December 5, 1999

Subject: Mayhem in Seattle and Victory for Grassroot Democracy

Hello everyone

This is going to be a defining one. We have witnessed this past week some of the most extreme examples of police brutality in recent history while at the same time we have begun to better understand what is really at stake under the guise of those so-called "trade" negociations - but much still remains undercover and thus is not correctly understood.

I passed on to you some documents recently that showed only a fraction of the issues and threats to the environment and human well-being that this unelected body of technocrats operating from Geneva under the banner of the World Trade Organization, a front organization created by some of the richest countries to mask the real masters of this game: the ultra select elite group of transnational interests reaching out to assert their domination over the entire world.

Now before I get too enwrapped into the details of what actually happened - and which for the most part has gone entirely unreported by the desperately well-controlled media - during this fateful week in Seattle, I'd like to stick to the big picture so as to help us all to make some sense of it all.

Despite all the careful behind-closed-doors preparations by the WTO technocrats, in spite and perhaps because of the arm twisting of delegates by the Big US Brother and, similarly, in spite and perhaps because of the way the demonstrators were treated by the police, democracy has won this battle as the WTO schemers have utterly failed to achieved their malevolent aims. "Malevolent"!?? Yes despite how these "negotiations" have been portrayed by the politicians and in the media, what is ultimately at stake here is not only the betterment of the protection enjoyed by the mega conglomerates of this world to continue pillaging the planet, exploiting the poors (NOTE: although the US apparently wanted to extend the Western criterias for the protection of the workers' rights to the rest of the world, it appears this was just a ploy to win the support and vote of the unionized workers for the Democrats in this coming round of US elections), and generally continuing "business as usual", but also and simply the survival of this planet and the opportunity for countless generations to come to enjoy life on Earth.

So this past week was really a watershed and critically defining moment for our world and thanks in no small part to the most courageous and dedicated people who put their bodies in harm's way to clearly express their and our complete opposition to the WTO agenda (there was a galaxy of NGOs from around the world -- even from Africa -- defending a smorgasborg of vital causes but all united against a common "enemy" and thus infinitely stronger than when they fight separately the Big Business Beast) but also thanks to the self-defeating greed and national interests of the usually cooperative partners (the US, the European countries and Japan) fighting each other like gluttons to get the largest possible piece of the pie in a frenzy of selfishness, the entire thing fell apart and there is good hope that it will be put to rest for a good while (I read in a news report yesterday that it's not only time-out until January, but that it will take at least 6 months of damage-assessment in Geneva before anything can be revived -- if ever!)

So what are we to make out of this week of protests? What lessons can now be drawn from the way the mostly peaceful demonstrators were treated by the police force dressed in $2000-a-piece Darth Vaderesque black body armors? Those "brave" men were certainly not valiant knights defending the poor and the oppressed! They were the well-paid and well-trained tools of a System of oppression and domination defending the private property of the wealthiest and, at some point, systematically lashing out at everyone, even innocent bystanders, as if they were in a fit of rage provoked by their inability to frighten away the people who were only voicing their opposition in an allegedly "free" society. The material included in this and the accompanying email will make this reality abundantly clear to you.

The first lesson is that the power of human beings guided by their conscience and united around a common cause is awesome and that love and peace will ultimately prevail. We can take comfort in this reassuring understanding but, by the same token, the nonviolent actions and dogged persistence of the defenders of Life who rallied in Seattle beckons us to look at what we can each do *personally* in our our "niche" of possibilities to assist in a meaningful way to the liberation of all human beings and of our beleaguered planet from the oppressive yoke of a system of exploitation and desecration that will stop only when WE THE PEOPLE put an end to it... or when it will have exhausted its natural course and destroyed the entire world.

The second lesson is that we cannot relapse into the illusion that the Big Business Beast has been defeated -- the inertial resistance of the System to change is still formidable -- and therefore we must continue to hold high the vision and flame of a world of peace where justice and a fair sharing of the available resources will become the only standard by which all human activities will be evaluated and adjusted accordingly. A world in which over a billion people live in utter misery with barely enough food to survive while there are massive surplus of food in some places and a virtual monopoly on the most productive lands by a tiny minority of landlords and multinational corporations for cash crop production -- not to mention 370 men owning as much assets as the poorer half of humanity -- is simply a world of injustice and tyranny that we can no longer tolerate.

The third lesson we might want to consider is that - and this is the trickiest one to fathom and integrate in our mindset and attitude - as long as we remain in a duality-thinking mode, as long as we think in terms of "us versus them", we will fail to create the right conditions for a true Golden Age to flourish. The resonant field of beliefs, the kind of paradigm we empower with our thoughts and emotions, is the seed cause, the initial trimtab that determines where we and our world will ultimately go.

In addition, we cannot simply throw the blame at those wealthy men and at the System they feed on and expect things to change for the better. In many ways, we all benefit from this System (if you can afford to have a computer and be connected to the Internet, you are part of this relative minority of a couple hundred million people who can benefit from the System) and therefore we all play a role in perpetuating its existence. So if we want to contribute to the Solution and not just criticize the Problem, we ought to consider what kind of alternative ways and means we can implement to co-create a better world for all. I'm not going to try to describe what you could do as a contribution for there are *so many* options possible and your best guide is your "still small voice within"... as usual.

So let's remain focussed on the positive side of things, leaving an open door in our hearts for those still entrapped in the pit of greed and selfish pursuits, and allow ourselves to *BE* all that we *CAN* be...

Which means going within from time to time to drink from the Well of our divine nature and radiate this Light around us.

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

Seattle Doctor's Searing Statement On Police Brutality
From Dr. Byron Weeks <>

My name is Richard DeAndrea. I'm a medical doctor. What I saw up here was martial law. This turned into a police state. Everything you have seen on television regarding local news broadcasts including national public radio was a blackout. The police were using concussion grenades. They were using shooting tear gas canisters directly at protesters' faces. They were using rubber bullets. Some of the damage I saw from these rubber bullets took off part of a person's jaw, smashed teeth in their mouth. I saw the police arrest people who had their hands up in the air screaming we are peacefully protesting.

The amount of looting that took place was so minimal I don't even know where they got the footage from. I am saying this beyond a shadow of a doubt. This is a definite sign that American is heading towards a police state unless people start standing up for their rights as individuals. I am actually shocked and ashamed. I am ashamed of the police force, I am ashamed of the mayor I am ashamed of Bill Clinton. I am ashamed of the whole thing.

Jared: These rubber bullets - what are they?

Dr. DeAndrea: They are made of polyester type material. They are like a hard plastic toy. The idea is to hit your body, do damage, not actually penetrate. But I did see penetration wounds, I did see people bleeding. I did see teeth loss, I did see broken bones. There were children present, there were families present, they were firing upon families, mothers, grandmothers. They were just firing at them. They came out in full police force. They brought out swat teams, they had the national guard up here, there was CIA surrounding the delegates' buildings. It was very obvious that there was an institutional control that had no regard of human rights whatever.

In addition we have video footage of protesters being taken away as well as human rights being violated. Prisoners were taken and they were tortured. There is a case, I believe his name is Holm, Keith Holm. He was tortured because he would not give his name. They handcuffed, laid him on the floor, they smashed his face against the concrete, they grabbed his hair, they ripped out a lock of hair. and then placed pencils between his fingers on them until he would give his name. They were also banging his head against metal objects. He was actually the first protester released because the Internal Affairs came in to do an investigation and they wanted him gone because he would be able to give testimony.

We're treating people in a studio loft downtown. I just treated an ear wound. People have been treated for concussion injuries. There have been people who have been treated for plastic bullet wounds. Lots of tear gas injuries, lots of damage to cornea, lots of damage to the eyes and skins. They were using a pepper spray, a tear gas and they were also using some sort of nerve gas. We had reports of many demonstrators winding up with seizures the next day. It causes muscles to clamp up, muscle contraction, seizures.

They have done several illegal things regarding these people in jail. They have been telling them that they would not be let out, not have their bail set if they didn't get their names. Its their legal right not to give their name. They don't have to speak at all. Attorneys came up and said we are representing these people. The police called their attorneys liars. At this point they have still refused to let any of them see their clients. There are close to 600 people who were arrested and they have been holding them for two days on charges that are mostly misdemeanors - refusal to disperse. A lot of people in there have not gotten medical attention, either. I have gotten calls from young ladies in there who have had all sorts of emotional problems as well as physical problems. They have called me for medical attention from inside the jail. There are people still sitting in there who have not even been processed.

Today there were fewer attacks by police, but they did arrest more people. And there was no violence today by the marchers and all through the day yesterday it was the same. What you are seeing on television about looting and anarchistic protesters - there's straight-out blackout they are basically pushing that. There is not much damage to property here. There are not many windows that have been damaged or stores that have been looted. Those are extremely rare cases.

I used to believe newspapers were telling the truth. But now I am no longer behind that.

This shouldn't happen in America.

This is still America, isn't it?

I'm beginning to wonder.


** WTO Talks End In Failure

** Mass Abuses Alleged By Seattle Law Enforcement

From NewsHawk Inc. <>


PLEASE, read this urgent information about how YOUR fellow Americans are being BRUTALIZED viciously in the streets by jack-booted storm-troopers; tear-gassed, pepper-sprayed and flashbanged; shot with rubber bullets; beaten with truncheons; zapped with electric cattle prods; rounded up like cattle in mass arrests and thereafter, denied their most basic human and civil rights, including due process, protection from excessive bail, and the right to consult an attorney.

This is just what one would expect if the demonstrations were being held in BAGHDAD, or BEIJING, or MOSCOW. In fact this is WORSE than how Milosevic's thugs responded to protests in Belgrade some weeks ago.

Is this FOR REAL? Is this AMERICA??

** Battle in Seattle: Corporate Police take the city


Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999
From: "Deuce" <>

The mayor of Seattle informed the press that he had no way of knowing the WTO meetings would bring this many protestors, so he was caught unprepared. Excuse me? That's absolutely the most ridiculous statement he could have made! The mainstream press has known! Anyone with an internet connection has known! This is completely inexcusable!

And I continue to wonder why police were not doing a damned thing about these black clad, hooded 'Anarchists' who were hell-bent on causing damage and destruction! The police chief decided that if they sent officers after the ones causing destruction, they might lose a foothold on the areas they had locked down against the peaceful demonstrations! What kind of idiotic thinking is that?

The protests are beginning to turn into protests against police violence instead of protests against the WTO, chanting, "NO MORE VIOLENCE!" and, "SHAME ON YOU!" to the police.

For those of you cynical types out there who think the youth of America don't give a damn anymore (and I'll admit I was one of them until just recently), these last few days should bring you great hope. Most of the tens of thousands of people on the streets these last few days are high school and college aged kids. The great spirit of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness lives on in America. And 99% of them were NON VIOLENT and are aware of the real issues that threaten those values we once fought British tyranny over to gain our freedom. Many risked their own health to stop the idiot 'Anarchists' from their indiscriminant destruction. And for this, we should rejoice.

So despite my sadness, hope springs forth.

** Did The Military Train Seattle Police? 'Paid Demonstrator' Claims


From Seattle 12-2-99 - CNN reports US military sent "advisors," including active duty Special Forces, to "assist" Seattle police in their preparations for the WTO meeting.

Update - Provocateurs Noted In Seattle Riots - Millions In Damage

New World Order's trained provocateurs have turned the entire situation regarding anti-World Trade Organization demonstrations upside down from what the great majority of protesters had intended.

Their intentionally-scripted destructive, violent actions have given New World Order schemers the perfect opportunity to enact martial law on a limited scale and begin immediately curtailing or abolishing human, civil, and constitutional rights.

Stay tuned!


Apparently this Doug Hunt is "a member of the clergy."

Thursday, December 02, 1999
From: Doug Hunt in Seattle <>
Subject: In Seattle - morning under martial law

My wonderfully supportive global family,

Thanks to all of you for your kind words of support and your prayers and thoughts for courage and peace in the struggles here. Alas my aging body makes it very difficult for me to take on the rigors of what I would like to be part of here, but I am so thrilled and gratified to see that we have a new generation of young people who are seeing the economic oppression and brutality of the economics of the world and are willing to take my place in the front ranks. AND I MEAN IT IS THRILLING!!!!

Please remember in the midst of this unbelievable situation here that the 20,000 people in the Jubilee 2000 march on Monday; the anti-WTO march at noon on Monday, the environmental, Direct Action Network, and 50,000 person labor march on Tuesday and every protest that has happened since Tuesday night were nonviolent, peaceful and in the best tradition of nonviolent direct action and peaceful protest. We are here to change the global economic system ... and now to fight the oppression that the military and police tools of this system.

The struggle in the streets here is a full partner in the struggle to change the system for it is the struggle to repress the outraged.


There were NO violent demonstrations in this city yesterday, anywhere. The only violence was police violence.

Last night the police invaded an area in the Capitol Hill district of Seattle. It is a residential, college, and small commercial store area for folks of medium to low income. The came out of their homes and coffee shops to tell the police to go home and were gassed and bombarded with concussion grenades.

Also last night the mayor of seattle made the police state official by giving every police officer the authority to deny passage on public streets at their discretion. The official language is only people with WTO credentials and those with evidence of "official business," including those with commercial offices, would be allowed in the area.

Unfortunately the police do not respect their own boundaries, as evidenced by their unprovoked attacks on quiet groups of people outside their security zone last night.

If you can, please get a copy of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer from yesterday, December 1st. It has the defining picture for this event as far as I am concerned.

Many of us are convinced that this exercise in military and police oppression is being orchestrated (read directed) by the FBI and Secret Service. Those of us from the sixties have not forgotten that nearly 20 years after the fact we discovered that almost all of the violence in antiwar and civil rights protests was in fact either fomented or actually caused by FBI agents or their employees.

PLEASE CALL THE WHITE HOUSE and your elected representatives at every level to protest the treatment of people attempting to be heard by those who would decimate the planet and determine the future of every person on the planet in the name of profits and unfettered freedom for corporations and financial institutions.

I am off to morning sessions about agriculture and trade, if I can find a way around the thugs in black. I hope to be back with another report tonight.


From: Doug Hunt in Seattle <>
Subject: Re: In Seattle - more about that ....


I am back in my room now, relatively safe for another night as demons in black body armor, the helicopters and armored personnel carriers roam the streets of Seattle......keeping them safe from their own sons and daughters for corporate exploitation.

I keep reminding myself that we really closed down the WTO yesterday. That the message is getting out around the world, that the demonstrations have been remarkably peaceful and absolutely restrained.

I have, since my last writing, been informed that one of the voluntary legal observers has reported that to their knowledge (what do you expect from a lawyer) all of the people looting and breaking windows last night were local... from Seattle and not really connected to any of the protest groups, not even the Anarchists.

I am so proud of having been associated with and a part of the demonstrations here this entire week. Starting with 10-30,000 at the Jubilee 2000 debt cancellation march on Monday, these have been the most effective, powerful, nonviolent demonstration since the civil rights and anti-war demonstrations in the 60s. The nonviolent voice of a peoples' resistance to the continued expansion of corporate control of our everyday lives has.

The protests are frequent, visible, and nonviolent in the extreme. WE were present and demonstrating demands of the WTO and our outrage at the denial and abrogation of basic human and civil rights. We have, I hope, put the WTO on the breakfast table of many people in this country who had never heard of it before. WE have educated each other so that we can keep those folk talking about environment, human rights, militarism, poverty, globalization, debt cancellation, trade and investment And we have the would be masters of the universe know that the magic coalition of interests that have made them so uncomfortable here are not going away but are only going to get stronger.

Not just the US, but the world has been watching and understands what the stakes are. In many places they understand the stakes as we may never: as their own daily life and death struggle. I think we must remember that and keep the urgency of that reality ever in front of us.

Today, I participated in two demonstrations. The most meaningful to me was one organized and led by the women's leadership here. It started at the First Methodist church and about 1500 people marched single file, with tape or gags on our mouths, symbolizing the gag -- along the perimeter defense line established by the military and the police at intersections. We were silent, we were peaceful and we were a solemn witness that even a police sargeant appreciated.

AS I said, as a part of the ongoing efforts to suppress civil and human rights, I have once again been pepper gassed on my way to the hotel before curfew when I went out to watch in the street. As I indicated earlier, tonight the police gassed individuals and small groups of people without regard for what they were doing. At the time I was gassed, curfew was 3 hours away and had not even been announced yet.

I was with a cluster of five or six people who seemed to be coming from there jobs because they muttering about the buses not running again. We were walking accidently together actually (perhaps we all subconsciously felt better in that little group), I to the hotel, and they to their homes I suspect. There were no signs, no buttons, no nothing. One of the people was a Nigerian delegate to the WTO meetings staying here at the motel.

I try to remember that these "officers" are also victims of the system, trapped into roles by birth and circumstance and culture that they might otherwise not have chosen. But I have also seen the look of anger and hatred in many of their eyes and feel such fear mixed with my compassion. I am trying to not judge these people but to stay focused on their behavior. But it is not easy.

Later in the afternoon, however, as dusk approached the police donned their riot gear and began to shoot pepper gas and percussion grenades at crowds of peaceful demonstrators outside of the "no protest" zone. Then police kind of went crazy and started pushing people down the streets and shooting these canisters of pepper gas at any group of 5 or 10 they came across, including commuters and shoppers trying to get home.

To confirm the obvious, the WTO released a statement this afternoon saying they were pleased with the action of the police and the governor, bringing in the military, and allowing them to get on with their meeting. Never mind the cost in civil and human rights. Shortly thereafter the mayor of Seattle announced during a press conference that his Primary concern was for the delegates to the WTO meetings. Not for the safety of his city, its residents, or any other people here.

Until tomorrow, Doug


From: Doug Hunt in Seattle <>
Subject: In Seattle


It is now about 5:00 pm in Seattle and the storm troopers have taken over from the military who had day time street closing duty (mostly teenagers in camouflage regalia who looked scared to death most of the day). They remain in their black clothes, their black body armor and their horrid gas, wooden pellet launchers and plastic and rubber bullets.

As darkness has fallen the police without warning of any kind have now, once again begun assaulting any group of 2 or 3 people anywhere they don't like with pepper gas and mace. Only this time they are attacking commuters and shoppers as well. The police state at its finest.

For those who take their Christianity seriously, the attacking of two or three gathered has enormous implications. this has enormous implications.

There were several quiet, peaceful, and very reflective demonstrations outside the "forbidden zone". I participated in a silent witness to the imposition of martial dictatorial rule and the denial of speech resulting. The march was organized and led by the powerful women who are here showing us their courage and leading us in our continued peaceful confrontation with the "powers of corporate domination" and control, no incharge of Seattle.

Truly the beast is loose in the streets here and it is dressed in black and is fearsome, amoral, and ruthless in the darkness, no longer even caring who it grinds in its enormous jaws, feeding its voracious appetite for more victims. Even now, as the steelworkers try to return to their hotels on the north side of the city the police gas them. black their avenues of retreat and arrest anyone they can club or gas to the ground. It is a horrid scene that I can now see from my window.

During the day today police stopped anyone on the street who did not have a briefcase and was not wearing a suit, meaning pretty much all women, and are questioning them and refusing to allow them to walk further if they don't like the answer.

I witnessed several body searches on the street in front of a church this afternoon. This afternoon the United Steel workers marched to Elliott Bay to dump steel in the water (to be retrieved later) to protest the dumping of steel on US markets. They were teargassed and many arrested.

Over 600 people have been arrested today and the military have run out of detention space.

A seven o'clock curfew has again been imposed and now, at 5:30 my wife is still not back to the motel. I am concerned, but not worried, for she carries the magic paper that says that she has been approved for existence by the masters of the universe -- a pass issued by the new supreme power-- a WTO pass.

The gestapo have just now declared that it is illegal -- they make them up as the go along now -- to possess, sell or have on your person a gas mask.

The masters of the universe have issued a statement expressing their appreciation saying that they are pleased with the current situation. The mayor of Seattle has just confirmed publicly that the safety of the WTO delegates is their foremost concern."

The lights are flickering. One wonders what may now be in store.

Your thoughts, support and prayers are welcomed and needed by all of us here.

More later, perhaps.



From: Doug Hunt in Seattle <>
Subject: Please only violent presence on Dec. 1

Please know that there has been no violence in Seattle today except by the police.

Gentle people, my global family

I wanted to sincerely thank all of you who have expressed your solidarity and support.

I would not want anyone else coming to Seattle today where a nearly 30 square block area has now been declared a WTO only area. You must have a WTO badge to even be on the street and these rules will be enforced by the military if necessary. What a wonderful metaphor for the condition of the world, and what a remarkable opportunity to learn what it really means to be in solidarity with other brothers and sisters around the world who awake each morning to the sound of US-supplied helicopters and other equipment being used to control and define their lives. Those of us who are here now know what the "powers" are capable of. It would be very hard for anyone who was not here to even imagine what it was like here last night.

This morning the police chief tells us how proud he is of his soldiers. As if this were a war .... and in many ways I guess it is. We in "civilized north" are just not used to having our governments make war on their own people in the open.

Sigh, well the curfew is over and I must be going.

I will take care the best care I can, but in a society in which war is made on the people in the streets no one is safe .... ever. I always knew this in my head but now I KNOW it in my guts.

Again, thank you all so much for your solidarity and support. Please do not let the voice of the corporate media be the only one that people hear. Tell this story and share what it reveals about the conditions of our northern "democratic" society. I half expect a knock at the door any moment ...... Men in black, has taken on a whole new and very ominous meaning ....

Blessings and thanks from the streets of Seattle,



For those who did not get my first dispatch .....

I am safe, for now, from a police gone paranoid after a very few whackos, despite everyone's best efforts, got out of line and resorted to violence, even beating down demonstrators that tried to get the whackos to stop -- there are really a total of about 50/200 rowdies --

Seattle is now a city under essential martial law, as national guard troops are moving in to ensure that the representatives of the wealthy overlords can finish their planned agenda for stealing more of the sustenance from the world's peoples to line their already overflowing pockets.

Sorry about this, but as I write I have helicopters overhead, and percussion and flash grenades going off in the streets just outside the window. I was gassed three times tonight while trying to return to my low budget hotel to comply with the 7:00 pm to dawn police state curfew -- and I am quite upset at the moment. It is, however, a moment that demonstrates that the powers of oppression will stop at nothing to ensure that their plans are not interrupted.

But we did really Shut Down the WTO with non-violent action. At the same time there have been teach-ins and panels sessions where I and many have shared our knowledge, experiences and insights to mostly young people who are so energetic, so enthusiastic, and so full of ideals that it made me feel young again. We and they are learning about the WTO -- there is an armored personnel carrier outside my window at the moment -- and the issues that are of concern to people from around the world who are here.

My only hope is that this week ends without anyone being dead. But I fear now that this is not possible. Now we have had some very nasty locals show up in the aftermath of the police's insane response to peaceful demonstration and a few bullies determined to create violence. We have local opportunists and nasties coming out and being called demonstrators by the ever sensationalistic, corporate owned media.

This morning and afternoon I was with 40-50,000 peaceful, happy, celebrating ordinary people demonstrating and closing down the WTO for the day. Tonight is the out of all proportion response of those who believe themselves to be the masters of the universe, so that they do not have another day taken from them by the people.

It is a very bittersweet day...

It is, however, still an historical moment, perhaps a millennial moment and even the events of this night -- the police wait until dark here and then come in their black body armor as if ordinary people were evil demons to be feared and hated -- will not diminish that fact. This could well be the night that the sham of developed world "democracy" began to be unmasked for what it has become ... the plutocratic puppet of the corporate and individual gluttons that prey upon the rest of the world and its peoples, much like rapists prey upon their victims and take what can never be recovered or restored.

In a week or so I may be less dramatic. I will never be the same. I have never seen the like, not even in the streets of Chicago with Dr. King, during the riots after his murder, or at the 1968 convention there.

I long for healing from what I have seen and heard in the faces of the shocked, stunned and disillusioned young men and women who have had their world's turned up side down in one day.

Doug Hunt