November 21, 2000

Subject: Medical Files #1: Shaken Baby Syndrome - the Vaccination link + The Medical Mafia by Dr Guylaine Lanctot + Medical Mafia, CIA & Drugs - MURDER BY INJECTION + The Vaccine Question + The Allopathic Medical Paradigm + Autistic children... caused by vaccine...? + US Doctors Kill More People Than Guns And Traffic Accidents + New York Encephalitis Outbreak - The Plum Island Connection

Hello everyone

With all the toxic chemicals and radioactive pollution seeping in our food and water supplies, in the air and in our homes, with the numerous contagious diseases and antibiotic-resistant bacterias threatening us, with the stressful jobs and unnatural environments people are forced to endure and with the growing biocontamination by genetically modified Frankenfoods not to mention potent neurotoxins such as aspartame, remaining healthy in today's world is becoming an amazing feat.

But if on top of all that, you realize that the medical profession in association with the pharmaceutical conglomerates are compounding the problem when they impose seemingly innocuous vaccination programs on innocent children and unsuspecting parents, not to mention a host of other medical malpractices, then it is hard to remain composed and try to not think about it.

No wonder why non allopathic forms of medecines have become so popular!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2000
Subject: Shaken baby syndrome

Dear Jean

A couple of weeks ago I believe you sent an article that spoke of parents who
have been jailed for 'shaking' their babies to death, only to discover that
their death may have been caused by an adverse reaction to vacinations.
Our company is interested in doing a story on this, but unfortunately the
e-mail was deleted before I had a chance to archive it. If you still have
it, could you please re-send it to me. Thanks so much.



Dear Olivia

I believe I'm not the one who had sent this info you mentioned above, so unfortunately I cannot help you on that one.

But if you want to feature an outspoken person who can debunk all the "safe" vaccination myths and more then you should contact Dr Guylaine Lanctot - see her article below. See also the "Vaccine question" and much more in this compilation I prepared almost 2 years ago but which I never got around the network. Check also "Autistic children...caused by vaccine...?" below.

These are just some of the harrowing stories that could be covered. It would be really wonderful if you could help expose some of the misdeeds of so-called modern medecine...




From: "Dave Hartley" <>
Subject: RE: Shaken baby syndrome
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000

Hi Olivia,

Jean has included a few of my previous comments and collections of
information in his post to you. I also remember more than one incident in
which the medical industry has tried to cover-up vaccine-reaction-syndrome
by pointing the finger at parents and claiming child abuse. In truth, the
abuse consisted of abandoning responsibility for the child's health to the
not-so-tender mercies of the medical industrial complex.

Here is an excerpt from a well-researched article by a very knowledgeable
vaccine-awareness activist:

Shaken Baby Syndrome - the vaccination link

Many infants who suffer the so-called 'shaken baby syndrome' may be victims
of undiagnosed vaccine damage.

Recently there has been quite an "epidemic" of the so-called "shaken baby
syndrome". Parents, usually the fathers, or other care-givers such as
nannies have increasingly been accused of shaking a baby to the point of
causing permanent brain damage and death. Why? Is there an unprecedented
increase in the number of people who commit infanticide or have an ambition
to seriously hurt babies? Or is there something more sinister at play?

Some time ago I started getting requests from lawyers or the accused parents
themselves for expert reports. A close study of the history of these cases
revealed something distinctly sinister: in every single case, the symptoms
appeared shortly after the baby's vaccinations.

While investigating the personal medical history of these babies based on
the care-givers' diaries and medical records, I quickly established that
these babies were given one or more of the series of so-called routine
shots-hepatitis B, DPT (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus), polio and HiB
(Haemophilus influenzae type B)-shortly before they developed symptoms of
illness resulting in serious brain damage or death.

The usual scenario is that a baby is born and does well initially. At the
usual age of about two months it is administered the first series of
vaccines as above. (Sometimes a hepatitis B injection is given shortly after
birth while the mother and child are still in hospital. However, a great
number of babies now die within days or within two to four weeks of birth
after hepatitis B vaccination, as documented by the records of the VAERS
[Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System] in the USA.) So, the baby stops
progressing, starts deteriorating, and usually develops signs of respiratory
tract infection. Then comes the second and third injections, and tragedy
strikes: the child may cry intensely and inconsolably, may stop feeding
properly, vomit, have difficulty swallowing, become irritable, stop
sleeping, and may develop convulsions with accelerating progressive
deterioration of its condition and mainly its brain function.

This deterioration may be fast, or may slowly inch in until the parents
notice that something is very wrong with their child and then rush it to the
doctor or hospital. Interestingly, they are invariably asked when the baby
was immunised. On learning that the baby was indeed "immunised", the parents
may be reassured that its symptoms will all clear up. They are sent home
with the advice, "Give your baby Panadol". If they persist in considering
the baby's reaction serious, they may be labelled as anxious parents or
trouble-makers. So the parents go home, and the child remains in a serious
condition or dies.

Until recently, the vaccine death would have just been labelled "sudden
infant death", particularly if the symptoms and pathological findings were
minimal. However, nowadays, with an alarmingly increasing frequency, the
parents (or at least one of them, usually the father) may be accused of
shaking the baby to death. The accused may even "confess" to shaking the
baby, giving the reason, for example, that having found the baby lying still
and not breathing and/or with a glazed look in its eyes, they shook it
gently-as is only natural-in their attempt to revive it. Sometimes,
ironically, they save the baby's life, only to be accused of causing the
internal injuries that made the baby stop breathing in the first place, and
which in fact were already present when they shook the baby to revive it.

No matter what the parents say or do, everything is construed against them.
If they are crying and emotional, they will be accused of showing signs of
guilt. If they manage to remain composed and unemotional, they will be
called calculating and controlling-and guilty because of that.

In another scenario the distraught parents try to describe the symptoms to
an attending doctor in hospital or a surgery but are totally at a loss to
understand what has happened to their baby. To their shock and dismay, they
later discover that while they were describing the observed symptoms, the
doctor or another staff member was writing three ominous words in the
medical record: shaken baby syndrome.

Many of these parents end up indicted and even sentenced to prison for a
crime that somebody else committed. Some of these cases have been resolved
by acquittal on appeal or have been won based on expert reports
demonstrating vaccines as the cause of the observed injuries or death.
However, only God and a good lawyer can help those parents or care-givers
who happen to be uneducated, or have a criminal record, particularly for
violence, or have a previous history of a similar "unexplained" death of a
baby in their care, or, worse still, a vaccine-injured baby with a broken
arm or fractured skull. More and more often, the unfortunate parents are
given the option of a "deal": if they confess and/or plead guilty, they will
get only a couple of years in prison; but if they don't, they may end up
getting 20 years.

I was told by a social worker in the United States that many foster parents
are rotting in US prisons. First, they are forced to vaccinate their
charges, and then, when side effects or death occur, they are accused of
causing them.

Inevitably the possibility exists that infanticide or child abuse is
involved in some of the cases. However, there is no determinable reason why
so many parents or other care-givers would suddenly begin to behave like
this. It is incredibly insensitive and callous to immediately suspect and
accuse the distraught, innocent parents of harming their own baby.


Extracted from Nexus Magazine, Volume 5, #5 (August-September '98)

The Medical Mafia: How to Get Out of it Alive and Take Back Our Health and Wealth

by Dr Guylaine Lanctot

Like many other students before her Guylaine Lanctot entered medical school
with the hope of becoming part of a seemingly noble and humanitarian
profession dedicated to people's health needs. She progressed well; she
became a specialist in phlebology (treating varicose veins) and established
successful clinics in several towns and cities in North America. However,
during Lanctot's many years of medical practice the realities of medicine's
shortfalls increasingly dawned on her, reaching a point where she became
totally disillusioned with the basic tenets of a system that she once had so
much faith in.

She questioned: why, despite the vast funds, personnel and resources had the
medical system failed to stem the ever-growing tide of so many afflictions
plaguing humanity? And why is it that other health modalities, those outside
the medical system, despite having enormous health benefits are strongly
opposed by the medical establishment and government? Is there an ideal
health care system anywhere? She then decided to investigate the health
systems of France, Canada and the United States in order to compare them,
but unfortunately found that although the systems differ in appearance,
their very essence is the same, as well as their results - too expensive,
out of control, and resulting in an increasing incidence of illness.

Lanctot's search for the truth led her to questioning who is really running
the health care system and for what purpose? Fortunately, her previous
entrepreneurial experiences in establishing her phlebology centres in North
America, where by force of circumstances she had to grapple with the
legality, business and politics of medicine, and thereby rubbing elbows with
the medical establishment, helped her to understand the system. Coupled with
her extensive research into many important books and her many years of
experience in medical practice, Lanctot had found the answers she sought.
Her conclusion is that the health system is run by an alliance of powerful
vested interests that operate as a veritable mafia. That health problems
were, for the most part, social and environmental problems. And that they
did not require medical solutions, but rather political solutions, and that
this mafia has no intention whatsoever of correcting the problem, but on the
contrary, it suits its interests.

Lanctot describes the players within the "Medical Mafia" and gives a brief
history of its domination of the health system. She describes how the
healing practices throughout history were always dominated by a minority of
privileged people determined in controlling and exploiting the majority.
More recently, during the period 1910-25 in North America the world
financiers Rockefeller and Carnegie by backing the Flexner Report, whose
rules and recommendations imposed strict "scientific" guidelines amiable to
their interests, caused the elimination of the vast majority of natural
therapists and forced the number of medical schools to be slashed from 650
to 50. And all in the name of "medical reform". The monopolising of the
health system proceeded on a global level, and during the last two decades
it continued under the auspices of the world financiers' World Health

"In 1977. The Declaration of Alma Ata gave to the World Health Organization
(WHO) the means to extend the Flexner Report not only in North America, but
throughout the entire world. Again, in the name of health and the well-being
of the populations of the world, and in respect of the right of 'health for
all', international criteria and rules were established for practicing
medicine. Control of health, therefore, was transferred from national
governments to a world government. A world government that is non-elected.
And of which its 'Surgeon General' in charge of health is the WHO.

"And what does this right to health mean? It means the right to
medicalization. It opens the doors wide to a medicine of global sickness,
whether we want it or not. Vaccinations and medications are imposed on
people around the world....

"But who actually controls that the WHO? That is the question. And also the
answer. The United Nations (UN), the political arm of the world financiers,
that includes those who backed the Flexner Report and its application. More
and more subtly, the medical and political authorities are robbing us of
what is ours, as well as our rights. They establish the rules and make the
laws that exploit us. It is a regime of medical terror. It is a world
monopoly. Beware those who oppose it. The witch-hunt continues, but now on a
global scale!"

The author also dedicates chapters to the issues of vaccinations, cancer and
AIDS, uncovering a great deal of damning information. However, the book is
not all doom and gloom, it also offers sensible and practical advice for
citizens in taking back control of their health and lives.

From: Dave Hartley <>
Subject: Vaccine question

Vaccine in general appears to be a CONTRIBUTING CAUSE to chronic disease.

And of what is increasingly apparent: very LIMITED usefulness even as a
short term (short sighted, misguided, miscreant) attempt at conferring

It's obvious that some homeostasis is maintained between humanity and
"germs", viruses, etc.

Allopathic conventional "scientistic" research and meddling with this
balance is forcing the pathogens to evolve and mutate (efficiently,
dangerously, frighteningly, but naturally rapidly within their tiny
lifecycles) into ever more virulent strains, with recently noted changes in
vectoring and "emergence" of previously unknown strains, and re-emergence of
endemic strains as potential epidemic.

Also obvious that some very few major corporate shareholders are making very
MUCH money from selling vaccines.

Also obvious that the WHO and UN are on the "money-train", bandwagon, etc.
in terms of their promoting vaccination "of every living child on the

Less obvious is the commitment to Malthusian paradigm and genocidal/anti
personnel use of vaccines, as is recently MORE obvious than in the past due
to AIDS & Gulf War syndrome.

click on "MEDICINE and CONSPIRACY theory"

"Biological Manipulation of the Planetary Population:
Vaccine Paradigm, Biological Warfare, Gulf War Syndrome, Pharmaceutical
Industry, FDA, Immune Dysfunction"

"When will they ever learn?" - Pete Seeger

Dave Hartley
Still-Point Healing Services
Web Page:

From: "Dave" <>
Subject: Medical Mafia, CIA & Drugs

Murder By Injection: The Medical Conspiracy Against America

by Eustace Mullins

This book is a truly thorough account of the machinations underlying
America's steadily deteriorating health, and is the result of some forty
years of investigative research by the author Eustace Mullins. MURDER BY
INJECTION reinforces and adds further light to the devastating exposés,
WORLD WITHOUT CANCER by G. Edward Griffin, THE DRUG STORY by Morris Bealle

MURDER BY INJECTION explains how the ruthless Rockefeller Syndicate - under
the control of the world financial structure, chiefly the Rothschilds -
plays the major political, health and educational roles in America. The book
describes the various arms of the Rockefeller Syndicate and their functions:
the Rockefeller Oil Trust, which incorporates much of the American
military-industrial complex, has political control of the nation; the
Rockefeller Medical Monopoly attains control of "health" care of America;
and the Rockefeller Foundation, a web of affiliated tax exempt creations,
effectively controls "education".

Mullins specifies names throughout the book, many of them belonging to
familiar public figures in America. Companies and their board of directors
are listed with all their connections.

Eustace Mullins says that in 1987 the United States still maintains an
overwhelming lead in the production and sale of drugs. Eleven of the
eighteen leading firms are located in the United States and the Drug Trust
in the United States is controlled by the Rockefeller group. Mullins adds:
"The major banks, defense firms, and prominent political figures interlock
with the CIA and the drug firms." He further states that the Rockefeller
interests, having established the American Drug Trust, had long been active
not only in pharmaceutical drugs but in illegal drugs as well. Mullins
writes: "No chronical of the world's important drug firms would be complete
without relating the connection between drug firms and the world drug
operation known as 'Dope, Inc.'."

Mullins describes how the Rockefellers with the help of the American Medical
Association and government officials gained control of America's "health"
care industry in the early part of this century. "Educating" medical
students was instrumental in their plan, Mullins writes: "Rockefeller's
Education Board has spent more than $100 million to gain control of the
nation's medical schools and turn our physicians to physicians of the
allopathic school, dedicated to surgery and the heavy use of drugs."

MURDER BY INJECTION describes in detail the many other dangerous and
lucrative rackets that the Rockefeller Syndicate has foistered onto the
unsuspecting public and which are responsible for the contamination of our
land, oceans and rivers, our water and food supplies, and our bodies. For
example Mullins writes: "While conducting wars of attrition against the
leading exponents of better nutrition, the Food and Drug Administration and
the American Medical Association have valiantly defended the use of chemical
fertilizers... (which, according to Dr Alexis Carrel) 'without replacing all
the exhausted elements of the soil, have indirectly contributed to change
the nutritive value of cereal grains and vegetables.'"

On vaccinations: "After the use of cowpox vaccine became widespread in
England, a smallpox epidemic broke out which killed 22,081 people. The
smallpox epidemics became worse each year that the vaccine was used. In
1872, 44,480 people were killed by it. England finally banned the vaccine in
1948, despite the fact that it was one of the most widely heralded
'contributions' which that country had made to modern medicine. This action
came after many years of compulsory vaccination, during which period those
who refused to submit to its dangers were hurried off to jail."

On fluoridation: "What he [Oscar Ewing] wanted, and what he had been paid to
bring about, was the national fluoridation of our drinking water... At the
same time, Congressmen and other politicians in Washington were privately
alerted by Ewing's minions that they should be careful about ingesting the
fluoridated water. Supplies of bottled water from mountain springs then
appeared in every office on Capitol Hill; these have been maintained
continuously ever since, at the taxpayers' expense."

On the consequences of the Rockefellers' control: "The criminal syndicalists
are now looting the American nation of one trillion dollars each year, of
which about one-third, more than three hundred billion dollars per year,
represents the profitable depredations of the Drug Trust and its medical

"America became the greatest and most productive nation in the world. When
the Rockefeller Syndicate began its takeover of our medical profession in
1910, our citizens went into a sharp decline. Today, we suffer from a host
of debilitating ailments, both mental and physical, nearly all of which can
be traced directly to the operations of the chemical and drug monopoly, and
which pose the greatest threat to our continued existence as a nation."

Although the book mainly deals with America, the situations described by
Mullins in many respects equally applies to Australia, as in most other
countries. The immense damning evidence that he presents makes MURDER BY
INJECTION essential reading for those who are serious about understanding
the true reasons behind our ailing health.

Published by the National Council for Medical Research in 1988. Hard-cover,
348 pages.


The Allopathic Medical Paradigm

a.. The Medical Mafia
a.. The Medical Conspiracy in America
b.. Medical Paradigm Menu
c.. Reproductive System Cancers
d.. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
e.. More on Medical Conspiracy in America

Development of Corporate International Technocratic Manipulation Paradigms

a.. Biological Manipulation of the Planetary Population

Vaccine Paradigm, Biological Warfare, Gulf War Syndrome, Pharmaceutical
Industry, FDA, Immune Dysfunction

b.. Chemical Manipulation of the Planetary Population

Fluoridation, Excitotoxins, Aspartame, Glutamates, Mercury Amalgams,
Environmental Neurotoxins

Synergistic Co-Factorial Effects, Food Additives

a.. Food, Diet and Human Degeneration

b.. Meat and Dairy, Protein, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Cancer and Additive Gambits

c.. Psychosocial Manipulation of the Planetary Population - Basal Paradigms, Psychosocial Programming, Mind Control

d.. Electromagnetic Manipulation of the Planetary Population

Electromagnetic Spectrum Effects on Human Neurophysiology
Post WWII I.G. Farben Extensions and/or Corporate Interactives

a.. Monsanto | Ciba Switzerland | Searle

b.. Eli Lilly | Roche | Bayer A.G.

c.. August 1997: Farbenindustrie i.A. Cancels Shareholders Meeting

The Pharmaceutical and Chemical Empires (begins in Germany)

a.. Business and Political Alliances Between the U.S. "Establishment" and
the Nazis - Before, During and After World War II - up to the Present
b.. The I.G. Farben Story | Elkhorn Farben References
c.. Impact financial and economic considerations had on I.G. Farben's decision to build I.G. Auschwitz
d.. Gleanings from I.G.Farben, 1947 | Nazi Malaria Experiments
e.. The Pharmaceutical Drug Racket - Part 1
f.. The Pharmaceutical Drug Racket - Part 2
g.. Pharmaceutical Drugs and Death Rates
h.. Corporate Crime in the Pharmaceutical Industry
i.. The Drug Trust

Developing Technocratic Control Paradigms

a.. Privacy, Surveillance and Mind Control Articles
b.. Psychiatric Warfare
c.. Mind Control Primer
d.. Dumbing Down of the Children of Society
e.. Object-Based Education
f.. Electroshock Therapy
g.. Mind Control: Military Applications
h.. The Electronic Surveillance Project
i.. A Brief History of the Central Intelligence Agency
j.. Counter-Intelligence Programs
k.. 21st Century Information Warfare
l.. Cyberwar Concepts
m.. Mass Assassination and the Phoenix Program
n.. European Parliament study on Surveillance
o.. European Parliament study on "Technologies of Political Control"

Militarism of "policing"

a.. PERSECUTED in the U.S.
b.. The Elkhorn Manifesto
The Real Reason the Government Won't Debate
Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Re-legalization
An Open Letter to All Americans
c.. Campaign Against Fraudulent Medical Research
d.. Trufax (must see ! )
a.. New Civilization Network
b.. Sumeria
c.. Dave's homepage

Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2000
Subject: Autistic children...caused by vaccine...?

By Julie Foster
© 2000
A report by Dr. Harold Buttram, a practicing physician in Quakertown, Pa., suggests the recent increase in the number of autistic children could be caused by the combination measles, mumps and
rubella, or MMR, vaccine routinely given to children at age 18 months -- a phenomenon the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claim is highly unlikely.

In a past study of autistic children, researchers found that 84 percent of the children had antibodies against a certain type of brain tissue, indicating that the immune system was destroying brain cells. The researchers also found the brain tissue antibody to be very similar to the antibody that's formed against the MMR vaccine. Additionally, MMR antibody was found in 59 percent of the autistic children compared to 10 percent in normal children.

Buttram also noted some experts believe certain childhood illnesses including measles, mumps, rubella and chicken pox are a necessary and helpful step in strengthening the immune system. Because the vaccines are given by injection, the immune response of the mucous membranes, through which these diseases enter the body, is not challenged and strengthened. Those who support the theory also attribute the use of vaccines to the great increase in cases of asthma and eczema, both of which are diseases of the mucous membranes.

Buttram was quick to point out that measles and other diseases may result in complications that cause brain injury. Therefore, physicians and government officials may be choosing between the lesser of two evils.

"It is true that there may be situations where extreme measures may be justified, as the lesser of two evils, to preserve life and health," Buttram wrote. "The basic question, therefore, is whether the benefits of current childhood vaccines outweigh the harm, or whether the reverse is true."

The incidence of autism in California increased 273 percent from 1987 to 1998, and a growing number of medical professionals are questioning the FDA's vaccine safety tests.

"A small but growing minority of physicians and scientists are becoming aware that safety testing for the various vaccines has been woefully inadequate," Buttram wrote.

He cited a 1994 National Academy of Sciences review of the safety of the hepatitis B vaccine. The review was done to investigate five possible adverse effects of the vaccine. However, conclusions could not be made about four of the effects due to a lack of enough research.

Dr. Bernard Rimland, founder and director of the Autism Research Institute in San Diego, Calif., told, "There are no data on the triple vaccines."

When the institute opened in 1967, Rimland noticed that a number of parents had mentioned that the diptheria, pertussin and tetanus, or DPT, vaccine seemed to have an adverse effect on their children.

"In the late '70s and early '80s, we began hearing the same thing about MMR," he said.

Rimland pointed out that triple vaccines can put additional stress on the body. A person's immune system usually deals with one virus at a time. Combining the individual measles, mumps and rubella vaccines into one package results in a much more dangerous vaccine, he said.

Rimland also noted that doctors can report adverse effects of vaccines through the Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System, which is mandated by the Food and Drug Administration. However, the VAERS is a voluntary program. According to the FDA, between 90 and 99 percent of adverse effects resulting from vaccinations go unreported.

"The physician has been taught repeatedly that these vaccines are perfectly safe and that any event that is supposedly associated with them is just a coincidence," Rimland remarked.

He also cited possible malpractice suits, added paperwork and the lack of a penalty as reasons why doctors do not report these occurrences.

In an exclusive WorldNetDaily interview, Jane Orient, M.D., executive director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, said she believes an autism-MMR vaccine link should be investigated.

"I think that there has [Image] been a frightening Jane Orient, increase in cases of M.D. autism that has not been explained," Orient said. "There are a number of anecdotal reports from parents that symptoms of autism have appeared close to the time of the vaccine."

Orient, who is a clinical lecturer in medicine at the University of Arizona College of Medicine, and a professor of clinical medicine at the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine, told WND, "With each vaccine and each patient, there needs to be a risk-benefit analysis" to determine if the vaccine is worth the risk of developing autism.

The CDC disputes a connection between the vaccine and autism, saying, "The causes of autism are unknown in most cases."

The government agency's website states: "In a few cases, biologic causes have been identified, although none are unique to autism. ... The current theory favored by many experts is that autism is a genetically-based disorder that occurs before birth."

"To date there is no convincing evidence that any vaccine can cause autism or any kind of behavioral disorder," the agency says. "A suspected link between measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine and autism has been suggested by some parents of children with autism. Typically, symptoms of autism are first noted by parents as their child begins to have difficulty with delays in speaking after age one. MMR vaccine is first given to children at 12 to 15 months of age. Therefore, autism cases with an apparent onset within a few weeks after MMR vaccination may simply be an expected but unrelated chance occurrence.

"The only evidence that has been presented to suggest that MMR vaccine may be associated with autism has been published by the Lancet. An editorial published in the same issue, however, discussed concerns about the validity of the study. Based on data from 12 patients, Wakefield and colleagues speculated that MMR vaccine may have been the possible cause of bowel problems which led to a decreased absorption of essential vitamins and nutrients which resulted in developmental disorders like autism. No scientific analyses were reported, however, to substantiate the theory," says the agency.

However, the CDC does concede, "If measles vaccine, or any other vaccine, causes autism then it would have to be a very rare occurrence since millions of children have received vaccines without ill health effects."

"From January 1990 through February 1998, only 15 cases of autism behavior disorder after immunization were reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS)," the CDC states. "Because of the small number of reports over an 8 year period, the cases reported are likely to represent unrelated chance occurrences that happened around the time of vaccination."

But the FDA admits such reports are rare -- only 1 to 10 percent of cases involving adverse affects from the vaccine are reported, making the CDC's statement questionable.

Buttram is skeptical of government involvement in the medical field.

"When arbitrary decisions in the mandating of vaccines are made by government bureaucracies, which frequently work hand-in-glove with the pharmaceutical industry, with no recourse open to parents, we have all the potential ingredients for a tragedy of historic proportions," Buttram concluded.

Buttram's report was published in the March/April issue of the Medical Sentinel.

Julie Foster is a staff reporter for WorldNetDaily.

From: "Kerry" <>
Subject: US Doctors Kill More People Than Guns And Traffic Accidents

US Doctors Kill More People Than Guns And Traffic Accidents



So, if that is true, then not only are allopathic doctors incorrect in their
understanding of the basic nature of disease, they are basing 99 percent of
their conclusions, and therefore their diagnosis and treatment of people, on
flawed science.


Read also "New York Encephalitis Outbreak - The Plum Island Connection"