations on enforcement measures for the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention. U.S. chief negotiator Donald A. Mahley says the agreement ''would put national security and confidential business information at risk'' without preventing germ warfare.

July 21, 2001: U.S. threats to walk out result in nations giving in to Washington's demands to water down an agreement on curbing illegal trafficking in small arms. In accordance with U.S. wishes, calls to limit weapon sales and restrict civilian gun ownership are removed.

June 1, 2001: Geneva meeting to draw up an agenda for next month's racism conference in Durban, South Africa ends in deadlock over whether nations that benefited from slavery should formally apologize and pay compensation proposals the United States opposes.

May 1, 2001 President Bush announces he wants to go ''beyond the constraints'' of the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty so Washington can develop a defense system against a limited missile attack by ''rogue'' states.

March 28, 2001 Bush announces the United States is abandoning the 1997 Kyoto Protocol that aims to cut emissions of so-called greenhouse gases, blamed for warming Earth's atmosphere. The climate-change protocol was adopted in July without the United States.

Jan. 2, 2001 President-elect Bush's spokesman says the new administration will demand changes to the treaty creating the International Criminal Court before sending it to the U.S. Senate for ratification. The accord to create the world's first permanent war crimes tribunal is ''flawed,'' says Ari Fleischer. President Clinton signed the accord two days earlier, but recommended that Bush clear up U.S. misgivings before seeking ratification.

Oct. 13, 1999 The Republican-controlled U.S. Senate rejects the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty that aims to stop all nuclear testing, even though the Clinton administration had negotiated and signed the treaty.

December 1997 The United States refuses to sign the Ottawa Treaty that aims to rid the world of anti-personnel land mines. It demands an exception to allow it to use land mines to protect its troops in South Korea. Washington still refuses to go along with the accord.

The gift of time is not eternal. This is a serious alarm to which we must soberly respond. Please do not sit back and allow childish posturing to lead us down a path of irreversible destruction and suffering. We still have the gift of time and speech. Please use these treasures well. Jonathan Granoff

Bush has been ditching treaties since he came to power. He must be stopped before it's too late

Special report: George Bush's America


Rebecca Johnson
Tuesday July 17, 2001

They pulled out of the Kyoto treaty, and I did not speak out, because I thought global warming wouldn't affect me personally. Then they trashed the anti-ballistic-missile treaty, but I did not speak out, because it was an old, bilateral agreement from 30 years ago.

Then they put private, commercial interests above implementing and verifying the treaties banning chemical, biological and toxin weapons, but I did not speak out because such weapons are too complicated for media coverage. Then they threatened the nuclear test ban treaty, and I did not speak out, because the United States is a major ally that I did not want to offend. Then the international arms control and non-proliferation regimes collapsed. Americans weren't bothered at first, for hadn't the government promised a super-sophisticated force field round the whole nation that no terrorist or missile would ever penetrate? So nuclear testing resumed in Nevada for new warheads to improve the kill prospects of missile interceptors and to penetrate deep into enemies' bunkers.

India had been waiting for just such a go-ahead, and Pakistan soon followed; both raced to test warheads to fit on to missiles, upping the tension in Kashmir and along the borders with China. Free now to resume its own testing, China boosted its programme to modernise and increase the size of its small nuclear arsenal. Somewhat reluctantly, Russia followed. Moscow suspended all further reductions and cooperative security and safety programmes for its still-large nuclear arsenal and facilities.

Within a few short years, the nuclear non-proliferation treaty was just another discarded agreement. Many governments with nuclear power programmes developed nuclear weapons as well, while others fitted anthrax or sarin on to weapons, just in case. Most hadn't wanted to, but fearful that their neighbours would, all felt compelled.

Regional rivalries grew quickly into major international problems. Alliances collapsed amid suspicion and recriminations. The burgeoning arms races even spread into outer space, threatening military surveillance, as well as public communication, entertainment and navigation. No one knew who had what.

Deterrence was empty, as defence analysts calculated the advantages of the pre-emptive strike. In that terrified atmosphere of insecurity and mistrust, someone launched first. And then it was too late to speak out. The Republicans hadn't yet managed to get missile defence to work. Such a doomsday scenario is not so fanciful. On July 7, the New York Times announced that President Bush wants to ditch the comprehensive test ban treaty. A week before, the administration asked nuclear laboratories to work out how quickly the US could resume testing after its nine-year moratorium. If Bush were to back out of the test ban treaty or break the moratorium on nuclear testing - undertaken with China, Russia, Britain and France - he would also explicitly breach agreements made last May, when 187 countries negotiated measures to strengthen and implement the non- proliferation treaty.

The test ban is no outdated cold war instrument, but a fundamental tool to prevent new, destabilising developments in nuclear weapons. Over several decades, from the Arctic to the Pacific, from the capitals of Europe to the deserts of Nevada, people have marched, petitioned, demonstrated and even sailed or hiked into test sites. Many have been imprisoned, and some even lost their lives trying to stop the nuclear weapons governments from polluting our oceans and earth with radioactivity from nuclear explosions, conducted for one purpose only - to make "better" nuclear bombs. It took three arduous years to complete negotiations on the comprehensive test ban treaty. It isn't perfect. No product of compromise ever is. The verification system is very thorough, but it also had to be affordable, financially and politically.

The treaty stopped short of closing and dismantling the known test sites or banning laboratory testing, which the weapon states said they needed to assure the safety and reliability of weapons in the stockpiles (pending achievement of their other treaty obligations to eliminate the nuclear arsenals com pletely). But it does ban all nuclear test explosions in all environments.

India panicked, because the treaty would close off its nuclear options. It refused to sign, and then let off a string of nuclear explosions in May 1998. Pakistan followed, to prove it could. Even so, the treaty held. Neither government has felt able to keep testing, which means their options for further developments were curbed.

Bush has embarked on a very slippery slope that could potentially put at risk the future of the citizens of even the most advanced military nation. Mumbling and grumbling won't keep us safe. It is time to speak out.

Rebecca Johnson is executive director of the Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy


From: "Linda Evans" <>
Subject: More Signs of Positive Change - Stay Home for a While
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 200

Sorry to be so persistent in sending these, but I find this particularly this well-written summary to be most encouraging...the people are really starting to make a difference...

Stay Home for a While

by Katharine Ainger

Plenty of old hands were saying someone would die at Genoa. The signs were clear in the escalating militarization on both sides. But the members of the Landless Movement of Brazil (MST) could tell you that Carlo Giuliani, the young man shot dead as he protested at the G8 summit, is not the first casualty of the movement challenging neoliberal globalization around the world.
The MST suffer ongoing persecution for their campaign for land reform in Brazil, their opposition to the World Bank's program of market-led land reform and to the corporate control of agriculture through patents on seed. Recently three students protesting against World Bank privatization were shot in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. Young men fighting World Bank-imposed water privatization have been tortured and killed in Cochabamba, Bolivia. George Bush, Tony Blair and Clare Short, who portray those who protest at the unaccountable institutions of global governance as ignorant, violent enemies of the poor, do not seem to notice that the poor are leading the protests.

Those who run the global economy still seem to think their worst problem is that they can't find a secure place to meet. Instead of addressing the root causes of the protests, the World Trade Organization is fleeing to the Qatar desert, beyond the reach of even the most determined activist. The real problem is that its ideological adherence to "free" trade is casting it not just into the desert, but into the political wilderness. The regime it is implementing is so destructive that it is sparking off a global uprising against neo-liberalism.

Broadly, these uprisings can be described as struggles against the commodification of every aspect of life - water, genes, atmosphere, healthcare, culture, public spaces, land. For each locality, the moment when the people cry "Enough!" is different - but it is usually the moment when something regarded as central to the culture becomes privatized.

For the Zapatistas of Mexico it was the signing of the NAFTA agreement, which outlawed the common ownership of land which Emiliano Zapata, folk hero and revolutionary of 1911, had fought for.

For much of southeast Asia it was the IMF austerity measures imposed on their shattered economies after the financial crisis of 1997. In Britain, it may be the slow sell-off of the NHS to private healthcare multinationals. Antoni Negri and Michael Hardt, in their seminal work, Empire, call this grassroots network of struggles "the multitude". It is the opposite of a concentrated strata of power from above, in which decisions that affect billions of human lives are made at a transnational level.

The multitude embodies the real world below: humanity, nature, culture, diversity - all those factors not reducible to a commodity to be bought and sold in a global marketplace. In fact, the movement is not "anti-globalisation" at all. If anything, it embodies "globalization from below" - an international multitude which challenges the idea that "the global surfaces of the world market are interchangeable".

But the movement, particularly in the wake of the Genoa summit, urgently needs to build its own, alternative democratic legitimacy. For democratizing the global economy will ultimately not come through increasingly militant action at summits, but through building a genuine, grassroots legitimacy from below. Instead of chasing into the desert in Qatar, we should build a broad-based, pro-democracy movement at home.

In a million small ways in Britain, that process has already begun. As a result of campaigning by the World Development Movement, the Scottish parliament will be holding the first parliamentary debate over WTO's General Agreement on Trade in Services, which threatens to lock anything deemed a "service" into privatization Unions are beginning to organize against GATS; the rank and file are already beginning to rebel over public sector sell-offs.

Middle England continues to complain about GM crops and the railways, while Scottish crofters have joined the radical, anti-WTO, international peasant farmers' union, Via Campesina - whose largest member is the MST. This is the birth of a genuinely popular global uprising against corporate control and the hijacking of democracy. The movement against economic globalization: coming to a town near you.

Katharine Ainger is editing an issue of the New Internationalist magazine on global resistance.


Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001
From: Sir George Trevelyan online archive <>
Subject: Sir George Trevelyan's new online archive

Dear friends

You might be interested to take a look at the new online archive of the late Sir George Trevelyan (1906-1996) at

Some of you will have known him, some will have heard of him and others will not know of him at all. He was one of the track-layers for the modern 'new age' movement (in the widest sense of that term), an educationalist, author and teacher who propagated many of the concepts we now taken as given, and who set thousands of people in motion along their respective paths. There's an old saying, "standing on the shoulders of giants", and he was one of them.

In constructing the site, I found particular interest in the section on Attingham Park, an adult education college he ran from 1948-1971 - if you look at the sample programmes of the courses he ran there, it puts both new age and modern mainstream 'lifelong' education to shame - and it crossed over between both. With our modern-times vexations over education, this man left a signposts well worth examining again. As he grew older, he managed to encompass new post-1960s influences too. He would have loved the 21st Century too - but, as you know, physical bodies have their limitations!

The site has been constructed to archive a small slice of 20th Century history. A record of a seed-innovator whose life's work is yet to reach its full significance - through people like us, and our children.

Wishing well

Glastonbury, England


01 Aug 2001

Republican leaders said yesterday they were hopeful that the U.S. House would vote to allow oil and natural gas drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas), the House majority whip, said, "We feel very, very confident we will be able to crack the backs of radical environmentalists." The Arctic Refuge provision is part of the broad energy bill up for discussion on the House floor today. The bill would grant oil and gas companies as much as $15 billion in tax cuts over the next decade. During debate on the bill, the House will vote on an amendment to raise the average fuel-efficiency of SUVs and light trucks to 27.5 miles per gallon by 2007.

New York Times, Lizette Alvarez and Joseph Kahn, 01 Aug 2001

USA Today, Jonathan Weisman, 01 Aug 2001

do good: Take action to stop the energy plan

Despite a judge's order to temporarily cease fumigating coca and poppy plants with the herbicide glyphosate because of environmental and health concerns, Colombia said yesterday it would not stop the antidrug operation. The judge on Friday asked the Colombian government to explain what it knows about the effects of glyphosate on people and the environment. His final ruling on a petition by indigenous groups to halt the American-backed spraying is expected within 10 days. Both Colombia and the U.S. deny that the spraying might be causing harm. Colombia's antinarcotics chief, Gen. Gustavo Socha, said spraying would continue, except in the Amazon; American officials said they interpreted the ruling to suspend the fumigation in all of Colombia.

Nando Times, Associated Press, 31 Jul 2001

New York Times, 30 Jul 2001