March 2, 1999

Subject: A melting pot of gems and powerful words

Well, well my friends

What a delicious, exhilarating and intellectually as well as spiritually/emotionally stimulating experience it is to read all the marvelous contributions received from so many of you in the last few days - as in the weeks and months before.

Below you will briefly read what the status is for the Millennium Gathering as a result of a question from Deborah Moldow, Representative to the United Nations and the Director of Communications at the New York office of the WORLD PEACE PRAYER SOCIETY (a movement promoting amongst other things the Peace Pole Project, which has led to the "planting" of more than 100,000 Peace Poles all over the world in an effort to spread the message and prayer, "May Peace Prevail on Earth") website at

Then you'll read about the "Cloth of Many Colors" Peace Project if you are into transforming the world of hatred and fear to the reality of compassion and love. Followed by a preview of a congressional study report on the Y2K problem to be released today in Washington urging Americans to stock up before Y2K strikes.

Plus Michael J.Contardi sent us a newsclip explaing that the US is doing it utmost best to derail an international treaty among 170 countries to ensure safe trade in genetically modified organisms -- and make their labelling mandatory!!

Then Mitch Battros, producer of Earth Changes TV, sent us a graphic example of one of the perils and havoc those witched plants can bring about once released in the environment - Hey! the people in India got it right: burn those fields!

Followed by Art Rosenblum who tells us of his hopes of having soon a free energy heating device available on the market based on a newly discovered form of hydrogen (see at

Then Sue Arnold, our ever combative friend from Australia, proposes us to create the Mother of all email lists to be able to mobilize the world to put pressure to bear on sleazy politicians.

And... but you'll see the rest for yourself. And don't miss Cheri Yamamoto's excellent Back to the future piece.

God bless you all


P.S. Don't miss also the live opening of a 4,600 year old tomb on the Giza Plateau tonight Tuesday at 8PM (east coast time) on FOX TV in the US. A historical first!

Date: Mon, 01 Mar 1999
From: Deborah Moldow <>

Dear Jean,

Any update on millennium celebration plans?

May Peace Prevail on Earth!

Deborah Moldow

Good to hear from you Deborah ;-)

Well as far as my project goes, it does not appear likely, *unless a miracle happens*, that the Millennium Gathering will take place - no money ever came from any source to support this idea, no one got seriously involved to help make it happen (except Chin Goh in Malaysia who helped produce the visual rendition of what such an event would look like - pictures which are posted on my site) and I need to focus on earning a living plus continuing my work as coordinator of ERN (mainly through reading 40+ emails a day, keeping an eye on a number of "hot" issues, responding to a number of people each day and putting together my big informative emails) which all fills up my schedule.

I did not hear either of any other significant millennium project - except those financed by the governments like the Millennium Dome in Greenwich which I saw, amazed, a couple months ago from the air just before landing at Heathrow Airport - that seems to be on track to be achieved.

One thing sure the Y2K elite-planned chaos is likely to make this coming new year's eve celebrations a hell of a party and an ongoing mess for months (read "Americans Urged To Stock Up Before Y2K Strikes" below). Therefore, with barely 15% of the countries on Earth likely to be somewhat Y2K ready and thus most of the world to experience power outages, some degrees of hunger, a massive economic depression, some civil unrest and an ensuing massive power grab by the elites, under the guise of re-establishing order, to further their global hegemony goals (as far as I and many others see it), preparing for a globally unifying event on January 1st would be really shorthsighted now in my view. It would need to take place the Day before and be called the People's Celebration of World Peace and Harmony and be a giant "thumb-nosing" to the elites and a declaration of our complete resistance to and understanding of their all-too-obvious plans - and for sure a momentous moment to recognize we are all One Family sharing a common home and living planet, in a magnificent universe teeming with Life, intelligence and Love.

Do you see any major millennium project taking shape from your end Deborah?

Hoping everything is going well for you.

Love and blessings


P.S. I just read in another email that a 2000 concert will apparently take place in Gisborne, Australia - and that David Bowie is among those expected.

And the same person, Estelle Myers <> from Australia, also forwarded this beautiful idea/project to me/us:

"Cloth of Many Colors" Peace Project

Mystics and saints throughout the ages have told us that it doesnt take a large percentage of the worldís population to change the world. In fact, all that is required is one tenth of one percent, roughly five million people, who are willing to focus on peace.

Here's the question we would like you to answer: Are you one of those five million people? Are you willing to commit yourself to transforming the world of hatred and fear to the reality of compassion and love?

As we enter this new millenium, we stand at the brink of an incredible opportunity.

Imagine a year-long pilgrimage of five million people traveling the globe bearing witness to this new peace. This is the goal of the Cloth of Many Colors Peace Project.

It is clearly impossible for five million people to travel the world together for an entire year. And yet, there is a way for us to accomplish the same goal, a way to gather the intent and commitment of people all over the world into a single point of light.

Heres how you can participate:

1. Find a piece of clothing that you enjoy and cut from it a small piece of cloth no bigger than an egg.

2. Hold the piece of cloth in your hand and ìfeelî what this new worldwill be like. It is important that you charge the cloth with your FEELINGS, not your thoughts.

3. While holding onto the feeling, say the words, Peace Prevails on Earth, - three times.

4. Send the piece of cloth, along with SASE to:

Cloth of Many Colors Peace Project 50 East Main Street Riverhead, NY 11901 USA

What happens next?

Throughout 1999, we expect to receive at least five million pieces of cloth charged with the feelings of peace. These scraps will then be sewn together to create a banner that will be several city blocks long. On January 1, 2000, hundreds of volunteers will gather at the United Nations building in New York City, New York, USA and encircle the outside of the building with this powerful symbol of a world united in peace.

This banner will then be turned into hundreds of peace shawls. A group of people led by author and peace troubador, James Twyman, will then travel the globe during the year 2000 presenting these peace shawls to the leaders of every country in the world.

AND ALSO COINCIDENTALLY, I JUST RECEIVED THIS... which is of course on a quite different vibe frequency...

Monday March 1 12:25 AM ET

Americans Urged To Stock Up Before Y2K Strikes

By Adam Entous

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Americans should prepare for the year 2000 computer bug like they would a hurricane, by stocking up on canned food and bottled water in case vital services are cut off, senators leading a congressional study of the problem said Sunday.

Global trade could also be disrupted because major U.S. trading partners, including Japan and oil producers Venezuela and Saudi Arabia, may not be able to address the computer glitch in time, Utah Republican Sen. Robert Bennett and Connecticut Democratic Sen. Christopher Dodd said.

``This problem is real,'' Bennett, chairman of the Senate's special committee on the so-called Y2K problem, told CBS's ''Face the Nation.'' ``This will not be the end of the world as we know it. But we have to stay on top of it.''

Bennett and Dodd, who is vice chairman of the Senate's Y2K committee, are expected to release their report on the computer problem Tuesday.

According to a draft copy of the report, the nation's airports started preparations too late, and shipments of goods and services by sea could be disrupted because the maritime industry was running behind.

``It's not unwise for people to do a little stockpiling,'' Dodd told NBC's ``Meet the Press.''

He said people should buy bottled water, canned goods and other essentials as they might to prepare for a ``good storm, a hurricane'' that would last two to three days.

Dodd said people should also keep copies of their financial records in case banks run into unforeseen problems. But he said that banking problems were unlikely.

There was no need for people to buy electricity generators or stockpile propane because a prolonged nationwide blackout was unlikely, Bennett said.

The committee's draft report added that due to limited resources and a lack of awareness, rural and inner-city hospitals across the United States would be at high risk. It said more than 90 percent of doctors' offices had yet to address the problem.

The draft report concluded that more serious problems could strike other countries, including some major U.S. trading partners far behind in Y2K readiness.

``Planes will not fall out of the sky, but disruption of flights and global trade between some areas and countries may occur,'' the draft report said.

The committee singled out major oil producers Venezuela and Saudi Arabia for failing to prepare for the computer glitch. Japan and Mexico were also at serious risk, along with France, Germany, Brazil, Italy and Spain, according to the report.

Bennett and Dodd said the U.S. nuclear arsenal appeared to be safe, but the computer bug could cause weapons systems in other countries to malfunction. Dodd said it was critical that Russia, Pakistan, India, China and other nations work together on the problem.

But both senators said there was no way to tell how serious the disruptions would be.

``When we get to New Year's Eve, everybody, no matter how informed we think we are, is going to be holding his breath,'' Bennett said.

Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999
From: "Michael J. Contardi" <>
Subject: GE Feedback

Thanks Jean for all the latest info, especially about the proliferation of genetically modified food by trans-national corporations. We are truly in one of the greatest battles, unbeknownced to the vast majority of the population who are subjected to this manipulation daily. Here is part of an article you might not have seen yet, that came out in the Guardian, February 28, 1999.


A treaty among 170 countries to ensure safe trade in genetically modified organisms (GMO's) has been sabotaged by the United States, which believes that its business interests are threatened. THe US has refused to allow commodities such as soya bean and corn, which account for 90 per cent of the world trade in GMOs, to be included in the negotiations. If they were included they would need to be clearly labelled when being traded, something Americans are anxious to avoid since it could lead to their products being boycotted. The US action came 24 hours before a deadline for the biosafety negotiations in Columbia were due to be completed. The US refused to bow to pressure from the vast majority of the 170 countries present, who called for a cautious approach to the international trade. (...) "The US is willing to threaten biodiversity in the name of short-term profits. It wants a biotrade, not a biosafety protocol," said Greenpeace's political advisor Louise Gale. "Over the past two years the US has flooded the market with unregulated and unlabelled genetically engineered grain." Although the US has no formal delegation in Cartagena, it sent a powerful lobby group of biotech company representatives, who have worked with a handful of countries to ride roughshod over the concerns of Europe and the developing world, which fears becoming a testing ground for biotechnology.The proposals essentially reduce any potential agreement to govern the trade in genetically engineered seed, and offer few or no restrictions on the trade in GE grain to be used in food, and other commodities containing GMO's. If adopted, the paper was also expected to sideline liability concerns for another four years while freeing up trade. (...)

Keep up the great work, Jean. Hope all is well.

Peace and Blessings, Michael J.Contardi Global Change Ambassador

Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999
From: Mitch Battros <>
Subject: Terminator Seed is Real

Hi Folks,

The story below may be the smoking gun of our own governments project related to the "Terminator Seed". Why we would do this to ourselves, is beyond my comprehension. Perhaps one of you could send an email and explain. I had no idea how far along this project was. I apologize for not following this more closely and reporting to you. Mitch Battros

Government testing may have contaminated wheat fields with fungus...02/27/99

(AP) Wheat growers in Arizona have been trying to cope with a federal quarantine of their crop for three years. The government just made their hardship worse. The quarantine restricting the shipment of Arizona wheat was imposed after Karnal bunt was found in some of that state's fields. The fungus is not harmful to humans, but it can reduce yield and give wheat a fishy odor. Now the state's wheat industry has learned that seeds carrying Karnal bunt spores may have gone to fields free of the fungus.

An embarrassed Arizona Department of Agriculture said Thursday that its lab since October has improperly tested some 232 tons of wheat seeds, potentially fouling fields in southern Arizona ."We are not pleased that our staff apparently misused filtering equipment and we are working to ensure this is an isolated incident," said Sheldon R. Jones, the department's director.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, which mandated the quarantine, is now scrambling to figure out where the seeds were planted. Farmers are being warned their spring harvest could face stringent testing and analysis.

Mitch Battros Producer - Earth Changes TV

Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999
Subject: Re: Various feedbacks on some of my recent emails
From: Art Rosenblum <>

Dear Jean,

This was a great day for us at Love Israel. First we had the first meeting about Y2K in the local town (pop. 6,000), organized by the state senator. 200 turned out.

Then I finally managed to get to talk with Dr. Randell Mills who will surely be known as the Einstein of the next millennium. He said he'd help us to put a heating unit on the market this year which will heat without fuel.

I KNOW THAT SOUNDS CRAZY to most of you but not if you'd been following his discoveries of a whole new physics as we have. I know him personally, did 4 interviews with him and published them (20 pages) in a magazine. But for weeks I've been trying to get to him to see if he'd help us demonstrate the new energy to the world by putting a fuel-less heating unit on the market THIS YEAR !

Yes, now I feel almost certain it's going to happen. Fuel-less ? Mills has discovered a new form of hydrogen which relealses huge amounts of energy without pollution or radiation, and which proves what Einstein was after in a "Unified Field Theory", For more info. folks can go to our Aquarian web site: and there find a link to Dr. Mills' Blacklight Power Co's site also.

Peace and love, Art Rosenblum Aquarian Research Foundation, 14724 184th NE, Arlington, WA 98223 <> (Research towards a positive future since 1969) (360) 403-9593 or visit: for latest info. and newsletters.

From: "Sue Arnold" <>
Subject: An Idea Jean..
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 1999

Dear Jean, On reading again the dreadful indications of this war against life on earth, it seems to me that there is a possiblity or two which might be useful. I'm wondering, with all the networks which you feed into, if it isnt possible to get together a gigantic list.. (I'm thinking about people like Barbara Wolf who feeds into 15,000 according to her. and many others) and that this list.. which can be added to as it expands across the world, could be used to generate massive protest..

The usefulness of such a list is that it would bring together a multiplicity of citizen groups who are focussed on peace, environment, social justice, meditation for peace etc etc.. and used in a way that would demonstrate a message which could not be ignored by the bloody politicians and vested interests.

Whoever took responsiblity for this list (which would be quite a job) could be asked by various public interest groups to allow the list to be used for major crises.. Okay.. I m floating this idea as I m sure there are other ideas out there.. but you know that the MAI got defeated by a huge email protest.. and it seems to me that if we dont find some way of giving expression to the growing public concern that we will see the end of life on earth. The situation is extremely serious as you well know. Anyway.. that's my thoughts for Sunday.. with best regards, Sue


Check Sue and see if you can tap into Action Without Borders a nonprofit organization that promotes the sharing of ideas, information and resources to help build a world where all people can live free, dignified and productive lives. Idealist, a project of AWB, is the richest directory of nonprofit and volunteering resources on the Web, with information provided by 15,000 organizations in 130 countries. They have 18,000 people subscribed to their newsletter. Ami Dar <ami@IDEALIST.ORG>, one of the founders is on my list and receives this email too.

Date: Mon, 1 Mar 1999
From: Declan Kennedy <>

Hello Jean

Do you not think that demonstrating against something puts more energy into it ? I think we should be saving good seeds, replanting them and working towards self-reliance.

If we feel we cannot do it maybe we should be rethinking our lifestyles Living in a community or better in an eco-village either in a rural or urban area is one possible alternative. Action on the ground and proliferation of good plants, good seed and good nutrition may be a stronger positive focus than all these demonstrating words.

In going on the street and shouting "Nuclear Power - No Thank You", the universe that does not recognize a negative command understood that we wanted Nuclear Power - and we got it all over the globe. Now here you are suggesting that we campaign "against" this truly awful situation. I have decided for myself only to act "for" something for the rest of my life since I became 51 (14 years ago) and it works wonders. I have been able to reach millions of people and they have changed their actions and often their loyalties to support LIFE (not to demonstrate against death). CAPITO ?

I appeal to all who are listed on this network to get thinking, and get going, TAKE ACTION

sincerely Declan

GEN - EUROPE: Global Ecovillage Network - Europe Ginsterweg 5, D-31595 Steyerberg, Germany Prof. Declan Kennedy, Tel : +49 5764 93040. Fax : +49 5764 9 3042

e-mail: website:

Get our last free newsletter or become a member to support the EV movement.

From: Juliet Easton <>
Subject: More confiscations

Jean, I thought you might consider passing this on to your larger list. This is a real crisis time in the ongoing struggle for the Dineh (Navajo) people in Arizona.


Elderly Navajo Indians Threatened With Starvation Sovereign Dineh Nation Faces Livestock Impoundments On Black Mesa

BIG MOUNTAIN, Az., Feb. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- The U.S. Bureau of Indian affairs (BIA) has launched a massive campaign of livestock confiscation targeting the elderly Dineh (Navajo) families who reside on the Hopi Partitioned Lands created by the 1974 Navajo-Hopi Settlement Act. This area, larger than the state of Rhode Island, is the poorest region of the U.S., with an annual per capita income lower than in many Third World countries. The elderly people rely upon their livestock for survival, living a traditional subsistence lifestyle on land their families have inhabited for hundreds of years.

From the BIGMTLIST, a moderated mailing list of Big Mountain relocation resistance information. You may subscribe by emailing with the word "subscribe" in the subject header. For Big Mountain and other activist internet resources, visit "The Activist Page" at


Date: Sat, 27 Feb 1999
From: Susan Ferguson <>
Subject: ABOVE BLACK, Insider Account of Alien Contact Government Cover-Up, by Dan Sherman.

I will admit that I had become "immune" to alien books, having read so many. But my mind was returned to a very familiar place tonight as I finished ABOVE BLACK, Insider Account of Alien Contact and Government Cover-Up, by Dan Sherman.

This book has THE vibe of authenticity; it gives me the creeps to look at it.

Dan Sherman gives us the mechanics of the cover-up, as much as he knows. He has the unique perspective of being a genetically enhanced alien creation, supposedly design to allow IC, intuitive communications, between the greys and humans.

"They" are trading our DNA for technology. This is more hard evidence from a *very* insider. There's alot of info on the website. Here's a little, FYI. I recommend your reading this one, no matter how many you have read and how weary you, like me, may be. ---Suzanne

From an interview:

Q: Did you ever feel that there was an ulterior motive to your work in that you were perhaps being trained for something more than what you had been told?

Dan: Yes, most definitely .. especially towards the end. The cover story they told me about providing a means of worldwide communication in the future because of an electromagnetic outage worldwide was most likely true (perhaps) but there was certainly more to it than that.

Q: Can you tell us why you left the military?

Dan: The abduction data really started to get to me mentally. There were many things going on at the time and an event happened that kind of broke the camel's back so-to-speak. I requested a discharge and my commander came back with a retort that basically said I was never getting out... even when my enlistment was up. So I took the only measure I knew at the time that would most definitely get me out of the military. For legal reason, I really can't go into specifics.

Q: Do you have any info on the extent of government involvement in this affair? In other words, does the involvement extend beyond the U.S. government,(ie Great Britain,Russia,etc.)?

Dan: I firmly believe there are several governments involved in the project. This may have to do with the "worldwide" phenomenon that is supposedly going to occur in the future.

From a Review:

...the experiments were genetic in nature, and that aliens were interested mainly in our sperm, eggs and embryos. Now, Sherman is giving us a reason for that manipulation: The aliens are genetically preparing our offspring for psychic communication later in life. Soon, we predict, we'll be hearing a lot more about this in abduction circles.

The UFO subculture seems ready for this kind of claim right now. This is because psychic "information exchange" has come to be widely known and accepted, especially remote viewing. Even hardware-oriented ufologists (i.e. males) are more open to psychic claims these days because there seems to be some experimental evidence for them.

It is now known that the NSA had its own remote viewing program during the Cold War. What if that research had succeeded to a far greater degree than acknowledged? In that case, a program like the one Sherman describes would not be that absurd.

Sherman's scenario also adds a new level of subtlety to government cover-up claims. According to his military contacts, every alien program is hidden behind a "collateral" black project. This conventional secret project provides a cover story as well as an additional level of security.

While it could be difficult to prosecute personnel for discussing aliens, which do not exist, an employee cannot provide too many details about these imaginary creatures without also divulging conventional Top Secret information. Sherman says he is being cautious here. He is not afraid to reveal the alien program, but he won't discuss many details about the conventional black projects he was assigned to. He indicates only that his work involved the analysis of radar emissions.

Cheri Yamamoto <>


What On Earth? A Weekly Look At Trends, People And Events Around The World (Washington Post - Full article at Energy Then and Now

On the eve of the 1893 Chicago World's Fair, the American Press Association asked the country's best minds to predict life in the next century. They anticipated that electricity would be universal and steam would be displaced as a source of energy. But they did not expect that oil would become much more important than coal, or the ascent of the automobile.

Personal Observations

An Evening with Albert Einstein "I never think of the future. It comes soon enough." ~~Albert Einstein

The above article brings memories of watching the 40's emerge and what dreams we all had of the future: the wonderful new technologies are going to bring us the life of our dreams. Scientists like Albert Einstein were creating a whole new image of how the world worked. Architects like Buckminster Fuller and Frank Lloyd Wright were the visionaries for our future civilization. And now, 50 years later, we can experience the results of our efforts. Some would say that it has been a 50-year experiment that failed. Yet, much of the world is experiencing economic prosperity and many people are living quite happily. And the seeds that the Einsteins and others planted are beginning to be realized.

One of the readers of this report recently asked my opinion on the various maps that have been drawn depicting substantial earth changes. I was in the process of responding to him earlier this evening when I felt that the answer could be given for the whole group.

In answer to your question #1: I have seen the various maps published, in addition to some others not published. They are amazingly consistent in their depiction and timing of the major earth changes. I believe that they are picking up on a very real potential that is held in our minds and consciousness. By publishing the maps, it helps to reinforce that image in other minds and helps to create the energy for its manifestation. Unless consciousness changes rather drastically in the very near future, I believe that much of what is depicted will happen. However, I also believe that it still does not have to be that way; it is only the result of current thinking and trends. I would agree that there will have to be drastic action for calamity to be avoided. One way or another, the earth has to be cleared of the mentality of waste and limitation which engender disease and the fear-control cycle so it may move toward a mentality of regeneration and abundance. I believe that the new pattern which emerges, either through the experience of disaster and chaos or through new realizations of community consciousness, must be a transcendent experience akin to the experience of ascension. It will likely be a holographic experience in which we will be consciously connected as a community of beings for common purpose.

The whole picture of relationships would suddenly be comprehensible, as holographic consciousness allows connection with all information everywhere all the time: one simply knows. Right now, the issues of the planet seem so complex and incomprehensible to most, that we cannot know the consequences of our actions. Einstein again: "The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible." In other words, once you can see the whole, what was previously complex becomes simple. So, for the planet to be healed, there must be a world-wide expansion of consciousness to encompass the global community. This happens in small, comprehensible communities across the globe and builds momentum geometrically, just as synapses in the brain and fibers of networks on the Internet expand awareness until they reach a critical mass for the shifts to occur more and more rapidly. As this momentum builds, we will be able to tackle the larger issues as a whole systems solution because our consciousness will be at a different level than when we created the problems.

One more Einstein piece of wisdom to hammer home the point: "We will not solve the problems of the world from the same level of thinking we were at when we created them"

I also like the following juxtaposed quotes from Buckminster Fuller and Albert Einstein because they remind me how change is created:

"You never change anything by fighting the existing. To change something, build a new model and make the existing obsolete." ~~Buckminster Fuller

"Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex and more violent. It takes a touch of genius-and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction." ~~Albert Einstein

Like in "Field of Dreams": build it and they will come. We must focus our efforts on building a new model of relationships to each other and to the earth, otherwise the earth will be so sick and depleted of life that it cannot support us and many will not survive.

As I was thinking about what to write this evening, I thought of the work by Peter Russell in "The Global Brain Awakens" and how the growth of the Internet parallels the growth of the human brain, opening possibilities never before imagined. It is a critical piece in the evolution of our planet. A few minutes after I began writing this commentary, an email came in from Red ANAHUAK Net. I decided to check it and how should it begin but by the following:

Science and Consciousness - Peter Russell

For those who believe, no proof is necessary, For those who do not believe, no proof is possible.

There must be something in the waves for that juxtaposition of thought patterns to have happened.

That's probably enough quotes for one day.

From: (JE R.A.M.)
Subject: Re: Various feedbacks on some of my recent emails










And to this I say *Amen!*