December 9, 1999

Subject: Millennium Meditations Compilation and other related information: LightShift 2000 + Global Prayer Wave: New Years Eve 2000 + Sunrise Gathering 1.1.2000 + THE MILLENNIUM PEACE CANDLE + World Wide Millennium Drum Prayer Circle + Winter Solstice Meditation + Joining Buddhists from around the world to offer prayers + GLOBAL MINUTE FOR PEACE DAY - December 22, 1999 + UN invites world to celebrate One Day In Peace, January 1, 2000 + MORE MILLENNIUM RELATED EVENTS AND INITIATIVES --- PLEASE NETWORK AS WIDELY AS POSSIBLE THIS COMPILATION OR ANY PART THEREIN. PLEASE CUT AND PASTE IT INTO A NEW EMAIL INSTEAD OF USING THE FORWARD FUNCTION OF YOUR EMAILER PROGRAM SO AS TO AVOID CREATING USELESS >>. IF NECESSARY CUT THIS LONG EMAIL IN 2 OR MORE PARTS IF YOUR EMAILER PROGRAM DOES NOT ACCEPT IT.

Hello everyone

Here is, as mentioned in my other email to you, a wide array of options you may choose from to decide when you'll meditate as part of the worldwide joining of minds and hearts to create a wave of Love and peaceful energies enfolding the Earth in less than 23 days from now. You'll also find other actions and prayer opportunities you may decide to join in your own unique way.

And we certainly will be millions to take a moment to add the flame of our burning Love to the worldwide pool of positive vibrations and resonance.

A few months ago, I created on my website the possibility for people to take part into a poll.

A total of 1050 people have participated (so far) to this online poll at:

See the current results at the end of each line

Here was the question:

How do you want to celebrate the new millennium?

1) Stay at home and unite in meditation with others around the world: 370 people - 35%

2) Go out to a party and dance for the whole night: 68 people - 6%

3) Join the largest crowd in town and hug as many people as possible: 43 people - 4%

4) Watch the best Millennium Show on TV and get entertained: 14 people - 1%

5) Make a trip to a special sacred place to greet the new century: 280 people - 27%

6) Do something wild I've never done before: 34 people - 3%

7) Do nothing special at all - just like any other day: 63 people - 6%

8) Decide on what I'll do to help make this world a better place for all: 112 people - 11%

9) None of the previous options: 66 people - 6%

These results speak for themselves!

Jean Hudon Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

From: Ken Kalb <>

LightShift 2000

LightShift 2000 is spiritual directive from a series of reoccuring visions which were mobilized into a plan of action to unite the human family in Spirit. The Initiative is a series of universal global meditations on the first of every month at Noon (15-30 minutes), leading up to quantum 1 hour events on January 1, 2000 and 2001 at midnight (your local time). This creates a 24-hour wave of resonance in the collective consciousness throughout the UN recognized One Day in Peace. There are also quantum events at key astrological "flashpoints" such as the August 11th Total Eclipse and the May 3, 2000 Grand Planetary Alignment (World Illumination Day), and at each equinox and solstice.

Networking Outreach

The LightShift initiative is a grass roots effort, networking around the world for the last 4 years. Registrations have come in from over 140 countries and all US states. Over 150 full Page full color announcements similar to the front page of the beautiful website ( have appeared around the world.

More than 200 magazines have published "The LightShift Vision" and "The Window into the Third Millennium." Ken Kalb's book, LightShift 2000: Let's Turn on the Light of the World is in its 8th printing since March of 1998, and has been translated into 5 languages. Ken donates ALL proceeds from the book to the initiative. The LightShift 2000 website has been visited 2.9 million times, and has been voluntarily translated (by Edwin Zimmerli, Gilda and Guillermo Sanchez, and Jean Hudon) into 12 languages. Over 1/2 million full color LightShift flyers have been circulated in English, and another million in the European languages. Ken Kalb has also donated over 10,000 copies of LightShift 2000 to outreach programs into prisons, hospitals, libraries, and schools. There have now been 45 monthly LightShift first of the month meditations. The August 11th Total Solar Eclipse quantum meditation is considered to be the largest intentional spiritual convergence in history.

Excerpt from "The LightShift Vision":

At 11:59 PM on December 31st of 1999, all of the calendrical cycles of day, month, year, decade, century, and millennium will shift in a hopeful moment. The energy of a thousand New Year's Eves will be amplified in the hearts and minds of all the peoples of planet Earth. A rare opportunity presents itself for humanity to band together in the quantum numbers necessary to create a powerful circuit of light to greet the dawn of the new millennium. We feel that this unified circuit has the potential of shifting the collective consciousness to a higher octave and transforming the course of history in a more positive direction.

We invite you to be part of this radiant millennial moment -- hopefully, the most powerful and positive shift in human history. Simply meditate from your pure inner light for one hour, joining millions of other radiant spirits. This will create a 24-hour prayer wave through all the time zones to boost the resonance of the unified field of consciousness and commence the millenial year in the most positive spirit. We encourage and welcome any and all groups with a similar vision to lay aside little differences and join together in this effort. For together, we are the LightShift.....and the hope of the future.

You who read these words now have come for good reason. You are hereby empowered as a spiritual revolutionary and an agent of positive change which we call....The LightShift

Please see for the entire vision.

Date: Tue, 9 Nov 1999
Subject: Global Prayer Wave: New Years Eve 2000 (Marianne Williamson & James Redfield)

Originated by "The Global Renaissance Alliance" <>
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 1999



Wherever you happen to be as the new millennium arrives, we invite you to join in a world-wide effort to begin this historic period of history linked in prayer with millions of others around the world.

We know you believe that prayer works, that it can make a difference in how the new millennium begins and unfolds, and that it can help to energize those who have the solutions to many world problems.

The Vision:

A minute before midnight wherever you are, as everyone around you focuses on the countdown to the new millennium, intentionally join together with everyone else who is committed to holding this sacred moment. Thus united in intent, each person can spend as long as they want praying in their own way for a common vision of peace, freedom, and the spiritual uplifting of the human race.

Imagine if we get hundreds of thousands, or millions of people joining together in this effort.

How You Can Help

We must inform as many people as possible. If everyone will duplicate this flyer and e-mail or fax it to just ten people or more, we can literally reach millions by January 1, 2000. Also, it would be helpful if participants will then e-mail us at One Moment Of Prayer For The New Millennium information page at and give us an estimate of the number of people they know who are committed to unite in this moment.

Our plan would be to record the number of participants as it grows, so we will know how large the prayer effort is becoming and can issue press statements. Would it not be amazing if we could reach so many people that this effort becomes the largest prayer vigil ever? Journalists might record thousands, perhaps millions, pausing for a moment in hope and love as the new millennium arrives.

Thank you, and remember to send us the number of commitments you know about.

With love,

James Redfield, Marianne Williamson

To register, click on the following link:

Visit also:

From: "Ani Dolma" <>
Subject: Sunrise Gathering 1.1.2000
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 1999


Imagine, the first morning of the millennium. Very early, very still. You make your way, before sunrise, to an ancient, sacred place that holds great meaning for you.

Imagine other, like beings who hold the desire for healing and wholeness or the planet and for all beings in their hearts, gathering in this special place, forming a huge circle.

You concentrate your mind, holding within it your new vision of reality for this planet, and as the sun starts to rise, imagine this vision releasing from your heart, like a million prayer flags floating up into the sky.

You remain in pure, conscious, awareness, until the sun is fully risen, knowing you are linking the energy of this sacred place, of human memory and experience from the earliest times, with the consciousness of yourself and the beings connected with you in this circle, and with all the circles and visions being created today; aligning with cosmic and spiritual energy in pure, conscious, awareness at this most magical of moments, the dawning of a new millennium. And that, from this moment on, you will be playing your part in manifesting the new blueprint for human life on our mother earth: a blueprint embodying wisdom, love, and compassion, harmony and peace.

Where will you be on the morning of the millennium?

May you feel inspired to join with your friends in a sacred place and play your part in starting the momentum of the new millennium with the vision you hold in your heart.

And join millions around the planet at 5-5.30pm (4-4.30am New Zealand,12noon-12.30pm New York, 10-10.30pm India) on this day and every Sunday through to 2001 with this vision, and enfolding our planet in love.

Millennium Peace Project - for People who are Passionate about Peace

Please pass this on to everyone you know. And let me know of the gathering you have planned, and where, and I will put it on the website, if you would like me to. I'm getting requests already from different countries, wanting to know where to go.

With love and blessings, and to quote Vijali "may we enter together, as one earth family, into a world of peace."

Ani Dolma


Dear Jean

Although I've longed for one time across the planet at the millennium for all groups and individuals to unite in meditation and prayer, a truly global moment, I see now that so much is happening that there will be continual waves of energy created around the planet, the global moments combining with the time line moments with the local moments, creating a series of harmonic convergences over this period of time.

I find the results of your poll (see at the top of this compilation) absolutely wonderful; that although the millennium is merely based on one calendar, one religion, nevertheless it creates a possible moment of change, and that there are so many beings alive at this time whose motivations and intentions are so pure and wholehearted that to spend the time quietly at home or in special sacred places and concentrating on what feels most important to them takes precedence. I find that very inspiring, and confirmation that there are so many of us now uniting in one mind, one heart. So indeed, maybe there will be that 'one moment' continually recreating itself over the millennium; maybe we've been doing it all along and building momentum to that moment of global shift of consciousness, which is surely coming!

With love


Jan.1, you are asked to create a SOLAR WAVE of love and prayers, starting at sunrise wherever you are living. This, together with a simultaneous Global meditation (times listed on web site) will bring about an HARMONIC CONVERGENCE of millions of us joined together in spirit and holding a collective vision of universal love and peace. Perhaps you can organize a sunrise event at a sacred site. In North Ireland, the sacred site will be The Giant's Ring, just outside Belfast. Contact: Ani <>

Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999
From: "Beverly B. Ferguson" <>


Several years ago in London, a young man named Chris was diagnosed with leukaemia. His doctor informed him that his death was imminent and he could expect to live no longer than 3 to 6 months. He was advised to go home and make his arrangements.

Chris went home and fell apart completely for 3 weeks. When all his anger was spent and he had no more tears left to cry, he began to feel an urgency about makng the best use of the little time he had left. He thought about what the Earth needed most and decided, as many people would, that it had to be World Peace. So he resolved to set about devoting himself whole-heartedly to this end.

Possessions were no longer a priority in Chris' life. He would not be needing them anyway after a couple of months, so he sold what he had and used the money to print leaflets aimed at raising peoples' awareness of the need for World Peace. These he handed out to anyone who would take them, on the street corners all over London.

As the medical profession was unable to offer Chris any hope of recovery, he decided to take the matter into his own hands and at least aim for the highest possible quality of whatever life he had left.

He saw an advertisement for Reiki, attended the course and this introduced him to an awareness of his spirituality, which he then pursued keenly.

Three months passed; six months passed and he was still handing out leaflets.

His money was by now running out fast, so he used the last of his funds to start a small business for himself making candles and printing T-shirts with a World Peace logo on them. These he sold on street corners to finance the printing of more leaflets and to pay for rent and food.

One year passed. Two years passed. Three years passed by and Chris was still handing out leaflets and selling candles and T-shirts. One evening he was at a social event when he met the doctor who had diagnosed his illness three years earlier. The doctor was astounded to see Chris not only alive, but apparently doing quite well. He convinced Chris to admit himself to hospital for tests and everyone was amazed to find that all traces of leukaemia had disappeared.

Some time passed and the Dalai Lama was visiting London on a lecture tour. Chris went along to hear him speak and afterwards went backstage, explained his story to the Dalai Lama's helpers and asked for an audience with him the following day. They agreed, so Chris arrived at his appointment with one of his handmade candles.

He asked the Dalai Lama to light his candle and dedicate it to World Peace with the idea that all candles lit from that one would carry with them the blessing and dedication of Peace.

At midnight on 1st January 2000, Chris asks that all these candles be relit in the name of World Peace. By January 1997, when this message began, thousands of candles had been known to be lit from the original, and many were taken to at least five different countries.

If this story and a flame is shared by all those who come into contact with it, by January 2000 millions of people all over the world will be lighting their candles and directing their thoughts and energies to the goal of a peaceful Planet Earth.

Imagine if you will, the awesome power generated by such an act, and the potential positive impact this could have on humankind. Perhaps you have said to yourself - "I am only one person. How can my meager efforts possibly make a difference to the total scheme of things?" Here is your answer.

Positive changes on a global level need only require a small effort by individuals. Here is your chance to participate. ENJOY.


If you receive this message and email it on, will you resolve to light up a candle for World Peace at 12.01 am on 1st January and allow it to burn for twenty-four hours? Imagine the power

From: "Jeanie Dean" <>
Subject: World Wide Millennium Drum Prayer Circle
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999

World Wide Millennium Drum Prayer Circle

To All My Relations,

If you were waiting for an 11th hour arrival, pay attention it's YOU. You are the one to make peace happen. It's not too late to join or organize the DRUM 2000 World Wide Synchronized Drum Circle for the millennium. When all time zones have reached midnight, people across the planet, together will drum, pray and meditate on the heart rhythm for one hour. In the USA this time is 7:AM EST January 1, 2000 Picture it, at the beginning of the millennium, hundreds of thousands of people sharing one prayer and one rhythm simultaneously. How better to seed our good intention for the next century.

The program is originated by All One Tribe Drum of Taos New Mexico. The web site is

Gather your friends and relations to drum and pray on New Years Eve at midnight and the synchonized time. Make a place to gather, your home, church, park or school and be one.

Outreach NOW with all your relations, everyone you know, on this continent and overseas. Invite them to join in.

Register at website so your neighbors can find you. Make a joyful noise and listen to the echoes of your brothers and sisters sounding back. For those who like fanfare, a satellite link and media coverage are planned at Taos, Australia and other locales.

In my home town Milwaukee (CST) we will drum from midnight to 6:AM in shifts with master drummers from different ethnic groups until the synchronized drum time.

Our ceremony is at a synagogue, with potluck refreshments and a resting room. We will raise money to donate to the Hopi and Lakota traditional Indians.


Jeanie Dean

In a separate email Jeanie wrote:

"One of the presenters for the capstone ceremony in Egypt is including the synchronized prayer circle in their ceremonies at the pyramid."

SEE ALSO: Great Pyramid, EGYPT, 'Drumming in the New Millennium'. World drummers gather. Contact:

Date: Mon, 1 Nov 1999
Subject: Winter Solstice Meditation


The final preparation before... THE NEW MILLENNIUM.

W I N T E R S O L S T I C E Sunday, December 21, 1999 ~ ~ ~ AT 7:00 PM MST ~ ~ ~ Ventana Canyon Resort 7000 N. Resort Drive, Tucson, AZ

This is the final Winter Solstice of the Millennium, and the entire Company of Heaven is standing in readiness to assist Humanity in securing a Forcefield of Peace and Balance in preparation for the Glorious Birth of the New Millennium.

This final Activity of Light will create a Global Frequency and Vibration of Joy, Enthusiasm, Expectation, Hope, Harmony, and Divine Love that will balance the fear-based projections of Humanity's lower human egos. This is a critical, necessary step in order for the Divine Plan for the Birth of the New Millennium to be brought to fruition God Victoriously.


Please join us for the incredible opportunity to serve this sweet Earth and ALL Her Life.

This event is being sponsored by:

New Age Study of Humanity's Purpose Patricia Diane Cota-Robles and Kay Eileen Meyer
Phone: (520) 885-7909
Fax: (520) 749-6643

Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999
Subject: Joining Buddhists from around the world to offer prayers

Although many are concerned about the threat of potential Y2K disasters on Jan. 1, 2000, others in the world are focusing on the positive.

Here is one example.


Date: Thu, 18 Nov 1999
Subject: UN invites world to celebrate One Day In Peace, January 1, 2000

(Issue 25)


Today, November 18, at 12:45pm EST, the United Nations General Assembly adopted by consensus draft Resolution A/54/L.30 strengthening the role of the University for Peace, with an oral revision including a Preambular Paragraph on One Day In Peace, January 1, 2000 as the initiation of the Year for the Culture of Peace, and an Operative Paragraph inviting "Member States, Inter-Governmental Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations and the Peoples of the World to celebrate One Day In Peace, January 1, 2000."

Congratulations and many thanks to Costa Rican Ambassadors Emilia Castro de Barish and Nury Vargas, and the more than 65 cosponsoring delegations. Special thanks also to Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury, the Permanent Representative of Bangladesh for his help in promoting the culture of peace and the One Day In Peace initiative, and to all of you who wrote letters to your Ambassadors urging their support.

"One Day In Peace, January 1, 2000" is no longer just a "thought-wave" campaign. This is no longer just a grassroots initiative. This is the human family's first shared goal!

The United Nations has invited EVERY government, organization and individual to help create humanity's first day of peace ever. More than 1000 organizations in 140 nations are spreading the word. 50 governments have pledged their support for One Day In Peace.

Please ask your favorite celebrity, local newspaper, Mayor, Governor, Head of State, UN Ambassador, local school, favorite organization and everyone you know to support One Day In Peace, January 1, 2000. Together we can create a more peaceful, just and sustainable world, ONE DAY at a time.

In what creative way can YOU help spread the message of hope for a New Millennium: One Day In Peace, January 1, 2000...

ONE DAY IN PEACE is coordinated by the non-profits: ONE DAY Foundation and Pathways To Peace and is Chaired by Dr. Robert Muller, Chancellor Emeritus of the UN's University for Peace in Costa Rica

(C) 1999 ONE DAY In Peace
Robert Alan Silverstein, Steve Diamond, Co-Directors
Box 1052
Sedona, AZ 86339



* Dec. 29, 12 noon to Jan. 1, 12 noon Earth Mandala.

You are invited to network with Vijali in creating a three-day-and-night global vigil of meditation and prayer for world peace.

* The New Milenia Moment, a moment of silence, New Year's Eve, when the clock strikes midnight to bring in a new millennium.

* Dec. 26-Jan. 1, participants in the GLOBAL VOLUNTEERS' MILLENNIUM SERVICE PROJECT will be ringing in the year 2000.

* The WORLD PEACE BELL The world's largest free standing bell will be ringing in the New Millennium for each time zone at the Millennium Monument - the world tallest monument - in Newport, Kentucky.

* For the most comprehensive listing of POSITIVE Millennial events
activities: and the Jubillenium World


* THAILAND. You are cordially invited to Lighting the 200,000 candles of world peace ceremony on the occasion of United Nations World Peace Day, Dec.31-Jan 1, 22.00 - 01.00 Hrs, at the Great Dhammakaya Cetiya, Dhammakaya Foundation.

This programme is part of Worldwide Activities Celebrating the New Millennium and International Year for a Culture of Peace, organized by UN/NGOs around the World. Contact:

* Dec. 20-Jan. 3. MILLENNIUM PILGRIMAGE PALENQUE!, MEXICO. Millennium Celebration with Aluna Joy in the Mayaland. Palenque at the full moon of the Winter Solstice.

* CLOTH OF MANY COLORS PEACE PROJECT. You are invited to participate:

* DAWN on January 1, 2000, People of all faiths are asked to join Buddhists around the world to offer prayers and practices for the benefit of all beings throughout space in the new millennium.

* Christchurch, NEW ZEALAND, situated on the planet's first time zone, New Year's Eve 1999, a special millennium event will take place to benefit Ronald McDonald House, dedicated to assisting the families of hospitalized children. This event is called "Joy to the World".

* Suggestions for spending Millennium Eve At Home.

* The GLOBAL PEACE HYMN to be sung on January 1, 2000.

* BOTSWANA, AFRICA. From Jenny-Lee McLargen, "We are planning a 30-minute millennium meditation, local time, at 12 o'clock on January 1. We are trying to link up with other groups around the world interested in sitting at a similar time in order to synchronize our meditations. The purpose of the meditation would be to increase global co-operation between people. The focus would therefore be on loving kindness and on creating a network of serenity and peace."

* WASHINGTON STATE, The Whidbey Institute located on Whidbey Island, an hour north of Seattle, plans a 24-hour event from noon Dec. 31 to noon Jan. 1. Contact: Rick Ingrasci,


Free Yearly Planetary Meditations Calendar
Program - Love is devoted to create critical mass... Bilingual english-spanish home site:


13,000 alliances in 90 countries... Uniting all groups and traditions since 1983...

* THE NETHERLANDS, A Call to Silence Foundation. Novena of Silence for Peace and Healing of our Earth, 22-31 December. Contact phone: 31-70-301-0069.

* There is a movement to celebrate birth and midwifery planned for 2-2-2000.

* To Learn More about the World Peace Flame

* Millennium Diary Project, the biggest diary ever written. As the days, hours and minutes lead up to the First Day, January 1st, 2000, we would like people to go to and submit diary entries, personal accounts of this most auspicious time, and whatever else they want to share.

* You are cordially invited to participate with Earth Link Mission in 3 separate energy alignments --

* December 31, 1999. THE SOUND OF SILENCE: 9 minutes focussing on world peace - 2351 to 0000 on 31st December 1999. We are creating a light wave of peace loving vibrations passing across the time zones as people come together in body, mind and/or spirit, combining our energies and offering fuel to all peace projects across the globe. Details at or contact Mark at