November 28, 2001

The Light Series #8: A Spiritual Revolution is in the Air

Hello everyone

Soon I'll start a new "Rising Phoenix Series" that will focus on emerging signs of changes towards the manifestation of a New World of Love and Harmony. This series will not only include inspiring/uplifting material pointing towards the quantum changes underway - albeit still unseen by most people - but will also include comments and reports from activists taking a courageous stand on behalf of this emerging future and the countless generations counting on us to make things better now. So if you see material that would go into this category, you are welcomed to recommend it to my attention for possible inclusion in a future compilation.

You will find lots of positive signs in this compilation that a spiritual revolution is in the offing. But the best place to go to find evidence of this is within, for it's in the crucible of our own being that the magical/mystical transmutation is unfolding right now!

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator

"Between now and 2012, when the Mayan Calendar ends, the Peace Paradigm has to sweep the world quietly, harmlessly, nonconfrontationally."

- Daniel M. Kolos, from "No fighting necessary" below.

"This current materialistic society is not sustainable, and cannot last."

- Matthew Webb, from "Eternal Solutions for a Temporary Society" below.


1. A Couple Feedbacks
2. No fighting necessary
3. Excerpt from Autobiography of a Spirit
4. Establishing Local Community & World Healing Boards
5. Eternal Solutions for a Temporary Society, Part 1

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Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001
From: Mark Dubois <>
Subject: Re: About an Enemy That is Not in Miscellaneous Subjects #117


Thanks for ALL the impressive vital work you do/ you Live!!!!

The comment below was one of the most critical reminders in our evolution to the next level of our collective maturity.



Quoting again (in case you did not see it yet)...

NOTE FROM JEAN: A couple days ago, Patrick who created the tapa-chemtrails discussion group mentioned to me:

"Keep up the fight: Big Brother is an awesome enemy - but we must fight the NWO any way we can!"


I do not see myself as fighting against any enemy. This is a deep delusion like so many other things. There is nothing and no one to fight against because the moment you begin to do so, you play "their" game, and there is no "us" and "them". Actually the more you really love "them", the more you realize "they" are a part of us, playing a necessary role in the grand karmic play of embodied Life.

Of course you may dismiss this as a bizarre idea, yet I feel it is the only possible way to foster the emergence of a kinder, more spiritually-guided and based world. You cannot make violence go away through violent means. And fighting against something IS based on violence. You see?...

Even the thought of being non-violent is not entirely correct. Love if the *only* answer. Universal, unconditional, deeply felt Love.

Hence there is no fear and no enemy.

We are truly All One.


From: "Anna" <>
Subject: Re: Light Series #7: It Is The Time To Be In Joy
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2001

Dear Jean,

I would like to express my gratitude for your wonderful and enormous work. I feel that the main value of what you are doing - is that you make us all feel connected and closer to the One. I would like to support the idea of including more materials that could uplift and inspire us and share more joy with each other. At least in Moscow - what is really missing now is a sense of joy, fun, laughter. Just the other day I came later to the office as I stopped with a friend whom I haven't seen for a long time. And when I arrived to the office - my colleagues said "Oh, we thought something happened to you!" and for me it was a confirmation that many are constantly expecting something bad to happen. So I would like to encourage all of us to be aware of the quality of our thoughts and try to maintain an open and trusting mindset.(It's not easy!)

Love, Peace and Light,

Anna Ferrero

INDEED! Let us make Joy and laughter contagiously infectious wherever we are...


From: "Daniel M. Kolos" <>
Subject: No fighting necessary
Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2001

Dear Jean,

Inner Peace and Vibrant Love is an Individual Active Choice

You wrote in "Miscellaneous Subjects #117: Is the War on Terrorism a Facade?"

"I do not see myself as fighting against any enemy. This is a deep delusion like so many other things. There is nothing and no one to fight against because the moment you begin to do so, you play "their" game, and there is no "us" and "them". Actually the more you really love "them", the more you realize "they" are a part of us, playing a necessary role in the grand karmic play of embodied Life."

You are so right! There is nothing and no one to fight against. We as a global civilization have been engaged in bloody conflicts for at least 5,000 years of written history and probably another 8,000 years of so-called 'pre-historic' development.

Our time is the Age of a New Paradigm. Our choice, in the full fifth-chakra (throat) sense, is to power up our will and thought for a peace-based human interaction. We must replace the long-practiced confrontational paradigm, because it has NEVER worked.

Between now and 2012, when the Mayan Calendar ends, the Peace Paradigm has to sweep the world quietly, harmlessly, nonconfrontationally. Each human being, based on their existing belief system, must choose to bring peace into their environment.

This Peace Paradigm is already working. Highly placed NWO people have been leaving their cushy, powerful, well-paid positions from the World Bank, from Monsanto, from the FBI. Their testimonies speak from your newletters!

But the conflict-based social-political interaction has deep roots! On Tuesday, November 20th, Ariel Ky (drumbeatdeva) sent you a post on Senator Feingold and included this line:

"It's time for us to become spiritual warriors. We can't bury our heads in the sand and just focus on our inner life and staying at peace within."

The Peace Paradigm is active and full participation in social and political life. I realize as well as the next individual that, after 5000 years of 'warrior culture', we are conditioned to follow that linear pattern of protagonist-antagonist conflict-resolution. In a wholistic world, however, there are no straight lines. Even Einstein's scientific world curves. David Boehm's participatory view of the universe has to replace linear thinking!

We each fully participate in everyone else's life, not just theoretically, but also practically! If I spit in the gutter in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, my non-water-soluble germs will wash up in Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Buffalo, Toronto, Montreal and Quebec city before entering the Atlantic Ocean. If I manufacture a defective tire in Detroit, it will hurt or kill somebody in.... Well, you know where I am going.

I am going to take responsibility for myself, work on my own inner peace, so that I can participate in your life with a clear intent, clear conscience. As for the 'new enemy, it is just a new name such as the New World Order. An individual who 'works' for or has 'joined' a controlling or dominating organization, has chosen to further the goals of that organization rather that his/her own personal priorities. That choice shifts one's energies from interacting with Nature and other human beings, to owing and giving loyalty to the aims of that organization. The well-being of this planet no longer is an issue for them. They have effectively chosen to be 'slaves' to a fictitious entity. That life may be 'safe' or 'secure' on the outside, but at what price within?

Jean, you have published an article on how we have fought the controlling powers that be for the past 2000 years. No amount of fighting has ever produced a lasting peace. It is time to change the paradigm.

Each one of us is a powerful transmitter. Whether we transmit fear and signal submission, or transmit love and create an environment of peace around us, that is an individual choice. Let's see if this quiet revolution is as powerful as the Spiritual and Mystical sages in all lands and through all times have claimed it is!

Daniel Kolos
PEACE WITHIN Concise News Network


From: "Healer of Hetaris" <>
Subject: Excerpt from Autobiography of a Spirit: Sadness
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2001


Rather than just "advertise" for my book "Autobiography of a Spirit", I thought I would send
an excerpt that should relate to many as far as what is happening now.

I don't know if this fits as you said keep it short, so I just offer it.
Thank you for everything. Have had some good feedback with some putting the "Faces of Love" on their site which is great as it needs to get out.

In peace and love

Don Ferrari


This is the story of Nica, one of the new children, as told in “Autobiography of a Spirit”.
As of late I have met many sisters, and fewer brothers, who suddenly, without warning start crying and feeling a tremendous sadness. This is an excerpt from the book that may help.

To see more go to:

Nica’s night had been fine and she had gotten up, washed and taken some nourishment, and was now trying to decide what to do. She was thinking about playing on her computer when this tremendous wave of sorrow filled her. It stopped her in her tracks as she felt it descend upon her. After she had recovered a bit, she checked to see if it was a dark energy or entity. It didn’t seem to be either of these and didn’t feel threatening, just complete sadness and sorrow. She found tears forming in her eyes, and soon she was crying, letting it flow through and out of her. She went and sat under her tree as the sobs escaped her. She couldn’t stop them, so just let them flow while all the time trying to feel the source. At times she felt the sadness diminish and her sobs stopped momentarily, then another rush came and there she was again, crying uncontrollably. Thoughts tried to come in to define this, but were left helpless in the midst of her sorrow. Her body trembled and it felt like her soul was escaping. Fear came calling several times, but somehow she knew this was not threatening and sent it away, paying it no heed. After what seemed like lifetimes of this, it subsided and Nica gathered herself and went in to take a bath. The water felt wonderful and relieved her, but off and on, the sorrow returned as she cried for all things.


“Have you ever cried like that . . for no apparent reason?” she asked her mother.

Her mom thought about it, and said, “No, not really. I’ve gotten sad at times and even cried, but nothing like what you have told me.”

They got through with their treats and Nica said, “I’m going to go lay down for awhile,” and went into her room.

It wasn’t long before Nica entered into sleep. She found herself with two angels, sitting by a waterfall in one of the most beautiful places she could or couldn’t have imagined. They were looking at her with such Love, that if she had been in a body, she would have cried again.

One of the angels spoke silently to her. “You asked us what your sorrow was about. We couldn’t answer you and had to wait until you were in a finer state. From this space we can tell you and even show you what you have accomplished. Today, you have transmuted much of the energy called sorrow and pain, hopelessness and despair, that has been emitted into the ether by many in your world. Rather than to have this energy, these thought forms and emotions remain in your atmosphere, in what you call the darkness, the band of social consciousness that surrounds your planet, you have been an instrument in transmuting this and clearing it. You have done a great service to mankind and the earth herself in helping in this way. It is not easy, and few have such ability, but this is something you agreed to do before your return. Some day you will consciously be able to feel when this is needed and be able to do it from that awareness and with much more ease. Until that time, you may be called upon to do so again. Each time you do this, you are increasing the light for all of creation and in turn your own light also. There are others doing similar work. Some are clearing certain energies on the earth, which if not cleared would eventually create disasters, such as earthquakes and volcanoes. Know that you are not alone in this, and as your time comes, you will meet and join with others of like mind and knowing. Be at peace my sister, Nica of earth, for you are love and you were called to live this love, and once again, you are forever. Now, let’s go swimming,” the angel suggested, and with that thought was splashing happily in the vibrant waters. Nica joined her as did the other angel and soon there were beings coming from many places, attracted by the love and laughter.

Don Ferrari is an author, speaker, counselor. He is available for talks and workshops and fun. E-mail:
To order his books: “Once Again Forever” or “Autobiography of a Spirit” e-mail him at for info.



Enclosed is a copy of my latest book "Autobiography Of A Spirit". It is my third book, but by far the most important I believe. I would like to see this book get into the hands of a many people as possible during these changing times. It is a story for the young ones, to enable them to not forget, as well as a story for the "adults", to help them remember.

The seeming polarity between this "life" we find ourselves in and our spirituality - who we really are, is a constant roller coaster of confusion as we gain the necessary "amnesia" to exist on this plane of experience. The identification to things outside ourselves is an endless road, taking us away from our original purpose - to bring heaven to earth - to embody the essence of who we are, the love that is, and live it in our daily lives. To walk the talk, so to speak.

"Autobiography Of A Spirit" tells the story of a young girl from conception through the first 15 years of life. A story of one of the new children who remember, as many who are now coming do, - thankfully.

It is the story of Spirit meeting form and the choices that appear in this journey. I do hope you enjoy it.

About The Author:

Don Ferrari is many things, but foremost, the Native American saying "Mitakuye Oyas'in", which means, "We Are One", is his guiding light, for it cannot be any other way.

A graduate with honors from the University of California - Santa Cruz, he is also a Reiki Master, Multidimensional Healer, Author, Painter, Musician and was a single father for 15 years, which he describes as his greatest work and reward.

Having tasted the fruits of life at an early age, he worked as a banker, mechanical engineer, owned a graphic arts shop, was president of his own corporation at the age of 22, owned his own restaurant, and still knowing there had to be more to this "life", left it all in the sixties to search for the proverbial truth. This journey took him to San Francisco in the 60's, to a communal existence in the mountains of Oregon in the 70's, always exploring all avenues of truth that appeared. Yoga, Zen, Polarity Therapy, Vegetarianism, he explored it all and adjusted his belief system as he did so, for as we believe, so it is.

Finally his boy was 18 and left home to go to college. After a very long period of shock and loss, he finally started writing about all he had learned, and his first book "Once Again Forever" was published in 1998. A late start perhaps, but better than none. Since then he has written two more books in the three year period. "Visions Of Perfection" and the latest, "Autobiography Of A Spirit". "I knew I was supposed to be a writer from an early age, but I kept putting it off for it can be a lonely existence", he says. He remembers when in college, making the statement on his major application, that his mission was to gain enlightenment and keep a record of it, for to do it all at once would be boring. "That was a silly statement I can see now", he says, "but the mission is the same, and I have realized that we all have to go, not just one of us."

Here are my life works to date, may they help you remember, understand, feel, and realize that there is no separation, there is only oneness, the one God, Spirit, Source, whatever you wish to call it, and all roads lead back unto ourselves.

Peace be with you. Walk in beauty and love.

Don Ferrari
Author, spirit in form.



Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001
From: Amethyst Freeman <>
Subject: Establishing Local Community & World Healing Boards

Dear Jean,

May I please make the suggestion that people estabish their own World and community healing message boards for their local areas. These would attract people to local events that are not being advertised on your network or other world networks. We are all on different networks and sometimes do not hear what is occurring in our local areas. These message boards would be purely for healing events to maintain the momentum of positivity on the planet. As an example I have constructed a board on a free page for Western Australian events a few weeks ago.

I did this because people in my locality said they hadn't heard about world angel day and missed attending celebrations here in Perth, thus the idea of a local board to compliment world boards and networks.



From: "Matthew Webb" <>
Subject: Eternal Solutions for a Temporary Society, Part 1
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2001

Eternal Solutions for a Temporary Society

Part 1, The Physical

This article series is dedicated to understanding the many problems we face, as a species and as individuals. It addresses our global society in the context of the new millennium, with an emphasis upon honest evaluation. Are you prepared to be honest? I ask this because the following is not for the weak at heart. What you are about to read is designed to make conscious Masters out of consumers. It crystallizes the solutions to our problems in the most practical, day-to-day terms. In order to accomplish this purpose, we must consider the nature of truth itself. Without acting on truth, there can be no right action. So before we discuss specific social and personal solutions, let us clarify now what the word "truth" really means;


The truth of the modern world is that we have only a limited time left on a finite planet, to remedy our collective madness. The name of this madness is "materialism, patriotism and consumerism". The Earth simply cannot sustain us much longer, especially given our wasteful, war-for-profit and self-indulgent attitude, as a global species. This is a mathematical certainty, and a natural fact. You may like to think otherwise, but your belief is just delusion if you imagine that some external force or sheer chance, is going to magically save us from our own self induced peril. Why should it, and what would we learn, finally, if all our mistakes are given absolution? The child that is so indulged learns to change nothing. Lessons learned are made through taking responsibility for our own actions. This is a part of why we are here as souls in bodies to start with.

The present world condition is all the more reason to take your spiritual practice seriously, and to reject the falsehoods of our day, which are peddled unscrupulously in every form of media. Meditate on this and the essential self that is soul, today.

The Truth about modern society is as follows:

This current materialistic society is not sustainable, and cannot last. Materialism is a world view which is based upon false assumptions regarding the purpose of life. It will fall in a very short time, and so will all the delusions contained within it. Let us identify therefore, with that which is eternal rather than temporary. The petty concepts of nationality, corporate position, job title, ethnic and cultural identities, impose unnecessary limitations on the potentials of true enlightenment. They are also simply a threat to our continued survival as a species. The shallow fixations of consumerism upon impractical products, sold for the sake of image rather than usefulness, create nothing but deep dissatisfaction. Those who wave flags for the sake of petty nations, are suffering from a form of madness which only amnesia can support. What are we forgetting? We are forgetting that we are far more than the citizens of nations. Our true purpose is far greater than the small-minded goals of corrupted governments. Our true purpose is spiritual, for our true self is that of spirit, (consciousness/soul). We are not the citizens of nations but the citizens of the same galactic cause. This is true not only of all people, but of all inhabited planets. Our true cause is to further evolution and to expand the essential self as consciousness. Humanity as a species will die if we do not realize this soon, and so will the majority of the life-forms on this planet.

The expansion of consciousness means;

1.. self realization as soul, rather than job title, gender, religion, culture or nationality.

2.. cultivating one's state of consciousness through increasing love and clarity, as more important than "achieving your financial goals"

3.. meditating upon the watcher within, and recognizing its universal presence in others, and in all of nature. (We are One)

4.. the greater Mastery of Intent as the source of action, the greater Mastery of Awareness as the source of right focus, and the greater Mastery of Energy, as the source of dynamic health and well directed creativity.

5.. the realization of reality as based on truth, and not upon what is imagined or made up, (wise discrimination of what is real and what is not).

6.. the embodiment of wisdom by applying truth in daily life, (and in everything one does) as a first priority.

7.. The collective cultivation of wisdom as a species, and the creation of a world society based upon spiritual embodiment, rather than just memorized beliefs.The rest of this article will be dedicated to three distinct areas of self and social improvement. These three categories are not separate considerations.they enhance each other through that ultimate spiritual purpose, which is the expansion of consciousness. These three are:

1.. The refinement of the physical vehicle.
2.. The refinement of the mental vehicle.
3.. The refinement of the spiritual vehicle.

Please note the following statistics, in clarifying our problems at the physical level. Although they are generated from American society, they never the less represent a global trend in all the nations of the world;

(Created by the New Road Map Foundation)

More - is it really better?

In 1992 people were, on average, four-and-a-half times richer than their great-grandparents at the turn of the century [7]

a.. Compared to their parents in 1950, people in the U.S. in 1991
owned twice as many cars and drove 2.5 times as far. [8]

b.. Amount of time the average working American spent behind the wheel in 1991: 9 hours per week [9]

c.. Increase in average daily TV viewing since 1960: 39% [10]

d.. American parents spent 40% less time with their children in 1991 than they did in 1965. [11]

e.. Employed Americans spent 163 hours more per year on the job in 1991 than they did in 1969. [12]

f.. Percentage of college freshmen who reported thinking it is essential to be well off financially:
1967: 44%
1987: 76%

g.. Median size of a new house built in the U.S.:
1949: 1,100 sq ft [14]
1970: 1,385 sq ft [15]
1993: 2,060 sq ft [16]

h.. Residential space per American:
1950: 312 sq ft
1993: 742 sq ft [17]

i.. Number of Americans with two or more homes in 1991: 10 million

j.. Number of homeless Americans in 1991: a minimum of 300,000 [16]

How much we waste

The waste generated each year in the U.S. would fill a convoy of 10-ton garbage trucks 145,000 miles long -- over halfway to the moon. [27]

a.. By the time a baby born the United States reaches age 75, he or she will have produced 52 tons of garbage, consumed 43 million gallons of water and used 3,375 barrels of oil. [28]

b.. Amount of motor oil sent to landfills or poured down drains in the U.S. each year: 180 million gallons -- the equivalent of 16 Exxon Valdez spills. [31]

Is our dream a nightmare for the earth?

Since 1940 Americans alone have used up as large a share of the earth's mineral resources as all previous generations put together [47]

a.. In the last 200 years the United States has lost:
50% of its wetlands
90% of its northwestern old-growth forests
99% of its tall grass prairie and
up to 490 species of native plants and animals
with another 9,000 now at risk [48]

a.. Minerals due to run out in 50 years: copper, lead, mercury, nickel, tin and zinc [49]

b.. Portion of U.S. water pumped annually from the groundwater supply that is not renewable: one-fifth [50]

c.. Amount of rural land in the United States turned over to development every day: 9 square miles [51]

d.. Number of acres we blacktop each year: 1.3 million acres (equal to the state of Delaware) [52]

e.. Number of acres of cropland we lose to erosion each year: 1 million [53]

f.. Per capita American consumption of soft drinks in 1989: 186 quarts
Per capita American consumption of tap water in 1989: 149 quarts [54]

g.. Total energy consumed in producing a 12-ounce can of diet soda: 2,200 Calories
Total food energy in a 12-ounce can of diet soda: 1 Calorie [55]

h.. Within the lifetime of a child born today, virtually all of Earth's petroleum will be burned,
and Earth' s fuel tank will be empty. [56]


Is our dream a nightmare for us?

a.. An American baby born in 1992 inherited a portion of the U.S. government debt equal to: $14,813. That portion continues to grow each year. [61]

b.. Average increase in consumer spending when credit cards are used instead of cash: 23% [62]

c.. Increase in consumer debt in the 1980s: 140% [63]

d.. The typical American household carries $8,570 of non-mortgage personal debt. [64]

Number of individuals filing for bankruptcy in 1992: 900,000 -- triple that of 1981 [65]

EcoFuture Home

Materialism has most people believing that "more is better". This incredibly shallow life view neglects the essential inner reality. It ignores the true source of happiness, health, well being, wisdom, intelligence and social harmony. This wrong view of life is in fact the cause of most, if not all of the wars ever fought, even in the name of religion or government. The Dollar has become the God of modern choice, and it is a very poor subject of worship. Yet we go on worshipping it every day for at least 40-50 hours a week, as though making money were the very destiny for which we were born. Thus the physical world suffers and so do we. Our bodies are in decay, overstressed, over medicated and over worked, all because of materialism. This is the first thing we must change our daily physical routine. So long as all our time and energy is tied up in worshipping this false God, we can neither develop the mind nor expand our consciousness. This is especially true given the fact that our motives as a people are heavily influenced by the buy-sell mentality of the mass media. We end up devoting our entire life energies to an ideal of "success", which is in Truth nothing of the sort, and which is not even of our own making. We have become the pawns or slaves if you will, of the Dollar God corporate cult, (consumerism) and so has the rest of the world in the support of the indulgences of the wealthy. We are expected to believe;

From chapter 1 of the Survivalist's Guide in the WMS Library at


That good living is defined by the amount of money earned.

That the more expensive an object is, the more valuable it is assumed to be.

That the presentation of image is more important than reality.

That success in life is literally defined by money and social position.

That whatever the majority believes as true, defines the nature of Truth itself.

That government, religious institutions and others of "official expertise" know what is right for us, to a degree that is well beyond our own comprehension or experience.

That human kind is above nature and does not need to observe natural laws, but only the laws of its own making. When an idea is made law then it is instantly justified. When an idea is made illegal it is instantly disgraced.

That the items to be bought by money are more desirable than what we already possess or can cultivate in our own selves, even more so than spiritual growth, clarity, wisdom, good will, love, happiness or any other natural consideration.

That the public has a general lack of intelligence which makes it incapable of being self governing, which implies that it must be controlled and guided, by propaganda or force of arms if necessary.

All of these beliefs are false, and need to be discarded utterly, as does the society which promotes them. Along with a change of physical habits then, it is obvious we also need to re-think our mental views on the purpose of life. At present, Life is seen as something to exploit and use up, as are our fellow human beings.

"The single most important contribution any of us can make to the planet is a return to frugality."

- Robert Muller, Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations

To remedy the personal and social problems which materialism creates, our need is to;

1.. Return to simplicity and natural ways. Demanding less of the material world means not having to spend all your time in its accumulation or maintenance. Live a simple life of few possessions. Do not contribute to those applications of science, industry or government, which go against the methods/laws of nature. Employ alternative energy sources, whenever possible.

2.. Treat the body with care and refine it through natural means, such as aerobic exercise outdoors. Spend plenty of time in natural settings and let nature purify every part of your being. Eat healthy foods and take herbal remedies, rather than prescription medications in all but extreme cases. Let the body advise the mind as a wise councilor of what is needed moment to moment. The feelings inside the body are indicative of many things. They tell us of the true intent of others, how to maintain optimum health, and what states of consciousness are best to hold. [Use the mind to guide the body out of artificial cravings, which are themselves usually the result of a wrong life focus and emotional imbalance.] The body is also "mind" in that it possesses intelligence, wisdom and consciousness.

3.. Work to live, rather than living to work. Work is not the purpose of life, the expansion of consciousness is. Earn only enough to have the practical daily necessities, so as to have the maximum amount of free time for self development, (spiritual progress).

4.. Regard material things as a spiritual tool, rather than using spiritual tools to accumulate material things, (as is popular today). This is a matter of priority, which comes back to honestly valuing truth first, in daily life.

5.. Develop communities and ultimately a world society that values the natural over the artificial. Grow food organically, using natural pest reduction. Work for nature and natural laws, and they will work for you.

6.. We cannot outdo the design of Nature, but we can work with it to create a utopian world.

Matthew Webb
Founder of the World Mind Society

Suggested reading: The Survivalist's Guide for the New Millennium in the WMS Library